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  1. Knox

    mori's skin auction!

    FORMAT: Skin: Militant Bid: $8 Discord: Knox213#7718
  2. Knox

    mori's skin auction!

    militant male skin $5
  3. $50 Family portrait starting bid thing. I'll be gentle, I swear.
  4. @JokerLowmy poor habibi, much love brother, sorry this happened to you. x
  5. ok Knox213 Retired Moderator.
  6. Knox

    A Broken 'aheral

    "And after your haelun died you went to join el'sillumiran. It is said the sweet oem'ii who left never came back." The woman spoke to Kaelan, who looked relatively tired and pale in complexion. "No-one came back." he responded, clicking his fingers thrice before seemingly being lost in his own thoughts. "Sometimes it last all night and I hear the igniting of fire, cracking of stone against that wall right there." Kaelan had said to Alluin, as he lay in his bed. "Then sometimes it happens, the sun beam beats the sound of the crackling stone and the fires that would emerge when the w
  7. Knox

    [PK] Adelaide

    Kaelan Aldin ventured forth, after spending a few weeks away from Haense. He often wondered when he would bump into Ezyl again, as he quite frequently did. Opting to take a seat at the table he usually sat at within the tavern, resting his hand to his cheek as he stirred his green tea, lost in thought over some of the conversations the duo had once had. The news of her death had not yet reached him, so he sat and waited for the annoying 'aheral to show their face once more.
  8. it took you like, over a year or so to read this? thanks kathy.
  9. THE BALLOT ((MC name: RetiredModerator)) Name: Kaelan Aldin Vote for Okarir'tir: (XX) Kiljarys an Iarwaïn
  10. To El Sohaer, I am unfamiliar with the talonnii name Iyathir, neither am I particularly familiar with yourself. I have proven my worth to el'cihi'thilln on multiple occasions and although many believe I may have much more to prove, I would beg to differ. However, saddens me to hear that the city hinges on stagnation and has been neglected, furthermore, who am I? A servant of silver to refuse the calling of el'Sohaer. I will put my affairs in order before joining the Silver State once more. Maehr'sae Hilyun'ehya. - Kaelan Aldin
  11. give me creative wizard because although i'm not a wizard i am creative.

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    2. Johann


      what the **** knox

    3. Knox


      you all act surprised like I won't do it. 

    4. snoopie12


      Tssssk Creative Wizzard is not requested, it is granted to someone. 

  12. whose your daddy? who was your favourite king of oren? why am i such a great guy? why were we destined to be bum buddies? how did it feel when you beat the USA in the vietcong war?
  13. Knox

    Farewell LoTC

    you did this @Telanir! ! ! Reminds me actually, Telanir when are we having a sit down early morning session again? I got some stuff I need to talk to you about and i don't wanna start the conversation by calling you the n word again
  14. why is it the people that bring up genuine concerns get censored? 

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    2. Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Mr Knox, you are not one to talk of substance abuse. Your liver is close to failure.

    3. Covcath | ImpinAintEZ

      Covcath | ImpinAintEZ

      4 hours ago, Knox said:

      no my concern was that somebody took 8 adderall to write an essay on why something is bad and i am genuinely concerned they may have a pill addiction and nobody wants to address the issue

      A lot of people, especially pill addicts, don't want other people's concern. Not much anyone can really do to "address" it either beside the person taking the pills or people in their life. And yea... a lot of drugs aren't even as bad as alcohol is.

    4. Knox


      @Will (TauFirewarrior) you're on to me Will, ah ****. I use my alcoholism for pure and utter chaos as you very well know mr..

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