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  1. Arthonath's eyes opened under that pillar of Asioth, his meditation interrupted by a feeling of great loss. His sister was gone. He stood then, marching down those steps and off into the wilderness to find Antonius and Serinath, the air smoldering around him all the while. ((OOC: Hey bro, it isn't April fools, this joke isn't funny bro.
  2. In Flaming Revelry Journey They had lost their way, that was clear to Sir Octavian. Once such lands would’ve been littered with villages and barons eager to make their mark upon the world; now, only the occasional roadman was waiting to prey upon the half-famished farmers on their way to pay tax to the petty prince and his assembly of bureaucrats, too heavy to even make it beyond the walls of Providence. The Imperial State Army would not be here to save these men, for they were not an army but a guard force of noblemen sent there by their fathers in the name of political advancement. Reflection This was not the Empire that Sir Octavian remembered, nor the Empire that he had helped build. He frowned some then as he dismounted from his jet-black steed, plated boots clunking into the rough gravel roads of New-Esbec. He walked the streets, once full of hope and joy. Now, the town was abandoned abandoned for all but a few of the most heinous souls, set only for a parade of ghosts. The tavern's sign hung halfway off, creaking eerily in the wind. He entered, sat at the dust-covered bar, wrote a letter to a sister far away, and sent it off. Then, he waited. The Arrival - Days Later The air in New Esbec seemed abnormally warm that morning. Even for the summer, the mountain air normally seemed crisp and uncomfortably biting at the cold-blooded Dragonkin’s skin. Arthonath made his way to the gates then, a smile forming on his face as he saw the faces of his brothers and sisters climbing the mountain path before him. "Helinathe." he smiled toothily, greeting her with a brotherly hug, extending the same to Antonius then, before greeting the Heralds with a nod of his head. "Let this be a message then, to those within the Empire and those beyond, that our Father’s reach extends further than they might ever know." His sister responded, “Not only a message to the Empire, but a celebration for the arrival of Antonius who has come back to us, brother.” She clutched his arm then, determined perhaps that her newly-returned sibling not leave once more. Flames The Banner of Azdromoth was raised within New Esbec that afternoon. His worshipers made their way throughout the city, burning it to the ground, some in glee, others in solemn reluctance. Sir Octavian passed a torch onwards to the former architect of the city, "Finish now what you started." And with that, a final torch was thrown, setting the ever towering manor aflame. And thus, as the sun fell beyond the reaches of the mountains, the city stood out as a beacon for all within those accursed mountains to witness. Reverence And thus, even as the sun’s warm gaze fell beyond the reaches of the mountains, the flaming city stood out as a beacon, a flaming pillar of The Arch-Drakaar’s own image towering into the skies above for all to witness, a bonfire in celebration of sibling’s reunion made merrier by the herald’s pledge.
  3. Iskander Basrid dug his toes into the sand as distant eyes stared off blankly into the horizon, past even the most distant fishing barge. He opened his mouth, cracked brown lips making contact with cool chocolate-chip ice-cream, that was his favorite flavour after all. Iskander lent back in his reclining wheelchair then, telling stories to his great grandchildren about how back in his day the Empire wasn't full of sissies. He then bit into the icecream cone once more, his eyes glazing over as the familiar sensation of brainfreeze took over and his grandson Darius Basrid wheeled him away.
  4. A young De Bar smirks slightly admist his studies, knowing that his trusted tutor Darius Basrid had done well for his family that day.
  5. A certain Azdrazi knight of some renown, formerly a holy knight of the church stroked his chin in thought before finally shrugging, yawning and rolling over to the other side of his pile of gold.
  6. I would like to offer a formal apology to @TreeSmoothiefor voting them as sus in amongus by the virtue of eenie meenie miney mo

    1. Ryloth


      All I know is @TreeSmoothie agreed upon "red sus" every time i said "red sus", therefore making them #1 Mungus player of the year

    2. TreeSmoothie


      treesmoothie cries

  7. Anyone have Naraka bladepoint and want to play?

    1. Shmeepicus


      Only if you come play SCP tonight.

  8. Iskander Basrid smirks the sun's smirk
  9. Shoutout to the Lore Team for my new bench max!

  10. Shrouded beneath an enormous brim reveled a pair of curious eyes, once hundreds, now a mere two. The gatecrasher stood then with quivering breath, as he beheld that heavenly light he found its foot took a step forth, followed in suit by its counterpart. He promenaded forth, perhaps now his goal was in sight once more, perhaps now he might return home.
  11. KBR


  12. Major Iskander Basrid signed the Lorraine once for the captured man who threw himself from the boat.
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