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  1. “Stop crying and do something about it grunt.” smirks Nerak Frostbeard
  2. Raomir


    “Damn Yulia got FUCKED!” remarks Nerak Frostbeard
  3. Did you guys hear the September Prince was defeated by Aemich the best Grandaxe.

    1. the_KINGsRansom


      aemich singlehandedly saved atlas

  4. I don't think the warning length is the issue, it's just the fact they have OOC knowledge of a raid rolling in and can just log off, and in that case the raiders are screwed.

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    2. zaezae


      It's really not any skin off my back. I'm ready to see what the rules are like in action tbh. 

    3. Suxals


      @Narthok That wouldn't be a solution to people that log off, because even if those 3+ players remain and lose the raid they will lose the chests anyway, so they will just take the most that they can from their own chests into their inventories and then log off before the raid.

      Or i could tell 4 friends of mine to go to an empty city so i can raid and steal the pixels of the citizens.

    4. Narthok


      @Suxals the late night clause wherein you needed X number of people in a city to raid it has been removed as it was intended to prevent chest looting during off hours. As chest looting is not in the ruleset that rule is now unnecessary. That would've been a hilariously abusive exploit which I actually didn't think of at all tho. 

  5. Raomir

    lucasking321's Wiki Team Application

    Cmon man, you're applying to write on the Wiki but you can't even spell basic words correctly and you display very poor sentence structure. -1
  6. Kind and patient dude. Would be a + for the ET build team.
  7. Honestly a nice guy. Hopefully this carries on when he becomes GM. Don't wanna see him become a rule freak like @Blago did.
  8. Aemich the best Grandaxe did so well on a test the teacher used it to grade the other tests.

    1. _Jandy_


      lame-itch sandbox

  9. Raomir

    blue tag needs AMA

    How were Tito's politics horrible?
  10. Guess who actually conquered all of Anthos? Aemich the best Grandaxe.

  11. The greatest Dwarf leader is Aemich the best Grandaxe.

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      i was dreaming today of a muscular great man but then i woke up and i saw aemich grandaxe and i knew he was even greater...................................

  12. Easiest way to get girls? Be seen with Aemich the best Grandaxe.

  13. Raomir

    Music Thread

    @Ougi You really gonna put Protect ya Neck up against this legendary rap?
  14. Raomir

    Music Thread