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  1. The Claim to Motsham [!] The missive would be carried by goblins, and posted around all the notice boards within the lands of the Iron’Horde and its Vassals. The Shaman Unity A call to all Shamans spread out throughout Aevos “I have watched the great Uruk nation rise and fall multiple times. From the wars waged to the siege of the Mori and even the Civil War that occurred.” “I have seen multiple Rexes rise to glory and fall from grace. I have seen battles and struggles between the Uruks and Honoraries for who gets to claim the title of Rex.” “For too long the Motshams have not fulfilled their duty. They appeared out of nowhere and disappeared into the wind without a trace, abandoning their post and duty.” “No more shall Shamanism be dormant and the shamans scattered throughout the corners of Aevos! I, Madoc’Lur, claim the title of Motsham as I seek to restore Shamanism to its former glory." Signed, Motsham of the Iron’Horde
  2. "Finally, mi haz been grukkin' about retiring for zome tik now." Chuckles the Uruk as he sat within San'Yarrow reading the missive, while smoking a Kaktuz cigar. "Let uz fight den. Da rulez are zimpul, nub armor, nub dagger or any ob dat zkah. Only zpears." He laughs, standing up to go find Grimruk.
  3. MC name: TheAmazingSewer Persona: Kyl'lian ID: 74550
  4. [!] The missive would be carried by goblins, and posted around all the notice boards within the lands of the Iron’Horde and its Vassals. ♪♫ "WAGH BE UPON YE" Declaration of War For tuu long haz da buurz been zleepin' within da hear ob da Iron’Horde. In light ob rezent eventz, agh da evur zleeping buurz dat iz ever prezent within da goi, it ahm finally tik for da great huntahz ob the Lur to act. "IRUN AGH INCENZE" A Promise From diz day onwardz, agh till da threat ob da buurz haz been purged from da landz ob da Iron’Horde, da Lurz will nub cease the Great Hunt. All who hab been found out to be buurz, zhall be hunted by da Lurz relentezzly until dey will be purged from diz land entirely. "MAY DA LIGHT OB VOTAR PURGE LATZ" No more Buurz Let it be known, dat da Great Lur Hunt againzt da buurz haz been deklared. Let it bi hurd, dat all buurz will be hunted down zwiftly agh mercilezzly. Nub mattur if latz ahm Uruk, Honorary, Ally, or a member ob anuda klan. Latz will bi purged by da LIGHT OB VOTAR! Signed, Madoc’Lur, Wargoth ob Lur agh Dominuz ob da Iron’Horde Grimruk’Lur, Chieftain of Lur, Krimpgoth of the Iron’Horde
  5. rest in peace, brave warrior. o7

  6. Sewer...That profile picture...will haunt my dreams!

  7. Username: TheAmazingSewer Character Name: Madoc'Lur Number in Party: 6 (+/- 2 people) Discord: sewer_rat
  8. [!] A missive would be pinned throughout the lands of the Iron’Horde and its vassals. “With the changes in the current government, it is time to take back what was taken from me. As the Urukim grow, so must the leadership of the Iron’Horde and be proactive in developing the nation further, returning it to its former glory once lost.” “With Ghoraza being busy and away from the Iron’Horde, he can not be present enough to lead the Urukim as the Dominus of the Iron'Horde. Therefore I, Madoc’Lur, shall once again take up the seat of Dominus, in order to ensure that the nation of the Uruks remains prosperous and continues to grow.”
  9. A very based individual indeed. 

  10. "Harharhar, lat ahm nub azh blooded Lur. Lat ahm a mut mi picked up in da ztreets ob da Iron'Horde." Chuckles the Wargoth at the missive grinning wickedly as he sharpens his axe. "Latz does nub even gruk da traditionz. To challenge mi, latz will have to klomp mi in da pitz."
  11. "Hmmm very hozh. Da strength ob da Ungriz will be vital in da klomp against Ixli agh hiz servantz of buurz." Remarked the Wargoth as he signed off on the missive and pinned it to a post within the Lur camp for everyone to read.
  12. The Wargoth of the Lur clan would grab his sledgehammer and walk towards the city of Uruks in search of shrines dedicated to Glutros.
  13. An old drinking buddy of Leika, would be delivered the news by a goblin. As he heard about the death, he would open a bottle of an old vintage Carrion Black and pour it onto the ground. "May latz rezt well Leika. Zhame wi never got to finizh our game of cardz ur our drinking game." He says, as he stares off into the distance recalling the drinking games the two shared.
  14. "Let uz peep if hi will make a hozh addition, zinze da uda azh iz gone zomewhere." The Lur would comment, as he read the declaration of his fellow clan member.
  15. "May latz rezt in peace Borok....Zhame latz wuz nub able to komplete latz lezzonz in tik agh latz zoul waz klaimed by Kor." The Uruk speaks to nobody in particular, as he witnessed the death of the former Rex at the hands of the Mori. He would then go pour out a barrel of Guzzoline onto the ground. "Lup'Kinul agh may latz rezt well old friend."
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