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  1. Username: ShannonLeigh Discord: bumblefina#0199 RP Name: Nanako Hirano How many Tickets: 20
  2. +1 This is exactly the kind of intermediary the server is in need of. Not quite full spook, but enough to make it a worthwhile entry level villain.
  3. what a time to be alive

  4. Amon Gus, a simple peasant, bows before God Emperor Simplicissimus. "Hark! The words of our great and wise ruler! Any who would defy it shall meet the might of a thousand thousand war beetles!" the peasant raves in an empty field, the god given land of Simplicissimus.
  5. just gonna talk how does this make u attack

  6. Solana gasps at the announcement! "I always knew those druids were bad news." she says with a sagely nod.
  7. skin: what a nice coat bid: 200 minas discord: bumblefina#0199
  8. Yo this is based?? thios is basde? thi
  9. Hot Take: Bring back new player welcome announcements. 

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    2. Unwillingly


      I used to be really pro new-player-welcome-message but after the recent new player plugin I think we'll be fine without it. If people want to recruit noobs, all they gotta do is check the application page and send the new player a message asking them to come to their nation or something

    3. SquakHawk


      I think there should absolutely be the global ding.

      Not only is it nice to instantly have a flood of "welcome!"s, its nice to have the player instantly contacted with "Hey, I'm X from X place, and we're an X culture. Does that interest you?"

      The only thing here that bothers me is that small, inactive settlements (in the veign of pretty much any tertiary fotm darkelf settlement) cram em in and the player comes to somewhere with one or two other guys rping in a house or something.

      With the majority shrinking of settlements, charters, so on - I think that this could be really nice going forth. It's why settlements like Elysium are so successful, 24h public activity with people constantly coming and engaging with new players.

      Elysium is the way to go forth. Not settlements with people round-the-clock afking to keep their status. 

    4. Hephaestus


      Absolutely; very cute feature.

  10. Shannon's Gently Used Skins Welcome! I'm going to be auctioning off some skins that either only got worn a couple times, or were made for myself but never used! Unfortunately this means there are only female skins available right now. I will be hosting an auction with male skins in the future so stay posted! This auction will be in minas and rules are as listed: All skins start at 50 minas Minimum bid increase is 10 minas You MUST properly tag the previous bidder so that they know they were outbid You may not edit previous bids. Make a new response for changes
  11. one time my friends and i played mario party so hard the police came

  12. Somewhere in a dark cave, a ragged looking Wick held a dagger in hand, it's tip dulled and broken. Upon the wall, words repeated, over and over. The figure carved continuously, dark circles around their eyes, pupils wide. The words on the walls read: "We ain't done yet."
  13. See above answers for favorite character. My favorite food is probably ramen, but like real ramen from an actual ramen shop. As far as people who are still on the server and friends with me, that'd be UnBaed and NJBB. I met Jake and Hurfer not too long after them. That was back in early Vailor, so around the summer of 2015 I'd say! I love you so very much. 100% we need to remove activity checks. They are SO bad for the server and quite possibly have permanently changed the server's culture and approach to roleplay. I think as long as the staff
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