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  1. Travista

    The Spirits - Grand List

    I have done RP with spirits before only to have the spirit be overridden because I never documented them. Let the following spirits be transcribed from Google Docs and introduced to cannon: Spirit Name: Talmindi, spirit of fungi Spirit Type: Lesser under Freygoth, allied to Laklul Spirit Totem: Wooden totem shaped like a mushroom; a stalk with a cap. Engraved. Alignment: Neutral Discovery: Laks were taken by a farseer in Vailor to make her ally with Laklul. They did a number of tasks for her and she returned the favor. Spirit Appearance: I can’t find anything on deviant art/ext but she was a pretty woman who was also a mushroom. Think Bryophytes. Realm is a mushroom forest. Spirit Name: Frûmsrubalt, spirit of grass(es) Spirit Type: Lesser under Freygoth, allied to Laklul Spirit Totem: Wooden totem, styled to look as if it were topped with wooden grass. Spirit Appearance: Honestly can’t remember. This would be fitting, however: Alignment: Neutral Discovery: A Lak did some tasks for the lad in return for his support. Was taken by a farseer. Spirit Appearance: a goblin with sod for a back, realm is a sea of grass tall as trees. Spirit Name: Bûlgzad, spirit of insects Spirit Type: Lesser under Freygoth, ally to Laklul Spirit Totem: A monument of mud, essentially (soulsand and some dark oak) Alignment: Neutral Discovery: Another Lak venture during Vailor. Shaman/spirit walk discovered. Appearance: He’s a large dragonfly. His realm is a swamp with A LOT of bugs.
  2. Travista


    Go join up my dude No ragrets
  3. Travista

    A Call To All Shamans

    Gathering news of this beckoning, Shreck’Lak would set out to meet it. Shortly after, he would find himself lost. ((oof I work : (
  4. Travista


    "Wub kynd ub ork hydez behind da zhadowz...” Shreck would mutter, confused that pride would come from subterfuge. “.... Da wytewozh"
  5. Travista

    Report 2.

    Shreck’Lak is proud. “Hozh zkah.”
  6. Travista

    Deeds to the Spirits & Ancestors - Send us your screenies!

    Shreck’Lak would speak: “Diz kuhnt zkah’d ub.”
  7. Travista

    ooc chat

    Why did you put an asterisk in the burgers?
  8. Travista

    ooc chat

  9. Travista


    Hazurk’Raguk before charging at and killing a troop of elves, c. 12 yrs ago, colourized
  10. Travista

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    If there’s a spirit of justice, why is Laklul still a lesser spirit? Mixed feelings, +0
  11. Travista

    September Prince Official PVP Poll

    I accidentally voted option 1... I feel dirty
  12. Travista


    "Hozh zkah," comments Shreck'Lak.
  13. Travista

    [✗] The Fall Of Laklul

    As much as I wouldn't like it, RP is RP. Smawton is fair. Smawton should be involved somehow. I have little computer access for the next while, so don't let me down Lak!