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  1. [Builder] Zarsies Submits To A S/M Relationship

    [Insert thoughtful and supportive comment here] Accept him! +1
  2. How long does it usually take for Self-Taught Applications to be reviewed?  I also noticed that my application was moved behind a handful of other magic applications that were posted after mine.

    1. HurferDurfer1
    2. AGiantPie


      daily reminder that magic apps are ******* stupid

    3. UnBaed


      Daily reminder that agiantpie is a meme !

  3. I haven't really gotten to know Zarsies personally, but from what I've seen from him in my (almost) three years on this server, he's proven to be excellent in writing and in displaying his unique and creative ideas. He seems like a really great guy who is competent, intelligent, friendly, dedicated, and is perfect for the Event Team. I'll gladly give him a +1 and hope that he is accepted.
  4. Writing Contest Results

    Awh, heck, when was this contest? I must have missed it ;-; If another writing contest ever pops up, I'd be more than glad to participate!
  5. Assassination of the Skion

    Nemir wearily entered her small abode deep within the Sparrow Grove. The sun had disappeared beneath the horizon hours ago and the swelling moon gleamed in the jeweled sky. The reason of the elfess' midnight hike was soon revealed as she carefully removed a jar out from the folds of her robes. Within was a gorgeous and lush white flower with three flowing petals; Crouching Feather, which was harvested most skillfully. The delicate flower was gently sat upon a wooden table in the corner of Nemir's room-of-a-house before she asked, "Allric, where'd you put that scroll that we acquired from that courier on the road?" She peered over her right shoulder so that she could see the miniature construct of clay who hid in the hood of her cloak. A small hand protruded out from the hood, the mentioned scroll in its grasp. The woman took it, saying, "Thanks, buddy." Nemir opened the scroll up and went still after reading the very first line.
  6. Awaken, My Champions

    A high elven woman sat beneath a tranquil willow tree in the Dominion, her legs crossed. One of the Far Glade tomes was opened up and resting on her lap, the page she was on was for The September Prince; The Fear. Around her were a few pages being weighted down with various pebbles to keep the wind from scattering them about. They were filled with all sorts of scribbles and notes, mainly random letters and words being compared to other letters and words, sometimes even numbers. Some were crossed out, while others were circled. "Allric, can you hand me page seven?" she queried, not taking her heavy eyes off of one of the papers in her hands. It looked the neatest out of the rest, with a half-finished paragraph written onto it; however, there were a few spaces between words and letters with a question mark written. It didn't make much sense. Something tugged on her sleeve after a moment. It was Allric, who was a foot-tall construct made out of clay. His eyes glowed a gentle purple, acting as a good accent color to the white and pink hydrangeas sitting on his head like a crown. He held up the paper the woman had requested, which she took with a nod of gratitude. "Thank you kindly." The elfess carefully scrutinized page seven, her lips pressing together and her eyebrows knitting together. After a few seconds, she took up her quill and hesitantly wrote onto the neater-looking paper: u?f?th?m??? power... ? A sigh escaped her lips. "We're gonna be here for ages, dear Allric, but don't you worry. We'll take a break soon and get you some grapes."
  7. I've known Rudi for a long time on LotC and throughout my time of knowing him, he has displayed plenty of great characteristics of himself that would make him fit perfectly into the ET. He's mature, creative, fantastic at writing, smart, and basically just a good person to be around. If he's accepted into the ET, I've no doubt he'll do an astounding job in creating unique and interesting events for the players. +1!
  8. [FA] [ST] Nemir

    MC Name: UnBaed Character’s Name: Nemir Valnelis Character’s Age: 170-something Character’s Race: High elf What will you be learning?: Further Alchemy - Homunculi How did you learn this?: My character Nemir has owned the notes of Katherine Fisher, now known as the homunculus Aislinn [SugarBlind’s characters], for several years. Katherine’s notes contain information of the contents on Further Alchemy i.e. the creation of homunculi. Nemir has recently decided to finally look over her deceased friend/nieces’s notes and to learn more about the darker side of alchemy. MC name of OOC overseer: SugarBlind Offer an explanation of what you are learning: Homunculi Homunculi are creations of artificial life through means of alchemy. Homunculi of higher quality and use, along with mere fiends, may only be created by those who are well-learned and skilled in the art of alchemy and have delved even deeper into the science to gain knowledge of such creatures’ creation; however, an average-skilled alchemist has a slim chance of creating a fiend by pure accident in their brewing as a result of a failed test. Homunculi get a majority of their traits/behaviors/characteristics from the primary Alchemy Symbol they were created from. For homunculi born beneath the Air Symbol, they’d be much more agile than their kin from the other symbols, as well as more intelligent; Water Symbol homunculi would be more emotionally collected, calm, and elegant in movement and speech; Fire Symbol homunculi would be more bold than the others and would be prone to letting their emotions getting the best of them in situations--causing them to act more careless; and lastly, Earth Symbol homunculi would be more resilient and strong-willed, making it difficult for others to have an influence on them, but they’d be much more sturdier and robust than the other fellow homunculi originating from different Symbols. Homunculi are rather selfish creatures who have little to no morals, as well as care for the descendants. They’re known to create false friendships/relationships for their own personal gain, mimicking and mirroring caring, generous behaviors. This does not mean that homunculi don’t ever do good deeds, for they can do something viewed as good and virtuous and expect something in return for their actions. The only other creatures a homunculus would most likely show some respect for would be their kin, otherwise it’d be quite the rare case for them to care for the descendants. There are different types of “evolutions” that homunculi have; stacking tiers, the next one allowing them to be stronger, more intelligent, and having longer lifespans. With enough skill and dedication from the alchemist, they can create homunculi at higher tiers, but the lower-tiered ones are likely to die before having the chance to ascend to the next tier through certain means. Tier One: Fiends Fiends may only be RP’d by ET members or through areal emotes by the creator and they cannot attack other people unless it is in self-defense. They’re the most peculiar-looking homunculi and have incredibly short lives [Three-to-four RP months]. Created from failed potions, fiends are typically small, deformed, and fiendish in appearance. They may have extra, disfigured, or misplaced limbs; tumors and/or bumps would be find on their bodies; and they may even have too little or too much hair growing on them. Fiends lack intelligence and are rather animalistic in nature, thus relying on the most basic of instincts. With enough effort, an alchemist, or perhaps anyone who stumbles upon a fiend, has the ability to tame them. Since they are unnatural creatures, they have a weakness to gold, holy magic, and the opposing element of the Alchemy Symbol they were born under. They’re not strong and, as mentioned before, smart, so there is a high chance of them dying in a violent situation; however, they can wield primitive weaponry. They’re incapable of learning magic. Due to their small and misshapen bodies, they cannot wear armor. Tier Two: Deviants In order for an alchemist to make a deviant, they must acquire a dead body. Deviants are normally products, or the outcome, of an attempted use of a potion of revival, along with other complicated alchemical procedures. Although humanoid in appearance, deviants still posses small/medium disfigurations and their skin color contains varying hues of the chosen element, or Symbol, they were born under. Blue for water, yellow for earth, white for air, and red for fire. The deformations could be as small as an incorrectly positioned eye, a lump somewhere on them, an extra or missing finger/toe, or it could be a large disfiguration such as a misshapen limb. They have low sentience and live much longer than fiends do [Ten RP years]. Their bodily strengths and cognitive abilities rely on whatever Symbol they were made from, but such traits will still remain inferior to their greater kin. If damaged, a deviant can reconstruct their body, but after existing for eight-to-ten years in-game, their bodies will begin to deteriorate and break down permanently. Similar to fiends, they have a weakness to gold, holy magic, and the opposing element of the Alchemy Symbol they were born under. One difference they have from their greater kin is that they posses the mortal trait of blood coursing through their veins, as well as having functioning organs. Deviants are incapable of practicing magic or have usable amount of mana, for they have no souls; however, they possess a soul shadow. They don’t PK upon death, their bodies reform in the Abyss. [Played as Necrolyte race] Tier Three: Aberrants Viewed as failed versions of doppelgangers, aberrants are a few steps short from reaching the near-perfected version of the artificially created descendant from their views. Being the third evolution of homunculi, an aberrant is uncanningly similar in appearance to the descendant it was created from [A character must be PK’d in order for an aberrant to be created. It can be from yourself or from another player who has agreed to PK]. Although they look strikingly similar to their “former selves,” the skin colour of an aberrant is unnatural, for it contains the shades/hues similar to a lesser-tiered homunculus. Aberrants, upon being created, no longer act as their former selves. They act like an entirely different person, even giving themselves new names upon creation. Just about every memory and associations from the former descendant are forgotten, save for a fraction of the skills they possessed in their former life as well as any other knowledge tied to it--meaning only one skill out of many would stay with them in their new “life.” An aberrants strength and knowledge are quite comparable to that of a doppelganger; the tier they’ve gotten so close to reaching. Aberrants, like deviants, possess a soul shadow, but they live significantly longer than the lesser-quality homunculi [Forty-fifty in game years, or one IRL year]. They do not PK upon death, their bodies reform in the Abyss. They have blood in their bodies, but their organs don’t function. They cannot practice magic and are vulnerable to gold, holy magic, and the opposing element of the Alchemy Symbol they were born under. [Played as Necrolyte race] Tier Four: Doppelgangers Commonly known as physically perfected form of a homunculi, as well as the rarest. A doppelganger looks exactly like the PK’d character who had died to be created into one of these, which means a character must be PK’d in order for a doppelganger to be made. OOC permission must be given in order for another person’s character to be PK’d for the purpose of being turned into a doppelganger, if no permission is given, then another character must be found to use. Although the doppelganger looks exactly like the former descendant who had died for it to be created, they possess no memories of of that descendent and are entirely a different person. They, just like aberrants, give themselves new names upon creation. One thing, however, that the doppelganger keeps is knowledge on all skills previously learned by the deceased descendant whose body they inhabit. The personality of a doppelganger is based off of the Alchemy Symbol they were created with, along with physical traits of theirs [Still holding no empathy toward descendants, as well as lacking morals. They may have a motivation or desire to try and achieve something far greater than their artificially perfect states, like when lesser-tiered homunculi desire perfection]. When killed, the body of the doppelganger disintegrates and leaves behind the Symbol that flows through their veins [water/ice, dirt/sand, fire/ash, smoke/air], and then reforms in a safe location, which is usually the Abyss. The internal organs of a doppelganger remain the same as they had been before the descendant had perished, but they do not function since all bodily fluids are replaced with the elements associated with the Alchemy Symbol they were created under. Doppelgangers live the longest of the other homunculi [Exact age depends on several factors, including original race the descendant used to make the doppelganger was and the power of the catalysts used in creating them. They live as long as their race, if not, then longer by 20% the lifespan]. They do not age and, in fact, look exactly has the way the former descendant did before they died throughout their life. Their hair does not grow, but they can use hair-growing potions to fix that issue. No wound inflicted upon a doppelganger leaves behind a scar as they have no soul to blueprint upon [They have soul shadows, however], and they even have mild regenerative properties. Smaller cuts heal within minutes for a doppelganger, but larger wounds usually take a few days, depending on the size of the injury. They are exceptionally stronger, faster, and smarter than the previous descendant was, but still remain vulnerable to gold, holy magic, and the opposing element of the Alchemy Symbol with were created with. Doppelgangers, like the rest of the homunculi, cannot practice magic. Being killed doesn’t force a PK on them, but being inactive without using proper preservation means. Provide evidence you have proper means of learning this: Sugarblind’s character Katherine has RPly made notes when she was learning about homunculi back in the beginning of Axios and has left them behind for Nemir when she was made into a doppelganger. You can speak with Sugarblind for confirmation of this, if needed. She will be helping me out and guiding me OOCly through this to ensure I don’t make any mistakes in RP. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of this by using Magic List Errors?: Yes Have you applied to this before and had it denied?: No
  9. A good idea. Whenever I RP sending letters to people, I emote using couriers, but I never actually emote my character approaching a random NPC and giving them an already written and sealed letter. I'm always sure to send letters whenever my character would actually be capable of writing one--which is most likely at home or wherever she works at the time-- [Which would also be an actual letter, for the most part, not just a sentence-long message that is more of a waste of materials and time than a useful way to pass information] and is able to hire a messenger to deliver the letter.
  10. Tahmas' Post-Cleanup MT Application

    Out of the time that I have known Thomas, he has proven himself to be extremely talented, hardworking, intelligent, competent, and honest. I personally believe that he would make a great addition to the team and that you should at least give him a chance to prove himself again if you do not believe me. I understand that some people definitely do not wish to see Thomas on a staff team ever again after seeing how he was as an Administrator, but you need to understand that no one can be perfect-- especially in such a stressful and difficult position. And besides, if he becomes part of the MT, it's not like he's an Administrator again. And if you still fail to realize that the perfect human being, who is incapable of making any form of mistakes and can cater to everyone's exact wants and needs, doesn't exist on this Minecraft roleplaying server, where the staff members give up their free time to work to make the experience better, then it seems that no amount of convincing can be done to help you. +1
  11. I agree with Thomas on this. -1 sorry
  12. can i write lore of the offline dimension?  it is where everyone goes in rp when we log off, you can't hear raiders attacking your city right outside of your home while there so it gives the rules some logic 

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      can't ring any bells when you're dead, sorry man.  can i have your items?  i took them when i killed you


      also people around here kind of call me cool, so it'd be normal if you called me cool too you know?  i'm not saying you need to call me cool, it'd just be okay if you did...

    3. Mordu


      yo cool, I had already had my 40+ guards defending my body while I was offline. I meta-rallied them to me because I don't have to RP for them to know that I'm being attacked offline or online!!!

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