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  1. what kind of sick monster would mug my boy kincaid

  2. ”It’s always the most bitter of men,” Arianne Renée thought to herself, releasing a huff as she jabbed and swung at a poor hedge with a wooden blade. ”Perhaps a monster truly does lurk inside us all, and the Poor Duke lost the battle with his.” The young girl grunted, sending another thrust toward the bush before swiftly stepping back; as if she were avoiding some imaginative attack produced by the battered shrub. She took up her stance again, sizing up the hedge once more. “May GOD bring him solace, and may GOD save the Empress.” Ari muttered between breaths, resuming her training.
  3. The fact that people keep saying we say free Hong Kong as if it’s a joke is disgusting. We are very serious about the matter and include it in our statements as a show of suppprt for that issue. We couldn’t give a **** about Minecraft points for it.
  4. To begin, I wholeheartedly agree with this post here. It is healthy to hold civil debates and to remain responsible and knowledgeable of the issues/current events of our times. Our Freedom and ability to have such discussions is what bRings powEr to the pEople. Telanir is going about this issue entirely wrong, in my eyes. Don’t punisH and put a cOllar oN everyone about political debates; punish the people who actually Go out of line. I guess this should have been expected though, since most old management on this server is too distant from the community to actively remove the roots of the problems we have. Hell, took you some years to finally cracK dOwn oN this pedophilia issue rampaGing around the server. In addition, Telanir’s behavior toward those reacting negatively to this new “rule” of his is quite disappointing. Issuing permanent warning points to individuals speaking against your new rule? Are our comments really that controversial? I understand that I, myself, may have gone a bit too far in calling you Big Brother – and for that, I apologize; however, I still believe that you had made a rather gross overreaction in giving me ”Two warning points which will never expire” As well as to claim that I mention the Hong Kong issue lightheartedly – because I didn’t. I support the protests. #FreeHongKong These penalties need better grammar (a comma would need to go after the word “points”, if you are to use the word “which” after it. If you don’t want a comma, then use the word “that”) You’re focusing on the wrong issues, @Telanir I thought I knew you to be a chill dude, what happened?
  5. I thought posts about killing characters who aren’t going to pk are not allowed
  6. #freehongkong

  7. Stop trying to silence your players and ******* take action against those actively causing problems in debates. It’s healthy and good to talk and debate about political problems, big brother. It’s a major part of our lives, and an important role for us to do. Don’t punish the people trying to have healthy, enlightening discussions. Even a 12 year old can understand that this is more than “a minecwaft wolepwaying sewvewr” – we’re a community and we like expressing our opinions. FREE HONGKONG
  8. Arianne grips the Lorraine Cross which hung from her neck as she heard news of Queen Melina’s untimely demise. Her lips pressed together, the corners of them tugging into a frown as she processed the information. The young princess of Kaedrin blinked back tears, her jaw beginning to clench and her hold on the cross tightening. “May my mother welcome you to The Seven Skies, your Majesty,” the tawny-haired girl uttered. Her heart then ached as the thought of her betrothed hearing such news of his mother’s death, and soon sought him out.
  9. Arianne Renée had joined the Hanseni forces this day, trekking out from the safety the New Reza walls offered, and into the golden fields of wheat that surrounded the capital. Although the scenery was beautiful and the autumnal winds were gentle; there was nothing but a solid tension and suspense in the air. Surrounding the young princess were armored men sporting dour expressions, their searching eyes remained locked on the southern horizon. The idle clattering of their armor, the heavy marching of their boots, and the brash commands issued by the captains were all that Ari could hear. She wore light armor of chainmail and leather, having not possessed a proper suit fitted for her size at the time. It wasn’t long until the enemy was spotted, which eventually brought forth the clattering of swords. Before Arianne knew it, the men around her were releasing wordless war-cries and charging forward with their weapons. She heard the cries of men and horses, the whistling of arrows, and the thumping of her heart. The prime area of combat appeared to be centered on Hangman’s Bridge. The men and women fighting were squished together. Some would fall and begin to get trampled, while others fell into the river below and fought with the current and the weight of their armor. The young princess knew that, with her size and current skill set, she would meet an early death should she leap into the fray with a blade. So, she scurried back and drew her short bow. There, the young princess did her best to take aim toward any Morsgradian man she saw within the waters. She wasn’t sure if she managed to land any shots, though her hands still shook once the conflict came to an end. Blood stained the wood of the bridge, seeping through the boards and into the stream beneath it – which carried away corpses of both friends and foe. After the cries of a handful of dying men petered out, quietness returned to the golden fields. The young princess had her first taste of combat, and knew that it would only get more intense from here on out.
  10. Leagues away, within a port town, a golden-haired elven woman sporting a toque hat fashioned with ermine releases a heavy exhale as she steps off of a ship. She adjusted the glasses she wore, which weren’t to aid her sight as they were of a smokey quartz, and looked about the dock filled with hustling sailors and crewmen of varying races; all lowly in her scrutinizing, yet curious, sky blue eyes. The high elven woman wrinkled her nose, turning her gaze to a nearby post which displayed a flier bearing a most familiar name to the woman – all while a halfling servant struggled with the woman’s luggage. She cracked a grin, uttering, “Seems my dear cousin has had her heart stolen! I do hope I can make it in time for the wedding.” Her lips then pressed together in displeasure at the thought of a few more months of uncomfortable carriage rides and hours to spend on rocking ships. Anarianna Laraethryn would be on her way.
  11. hey, you’re right!!! white supremacy never hurt anybody!!!! right, narthok?? right??
  12. Westward, within the Kingdom of Hanseni-Ruska, a young Kaedreni princess sits atop one of the highest balconies of the royal palace. She faced the east; where her home was – Ves. “Good work, little brother!”
  13. Miles and miles away, northward, a high elven woman named Nemir Valnelis was in the process of completing her notes on another peculiar sort of fungus. ”Do not consume,” the fair woman wrote at the bottom of the page, before proceeding to underline it many times for emphasis. She smiled to herself, content.
  14. “certainly interesting,” comments hurferdurfer himself.
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