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  1. Name a more iconic duo... I'll wait.



    eJwFwVEOwiAMANC78L9SSqV2lzGEETazCQH2Zby7733N3U-zmn3ONlZrt2Ok2jcYs_ZYMpRay5ljOwaketk4Z0z7lT9zWFFGlafXEEgkeLIkyAEfyqzeKROjJXSyoFtceCEBe3AI71bM7w9sLiN5 (3).jpg











                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                guys its not a joke anymore this is a cry for help.

  2. im ready to start a blizzard

  3. aardvark pays uff

  4. Well San'Torr is done

  5. bokyo

    i see you have runescape avatar, if you like i can commission stake for u on runescape you keep 95% of winnings, i have high cmb lvl and 99 str good staking account.

    1. Mitz


      nah fam i dont even play rs

  6. tfw u realize 2017 is gonna be the same as 2016 because time is just another number created by humans and has no real bearing on events that occur

  7. whatsup man

    1. Travista


      I love you

  8. *Drops the severed toe that he was eating and turns to Fitz. "Ukee, zowndz hozh." *Picks back up the toe again and eats it.
  9. what a spooktacular day

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