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  1. congratulations on FM

  2. when the empire of omithiel gets more love than 0rd


    1. UnusualBrit
    2. Quirkyls


      The Kingdom of Ord is a vassal of the Empire of Omithiel. This is only right.

  3. Raomir


    Nerak Frostbeard would rise upon hearing about the Declaration before uttering the sacred words of Paragon Omithiel Strongbrow. "In his thoughts he didn't want to be remembered as an architect who built many grand things, or as one of the kings, or even as a well known dwarf. He didn't want to be remembered at all."
  4. Raomir

    The Ways of Old

    "Yeh let Elves be Frostbeards. Yer a disgrace and will nae stand on yer stout feet much longer Irongrinder **** guzzler." responds Nerak Frostbeard as he draws his kin together to battle this traitor.
  5. Raomir

    Raid Rules Update

    no one raids at peak time because the cap is at 3 people LOL
  6. Raomir

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    This position is good step, but if your sole purpose is to give us a TL:DR of the week on LOTC then it’s a little useless as most of us already know. I hope that your role will expand to two way communication, and by that I mean you won’t simply be informing us of admin descisions but you’ll also be tasked with handing them our criticisms and ideas.
  7. Raomir

    My Experience as an Administrator

    I don’t think anyone doubts 501 is doing his best to make the server better, but the simple fact is the dude is incompetent and his ideas are 9/10 times downright horrible. He led some random engineering guild in Aegis and thinks he has it all figured out. He’s never properly ran anything on the server and is completly detached from how stuff works and how to improve stuff. Tbh if he really cared he’d step down.
  8. This is bs, unban gorum immediatly!
  9. Raomir

    Inside the GM & Admin Teams

    I’m glad you saw the error in your ways. I was very suprised to see you be a stern GM.
  10. absolute legend

  11. Raomir

    Worn Down

    This server is run by some of the most pathetic human beings imaginable, bare some rare exceptions.
  12. Raomir

    Kingslayer Slain

    “Silence yerself child molestor.” says to the disgraced Dwarf before turning to the rest of the brave warriors. ”Well done lads yeh ‘ave defeated perhaps teh most cowadleh dwarf after Fili Grandaxe!”
  13. “I don’t think any of your organizations have lasted longer than a single wet dream.” remarks Nerak Frostbeard towards Fili ‘5manrally’ Grandaxe
  14. Raomir

    [Poll] Bandits, Brigands, Crime lords, and Villains

    Even if you have legit RP motivation to back up your villainymost people will cry and ***** about getting rekt ( refer to the White Rose lol ). People on LoTC are honestly just cry babies who hate to lose, and the staff need to just make some brutal rules and ignore all the sorelosers and let RP solve the rest.