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  1. The Dominus of the Iron Horde would read the report for himself, before placing it into a pile of other papers that had piled up throughout the years. "Da descendant kind would radur believe da liez, inztead of uniting agh killing Vlos. But it appearz only da petty zquabblez agh waghz iz whub intereztz them." The Dominus chuckles to himself "And den dey wonder why Alamariz ahm falling apart agh da Mori ahm running rampant."
  2. Name: The Estranged Shaman Race: Uruk Age: Old Enough Favored spirits: Ogrol, Gazigash, Leyd Shamanic status: Worshipper Vocation : Uruk -------- TheAmazingSewer Sewer_ Rat#6485
  3. The Dominus would look down upon the city, as he stood upon the roof of the Rex's palace, as he overlooked the surrounding lands of the Iron'Horde "Diz wuz a tough choice, but a choice had to be made. Mi hoped dat hi would redeem himzelf, but alaz, dat wuz nub da kaze." He sighs with some sadness in his voice, but after a few moments, would grab the sword preparing himself for the fight that was about to unfold.
  4. THE WHITEWASHING OF KUL’RAGUK [!] A missive would be posted throughout the lands of the Iron’Horde and Almaris An Uruk by the name of Kul’Raguk, has been found guilty of aligning himself with the buurz, as he joined the ranks of Iblees, to aid them in the destruction of Almaris and the nations that inhabit it. In addition, he has also committed crimes against the Spirits by dishonoring them, spitting in their face and physically disconnecting people from a Spirit walk. Therefore, by the order of the Dominus and the Motsham of the Iron’Horde, the orc formerly known as Kul’Raguk, is to be whitewashed from the lands of the Uruks and its vassals, effective immediately. For those that wish to hunt him down, you are free to do so. Kul’Raguk can be identified, by a mask that he always wears, when he is out in public, as well as, should his mask be removed, he can be immediately identified, since he does not have both of his tusks. Signed, Madoc’Lur, Dominus of the Iron Horde Al-Uk’Yar, Motsham of the Faith, Voice of the Spirits
  5. Once again the figure would be plagued by these strange dreams, as it found itself standing on the edge of the swamp facing the strange tree. Soon, the armored figure would feel the heartbeat pulsating through its bones, as the vision began changing, with the tree re-appearing after every beat. With the vision fading, the figure would find itself awake, and hastily retreat to the storage room to take out a sword that was crafted from a strange metal which had previously inflicted some damage upon this creature or whatever it was. "Zo hi rearz hiz head again huh. But now dat da heart iz expozed, it ahm tik to finally ztrike agh end it azh agh vur all." The figure speaks, as it attached the sword to its hip and headed out towards the North.
  6. An Uruk of the Iron'Horde would be harvesting the World Kaktuz as a messenger goblin delivered a missive to him. Upon opening the letter, and reading the enclosed contents, a sigh would escape the Uruks maw "If only they would be az honorable az the Gorkil that came to me and repented for his sinz before Kezt. But alas, he waz a unique individual. One amongzt many." The Uruk would speak to himself as he continued tolling away at the roots of the World Kaktuz "But I suppozed, the Zpiritz will decide the path for theze Urukz."
  7. One of the members of the Bronze Band, would be attaching the tooth that he took from the beast, to a humans bone, as he was in the process of creating a makeshift dagger. "Diz wuz a hozh hunt. Let Votar zavor diz zkarifize, for dere iz more to kome agh more beaztz to be flatted." He spoke to no one in particular, as he continued crafting the dagger.
  8. Somewhere on his travels, a bird would drop the letter in front of Madoc, as the shaman picked it up and proceeded to read its contents. While reading them, a fond smile would appear on his face for a brief moment, before he looked up to the sky as the following words escaped the Uruks maw: "May latz rezt well brudda. Agh nub worry, mi will keep azh watchful eye over Emony, to make zhure zhi followz da light, inztead of da dark." With that, the shaman would pocket the letter, and continue walking off into the distance, as he followed the road heading back to San'Velku, as he remembered the items that he had to pass over to Emony.
  9. A shaman would get awakened by the visions that plagued him. However, this time, the image of the beast alone, was enough for the figure to quickly get up, and exit the tree, as it started to rapidly make its way towards the city, with a few Ologs following suit. Eventually, the little group, would begin dragging multiple Raguk cannons to the city that were left by the remnants of the clan, as great haste was made, to prepare the city should the beast arrive.
  10. A shaman deep within some strange catacombs, would be throwing different ingredients into a cauldron, as he continued working on different potions and poisons, when the news of Skaatchnaks death reached his ears. As he heard the news, the shaman would grab the cauldron with both of his hands, and throw it against the wall in rage, causing the contents to spill everywhere, with the cauldron itself ending up with a large dent it. "Zkahers, gruk can ruin mi planz?" The shaman calls out in rage to nobody in particular, as he realizes that whatever he planned was put to an indefinite halt "Mi will flat each agh every'azh uf dem for interfering with mi planz." He grunts, as the rage outburst immediately subsides, the shaman putting his cloak on, setting out in search of something.
  11. To Those That Sell Out Their Kin [!] A missive would be posted throughout the lands of the Iron’Horde and Almaris It has become apparent to the sons of Krug, that the Uruks of a settlement in the South have decided to forsake their kin, and conspire with an Azdrazi, to kill the former Rex of Fire Skaatchnak’Akaal. Let it be known, that the Uruks of the Iron’Horde, denounce this act, as an act of cowardice and formally whitewash the nation of Un’Satum, as well as denounce their leadership. Furthermore, following this act of cowardice and aggression, the Iron’Horde will not claim responsibility for the actions of the Uruks of Un’Satum, and will not interfere, should those that were affected by the cowards, wish to settle their grievances. REX, Willy of San’Velku and The Iron Horde DOMINUS, Madoc'Lur, The Keeper of Knowledge
  12. An estranged descendant, would stare at the beast, as he looked straight into the maw, that gaped open in front of him. However, upon seeing the impending death, a maniacal laugh would escape his lips, as for the first time, the unnaturally tall descendant came face to face, with the strange beast that he had spent hunting and researching since the last encounter. As his vision faded, he would awake from his slumber, deep within the roots of a massive tree that overlooked the West, before another series of incoherent chants, followed by laughs escaped his maw, as the figure proceeded to walk over towards a large cauldron and begin preparing various and strange concoctions to poison whatever it was, that appeared in his dream.
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