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  1. I doubt the Great Southern Kraken will die that easily (or at all) but you could kill one of its offspring...
  2. Edit the first post, put up a poll (with the public set on). Seems to be mixed opinions here, interested to see how many players would want this kind of thing stated as too advanced and how many don't.
  3. A severe player shortage meaning they can barely support their current subraces.
  4. Given we throttle the other races into three subraces each, giving the Kha a fifth wouldn't exactly be fair.
  5. I agree with you, orc heights get very silly sometimes (I've saw a normal uruk RPing as 16ft once) and even generally they stretch suspension of disbelief. The height of your playermodel doesn't change, all height is a stat that's higher than the others. It's been coming up so much recently that I'm starting to wonder if it's worth having the Lore, Admin and GM teams decide on official height ranges (we don't actual have any), although I'm loathe to force something like that on a whole playerbase without good cause. Do you all think such would be necessary or is it not that much of a problem? To give an indication of what I'm thinking, cap non-bestial races to 6ft (no more Uber Adunians) and cap uruks at 7ft (about the size of Shrek) with the dumber ones at 8. Throw MPM to max and you still can't hit that. Ologs go to 10ft absolute max with most at 9, which is still colossal. Golems are scaled to orcs, so this would also effect anyone claiming to be a 12 foot golem. Before you jump on this "miniaturisation" scroll up and look at how big that actually is. It's still a massive physical advantage but it's also practical to RP at.
  6. Cooking and chemistry are pretty much the same thing. I will point out though that one of the things Nexus likes to do is put the steps of a crafting chain in different professions. The alchemist needs chefs to make it.
  7. Results of the survey I took recently. http://i.gyazo.com/d24a2ab52a1539388f368bf62c161e16.png

    1. Lago


      I've packaged all the tiny groups (such as the Fenn who had a total of two responses out of 139) into an umbrella Others.

    2. Lago


      Incidentally, "Covenant" is /not/ the Covenant of Mar. It's the other one.

  8. Gathering some information on group and nation membership, including the independent groups. If they're dwarfing the four nations and individually have comparable playerbases, should they be considered nations in their own right? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LR6Mm0-O1pRZCvXLo0_eChfScJO3y9u8_HpHeTkOqys/viewform

  9. LMs don't have FM powers here, so you'll need to get a GM or FM to move it over.
  10. Magic makes no difference. Smash a vase with fire evo. You can't use fire evo to "unsmash" it. Breaking something just requires you to blindly lash out and alter it in such a way as to impede its function. Fixing it is a lot harder and not always possible with the same tools.
  11. Harming is much easier than healing. I can harm you with a 500 metre diesel locomotive travelling at 126 mph but I can't heal you with it.
  12. As I originally wrote it, provided you acquire that limb IC, correct. At least while Mech continues to exist: it's somewhat unpopular courtesy of some random staff member naming another rule exactly the same thing. I will find that staff member. One day...
  13. I've got to admit it does fit perfectly in the existing lore, I just wonder why it wasn't explicitly stated from the get go. Runesmithing's your classical magical cyborging, then there's some really high power Clerical that can regrow limbs (personally think Clerical healing shouldn't be able to do that), Alchemy (The Potion of Regeneration Kardel invented) also regrows them in a far more in-depth and fulfilling way, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Druids have done a couple of tree arms and an alterationist/enchanter has attempted it at least once. In light of that, another way of using magic to replace limbs is just another piece of hay in a haystack and in of itself pretty harmless and the only reason I can think of of why you'd be asked to do a separate "addition" lorepost would be that it wasn't explicitly stated in the first place. In terms of lore there's no problem here I can see. To those worried about the runesmiths: While there are no shortage of prostheses they all do their own thing. Runesmithed ones, for example are big, bulky and look like golems or robots: they're clearly unwieldy, heavy, agonising to attach and uncomfortable but do the job. They're not suited to fine work in the slightest but they do have a crude sense of touch as far as I know. These ones are lighter but fragile, delicate, completely numb, and look like a porcelain doll. Still unsuited to fine work because it's stated to have no sense of touch (you do have a sense of position provided it's the same size as the original, that's not lore, that's biology). Compared to the dwarven ones they're still unsuited for fine work but they're also easily broken: they win out only in aesthetic and maybe a little in weight, even though they're actually more tiring (pretty sure dwarf ones are thanhium powered). Plus, as Arcane Puppetry derives some magical principles from Soul Puppetry (don't ask me how, I don't see the connection between porcelain avatars and voodoo dolls) technically dark magic and vunerable to clerical, no? In short, based on the lore and what Hex has said, the dwarves still have the edge here, they're not exactly going to be replaced by a storm of puppet limbs. So lorewise we're solid. I'm a little worried about the attitude but that's got nothing to do with the lore itself.
  14. Fourt glances at the application form as he strolls near the tower. He picks one up and reads over it. As he reads over the section fogged by the mists of the fourth wall requiring one to describe one's casting, he shakes his head in disbelief, wondering why the Guild stands by such... archaic practices such as fourth wall based applications and "RP tests". He places the form back into its container and continues on his way, a thought forming in his head. If the Mages Guild continues to turn down students via fourth wall scrying, perhaps there is a market for a competitor institution?
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