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  1. "I will take one for 100 minas." says Kerwyr Frostbeard Raomir
  2. Brought this guy onto the server late Athera and have been good pals ever since. He's mature, responsible and level headed. From my understanding, he's been a good member of all the staff teams he's been on and I have no reason to doubt he'd be a good addition to the GM team. Definitely a plus one from me, hope you make it pie. +1
  3. **** is about to HIT THE FAN

    1. drfate786


      Damn right it is.

  4. What is the point of Warclaims then? Why not just coup everything?
  5. ye ye ye
  6. is war chest refill random?

    1. ShIXTank


      Ogni 30 minuti penso

  7. admin he's doing it sideways
  8. toxic arrives at conclusions without properly assessing the situation possibly dense ruthern -1
  9. >humans complain about dwarven interference


    >get involved in every conflict 

  10. A group of Frostbeards headed by Kerwyr move down the mountain pass to Vsevograd. Peering into the distance they see a group of men, numbering no more than 10. "Here come the rebel Rutherns"
  11. anyone thas beast at redstone add me on skype raomir123

    i need something built. will pay well 

    1. dsdevil


      i cost a lot

    2. Raomir


      you're hired

  12. when your friends dont know you well enough to tell you from an imposter 

  13. its time to unleash RED
  14. A battallion of Frostbeard Berserkers stand by Franz, ready to slaughter any and all offenders of the Arch-Duke. Kerwyr nudges Franz, "Let's fok 'em up."