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  1. Our retirement in a nutshell.

    Image result for penguins of madagascar sunbathing

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      mai tais in hawaii next week?

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  2. @Lsuvsfar finally, somebody who recognises my hard work.
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    hi dad


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  4. I identify as a can of tuna, stop judging me just let me be me.

  5. Joey stares at Tommy from afar... “DuCkY” he exclaims as the wind blew from behind him, the faint words of ducky hopefully reaching Tommy.
  6. free free Palestine

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      the only truly brave opinion to express on the forums

  7. Heinrik de Sarkozy heard of the news, his childhood friend and cousin had perished. He was unsure of how to feel, Milena had always guided his path and told him what to do. Was he free or alone? He wasn’t sure, one thing for certain however, is that he would mourn her passing.
  8. TOMMY?! screams Joey incoherently
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  10. Henry Sarkozic overhears the about the murder, sitting on a beach somewhere distant with a coconut cocktail in his hand. He grew sorrowful at the news. “First your papaj and now you. Rest easy young Vyronov.” Pondering his next move he went back to sipping away at his drink. Harold Bell, however, remembers the young Vyronov child as the pesky little menace that ran around his tavern, constantly asking him for lessons in swordplay and the like. “If only I had taught the little bastard how to fight properly…” he muttered, returning to his duties at the V I N E Y A R D
  11. All of my training has led to this point. Kaelan sat by the fire, neatly writing a letter. The blazing of the flames did warm him, even on a night as icy as this. Was there a greater comfort in the world than the heat of one’s own hearth protecting them from the elements? If there was, Kaelan did not know it. After a few more minutes of peaceful writing, the serenity and silence only interrupted by the scratching of his pen and the crackle of the fire, the mali’ had concluded his final letter. “Elarie, come here my dear, I have a task for you.” he called, his voice uncharacteristically soft. Moments later his young niece bounded into the room, her curious eyes looking up to Kaelan. He handed her a bundle of notes, the letters he had completed, and patted her on the head. “If you wouldn’t mind, could you deliver these to the people I’ve addressed them to? Tell them it’s from Kaelan, Kaelan Aldin,” he asked of her. With a quick, determined nod, the young child had darted out the door, notes in hand. ‘Goan Aldin’ “For thirty years you’ve made my life an absolute living hell, whether it be through the information you carried or through the stupid pranks you had pulled. You always carried out stupid acts, which made me wonder whether or not it was because you knew I’d protect you. It matters not, however, for I’m no longer here to protect you. Do right by Uppori, yes? And don’t vex anybody again, it makes the Aldins all look stupid.” ‘Thoras Elyrion’ “We’re dagre'sae-mal’onn, rather, were dagre'sae-mal’onns. I apologise for betraying your trust- I am responsible for the scars and wounds you now carry. I didn’t particularly like the idea of that happening again. We’re not mindless constructs, we’re entitled to an opinion, a thought and a dream. We were taught to live and die by the blade, but did you ever think about what occurs if you do not die by the blade? It’s been less than a mali week and despite no longer wearing the armour, I feel heavier. Control your anger and take in the important moments once in a while, for in this line of work those moments are few and fleeting.” ‘Dele Seregon’ “Admittedly, we never quite saw eye to eye, to begin with. I’m glad that we became friends, you may have given some of my comrades a rough time but it's water under the bridge. The work that you do for Laureh’thilln is great. Sleep more, try to relax, and try not to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Be patient with people, hold your head high, and look after that plebeian Nehtamo, he’ll need you more than ever now.” ‘Ivoriel Elibar’acal’ “I’ve more or less already said everything I need to; however, I thought I’d leave you a physical note to remember me from. I’m so sorry I let you get lost in those woods that one time, I thought that by being sixty-six I could make amends for that. Little did I know I’d eventually think of you as my malii’lari. I love you oem’ii, you’re my living legacy after all. Perhaps our paths will cross one day, who knows? Take care.” ‘Alluin Miravaris-Seregon’ “You are a shining example of what every man should strive to be, I was thrown back by your work in our classroom. You always thought that I was the one teaching you, but in truth the roles were reversed. You taught me how to treat people, you taught me that rather than going by the exact protocol, to incorporate additional parts to it, I owe you for that. Search me out one of the days, we’ll sit back and reminisce about old times.” ‘Storm Elibar’acal’ “I apologise wholeheartedly for not attending your wedding. Truth be told I had totally forgotten about the ordeal- a lack of routine recently has made things somewhat complicated. No wonders can truly resolve the slight, and I know I would not forgive such an action. I just hope that Atarah makes you happy for all time. The time you server within the Sillumir will never compare to the time you spend with her. Remember your duties as a husband.” ‘Rinaedith Seregon’ “Bet you never thought in a million years you’d receive a note from me, would you? Surprise surprise, here they are, the words on paper. You’ve been a thorn in my side for as long as I can remember, but I’ll admit that I never quite made life easy for you . You are extremely knowledgeable for your age yet you’re naive. Take a moment at times to step back and breathe. Think about your next move, don’t make rash decisions which could result in your harm or demise. One last piece of advice for you: do not be afraid to confront people on their actions, just march straight up to them, stand upright and speak clearly - don’t choke on your words.” Kaelan then rose to his feet, walking over to the door to pick up his broadsword, strapping it to his belt before leaving the Aldin estate, tying a note to a bird, sending it off to the sky. Amis Aldin “Amis, it's me, Kaelan. It's been, what, eighty-ninety years since we last spoke? I’m sorry I left home the way I did. Amongst all that had been going on, I just couldn’t picture myself staying home anymore. I wanted, no, needed to get away. I tarnished something wonderful because of it. Siblings need one another, but you’re gone now. You’ll never see the man I have grown to become. Take care on your ventures to lands distant and unknown. I’ll remember you, always.” Kaelan had turned to the nearest window, adjusting his blazer and shirt before giving a final glance to the estate he had once called home. About-facing away from the estate, much as a soldier would, the aged man walked through the northern expansion gate, running his hand across the wheat fields as he crossed to another large house. He gave the door a few knocks and awaited a response, but he was met with naught but silence. He craned his head to see the windows, hoping to see a certain face inside. They were empty, dark, cold, all suggesting that the house, much like the rest of the city that night, lay empty. With a sigh of remorse, Kaelan procured a final letter from his pockets and took a few moments to look over it, almost hesitant to part from it. After a moment, however, he slid the note under the door. Ciwen “Ciwen, A decade later and it seems like just yesterday we met. I’m departing Lareh’thilln, I do not expect you to leave with me. Lareh’thilln is your home after all, though I do want to thank you. You were the only individual to treat me like a being, like the man I was and still am. You were the first person to accept the face behind the mask rather than instantly judge it. You showed me that there is more to life than four walls and taught me that I’m more than just a tin-man. You taught me what it is like to be Kaelan again and not sixty-six. For that you will have my love, always. Take care, Kaelan.” He then departed through the final gate, heading into the deep fog beyond. ((Taking a long-overdue break. May be back every now and again, depends on the situation. P E A C E ))
  12. give me a main and I’ll hire Venezuelans to grind for us

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  13. Sixty-six received the Sillumir who had entered his office, informing him that he was to stand trial for his failure to adhere to the constitution and Sillumir Hierachy. “So be it.” he responded, rising to his feet to prepare himself for the events that were to come.
  14. [!] #066 stood with his hands clasped behind his back at the gate of el’cihi, #138 by his side, addressing the Sillumir standing at attention before him. “I stand before you all today, my comrades in arms. This speech is not addressed to the Diarchy, or to the 'thill. Rather... to you, my weeping blades, we who weigh the burden of carrying out our Diarchys bidding. This speech is not one to make Morsgrad or Haense look like paragons of virtue, I am sure both nations have justifiable reasons to declare war on one another. Today, however, I wish to speak to you all about a very real struggle that we are facing here within Laureh’thilln. A few years back, there was a real promise of hope, with the disbanding of the Republic and the formation of Elervathar Diarchy. Then, however, came the buildup in Irrinor, and we participated in the onslaught against Krugmar, another war that concerned us not. Shortly after that, we are called to mediate the clash between Emperor Peter III and Godfrik, why? I knew at that point the ancient way of seclusion was dead, I knew at that moment that the wars our allies caused would ultimately inflict consequences upon ourselves, whether it be through our 'thill ne longer believing in the Elervathar Diarchy or through death on the field of battle, or on the roads for being dragged into a conflict that concerned us not. We are dragged into conflict despite having dire troubles back home, the struggling economy, the integration of the Kha into the city, the blood mage threat that continuously looms. It is clear for me, having seen both sides of the argument that this war will eventually have a devastating effect upon our 'thill. The roads will ne longer be safe for them to roam, my mal’onns and malii’mals will be forced to fight in a war that does not concern them. I cannot remain silent in the sight of such warmongering events. Ne more I say, our duty to Laureh’thilln, not some lessers war. I wager that very shortly you will receive orders from supreme command to prepare for war, I implore you not to. That is all, dismissed.“
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