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  1. Harrison owns an island now, the architecture that I need for it is pretty unique. Wish I could have the best builder ever help me build it :) Hope to see you come back soon

  2. Jonas wandered out of hiding to check out this new tavern he's been hearing of.... wonderful, simple wonderful. LOTC has been doing great things lately.

    1. ChumpChump


      Great enough for VonS to return yup yup? :D

    2. Raomir


      Commeee bbbbaaaacccckkkkk :D

  3. I guess, like VonSchlichtenCo, I'm signing out too. It's as if some people try their hardest to be jerks and ruin the fun of others. I hope Jonas contributed meaningful stories to some of your RPs! Now he must board a ship to a new land...

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    2. Silevon


      Why don't you try changing that then? You're leaving for one of the worst reasons I've ever seen. How about you stay and try to fix things? Not leave and get nothing done.

    3. walkingsnake


      Haha, I'm sorry my reasons aren't good enough. It's been clear since 3.0 launched that economy is low-priority on this server. I've provided lots of feedback, as seen on the forums, and RP'd many events. Some feedback was considered, some laughed at, some I got in trouble for. I've tried to help and make some impact. I haven't been lazy about it. I have various reasons for leaving, lack of economy just being the main reason I haven't had an interest in playing...

    4. walkingsnake


      If you think I haven't tried changing that, you must not know me or read my posts.

  4. I haven't been on the server in a little while, and what I miss the most is definitely Toveah's large belly.

    1. ChumpChump


      Aw shucks, makin me blush

  5. Why are there attitudes? Why can't people just be helpful to other players? It's not that f---ing hard.

    1. Dargene
    2. Sovereign_of_Solaris


      Some people don't care cause they think "Hey its the Internet what do I care." :P But yes, I agree why can't people be more helpful.

    3. Geo


      How do you know? Their mind is not your mind.

  6. Best post regarding the state of the server I've read my whole time here. Nobody says rules suck. Nobody says the GMs suck. The issue is with communication. And right now, there basically is none. And it sucks.
  7. That doesn't mean opinions about rules aren't allowed. I haven't been in this situation but I know I'd be pissed. It may only be in-game pixels that are lost, but it's a ton of OOC time spent doing that. I know we could go back and forth about whether a farm really should've been established in the wilds, but really, it isn't exactly hard for a GM to plop a sign saying ((Farm will be wiped for breaking rules [or whatever the reason,] send a tell or fix immediately.)) Or even just a note of what GM wiped the farm so it can be talked out with them directly. A little bit of communication can go a long way. The "deal with it" attitude in regards to the time someone spent playing on our server, trying to have fun, trying to improve the in-game economy, is sickening. This isn't a dictatorship.
  8. walkingsnake

    [✗] [Idea] Creative 3.0

    As a builder, I agree with this completely. Part of what makes my buildings so fun is knowing I also worked to obtain every piece of cobblestone used in it. When I need wool for a section, I buy it from someone selling it and further fuel the economy.
  9. Sometimes it's worth just taking a break from LOTC and playing single player for a while.

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    2. walkingsnake


      ew stressdrama complaining powertrips... and most importantly, a lack of fun right now.

    3. Ezo Karasuga

      Ezo Karasuga

      Make Fun! Not Lore!

    4. Lago


      *deletes wiki*

  10. Trying to help but instead become blamed... well, that's frustrating.

    1. Ezo Karasuga

      Ezo Karasuga

      Helping is bad! Shove problems into the corner until they go away!

  11. Do I also have to write lore for my character to be sarcastic?

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    2. Lago


      Uh... what?

    3. Ezo Karasuga

      Ezo Karasuga

      Your fat lore is unrealistic for the era.

    4. MrSythaerin


      Y'know, I never saw any proper humans lore. Humans shouldn't exist.

  12. Eagerly awaiting the return of Mr. Fif with news on a raw fish supply.