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  1. Raomir

    Condemnation of War Criminals

    Nerak writes down names.
  2. howd you get GM @ScreamingDingo

    1. Heero


      Luck of the draw

    2. ScreamingDingo


      they needed a replacement for narthok

  3. Raomir

    The First King of Agnarum's Speech.

    “Yeh were alreadeh King once. Power hungreh Urguanite – always teh same. Let teh new dwedmar rule! If yeh truleh ‘ad honor yeh would recuse yerself to an advisory role.” Nerak Frostbeard would mutter as he shakes his head in disgust.
  4. “Stop crying and do something about it grunt.” smirks Nerak Frostbeard
  5. Raomir


    “Damn Yulia got FUCKED!” remarks Nerak Frostbeard
  6. Raomir

    lucasking321's Wiki Team Application

    Cmon man, you're applying to write on the Wiki but you can't even spell basic words correctly and you display very poor sentence structure. -1
  7. Kind and patient dude. Would be a + for the ET build team.
  8. Honestly a nice guy. Hopefully this carries on when he becomes GM. Don't wanna see him become a rule freak like @Blago did.
  9. Raomir

    blue tag needs AMA

    How were Tito's politics horrible?
  10. Raomir

    I'm heading out.

    Inappropriate response from an Application Team member.
  11. Raomir

    Dwarf familial lore

    Go for it man
  12. Raomir

    Return of the Ferals

    +1 but try and take some of the critique people have been giving you to adjust what you have.
  13. Official seal of the Ar Yemarin Anaros "The Dwedmar of Kaz'Ulrah have had a lack of serious religious presence in the past weeks. This issue must be remedied immediatly and as a result I, High Prelate Nerak Frostbeard am calling up a meeting of the Ar Yemarin Anaros. Hopefully this will be the start of a continuous event, which will help return religious conscious to the Dwedmar nation. The main topics that will be discussed during the meeting will be Grimdugan's Paradox and the validity of a Paragon. All Prelates are expected to attend this meeting, as it will serve as the cornerstone of all future discussions pertaining to the Brathmordakin." Time: Friday 8/24/18 12:30 PM PST/3:30 PM EST/8 PM BST
  14. Raomir

    Raid Rules Update

    no one raids at peak time because the cap is at 3 people LOL