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  2. Johnny Dragon, perpetually a sixteen year old boy in the Seven Skies, nods his brooding agreement.
  3. Stephen de Beaufort, returning from yet another trip to Aeldin, offers a soft and tired smile as he reads the newly canonized names. "At long last."
  4. thirded on his claim
  5. meanwhile, a dwarf slaps his belleh
  6. Several additional drawings are placed underneath the original illustration of a rose, although this one bears far greater detail and artistic value:
  8. BASIC INFORMATION « OUT OF CHARACTER NAME » Otho__ « IN CHARACTER NAME » Stephen Hector « SURNAME » Beaufort-Horen « CLASS » A1 « GENDER » Male PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION « DATE OF BIRTH » 11th of Sun's Smile 1520. « HEIGHT & WEIGHT » 5'11" / 180 lbs « EYE, SKIN & HAIR COLOR » Blue / White / Brown « CULTURE » Heartlander / Aeldinic « MARKINGS » Burned right hand PERSONAL INFORMATION « HOME ADDRESS » The Palace of Saint Adrian « PROVINCE » Crownlands « OCCUPATION » Courtier CITIZEN'S OATH « ALL CITIZENS » I, Stephen de Beaufort-Horen, hereby swear my loyalty the Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire entirely by my free will. I swear to read and obey the laws of the Empire and understand the punishments and penalties that will be incurred should I violate the law. « CLASS A OR B » I, lcpl steven krokodilos, hereby acknowledge and give my consent to the OOC rule that should my character be found guilty of High Treason within the Empire, the Emperor personally (and only the Emperor) has the right to execute permanently my character. I accept this condition and make it entirely upon my free will.
  9. John Augustus is dissatisfied with the Seven Skies. He waves hi to Joseppi, though.
  10. steven approves of this on nation leader behalf
  12. #Minecraft name/s: Byzabro/Stefanos #Age: 20 #Time zone and availability: Eastern Standard Time. I am available after 4pm on weekdays and all throughout the weekend. #Skype: skdillis #What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: A few things I’ve wanted to change would be some improvements to war and the economy. Primarily, though, a more dynamic and intuitive form of warfare should be introduced to Lord of the Craft, so as to avoid the bland and quite truthfully agonizing warclaims that are so dull and uninspiring. And honestly, the experience is there: I've participated in nearly every major war in LOTC since late Asulon (going on four years now, I think) and I have always had these ideas to bring forward a sense of war that is both challenging, neuron-provoking, and enjoyable for both the PVP playerbase and the RP one. In fact, as many might not think, I myself prefer the RP aspect of war: the roleplay behind planning, constructing defenses, grand strategy and minor battlefield tactics. All of that can be exemplified in our LOTC war system with just a little more guidance from those that have the firsthand experience. I firmly believe that Lord of the Craft has the potential to be great and with the help of the community and the server’s dedicated staff, greatness can be achieved. Beyond this, there is not much else I would specifically call out as something I would want to change. At least not anything major. #What are your finest qualities?: I am a United States Marine, what finer quality is there? Other than that, I am often described as enthusiastic, passionate, energetic and a fun person to be around. I love to laugh and read. #What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: It is said that my wroth is often my undoing, but that was the wroth of a child. My time in the Marine Corps has strengthened my resolve, and discipline. Overall, my worst quality is my impatience. I hate complacency. #What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: Anyone who could offer it. Although I may not seem very receptive to advice, I take people’s words honestly and give them an honest reply. #Who do you not get along with on the current team?: Although I may come off as rather abrasive and aggressive, I do not hate anyone on the staff team or community, besides maybe Sheumgal. Unlike most, I can understand the difference between roleplay and OOC, so I don’t take people’s actions in roleplay as a slight against my OOC person. #How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: As I stated above, I’ll be available from 4pm EST onwards throughout the weekday and all throughout the weekend. My time in the Marine Corps may see me out in a field op every once in awhile, but it would only be for a week at most. Gotta serve my country, you know... I thank those who take the time to read through and show their support (or lack thereof) for this application. And just to clarify, this is a very real post. I want to help the community in a way I've never done before. I hope I will be considered. God bless and Semper Fi.
  13. From what I've seen of Skylez, he has some great roleplay and understands how to play his characters. I deffo support him for the team.
  14. definite support for someone overwhelmingly capable