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  1. alright with all due respect but if 3 men attacking your nation constantly is a problem then you should not be a nation. either fix your guard force or give up the mantle bc you clearly do not have what it takes. 3 guys man!
  2. or maybe you’re just a beta that cant take dynamic rp
  3. this dude makes one post a map and its a lit map every time, wow
  4. With all due respect to Bjor, he is not able to even stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Gorum, Morug, Kilgrim and many other Dwarves who deserve Paragon. This is not something which will be upheld by future Clergys.” comments High Prelate Nerak Frostbeard, a former High Prelate
  5. he’s literally counting blocks

  6. Raomir

    A Grudge Declared

    Nerak rubs his hands while grinning
  7. there really are some low iq people on this server tho

    1. argonian


      should add an IQ test to the app instead of the scenario questions 

    2. Flamelynx_Lastpost


      fleeper package for when my post gets deleted

  8. M(T)-001-OE “Are you kidding me?” comments a bewildered Frostbeard.
  9. ngl a 2 hour long bait to kill 5 guys who fasho wont PK - cant be worth

    1. Cracker


      cant believe ive become pro-raomir...go raomir.. young king

  10. history is cyclic



    1. J33xt101


      Interesting, why are the planners planning without the master planners? 

    2. Burnsy


      Planning another RP server with Mog then?

    3. drfate786


      Did anyone call me? Oh wait..

  11. i could say the exact same for you tbh
  12. how dare you appeal before the 20th @Dragonayr

    1. Fireheart
    2. Dragonayr


      My roman calendar failed me 

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