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  1. Nemir Horen, who is leagues away in distant lands, squints. "I wonder what other nonsense is going about in Axios. It has certainly got to be nothing good, as usual," she thought aloud, glancing over to a red-haired elf travelling along with her.
  2. This is my doggo, Bella. She has wisdom whiskers This is my dwarf hamster, Buddy. I wanted to name him Rambo or Thorin, but was forced to settle on this name. And this is my cat, Angel
  3. Devs when they see this post flaring, but prefer to focus on parrots instead; Also thank you, Thomas, for pointing these things out. Putting a majority of my thoughts about this server into words, it's a major reason why I've been losing a lot of interest in this all.
  4. Nemir quietly clapped her hands together at the back end of the roaring crowd, her applaud surely being drowned out by all of the rest. A mild smile had crept onto her lips, as she was happy for the new High Prince.
  5. >when you stop caring about the endless drama on lotc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOaQOSHGfz8


  6. I've got a strong feeling that even though no one wants a temp map, there's going to be a temp map and it will be awful along with the next full map which will have only a few small things people wanted
  7. noodle boy
  8. how is your day so far

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      Pretty decent how is YOUR DAY UNBAED?

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      it is decent

  9. What are your thoughts on RP Alchemy? What do you think could be improved/changed? Perceived benefits and disadvantages? I really wish there'd be a post or at least something that won't include searching through various pages on the wiki to give clarity on potion effects and how they are properly made, along with the use of herbal ingredients. I recall seeing sources describing how to use blissfoil by slicing down the center of the thick stalks [length-wise] and using that to treat people; collecting the copious amount of oil at the base of all of the petals on the flower [or perhaps by boiling the petals in water so the oil could be collected and separated]; by grinding the petals in with a mortar and pestle until an oily paste is formed; or by just plucking the petals off of the flower and pressing them over what needs numbing for a certain amount of time. For potion effects and for how potions are used, I've seen many other ways on how they're given to people - especially ones meant for treating the injured. I've seen people give certain potions to others to drink to experience its effects, while others, including me, have applied most potions directly onto the specific area that needed to be mended. Clarifying or giving specific directions on how potions are made would be extremely helpful as well, in my opinion. I've had to RP the process of making several different types of potions and felt like I sort of just had to wing it, since there was no correct way given, which I didn't enjoy doing. Please also make a post showing all lore approved potions. I would have tried to make a post/submission clarifying the use of potions if I was able to see all of them. What are your thoughts on Nexus Alchemy? What do you think could be improved/changed based on interactions with RP alchemy? Perceived benefits and disadvantages? I don't like how people need to grind alchemy mechanically in order to have the ability to make potions even though they're skilled in doing it in RP. My character is around one-hundred and sixty and she's been working with alchemy ever since she was in her early twenties, and it doesn't make sense for her to completely lose the ability to brew potions after moving over to a new land. I never really bothered to try and grind alchemy again after coming to this map, I had worked hard enough for the last one and wasn't wanting to waste my time again for this one. Do you feel that the same should be exactly the same outside of how the potions are made (RP vs Nexus) and utilized (RP vs PvP)? Or do you think there should be differences? I think that they should be the same for how they're used both in RP and PvP, because then people would begin to get mixed up with the two uses and certain RP situations would begin to not make sense. Do you think mechanical representation should be required for all potions and poisons? Or just certain high impact ones like alchemist's fire? I say that potions used commonly for combat should have mechanical representations so people can't pull one out of their asses when they're in a sticky situation like alchemist's fire or stoneskin, and even some poisons that can kill or paralyze almost instantly. I don't typically keep mechanical representations of healing potions on me, but I don't RP having every single one on me for the sake of fairness. I do, however, keep a few in my enderchest in case someone complains about it, so I could then just take it out. I'd offer to take part in the discussion of alchemy, but I don't believe I have the time anymore. I've been busy with some other things.
  10. The one we were in last night
  11. Shaking my head ! want to do pvp?
  12. I'm doing pretty good. Had some cheerios and strawberries while watching The Great British Baking Show: Master Class how are you