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  1. The Duchess-Dowager of Cathalon sat at her desk, forehead rested in her palm. A copy of the newspaper brought all the way from Haense laid before her on her desk. She was tired. So, so very tired.
  2. bumblefina#0199 Lavender Business Coat (50 minas)
  3. damn ya'll really arguing over minecraft roleplay again huh
  4. Blanche let out a quiet sigh of relief, finding nothing of her own family in the paper. Soon after she tossed the pamphlet into the fire, ensuring no one knew she had indulged in such frivolous things.
  5. A great flurry of activity occurred within Cheval Hall as the Duchess-Dowager of Cathalon prepared for the upcoming wedding!
  6. and now for an exciting and original thought: grr oren grr i cant believe they'd so something i dont like!!!!!!!

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      when the orenian is sus!

    2. Asuno


      Oren lego ahahag

  7. The Dowager Duchess of Cathalon received the news in due time, a young ladies maid delivering the it with a tea tray as the woman lounged in one of the drawing rooms of her estate. She read over the brief announcement, glancing to a certain Seyami friend to remark, "Finally, someone can begin to bring a bit of respect to that line. We shall have to send the young Count a bouquet and a bottle of brandy as congratulations."
  8. Juniper Wick received the news and the accompanying letter within her quarters at a certain Ruberni castle. After reading through the letter, she gently folded it up, tugging open a desk drawer and placed it within, palm pressing it closed once more. She leaned back in her chair, chin lifting as her gaze rose to the ceiling, though unfocused. She began to reminisce, recalling every fond memory of the young, ambitious Wick girl, playing them over and over so that she could cement them into her mind forever.
  9. IGN: ShannonLeigh Category: Skinning Artwork: Roses and Cream Gown Minecraft Skin (planetminecraft.com)
  10. Juniper Wick receives the news, giving a little clap of her hands. "An excellent start to the young King's reign. Let us hope this is a continuing theme."
  11. "Does this mean we don't get to go crusading?" asked Juniper Wick with a pout.
  12. "The Wicks lived rent free in that man's mind. I genuinely hope we can now begin to repair relations with the Haenseni." remarked Juniper Wick over a mug of Carrion Black.
  13. "Oh nice, I love a good crusade." comments Juniper Wick.
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