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  2. Booooo, not my lore. Effort is appreciated though.
  3. The concept on its own isn’t the issue, but the balancing in RP combat. Some people may remember Anthos-era crossbow technology being out of hand and powergamed to high heaven, and whilst crossbows are technologically inferior to firearms, they were still considered super overpowered just due to their misuse. Firearms can fit well thematically, they just need to also fit well mechanically. If we reach an emote count etc that people are overall happy with then I don’t see any reason not to, though it will have to probably be closely moderated at first.
  4. Darkstalkers did come into the game a long time before Paleknights and during a period where there hadn’t been a single Dread knight player for years to the point where they were considering removal. You should be asking them to change, instead.
  5. Clotting was never what caused the issues and that has been pretty much accepted for a long time, although certain people always waved their arms and blew a panic about it and made it out to be far bigger than it was. Clotting didn’t get used that much at all (It was also misused the very first time it was ever used, in which it then got overhauled because it wasn’t balanced but people only remember it to be a massive shocking event when in the end nothing permanent happened), except from when people were going out of their way to create new necromancers en-mass and then abandon them after teaching them one spell (Which happened a LOT.) That’s the thing we don’t want. The only reason necromancy ever fell into the state it did was when we made the change from keeping things such as making new necromancers and creating ghouls/lichtypes restricted to much fewer individuals. When we made that change we ended up with so many new necromancers that got abandoned without even learning the drain life spell that they basically should have died IC and there was even two instances of people that had been a necromancer for 3+ months not know what reanimation was, nor that we could do it as they believed our only real purpose was to make ghouls and liches (Yes, this isn’t satire, it really happened) because of a horrible shift in culture we’ve seen surrounding necromancy since everyone and their mother could **** out two liches a week. These sorts of spells worked best in their original iterations when they weren’t widespread and the original Wraiths are in a similar boat, they were written to function alongside spells like that. Those wraiths haven’t existed for over four years as Swgrclan seemed to have a fascination with fixing anything that wasn’t broken even when he nails things the first time round and wraiths have been dragged through the dirt since. I want to bring back Wraiths in their original iteration, when they were a product of necromancy, trying to forget the disaster of a fiasco that has gone on with them the past few years because that isn’t reflective of how these iterations that I am writing were used. Also to note the Wraiths were gone by the time clotting came about, reinvented as Ash Wraiths which had nothing to do with necromancy, so these clot target hits are just myth. The only one people ever went out of their way to be like ‘Nah **** this dude’ is when Aerialkebab had taught like 7 people back to back, abandoned basically all of them and then had his next student lie to us about the fact they were becoming a necromancer until they had posted the application, which we just found to be too shifty. These sorts of things just don’t really happen. From someone who has experienced a lot of it, it feels like the community remembers either a very dramatized version of events or are just missing massive chunks from things that did happen, because a lot of what I have heard isn’t even close to being accurate. That said, I want Wraiths to come back in their original iteration, because I think they are ******* awesome (Which I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me saying that) and can be awesome even in today’s climate. I want to forget about the past two completely unnecessary iterations of Wraiths because I really disliked them and I want to make these Wraiths great, so if you have any suggestions of additions or subtractions or anything for them, tell me. Telling me to remove them because the other wraiths sucked ass and the worst period of necromancy’s timeline completely sucks even though we all know its absolutely sucked for ages just due to terrible decisions in previous rewrites and a complete lack of specificity within the magic does not help, because I know and I agree. I mean the big elephant in the room is ghouls, not clotting. I do also strongly believe this is the most cohesive necromancer lore yet and there was a lot of things within Zarsies’ rewrite that I did not like.
  6. Thank you, I was almost happy, glad you sorted that one out.
  7. Necromancy Necromancy is one of the most coveted and forbidden Dark Arts, and perhaps the oldest of them. Necromancers are able to manipulate the forces of life and death and bend them to their will, through spells that can raise the dead, drain the life out of living creatures, and weave dark curses upon those that have crossed them. The energy that necromancers use to power their spells is called Life Force and necromancers are able to control this energy through something called a Darkhollow. Mechanics of Necromancy The fundamentals of Necromancy and the core mechanics which everything else within the magic is based off of. It is important to get a good grasp on these concepts as you begin to practice the magic, as without them all of your roleplay will fall in on itself. Standard Necromancy Spell List This is the list of standard necromancy spells that all necromancers should expect to learn. All spells have prerequisite spells that must be learned prior to learning them (Such as Life Drain being required to learn ANY necromancy spell.) These are at the top of a spells red-lines in bold. Life Drain [Tier 1] Reanimation [Tier 1] Vivification [Tier 2] Stagnation [Tier 3] Afflictions [Tier 3] Cursing [Tier 3] Fleshsmithing [Tier 4] Reverse Tether [Tier 4] Cauterizing [Tier 4] Dark Branding [Tier 5] Necromancy Sacraments Necromancy Sacraments are advanced ritual spells within necromancy that may only be taught by a Gravelord (Dark Wraith) after learning all spells on the standard Necromancy Spell list. A necromancer may also be stripped of the ability to cast a Sacrament by a Gravelord. Sacrament of Transcendence [Tier 5] Sacrament of Adherence [Tier 5] Sacrament of Silence [Tier 5] The Rite of Inheritance [Tier 5] Necromancy Tier Progression Necromancy is a three slot magic and as such has a large variety of spells that can be learned. This allows us to spread them out well across the tiers, giving the magic’s bread and butter spells straight away at tier one, whilst restricting the more complex and interesting spells until later on in the magic. Even the basic spells learned at the first tier are given additional effects as the user progresses to later tiers, to reflect on their growth. Tier alone is not the only thing required to learn a spell, however, as all necromancy spells have prerequisites, requiring someone to know one spell before they can learn another (Ex. Learning Reanimation before they can learn Fleshsmithing, as the latter requires experience with the former.) Lastly there are sacraments, ritual spells that can only be taught by Gravelords, masters of Necromancy, that allow access to Necromancy’s most coveted functions. [Tier 1] [Tier 2] [Tier 3] [Tier 4] [Tier 5] Necromancy Redlines General Redlines Spell Specific Redlines Weaknesses Necromancy Interactions The Purpose of Necromancy Necromancy holds a place in any good fantasy world, as a dark and sinister force that seeks to battle, usurp or scheme against the common people. Necromancy is often a misunderstood force and because of that, it is feared and better yet are those that practice it, feared and shunned are the Necromancers of nearly every fantasy setting. Literally wielding the forces of life and death in their hands, Necromancy exists to offer a taste of dark, evil and creative roleplay. That said, whilst many Necromancers are traditionally evil, the avenues of RP are still very much open ended and offer a chance for a player to bring their unique spin on what a Necromancer can be - and that’s just it, everything comes down to wanting to make great roleplay together. Necromancy offers a lot of interesting roleplay for those that practice it and those that come into contact with it. Its spells are filled with depth and it requires a great imagination to make use of the magic’s full potential. Creativity is encouraged here as Necromancy is very much about design and there are so many varieties within the spells of Necromancy such as which sort of creatures you wish to reanimate, or which effects you wish to weave into your diseases or curses, how you want to design your very own flesh abominations or weapons and armour made from bone itself, down to creating undead Liches and Darkstalkers that other players can actually play as a main character. Necromancy was intended to function as a guild magic from its inception and the vision of Necromancy has not changed too much in that regard, there is great value in guild roleplay. Though with the citizens of many nations not being exactly in love with Necromancers just walking around it can be quite hard to find and become a Necromancer, which shares a good dichotomy with keeping the magic just uncommon enough that it is not seen everywhere; along with the magic now having a multi-slot requirement, meaning that those that wish to pursue it are likely to be committed to it. Conditions of Implimentation Sources
  8. Mfw zarsies isnt a complete dumbo like me and can get forum spoilers to actually do what he tells them to +2 lore +100 formatting
  9. This was always the problem with Second Generation Necromancy, it was far too undefined, we took an initial concept and then ran pretty far with it IC. We quickly began to express cursing as something that could be more specific than simple taint and disease and eventually differentiated the two. I heavily helped in writing and conception of the initial Soul Puppetry lore to help flesh it out and elaborate on most of the ideas I had about cursing. Regardless we kept changing and improving the spell, though it was always too vague and only few individuals ever took advantage of the possibilities open to you with it. So I want to once and for all flesh out cursing and better define it to those that will be using them, so they know what they can do with it. We can't help but it being similar to Soul Puppetry, it is by nature, its a spell that curses people with some dreadful ****, old fashioned. It is what it is.
  10. The essence of Necromancy is perverse, raising the dead as rotting husks of their former selves is pretty dark. A lot of characters that fall onto the path of necromancy sooner or later develop some level of power complex, it's a biproduct of being able to reanimate corpses to do your bidding. Now raising people as a Lich has never made for pure freedom, once they were literally slaves, then had the threat of phylacteries looming over them, and now the threat of the people who brought them back to life possibly sending them back to the grave. That is necromancy, it's not pretty, it's dark. I'm sorry if you feel differently, but that is subjective to how many of the rest of us feel. The advanced lichtypes were barely their own creatures at all, basically their base forms with necromancy and an alarm on their phylactery. Now there are Ghouls, Mage Liches, Warrior Liches. (Lich/Darkstalker respectively) Necromancy is a magic literally themed about raising the dead and bringing monsters back to life, so we feel like if any magic should be able to create undead constructs it should be us; especially considering Liches are the oldest and first undead creature on the server. We're not budging on that. We want these three types of creatures, with very specific and controlled ways of creating and removing them, so that there can be a relatively sane number of them, all incentivised to act decently to their fellow RPer and actually provide good roleplay to others, or else maybe get the axe. On another note, there is no specific endgame for a necromancer, nothing is garunteed or certain, and it doesn't have to be.
  11. There is an emote count for every ability listed in the meat of the spell itself, there are different emote requirements for both raising a corpse by touch, or verbally, and further deviated depending on tier. The Astral Wounds not being able to be healed by healing magic was a typo, I forgot to change it in the spell after editing the redline. Healing magic can heal these wounds. These swords are nothing new, they are a concept that have always been around since the incarnation of Darkstalkers; that they always had these special blades but they had some form of horrid taint on it. We've moved away from the old concept of taint entirely because it was poorly done, so this is the difference. Liches are not any more slaves than they were before. If you play a Lich you have all the freedom in the world to go off alone and be free, however the concept of phylacteries is broken beyond belief and can't really work, because people are never NOT going to hide their phylacteries in the most secretive place there ever was; thus defeating their purpose. This change is twofold, to better express that Necromancers are the Masters of the Dead, and so that Lichtype players (And ghouls aswell) cannot run rampant harassing people with terrible bandit tier roleplay over and over again with no repercussion. With Wraithdom, you have two paths to becoming one: Strength of the Abyss, or Necromancer. You can only use SoTA as a Resonant Knight, and that's the only way through that path. Likewise, Darkstalkers cannot be necromancers, so they cannot take the necromancy path.
  12. The redline about Darkstalkers and plates was a typo, they can wear it but they are slowed down by it just like anyone else. Though a Darkstalker's strength is stamina and not speed. Also the Black Nexus has never really stood as a point of opposition for holy magic. We've always given it vague locked away potential telling tall tales and ghost stories about how its extremely powerful and scary, world ending powers and the like, but its more of a painted backstory and doesnt actually hold much power that will ever be utilized in roleplay, because armageddon isn't really fun for anyone. That said it's also been written as a sort of cornerstone for the magic, we rely on it for the more important spells that let us manage the magic, so having that be able to be destroyed would defeat the purpose of this whole rewrite. The nexus doesn't actually do much, it's more a spooky plot point, and nothing of mechanical worth.
  13. The Ghoul Saturation won't be carrying on as a concept at all. Giving incentive for mass RP killing all the time isn't healthy.
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