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  1. ((Jesus christ this is good and now I'm sad
  2. what is this trash-tier shitposting
  3. Minecraft name/s: VosAnimaMea, AngsFiance. Age: 16. Timezone: GMT+1 Skype/Discord: You have both of these and they are not public information, but if anyone wants them you can find them on my forum profile. What is your availability: I’m mostly free when I’m not at school and sleeping, which leaves a good 8 hours or something like that probably. I will also state here that I am unlikely to be very active in chats/work until late June, as that is when my exams finally end. Also I will be working on my exams until the 23rd of June, so I won't be available as much as I'd hope to until then! How would you improve how the Game Team handles things?: I mean the GM team is doing pretty good, feel like they’re lacking a bit on modreqs but that’s not something I can change as a contributor. Preferably the thing I’d focus the most on is creating community activities to show that we’re not all robots. If you could add one thing to the Game Team, what would it be?: There is not really anything in particular I would add, the Game Team is doing quite good at the moment. Perhaps a way for players to come to Game Team members and addressing issues that they don’t really see as ‘modreq able’ but things that could perhaps spark a new project for a Game Team member. Why do you wish to contribute to these discussions?: I wish to contribute to discussions so I can provide my opinion and points to it. I don’t really think there’s much else to say here, I just want to be able to have a voice through a means that isn’t screaming at Thomas. What would you ideally wish to work on if you were a member of the Contributor System?: Hopefully what I’m going to work on is things that the community can just have fun with. I also have interest in the War Team, and will likely continue to work with that. What topics of discussion would you like to raise?: For the most part I’ll just bring whatever I’m provided with to the table. I don’t have any big issues to bring to the attention of the Game Team. Also I provide banter. List some of your worst traits: I have a tendency to become unmotivated rather easily, which leads to me not providing the work that I would want to do. I’m also a bit forgetful and might forget to do minor things. Also I have a tendency to be very indecisive when it comes to what I want to do and work on, this will likely be shown in this app being self-denied within 3 days. What specific parts of the server and or Staff are you most interested in?: The community is by far the thing I’m the most interested. As a staff member, it’ll likely be creatively creating ways to further the community growth and enjoyment! Link a good song: Refer to the top of this post.
  4. this song is superior imo @Youngie5500 anyways make my fellow countryman gm +1
  5. you should apply
  6. Gustave de Aryn mourns over the loss of his sister, grumbling to himself about their times as children, and complaining about their lack of seeing each other as adults.
  7. could say the same about snelves
  9. [OOC] Username: VosAnimaMea Skype name: You have it. Timezone: GMT+1 [IC] Name: Gustave de Aryn. Race: Human. Why do you desire to join?: I'm a Baron so I kind of have to. Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: It's situational.
  10. ski please stop you're doing too much to yourself.
  11. 💯💯
  12. "I pray that my sister will soon return home." Mutters Gustave de Aryn, looking up from his fireplace.