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    1. Chorale_


      I'm actually watching Spongebob rn


  2. I have nothing much to do and I want to try to get some mina along with practicing more with drawing. So I'll take requests, but I may not do them all, just so you're warned (just in case this gets flooded, idk) Only doing heads and just gonna stick with elves, humans, or dwarves right now I'll look back at this after I'm done taking a shower Drawings will go for 150 minas, it's just pencil and paper Request form: Character's name and gender: Character's race and age: Character's skin: Reference pictures (needed, unless you want me to guess how they'd look): Description of character: Examples of work Finished work (anxiety intensifies)
  3. The numbers, Mason...

  4. No...
  5. Happy birthday, I'd post some memes but pictures don't show if you're doing it on mobile 

  6. Come on, people


    1. JaxOff_


      why the **** would i accept anything of ford's

    2. ShannonLeigh



  7. Trying to get back into drawing - 


    1. Mj.


      Looks very good, keep it up!

  8. Silly goose! Girls don't exist on the internet.
  9. Literally being forced to do this poor Nemir. Here we go, captain
  10. when I was.... a young kovaboy (kovachev boy) my..... kovafather (kovachev father) took me into the..... kovacity (kovachev city).......