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  1. anyone got a chegg acc they tryna share 

  2. Legoboy7984's Wiki Team App

    I am sorry but I will not be able to support this application. This player is very immature and based on my experiences with him, gives off the vibe of someone who would be very biased to his side when writing for the LoTC Wiki. Being unbiased is very important when writing pages for our Wiki because most new players read the Wiki before applying, and it would be unfair if they had biased views of groups before even playing on the server. In addition his tendency to start OOC conflict where there is none is probably unmatched. Just an overall very toxic member of our community. -1
  3. 6.0: Keeping a tight hold on RP diffusion

    I say let them build anywhere, but relax raid rules so that these groups are essentially either forced to go under a nation for protection, or band together.
  4. lotc was so good

    then i woke up and saw dsdevil wasnt dev

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. dsdevil


      I'm referencing what Raomir said when I said propaganda.

    3. Legoboy7984



      "We'll get them next time" -Raomir

    4. Raomir


      sorry only legion ranks higher than grunt can comment on this post, im gonna have to ask you to leave until you get promoted in 2050

  5. The Drinking Dwarves of Kaz'Ulrah

    Verthaik II Frostbeard would raise a mug of ale from his position by the entrance. "Free ale is the best ale. Onleh in Kaz'Ulrah!"
  6. Military/Guild Camps and Emcampments

    Initially thought this was a great idea, but Fishy is right. If people could do this they'd just roll out and make their own forts. Unless you somehow made it possible for groups to come and wreck these places. Maybe no raid timers/no raid limit on these bases? Idea has some potential but needs to be expanded on. Not gonna lie though, being able to set up trenches and stuff would be real fun and would make it possible for spontaneous battles to take place and last more than a few moments I think. If the staff don't continue being anal about PvP that is.
  7. Let the Craven eat Crow

    "Words of venom are flung between both sides while you allow the remnants of Oren to gather and assault you. The Rurics of old at least had the intelligence to understand that civil strife and inner conflict should be left for less threatening times. Whilst you parade around demonstrating your writing skills your nation fades before your eyes. By the time your next essay is complete Norland could be no more." The wise old man of the North would swiftly put his hood back up and disappear into the forest, never to be seen again.
  8. High King Verthaik II Frostbeard smiles as he signs the document once again. "Our two nations have stood by one another since the start of both my and Rex U'la'Yar's reign. We have fought many wars together. Side by side, our two people have proven to be a formidable force in a world that was once completely human dominated. Our future is bright if we continue down this path." Narvak oz Kaz'Ulrah Narvak oz Krugmar Verthaik would then turn to go smoke a bowl with the Rex in celebration of the re-signing of the Treaty.
  9. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    shut up and buy me my fidget spinner idiot
  10. Blago's AT Application

    chill guy, doesn't let RP mess with OOC. Always on whenever I check tab, would be good for helping out newbies. +1
  11. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    you definitely never offered this
  12. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    haense vs kaz'ulrah? then we can see who's ally dependent
  13. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    >unfortunate, wonder what that makes you if you get regularly stomped by beta thrift shop tier dwarves : ) ?
  14. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    unfortunate, wonder what that makes you if you get regularly stomped by beta thrift shop tier dwarves : )
  15. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    yea man, 1.8 pvp dwarves = dead haense like we used to say, when seannie gets emperor, oren will collapse. absolute trash when leader