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  1. what pixel power do i gotta have to have a gm body guard

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. UnBaed
    3. MunaZaldrizoti


      play their child, works for me most of the time 😅

    4. EpicHalflingMan


      Didn't mean that to come off as "Ooh I hate oren", like all mods live in Oren its really weird

  2. https://youtu.be/0bjB-IWEYI0 “Do anything rather than marry without affection.” [[Jane Austen]] 1809 The late summer in the Orenian Empire was always a sweltering season; however, it always offered the most scenic views of sunsets and sunrises. This particular morning, the sun’s rays donned a peachy hue and the sky displayed a gentle blue. The nocturnal music of the crickets shifted into the soft warble of songbirds as dawn arrived, bringing with it a grand day of celebration and merriment; a wedding between the Ducal Houses of Helvets and d’Ar
  3. Alexandria Karina Wick had been in Karosgrad again for the past two months, having decided to return to the City of Crows for the winter season rather than wait out the snows in the Scyfling camps or Rubern. She was certainly content with her decision, for her husband was always the cause for her smiles - and the harsh weather and travelling was beginning to have more of a toll on her due to her age. Now she understood part of why Segn, The Vile Tooter, was always so grumpy and curt. She was seated at the desk within their bedchambers, reading through the old notes of her sister
  4. Margaux Helvets wore a fond smile as she thought of her dear cousin, she had overheard the news of his transformation into Count through her mother as the young Helvetti woman was preparing to tend to her garden. Her pomeranian and poodle, Fergus and Lucille, accompanied her outside in order to bask in the sunlight. "I've high expectations for him," Margaux idly commented to her dogs, though mostly thought aloud to herself as she watered her Kaedreni roses. "Perhaps I ought to send him a celebratory bouquet as well as some gifts."
  5. Why shouldn’t you hire short people as chefs?

    Because the steaks are too high.

  6. "Glad to finally see some more respect being given to the Princesses of Hanseti-Ruska, shame that titles are niet given to all daughters as they are for the sons," grumbles the aging Princess Alexandria as she rubs her arthritic wrist.
  7. pbbbllllttt

    1. Xarkly



  8. The world was darkened for the young Margaux, literally, for she wore a veil of mourning over her eyes. Her mother had dressed her in a blackened dress with long sleeves with white frills as an accent, fastened to her chest was a small clump of weeping willow flowers. Their gentle pink petals made for a rather nice, colorful, addition to her rather dreary outfit. She wasn't quite sure how to feel about her father's passing, for the young Helvetti girl had never lost anyone closed to her before. Would she ever see him again? Does he miss her as much as she longs to see him aga
  9. ok the moss making u a jobnny chiter you been whisper to dirt for long time now maybe u r done idk. guy u r blocked. babom.

    1. UnBaed


      Do not from me.  People

  10. not fun when hes camping u (jonny pvping) right at ur spawn just not funnerak wtf just dumb2

    1. UnBaed


      I’m not ready for another wave of pvp videos with dudes trying to drop their LotC mixtapes in them I just can’t go through it again man

    2. johnnywar


      not me not me

    3. UnBaed
  11. how is this fun

    1. ErikAzog


      At least I don't have to pay a subscription 

    2. FlemishSupremacy
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