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  1. Nemir Valnelis does a practical double-take as she came across the missive. “What in the gods name has this mess escalated to?” she murmured to herself, releasing a heavy sigh.
  2. favorite moment in our current dnd campaign? thoughts on nemir now? would you call yourself a gamer?
  3. I made a meme on my phone for this, better be appreciated 🔫 @WuHanXianShi14
  4. If that is the case, do you think it possible for a GM to get my items out of his itemcache? What even is the command to access that as a player lmao
  5. **MC Names of all involved** UnBaed, PeachLova, Stormcl0ak_ **Description** I have recently moved into a home within Irrinor [Treehouse 16, to be exact]. The previous owner had been evicted before I moved there, who I presume to have been Stormcl0ak_. I was given access to the house by PeachLova, so I locked the doors and a single chest that was within the corner of the first floor and began to start decorating the home! I had to turn the single chest in the corner into a double chest, so that I could fit more of my items that I was transporting as well as the building materials I would require when decorating my home. In order to save inventory space and to make building go by much more smoothly, I decided to store the usual items I carried on my person into the double chest. According to my memory, I had a full set of iron armor; a plain iron sword; some RP items (which shall be showed below); and a book and quill, filled with notes kept by my character. But I know that likely won’t be given back to me, so I’ve made my peace in wasted time and effort with that. Alongside those items, I transported just about all of the herbs I’ve collected in regards to the botany pluggin. What were the exact number and herbs that I have gathered? I do not remember and did not keep track of them, since I wasn’t expecting to have an entire chest of my items to be completely wiped out with no warning. But I know I had just about every herb there currently is on the server, since I found the pluggin to be quite fun to interact with and since my character has been practicing alchemy just about all the time I have been on the server (four or so years). Besides my herbs and RP items, I had the chest filled with various building materials to decorate my home with and to make it all nice and pretty. I understand those likely won’t be returned to me, but it’s still incredibly frustrating to have to deal with this nonsense. Getting back to the story, however, I spent some time decorating my house a bit and getting the outlines of what I wanted completed down. I was getting rather close in completing it too! I just needed to find a handful of building materials to add some proper details and flavor to my home, but it was getting incredibly late and I was burnt out for the day so I decided to hop offline for the night. This was around 2:00 AM CST for me. I woke up in the morning, spent some time chilling before deciding to hop back onto the server and add the finishing touches to my home. I believe this was around 12:00 PM CST for me. So I logged onto the server, got HYPED to place blocks down on this minecraft server and I went to approach my chests to get my building materials. This was when I realized I was locked out of my double chest! I was incredibly confused! I typed /cinfo to see who now owned the lock the my chest of valuable pixels and it was Stormcl0ak_. I typed /seen on Stromcl0ak_ and it had said he hadn’t been on the server in over a day, so he couldn’t have logged on overnight to have used some glitch to access my belongings, which led me to figure that this was some glitch. Still confused and mildly irritated, I made a modreq to try and have his lock removed. I then realized no moderators were available and I wasn’t really in the mood to wait a few hours to have it answered, so I sought out PeachLova’s help. While she came over to my home to assist me, the glitch occurred again with my house’s doors! My front entrance consists of two doors, and one of them was locked again by Stormcl0ak_. I had thought it weird, and was even more confused when the OTHER door was suddenly locked by him as well after I had just been able to open and close it – so now, within a span of ten seconds, my access to the locks I owned had been removed and replaced by Stormcl0ak_ due to this glitch. PeachLova helped me in evicting them, as well as removing Stormcl0ak’s ownership on my chest of materials. So I went to finally open my double chest of valuables to resume decorating my home, only to find that EVERYTHING was wiped and cleared. **Date of occurance** 8/11/19 – around 12:00 – 12:30 PM CST **In game specifications** My Minecraft username is UnBaed, I was on my Nemir Iyliar persona. I was in the city if Irrinor, I don’t know what else you’d like. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Evict a door or a chest 2. Lock that door or chest yourself 3. Wait for it to revert back to its previous owners lock 4. Proceed to lose all of your items **Expected Behavior** <!--- Tell us what should happen → My locks should never have been reverted and I shouldn’t have had my entire chest wiped of my materials. **Actual Behavior** <!--- Tell us what happens instead → My locks should have stayed on the chests and door, and my items should have never disappeared in the first place. **Additional Information** <!--- Please provide any additional information here → The RP items of mine that had gone missing, and that I would definitely like refunded or somehow returned to me were: **Error Message** <!--- If you received an error then please post it in the empty space below, – I received no error message.
  6. Nemir couldn’t help but smile as she heard word of the return of Lorraine and the name d’Amaury. The golden days of her youth in Vailor returned to her; memories of golden fields and luscious forests of oak surrounding Summerhall flitted through the elven woman’s mind.
  7. Nemir smiles, the elven woman eager to see the future of another free elven nation growing near Llyria; a non-oppressive, non-dark mage, non-demon, and wholesome nation!
  8. Nemir screeches as she finds a spider skittering across her pillow and proceeds to whack it to death with a nearby object, burning the pillow afterwards. The next day, the elven woman practically choked on her drink as she heard news of spider people hiding within Llyrian territory. “WHAT?!”
  9. Nemir whacks a spider creeping across her desk with a rolled up piece of paper. “DIE, DIE, DIE!” she screeched. The elven woman certainly did not like spiders. The mere thought of arachnid folk living near her home caused her features to visibly blanch.
  10. What is a favorite LotC memory of yours? What are your OOC thoughts about my character Nemir? Do you like my icon? What is your favorite piece of art in history? Why the **** did you make blue chicken?
  11. Nemir frowned. “Huh.”
  12. UnBaed

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