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  1. KBR

    Third Generation Blood Magic

    RubRub the Hemogoblin cackles somewhere
  2. KBR

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    Glad to have checked the forums to see something is being done
  3. ur making a mistake
  4. KBR

    [Farseer] [MA] Shreck

    Took forever for him to post it but yeah I'm teaching him
  5. i miss u bisnitch

  6. KBR

    [✗] [3rd Gen] Voidal Horrors

    Hope it goes well for you this time Zar!
  7. Trading a copy of Don't Starve together for $2.30 on paypal (DST is 15 on steam) :D

  8. Anyone got an alpha key for Hunt Showdown they'd be willing to hand over


    1. Jake!


      you buyin'???

  9. KBR

    [✗] The Malakim; Aos Forsaken

    I didnt tavern rp on mine once, are u proud?
  10. KBR

    [CA] [Lich] Ethel Serene

    Wouldn't leave me alone so I did it
  11. KBR


    Feel free to add me on discord @ KBR#9710 if you're looking to be involved in our little community
  12. KBR

    [Dark Arts] [MA] drfate786

    Wulfie you have forsaken me
  13. Add me on skype if you want in the chat @Arraggs
  14. Yeah this fool somehow convinced me
  15. KBR

    [TA][Runesmithing] z3m0s

    Molahs Goldhand claps his hands, wiping a tear from his eye.