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  1. Receiving the letter, the Uruk would read it before reciting a prayer to Kor himself. Once he read the contents of the letter, he would grab a shovel and walk over to the shore of the lake surrounding Caza de Lur. "Latz will be remembered ziztur agh mi will make zhure latz get a proper burial." He solemnly says to himself, as he begins to dig a grave and prepare for the burial of his good friend.
  2. I mean....It takes like 5 minutes to update an MA.....
  3. THE HOLY HEALING SERVICE [!] A knight of St. Jude healing a fellow Cannonist worshiper It has been a long time since the Order of St. Jude began practicing medicine and the alchemical arts. After many years of research, trialing, experimenting and healing each other, the Order has finally decided it is time to spread the knowledge to others, by opening the gates of healing to those outside the Order of St. Jude. And thus, The Holy Healing Service was founded, offering any and all Cannonists an attempt at a second life, as they are all welcome to purify their souls and have their illnesses and diseases cured. Whether it be wounds, missing limbs, medicine, alchemical potions, or anything else that one might need, the Order of St. Jude will do their best to meet the needs of all those that show up to their door. Whether you are a clergy or a simple peasant, as long as you follow the teachings of Cannonism, the doors to The Holy Healing Service will always be open. Should you be in need of these services, send a letter to The Bucket Knight or simply visit the Holy See and have a member of St. Jude consult you. SIGNED BY: The Bucket Knight
  4. The Bucket Knight would begin sharpening his pitch fork, in preparation for the crusade, as he made sure that it would be the most polished weapon around.
  5. The Uruk would find himself awake in the middle of the night, as the images flooded his mind with a story that was unfamiliar to him. As he sat on the bed stunned, he would realize that such dreams have not plagued his mind for decades. However, amidst the worry and confusion, a small flame of a long lost curiosity would ignite...
  6. UFC 170 As decided on the 1205 Kamijikan of the Tanuki, during the meeting in Sakurgakure between the Oyashimans and the Uruks, the conflict between the Rah’tuma and the Iron’Horde will be resolved via the means of fighting. The fight will feature, not one, but TWO fights and an unlimited supply of food, drinks and drugs! THE UNDERCARD The first bout will consist of the Motshams right hand Grothzark’Dom, who will face off against the Primarch of Nor’Asath. The prize? A special hat that the Primarch will specifically create for Grothzark should he best her in combat as the two enter the ring, and become nothing more but equal fighters. Will the strength of the orc prevail? Or will the speed and agility of Primarch take the win? Come and find out at the first ever UFC battle. *This event is sponsored by the collaboration between the Grub Bucket and the Krug Tavern* THE MAIN EVENT For the main event, it will be the Motsham Madoc’Lur and the leader of Rah’tuma, Atemu fighting each other in order to resolve the conflict between the Iron’Horde and the people of Rah’tuma. Will the Motsham win and take Atemus tongue alongside a total banishment from the desert? Or will the leader of the Rah’tuma prevail and manage to beat the ORCISH AGRESSION and ensure the safety and prosperity of his people? Only one way to find out…Come and watch what may turn out to be the most important fight of the decade, right in the lands of Sakuragakure! *This event is sponsored by the collaboration between the Grub Bucket and the Krug Tavern* WILL GROTHZARK’DOM SUCCEED IN TAKING DOWN THE PRIMARCH? OR WILL THE PRIMARCH TRIUMPH OVER THE URUK? WILL ATEMU TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE AND FIGHT FOR HIS PEOPLE? OR WILL HE CHOSE TO ABANDON THEM AND THEIR HOPES OF PEACE? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!!! SO COME ON DOWN TO SAKURAGAKURE AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF IN AN EXHILARATING KNIGHT FILLED WITH FOOD AND DRINK! *This event is sponsored by the collaboration between the Grub Bucket and the Krug Tavern* SIGNED BY: Madoc’Lur, the Motsham of the Iron’Horde
  7. The Motsham would draw a large cross over this missive in red paint, indicating the warrant would be completed. "Due to the results ob da trial, this warrant zhall no longer stand as a verdict has been reached regarding da fate of Minto'Lur."
  8. A grin would appear on the Motshams face, as the final pieces that he waited for all fell into place. Having finished reading the missive, he walked out from the Lodge and went to search for the Targoth to spread the good news.
  9. THE GREAT SHAMAN LODGE THE LODGE The Great Spirit Lodge, located deep within the deserts of the Iron Horde, is the place for worshiping the Ancestrals and practicing the art of Shamanism. It houses all the various races of shamans that wish to gather alongside like minded individuals to debate on various topics concerning the Mortal and the Spiritual World, as well as, discussing and searching for suitable candidates that would be taken on as students, and tasked with to carry on the legacy. UNIFORMS & IDENTIFICATION All the members of the Lodge will be given a set of clothes that they must wear during all the Lodge meetings to indicate that they are a member of the Lodge and not an impostor. Each shaman, will also receive unique beads with their name engraved onto them, which would mark as their proof of identity and that they are a registered member of the Great Shaman Lodge THE BOOK OF IDENTIFICATION The Rex and his Motsham have jointly decided to mandate that all Shamans must join The Lodge under penalty of [Death or Pugging]. Declare yourself a member using the following format by sending a letter or a messenger to the Motsham or Grothzark'Dom: Name: x Race: x Type(s) of Shaman: x Teacher(s): x If you do not wish to undertake this activity, seek out the Motsham and a different arrangement and or exception can potentially be worked out. RESUMMONING THE WORLD KAKTUZ The Motsham, Madoc’Lur, calls out for all Farseers and Withdoktors to engage in a ritual that has been given to us by our Ancestors in the Stargush’Stroh. We will commune in the desert with a lesser spirit of Ramakhet, in order to transform a cactus sapling into The World Cactus. This grand monument, which has been had by our ancestors, will then be fortified by Rex's greatest builders. All Lodge Shamans will then be able to receive the greatest quality Cactus Green and Cacti Scopa (flower) to make supreme quality hallucinogens. AN OUTREACH TO CLANS Wargoths of the Horde’s clans are encouraged to meet with Lodge Member Grothzark’Dom in order to organize a spirit walk to the Stargush’Stroh. Our connection to the afterlife while we live is of paramount importance to maintain focus upon our mortal duty towards honor and our obligation to remember those who spent their life to further the interests of Krug’s kin. SIGNED BY: Madoc’Lur, the Motsham of the Iron’Horde
  10. "Down with te darkspawn!" shouts The Bucket Knight as he read the copy of the missive while sharpening his pitchfork within the confides of his barn.
  11. A claim for Wargoth After the wolves fight A word of an old lur After the untimely passing of arguably one of the greatest Lurs, Grimruk’Lur, the Lur clan has grown quiet once more. Until a suitable heir to Grimruks chiefdom is found, I, Madoc’Lur, will once more take up the mantle of the Wargoth of Clan Lur, as we strive to continue making the clan into a powerhouse amongst the Iron’Horde. LUP’LUR, LUP’VOTAR. SIGNED, Madoc’Lur Head of the Wolf Bloodline
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