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  1. What happened to the fluffy cow posting man? 

  2. Alexandria sips her prikaburren tea from her favorite Christiansen-Wick-themed mug. “Hell ye- I mean, Seven Skies yeah!”
  3. “They have proven themselves to be sore losers,” remarks Alexandria as she waters her herb garden.
  4. Arianne Helvets sat within one of the tents at Fort Buck, sharpening her sword before the battle that was soon to come. She wore a dour look on her features; however, her mind wandered as she prepped herself. Ari thought back to her youth, when she was just a young girl new to the Kingdom of Haense; to when the Dame Primrose had given Ari her first lesson in swordsmanship on the shores of Lake Milena. So much had changed since then, though the memory of Primrose still brought a weak smile to Arianne’s lips.
  5. Arianne Helvets wore a troubled and heavy frown on her lips as she watched the rest of Camp Rock become engulfed in flames from the walls of Fort Buck, which then switched into the Wickwald being devoured by the inferno. She spent a great majority of her life within those woods hunting and living in her solitude; it was her home. Now it was burning. What was once the sight of a thick and luscious forest under the glow of the swollen moon, was now the sight of fire and smoke that created a light bright enough to dull the stars above. Ari gritted her teeth as her eyes stung from her tears, she sent a punch toward a wooden post beside her and turned away. Alexandria Barbanov felt a pit in her stomach the following morning. The dark and heavy plumes of smoke had risen high into the skies overnight, which the young princess caught sight of from her garden atop the Royal Palace. Her hand moved to grip her silver Lorraine cross that hung from her neck as she eyed the North with unease, she uttered a prayer for the safety of her siblings and for the men of Haense. Sorrow marked her features as she spent the rest of her morning watching the smoke rise in the far distance, unsure of who may have been the cause of it. “You cannot save something by destroying it.”
  6. I got music too, you know. [And it's not witcher!] Arianne Helvets stood near the precipice of the Valwyck cliffs, the rumbling and crashing waves far beneath her blended with the distant cheers and hollers of the Haensemen calling out to the lone long-ship returning to the rest of its fleet whilst flames licked at her sails. She narrowed her eyes at the faraway figures hastily guiding the Scyfling ship away, whilst others on the deck hurriedly tried to tend to those unfortunate enough to catch an arrow; all of them looked to be in a rush and almost in a state of disarray. All but one. One, who stood in stillness and inspected their nails in deep contemplation. One named Bralt. Her features contorted into a mild grimace, though she couldn’t help but contemplate herself as the cold winds whipped at her. What shall come of all of this? Another war, certainly, for Haense to endure. And another chance for her to keep to her word. “The winds of Destiny call out to me again; this time I shall not run.”
  7. UnBaed

    Haenseni Shores

    An aging Helvetti woman is prepared to keep to her oath.
  8. Alexandria Barbanov puffs air into her cheeks as she reads through a copy of the document while sitting in the royal gardens of Haense, a mild frown tugging at her lips. “Next year’s masquerade is going to be a nightmare...” she muttered with a sigh, before resuming her planning for what she is to wear.
  9. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Ryloth


      yall really gotta be like that huh

    2. seannie
  10. An aging Kovachev woman smiles.
  11. Alexandria Barbanov wore a smile after she read through her sister’s treatise, clasping her hands together. “Excellent work, Lya!” she would comment to her sister in their residence. “Now we can get working on educating more people in Haense with the Academy! I know of some people who could really use an education; we’ll have no narrow-mindedness in our Kingdom!”
  12. Trevor Something Does Not Exist! 

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      Man of Respect

      i was filming a marketing movie yesterday and there was this crackhead walking around randomly and playing billiards alone, he looked just like trevor from GTA because of his haircut

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      That was me

  13. Alexandria Barbanov clasped her hands before herself, wearing a wide grin of her pride and excitement for her brother and her childhood friend’s soon-to-come wedding and festivities! She then resumed her diligent searching for any funny business occurring with the palace security.
  14. hey guys, does lotc look different to any of you? I logged on today and something seems different, could just be my texture pack but idk......
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