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  1. What did a man say to his friend who was taking part in a botanical competition? ... "I'm ROOTing for you!"

  2. What ARE pomegranades, anyway?

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    2. Birdwhisperer


      No one knows, they explode before they can be gathered and tested.

    3. domainoft
  3. And so starts my second day in the realms of Anthos. It's been pretty amazing thus far! Well, except that explosion whilst I was cutting down a tree. That wasn't so amazing.

    1. MamaBearJade


      pomagranades scare me too. dont worry.

    2. Demotheus


      I've probably created a massive amount of butt-diamonds from all those pomegrenades...

    3. Helbolt


      I usually just shout "Damn pomegranates" when it happens and get weird looks from all the nobles :)

  4. Victory! I have been accepted! Now to log-in when I have the time so a GM can promote me in-game. I THINK that's how it works. THINK.

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    2. JtPv


      Look at you, so full of life and spirit. It'll fade.

      Props if you tell me where that's from. ^-^

    3. Aengoth


      Ah you hippy dwarves, I'll be keeping an eye on you lot. Have fun on the server haha

    4. Stonefoot


      Us hippy Dwarves will be perfectly content as long as you don't take our berries.

      Love me some berries.

      And Bad Wolf, I don't know that - not without googling it, atleast, but that would be cheating.

  5. Need to think of a good backstory for my application. Would really hate to have to apply twice over some minor error. Pleh.

    1. SortedJarhead


      Parents kiled by Orcs

    2. Bat Druid

      Bat Druid

      Parents not killed by Orcs.

      Parents not killed at all!

    3. Stonefoot


      Parents killed by either giving birth or fellow Dwarves. So nerr.

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