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  1. Far off, a slender elf with milky-white hair scratched away at a book's parchment with her pen. There were often times in her work that she'd wonder how that strange alchemist was doing, even after these unfolding centuries. Unaware of his passing, she would be left to only wonder.
  2. if you dont want big crp, dont go looking for it.ย  Raiding a city should have consequences in RP, you automatically welcome a big defensive reaction in RP if you go attacking city squares.ย  I hate the argument that "dark mages wouldnt have a chance otherwise!" for CRP Lock


    CRP Lock was introduced to protect smaller and DISCREET attacks from forming into a giant battle.ย  CRP lock was NOT introduced to strangle conflict and force encounters to be to the attackers advantage in massive raids

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Laeonathan


      omg!! unbaed you are so smart! bring down crp lock to your raid number... if its >4 you can't lock!

      I genuinly think this is v smart.ย 


      this sounds like irony but I legit think this is a really good idea

    3. Suzzie


      if you're gonna attack the freaking MAIN SQUARE of all things, yeah. no lock if it's a big raid that's so dumb, and to me borders on failrp because arguably.. if stuff happens in the main part of town, it's reasonable for people/characters to respond and locking it out feels like an abuse of rules

      this is truly an example of, do stupid things earn stupid prizes

    4. Scourge


      This isย a ploy by big CRP

  3. Your reasoning is a little odd, for arguing about lore conflicts. To my knowledge, I don't think Naztherak are filled with malflame - just like Mystics aren't filled with ectoplasm. There's no risk of combustion, and there's no way they can cast two magics at the same time (unless they powergame like me) Both of them possess the ability to conjure the material. As for heavy soul alteration, the previous mentions seems like it was tied to massive slot-taking magics, that transform the character more into a creature (with a CA) or be influenced by a dieity that would be insulted with the presence of a magic that defies their powers. I don't care if this is accepted or denied personally, though if you're wanting to set a precedent for the lore - you should also look to include some other magics. Why doesn't blood magic become incompatible, for how it alters the soul? Or necromancy?
  4. "MY TATTOO BUSINESS!!!!" Cried out a humble lavender artist, Ilaria.
  5. diablo 4 ost save me..

    save me.....

    save me diablo 4 ost...

    1. TeawithFrisket


      Its mid imo

    2. UnBaed


      dont listen to her


  6. april fools was yesterday when will this weird crusade end
  7. just be nice to ur fellow minecrafters FOR ONCE PLEASE!!!

  8. Perfect day of celebration :) I hope all trans players continue to feel safe and supported on here
  9. This feels like a rather strange way of dictating character interactions through lore, feels more appropriate to be forming coven mindsets in RP if you'd rather not see that niche of RP around you. Example to make a warlock prove themselves can just be killing or maiming a loved one to prove their dedication to their path, or be forced to face other consequences - promotes more villainy and further embraces the dark, evil coven aesthetic
  10. UnBaed

    minas art commission

    for sure worth 4k and more if people cant afford then click on a diff post
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