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  1. “Well, can’t work on this if no concrete evidence is there. Rumours and conspiracies made by our enemies to tear us apart.” said, #066, tucking the missive into his pouch.
  2. #066 returned to el’cihi, carrying Valenar back to the city after killing a few of the bandits. “Home, sweet home...”
  3. Knox

    hey baby looking for a good time?

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      Hi Ark, hope you’re doin well dude. And Yeah i am knox, but this place is far from a good time except for pedos and snakes

  4. MC Name: Knox213 RP Name: Rugbu Timezone: GMT Discord: You’ve got it.
  5. #066 Took hold of the infant, taking him to his quarters. "Welcome, you will be called #138. We expect great things from you. You've been born into dangerous times, a sharp mind will be key to survival. But as often as not, it will be your physical inheritable traits that win the day, and in this regard, you'll be superior to your comrades. For you are a Sillumir, one to be part of ARC, something truly special.” Watched as the oem’ii glared towards him, lying in his crib. "With your birth comes a solemn vow, you will have nothing, your privilege is the dirt. In the darkness, only ambition will guide you. The oath you swear, the promises you make, are yours and yours alone. Your freedom will be the wars you end, your entitlement, the pain that you endure. Rest easy, little oem’ii"
  6. Henry Sarkozic looks over the missive, raising a brow at it before setting it to a side, thinking long and hard.
  7. congratulations on being a banned player

  9. man i was hoping this would be a shitpost
  10. “[ II ]: Both nations commit to adhering to a strict mutual non-aggression pact, refusing any and all calls to war against one another.” “It was with pride and faith that the ‘Ame rode out of their gatehouse, led by Avius Csarathaire, to run the dogs sent to their doorstep away. Their blades, guided by the Father and the Mother, tore their armor asunder and rend their flesh. A feeble show of force turned into a slaughter.” “Diplomats doing diplomatic duties and being butchered for it is considered war-mongering? This Ivae’fenn has been misinformed, greatly. I fear. Matters little, however, they won’t back down. Not now, at least. Fetch my shield, #002. We’ve elcihi to defend.” Chuckled #066, rising from the seat in his office.
  11. Sillumir #066 places an import ban on wreaths, looking on to his fellow comrades. “Dear Larihei! Make them stop!” He then proceeds to drill a sign up outside of Haelunor.
  12. All the best kiddo. Enjoy the real world.
  13. “GOOD RIDDANCE!” exclaims #066.
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