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  1. A good guy! From the time that I've spent with Rammer, he is always polite, helpful, and interested in doing good for the server or a person
  2. On a scale of 1-10 how would rate my pvp skills? What is your favorite poem? Favorite book? Are you happy I finally asked different questions this time?
  3. Nemir shakes her head!!
  4. let me sleep more

  5. Nemir sweats.
  6. uwu :R
  7. The art is very nice, by the way. I like the shading. I always struggle with that
  8. you stop that no no
  9. hexe how could you
  10. Nemir thinks to herself, I can be a Horen... Nemir Horen then nodded her head, continuing on with her day.
  11. I have memes
  12. Nemir sweats.
  13. Nemir, upon seeing one of these posts, released a quiet sigh and muttered something to herself. "He truly has changed... Oh, dear.. What will Gilhiel think of this?" The elfess' voice was solemn, fear and pity showed in her blue-gray eyes. ((I'm on mobile so no pretty font ;( bone boy