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Gusano Arentonio

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  1. Political Compass thread

  2. 201 notifications whew lads

    1. Slayy


      Nice to see you too

  3. Letters Patent for the Transfer of Peerage, Courland, 1634

    Thomas Edward quirks a brow.
  4. Tempered Australian Magic Team Application

    hello yes this lovely australian lad could make me very proud so let him make us all proud
  5. [Player Report] Devvy

    ban her right now she's done unspeakable things to me
  6. the joys of being european!

    i mean i cant complain i get paid to go to college oh wait this is about the lack of gms yeah its the accents
  7. [Plugin] How has this server lasted so long without this?!?

    yeah honestly if they don't add waffles the server should just be shut down.
  8. Put a lock on the elven race

    force the (probably) second most played race to be more inactive? haha yes let's see how low we can go. humans should be CA because some get rly old and dont die!!!!
  9. let dewper out of jail. im willing to playthe bail.

  10. GM Update Log - September

    smart choice.
  11. The Dominion Protectorate Act, 1631

    Thomas wrings his hands, "About time."