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  1. [TA][Runesmithing] z3m0s

    Molahs Goldhand claps his hands, wiping a tear from his eye.
  2. Increase the amount of gnomes?

    Kav is this where we bring back the Gnobles.
  3. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    A goldhand smith rubs his hands together jewishly seeing a new business opportunity "Yes yes." +Many
  4. [VTM] Looking For Players.

    Seems interesting
  5. [V2] The Burden of the Wardens

    Archemedes the Rat smiles widely, envisioning the future. Cannabis Man. +1
  6. [Chi Manipulation] [MA] Jin Gaozu

  7. [Chi Manipulation] [MA] Athlin

    And so the order grows
  8. Hua-Jiao: The Path to Enlightenment

    Shen-Li King of The Monkeys, and Monastery Leader gives his thumbs up.
  9. [Chi Manipulation] [MA] Jin Gaozu

  10. Help name pupper I have not met.

    Wilf for short
  11. In search of phoenixes

    Shen-Li snorts as he reads the message, throwing the note into the crackling fire of his 10ft tall companion. "I wonder if he knows there is a riddle?"

    Holy Clowntholic Monk Penny Clowneth III, trusted adviser of HIS ROYAL MAJESTY Caius Sigismund I of House Horen, by Clownth's Shiny Red Shoes,The King of Comedy, Lord of Laughter, King of Centerland and Chernarussia, High Sovereign of Pranks, First Duke of the Bean, Virtous Protector of the Holy Emerald Isle Blessed in the name of St. Clownth that houses his flock, Wielder of the Honkbringer, Possessor of the Clown Flute, Axios Administrator, Admiral of this Station, and Captain of the Cursed Cannoli, opens his mouth, emitting a wololo to signify to his brethren that it has begun.
  13. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    I remember when my innocent little eyes first witnessed porn inside of a Dunamis chat many years ago. Thanks boys, you've really made my life better.
  14. [Chi Manip] [MA] Chen-Yu

    Yes, he is the chosen one to teach Moon after the first one dipped.