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  1. Ezo, Covid’s shut the world down and I’m up for some of your whimsical eccentricity. Plz come back!

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  2. I miss you, my old friend and mentor... ?

    1. Raomir


      absolute legend

  3. Want actual sailing RP? Want military RP that isn't just guard duty? Enlist in the Marines!   http://bit.ly/2dmdGpW


    1. iMattyz


      sailing rp lmao

  4. Aegis was so ugly:  http://bit.ly/2cIrt7a  (Undead Fortress)

    1. Rihawk


      It was fun imes though back in aegis.

    2. Ambduscias


      Our standards were lower. Wasn't too bad for the time.

    3. Ezo Karasuga

      Ezo Karasuga

      Indeed Koko,  I remember being terrified seeing the undead fortress.  No 'large' builds existed back in those days.

  5. The chronicle detailing the arrest of Reinhardt VonSchlichten in lotc 3.0 http://bit.ly/2cJEHA2

  6. Ezo Karasuga welcomes to the new prospective students showing up to Chambery asking about the College.
  7. Commandant Ezo Karasuga welcomes the latest batch of recruits to the Chambery Marine Corps.
  8. No, dark beasts did not burst out of Chambery's sewers and almost eat people.  Chambery is a peaceful city with flowers and happiness.  

  9. Life on the seas is a harsh one. From storms, pirates, and sea monsters the ways to die at sea are many. Cooking smoke was billowing from the deck of the tiny Akheron class steamship leaving a trail high in the sky. A cacophony of nautical ambiance filled the air, the sounds of the ship combined with the noise of the crew. Seagulls circled above the ship, their cries a constant reminder shore is close by. The cook shouting to those on deck while the paddle wheels of the vessel splashed in the water. On deck were a dozen figures walking about shrouded by wool blankets to cover themselves from the elements. A typical scene you would see in a merchant mariner's voyage. The Akheron class ship was not the only vessel on this stretch of sea. No less than 200 meters behind them followed a much larger ship, only a Corvette class, but still dwarfed the Akheron class ship. The Corvette deployed all of its sails to gain speed. The pursuing Corvette was closing the distance while it's target did not change course. Once the Corvette was 100 meters away, it hoisted the black flag. The hunter has found its prey... The Pirate Corvette sailed up alongside the tiny steamship, readying to take her prize. However, with such topics like the high seas, interspecies romance, and cards, it is never known who the real hunter is until you show your hand. The crew aboard the tiny steamship knew exactly what they were doing. On the deck of the Corvette, a burly bald pirate shouted through a speaking horn. He made clear the pirates intentions to board the ship and loot all the belongings. The crew of the small steamship were given two options: they could surrender with their lives or die at sea. The pirates had thrown over grappling hooks, and began pulling both ships together. Dozens of cutthroats awaited on the deck of the corvette, standing by to board the small merchant steamship. An older Eastern man on the deck of the smaller steamship walked up to the ship's helm in view of his crew. He reached under the wool blanket draped around his shoulders and pulled out a folding fan. With a flick of his wrist the fan opened to a bright red color, he held it up high above his head. The trap was sprung. This was the moment they had trained for. The figures aboard the small steamship threw off their wool blankets , revealing the crimson and azure uniform of Oren's Chambery Marines with longbows ready. The pirates, still pulling on the grappling hooks, were taken by surprise. In the opening confusion of the battle, the dozen Marines on the deck of the Akheron class ship took aim at the pirates with their longbows. The the sound of whipping bowstrings cut through the air as the first volley of arrows found their targets on the pirate corvette. The sound of shouting and screams were soon added to the discord of battle. The Pirates scrambled to form up under heavy archery fire. The deck of the corvette was piling up with dead and wounded pirates. After the initial shock they began to return fire with their own archers. Marine sharpshooters shouted out targets to their comrades. Pirates in the rigging, climbing the mast, running below deck. Shot after shot, with each crack of a bowstring an arrow found its mark. Losses mounted on both sides as the two ships exchanged fire. With both boats drifting closer to each other, the sound of a brass horn pierced the misty sea air. Some pirates began to retreat to below deck of the Corvette as more of their buccaneers fell in battle. Some Marines grabbed the pirate grappling hooks already anchored to their ship and pulled the rope, other Marines threw fresh grappling hooks onto the pirate corvette. The two ships inched ever closer until not even a foot separated them. With a second blare of the horn the Marines set down their bows and drew swords and boarding axes. A third blare of the horn and the remaining Marines began to make the jump from the small steamship onto the enemy corvette, the main deck absent of any serious resistance. The first wave of Marines chased the remaining pirates below deck. Cutting down many of the fleeing pirates as the advanced. After a clash of swords and axes the Marines cornered the remaining pirates in the cargo hold. While this was happening below deck, a pair of Marine Officers made their way to the Corvette's helm. This was the objective of their weeks long mission: To intercept and capture the Corvette from the brigands and reclaim the ship in the name of Oren. Below deck the fight was over. Most of the pirates lay dead or dying in a pool of their own blood. Prisoners were gathered , heads were collected for bounties with the headless corpses of the pirates being unceremoniously dumped in the sea. The ship's medic was busy treating wounded marines and preparing rites for those marines who did not survive. A skeleton crew was sent over to the Corvette to sail her. Both ships set their course back toward the dock at Chambery. The weeks of planning paid off. The Marines mission was complete, a resounding success. History The Chambery Marine Corps was founded in 1575 following the establishment of the Viscounty of Chambery and the naval base of the same name. The Chambery Marines draw their legacy from Eastern naval traditions combined with Western Technology. The city's large Eastern refugee population have maritime and naval backgrounds that have eagerly served in the Chambery Marines. The marriage of Eastern naval tradition with Western technology has led to the creation of a unique military force within the Archduchy. Primary Mission The primary mission of the Chambery Marine Corps are to uphold and protect the Viscounty of Chambery and the surrounding waters. While primarily a nautical force, the Marines also train in land combat with their counterparts in the Lorraine Honour Guard. Marines are trained heavily in the use of the longbow. Such emphasis is placed on archery within Marine training that it is possible to be dismissed from the Marine Corps for failing archery tests. A well trained Marine is said to be able to hit a hostile target on an opposing ship's rigging from 50 meters while sailing full speed alongside them. Emphasis is also placed on a specific style of close combat very seldom taught in the honor-rich human societies. Hand to hand combat on ships requires every advantage for survival. Marines are taught the methods of incapacitating foes that would normally be looked down upon by Knight Orders and other standard military organizations. Such tactics are seen as dishonorable by most other Oren military personnel. The training is only made available to Marines. On the battlefield, the Chambery Marines fulfill the role as skirmishers and light infantry in Lorraine's military structure. By wearing lighter armors than their counterparts it allows them quick repositioning and accurate fire from their bows. Bounties and Pay The Marines are paid primarily by salary and bounties collected in combat. For each opponent a Marine incapacitates, they are instructed to collect the head of the fallen opponent. In cases where time is an issue, cutting off the opponent's nose and mustache is considered a valid alternative. This grim tradition dates back to the Eastern clans of Aeldin. The tradition has been kept around due to its efficiency for pay and promotion. It is said one who turns in an enemy general's head will have no more wants for the rest of his life. Structure The ranking system of the Chambery Marine Corps follows a standard hierarchy easy to follow for those familiar with other military orders and organizations. Commandant - The leading officer of the Chambery Marine Corps. The Commandant only answers to the Marshall of Lorraine and Imperial Command above him. The Commandant devises strategic goals and plans with the rest of Lorraine Military Command. The Commandant operates on the strategic level of operations. Lieutenant - Standard officer rank within the Chambery Marine Corps. The Lieutenants are responsible drafting battlefield tactics from the Commandant's strategy. The Lieutenant operates at the tactical level and not the strategic level of operations. Sergeant - The highest rank a Marine can achieve before becoming an officer. Sergeants are responsible for their squad of Marines on the battlefield. The Sergeant is responsible for executing the tactics described for the mission while making sure their Marines understand the mission objectives and how to accomplish the mission goals. The Sergeant is the backbone of the Chambery Marine Corps. Marine - The base rank of the Chambery Marine Corps. While it is the lowest rank, few would ever achieve the distinction of being called a Marine. The primary responsibilities of the Marine are to care for their equipment and understand basic battlefield tactics. Specialist Roles Various roles exist within the Marines independent of the ranking system. Consideration for specialist roles is based on merit and skill. Although no rank increase comes with a specialist role, base pay is increased and additional responsibilities are added. Field Surgeon - Medically trained personnel that can perform life saving surgery on the front lines of battle of the swaying belly of a ship. Quartermaster - Personnel trained in the crafting or procurement of equipment for the Marines. Demolitions - Personnel trained with the use of destructive machinery and/or alchemy. Instructor - A Marine tasked with teaching Marines combat tactics and training. Equipment Longbow - The main weapon of the Marine. The long length and special construction of the bow allows it to offer up much higher of a draw strength than standard bows. To withstand the physical toll it puts on one's body is a reason the Marines practice with bows so regularly. Eastern Longsword - A curved Aeldin Eastern longsword with a single sharpened edge. Traditionally worn by members of the military and police in Eastern Cultures. The sword is the ultimate in close range combat. Most Eastern members of the Marines carry one as their standard weapon. Western Sabre - A single edged blade with a hand guard. Popular with Marines for its utility and combat effectiveness. It lacks the sharpness of it's Eastern counterpart but has more weight to allow for stronger strikes. Favored by many of the Western Marines. Boarding Axe - The assault weapon of the Marine boarding party. Capable of knocking down shields, weapons, people, doors and more. The boarding axe is rarely seen in land engagements. Demolition Hammer - Used by demolition specialists to destroy whatever the mission objective is. A large two-handed heavy sledge, rarely wielded as a weapon and used more as a tool. There have been instances of the Hammer being used as a weapon with devastating effect. Backwater + Overseas Assault Transport. - A small two person ship that can be deployed from larger vessels or from shore to rapidly deploy Marines. One Marine is tasked to command the vessel while the other is tasked to keep watch with their longbow. OOC INFO This is a military organization that serves the Archduchy of Lorraine and thus Oren. Being a military organization the primary focus is PVP. That being said, there will also be a large amount of heavy RP that goes along with the organization. From raids, training, war, security and just general sitting around there is plenty of RP to keep the marines occupied. RP Training will be actual PVP training, working on tactics, understanding MC mechanics. Sparring with your fellow marines will not consist of writing a novella with emotes, instead it will consist of beating each other with wooden swords and understanding how minecraft pvp works. The goal of the Marines is to provide an immersive experience for the military minded RPer without the constant breaking of immersion seen in many organizations while avoiding the frustrations of powergaming. If you are not good at MC PVP, consider joining as a recruit who wishes to get better. There, we will grow your skills together while providing roleplay to reflect your real improvements in skill and understanding. (Also no, you aren't expected to hit a moving target at 50 blocks away.) Apply OOCly here: MC Name: Character Name: National Affiliation (If not Oren explain why you are applying): Are you willing to reside in Chambery?: Do you revere the Emperor and wish to expel the barbarians?: Contact Ezo_ in game or via an IC forum PM to finalize applications.
  10. People like me that have been here for years. Something like 5-10$ a month is no big deal
  11. Hello Devs! I am just putting this here so we have a record of it. Currently creating VIP Redstone pillars does not work. If a VIP with the correct permissions tries to create one they will get an error "You are not allowed to imbue this soulstone pillar". Tested it with Ender and Aether VIPs in a region without any soulstone pillars and in a region with a soulstone pillar. Neither VIP had any existing pillars and still could not create one. I created a modreq and GMs confirmed that the plugin is broken. I am just posting this here so there is a record of it being reported. Thanks Devs!
  12. *claps* Great work again Sagwort
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