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  1. he's definitely a better person, guys!  trust me!  :clown

    1. UnBaed


      the circus is here!! im so honored, do a little dance you clowns!  sing a little song of your love for rapists and nazis! 

    2. UnBaed


      here is a tooth brush so you can scrape off the mud from charlemange's boots off of your tongue, freaks

  2. keep this thread open, let people continue to report themselves lmfao
  3. most pathetic thing i've read:



    Calling a thread about rape and death threats a cry for attention.

    1. VictoriaMinaj


      it's always the incels with the lamest pfps ever

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      >charging extra for MM because someone stays banned



    3. monkeypoacher
  4. im saying you have absolutely shit principals edit: also i cant stop laughing at your response lol you actually thought it was cool to type that
  5. ******* finally. Everyone take note of the stout defenders of that freak. Keep an eye on them.
  6. The player Charlemagne has threatened two players with rape and death-threats, and remains on the server.


    I will be posting this often now until he is banned.

  7. Don't worry guys! We're safe from rape-threats because now we know that this guy made a rape threat. Our knowledge keeps us safe from this happening again! Again, refer to my comments on how too many of us overthink bans and for some reason treat them like death sentences for a minecraft server -- chase this ******* piece of filth off the server, he does not belong here.
  8. I understand that certain AI detecting programs may be flawed, but come on Generated or not, I never even took your apology on this thread as sincere; it just seemed like something you were forced to say now that evidence of your behavior is shown. I don't think you're a changed person, I just think you're better at hiding it. If you were truly changed and showed remorse, you would have immediately tried to make amends and prove to the people you shitted on, that you threatened, long before this thread was made.
  9. who gives a shit if he's changed, or was nice to someone else recently - dude still made rape threats, and you're [figurative you for those defending him] arguing for people to get over it and let him play minecraft with us again. i would spit on this guy irl if i encountered him, because of the disgusting shit he said in those screenshots about other players who are still on this server it's clear they're not comfortable with a guy like that around, and i'm not comfortable either. seeing the amount of absolutely deaf tone and horrendous takes on this thread trying to dismiss threats of rape and genuine hate comments against an LGBTQ person is so mind boggling would you feel so confident to show your comments off to your mother or grandmother?
  10. the amount of people that overthink punishment and bans for a minecraft server is insane and the amount of people that are so willingly to forget the most vile shit someone's done for the sake of minecraft is also insane A good point was made earlier that there is no such thing as permanent bans on this server, unless its a TOS or you're just not in favor of the admins at all (the latter being something for special cases). We keep making the mistake of letting the worst of our community BACK onto the server because "oh, well.. its been a few months, or a year - surely they have changed by now, everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves!" it's a minecraft server, a minecraft server where someone threatened rape and made extremely hateful comments. Even for others, there's EXTREME cases of harassment, doxxing, smearing of names, ect - and these players are welcomed back because it would be a major injustice to keep them ostracized from our holy and sacred community. Start kicking scum out and keeping them out, it's what keeps this server as a festering mess and promotes little change of behavior. It'll continue to drive new players away, or bring in even worse individuals.
  11. from fascist symbolism to fascist terms, really makes u think

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    2. Xarkly


      @Haseroth i'll send you some grass dude responding with that when someone's talking about saying ave mussolini on the forums is prolly the worst take i've ever seen, and that's a high bar on lotc

    3. Summerisdumb


      Hey guys Smmer here, im in this status thread to show you my favorite video of all time and give you some backstory on it. 

      its gandalf but get this! they edited it to fit the sax music and its really cool! and like really shows the creativity individuals have within them, i think we should all listen to it on discord call for the allotted time of the video. 

    4. UnBaed


      Try to be normal about Minecraft challenge: IMPOSSIBLE

  12. can someone help me find felsen, i got lost after going through dour watch

    1. Nooblius


      felsen my beloved

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