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  1. what was the honeycomb hideout

  2. You made me a Lord of the Craft

  3. Second post in 4 years to second what Urara has stated... And really, it's only backed up by the responses following on this thread which either; a) dismiss the issue entirely because this is 'mineman' or b) saying it's fine because 'they started it' Be respectful, be kind.
  4. OMG, BABE!?

    1. Lego XBOX

      Lego XBOX

      Indeed, I have returned.


      I was just wondering if that was you, was about to investigate, saved me a few minutes XD

    2. Luvvy


      @Lego XBOX hmu on discord! Hagleyy#0001


  5. It may seem as a simple cameo, but when there is active or passive competition between families - being mentioned in origin lore is likely to give at least an OOC justification to one other's cause... This is especially the case when the competition stems because of the different interpretations of lore. If Leo is happy to add the other major families into the lore, then that's fine - but not having any name would be better. 'My family' is the Dark Trinity group of dark elves, including Klaren, Shadeleaf and Nightheart.
  6. I would like to add that if you are going to create origin lore - you do not write in the names of player families. Although you do say that this should not change how people roleplay their dark elves, you are at the very least giving OOC validation to the claims, existence, and purity of some dark elf families. This can then evolve into roleplay where it will (even if not consciously) increase the reputation and power of the named families. Back when I RPed my dark elf, I created a line of families which had their own 'supposed' lore as to where they came from etc. It fits this lore by changing some names/events and essentially subjective elements of the lore. I'm sure Des'nox and Oussana can have their own lore which fits this, and they probably do because this literally names them... Again, for the sake of keeping this lore open to interpretation and roleplay safe from monopolisation by lore-validated players - it would be best not to have family names in it.
  7. Do not spark things out of proportion guys or there will be warns.

  8. You all know better than to repost something that has been hidden. Any further re-posting will be issued a warning point.


    There is discussion ongoing.

    1. Jonificus


      What the hell is there to discuss. You're just gonna do the same **** you do every time this kinda thing happens. Some 'meh'-tier compromise will be posted and overhyped, some GMs will smile for the camera and post positive things on the announcement post. The community-staff relationship stays abysmal and everyone returns to talking **** on skype. Oh, and Mitto loses his blue tag because he speaks reason and goes against the wishes of the wise masters.

  9. For the time being, yes - new guides will be released SoonTM.
  10. Anyone play Interstellar Marines?

    1. Space


      I have it but most times I've opened it there's been like 0 servers with people on.

  11. Sorry to bother you but I have a question and no one else is helping me with it. I am on the server and have explored. How do I choose a profession and also can I build because whenever I try to build it won't let me

    1. Plague Kail

      Plague Kail

      You can choose a profession through doing /sk. This will pull up a list of commands that you can use in order to choose and manage your professions. Do /sk list to see all of the professions and /sk [skill] select [main/secondary/bonus]. You also have to receive permission through RP to build in certain areas. If you have more questions do /modreq and put your issue after that command, the moderators will hopefully be around to help more.

    2. Eggles the Beagles

      Eggles the Beagles

      For info on professions type in the command: /sk help 


      As for building, you need to have permission from the owner of a region in which you are trying to build on. Would recommend joining a town instead of making your own thing out in the middle of no where. Might just find yourself in a RP hub. 

    3. Lego XBOX

      Lego XBOX

      These two are correct, I do apologize for not seeing this earlier.

  12. Be aware that reporting this post could constitute abuse of the mechanic. Furthermore, who reported the post is only visible to FMs/GMs.
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