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  1. SUSA DECLARES FOR THE KING 20th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1868 In light of the will of our late monarchs, the great Philip III and Anastasia I, upon their death, the County of Susa hereby pledges its fealty to King Frederick I, rightful King of Oren. Having fought and served in the previous war against the dwarves, I personally noticed a lack of presence from the supposed heir to the Empire, the pretender Peter Augustus. However, always standing beside me, always fighting, was the young Prince Frederick Charles. He has proven himself to be in the mold of his parents. It is his cause that I shall serve, and it is for his cause that I shall die for if needed. House Basrid stands beside their rightful king and devote our blades against the insurgency of the pretender. Anastasios Basrid, Count of Susa
  2. The Imperial General Iskander Basrid smiled widely as he imagined his killer new hairstyle
  3. THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE LION The Most Ancient and Most Noble Imperial Order of the Lion - Est. 1374 - The Imperial Order of the Lion is a Knightly order within the Holy Orenian Empire with roots that reach back to the 14th century in the First Empire by the Exalted Godfrey Horen. Originally drafted to serve the will of the church and bring social virtue to an otherwise wild and feudal realm. The Order of the Lion has persisted throughout the ages as an esteemed collection of premiere examples in terms of steadfast character and valor. In the past, it’s roster consisted of elite soldiers, ready and willing to give their lives towards noble causes against even the most daunting of enemies. After a period of time where the Order of the Lion devolved into being given as an honorific to those who’ve served the Empire well. However in the time of renewed conflict where the defense of the Empire and its peoples has never been more important, it has been firmly reestablished as a militarily competent and chivalrous institution. Within the Order is a distinct hierarchy of achievement and honor that are strictly recognized by its members. Inductees are typically admitted in one of two ways; often children of nobility and gentry will be taken under the wing of an existing Knight as a Squire, or adult members of note will seek admittance to the Order as an Aspirant. If deemed worthy of the honor these Squires and Aspirants will be knighted as Knight Errants (KEL) or Dame Errants in the case of a female. They will enter a period of Errantry where they will go on quests and establish their reputation, once they have finished their period of Errantry they will be given their Knightly Epithet and given the honor of being a Knight Imperial (KIL) and take their place at the side of Their Imperial Majesties. Rarely are new members bestowed the rank of Knight Commander (KCL) which is the rank above Knight. KCL is usually earned following sustained contributions to one's fellow citizens and unwavering sense of Knightly character over a long period of time. There are only 2 living KCLs at any given time. KCLs are bestowed an inherent authority to command other Knights in pursuit of a quest or in battle. The final and highest rank within the Order is that of the Knights Grand Cross (GCL), to which there may only be one living recipient at a time. GCLs are selected based on absolute paramount contributions to the Knightly way and personal actions that are above the calling of any one person. The GCL also serves as the primary representative of the Order and the keeper of its artifacts, records, and culture. Knights are made and elevated from amongst the Squires and Aspirants of Order through the will of the Emperor following actions or deeds deemed worthy of the honor. No single qualifier or concise list exists detailing what it takes to be selected, simply that an individual must distinguish themselves in such a manner seen fit for personal recognition. Though, those who guide their lives on the tenants of Knighthood are bound to become exceptional. Knightly honors cannot be requested by the recipient and the recipients themselves must be endorsed by the Knight they serve under to be considered. The Ways of the Order The Oath of the Fealty "I swear to be true to the Emperor and the realm and not to maintain silence about any evil that I may know which is being contemplated against them. I swear to work tirelessly to the betterment of the Empire and the Orenian people that comprise it. I swear also not to associate with traitors nor enemies of the state, and to always defend the honor of those I serve. This I swear upon my life by the Holy Scrolls." The Code of Chivalry Knightly honors are not just rewards for great deeds but are also a titular recognition of one's outstanding discipline and character. All Knights are expected to adhere to the Code of Chivalry at all costs in every facet of their lives, both on and off the battlefield. 1. Loyalty - Above all else a Knight must always remain loyal to those they serve and to the institution and camaraderie of the Order. To set aside personal desires of compelling obligations for that to which an Oath is pledged. 2. Courtesy - A Knight must possess the aptitude for dignity in the face of adversity, to present oneself and by extension represent those they serve as well as the Order in the proper form. 3. Integrity - A Knight must strive to always do the right thing, to hold oneself accountable and to always act in good faith even when none are around to witness it. They must also abstain from dishonesty to the best of their ability. 4. Honor - A Knight must be willing to extend goodwill and mercy to all, even an enemy. To never compromise the tenets of the Order nor one's principles. To accept any and all challenges or duels leveled against them by worthy foes. 5. Valor - A Knight must always act courageously and seek to redirect harm away from the innocent. To overcome obstacles of fear, pain, or even death in the completion of their quest or lawful order. 6. Charity - A Knight must always remain humble, to offer aid to those in need, and to seek to undo the suffering of others. They must also maintain an open mind and a free ear to challenging ideas. The Code of Errantry The tradition of errantry as a way of proving one’s abilities as a Knight is an aspect of chivalry that has been lost to history in many ways. Though informally conducted by various knights out of passion for the denizens of the Empire, the art of chivalric questing has gone neglected for many years. With the reintroduction of the Order of the Lion it has been deemed necessary for knights to embark upon a period of errantry where the Knight Errant shall take upon quests in the service of the Empire in order to earn one’s Knightly epithet and place in the Order besides the Emperor as a Knight Imperial. A Knight Errant, in general, should not refuse any quest given to them during this time. It is customary for Knights to be awarded a Knightly Epithet based on what trait, value, or virtue they most exemplify by their time as a Knight Errant. These epithets are determined in conjunction with the completion of the Knightly Quest that they have taken on. Epithets are given to the Knight for life and no other living Knight may possess the same Epithet as another. An epithet may only be changed if the Emperor deems a new characteristic worthy of the Knight outshines the original epithet. A Knight stripped of their Knighthood immediately relinquishes their epithet to be bestowed. Style of Address Knights in an informal setting may either be addressed as ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’ followed by their first, or last, or both names, followed by their Knightly Epithet. As well, these Knightly terms of address may be used in conjunction with military ranks or peerage titles. During Formal settings, Knights should always be addressed as ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’ followed by their full legal name and Knightly Epithet. Serjeanty Once a Knight is recognized for their distinction and leal service to the Crown they may be given a serjeanty to govern over. A serjeanty will often consist of a small estate with some farmland. A serjeanty will be attached to a specific function at the Emperor’s court, including ceremonial positions such as Cupbearer. They must carry these functions out in order to maintain their serjeanty. The Crown’s Champion shall be issued the honor of holding the Grand Serjeanty of Lionhall in the Order’s name. The Ranks of the Order Squires Often those children of gentry and nobility, the squire or page serves as the right-hand of a Knight in order to learn the Knightly ways. Following their service as a Squire, they will either assume the rank of Aspirant or Knight Errant based on their achievements during this time. Aspirant of Lion To become a Knight is an aspiration of many, yet still those chosen to be Aspirants within the order is testament to their strength, skill, and spirit. These Aspirants may be of any age, and brought into the order by any Knight Imperial who would make a case for their entry. Essentially functioning as men-at-arms, they stand in a relative spotlight given a chance to prove their might. Knight Errant (KEL) Recognized for their service, as well as their aptitude the Knight Errant stands to prove themselves through their errantry, traveling far and wide across The Empire and beyond in order to obtain their epithet. Knight Imperial (KIL) Given an epithet by The Crown, these Knight Imperials are fully recognized knights of The Crown. Stationed in Providence by The Crown’s side as their sword and shield, though they may maintain their questing. Knight Commander (KCL) Senior officers of The Order of The Lion, held by only two living members at a time, these Knight’s have stood out amongst the few through their distinctive service and unwavering character. Knight Commanders have assumed greater responsibility, and thus hold the inherent authority to command other Knights in pursuit of quest, or battle. Knights Grand Cross (GCL) The Leader of The Order of The Lion, the Knight Grand Cross serves as the primary representative of The Order as well as keeper of its artifacts, records, and culture. The GCL is selected based on their outstanding contributions to the Order, and personal actions that are above the calling of any one person.
  4. Sir Anastasios Basrid smiles the sun's smile, another victory for Oren.
  5. Somewhere deep in an Orenian dungeon a smile crept across the face of an ancient supersoldier.
  6. Anastasios Basrid scratches his head "Ah yes, a united defense of our own territory." Al-Hakam Reis smiles, thinking of the coin to be made fighting for such a coalition.
  7. Deep within Barrelbottom, a band by the name of The Redbirds just broke up. Guitarist Jack Daniels knew he needed a new band, and a new name.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7Vwzw2WTzk THE KHARASI CORSAIRS (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gQAQZ) Waves of heat told the story of the harsh sunlight that bore down upon the rolling dunes of the Kharasi Desert. A sea of gold, unwelcoming and called home by a sparse few, nomads, would-be prophets, and those of the Fahkr Oasis. This environment so far south captivated little attention from most, despite its storied history detailed by the many ruins, statues, and fossils. The thought of the untold riches that lay below the sand brought with them two men, Mohammed Hassan and Al-Hakam. Ambitious and honorable they set out upon camelback to witness these wonders themselves, and wonders they did see in their travels. It was upon their return that The Kharasi Corsairs were founded, in the pursuit of both gold and glory. An invitation sent out to any man who would join them and claim his share. CONTRACTS While the Kharasi Corsair’s primary objective was focused within the deserts they called home, they realized the worth in selling their swords to foreign crowns. It was this realization that brought with it their reputation of mercenaries, or sellswords, though still they remain bound by honor. Wars* While the Kharasi do not opt to sell their services for an entirety of any given war, they offer war contracts in periods of one year (1 week), during this period the men will rally for any skirmish, defense, or offensive warclaim. Raids* The Kharasi would offer to bolster the forces of any, though to conduct a raid entirely themselves they expect a higher price. Security* The Kharasi offer security contracts over the period of one day (1 hour), during this time they would protect against any raid, or otherwise. Alternative Contracts* The contents of an alternative contract are up for discussion. *All contract payments are decided upon negotiation. Hierarchy Reis The Reis are the leaders of the Corsairs, having no affiliation or bias to any nation, settlement, or otherwise. The Reis are expected to make neutral decisions out of the best interest of the company, and all members of the company answer to them as the main authority figures. Corsairs The bulk of the company, all Corsairs are viewed as equal, though they serve to hold many different occupations within the company. Recruitment MC Name: Your MC name. RP Name: Your IC name. Discord: Your discord, needed to be invited to our server. Skills/Reason for Joining: A reason for wanting to join the group, and any skills you can bring to the table.
  9. Anastasios Basrid smiles warmly at the thought of his battlebrother.
  11. This Warzone information should’ve been out last week

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  12. Jack Daniel's smiles the suns smile before heading back to his tavern.
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