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    Minecraft Account Name: Xxusmcsoldier8xX


    How old are you?: 16


    Time-Zone/Country of Residence: Eastern Standard Time(EST), United States of America


    Do you have a good grip on the English language/good grammar?: A fantastic grip, you could say. Schooling has taught me well so far.


    Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself: I would say I am an active person, both in regards to physical activity and with matters of an internet community. I am interested intensely in history, especially European style warfare. On top of this, I like to remain physically by participating in sports such as soccer, and even an occasional day of paintball when I can afford it.


    How much time could you be on the server weekly?: If I’m interested enough, and I assume so due to the very well-thought out lore and website, I can devote most of my time to this server and even look to encourage others to join as well.


    What do you know about Roleplaying? Give a definition of what it means to you: Roleplaying is the taking on of a role, in its most direct definition. More specifically, it involves a person taking on the role of a character, that of whom you wouldn’t necessarily base off of yourself, due to the invalidation of the “Character” point of the definition.


    What experience have you had in Roleplaying, if any?: I have been Roleplaying for about three years now, and started off in a Garry’s Mod server, to which I was able to devote most of my time and efforts into one community, allowing myself to “Blossom” and become a veteran Roleplayer of sorts, with elaborate tunes of /me’s and such.


    In your own Words, define what the act of Meta-Gaming is: Meta-Gaming is the act of using Out-of-Character(OOC) information to exploit or benefit yourself or others around you who are In-Character(IC). Examples being overhearing a conversation involved an IC rival in a vent channel, and strangely having your own character know if it as well.


    In your own Words, define what the act of Power-Gaming is: Power-Gaming involves a character(Or characters) who uses unfair /me’s against another, not allowing them to properly react to the situation. Examples being a bandit unleashing a myriad of sword swings, with every swing hitting its target, killing the victim. This is considered Power-Gaming because the attacking bandit did not allow the victim to put up some form of resistance(React) to the situation at hand.


    What do you expect this server will be like?: I expect for this server to be the Minecraft Roleplaying experience I had hoped for in a previous server, but finding it quite the opposite. I expect to see a firmly established server, with steady lore and established civilizations. And, as most Roleplay servers always have, I’d like to expect an element of combat, as well as an immersing environment to add an enhanced feel to the world I am Roleplaying in.


    What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?: I had played on one other Minecraft Roleplay server about a year ago. The server was called Mel-Lenxia, if I remember correctly, and I didn’t find it all too appealing. The server population was always low, and more often than not I found myself without any form of administrative help, leaving me in the dust without a cause or means of what to do.


    Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?: Indeed I have.


    Do you promise to abide by said rules, and laws? This includes the Server, Forum, and Teamspeak set Rules: Without a doubt.


    How did you hear about us?: I was referred here by a friend. Two friends, more so, and it really interested me to hear of such an established server.


    Have you previously made an Application? If so could you link us to your last Application?: I have not. This is my first Application.


    Have you posted this application on our minecraft forum thread yet? If not, just finish it up on here and then copy + paste is over there. (https://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/832121-%E2%96%91%E2%96%92%E2%96%93-the-lord-of-the-craft-%E2%96%93%E2%96%92%E2%96%91-enter-the-world-of-asulon-o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l-l-y-t-h-e-n-o-1-r-p-s-e-r-v-e-r/?







    Character Name: Henry Micklern


    What Race are you?: Human


    What Sub-Race are you? (note, you aren’t required to have a sub-race): N/A


    Biography (Please make this at least 2 paragraphs long. This must include the history of your character and his life as well as age, appearance and personality, etc.):

    Henry Micklern was born into an average lifestyle. His father, Thomas, owned a portion of land in his home village of Kree, and expected his two sons, Henry and Jack, to tend and later inherit the fields he worked so hard to maintain. Henry, being the youngest of the two, would be the last to inherit the land, but was nevertheless required to work through in maintaining the strict cadence of farm life. The constant toiling work allowed the young Henry to develop a firm physique, as well as teaching the boy responsibility. All too often were crops ruined due to the laziness of a farmhand, and Henry knew this all too well.


    For most of his teenage life, Henry worked hard and monotonously in the fields, and was beginning to grow weary of the lifestyle. The curve that broke this mainstay line of redundant work was the opportunity to drive the cart into the regional market, which was normally the job of his father. His father presented Henry with the choice mostly because of a recent accident while plowing the fields, causing his left leg to become lame. Henry, although distraught over his father’s infirmities, accepted the opportunity willingly, and was soon driving the cart-full of produce down the dirt road out from the village, making the half-day journey to the regional market of Reyna. This journey, although arguably as boring as farm work, gave a great interest to Henry, and each trip he made was just as wonderful as the one before, always finding something new to stare in awe about, whether it be a cardinal chirping or the passing of a wandering adventurer. Whatever the event, Henry took great pride and pleasure in his trips to the market, and soon picked up an adequate skill of bartering with the local vendors as he bargained prices and bluffed his produce’s importance over the others. With this change of pace in his life, the now 20 year old Henry enjoyed his life, always managing to crease a smile throughout the day.


    But just as Henry was enjoying his life, his older brother Jack was quite the opposite. After receiving news of his father’s decision to allow Henry to drive the cart over him, Jack had felt betrayed by both his father and Henry, making the assumption that Henry was the favored child. As the years went on, Jack allowed his anger to brood, forming into full-blown hatred at the time of his father’s death, which was premature due to his infirmities, and not allowing his father to properly address the inheritance of the farm. Quickly seizing the opportunity, Jack claimed the entire plot for himself, as was his father’s intentions, but then sought to enact his brooding hatred onto his younger, cheerful brother. Upon his return from the regional market one day, Henry saw an unfamiliar sight as he rounded the bend to their farm. Jack, who normally was at work in the fields, was instead at the side of the road, with piles of baggage at his feet and a billhook scabbard in his hand. Henry, upon ushering the oxen forward at a faster pace, slowed up beside his brother, looking down as they locked gazes. Hatred in one, and curiosity in the other. After receiving news of his eviction, Henry was once again distraught. Those once curious eyes were now watering up as he tried to make sense of the situation. Jack, who had already drawn the cart and oxen forward, had turned back to Henry and the baggage, throwing the billhook scabbard off to his confused brother, sending a final shout of exile as the scabbard tumbled into the dirt road. It took Henry a considerable amount of time before he came to a grim realization. He was evicted from his home, his only kin casting him out, leaving with him little more than a couple of personal belongings and a few days rations. And so, without direction, Henry left his childhood home, with only a few bags on his back, and a billhook scabbard on his belt.


    And so Henry traveled on. Wandering from village to village, town to town, and even passing through occasional cities, the once thought handsome young man was reduced to a grimy, dirty looking fellow. His clothes were discolored, his once shiny blonde hair now scruffy and unappealing. But as his appearance changed, the now 27 year old Henry managed to retain his uplifted spirit, always looking for opportunity, while also finding time to enjoy himself when he can, whether it be in the local tavern drinking his cares away, or with the company of another wanderer along the road.


    What is your Character's ambitions?: Henry Micklern aims to find some sort of settlement to establish himself into, and soon become sufficient enough to establish his own merchant career, traveling throughout the lands aiming to sell his wares at the best price.


    What is your character’s favorite tool? (sword, pickaxe, shovel, etc): Henry prefers his billhook, which is a farmer’s tool in the similar shape of a sword or dagger. (For a more precise visual, here’s a wiki link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billhook )


    What is one of your Character's most skilled talents? Henry’s most notable talent is his ability to barter and bargain with others. His second most notable talent is his instinctive farming habit, which is assumed so from his youth on the farm.


    A screenshot of your skin (must be in proper format): Farmer skin_12012112011449233both.png


    Other Information about your Character: No other information can be given, from what I can gain from this extensive application.







    Whilst traveling from the Cloud Temple you see a small halfling, being harassed by two armed warriors. They appear to be trying to steal money from him, how does your character respond? Henry, although feeling a need to help the seemingly defenseless halfling, has no means to do so. Armed only with his farmer’s billhook, he does not wish to become involved with the squabble, and would rather prefer to continue with his own travels then become involved in a potentially dangerous situation himself.


    Your character wanders into Alras, and comes across a small stall, behind which a well dressed man is standing. He’s offering various wares, the merchant turns to you and says in a posh accent " 'ello there, what can I do you for today?" What is your character response? Henry, upon a close inspection of the wares presented before him, decides to ask for the following prices of the items he is interested in. Upon receiving the prices, Henry feels the need to disagree with a few, and proceeds to enter a debate, or bargain, with the merchant. After a few minutes of back and forth debate, if Henry were to not achieve the price he intended, he would choose to walk on and search for vendors with lower prices, always searching for a good deal.


    Whilst wandering in the wilds, your character comes across a small hut, which looks abandoned. Inside it you see a chest containing a few iron bars, and a golden sword. How would your character respond?: Henry, upon discovering the loot before him, would intend to take the items for himself, as is his ignorant and peasant mentality.


    Hungry and lost in the wilderness, you stumble across a small trading camp nestled among the forest, they greet you you in the common tongue, how do you respond? Henry would greet the camp with joy, and would first try to find if any of the locals spoke his own native tongue. If not, he would try to interact through hand gestures, or even by offering them gifts with little belongings he has left. Of course, if food was offered, he would first check to ensure he wasn’t the only one eating, to ensure its edibility and to avoid poisoning. A peasant can never be too careful.


    You hear word that bandits occupy the road outside the town in which you have been staying. The town guard have gathered, and are asking for assistance to help eliminate them. The leader of the party is offering a reward for any who offer their support. How does your character act on this information?: Henry, upon hearing of the reward, is quick to jump at the mention, and offers to help the guard in rallying the rest of the town, or even providing his own body to take up arms against the bandits.

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  2. SURNAME: Helvets FIRST NAME: Othodoric ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Varoche Palace DATE OF BIRTH: 1672 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Kaedrin?: Yes. Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes. ((MC NAME)): Byzabro
  3. Othodoric takes a firm grip of his cane and stands slowly, balancing his weight on the bat-pommeled cane. He nods to the President and turns to the Secretary-Designate, clearing his throat quietly before speaking: ”Mr. de Leumont, I had a question regarding the maintenance of our troops in times of both war and peace. What is your opinion of standing armies even in times of peace, and how will that affect your military budget?” @Wurfv
  4. Othodoric digs in the Holy Primates to find his misplaced Ph.D to present to the association.
  5. Father Othodoric comes across a copy of the thesis and smiles, nodding a few times. He writes down a few notes from the thesis as a means of supporting the subject and teaching others.
  6. [redacted]

    Edited by Tommy Shmurda
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  7. Benda Chivay denies these allegations. Agathor is and will always be under Chivay’s Control.
  8. Stephen de Smitton, a bodyguard to the young prince, immediately draws his twin daggers and stares down at the servant angrily. He licks his lips at his target and prepares to strike, ”You have made a terrible mistake!”
  9. 3 minute old Prince Thomas cries and whines
  10. A Thesis on the Gift Bestowed on Humanity by God Or the Curse of a Finite Lifespan By Otho of Belvitz 1720 In the beginning, God created the very essence of our world, and through Him he created the four races. This story, as well as the corrupting attempts of Iblees and the curses laid upon the races are all familiar to the faithful, but this thesis offers a counter to the popular opinion that Mankind was cursed with a shortened lifespan. I say it was not cursed, but it was blessed - blessed with the acknowledgement of our own mortality. This simple fact of mortality and impending infirmity causes Humanity to not only appreciate their lives, but also creates an incessant ambition to create, destroy, and innovate while they still live and breathe. The history of the World has almost always been dictated by the whims of Humanity, for better or worse. Emperor Godfrey I recreated the foundations of an imperium dated back to the Exalted Horen, and since then the numerous nations of Humanity have shaped the World around them: the Second Empire stood against an overwhelming Dwarven hegemony; the Third brought this same hegemony to heel and curbed their power for decades; the Fourth saw the Donation of Emperor Tobias to the Church; and the Fifth united half a continent under a banner of law and justice, while continuing to repel the greed of Urguan. No other collective nation-states have influenced the Races of our World, and even in this 18th century the faithful hand of Mankind continues to hold weight. But Mankind’s impact on the world is not always a positive one, as we have seen throughout history. Robert I of the Wilds, despite his many flaws and sins, chose not to take up arms against those that took his throne despite the significant support for his cause. When asked by his followers why he would not fight, Robert responded with a simple maxim: “When Man fights Man, the whole world burns.” Robert the Quadroon knew the evils that come when Humanity fights itself. He knew that the Gift of Humanity - Finite Life - is often corrupting to those of weaker minds and wills, and so to avoid the unnecessary bloodshed of the most noble of Races, the once Emperor laid down his arms. We now find ourselves in a bloody and ruthless battle between brothers of Mankind nearly 300 years later, and it is no doubt that the world is certainly burning underneath this titanic struggle as more and more factions pick a side and cast their lot for one emperor or the other. I give this example to caution against the abuse of Humanity’s Gift, because even the kindest present offered to the wrong person can corrupt and destroy the faith and will of Mankind. To summarize this work, I call upon the good faithful followers of the cross to take their gift of finite life and apply it to the world in positive means. Do not let the sins of greed and lust that corrupt the nonhuman races corrupt the soul of our most noblest race, and permit God into your hearts. The Blessing of Finite Life was granted by God, and it was Humanity who was given not only a reward in life, but reward in Heaven, for God Himself promised Mankind’s entry into the Seven Skies among our ancestors and free folk. I beg you to live honest and positive lives to Humanity and God, and I shall pray for each and every one of those devoted to our benevolent Creator.
  11. Othodoric Aurelius Helvets signs the treaty, casting his support for his brother-in-law.
  12. hey man pass me that shovel for my fox hole ?

  13. Grandmaster Steven Krokodilos signs and stamps
  14. honestly why is this still a thing its gotta go down enough is enough we've had our fun

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