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  1. Hey everyone. I’ve got a few skins available for purchase today. I am also opening up 3 slots for commissions. In case you’re not familiar with my work, examples can be found on my PMC page (https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/shannonleigh/) or my commission portfolio (https://shannonlstockton.wixsite.com/portfolio) Leave a message here, send a PM or message me on discord (shannon#0199) to make a purchase or reserve a slot. Skins and slots are first come first served. Commission Rates(USD): Outfit (No Head/Hair): $10 Full Skin: $15 Head/Hair: $5 Premades for Sale: $10 – Green Equestrian SOLD $5 – Red and Gold $5 – Purple and Gold
  2. Margaret Alimar keeps Friar Boniface in her prayers!
  3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Thank you. My only suggestion would be to update it every 2 weeks, since quite a lot can change in a month.
  5. Somewhere hot, decidedly not the Kingdom of Hansetti-Ruska, a female figure with blonde hair reclined on a sunbed atop a wooden deck. She held the poem in her hand, reading it over in the shade of a rather large, pink umbrella. As she read it over, a smile crept onto her face, growing into a wide grin by the end. Lifting a pair of tinted sunglasses from her eyes, she peered over the edge of the deck to a man below, who stood donned in a flower print shirt before a smoking grill. As he casually flipped a patty of meat, she called out, “Honey, look, we’re famous!”
  6. so much for taking a step back there huh bud
  7. ITT: People who are new enough to LotC to not know the horrors of CT roleplay CT rp should already be banned. No, please god no. Back in Vailor, CT was an exceptionally small area that contained a bunch of ships and some carts that led off to other nations. Somehow, it managed to become an RP hub, where no one could get hurt, nothing bad could happen to you, and all it did was steal RP from nations and other settlements, while holding the hands of new and old players alike. CT rp got so bad, that they had to make an entirely separate spawn just for undead and spooks because interactions between villains and civilians were getting out of hand. Additionally, it created a sort of weird limbo space for incoming players which set unrealistic ideals. I was there for the gizzy gaza riots. I saw what came of it... shudder The rest of the server is unforgiving and brutal. New players should not be treated to happy-rainbow-fun times where no one gets hurt and nothing bad happens to you. It’s not realistic, it’s not helpful, it lowers the bar for what’s expected of you and the overall roleplay standards on the rest of the server. I am sure there are plenty of spaces out there where you can have goofy fun drunk rp. Cloud Temple should not ever be a place for extended roleplay.
  8. Analiesa Reza sat curled in a corner of her room, the princess in blue’s arms wrapped tightly around her legs, knees pulled close to her chest. The girl of just twelve shook, shoulders rattling violently as she wept, unhindered sobs racking her. The news had come rather unceremoniously not long after her mother had been found, servants and guards flooding the residential keep in the ensuing chaos. The eldest triplet had immediately locked herself into her room, shoving a wardrobe in front of her door to keep all others out. Her hound, a gift from her mother just the year before, sat close at her side, the dog resting it’s head against her shoulder. Nela gave a low whine, prompting the princess to open her arms and hug the dog close. Like so many before her, she was now without both of her parents. It was a cruel fate, an alignment of stars that plagued too many young men and women. She’d always imagined growing older with their mother at her side, smiling to her someday as she stood before an alter to wed, and someday showing her mother her own children. Those experiences had been stolen from her by some cruel hand of fate, and now she only had the memories of her mother and father to cling to. Analiesa wept into her dog’s fur until her sisters crept into the same room via their own passages, and the trio huddled together throughout the night.
  9. Margaret Helvets sits in her chambers alone, the notice held loosely in her fingers. She breathed a sigh out, murmuring quietly to herself, “The enemy states fall one by one, like flies. I pray the end of this war is truly near.”
  10. time for a schism i guess

  11. Margaret frowns at the flier, sheets of plans for horse races scattered across her desk. “Lauritz let my idea slip and now someone’s taken it as their own..” she muttered to herself.
  12. Bring back tile purchasing and give the power to self regulate back to the players. Let nation leaders dole out and reclaim land and settlements. Force groups who need land to actually roleplay with nations again, let there be diplomacy and contracts again. Groups should have accountability both OOCly to the nation, and ICly in roleplay.
  13. hows everyone on this FINE wednesday

    1. lev


      fine wednesday, more like wine wednesday 

    2. ShannonLeigh


      hell yeah brother

  14. Wait so.. what’s the point of this, exactly? Prior to the plugin you had to do a couple emotes to ring the bell, then you had to ping your chat. Now you... do a couple emotes, use the plugin, and you still have to ping your chat? It would have made more sense if it automatically pinged but.. this just kind of seems like an extra, unnecessary step.
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