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  1. Nemir shoots out of bed, awakening from a horrid nightmare! “AHCK!”
  2. Always loved you, Zarsies ❤️ You’ve always been fun to RP with on this server, even though we didn’t get to RP together a lot
  3. Remember to drink water today!

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    2. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam

      I drank a lot of alcohol today but no water

    3. UnBaed


      oh dear........

    4. Ayoou


      Blood is my water. I drink it everyday

  4. Be sure to take some time today to do something you enjoy!  Read a book, watch your favorite movie, or go take a nap.

  5. How are you today? What is your favorite book? What makes that your favorite book? What is your favorite plant? What is a meme going around right now that always makes you smile?
  6. Chesna Kovachev hummed a gentle tune to herself as she made her departure from her lovely evening in Selm, gazing admirably out the window of her carriage as the sun disappearing behind the horizon in the distance. It would be a lengthy journey back to the Kingdom of Haense, no doubt, so she began to doze off into a light slumber; guided by the comforting warmth of the portly wine in her stomach, and the idle whinnies of the horses drawing her carriage along the path. It certainly was a wonderful night in Selm!
  7. A smile curls onto the lips of Chesna Kovachev, the young woman beaming with pride as a medical revolution sweeps over the Kingdom of Haense!
  8. A lost bat, stricken with grief of her passing father, allows a rare smile to adorn her lips as she hears of Milena’s fitting title.
  9. If Axelu’s post was made because of how he was treated OOCly, then isn’t that still a spiteful OOC post disguised to be something for RP – even from a character that was long dead, and with no way for those alleged letters to be released?  This situation is just very messy, for both sides.  This status update is not to defend the responses of certain Haense players, either.  Just to point out a strange coincidence that sparked this situation.


    1. UnBaed


      @Braxis Very sorry for pinging you about this, as I know you’re either asleep or trying to wind down after a night of drama.  Don’t feel rushed at all about offering a response tonight, I’m more than fine with waiting until the morning.  But is it possible for you to offer your opinion on this, since you seem to be the unfortunate GM having to watch over this situation?  If you’d prefer not to reply on the forums either, I ask that you PM me on Discord. UnBaed#3468


      Because, to me, Axelu’s post seems to be greatly OOC-fueled and targeted to either ruin the royal family of Haense’s reputation after sour OOC interactions, or to spark up more arguing and toxicity on the forums because of how he claimed he was treated on an OOC field.  Either way, it feels obvious of Axelu’s reasoning. Should that not warrant for his post to be removed like similar comments on his post?


      I’d ping Axelu to let him be aware of this, but I’m not wanting to spark another argument.

    2. FlemishSupremacy


      We already established that Axelu has played several haense princesses and a queen, and isn’t bothered at all by not getting one, as it’s not that special. 


      It’s an RP post, deal with it IRP.

    3. UnBaed


      I’ve stated that this is not because he wasn’t given a Haense character.  I said that this is because of Axelu’s claims of how he was treated on an OOC level by the Haense leadership. To me, it’s clearly not an RP post and I will still gladly wait to speak with Braxis about his opinion. 

  10. I am glad that this post was made. Life is too short to cause drama and spread hatefulness. I understand that I may be imperfect at times, or even petty in others, but I often try my hardest to be kind to others. I’ve heard about so many stories on how someone's thoughtless and small act of kindness ended up changing a person’s life, or even saving them from suicide. Those stories have always stuck with me. We’re all here to have fun and write stories, or to at least escape whatever terrors of reality there is by stepping into a world of our own creation. So why make this creation of ours bitter? Also, an edit; don’t use this post as an excuse to point fingers at Haense and only Haense. There are many flawed people on this server, in many different player-bases. So I ask that you take a moment to reflect upon yourself and your behavior/actions on this Minecraft server, and I want you to ask yourself; is all of this hate worth it?
  11. RP Name:: Nemir Valnelis MC Username: UnBaed Discord: UnBaed#3468 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: To pursue scholarly interests, and to conduct research What Skills Can You Bring?: Knowledge of alchemical and medicinal arts, as well as a great many of other topics to offer insight and document discoveries
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuFEzQzgcHU Reconstruction of the New Reza clinic, completed in 1748 [[Shaders used: BSL Shaders]] Having been named after the Patron Saint of passion and service, the remade clinic of New Reza shall move forth in its steps to uphold such symbols of the revered Saint of Cordoba. The former clinic had fallen into a state of stagnancy, which has left the usage of medicines and the need for physicians to be forgotten in the royal capital. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska is a strong-standing kingdom, with hardy warriors and bright-minded citizens; however, there has been a fault within our very own foundations; which was not taking our own lead in heading the education and nurturing of our people. It is time for the Hanseti people to step up and care for ourselves. The goals of Saint Michael’s Clinic is to educate and stand ready to tend to any ailed citizen that comes our way. With these goals in mind, the clinic will be creating essays and books on varying herbs, medical practices, and instructions on preparing minor remedies. Additionally, apprenticeships will be offered and private lessons shall be held to further educate and better develop aspiring physicians. [Note: There may be a limit to how many apprentices are taken in at a time, depending on the availability of experienced staff.] OOC Commentary: I would put this in a spoiler, but I hate the white background for spoilers. For around the four or so years that I have been on this server, I have always loved doing alchemy/herb/medic RP. I remember my friend Shannon and I working together to teach ourselves about the various herbs on the server, or trying to figure out how to make certain potions. I remember teaching myself medieval practices in treating injuries, or trying to figure out how certain plant-types were used traditionally in order to make medicines, and then incorporating that into my roleplay with the herbs on LotC. I’ve always had the most fun in doing that sort of roleplay, though I’ve realized some time ago that I had a flaw in my RP; a flaw that I’ve realized that many people have in their RP. That flaw is always having your character be able to save your patient, no matter the severity of their injury. Yes, a lot of that was allowed due to the powerful traits of the old potions from alchemy, though it is an issue that still exists. The flaw extends out to other forms of RP; not many people are interested in having their characters lose, and not many people are wanting their characters to experience conflict. But that is how stories are made - they are fueled by conflict. Star Wars would have never happened if the Sith didn’t cause issues; Lord of the Rings would have been dull of Sauron wasn’t wanting to enslave everyone. So, with this clinic, I want to try and encourage those RPing around it to allow their characters to struggle and to work with others in developing stories with each other, rather than trying to have the, “I win, you lose” scenario. Clinic Staff These staff members are approved and trusted by the Surgeon General to help uphold the ideals of the Saint Michael’s Clinic by serving the Hanseti people. Surgeon General Head figure of medicine and medical practices in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Chesna Kovachev [[IGN: UnBaed | Discord: UnBaed#3468]] Apprentices: No longer taking anymore on. - Ainsley Nansen [[IGN: DashingStar]] - Maya Valeriya [[IGN: Eryane]] - Franziska Klara (lessons will begin once child is older) [[IGN: yandoe]] Physician Medics of the clinic trusted by the Surgeon General to tend to whatever issues may be brought to them, capable of taking on apprentices. Nolan O’Hara [[IGN: TwistedFries | Discord: TwistedFries#1055]] Apprentices: Not taking on apprentices. Specialist A trusted member of the clinic whose primary focus of practice relies on one field, rather than all required to be deemed a full on physician. Ranks within specialists vary from Surgeon to Apothecary. Selrik Wick [[IGN: FlyingHalfMast | Discord: +[+-]#0373]] Surgeon Apprentices: – Rin Prunus Dulcis [[IGN: AmberCats]] Siegmund Wick [[IGN: SomebodyHelpMe | Discord: Gavyn#4574]] Apothecary Apprentices: None. Assistant A reliable helping hand around the clinic, trusted to deal with less threatening issues or aid anyone while a Physician or the Surgeon General isn’t present. Aedan Capulei [[IGN: Aidoro | Discord: Aidoro#0946]]
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