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  1. Eyo, some of us already use accordions as bards chief, not quite a new invention! Valid for your own design tho!
  2. Wouldn’t it be a bit cleaner on the settings side to have it all in a menu like it is for personas, or am I missing something here?
  3. Thoughts?




    1. Harrison
    2. Crowbill


      You never knew what was coming through the door, the madman

  4. Harner Bros amounts of fame, shame he still doesn't know how to do apps.
  5. "W'oever wants to kill dat wee beasteh will need a good subju-gator in der parteh" Hellio speaks out loud to a halfling near him. "'Owevah, if it's actualleh deh other scaled beaster, ahm sure they'll end up croc-ked boi deh end of deh adventure."
  6. "Bah, those adventurers will get fooked so badleh deh town will need an investi-gator." Hellio additionally mumbles, in no mean correlated with the liches comment somewhere in the distance.
  7. "Ah dun t'ink people will swamp towards dis bounteh..." Hellio smirkingly says looking at the notice board.
  8. I need to be Unban because that man who started the grand dwarf event he assign 

  9. So sir Croleo the next Monday thing what does that mean am i being Unban next Monday or what i don't really no. Ps i am getting unban my timezone is EST and it's Thursday 


    1. Crowbill


      That means you can make a new appeal on a monday so I can consider you getting unbanned.

  10. Rules:

    • Use the proper format or you will be asked to refile your appeal.

    • Must indicate in the title of the appeal which GM or Admin banned you.

    • Do not post on an appeal unless you are the player who posted it or the GM handling it. This includes witnesses. If you feel there is information that needs to be said, PM the GM handling the report.

    • You can not post an appeal for another player, even if they are forum banned and IG banned. Please contact an FM or GM about posting an appeal if you are forum banned.


    You should have received a small message on why you were banned along with the name of the GM or Admin that banned you. If you do not know why you were banned you should PM the moderator privately for the reason. If you do not know who banned you, please message an Admin so that we can get you in contact with the right GM.


    Please use the below format to post your appeal. Remember when you make the appeal to put your proper mc name in the title so that the GM can easily find the server report, as well as the banning GM’s name in brackets. An example of the proper way to do this would be: Kalamoot’s Ban Appeal [Readicti].




    Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link):No Ban Report/Croleo676


    Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban):terriblegecko80


    Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific):Griefing


    Character Witnesses (Name(s)):Croleo676 and EdgyMageys


    Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect):I broke into my old house by the secret entrance to get my beds,Chests,furnaces and the stuff in my chest and all the signs i put up so after i left i couldn’t use the secret entrace because people were around i broke the ladders off that i made so i left by breaking the cobblestone next to the door.


    Screenshots/Vids (Link):Noting really. Ps i would like to be let out early sir Croleo so i can make it the Dwarf Event.

    1. Weabootrash


      this is suppose to be in its own thrread in its own section

  11. Hello Croleo I'v been ban until August first i don't know why i have never grief enerything  plus i haven't been msg or pm on lotc or forums about my Ban report

  12. Kuchen looks at bounty while eating a small bagel loudly thinking "Tree spel men? That's supposed tuh be deh wood elfs, roight? Nae, that can't be..." the rest could not be heard as his mouth was full and incapable of transfering understandable noises due to the deliciously baked bagel only found in inns and pubs that had Kuchens masterful products.
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