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  1. all my homies hate kbr

  2. SOLO REGISTRATION: Competitor’s Name: Iskander Basrid Competitor’s Age: 21 Username: KBR
  3. The Foreign Minister pinches his nose “If only the Sutican’s ‘glorious’ leader hadn’t wasted our time for months, instead he has chosen to drag his people all down with them.”
  4. Any challenged players want to join me
  5. KBR

    A New Chapter

    The lone swordsman’s sword smirks, ready for the first battle of the Arcasian holy grail war against Pet3r’s archer.
  6. An ancient Reiter smiled, knowing that the true Ruberni spirit had died long ago and that in resisting the claim of The Empire any longer it only forced its citizens to suffer.
  7. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs sat in his office, frowning as he reminisced upon the conversation had with young Prince John, upset by the loss of his friend. Clenching his fist he continued in his writings, vowing to have justice for those lost.
  8. KBR

    lockdown ama

    will you please play a game of project winter with my friend bagley
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