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  1. KBR


    Godwyn Wold let out a small sigh as he read the letter that had reached his door the morning prior, before looking over his shoulder at his cottage a final time, setting off down the road with nothing more than his sword and a rucksack.
  2. *Scratches his head in Krugmar, the same city as before the Hou-Zi left.
  3. Burbur entrapped in Ogrol’s realm. The Rex Burbur’Lur sat within the tower of the fortress within San’Strokh, the air around him hazy with the smoke of cactus. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he read over the report from the remaining Hou-Zi, he had scratched their back, in return all he received was a void where they used to be, without a single word. He began his chant to take him to the Spirit Realm, long had Burbur been a Farseer, and in his many years never had he made such a mistake, he trusted the Keshig next to him to keep the room quiet, so that he may concentrate in his already frustrated state, but a loud bang echoed through the room, steadily it grew louder as Burbur realized himself that the Keshig was the one making such a racket, his eyes widened as he realized what the Orc was muttering under his breath, one of those closest to him who he had given his trust had truly stabbed him in the back. Burbur’s vision faded and he felt the gaze of two malicious presences, he had been sent to the realm of Ogrol, beside the infamous spirit sat one of it’s lesser spirits, a dryder like creature with a cage on it’s back, Burbur recognized that there were others inside of this cage, each labeled with a collar around their necks. ‘Gus’, ‘Rickardo’ ,‘Retnuh’, alongside others sat in the cage, a hopeless look on their faces. Burbur opened his mouth to speak but the spirits said no words, he was condemned. From within the cage Burbur vowed never to trust another again. The council of The Warnation sat around Burbur’s unmoving body, it would be obvious to Hargurr and Nazark what had happened, but there was little they could do, Burbur’s fate rest entirely in the fate of the malicious spirits who lust for nothing but power. It was up to these councilors what story would be told, and what direction the Uzg would go in now. OOC: Thank you to all the Orcs who stuck with me in my months leading, we went from a tiny community to one of the most active nations for a time, it is unfortunate that this is the way things had to go, but I cannot justify playing on the server after what has happened. Hold your heads up and keep going, you guys are capable of great things. To all my other friends, I’ll be around on discord if you ever need anything, and might log in for the warclaims, thanks for being cool all these years. I hope that soon everyone will see how silly it is to have a system where players do not even know they have done something until they are already punished for it, and even then they might not know what they have done, and are given almost no opportunity to defend themselves. Anyways. Gug’ye.
  4. ((If anyone like Ser Gregor Thorne would like to join our Hou-Zi community, please feel free to join and we can help sort you out. https://discord.gg/cdyvy6w)) Shen-Li ponders where the Hou with loose skin had gone
  5. Shen-Li sat in his bath later that day, washing the blood from his pristine white fur “Despite giving the council so much power, they still conspire and tear our people apart. With words this could’ve been settled easily, instead despite outnumbering us more than three to one, the warriors die and the cowards live, no easy roots for a settlement.” he murmurs to himself “Xiahou, you will rest in heaven my old friend.”
  6. THE BATTLE OF LEUVEN 12th of The Deep Cold, 1716 The iron of Renatian armour thudded against paths forged from cobblestone, a small contingent moving out to initiate a skirmish ahead of the battle that was to come: their aim to whittle Orenian pride to oblivion. Though, laughter was issued to the opposition in lieu of battle for they had retreated with haste; A pitiful display. The few remaining Orenian Soldiers being cut down as they fled the battlefield. All those who sacrificed their lives for the Imperium, the High Elven and Orcish people included, knew what was to come; A ferocious battle was looming ahead that would coerce those involved to hoist their banners at their respective cities -- as the prior battle had. For the Marnan forces, it could only be assumed fear ran rampant amongst their ranks after struggling to attain a victory in so long. In contrast, the forces of the Imperium had nothing but surges of confidence, their cavalry of steadfast intentions ready to once more combat the foe matched against them. “BRING OUT THE CAVALRY”, screamed out the Reiter captain Ewan as he ushered a horde of fine horsemen from within the city -- now prepared to mow down the Marnans. “MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA”, stated the Okarir'tir in a calm tone of voice. He, akin to the rest of the Sillumiran, were already certain of the outcome of the battle that was about to occur. “KRUG KRUG KRUG”, chanted the Rex Burbur’Lur with ferocity alongside his orcish horde; Ichor would be claimed by the wrathful orcs who saw combat as nothing more than sport. “FOR THE ALL-FATHER!”, sung out Aeyn of the House of Ruric, afterwards solemnly reciting prayers in his mind for the Marnans that would fall in battle. “AVE GODFREY!”, was the last shout to be heard before the battle raged on - ushered out in unison by the united Imperium who were more than prepared to die for their Emperor. And so, it began, the battle initiated with either side positioned at opposite ends of the bridge from Leuven. There was no hesitant pause as arrows rained from the sky piercing men from either side with no remorse. Neither side dare push across the bridge which acted as a tactical choke-point; Such would ultimately result in one’s demise. A reiver brigand rode at the posterior of Renatian forces; One may have deemed this as a proficient course of action, though as the Imperium’s commanders had foreseen such a tactic being employed, their own cavalry was positioned in hiding. They leapt from behind oaken trees and cut off the malignant bandits forces amidst their chase. The already frightened men of Marna heard the screams of dying Reivers and naturally backed retreated from the bridge and into the confines of the Leuvenite tavern. This was all that was needed for the Imperium to pounce; “CHARGE!“ King Alvar harked upon noting the newly created space. And that is where the battle comes to an end, hundreds of men butchered effortlessly as they stowed themselves away in Leuven with fright. Some even resorted to pleading for their lives beneath the tables they had hid beneath; None was given. “The 104th Grievance!” cheered the citizens of Renatus on their way back to their residences.
  7. The orcs brought them on our great boats. Sorry Joel :^)
  8. Burbur frowns as the Empire begins its war on drugs
  9. Rex Burbur’Lur signs this pact.
  10. KBR

    Clan Lur

    Burbur of Clan Lur for around three centuries, former war goth and current Rex ponders disowning the clan after being forgotten.
  11. Sorry boys, I performed the blood ritual.

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      all good, if it wernet u it wouldve been me 😞

    2. drfate786


      False, it was me all along.. Isn’t that right? @Vege

  12. “Fake news, you killed an imposter not the real High Councillor.” said Galar Ithalanen, having just seen the High Councillor safe and well in the palace.
  13. Burbur’Lur cackles wildly as he signs.
  14. KBR

    I miss you bro, you were my biggest influencer on this server, wouldn’t be Rex today if it wasn’t for you. If you ever wanna come back and make an orc there will always been room for you man. ❤️

    1. Arteh


      Really appreciate the kind words man, thank you very much 🙂. Best of luck at being Rex, if you ever need help or anything you can add my discord I’m on there sometimes. MOGA.

    2. Legoboy7984


      I see you active on here.. does this mean you’re back? @Arteh I still remember your loud keyboard in every PVP or RP conflict you had.

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