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  1. Want actual sailing RP? Want military RP that isn't just guard duty? Enlist in the Marines!   http://bit.ly/2dmdGpW


  2. [✓] [Mineral Lore] Magnetus

    Can a team of master engineers use this to propel ferrum projectiles using redstone signals? Imagine 3 rings of Magnetus all discharged by redstone. A projectile sitting on one end on a rail with the rail going through the three rings. With proper timing, a button wired to repeaters would activate and deactivate each ring in order, pulling the projectile forward. If so the HIMS Resolution will be armed with magnetic naval guns instead of ballistae!
  3. Aegis was so ugly:  http://bit.ly/2cIrt7a  (Undead Fortress)

    1. Rihawk


      It was fun imes though back in aegis.

    2. Ambduscias


      Our standards were lower. Wasn't too bad for the time.

    3. Ezo Karasuga

      Ezo Karasuga

      Indeed Koko,  I remember being terrified seeing the undead fortress.  No 'large' builds existed back in those days.

  4. The chronicle detailing the arrest of Reinhardt VonSchlichten in lotc 3.0 http://bit.ly/2cJEHA2

  5. [✓] Legacy Dungeons

    Chambery Coffee Mug "A coffee mug made of ceramic. On the side in white letters it says 'I went to Chambery and all I got was this lousy mug' MSRP 4.99 Minas" +20 Caffeine +15 Snark -10 Bladder Item Level 299 Edit: This is a real item.
  6. [✓] Legacy Dungeons

    Our dungeons have RP loot! Might not be purple blingys but it is stuff you won't find elsewhere!
  7. [✓] Legacy Dungeons

    In Chambery we have a dungeon we are building. Quite a few groups have already experienced it while its only half done. I'm sort of afraid that it 'cheapens' dungeons if we just rehash old dungeons. Edit: I am always up for the idea of more content for players. I just don't want people to only want to do 'ET' dungeons because they have the full toolkit to make them awesome.
  8. Galdorcreft College

    Ezo Karasuga welcomes to the new prospective students showing up to Chambery asking about the College.
  9. [Denied] Toxzero's MAT App

    I know this guy from somewhere. If I know him he must be somewhat skilled. +1
  10. [✓] Breaking down products.

    Ahhhh now i see. Thanks for the clarification.
  11. [✓] Breaking down products.

    Gear is nice, but it would be nice to be able to smelt things like Iron Doors, Iron Trapdoors, Cauldrons,Iron Bars, Anvils, etc
  12. [RECRUITING] The Chambery Marine Corps

    Commandant Ezo Karasuga welcomes the latest batch of recruits to the Chambery Marine Corps.
  13. No, dark beasts did not burst out of Chambery's sewers and almost eat people.  Chambery is a peaceful city with flowers and happiness.