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  1. Gusano Arentonio

    Brave New World [RP thread]

    Vinland: The Land of Meadows Spring and Summer of 1602 “My Prince, Your Higness!” The courier shouted as he barged into the manor of Prince John, Duke of Holstein and Governor of Vinland. John beckoned him to speak, and the courier carried on, explaining the territories they had discovered, but most importantly the attack of the Hanseong on New Brandenburg. The Prince merely gave a nod of his head. The navy left port that day, all five frigates sailed southward to the Hanseong territories, laying a disastrous naval siege to the small settlement. After this, a smaller ship left port with a very simple mission, a specific diplomatic mission to Nouvelle-France. His councillors questioned his intentions, but he would not budge. “This continent is meant to be an escape from all the war, all the persecution, all that is wrong with Europe. We cannot allow people to wage war on this continent. We will protect.” Actions and Stats Population: 2102 + 5.1% = 2209 Food Supply (FS): 1 (Base) + 2 (Farmlands) = 3 FS Action Points (AP): 5 (Base) + 3 (Settlements) = 8 AP Soldier Capacity: 100 (Base) + 500 (Barracks) = 600 Soldiers (100 in use) Ship Capacity: 5 (Base) + 20 (Ports) = 25 Ships (20 in use) 6 AP is put into finishing the lodge (40/40) 2 AP is put into the construction of a foundry (2/50) The navy consisting of 5 Frigates is sent to navally siege/bombard Hanseong. [MOD] A colonist is sent to the square below Vinland. [MOD] A diplomatic mission is sent to Nouvelle-France to set up a trade.
  2. bro this is even better than the original idea i had please implement it.


    1. ZachoSnacko


      its like i said it wouldn't work in the comments!!!1

    2. Destroyer_Bravo


      also can u make an invisible horse follow like .5 blocks behind the original horse

  3. Gusano Arentonio

    The free Domain of Herz

    Frederick wonders why North Stow abdicated a perfectly functional barony to found her own afterwards.
  4. Gusano Arentonio

    [✗] [Idea] Make two people able to ride the same horse

    Why would it be really ugly? I mean like code-wise or literally in-game? Because if it's in-game there's literally plenty of space on the horses for people to be on.
  5. Gusano Arentonio

    You Were Lied To

    "Ah," says an intellectual who needed no more than a millisecond to decipher the message that would still be unknown to beings of lesser intelligence.
  6. Gusano Arentonio

    Brave New World [RP thread]

    Vinland: The Land of Meadows Autumn and Winter of 1601 The summer had passed quickly for the people of Vinland, and now autumn and winter approached. They had met no other settlers, no natives, no anything. Truly, Vinland had proven to be an isolated haven away from any foreign threats. The people went by their days quietly on the island, tending to their farms, working on builders, preparing to settle other lands. The Duke-Governor, Prince John of Holstein had spent his time away in his manor, carefully overseeing the development of the colony. Yet, the absence of other people’s nearby was one that worried him. How could they possible be allowed here? The ships departed a few days later, settling sail to explore the coasts. Cartographists were present on the ship, going to map the area around their colony. One year, they had spent here. Now it was onto the next. Actions and Stats Population: 2000 + 5.1% = 2102 Food Supply (FS): 1 (Base) + 2 (Farmlands) = 3 FS Action Points (AP): 5 (Base) + 3 (Settlements) + 6 (Militia Refund) + 19 (Not spent at start) = 33 AP Soldier Capacity: 100 (Base) + 500 (Barracks) = 600 Soldiers (0 in use) Ship Capacity: 5 (Base) + 20 (Ports) = 25 Ships (20 in use) A colonist is trained (4 AP) A frontiersman is trained in Vinland (3 AP) 26 AP is put into the construction of the lodge (34/40) Ships are sent around to scout the coasts of Newfoundland, looking for any other colonies or natives. [MOD]
  7. Gusano Arentonio

    [✗] [Idea] Make two people able to ride the same horse

    thanks for the very constructive elaboration!
  8. Name(Unnecessary): DUAL HORSE RIDING GALORE Type(Rp, Mechanical, etc): Mechanical and RP Function: Similar to boats, make two people able to ride a horse. Who Would it Benefit?: Literally anyone with a horse.


    1. Knox


      this sounds interesting

    2. TarreBear


      Ill think about it 

  10. Gusano Arentonio

    Mailing Guild

    A letter is sent to the Mailing Guild. "Ser Frederick Alexander Baden, CEO of FREDERICK BADEN INDUSTRIES, would like to meet with the person in charge of this guild. Please send word about a suitable time."
  11. Gusano Arentonio

    CB Addition

    I think the problem with CBs currently is actually just the entire system of CBs. (This addition is a worthwhile one, though)
  12. Gusano Arentonio


    COMPANY EXPANSION OF 1681 FREDERICK BADEN INDUSTRIES Penned by Ser Frederick Alexander Baden, CEO of FREDERICK BADEN INDUSTRIES, 4th of Tobias's Bounty 1681. TO ALL THE CITIZENS OF ATLAS. FREDERICK BADEN INDUSTRIES and FREDERICK BADEN CONSTRUCTION CO. are currently looking for builders to help with expanding the facilities on Thomasia, as well as various contracted construction projects around the continent of Atlas. The process of becoming a builder for FREDERICK BADEN CONSTRUCTION CO. is rather simple. You must merely send an apply proving you have the necessary capabilities to construct buildings, and then attend a short interview with the CEO. Once this has been done, you will become a part of the company. The payment for a builder is very simple. 80% of the profits made from a construction project is split between the builders who participated in it. The larger the project, the bigger the money. Should this be something that interests you, please apply as soon as possible. The company is in need of people for upcoming projects. SIGNED, Ser Frederick Alexander Baden, CEO of FREDERICK BADEN INDUSTRIES. BUILDER APPLICATION: OOC: Username: Discord: (You will be asked to send pictures of a previous build, or prove that you’re at least capable of following others builders lead on discord) IC: Name: Race: Age:
  13. Gusano Arentonio


    A MISSIVE TO THE REFUGEES OF ATLAS Penned by Frederick Alexander Baden. 8th of Owyn’s Light, 1681. The September Prince, the Vaeyl Order and warfare on Atlas is leaving people without homes, without anywhere to live. The destruction left behind by these factors have not gone unnoticed, and FREDERICK ALEXANDER BADEN, CEO of FREDERICK BADEN INDUSTRIES would like to extend his generous hand to all those who have suffered and lost their homes: All refugees of Atlas are hereby invited to venture to the Island of Thomasia, north-west of the Dominion of Malin, and meet with FREDERICK ALEXANDER BADEN to request asylum for yourselves on the island. Should you be granted our lenient asylums on the island, you will be allowed a home or land to construct one on the island, with potential to receive materials and aid from FREDERICK BADEN CONSTRUCTION CO. to construct this home you desire. There is good in the world. You just have to find it. SIGNED, Frederick Alexander Baden, CEO of FREDERICK BADEN INDUSTRIES.
  14. Today's a good day for business!

  15. Gusano Arentonio

    Brave New World [RP thread]

    Vinland: The Land of Meadows The Vikings had discovered Vinland long before any others had. The old sagas of Eric the Red and the Greenlanders both spoke of this land near the coast of Greenland. They had settled there long before Christopher Columbus had even discovered the continent. These tales had long been passed down generations of Danes, both Kings and Peasants alike had heard stories of this rich land that they had called Vinland. Now, the fleets of Denmark-Norway had set sail once again. Prince John, Duke of Holstein, the Brother of King Christian VI, was leading the settlers on their travels. A young man who had been named as a suitable Viceroy for these far off lands. They set off from Skagen, sailed to the Faroe Islands, then Iceland, and lastly Greenland. And now their final trek from Greenland to the believed Vinland was coming to an end. John smiled as the coastline approached, being the younger brother of a King was never something that gave you much recognition. You had to achieve your own things, and John had certainly done so. His Brother had originally intended to send him to Russia to marry the Tsar’s daughter, but John had insisted to attempt to travel to Vinland instead, and he had been successful. The settlers were eager to settle the lands, and construction of the first farms went swiftly, then came the port, and lastly the barracks. The island they had landed on seemed easily defendable with the ships they had, no one would be able to simple march an army here, they would have to land with ships. “People of Vinland!” John announced from his manor, the settlers had gathered outside as requested for his speech. “We have done it! We have settled Vinland! The area of our ancestors! This is a great pride to all of Danes in the world, you, myself, even the King!” The people roared in support of John, “Prince John! Prince John! Prince John!” They all cheered ecstatically. “But now come the hardships.” He carried on. “It will be tough to settle this new land, but we shall do it! We are the descendants of the Vikings! We are the Danes!” The crowd cheered even louder now, surely there was no end to this joy they were feeling. Actions and Stats Population: 2000 Food Supply (FS): 1 (Base) + 2 (Farmlands) = 3 FS Action Points (AP): 5 (Base) + 3 (Settlements) = 8 AP Soldier Capacity: 100 (Base) + 500 (Barracks) = 0/600 Professional Soldiers Militias: 600 Militiamen Ship Capacity: 5 (Base) + 20 (Ports) = 20/25 Ships 8 AP is spent on the construction of a lodge in Vinland (8/40) Scouts are sent out to explore the island of Newfoundland.