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  1. Kasimir and Casimir Carrion welcome their sister to the seven skies. “Eja Vesna! Have been waiting long time, have many stories to share and tales to tell!” they’d say, hurrying her along the clouds to their ancestors. Henry Sarkozic on the other hand mourns, his childhood crush who dubbed him ‘the cutie’ of Leuven was dead.
  2. Knox

    The Response

    I can vouch, the death trap didn’t kill me or could have killed me as it was easy to get out of. Trap also gave ample time for members to evacuate out of the radius.
  3. @TrendE good luck getting a response from administration, its been nice seeing you on the roads. x RIP – Trende the Bandit. Please welcome good guy Trende to the server. PM Trende for wholesome slice of life RP.
  4. THE UNION BETWEEN CROWS  Issued and confirmed on the 7th of the Amber Cold, 1724 Iv Joveo Maan, Since the days of yore, the Houses of Carrion and Barbanov stood as pillars of strength, the latter sired by a Carrion himself. House Barbanov and Carrion were bound together through the marriage of Valera of Adria and the then Prince Marius of Kusoraev, though the plan never came to fruition as she died in childbirth prior to his ascension to the Royal Throne. As war emanates across humanity once more, these ancient ties have brought them together once more. With intentions to reforge alliances amongst crows, the Houses of Barbanov and Carrion doth announce the betrothal between King Andrik III and Lady Milena of Adria. The young couple shall marry upon their sixteenth birthdays and will be expected to consummate their conjugal bond once both reach the legal age. By the terms of betrothal, the Houses shall be bound by blood and all obligations that come with such. The wedding between crows shall be held in the Basilica of Fifty Virgins. The King and lady shall take their vows of marriage before God and man. After the ceremony, a feast shall be held in the Haeseni Palace where guests may pay their congratulations and bestow gifts upon the King and his bride. ((Wedding shall occur on July 27th, 2019)) Signed, His Royal Majesty, King Andrew III of Hanseti-Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Kusoraev, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Valwyk, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, , Lord of Alban, Reza, Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera Lady Milena of Adria Lord Henry Sarkozic
  5. A letter to the citizens of Ves. THE FALL OF DEMOCRACY Good-greet, peoples of Ves and beyond if you are somehow reading this. I am Henry Sarkozic, assemblyman, former assemblyman to the Republic of the Golden City of Ves. Perturbing revelations have disseminated throughout our beloved city that it has recently reconstructed into the contemptible ‘Duchy of Cathalon’. An illegitimate state proclaimed by a flagitious regent-prince; A man elected by the perverted, through the nefarious manipulation of power, supported by the fiendish Marnan company of Caer Bann. My cousin and I bore witness to the founding of “Cathalon.” We attended the assembly and what we encountered was a blatant farce. The draw was rigged. Many seats of the assembly fell preferentially to foreign men, loyal only to their mercenary captains, who supported the abolition of the fundamental constitutions of the city. And thus, Prince-procurate Helton Helvets ascended as the Duke of Cathalon. As our lawful, patriotic duty we cast our votes in favour of remaining as a Republic, only to be met with drawn swords in our own assembly hall by supporters of the de facto Duke. This is my call to you, the peoples- Niet, rulers of Ves. You are the true voice of the Republic and I am sure those of you who have had the pleasure of knowing me, know that your thoughts and feelings have always been held close to heart. You have been the subject of brutality to the forces of Caer Bann, now you are subjugated to their self-serving tyranny. We, the people are called upon in times of despair to act and fight for our freedom. Our beloved city is breached, occupied by an unscrupulous, nepotistic favourite of a disgraced former prince. Our streets are occupied, our homes plundered by these mercenaries. But my promise to you, the people, is that order will be restored and that democracy will prevail. Know that while the Caer Bann men are not supporters of democracy, they are not supporters of stability either. Nor of justice, or the unity of man. They are desperadoes from the losing side of the great civil war, Owynist cultists supporting a bandit king who promises them endless concessions. What happens when the inevitable comes to pass, and tyranny over Ves can no longer satisfy their appetite? What happens when inevitably these men gather their strength and raise their banner against freedom, against justice, and against the unity of Man? When these disgraced Marnan brigands come to pillage other cities as they have done to ours, will you regret that you did not act? Will you regret that you allowed tyranny to grow and spread its roots? That you sat idle when you could have fought to pull that vile growth up? This is my pledge to right a wrong conducted by my family. Prince or niet I stand in favour of the republic. So I plea to you, the people. Rise up, rise up against the tyranny for our precious city. Ave Ves, and Godan Bless the Republic. Signed, Lord Henry Sarkozic
    1. rotund_man


      this is cool but looking back a needlessly complicated system of war points and CBs is a bit of a tough sell. I hated the previous war rules with a passion for abstracting things that should be roleplayed and allowing Sutican ERP dens to lawyer the CB definitions. Honestly I’d rather have fully unrestricted conquests or two-sided consent to war, nothing in between

    2. Kaelan
  6. hello sir i saw your recent topic and thought you would make an excellent addition to the moderation team

    1. Haseroth


      yeah, considering how incompetent and baffoon like the staff have been id have to agree knox

    2. nordicg_d


      omg knox is trolling

    3. NotEvilAtAll
  7. Blacklist format for moderators MCname: Ferdaboys68 UUID: 1ab13074-b6d4-4e97-b8db-995b3d21a950 Reason: raid baiting / calling players out in PM’s. Conditions of blacklist: Villainry blacklist for four weeks can appeal in a week. (01/08/2019) No raiding. No banditry on the roads.
  8. Knox

    Swamp Rules

    Good man.
  9. remove the vizmak stuff and i will be very happy
  10. going out for a few beers what time do you wanna capture and pillage Constantinople btw?

    1. Dragoon Crow

      Dragoon Crow

      I was thinking arouns 23.00? They should be nice and chill by then 

  11. “good for you.” says Harold Bell.
  12. Harold Bell enters his tavern after a long walk, looking around the room to the blood and overturned tables. The news had spread across town already, the thought of such a heinous crime vexed Harold. ”In my ploughing tavern?!” grumbles, clenching his fists as he had made his way to his room to gather some things. “Georg and Godfric were good men. False knights prancing around exclaiming what they do is justice. Plough em, and plough their ploughing mothers too.”
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