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  1. KBR


    The Rex shakes his head as the emperor makes his choice in calling his people their enemy once more. “Zo cloze to peace, agh now der will be none.”
  2. KBR

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz

    The Rex, a goblin, wonders why the goblins have an honor code that involves not lying.
  3. KBR

    Earth Evocation appreciation thread

    an Earth shaman sweats
  4. KBR

    The First Sutican Fight Night!

    Toa’Lak raises his hand “Led mi klomp.”
  5. KBR

    -= on 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1707. =-

    The Rex of Krugmar slams his fist into the table in his meeting hall, vowing to take revenge for his Maugoth
  6. KBR


  7. Group Name: The Rexdom of Krugmar Link to Charter Application: N/A
  8. KBR

    [Feat] Dark Shamanism

    You know what would’ve fucked the dark shamans more? Had he not rewritten this and your magic got removed. Writing this on my phone with one hand. Will forumulste an actual response to the post soon
  9. KBR

    A Rex's Address

    A Rex’s Address The Rex made his way to the top of the wall which had only begun it’s construction in the year of 1806. His stature was quite large for a goblin, yet small compared to the Dominus and Keshig that that stood behind him. Those of Krugmar knew him as a spiritual Goblin, one who had spent the last five cactus years doing his part to make the nation of Krugmar, The Iron Uzg, as good as it could be. And as he stood above the large crowd of Uruk, possibly the largest that had been seen in some time, it was obvious that the rise of Krugmar was upon them. Started by the honorable Rex Murak’Gorkil, it would be continued by Burbur’Lur, and the citizens of Krugmar, who in recent years had struggled much, would finally begin to see hope. The goblin began his speech, his voice deep and throaty, yet no longer did it carry the once tired tone that had burdened it down for so many years “BRUDDAHS! Our tik fur ztruggle iz ova! Dah Zkygodz thought dat dey could put uz down! But nub! Wi am rezilient, wi am ztrong, and mozt ub all, wi am Krug’z children!” he pauses for a moment, surveying the crowd, allowing them to applaud should they wish, before starting once more. “Diz wall dat mi ztandz on today, it am ah rezult ub LATZ hard work! It iz bekauze of lat all, dat mi am able to ztand here, agh wi am able to live in dah zafety ub wallz, nub alwayz wonderin when dah next raid will be.” he gestures to the grand wall that his people had built around them, in the distance teams of laborers could be seen, making the finishing touches “Our culture, once peeped az barbaric, haz been realized! Dah practice ub ‘indentured servitude’.” the goblin made quotation marks with his fingers around the words, a toothy grin on his face as he did so “Haz begun to zpread, firzt ind dah city ub Adria, zoon in dah entire Empire ub Man! Lat will bi able to zell latz Znagaz freely, agh boozt our economy, no longer will wi live in dah dirt! KRUGMAR WILL BE HOZH AGAYN!” he yells the last words, throwing his arms into the sky “Wid diz announcement, mi wizhez to let it be grukked dat Groka(GGT) will be zteppin up into dah pozition ub Maugoth, alongzide Groggnar’Gorkil.” “No longur will wi bi perzecuted for our culture! Inztead wi will be praized! Agh wi will azhnce more bi worthy ub dah title ub dah Iron Uzg!!!! We are dominatin dah economy, agh will continue to, azhnce more our armiez will to bi feared! AZHNCE MORE WILL KRUGMAR BI GREAT AGAYN!” he screamed, spittle flying from his maw, finally Burbur showed some indication that the brutal goblin, once Keshig to Vrogak’Gorkil great Rex of The Iron Uzg. was still alive, and that the goblin had accepted their return to their more traditional ways. “LET IT BE GRUKKED (KNOWN), DAT KRUGMAR IZ BACK. LET IT BE GRUKKED, DAT KRUGMAR WILL NUB BE HELD DOWN, EVEN BY DAH ZKYGODZ. LET IT BE GRUKKED, DAT OUR NATION GROWZ EVERY DAY LET IT BE GRUKKED, DAT DAH PRACTICE UB ZNAGADOM IZ BACK LET IT BE GRUKKED, THAT THE URUKS THAT DO NOT AZZIZT IN DAH CALLS OF THE UZG WILL BE FOUND AND PERZECUTED LET IT BE GRUKKED THAT THOSE UB KLAN RAGUK WHO DO NOT REPENT THEIR SINS LIKE THEIR BROTHER GIJAAK, WILL BE FOUND LET IT BE GRUKKED, THAT THOSE UB THIS KLAN VULTUR, WHO DO NOT HEED THE KALLS OF THEIR BROTHERS IN THE UZG, WILL BE FOUND.” The goblin stops, taking a singular step back with an orcish salute, breathing deeply and waving to the crowd, preparing to allow the orcs to ask any questions they may have
  10. KBR


    The Rex Burbur’Lur rubs his hands together, grinning devlishly at the passing of the bonded servitude act “Truly ah great ztep forward for mankind.”
  11. KBR

    The Meat Menu: New Specimens for Sale

    Request denied. Slave sold for 400 mina!
  12. KBR

    The Mercenarial Free Company of the Black Reiters

    Reynard nods, continuing applying Mr. Sniffles’ special sauce to the Big Hesburger burgers.
  13. KBR

    A Father's Lament

    ((Accept my discord friend request so we can talk, I am standing in as Rex for the next 2 weeks. Ill respond to this rply later.))
  14. KBR

    Im quitting LOTC

    Ill miss you