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  1. nice profile picture remember to smash that mf like button subscribe and ding the bell to join my notification squad

  2. Haven't drawn much today, giving my hand a break since I've basically been drawing for the past three days.  So no art on day five.

  3. remind me to keep nemir away from your character
  4. Bye

  5. aaaa i love it, thank you <3
  6. https://gyazo.com/6f73b0d8366621034ef743038169f49f Here's my character, ignore the deer. Your art looks really nice, by the way! edit: here's the namemc just in case it could help you https://namemc.com/profile/UnBaed.3
  7. 17 oh gee
  8. Day four of the challenge


    From a John Singer Sargent portrait titled: Jacques Barenton, 1883

    1. SugarBlind


      I look forward to seeing new drawings every day. Keep it up!!

  9. My idea on what Malin looked like:


    1. The Wayward Wizard

      The Wayward Wizard

      i always knew the elves were naturally nudists

    2. UnBaed


      i need to get better at painting bodies ;-;

    3. Данстан


      His hair got some volume. He play in a band?

  10. Day three of the challenge



    Never got to finishing it, took me quite a while to just do that there.

  11. and here's the head without my attempts at the tattoos
  12. the noses look so beautiful... +1
  13. https://gyazo.com/1e870b3c54d2642d21197d749881e36e NOW GIVE ME MY STICK FIGURE
  14. What in gods name is this