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  1. Raomir


    "Save your honor." says Nerak Frostbeard
  2. Forget about your worries and your strife, and enjoy yourself! Glad
    I’m here to share it with you. Love, dan?
  3. follow my boy @Quirkyls he's got some quality posts

  4. Raomir

    Off to the Army

    Good luck bro, Kaz'Ulrah will be waiting for you when you come back 🙂
  5. Less moderation = more fun

  6. Raomir

    The Vanguard of Kaz'Ulrah

    OOC MC Name: Raomir Discord: You have it. Timezone: PST RP RP Name: Nerak Frostbeard Age: 392 Ethnicity: Mountain Dwarf Do you have any experience in combat?: I was in many wars, most recently the War of Beards.
  7. dont look at my profile

    1. Gump






      Stop harassing me bro!! Im freaking sick of it!!!



  8. Raomir

    McBurnsy's Event Team Actor application

    Seems like a generally nice guy and his written events don't seem too shabby. Good luck +1
  9. Raomir

    Lets discuss NEXUS, INFLATION and WHY LC IS BAD!

    LoTC’s problem is that both systems promote PvP yet PvP is so restricted.
  10. Raomir

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    You have some good ideas, and I don't wanna be the grinch, so I'll unban you in a year.
  11. Remove Kebab

    1. Raomir


      you can expect a call from my lawyer, prepare to have your lotc time terminated

    2. Ougi
  12. hi

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    2. Raomir


      he dosen't like rule hardliners like you

    3. Hero_Prodigy
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      4 hours ago, ZhulikAltWithBadRepRatio said:

      no hi to me?? 💔


  13. time to take legal actions for all those remove kebab memes

  14. Raomir

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    This is an incredibly hardline approach and one that is completely disconnected from reality as a result of your recent tenures on the GM team and no doubt as a result of your current one on the LM team. I’d refer you to the mass Dwarf ban during the first Frostbeard rebellion in Vailor, and then to the other mass Dwarf ban during late Vailor during our conflict with the humans, both clear examples of a flaw in the way bans are handled. Personally my main qualm with bans is the way they are handled 99% of time. It’s almost always a ban first and then leave it to the player to prove their innocence. This is typically a huge headache and inconvenience, especially when you’re innocent, or when the rule is very open to interpretation and every moderator views it differently. This also opens up the possibily for some serious bias as nothing is set in stone. A system of a warning prior to a ban would decrease the tensions and disconnect between the staff and players and I guarentee it would lead to a better community atmosphere.
  15. Hands Dwifar a copy of First High Prelate Thoak Goldhand’s letter to the Halflings. “My next response will be Officer Grudgebeard.” (( “Regardless of intent my good Belgud, the Gods dunnae support aneh sort uv Slavereh. If they wish to work for a pay or compensation of some sort (housing, food, etc) then that may be arranged.”