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  1. Clan Karasuga has set out 25 minas for Azuline next time she is in Chambery A representative of Chambery answers the man's comment as hes hanging up the poster. "The thing you must understand about the 10 minas bounties is they tend to travel in packs and are quite easy to put down. Any single man skilled with a weapon can put them down. The dread beasts however are a different story..." The man finishes hanging up a few more posters on the same notice board before moving on.
  2. A poster is placed in all cities and towns with human populations in Axios. The Crest of Clan Karasuga Ezo Karasuga, Esteemed regent of the Viscounty of Chambery, and acting leader of Chambery calls out to all warriors, witchers, wizards, and wanderers. The great Viscounty of Chambery seeks the most skilled to aid the city in her time of need! The Viscounty is opening up bounties to the public for the removal and disposal of hostile creatures that occupy the city cistern, sewer and sub-caverns. For the past 4 years the citizens and soldiers of Chambery have heroically defended the city from dozens of monsters and other dark creations. The city seeks skilled adventurers to assist the city in lowering the monster population to manageable levels. With a recent surge of numbers of the dark beasts, Chambery's forces are stretched thin. The rise in monsters threaten His Imperial Majesty's lands and must be dealt with. The coffers of Clan Karasuga have been opened to assist with the monster problem. Bounties are being offered for each monster's head collected (or appropriate trophy). Classification for bounty payouts is as follows: Dark One/ Undead Minions - 10 minas. Lesser Beasts - 25 minas Dread Beasts - 50 minas Unique Creatures - 75 to 150 minas Reinhardt - 5,000 minas *this record has been scribbled out on all the posters* Bounties may be redeemed with the Regent of Chambery Ezo Karasuga. Heads must be presented in acceptable form with identifying characteristics intact. Due to rising insurance premiums for the town, the sewer access points have been locked. If you wish to gain entry into the sewers please contact an officer of the Chambery Marines or a town steward to have a key granted. Chambery is not responsible for any lost belongings, limbs or life from venturing into the sewers. It is recommended to not travel is groups smaller than four souls. Any equipment recovered in the sewers or caverns may be kept as an extra form of payment. Any willing adventurers,gangs, orders, guilds or parties, hordes should contact Ezo Karasuga (Ezo_). ((Send Forum PM)) Brought to you by the Chambery Board of Tourism and Kiru Travel Agency. How to get to Chambery? MAP Coords: 2565, 63, 863 Chambery is located on the beautiful southern coast of Lorraine, marking the southern point of the Crownlands. The quickest route currently is sailing North East from Oren's resource isle for a few minutes. Alternate routes include sailing South East from Johanesburg.
  3. "Your RP is invalid and I am going to tell you how your RP should be done because I don't understand it"
  4. Want actual sailing RP? Want military RP that isn't just guard duty? Enlist in the Marines!   http://bit.ly/2dmdGpW


    1. iMattyz


      sailing rp lmao

  5. Ezo Karasuga, Commandant of the Chambery Marines and Regent of Chambery reads the proclamations. He sits in his cabin on the "Resolution" Class warship In Chambery's port " There is no listing under Legio I for Chambery's forces. The Empire considers the Vanir to be their naval force? Chambery's warships outclass their smaller ships and we even have a functioning shipyard building additional ships for the Crownlands Military! Did our forms not get sent in? I must get to the bottom of this." Ezo takes out his stationary from his captain's desk and begins to pen a letter to the Crownlands Military Command
  6. Can a team of master engineers use this to propel ferrum projectiles using redstone signals? Imagine 3 rings of Magnetus all discharged by redstone. A projectile sitting on one end on a rail with the rail going through the three rings. With proper timing, a button wired to repeaters would activate and deactivate each ring in order, pulling the projectile forward. If so the HIMS Resolution will be armed with magnetic naval guns instead of ballistae!
  7. Aegis was so ugly:  http://bit.ly/2cIrt7a  (Undead Fortress)

    1. Rihawk


      It was fun imes though back in aegis.

    2. Ambduscias


      Our standards were lower. Wasn't too bad for the time.

    3. Ezo Karasuga

      Ezo Karasuga

      Indeed Koko,  I remember being terrified seeing the undead fortress.  No 'large' builds existed back in those days.

  8. The chronicle detailing the arrest of Reinhardt VonSchlichten in lotc 3.0 http://bit.ly/2cJEHA2

  9. I remember Availer saying we went off to Libya to fight in the civil war.
  10. Chambery Coffee Mug "A coffee mug made of ceramic. On the side in white letters it says 'I went to Chambery and all I got was this lousy mug' MSRP 4.99 Minas" +20 Caffeine +15 Snark -10 Bladder Item Level 299 Edit: This is a real item.
  11. Our dungeons have RP loot! Might not be purple blingys but it is stuff you won't find elsewhere!
  12. In Chambery we have a dungeon we are building. Quite a few groups have already experienced it while its only half done. I'm sort of afraid that it 'cheapens' dungeons if we just rehash old dungeons. Edit: I am always up for the idea of more content for players. I just don't want people to only want to do 'ET' dungeons because they have the full toolkit to make them awesome.