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  1. raw ima give it to ya o/

    1. dsdevil
    2. Algoda


      þú getur ekki drepið mig

  2. [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] MrBamPow

    MrBamPow is a veteran RPer and would help out the Dwarven community greatly. He plays in a unique timezone when there are not a lot of players and he would do well to provide those people with a nice little event every now and then to break up the monotony. In addition to being a vet, BamPow is also a really chill and easy to work with guy and very easy to chat with. Hope you get it BamPow +1
  3. Hiring great skinner. Will pay actual money.

    idk if you've heard of him, but hot_dip? he's a good skinner, maybe he'll give you a dwarf discount
  4. new year new me

    1. Algoda


      Thanks Raomir.

    2. nordicg_d


      try getting a fkn haircut for once

  5. [Denied] [Pending][Actor] Shuggie_

    I remember when Shuggie was just a noob in Axios, fishing on a boat in the middle of nowhere, thinking that was all that LoTC had to offer. Back then he was a simple Guild Wars 2 player, only playing LoTC to advance his fishing skill and for the occasional hello to his friends who would log onto the ship once a week. But then Gorum and myself found Shuggie_ and his friends and we liberated them. We opened them up to the true world of LoTC. Shuggie_ was instantly hooked, he hastily purchased Diamond VIP and set out to explore this world of opportunity. With a crew of sailors, he traveled from town to town, capital to capital, nation to nation, learning all he could and plundering all he desired. Shuggie_'s RP ability expanded as he did more of this, and his love for LoTC only grew with. After a week or two of adventure, Shuggie and the boys decided to settle down in Urguan with their favorite clan; the Frostbeards. Here, he really got to get a feel for the interesting and partially lethargic community known as the Dwarves. Under the Dwarves Shuggie_ experienced what a true event was. Under the guiding hand of arockstar28, his mind was blown as event after event only furthered his immersion into the premium RP experience. It's been over 6 months since then, and Shuggie_ has grown into a skillful role player. It's fun to think back to when he was just a little noob, and then see how far he really has come. This is the true gift of LoTC, the real reason most of us still play; to watch noobs grow into exceptional people and exceptional role players. It's now time for Shuggie_ to go out and create amazing events that will blow the minds of noobs, just as his mind was once blown. +1
  6. Can we have a community discord meeting for PvP rules and Free Build rules

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Yes, this is an important thing and the community’s rainbow of opinions should get a chance to be heard

    3. nordicg_d


      stfu monobrow kid

    4. Friejarlar


      no the staff know better than us we are simply worms, pawns in their scheme of paladins and undead going to war for the epic final battle of the server, where the main characters will fight

  7. High King Verthaik II Frostbeard nods his head approvingly as he rubs his hand happily looking at all the cake around his room. "Excellent."
  8. LotC v6.0: Atlas

    Legit one the reasons we wanted roads back was so bandit RP could come back and then we make it no fighting??
  9. LotC v6.0: Atlas

    Why is PvP disabled on the roads?
  10. Dreek is a mature guy who's been a good staff in the past. Chill guy to speak with and never stoopes down to the level of some people on this server. I'd like to see him as a Blue tag again. +1
  11. MANDATE FROM JORNHEIM 12th of the Sun's Smile, 1642 The official seal of Kaz’Ulrah After the last Council Meeting, it was decided upon that there were a couple of positions that needed to be added. As such, it was decided that the following positions will be added to the Council of Kaz’Ulrah, and filled by the following Dwed. High Ambassador will be in charge of maintaining the relations of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah and the other nations of this world. The position will be held by Gorum Frostbeard. High Remembrance will be in charge of ensuring that the history of the Dwedmar is maintained and being written as it passes. The position will be held by Garrond Frostbeard. Furthermore it was decided that the position of Arcane Lord will no longer be needed and that it shall be removed from the Council of Kaz’Ulrah. Alongside that, the position formerly known as Overseer which is held by Ogdan Goldhand will be renamed to High Merchant. Narvak oz Kaz’Ulrah Narvak oz Dwedmar
  12. Kaz'Ulrah Housing Information

    CITY OF KAL’TARAK CAPITAL OF THE KINGDOM OF KAZ’ULRAH Welcome to the City of Kal’Tarak, capital of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah. This parchment will provide detailed information on everything you need to know about purchasing property in this grand city whether it be a home, a shop, or even a guild hall. If you wish to purchase one of these properties, contact the Warden, or one of his Stewards. Tax Information As an important part of a nation’s infrastructure, taxing must be taken into account. Taxing for small housing will be completely free for those starting off while larger houses will require larger amounts of taxes. Note that after a citizen has lived in a small housing residence for 2 stone weeks, they will begin having to pay a fee of 10 minas. All taxes will be deposited at the entrance to the apartment complex in your respective chest provided to you on housing purchase. Contact the following officials to purchase a home: Beorik “Stonefoot” Frostbeard - Warden ((BigMacMoMo)) Garrond Frostbeard ((Garrond)) Gorum Frostbeard ((Gorum)) Available Housing Free Apartments Medium Housing & Shops Large Housing
  13. 6.0 Raiding

  14. 6.0 Raiding

    This is a suggestion for only when you are at war. I think that war on LoTC has become far too unrealistic. Wars on LoTC need to be harsher, more brutal and more in your face. You need to think twice before pissing off a stronger nation, and if what they are doing to you is "unfair" you should either give into their demands or face the consequences of war. Otherwise what's the point of being a big nation if you can't bully the smaller ones, right? During war, the main nations should be allowed to raid one another regardless of other cool downs. These war raids will have no cap and have a 12 hour cool down. The reason for no cap is that during war, both sides are actively trying to defeat the other one. This should be achieved through the raids over the week and the warclaim over the weekend. No nation should be allowed to hide behind OOC to downplay the effects of war, and as such the rules should reflect this. War is brutal, and it needs to be properly portrayed on LoTC as such. The 12 hour cool down reflects this, as it makes it so that the presence of the war is always there, and both nations need to have their defenders on high alert.