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  1. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "Perhaps if Oren hadn't plotted to attack my people after the war I wouldn't have turned on you. Hrm?" responds Verthaik in a calm voice as he watches Oren get saved by the Sky Gods yet again.
  2. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "Perhaps next time you should stay out of Dwarven affairs." says Verthaik II Frostbeard as he offers Aeternius a comforting pat on the head.
  3. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers Called the Axis in Opposition to the Holy Orenian Empire and Grand Kingdom of Urguan By decree of an assembly of equals, an assembly of like-minded individuals, The Holy Orenian Empire and its belligerents have forever been a thorn in the side of all good-minded men and women of Axios. They have sought out the destruction and subjugation of its sovereign nations and now desire to expand the borders of their newly reformed empire. Its monarch who sits upon a throne piled with the bones of his fallen citizens, rules with an ironfist and without mercy. His grasp of power resides unchallenged as he confers with the newly anointed ruler of Urguan, the son of the infamous tyrant and Undead King, Zahrer Irongrinder. Their courts are suffused with the poison of snivelling snakes, while their people lie suffering in the blood soaked rivers of anguish, of their empire’s own creation. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, once a proud nation of warriors of great honor and strength has been resigned to a snake's den of decadence, its halls yielded to the forces of unholy Khorvad. Its vaults sit filled with the jewels of countless wars, of which indulgent nobles have hoarded for their own gain. The foundations of Urguan’s legacy rest on the backs of dwarves, long dead, which have permitted it to succeed for so long. Alas, now it forsakes its once glorious past in pursuit of inequity and self riches. Woe to the undead kin of Clan Irongrinder who dabble in the arts of necromancy and plot the destruction of good dwarves who seek a just and holy Kingdom. If the people of Axios are to live free from the malignance of an aggressive, conquering empire and its rabid dog on a leash, then it is the duty of all citizenry and nations of Axios to fight for their freedom. No matter their race, or their background, all who seek a future should and rightfully pick up the sword, to defend that right for both themselves and for their children, so that we may vanquish this foe. It is with this statement, that we declare that the Holy Orenian Empire and Grand Kingdom of Urguan shall be brought forth to face justice for their crimes committed against the denizens of Axios. We do so to secure a better future for our descendents, so that when they one day think back on our triumphs, they will hail their ancestors as the vanguards who defended their freedom. The Holy Orenian Empire along with the undead kin of Zahrer Irongrinder, must be entirely dissolved and brought to justice for their crimes against the denizens of Axios. Signed, Verthaik Frostbeard II, High King of Kaz’Ulrah Javier Ruric, King of Norland Leoiaritzaltzu Salbatzaile de Savin, King of Santegia U’la Yar, Rex of the Warnation of Krugmar Erolas Ba’ikana, Chieftan of the Warhawkes and Prince of Mali’Ker Luke Dunamis, Alpha Mercenary Torvin Blackaxe, Paragon of Virtue
  4. ~-~ A Great Celebration ~-~

    Verthaik picks up one of Torvin's bombs as he grins "This parteh will be a 'boom' har har har."
  5. my patience runs thin...

    1. ? ? ?

      ? ? ?

      fiskiller said its okay to call you a jew , jew

    2. devvy


      ik u miss me. i’ll be getting a new laptop soon. . . dont have to make statuses about me. 

    3. overlord2305


      Just like the blood of your enemies? 

  6. Record of the Moot

    The Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah enhance their techniques to counter Urguan's new technique.
  7. [Denied]Garronds Second GM Trial Application

    I've known Garrond since he started playing LoTC way back in mid Athera when him and I were soldiers in Aesterwald. Since then he and I have grown quite close, and I can say with the utmost certainty that Garrond is the best choice for Oceanic time GM. His work ethic is superb and I have no doubt that Modreq times will be slashed in that time. Whenever I log on a bit later (being a PST lad) , I always see Garrond on. Get that blue title boi. +1
  8. Wapples' app

    heard he writes a lot, would like to see him on the team +1
  9. [Denied] Cornivore Reaching For His Goals

    Good guy, most people think he's a bit of a troll but I quickly realized he is far from it. Great choice for FM. +1
  10. Fall of Urguan honour

    ( Don't talk to Gorum like that man )
  11. don't call it a comeback

    i've been here for years

  12. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    I've known Lucas for nearly a year now, and while we haven't always seen eye to eye on things, he's a good lad at the end of the day. He's very active, and will no doubt help out with reducing modreq times. He's farmiliar with things like worldedit and is just an all around well rounded guy. Hope you get in mate +1
  13. Verthaik "The Dishonorable" Frostbeard

    "Verthaik II wasn't born when Rhewen was around you irrelevant grunt." comments Harek 'The Braver' Ireheart.
  14. your end is near old pal

    1. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      I'm pretty sure nothing will happen in the next week, that's for sure.