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  1. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiird! How have you been Bird! Hope everything is going well for you in reality! :)

  2. The heck happened to the elves

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    2. OhDeerLord


      Depends on who you mean by old crew exactly haha, but shoot me your discord and I’ll add you?

    3. Harold
    4. NotEvilAtAll


      Necroposting time

  3. Hi, you are still my favorite druid. ? I hope life is being kind ☀️ 

    1. Birdwhisperer


      Aw, thanks. I’m doing well! Teaching middle school full-time, working on a master’s degree, doing some creative writing. I hope you’re doing great!

      Edited by Birdwhisperer
  4. This was a good read and excellently written, however it's also completely plagiarized from Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. I know you guys are capable of creating something good and original, why copy other works? Beyond even that, as has been said before, these creatures are all but identical to ones already present on the server. Frost witches: cannibals, intelligent monsters, human appearance, even a cold touch. Wraiths: completely unkillable, regenerates even when they are 'killed', extremely powerful, capable of disguising in a somewhat humanoid form. And the rarely played Blood I
  5. i injoy your pic XD

    1. Fid


      Hey, me too.


  6. WIP of all the Aengudaemons of LotC's pantheon: http://i.imgur.com/BjaICXT.png

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    2. Kim


      ayy its my sun elf clothes B)

    3. Guy d'Yood of Mann

      Guy d'Yood of Mann

      Really cutesy and fancy. Even for all the missin' buggers. 

      Can we shoot everything left of the Aspects with a ballista and call it a day?

    4. Birdwhisperer


      I'm going to make all the aengudaemons, don't worry. That's why this is only a WIP. And Iblees is not going to be female.

      @Emu Templar Tentacles Cerridwen and Cernunnos are actually based on the IRL pagan deities. And... yeah, Nemiisae is basically a cross between Lolth and Eliistrae.

      @Kimbap You're a goddess now!

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    2. Elk


      I'm surprised Xan didn't have his hand up guarding. 

    3. Beatus


      That is heresy, heresy is what I see.

    4. Nekkore


      Come on and Slam and welcome to the Jam.

  7. 2013-2015. FM team still best team.

    1. Kim


      COME BACK :(

    2. Birdwhisperer


      I cannot, my dear. :^)

  8. Does no one remember we threatened forum warnings and bans for posting Game of Thrones spoilers? No one minded then.

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    2. Lᵤᵥ


      I think a crucify is just, but not a ban. 

    3. monkeypoacher


      its still ******* stupid lmao


      as someone who has never really been interested in fallout or GoT you guys look cretinous

    4. monkeypoacher


      also js people do meaner things than post "spoilers" to your favorite vidya and don't get banned, you're really grasping at straws here guys!

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