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  1. Aptrotta

    The Crimson Hearts

    Given Name: Oz Rolph True Name (MC Name): Aptrotta (Skype Name): trotta1234 Race? Human Doth ye aspire the path of The Knight, The Mechanist or The Magician? The Magician. Doth ye solemnly swear to protect your Crimson Heart brethren? As many have said before me, I do.
  2. Many yellowish papers are pinned up on trees, tavern walls, barrels, and sometimes even just tacked to the back of someones coat. The handwriting upon the papers is messy, written poorly. Each message differs a bit, but each has the same general idea. "Oz Rolph.... Age 17.... Seeking work wherever it can be found. Looking for a job that will provide me with a place to sleep and store my things, plus a small amount of income... Please send your bird to Petrus. I will find said bird hopefully." Thats all the message says. Nothing else. ((Send me a PM on the forums or leave a message here please and thank you. :) ))
  3. Aptrotta

    G.r.s Endeavour: The Last Ship

    The now long gone Harrison Geminine wanders around the world in his ghostly spirit, light shimmering through is translucent body. He notices the flyer shaking his head, muttering something under his breath.
  4. Aptrotta

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    4/10 seeing you lately
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    OMg 10/10 chica
  6. I really love witchcraft. I did a witchcraft inspired RP a few months ago on one of my now dead chars.
  7. Aptrotta

    The Court Of Souls

    Minecraft name: Aptrotta Skype ID (optional): trotta1234 Time zone: Pacific Time Zone Have you been banned sometime in the past 6 months? No What are your characters? Is one of them a ghost? If not, would you be willing to make one and possibly PK a character to do it? Cyrenn Emoria, my high elf who may not be alive much longer, and Harrison Geminine (My ghost) What sort of allegiances have any of your characters held in the past? Harrison use to work for the scourge and Oren government. What sort of roleplay do you specialize in? (e.g. Peaceful, Conflict, Exploration, Spontaneous, etc.) I can do all sorts of roleplay. My answer is all of the above What do you believe are key factors for a successful spooky event? The scenery! You need a spooky event happening in a spooky area. You can't do a haunting in a meadow of flowers. You have to do it in somewhere dark and scary. What strengths could you contribute to the Court OOCly? Are you knowledgeable in lore, great at organizing, good at building, a good writer, what? Don't have to get into detail, and doesn't have to be super amazing stuff, list it off. I am a writer. I am good at nature building, look up Aptrotta on imgur for proof. I am slowly learning the lore. I am good at getting things going, not at organizing. Why do you want to be part of the Court? I am looking for a way to play Harrison again with a group of people. Create a distinct event you might do as part of the Court. Doesn't have to be long or detailed now, just decent! The sun dips down behind the mountain, darkness falls upon the forest of Fiandria. A group of explorers is wandering the woods before stumbling upon a hole under the roots of the tree. After a bit of time they decide to wander down into the darkness. The temp drops rapidly, spiders crawl about the walls, tunnels open up in front of the few. Each tunnel would send them on a different route. a murderous ghost chasing behind them. Blah blah blah. Stuff happens. Tell us what you expect personally from the Court. This doesn't particularly matter and is optional, however, your saying something will help us develop the group into what it needs to be. I expect a fun group of ghost RPers is all. Finally... Do you agree to adhere to Supremacy's lore pertaining to the estrangement of mortals, among all other lore pertaining to proper Spectral ettiquette? Yes! RP Welcome back, friend of Darkness. Your name and/or title. I was Harrison Geminine of the Geminine family. Your allegiances in life. I was tied to the black scourge for some time. Do you agree to adhere by the Commandments of the Court, and to actively pursue and follow any future verdicts that the Court as an entity chooses to establish or abolish? Yes Your age. At the time of death I was 42
  8. Aptrotta

    The Court Of Souls

    ((What do you mean? I am confused by second gen graven? Do you mean the first time he is a ghost?))
  9. Aptrotta

    The Court Of Souls

    ((So lets say my old main char died, Harrison Geminine (He did die). Could I have him apply to join the court?))
  10. Aptrotta

    Rainë Academy - Only Accepting Students

    ::OOC:: MC Name: Aptrotta Did you ever have an MA?: No Are you aware the rules of Magic?: Yes Skype: (You can PM this to us if you wish) trotta1234 ::IC:: Name: Cyrenn Emoria Age: 242 Gender: Male Race: Mali'Aheral What would you like to teach?: Magic or Archaeology How often are you able to teach?: Often. What are your skills?: I practice a magic called Witchcraft ((An entirely rp magic. It consists of alchemy and fun little things like that. Its a mix of two other magics also, just not very strong)). I also understand Archaeology and have a strong interest in discovering the past What are your strengths?: I am a always willing to learn. The teacher is often the student. What makes you qualified to teach?: I have been working with others for a very long time taking many apprentices on Archaeological expeditions
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    1/10 Seen you once before :P
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    0/10 Sorry... Never seen ya before in my life.. But also just returning