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  1. Albrecht receives the autobiography of the king of Suffonia, placing it onto his bookcase as he let out a long sigh. “too long didn’t read.” he’d then call a servant over, to give the tldr version.
  2. hows it cracking you crazy motherfucker

  3. Knox

    Safety Team

    which one you calling me a liar for sir?
  4. Knox

    Safety Team

    nah its been shared through multiple parties, even made its way into #staff-lobby if i’m correct?
  5. Fought with and against you but you’re a pretty decent dude. Take it easy, i’m sure you’ll do fine in the real world.
  6. Daily reminder: 

    Pun_ didn’t leave the building, she was booted out for diddling kids. 

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    2. Mumkey


      Jacko was removed for saying the n-word in reference to a player in his private chat. I didn’t realize calling someone a ****** is a sexual offense.

    3. FlemishSupremacy


      inappropriate behavior nonetheless

    4. Braxis


      Keep things civil folks. Inappropriate behavior doesnt always mean sexually. It can be how someone handles other subjects as well.

  7. can’t wait to see who gets forced upon now that @Warmonger is unbanned.

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    2. Knox


      @FlemishSupremacy i always knew i would end up date raped at a tea party

    3. Warmonger


      you’re an idiot

    4. Knox


      @Warmonger and you’re a pedophile who rapes underaged girls in RP. 


      15 gets you 30 you sick ****.

  8. Harold Bell hears about the news during his travels with the Grand Sariant. The duo shortly after arriving at a local festival, where they would share the tales of Broog The Giant
  9. Whats up kiddo, talk to me.
  10. sup ape

    1. Harold


      didnt even say merry christmas back who do u think u are

  11. i still hate you, i hope you know.

  12. Here @Warmonger I’ve got multiple screenshots and logs of the **** you’ve done. I’ve spared the community having to view that **** as I quite honestly don’t have the energy to continuously view the **** you’ve done. Here’s my ultimatum to you, you sick ****. Leave, don’t return, spare us all your bullshit before I expose you to the community for what you really are.
  13. “you stupid boy.” exclaims Harold, on one of his few ventures into Haense as he stood over the corpse of Andrik. “It was my duty to protect you. It seems I have fallen short of my duties as of late.” he said, clutching his wrist which was throbbing in pain. “Sleep tight, young crow.”
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