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  1. Hop into Marimbamonk’s stream to see some good, authentic orc rp! Come see that we’re more than just pvp goons

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      orcs have always been more than PvPers, its just the dumb mind of elves that forget to realise this



    3. KBR


      @Man of RespectI know this, and lots of elves even know it, but some people like to be in denial

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      probs because their dark elf that wouldn’t be a virgin if it wasn’t for a tavern blonde busty high elf maiden was killed by a chad orc and sacrificed to krug

  2. KBR

    Reviving the Orc Race(and its subtypes)

    Post is kind of unneeded tbh, the orcs are steadily reviving right now, our new capital is active, we have three farseers currently active, and we are currently working on the rewrite together, I believe the elementalists are working on theirs as well, the others have already been posted. The orcs are in a good spot, just stick around the city and provide people with good rp, that’s all we need to do right now, as long as all the orcs don’t run around furthering the negative stereotype that is associated with orc rp which is “ug blug. Mi peep pinkeh me flat.” and instead show them that we do have good rp, and deep cultures, which will bring new players, like it already is now, and not get us constantly warclaimed out of our homes. Edit: Yeet https://gyazo.com/65456cf88e10843de60cc8871b4ff79e https://gyazo.com/a6696ef614b88e21415613e046eb3099
  3. Joey my love I miss you with all of my heart full homo

  4. Can’t wait for LoTC 2.0 on Minecraft 2.0 


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    2. Sporadic


      Lord of the Tale

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      I guess we know where all the LoTCers will migrate to if Minecraft dies off.

    4. KBR


      Yeah, they have a 3d modeler as well so lots of custom **** can be made that we can’t do right now

  5. KBR

    Third Generation Blood Magic

    RubRub the Hemogoblin cackles somewhere
  6. Glad to have checked the forums to see something is being done
  7. ur making a mistake
  8. KBR

    [✗] [3rd Gen] Voidal Horrors

    Hope it goes well for you this time Zar!
  9. Trading a copy of Don't Starve together for $2.30 on paypal (DST is 15 on steam) :D

  10. Anyone got an alpha key for Hunt Showdown they'd be willing to hand over


  11. KBR

    [✗] The Malakim; Aos Forsaken

    I didnt tavern rp on mine once, are u proud?
  12. KBR

    [✗] Infernic Castors; Firearms

    A goldhand smith rubs his hands together jewishly seeing a new business opportunity "Yes yes." +Many
  13. KBR

    [✗] [V2] The Burden of the Wardens

    Archemedes the Rat smiles widely, envisioning the future. Cannabis Man. +1
  14. KBR

    Hua-Jiao: The Path to Enlightenment

    Shen-Li King of The Monkeys, and Monastery Leader gives his thumbs up.