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  1. Burbur’Lur, who has proclaimed himself Rex once more, signs this document.
  2. KBR


    Godwyn Wold let out a small sigh as he read the letter that had reached his door the morning prior, before looking over his shoulder at his cottage a final time, setting off down the road with nothing more than his sword and a rucksack.
  3. *Scratches his head in Krugmar, the same city as before the Hou-Zi left.
  4. The orcs brought them on our great boats. Sorry Joel :^)
  5. Burbur frowns as the Empire begins its war on drugs
  6. Rex Burbur’Lur signs this pact.
  7. KBR

    Clan Lur

    Burbur of Clan Lur for around three centuries, former war goth and current Rex ponders disowning the clan after being forgotten.
  8. Sorry boys, I performed the blood ritual.

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      all good, if it wernet u it wouldve been me 😞

    2. drfate786


      False, it was me all along.. Isn’t that right? @Vege

  9. Burbur’Lur cackles wildly as he signs.
  10. KBR

    I miss you bro, you were my biggest influencer on this server, wouldn’t be Rex today if it wasn’t for you. If you ever wanna come back and make an orc there will always been room for you man. ❤️

    1. Arteh


      Really appreciate the kind words man, thank you very much 🙂. Best of luck at being Rex, if you ever need help or anything you can add my discord I’m on there sometimes. MOGA.

    2. Legoboy7984


      I see you active on here.. does this mean you’re back? @Arteh I still remember your loud keyboard in every PVP or RP conflict you had.

  11. I still actively play mine, and there are very few others yes. But I think the quality of the rp we provide is much higher than many other of the shelved creatures. And I have to agree with Joel in most of his points across the many posts about striga, while it would suck to have my character deleted, after all the development I have put into him, I can also understand Joel’s fears, as the striga can never really be fully realized in LoTC’s culture, though I have been doing my best recently. The biggest problem I have with this post is that striga in your eyes are 100% evil, while in reality they are much more grey, not all wished to obtain the curse, and some even hate themselves for having it, which is exactly why Joel said earlier that you were wrong in your belief of why they should be played. sorry for **** formatting I’m on my phone on painkillers
  12. The Rex, a goblin, wonders why the goblins have an honor code that involves not lying.
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