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  1. A Thesis on the Gift Bestowed on Humanity by God Or the Curse of a Finite Lifespan By Otho of Belvitz 1720 In the beginning, God created the very essence of our world, and through Him he created the four races. This story, as well as the corrupting attempts of Iblees and the curses laid upon the races are all familiar to the faithful, but this thesis offers a counter to the popular opinion that Mankind was cursed with a shortened lifespan. I say it was not cursed, but it was blessed - blessed with the acknowledgement of our own mortality. This simple fact of mortality and impending infirmity causes Humanity to not only appreciate their lives, but also creates an incessant ambition to create, destroy, and innovate while they still live and breathe. The history of the World has almost always been dictated by the whims of Humanity, for better or worse. Emperor Godfrey I recreated the foundations of an imperium dated back to the Exalted Horen, and since then the numerous nations of Humanity have shaped the World around them: the Second Empire stood against an overwhelming Dwarven hegemony; the Third brought this same hegemony to heel and curbed their power for decades; the Fourth saw the Donation of Emperor Tobias to the Church; and the Fifth united half a continent under a banner of law and justice, while continuing to repel the greed of Urguan. No other collective nation-states have influenced the Races of our World, and even in this 18th century the faithful hand of Mankind continues to hold weight. But Mankind’s impact on the world is not always a positive one, as we have seen throughout history. Robert I of the Wilds, despite his many flaws and sins, chose not to take up arms against those that took his throne despite the significant support for his cause. When asked by his followers why he would not fight, Robert responded with a simple maxim: “When Man fights Man, the whole world burns.” Robert the Quadroon knew the evils that come when Humanity fights itself. He knew that the Gift of Humanity - Finite Life - is often corrupting to those of weaker minds and wills, and so to avoid the unnecessary bloodshed of the most noble of Races, the once Emperor laid down his arms. We now find ourselves in a bloody and ruthless battle between brothers of Mankind nearly 300 years later, and it is no doubt that the world is certainly burning underneath this titanic struggle as more and more factions pick a side and cast their lot for one emperor or the other. I give this example to caution against the abuse of Humanity’s Gift, because even the kindest present offered to the wrong person can corrupt and destroy the faith and will of Mankind. To summarize this work, I call upon the good faithful followers of the cross to take their gift of finite life and apply it to the world in positive means. Do not let the sins of greed and lust that corrupt the nonhuman races corrupt the soul of our most noblest race, and permit God into your hearts. The Blessing of Finite Life was granted by God, and it was Humanity who was given not only a reward in life, but reward in Heaven, for God Himself promised Mankind’s entry into the Seven Skies among our ancestors and free folk. I beg you to live honest and positive lives to Humanity and God, and I shall pray for each and every one of those devoted to our benevolent Creator.
  2. Othodoric Aurelius Helvets signs the treaty, casting his support for his brother-in-law.
  3. hey man pass me that shovel for my fox hole 🤗

  4. Grandmaster Steven Krokodilos signs and stamps
  5. honestly why is this still a thing its gotta go down enough is enough we've had our fun

  6. steven approves of this on nation leader behalf

  8. someone help me rn and tell me where a calendar for the in game months are (how many months, month names,

  9. Esterlen is a fantastic writer and has really been able to convey this idea thoroughly and with conviction and I definitely support this lengthy and in-depth idea.
  10. A letter is sent to the kidnappers, "twenty thousand."
  11. sexy forum pic

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  12. tfw never be able to sit up and drink with thomas shivee

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  13. who do i talk to to become a dwarf? any clans looking for members?

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