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  1. He already abuses me as a GM, d-don't give him more power..... +1 though
  2. @ShannonLeigh @Rudi_ @Jake! @Eggles the Beagles
  3. a big bully @Thomas CASSH ME OUTSIDE
  4. Nemir's lips hinted to a small frown as she recalled her days serving the lords of Carnatia, her eyebrows had knitted themselves together and her nose faintly wrinkled. "After years of being loyal to Sergei and his father, he repaid me with that," she said, contempt in her voice. Her hands balled into fists, though eased as her thoughts wandered on. "Henrik seemed different than his father, however. Perhaps he didn't know... I hope his son is as good as he was, along with his grandfather Jan. I'd return if I could." ((o7, sorry @NJBB, you know I had to do it to em
  5. perfect.......
  6. I suppose the title says it all. I'm looking for new music to listen to and could use some more suggestions. Music that I'm interested in is slow, a little quiet, or has just got good emotion to it. I don't normally listen to music with lyrics in it, but lately I've been finding some songs that are kinda neat sometimes. Slowcore Post rock Musical scores Classical Piano Other So post your suggestions, I'm interested in finding more music to listen to.
  7. Nemir hastily worked in her alchemic laboratory, hunched over a bottle containing a swirling green liquid. She was sprinkling a powder into it, its color hard to tell due to the gentle flickering light of the small torch across the room. The torch’s orange light softly reflected off of the cold walls of stone, cloudy glass jars, bottles, vials, and the white hair of the exhausted elf. Her eyes were dour and heavy with the desire to rest, they were focused greatly on the bottle in her hand as she mixed in the ingredients to her concoction. “I can get more rest later,“ she had uttered after corking the finished potion, attaching it onto her belt with various other small vials clipped into it. The elf looked as if she were ready to answer a letter of plea to tend to their friend’s wounds, save for the worn out look. “I’m so close now…”
  8. I believe that usually occurs when your connection to the server isn't all too good. Perhaps it is the server. I've been getting it, but only for a few seconds. It could mostly be on your end, might be a large storm near you or something with your internet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. The gentle hand that loved planted the seed which had grown into this dark flower. It was oblivious, mistaken, seeing or hoping for the seed to make something beautiful. It was a blind, idiotic fool. It started forever ago… When I was blinded with love, it began. Would this all not have happened if I said no? I’ve made a mistake and I refuse to step out of it for how gorgeous it is; I’m still in love. Is it a mistake, though? Without him, I’d have succumbed to the Fear. Without him, I’d have been lost. Nurtured by grief and hatred, the seed sprouted. And with time, it grew. Saturated in reformed fear, obscured by the horrific, The seed grew unnoticed. I could have stopped it. I could have put it all to an end, but I was weak. Was I allured by his words? His harmless words of his concern and doubt which I took to heart. Will my love always bring forth this pain? Perhaps I deserve to be lost. Guided with the faint uncertainty, The plant rose. There, it basked in a dark light coming from a dreary sun. A bud formed. Sorrow, misery, and despair They’ve latched onto me when I was in love both times, clinging onto my back and legs and just waiting. They wait to sink their teeth into my flesh and to drag my soul and heart down when a drop of doubt, worry, or guilt is set into my mind. Why am I like this? Why do they forever linger? It blossomed. The petals were of grief, frustration, contempt, and woe. Its scent was of regret, hatred, and sadness. With such heavy and burdensome feelings, the petals drooped low. I’ve felt lost for the past several months. The more I aimlessly wander, the more numb I become. I’ve grown cold again, I’ve noticed. His beautiful smile gives me no warmth, his sweet words bring me scarcely any comfort. My swirling thoughts are forming a wall, a shell. It must be broken, but how? I refuse to return to it. It was a flower of her fears and woes. How long until it will finally wither away? I must continue searching.
  10. Give my potato son back! +1
  11. An UnBaed sat alone in her room, stuck in the aesthetic loop of listening to synth wave music along with vapor wave. Her hair was poofy since she had just taken it out from being in a bun all day, her legs ached from running a lot in team sports, and she was exhausted after the long week. The memer's head slowly bobbed rhythmically to the tune coming from her headset and the day was at its golden moment; her room glowed a warm amber. Rays of orange light flowed through her window, washing over the snoozing cat called Angel. It wouldn't be long until the suns glowing fingers turned into a burning red and slipped beneath the firey horizon, bringing in the cool night of Minnesota. The UnBaed was scrolling and clicking through the LotC forums. Her tired eyes lit up at the word, "memes" and immediately went to the post made by the wondrous Shannon Leigh. The memes were spicy and relatable, bringing a smile to her lips. She scrolled down, giving her friend reputation before continuing further down the page to write... "proud of u" :R
  12. @Tahmas
  13. @Jake!