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  1. Lego XBOX

    [Denied][GM Application] Lego XBOX's #lostcount Application

    I thought you may have purposefully not explained - it would have been lots of people to cover.
  2. Lego XBOX

    [Denied][GM Application] Lego XBOX's #lostcount Application

    I see what you were talking about now. Because you clearly are not aware - I was on hiatus last month, in Spain on vacation to visit family and was not able to conduct my GM duties. I returned the day before the purge... Tahmas forgot to explain why some GMs didn't meet quota on the GM Log this month (unlike he did other months) - so I don't blame you for being unaware.
  3. Lego XBOX

    [Denied][GM Application] Lego XBOX's #lostcount Application

    Because you wish for me to confront you on this topic... This is a major point of debate when it comes to GMs. Some people see it that if you log on frequently and are invested in a major group, it's better for a GM because they know what's going on in the ways of the server. I understand this position. However, it is commonly argued that if you are active in a major group - you are much more likely to have inherent bias towards your group or against the opponents of your group. We see this happen with GMs that are part of different groups (or at least an apparent bias). Then again, if you are on the server as part of a small clique or don't log on often, some people will make the argument (as yourself), that you're too distant to understand what's going on and aren't invested in the server. I refute that by saying that browsing the forums can easily keep you up to date to the happenings on the server, and that RPing lightly with friends and keeping it like that allows me to conduct GM duties without an inherent bias towards any group. Returning to your concern - that's really an opinion, and I simply disagree with your point of view on such. I'm more comfortable if GMs aren't invested in any major server group.
  4. Lego XBOX

    [Denied][GM Application] Lego XBOX's #lostcount Application

    You're thinking of a different GM? I'm unaware of the situation you refer to.
  5. Minecraft name/s: Lego_XBOX / ComradeLego Age: 20 (21 in March) Timezone: GMT+10(State your Timezone. Ex: GMT-6) Skype/Discord: alien_caolan / Lego XBOX#5777 What is your availability: Monday - Friday :: 5PM - 11PM (although before 5PM at certain times I am also available) Saturday - Sunday :: 9PM-1AM (variable really, can stay up later in exchange of waking up later and same goes with waking up earlier) Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: There’s a greatly ingrained issue on the server about always wanting to come out on top - rather than cooperating to have a good time, many players take it upon themselves to have fun to the expense of others. As a GM, I found the way many players approach staff interactions extremely poor. The community must be encouraged to provide their constructive feedback and stay away from devolving into petty yelling and bashing of staff when things don’t go their way. Finally, I continuously experience a lack of inter-staff cooperation - a project which is essentially ready to go (and has been for a long time now) has been frozen in place because unless you are yourself part of a team you need the expertise from… you’re not going to get that team to work on the project for a long time. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: A GM must interact with the community in a professional manner, keeping to protocol and acting maturely. They must provide an example as to how everyone should behave. When a GM joins in a group’s flaming (even if not in the extreme, but not condoning it), it essentially validates and encourages future similar reactions. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: The GM team should present itself cohesively. It does cause issues when there are conflicting views on rule interpretation and such. The leader of the GM team should encourage team communication and enact protocol to ensure that every GM is on the same page. An example of this would be to have a page where precedent can be checked for rulings on rule interpretation. Please list three players who will vouch for you: Tahmas, you can vouch for me to yourself I would say. Ski_king, can vouch for me too. Dohvi, will probably vouch for me too, but they don’t like vouching for people. What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I don’t particularly have anyone I can’t work with. The GM team seems to be quite fine. I have worked with and interacted with most of the members on the team sometime in the past - or know that I’m not going to have issues with any of them. What are you finest and worst traits?: I don’t believe in self evaluation, to be honest. In general, it is quite useless to conduct self evaluation since what really matters in everyday life is how others evaluate you. There’s no point in me thinking that I’m fair and willing to hear every side if someone doesn’t believe that. But since you probably insist… I personally find myself to be a fair person, which at times can be a bad trait - I don’t hold prejudice when interacting with anyone and make every effort to avoid bias in my professional decisions. However, this is a bad trait at times since it leads into me trusting the word of everyone upon first interaction with them. There were a couple incidents where my trust that people may behave decently has gone wrong… I know that I am quite stubborn, which is in certain aspects a bad trait. Once I’ve decided upon something, it does take quite a bit for me to change my mind (although if the facts are against me, I shall sooner change). Stubbornness can translate to a strong sense of duty and perseverance, and I find this to be a good trait as once I put my mind to completing a project or doing something - I will put all my attention into such. I’m bad at this trait stuff, so I’ll leave it at that. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: I’ve been on the server since 2011, this is really too much to recount… I joined the Application Team soon after I joined LotC, working there for a long while before leaving due to burning out. I could not keep up with quota as I had lost interest in reviewing applications. After a long break, I decided to join the Media Team in hopes to increase the activity of the LotC Youtube channel (which I was successful in). In my time on that team I developed the LOTC-BC, releasing a ‘news report’ video every weekend - amongst other content. However, due to the lack of cooperation and increasing inactivity in the team, which seemed like it was never going to change due to leadership choices at the time, I left the team. Again, after an even longer break, I decided to help the Magic Application Team - designing the now used Magic User List. After creating this spreadsheet, I was given a position on the team and have remained on the team as support for maintaining the spreadsheet. I’m happy to say though, that it seems that there are members on the team now that have learnt how to use the spreadsheet without breaking it (after much automation implemented by myself). I also joined the Application Team at this point, soon becoming a manager where I started working on projects - one of which is still in progress (designing the tutorial island concept). Next I made it onto the Forum Moderator Team (which I have since abandoned due to not having enough time to handle that and all my other positions). Finally I became a Game Moderator and now I’m writing this because there was decidedly a purge… which I understand the point of but, the same goals could have been obtained in other ways. Currently, my main position is Application Team Lead, where I’m working to make the team run smoother and better - while pushing to improve player retention with new measures and various projects taken upon by members and managers. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: I’ve lost sight of what one thing interests me on this server. If I were to specify something it would be the people I’ve met. Very mushy and emotional, bla bla, but amongst everything which happens here, I stay because I know that you can meet a few great people you’ll maintain friendship with beyond the server itself. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: At the moment I post this, there’s a very poor sample size - any of those GMs that were on the team pre-purge are fine applicants. I also feel like the trials are fine choices. Link me a good song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABCtU6NB_xs
  6. Lego XBOX

    [Accepted] Hedgehugs Snaga Application

    I'm interested in hearing your suggestions, and as a veteran - and by your word - you will fit right onto the team. Welcome to the team.
  7. Lego XBOX

    [Accepted] [AT Application] Jlyoko

    The forums deleted the message I was going to write - stuff about new blood and such. Anyway, welcome to the team.
  8. Lego XBOX

    [Accepted] Vaynth's AT Application

    New blood and highly recommended by management, I'll be looking forward to see your work on the Application Team. Welcome.
  9. Lego XBOX

    [Accepted] [AT Application] Fireheart

    I do certainly agree with your recommendations. As per your qualifications to join the AT - I feel that you are among the best candidates to pick for this month. Welcome (back) to the team, the roles have been inverted it seems.
  10. Lego XBOX

    Elven Origins: Dark Elves

    It may seem as a simple cameo, but when there is active or passive competition between families - being mentioned in origin lore is likely to give at least an OOC justification to one other's cause... This is especially the case when the competition stems because of the different interpretations of lore. If Leo is happy to add the other major families into the lore, then that's fine - but not having any name would be better. 'My family' is the Dark Trinity group of dark elves, including Klaren, Shadeleaf and Nightheart.
  11. Lego XBOX

    Elven Origins: Dark Elves

    I would like to add that if you are going to create origin lore - you do not write in the names of player families. Although you do say that this should not change how people roleplay their dark elves, you are at the very least giving OOC validation to the claims, existence, and purity of some dark elf families. This can then evolve into roleplay where it will (even if not consciously) increase the reputation and power of the named families. Back when I RPed my dark elf, I created a line of families which had their own 'supposed' lore as to where they came from etc. It fits this lore by changing some names/events and essentially subjective elements of the lore. I'm sure Des'nox and Oussana can have their own lore which fits this, and they probably do because this literally names them... Again, for the sake of keeping this lore open to interpretation and roleplay safe from monopolisation by lore-validated players - it would be best not to have family names in it.
  12. Lego XBOX

    [Accepted] [Trial GM] Lego XBOX's Application Returns

    I nor asked or suggested that any feedback be removed from this application. To address the concerns presented by Kebab, I may indeed be rather strict and protocol adhering. I feel that this is an important aspect of moderation, as wavering can lead to discord and community outrage. However, I do understand that one must be open-minded and rational, which I have been on the forums many times. When I am not sure as to the response one should give to some issue in moderation, I defer it to the FM Chat for guidance or ask a colleague if my position is acceptable. As you have said, I'm surely able to take a step back and go back on some decisions I have made in the past in moderation - and will continue to take constructive criticism on the topic. However, it is hard to moderate differently if nothing is raised to me... if the Forum Moderation Team and Lead find my conduct to need correction, they should tell me so.
  13. Lego XBOX

    [Accepted] [Trial GM] Lego XBOX's Application Returns

    If you are unhappy with my Forum Moderating, you are free to take it up with the Forum Moderation Lead or an Admin.
  14. Lego XBOX

    [Accepted] [Trial GM] Lego XBOX's Application Returns

    Republic is superior.
  15. Minecraft Name/s: Lego_XBOX (main), ComradeLego (alt) Age: 20 Time Zone: GMT+10 (Sydney/Canberra, East Australia) Availability: Essentially all day. ][ 7-9AM to 11PM-3AM -- I sleep 6-8 hours. Skype: alien_caolan What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: This has certainly changed itself from when I started playing. While I was still a young player, in my first years (Aegis-Asulon), I wanted to reduce the amount of cliques and closed/locked groups that existed, magic being a prime example at the time. This change came to be, but it became too free (for some forms), however some cliques and locked groups still remain. In Anthos, the last time I played before my year long break, I started wanting to change how the staff teams worked. In my eyes bad decisions were made continuously, which led to why I stopped playing and left the Media Team. When I returned, I found that the teams had changed to an extent, more professional, more in accord with my personal views etc. What I want to change now, and what I didn’t even have to worry about in the past, is how harassment and overall toxic behaviour is handled. Many of my friends on LotC have left because of the sheer toxicity that some people experience. It always surprises me to hear that such awful things happen, and what’s worse is how so much goes unpunished. Updating this - as AT Manager I have taken up a rather ambitious project which is the renovation of the Tutorial Island. I have started planning stages and trying to get people together to make it happen. It is of my opinion that as a GM the whole process would be easier to get moving forward... then again, this shows that there improvement to be had within and between teams. When I was on the Media Team, it was incredibly difficult to have any sort of cooperation with team members and especially other teams. I understand that Pandan is working on improving inter-team cooperation, and this is one of those projects that heavily rely on multiple teams working together. I'd like to also help in changing team cooperation on the server. What is something you have always wanted to change on the Game Moderator Team?: I caught your tricky application format change before posting a copy-paste of my old application! This is a difficult question... since I'm not entirely sure how the GM team works in the first place. This probably means that the moderation team has to be more transparent in its functions. So in a first place, I would like to change the transparency of the GMs. Once that is done, then it could be looked into as to what can be changed for the better. Otherwise, please refer to the above. How Game Moderators deal with harassment and toxic behaviour is quite important if we are to maintain a cooperative and cohesive community which not only reduces the players that may leave, but allows other players to join without fear. What are your finest qualities?: For these following sections I will quote my team leaders and managers, as I do not feel adequate enough to give proper self-judgement. “Willingness to take up task as requested and contribute to basic team duties. Lego has always had a high app count and is often told to cut back so other’s can catch up.” (Fireheart, 2016) “(B)ut I'm bad at qualities” (Dohvi, 2016) “I think that [Lego is] very good at regular work and that [he] excel(s) in thinking of projects and completing them on time. [...] I believe [Lego's] opinions and work are very valuable and an asset to the staff teams [he is] already present on. I think extending [his] work ethic to the GM team will definitely serve as a bonus rather than hindering its development.” (James27049, 2016) And while waiting for the team leaders, from an old MAT colleague, “[Lego is] an incredibly hard worker, extremely dedicated to both general and specific progress, have a positive attitude, and have always shown the desire to improve systems.” (Discoliquid, 2016) I will also add something a friend of mine said to me once, “You're consistent with what you say and do. ” (Netphreak, 2016) Finally, a quality I always pride myself for is my drive to do something. When I have a drive to do something, I can do it efficiently to the maximum of my ability. Examples of this are the spike of Media Team activity in Anthos when I joined it, as well as the Magic Applications spreadsheet used as a list for a few months. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: Furthermore, I am willing to accept any criticism given, which is also why I will quote my team leaders on this as well. However, I will immediately say that I personally regard myself as stubborn. The only improvement I can do on this is compromise more often. “Lego’s contribution to chats and discussions can often be silent. While this is not bad for his situation as an AT member it is something that will need to be worked on if given the position of GM.” (Fireheart, 2016) As far as this goes, I agree that I’m pretty silent in terms of discussions. However, that tends to be due to me agreeing with points already being made. I will surely work on engaging in discussion more often. “Nooo. I need to work on this assignment.” (Dohvi, 2016) “[Lego] can be hard to work with sometimes,” (James27049, 2016) This is certainly related to my being stubborn, and I have mentioned on how I intend to improve on such. “[Lego is] a tad distanced from the player base,” (Discoliquid, 2016) As far as this goes, I try to log in as much as I can, but I can't and don't enjoy roleplaying with every group. So that evidently leaves me distanced from much of the player base. However, this appears to be the case for much of the staff. What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: Dohvi, Discoliquid ImCookiie, Tsuyose Fireheart, Ski_king and James are those that jump to mind, but there are many more GMs that I feel comfortable talking to. Who do you not get along with on the current team?: There is no one I don’t get along with on the team as far as I know. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: Starting on the 18th July, I'll be back at university - which isn't really an issue towards the time I can put into the server. While at university, my free time depends largely on exam periods. I tend to be online all day, but access to the server is probably half of that when on holidays, no less than a few hours a day.