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  1. ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄FORMAT:Character name: Margaux Helvets Age: 6 Username: carwylm Discord: UnBaed#3468 Part you want: Candyland Dancer ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ ]\ @UnBaed
  2. I feel the beauty of Almaris has been overshadowed by the Vortex release, so I just wanna shoutout the world builders/painters. Ya'll did an AMAZING job.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      map too big sadly. Parts of it are totally great but most folks will just pass right by it because it's no different from any other portion of their ten minute walk to the nation capital

    2. Zarsies
    3. ImCookiie


      I agree! 

  3. Sad there's no flowers or dyes yet, could really use them right now. Hopefully they'll be available in the coming days
  4. The biggest lie of Vortex was calling it a professions plugin. There's nothing about this that makes you a professional. No levels, exp, or skill. Just obtain the highest level tools and you're now a master of your craft. 😕

    1. rukio


      I won't lie, the only excitement I felt for this system was to have a leaderboard for level and craft fame. Without that there isn't much point to me having any interest in it. If it's just linear there's no fun, I would personally rather have vanilla. However, I think we should give it a chance, a week or a month, and then start discussing what we like and dislike about it. First day impressions are always the roughest with something new. 

  5. humbly presents... A Competition of the Arts wherein the OAS shall host a multi-category competition celebrating the arrival, settlement, and exploration of the new continent titled the Gallery of New Beginnings The categories will include: Classical Art (Painting, drawing, and other classical artistic mediums [[including digital art]]) Writing (Poetry, storytelling, song, and prose) Fashion (Tailoring, jewelers, hair styling, and embroidery) Submissions are due by [[December 4th, 11PM EST]], following which judging of the three categories will take place. The Lords and Ladies, along with the Grand Lady, will be the judges for each of the three categories. All submissions will be displayed at the Gallery of New Beginnings [[December 5th, 4PM EST]], where the artists are invited to present their pieces to the gallery guests and fellow artists. The judges will announce the winners of each of the three categories, and prizes will be delivered to those winners. There will be no entry fee for this gallery. Artists may submit their entries to Her Grace, Lady Blanche Helvets. [[ ShannonLeigh / shannon#0199 ]] First prize for each category will be the title and position of Court Artisan within the Orenian Imperial Courts and 50 minas, as well having their works displayed within the palace for no less than 2 years time. Second prize for each category will be 25 minas, as well having their works displayed within the palace for no less than 2 years time. Additionally, all entrants will be offered the opportunity to join the Orenian Artists Society. The Orenian Artists Society will also be accepting monetary donations to help fund further events and competitions.
  6. https://youtu.be/svT0Bdp25QQ [Detail from Claude Monet’s: The Japanese Footbridge, 1899] The goal of the Orenian Artists’ Society, or the OAS for short, is to further advance and cultivate the arts within the Orenian nation. Artists of all types, cultures, and walks of life will be welcomed into the Society with open arms. The OAS seeks to both teach new artists and showcase current artists to promote both their personal works and art in general. Everything from classical painters, sculptors, to musicians, singers, tailors, and much more are to be accepted into the OAS, as well as those who are simply interested in supporting and appreciating the arts. Location The OAS shall aim to keep two establishments within the Orenian capital. The first of which shall be a public workshop dedicated to giving artists of all kinds a space to create, free of charge, within the capital city. The second shall be a gallery showroom in which the OAS may exhibit the works of it’s artists for all to see. Both locations shall be funded in part or in full by the members of the Society. Additional locations in other cities are subject to the funding and availability of members. On Galleries and Showcases It is in the interest of the Society to frequently host gallery shows, as well as showcases of it’s member’s works, for public viewing in order to promote both the arts, and the individual artist. Members of the OAS are invited to sign up for individual gallery shows, as well as group shows. Additionally, other like minded events will be held in order to benefit the OAS and it’s members. Sign Up Should you wish to join the Orenian Artist’s Society, please fill out the following application and deliver it to the OAS. ((Reply below or message ShannonLeigh/shannon#0199)) Application: Username: Character Name: Age: Area of Interest/Skill: Level of Knowledge: (This will help us determine your ranking within the guild.) [Detail from Gaston la Touche; The Twin Brothers, 1905] OAS Rankings Grand Lady of the Society The Head Mistress of the Society, she is responsible for overseeing and finalizing events and the general ongoings of the society as a whole. Matters of rank Master and above are to be approved by her, as well as any significant spending of Society funds. She is to be addressed with any concerns, questions, issues, or ideas for the OAS. HG Blanche Thérèse Helvets (ShannonLeigh) Ladies & Lords of the Society Effectively the ranking officers of the society, they are responsible for and capable of hosting events, bringing in new recruits, ranking up members, and overseeing the gallery and workshop. HIH Wilhelmina Beatrix (marinaemily) Doctor Florenza d’Amato (PeppermintLatte_) Lady Safiye Basrid (zuziee) Treasurer of the Society The ranking officer who is in charge of the Society’s funds. They can host fundraising events, issue fees, prizes, purchase supplies, and are responsible for paying taxes on any Society buildings. Lorenzo d’Amato (JCbeno) Patron of the Arts A rank for those who do not find themselves artistically gifted, but who wish to both support and appreciate the artists of the OAS. These members are the main supporting body of the OAS, helping fund and organize events, showings, and so on. Master of Craft The highest rank that most members of the guild will achieve, denoting that they are a master of at least one artistic medium. Masters may take on students as they see fit and have full access to the Society’s establishments and supplies. Journeyman The mid-tier ranking for members of the OAS, this denotes that a member is currently adept at their artistic craft, but not quite a master. They may help mentor students, but cannot exclusively teach. Journeymen will have full access to the Society’s workshops and may request supplies as needed. Apprentice The rank denoting a member is in the process of learning their craft. They may be assigned a teacher or tutor if one is available to help them, and they will have full access to the Society workshop. Their ranking may increase at the behest of a Master or one of the ranking members of the Society. Recruit A new member and aspiring artist, this rank is for those who have not yet chosen their artistic path, or for those new members who’s skill level has not yet been determined.
  7. First of all, welcome! I hope you are enjoying yourself so far. This is a bit of an odd time to join LotC as we're going through a map transition but I hope you'll stick around for a bit and give it a shot. As SquakHawk said, you may be interested in a technique called Kani. It's really good for those who prefer to use hand to hand combat, and it will give you enough of an edge that you can compete with and even defeat people who would otherwise out armor and out gear you. You can even walk on water with it! Here is a link to the lore, and here is a link to the guide. I suggest giving it a read!
  8. i got a bad feeling about this
  9. how was i supposed to know that edit: theres literally a thanhium deposit at spawn it that a joke too>????? double edit: im sorry its been a long day and im stressed about minecraft block game ill go take my medication
  10. Am I the only one who's bothered about the complete ignoring of years old lore? Thanhium is supposed to be a highly dangerous material. The fact that joe shmoe can go out and mine it and then turn it into an alloy is wild to me. How is this okay? The complete disregard for a basic piece of lore has me really worried about what alchemy and enchanting are going to look like..
  11. Can we talk about the negative interest on bank accounts real quick? Why force your players to participate in this complex crafting and professions system and then punish them for earning minas? I... I don't even know where to begin.

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    2. z3m0s


      Yeah of course @NotEvilAtAll but be advised I'm mostly speaking from the perspective of economy, I can't talk much on the dev side of things outside of what I've seen. SO, currently the economy team plans to control and manipulate the flow of mina via one large pool that bleeds out into various different outputs. So the main one on launch will be voting like I said, so we can see how much mina has been given out, what's in the players hands and whether or not we should give more minas out to stimulate things or if we need to reduce amounts if the pool gets low. But stuff like the bank tax and things like the CT shops will bring mina back into that pool to ensure there is mina in it for voting and that stuff to continue without us just infinitely spawning mina and trying to counteract it via mina sinks, this way the mina sinks circulate into usable mina again without us spawning more. We can of course increase and manage the amounts of both voting and the overall pool as time goes on, but it's just that we're trying to keep a much closer eye on the economy so we don't continue to get to the end of every map and mina is useless and everyone has tens of thousands of it at least with no use for it. We want mina to be valuable and useful along with having valued resources that you want to spend your mina on (Vortex).

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Alright. Just remember to avoid deflation in regards to purchasing power as the supply of resources goes up and up and there's not enough demand to buy it all, as has been seen on every map, crafting system or no crafting system.


      I think it'd be best to slowly increase the pool of minas as needed, otherwise the ratio of minas to resources is constantly falling lower and lower.

    4. Muddy_Buddy


      @ShannonLeigh Looks like I was wrong and they are keeping a 5% maintenance fee according to Hiebe on the LoTC discord. Wonder how often that fee is applied. 

  12. @Luciloo Yeah, I realize now the flaws in this point. This particular addition was a suggestion by someone else, and it was a failure on my part to not do my research into Druidic lore and to take that persons suggestion word for word as lore friendly. I will be removing references to Druidic magic entirely
  13. How to completely break a microecomony in 3 easy steps:
    1. Extremely overcomplicate the crafting system to the point where you can't figure out the most basic steps without a guide
    2. Invent numerous ways to drain money out of the economy (see: gold sinks)
    3. Leave little to no way to insert new money into the economy

    Tadah! You've broken your microeconomy.

    1. argonian
    2. argonian
    3. Nug


      from what ive done in it it just feels like a barebones nexus that doesnt even bring the intuitive parts/UI 😞
      lotc always be ignoring new player experience 

  14. I really don't like that you cant use Vortex tools to gather vanilla items. I also really don't like that you can't use Vortex coal to smelt vanilla stuff, like sand into glass. IMHO there should be waaaay more back and forth between Vortex and Vanilla. Having one entirely separate from the other just makes things extremely tedious and confusing, plus we'll end up with waaaay too many items and tools.
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