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  1. Annabelle of Castor welcomed Milena into the Seven Skies with open arms. “You did wonderfully, dear Queen.”
  2. Mushrooms by Alexander Vyazemskiy It was a cold day, the middle of winter really. Estrid’s hands stung from the chill as she huddled at a small campsite, wrestling with the paper wrapped lunch she had brought. The elfess had been a vegetarian for hundreds of years now, and she’d been lucky enough to find a few small mushrooms clinging to a tree, even in these wintry months. She’d become quite familiar with mushrooms and many other flora during her long stints away in the forests, a common occurrence for the elfess. She liked to call them her walks, but everyone who was close to her knew it was her escaping the realities that had formed around her. Her mother, many centuries ago, had commented that Estrid always had her head up in the clouds, never looking down at where she was going. Perhaps her mother had been right, because the fat little mushrooms she was tucking into her sandwich were not safe for eating. Half hour later she was leaving the Gateway behind her, and passing through the fields into the wild western expanse which had, thus far, gone mostly untouched by the larger Arcas population. There had been a couple of groups that had ventured beyond the great mountain range, dwed lurking far beneath, but hat had been many decades ago. The Llyrian Concord was a cruel flower, one that flourished intensely, it’s colors bright and attractive. It had brought hundreds into its fold, and consumed the island of mali’ker that resided nearby as it did. It was quick to wilt, though, after too many eyes turned to it. It was Llyria that Estrid was returning to, mostly out of curiosity, and somewhat out of a desire to reminisce on old memories. Unfortunately, it was as the flax haired elfess approached the outer edge of the city that she noticed things were not quite as she remembered. The ground was broken... no, it was undulating, shifting in waves. The walls of the old buildings had giant gaping holes that made no sense, windows and boards writhing about in the air like worms. Objects floated in mid air, flower pots and dresser drawers, bookshelves and window shutters turning in slow motion as she passed them. In her chest, her heart beat in loud, slow thuds, and her cheeks flushed red as her mind took in the sights of the once populous city. As she moved further into the ruin, the ground below her feet became more and more broken, floating debris and chunks of stone making a mock pathway that she carefully stepped over, like rocks jutting out from a stream. This place she had once called home was now a wonderland, a waking dream that she could not make sense of. Estrid continued to wander around, beads of sweat rolling down from her forehead as a mild fever fought against her internal self. Time passed around her like ribbons being pulled by the wind, space opened up like doors and closed them politely behind her. She dared not reach out to anything, dared not try to make sense of the dreamscape she passed through. As she finally reached the far side of Llyria, her shoes making contact with soft sand, she spied a lonely rowboat, gentle waves lapping at its sides. She wasn’t sure why exactly, but she felt she needed to get into the boat, to leave this city behind and escape the dream. With slow, heavy steps, she made her way to the little dingy, numb hands grasping at the sides to push it out into the waves. The cold salt water rushed around her feet and into her shoes, but she paid it no mind as the boat began to float atop the waves. With an unelegant struggle, she hauled herself over the side and into the bottom, where she lay still as the sky spun circles over her head. It was then that she lost consciousness, and escaped the waking dream and into a more peaceful sleeping one. It was several hours later that the boat collided softly with a beach on the northern side of Korvassa, waking the elfess whose cheeks were now bright as cherry tomatoes. A sore, but clear headed Estrid clambered from the boat, cursing herself and swearing never to return to the ruined city.
  3. Sasha de Vitus spots a rat while entering the imperial city and says “oh shiiit, a RAT”
  4. You’ve always been an absolute delight and I wish you the best in life. I’m very glad I got to know you. God bless, my friend.
  5. A woman hears a bard pluck out the poem in a quiet tavern. She comments idly to her companion, “He was alright. Not great.. not bad, mind you. Certainly could have been worse.. but not the greatest. People like to talk nice about the dead, forget all the mediocrity of life. That’s fine, but he wasn’t that great. Guess that’s what you get for doing your job correctly these days, songs of praise..” Their conversation then drifts off to something about runes and landscapes.
  6. Annabelle d’Amaury watches from the Seven Skies and wishes dead things would stay dead so her house could finally rest with the rest of Ashford-Savoy.
  7. Sasha de Vitus shook her head, reclining in her seat. “Irrinor made a horrible mistake this day. Let the following be a reminder to all other nations, that no human of the empire’s blood shall be spilled without recompense.”
  8. A female figure clasps a hand over her mouth, trying desperately to hold in laughter. Before long, though, she burst out into hysterics, clutching her stomach. “They’re mad! About a library! One that’s protected by Skygods!” she howled out, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes. “Well good ******* luck to them!”
  9. ♡ DeusVidet’s Dress Auction ♡ Hi friends! I’ve got just a few dresses to auction off today. The auction rules are that you need to specify which skin you’re bidding on, and tag the previous bidder if there is one. The auctions will end 24 hours after the final bid has been posted, or if someone buys the skin with cash. Cash buyouts MUST be paid through PayPal, and prices are in USD. Don’t forget I also take custom commissions! I am willing to make minor edits or add your head to the skin if you purchase it. All bids start at 700 mina and should increase by a minimum of 25 mina per bid. All skins can be bought outright at $10 a piece. Bidding Format: Skin #: Bid Amount: Previous Bidder: Skin #1: Green Skin #2: Pink Skin #3: Purple Thank you and good luck! ♡
  10. Annabelle Lorin read over the missive, giving a firm nod in approval. She spoke to a nearby lady-in-waiting, saying “I knew that woman was trouble from the moment she first opened her mouth to me. A vile witch, and a heretic. Verily, they should burn her at the stake for all to see. I pray to our Lord GOD that she, and her male companion, are quickly brought to justice.”
  11. Imagine fighting for years, even decades in some cases, for vassal rights, only to choose not to exercise those rights when it matters most. Remember to vote, everyone, lest your forefathers efforts be in vain.

  12. A random woman says “Babies don’t come from the chest ya dumb sheit”
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