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  1. Given Name: Oz Rolph True Name (MC Name): Aptrotta (Skype Name): trotta1234 Race? Human Doth ye aspire the path of The Knight, The Mechanist or The Magician? The Magician. Doth ye solemnly swear to protect your Crimson Heart brethren? As many have said before me, I do.
  2. Many yellowish papers are pinned up on trees, tavern walls, barrels, and sometimes even just tacked to the back of someones coat. The handwriting upon the papers is messy, written poorly. Each message differs a bit, but each has the same general idea. "Oz Rolph.... Age 17.... Seeking work wherever it can be found. Looking for a job that will provide me with a place to sleep and store my things, plus a small amount of income... Please send your bird to Petrus. I will find said bird hopefully." Thats all the message says. Nothing else. ((Send me a PM on the forums or leave a message here please and thank you. :) ))
  3. New char to return to in the works. :D

  4. Oh my god... Its been months.. I finally have a laptop again... Hello, LoTC

    1. Wyvernbane


      Hello, random person!

  5. Looking through old screenshots I had saved on a USB from the 2.5 Islands. Missing all that time. Anyone remember VonSchlitchen Co?

  6. I just want it to be Christmas break already... Everytime I try to go back to the server during the school year, school is like "Nope, byatch. Y'all got an essay to write!"

    1. edelos


      preaching to the choir m8

  7. Active RP hubs now? Most active races?

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    2. MongolKhan


      Nerezza up in the North commonly has a few people within the keep. It's Human mainly.

    3. Heff


      yasss got up b4 the elves and kha #reppinsinceday1

    4. TavernLich


      That doesn't seem accurate James, I mean humans come first, but it should go like this I think:

      Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Halflings, Kha.

  8. Active RP hubs now? Most active races?

  9. What should I include on a lore document when writing down lore for a culture/sub culture?

    1. Space


      In game history.

    2. hellfiazz


      Cultural traditions, values and beliefs. Where and what they developed from, and maybe why.

  10. So... What have I missed since June-ish?

    1. Pandasan
    2. Booklight12


      Besides Temp-Maps, 4.0, Undead, and slew of guilds popping up. Nothing at all Trotta

      Welcome back!

  11. So... What have I missed since June-ish?

  12. That awk moment when you remember to upload a vlog you were suppose to upload a week ago

  13. The now long gone Harrison Geminine wanders around the world in his ghostly spirit, light shimmering through is translucent body. He notices the flyer shaking his head, muttering something under his breath.
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