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  1. Gusano Arentonio

    [Pending]JennaDoesntCare's Event Team Actor application

    jenna is a very good lass. +1
  2. Gusano Arentonio

    Lets Get It.

    favourite lil pump song?
  3. Gusano Arentonio

    Poor Leadership

    pretty sure last time i saw someone lash out in a private discord they got banned for a year
  4. didn't even thank your fellow danes. @Youngie5500 and i are coming for you. have a good time while off lotc, make the most if it. its best to keep the server out of your head while away. have a good one xx!
  5. how's the soundcloud career xx

  6. laurenz pledges his sword to the lady.
  7. Luka Modrić on suicide watch

  8. 1-1 after 5 minutes, danes and croats off to a good start

    1. Dewper


      lal u got denied from gm

  9. Gusano Arentonio


    "750 Mina", offers Dirk.
  10. Gusano Arentonio

    [Denied][I] Drone414's Game Moderator Application

    A good man whomst I do indeed support. +1
  11. IGN(s): GusanoArentonio Age 17 Timezone GMT+1 Discord: GusanoArentonio#2557 What map did you join during?: Vailor Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? 3+ hours, I'm unsure, likely more after I finish working in two weeks time. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: I apologise, I do not recall the exact dates and durations of my staff tenures, but I will offer my rough estimates as best as I can. AT + AT Manager (I'm unsure about the duration, if I recall correctly it was a 2-3 months) Wiki Moderator (Again, unsure about the duration, but around a month or two) Game Moderator (From around the start of November 2016 until about March 2017. There was a purge in the middle of this, but I was added back after. February/March duration was as as trial, I believe, which I didn't pass/left to focus on Administration) Forum Moderator (Once another one where I'm unsure about the duration, I believe it was just about a month or a bit more, since I was promoted to Admin) Administrator (From March to May 2017, so about two months) Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I haven't moderated on any other mediums that LoTC, but I have had quite the bit of moderating on this server, considering my extensive periods of serving the staff on this server. Apart from this, I have not had much experience moderating, but I believe that what I learned serving on this server is more than enough, especially since I have more insight into this community in particular and how it operates. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: Well, there's many reasons that I want to join the GM Team, so I'll just try to list it as best I can for the moment. Game Moderation was the most enjoyable thing I've done while on this server (in staff related terms), it made me feel like I was making a difference to people, even if I was just doing a minor thing for them. It also gives me the ability to help and develop new ideas for the server in a more extensive way that I'm able to as a player. I'm a very experienced player when it comes to being a GM on this server, and I think my experience is what makes me want to join the team even more than I would in the first place, as I've already gotten a taste of what it's like to contribute as a GM, I have a big desire to once again be part of that. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I believe I've been denied three times, and will link the applications (one of them I served as a trial, the other two were just denied) (They're listed in oldest to newest) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/156202-deniedamid-the-ruins-i-cant-handle-a-world-without-pex/?page=1 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/162674-deniedwe-dont-talk-anymore-like-we-used-to-do/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163102-deniedi-drink-too-much-and-thats-an-issue-but-im-ok/ Anything else you want to tell us?: I'm currently working a job from 7:30 to 16:00 until the middle of July, which hinders my ability to be on the server (also why my average daily play time is considerably low at the moment), but after I finish working I should be ready as much as I used to be.
  12. Gusano Arentonio

    Gusano Arentonio

  13. Gusano Arentonio

    Gusano Arentonio