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  1. Doder polishes his farming tools so they're nice and shiney for the harvest. "Oi foockin' love farmin'."
  2. Posted to the quest board I, Doderic Dengalberry, trusted citizen of Bywater, friend of all proper Halflings, and biggun allies, call a Moot for all proper wee-folk citizens of Bywater. We shall hereby collect to discuss a great deal of matters. The most pressing are these: currently our autonomy, and free and wee way of life is under threat. Biggun cultists increasingly enact violence upon our good people. Capitalists dig in the ears of our leaders and make the use of mina seem unavoidable. Locked barrels and chests adorn our fields, and I can no longer call that folly. Many wee-folk do not know if they should reject the outside world, embrace it, or run for their souls. The confusion of these times has turned some of us good wee-folk sour, and some apathetic. Our proud, and Knox-blessed peoples feel increasingly disenfranchised; I say no more! All wee-folk are one people, and a schism shall never form between us! Let us convene in the United Knoxist Church, lay out our opinions, and find a path forward. The enemies of Bywater know that we are strong–let us show them that we are also united. Our problems lurk in the shadows, but we will shine the light! ((OOC: currently set for Saturday, April 1st, but time/date is subject to change with Halfling availability–check in Halflings Discord. Wednesday 29, 5pm EST))
  3. Doder looks over the good news and cheers. "Oi always knew Knox would protect this small, tight-knit shire. Or at leas', we would save each other." Doder goes back to tending to his livestock.
  4. "HA!" Doder muses to himself. "Knox bless bywa'ah! Those dark robed scumbags wiff dere spookeh lurkin' are no ma'ch fer a good shovel."
  5. Doder sits with has face buried into his knees. He speaks to himself, "Oi've nevah 'ad tae hur' anotha' livin' fing... Bu' Oi s'pose Oi should learn in these uncer'ain toimes. Fer shame."
  6. Doder sinks his head at the terrible news. "Wha' a koind biggun. Much too young tae be gone..." He pours out some gin in the Bywater wheat field in her honor.
  7. Doder does not wish to think too hard, so he doesn't.
  8. Who is the best Halfling, and why is it Doder?
  9. Doder looks over the damning missive. He has nearly succumbed to the sharp rhetoric, but he doubles back to a certain line: "Historical records show him forming a cult-like following in opposition to Mayor Iris Peregrin’s democratic command, declaring himself ‘King’ by the will of Lord Knox!" Doder stomps a foot on the floor and knocks back more moonshine with his thin tin hat on his head. "Damn roigh' tha's Knox's will! All true propahs know tha' true democracy is jus' as much of a biggun lie as capitalism!" Doder huffs and sits in silence for a moment. He takes another swig and shakes his head. "Feckin' Knox save us from this biggun propaganda!"
  10. A post on the Bywater Quest Board has been set up! I, Doderic Dengalberry, hereby announce the upcoming holy union of Thain Cyrus Collingwood and Magnolia Fiddleberry! All proper halflings and biggun allies shall convene in two pumpkin days at the United Knoxist Church in Bywater. I will quickly officiate the wedding (no one likes long, boring, and drawn out weddings) then afterwards I’ll serve drinks in the Bywater tavern and we are all getting wasted! ((OOC: Come to Bywater Friday at 5pm EST (9pm UK time) for @Hearth and @salamanderfantasy‘s persona's wedding! It’ll be a good old fashion shenanigan filled halfling party!))
  11. ~' The Dengalberry Family '~ The Dengalberrys have a long history of isolation and clandestine manufacturing of moonshine and alchemist quartz. For generations they have hidden on and in the hillsides making their secret concoctions and only venturing out to find trade and marital partners. The eldest members known as Maw and Paw run the operation, with many direct kin under their leadership. Until recently the family has kept very tight-knit, but years ago the family baker, Doder, took leave to rejoin his Halfling kin in Bywater. Now, it seems, more Dengalberrys might abandon their family tradition to join the greater world. ~' The Dengalberry Culture and Tradition '~ Despite their secluded lifestyle, all Dengalberrys are proper halflings and follow common tradition. Shoes on? Then no service! They practice Knoxism exclusively, but do allow their family members to marry non-Knoxists. They are staunchly anti-violence, and tend to prefer run & hide tactics and deception over confrontation. Roughly three quarters of a Dengalberry's diet consists of alcohol and sweets; it's a wonder how they survive! Most Dengalberrys tie wildflowers into their hair with small bands of ribbon. They are not afraid of some dirt! All Dengalberrys are hard working in their respective roles, and the grime after a hard day is usually noticeable. ~' The Look of the Dengalberry '~ Dengalberrys typically have very bushy hair and a stout build. Their eye color is typically dark green or brown, with heterochromia being less common in their line than most Halfling families. They typically only wear earthy colors such as green, yellow, and brown. They tend to wear shorts and short sleeves to make daily work easier, with their clothing almost always being dirty. ~' Dengalberry Recipes '~ Shortbread Cookies - A shortbread cookie that is rich and buttery with a crumbly texture. Made with only butter, sugar, and flour, and a pinch of salt, this is a simple yet decadent biscuit. Crispy, Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies - A simple chocolate chip cookie with an exquisite crunchy texture. Goes great with milk! Pink Alchemist Quartz - This is just some good old hillbilly made alchemist quartz! The only difference is that crushed peonies and pink tulips are added throughout the synthesis process. ~' Current Publicly Known Family Members '~ Doder Dengalberry Alive ~' How to play a Dengalberry '~ Message me either here on the forum or on discord (Box of Rain#4338) and I'll help get you set up. Or just go ahead and make a Dengalberry, I'm not the boss of you!
  12. Doder stumbles around the streets of Bywater with a makeshift tin hat dawned on his head. He is covered in soot and liquor. “The bigguns are usin’ voidal magics tae lace our drinkin’ wa’er wiff mina!” He can barely stand as he tries to pour more gin down his throat. He gets some of it in, but it mostly lands on his ash covered shirt. “The onleh way tae protec’ ouserselves is tae take covah! Roseh! Oi fink ‘eh Thain is on to us!” He shouts down an empty street. He holds his bottle up to his face to check how much is left. “Ye’re the onleh one Oi can trus’ now,” he would tell the bottle before finishing it off.
  13. Doder looks at the missive, "Feckin of course Oi'll bake some bread! Wha' 'eh feck else would Oi do?"
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