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    When Madoc was little, his father decided that it was time to leave Almaris and the Iron'Uzg behind and find a ship that would take them to faraway lands. The two have managed to find a ship that would take them to an unknown land which they gladly boarded and set out in search of a new adventure. The ship continued to sail for several years, with Madoc now being 8 years old, with the little orc running around the deck of the ship and hanging out with the sailors. As time went past, Madocs continued exposure to the sailor’s lifestyle, he developed a habit of speaking in a strange accent, as well as, developing a good liking for rum. Having realized that Madoc was already 13 years of age, his father decided that it would be about time to teach his son. The several months that followed were spent with Madoc learning how to fight with both hands and weapons, as well as how to fight. Also, his father taught Madoc how to read and write, while telling him the stories of the Iron'Uzg and an orcish clan that was seen as the best hunters and beast tamers in all of Almaris. When Madoc was 15 the ship arrived at an unknown land that was covered with sand, with long days and short cold nights, with the two orcs finally setting out to create a camp. As time move forwards, Madoc was now at the age of 18, with his father deciding that it was time for a test, to prove himself as a warrior, as he gave the young orc his axe. Madoc spent several days wandering throughout the sands in search of a beast, and finally finding one on his 2nd day of travel. The battle with the beast was a long and tiring one, with Madoc received a scar on his face and almost dying due to heat and exhaustion. However, as he was on the verge of getting killed by the beast, Madoc felt a voice in the back of his head telling him to simply give in and with no other options, the orc did just that, as the rage started slowly growing. The next thing that Madoc knew was that somehow the beast was dead and he was covered in blood, although he had no memory of anything that happened after his black out. Nonetheless, he took the beasts head a trophy and headed back to his father. As Madoc grew older, now being the age of 20, his free spirit started to overwhelm him with his need of hunting and traveling growing stronger every minute. This desire was not liked by his father, which caused the two to start arguing. At some point during the argument, Madoc once again was filled with rage and the next thing he knew, was that his father was dead as he stood next to the dead body with an axe that was covered in blood. Realizing that he's finally free, he would take the axe and his trusted bottle of rum as he would set out in a random direction in search of something to hunt. After several months, Madoc started to get bored as there was nothing to hunt for him anymore, since he was not stronger that any beast of man. Realising that there is nothing here for him anymore, he would start traveling towards the docks, where he and his father arrived a long time ago in search of a ship that would take him back to Alamris. After searching for a few hours, he found a crew which agreed to take him back. As Madoc boarded the ship, for the first time in a while, he felt a sense of excitement for the first time in a while, as he looked forward to returning to Almaris and finding the orc clan that he heard stories about from his father.
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