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  1. Cheap Commissions by Rella

    I love you
  2. Can we turn LotC into the Great British Baking Show instead?
  3. An Empty Feeling

    Nemir keeps Toren in her thoughts as she continued on with her duties, hoping to, one day, see him again.
  4. I will accept payment in respect and in respect only.
  5. Looking for Girlfriend

    Nemir scratches her chin, pondering aloud, "And I thought girls didn't exist..."
  6. Lower the amount of spooks?

  7. Lower the amount of spooks?

    Just let people Rp what they want to Rp.
  8. [Telekinesis][TA] Kav's cute TA

    tele-kek-nesis, amirite?
  9. [Accepted] Inactive guy's FM App

    My son
  10. [Blood Magic][MA] Benjamin

    *heavy breathing*
  11. Nemir gives the flier a dubious look. "Right."
  12. Hey man maybe calm down