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  1. PEACE AND BLESSINGS PONTIFICAL LETTER WRIT OF LEGITIMISATION Published by the Vice-Chancellor in the name of his Holiness And as I have ordered the estates of the earth, so have I ordered your path as well, and established the powers of My world. - Scroll of Virtue 5:6 Most Beloved Brethren, Health and Pontifical Benediction. We write this declaration from Our most Holy Office to announce the legitimation of Caius Godwin Jrent into the House of Alstion. Talks have been held with both his Royal Majesty Charles I and his Royal Highness Prince Emil Caius, who fathered the child, about the approval of the legitimisation and terms set by the Mother Church. Prince Emil under his own volition already conducted years of penance for his sinful act. Though he fornicated out of wedlock and fathered a child, it pleased us to see the man realize his shameless acts and sort to right himself by GOD of his own accord. As his penance he spent thirteen years on the sea in solitude where it was only him and GOD, and it was on GOD himself whom he was dependent on to survive. Finally as further punishment, terms have been set by the Mother Church. If the legitimised bastard Caius Godwin Jrent is to have any future children, then one of his flock must be indebted to the Church to serve GOD. His Eminence, Teodosio Cardinal Tyria, Vice-Chancellor His Royal Majesty, Charles I Alstion, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun His Royal Highness, Prince Emil Caius His Lordship, Caius Godwin Alstion FIDES RESTITUENDA FAITH MUST BE RESTORED
  2. THE CHURCH GALA The 3rd Gala of the Mother Church In the name of God, The Mother Church wishes to announce the third Church Gala within the town of Velec, Adria for all of the faithful flock of Almaris to attend and engage with the festivities. The theme for the event will be centred around St. Avenel of Belvitz, Patron of Magicians, Alchemists and Engineers. Majority of the event will take place outside the Church of Our Mother of Paradisus and in the Velec festival grounds. The program for the night will go as following: MARKET FAYRE (5pm EST) A series of market stalls will be set up by the church selling various goods allowing the festival goers to browse the wares of merchants and the church. THE SCIENCE FAYRE (5:30pm EST) The Church calls for faithful alchemists and inventors to bring their craft to wonder at the festival goers! It was St. Avenel who believed alchemy could enhance Humanity so here is your chance! The best brew or invention will win a prize of 200 mina. THE EVENING BALL (6pm EST) The festivities will conclude with a ball within the castle of St. Emalyne in Adria The theme for the evening will be radiance, as on St. Avenel's deathbed it is said his body was illuminated in radiant light before passing. The best dressed will win 200 mina.
  3. Full Name of Man - Ledicort Vuiller Date of Birth of Man - 1860 Name of Woman - Esteri Adrienne Sarkozic Date of Birth of Woman - 1854 Location of Ceremony - Chapel of Bl. Fr. Fabian Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1914 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Teodosio Cardinal Tyria Full Name of Man - Josef Vladric Var Ruthern Date of Birth of Man - 1885 Name of Woman - Theodeta Tulipa Darkwood Date of Birth of Woman - 1885 Location of Ceremony - Basilica La Sorella Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1914 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Teodosio Cardinal Tyria Full Name of Man - Gaius Rosius var Ruthern Date of Birth of Man - 1888 Name of Woman - Mariya Elizabeth Novellen Date of Birth of Woman - 1887 Location of Ceremony - Basilica La Sorella Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1914 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Teodosio Cardinal Tyria
  4. Cardinal Teodosio really does hope they arrange the wedding a year in advance with a local priest once a date has been determined.
  5. Full Name of Man - Elijah Kervallen Date of Birth of Man - 1890 Name of Woman - Carice von Augusten Date of Birth of Woman - 1891 Location of Ceremony - Chapel of St Edmond Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1912 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Teodosio Cardinal Tyria
  6. PEACE AND BLESSINGS PONTIFICAL LETTER PROCUREMENT OF HOLY RELICS From the office of the Pontifical Chamberlain So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall keep fast to your word and station, and aspire not to greatness among men, but to My glory. - Scroll of Virtue 6:8. Most Beloved Brethren, Health and Pontifical Benediction. With this letter, we announce that all those who uphold the Canonist Faith and have in their possession Holy Relics in relation to the Sainted, Blessed and Venerated to contact the Mother Church. It is our aim to finally catalog all of them so they are not lost to time or neglected. It is also our goal to encourage the act of pilgrimages and what better reason to encourage these acts by displaying the relics within your dioceseโ€™s holy sites and local churches. We pray that the display of such relics will bring a new age of Canonist Folk undertaking the walk of GOD. Please reach out to your local Priest, Bishop, Archbishop or any layman of the Mother Church if you have such items. We shall strive to work with you on this matter. FIDES RESTITUENDA FAITH MUST BE RESTORED
  7. "Still haven't seen you turn up for the education offered by the church," grumbles Teodosio to himself.
  8. Teodosio thinks this is great news! Afterall Balian is only a recent nation without any reference to any ancient civilisation at all he thinks sarcastically.
  9. Thinks it isn't a push for apostasy but the revealing of ancient history. "Eh but what should I know? Maybe we don't educate the masses of the past at all."
  10. Carles Galbraith riots in the streets of Minitz screaming "UP THE STARS! FECK THE MOOTGOERS!"
  11. The House of Galbraith House Name: Galbraith (House Galbraith de Balian) Date of Founding: Unknown House Founder(s): Galbert the Boarkiller (House Founder), Edward Galbraith (Official First Patriarch) Current Head of House: Carles Galbraith de Castelorena Current Title(s): Balian - Baron of Castelorena, Heartlands - Duchy of Cathalon and Viscounty of Rivia List of Living Members: His Lordship, Carles Galbraith de Castelorena @Greener Notable Figures: Sir Geroge Galbraith - A cunning and prominent statesman particularly in the late years of Helena. @MRCHENN Sir Robert Galbraith - The first Viscount of Rivia and a Major in the Imperial State Army who led the revival of the legendary Imperial Cavalry, the 3rd Helena Dragoons. Philip Galbraith - A Rivian Lord most known for the enrichment of the Galbraith bloodline with strong royal marriages. Served as Vice-Chancellor of the Kingdom of Oren @Josef_Rippelberg Charles Antonius Galbraith - A Rivian duke known for elevating the Viscounty of Rivia into a regional power. @๐–‚๐–†๐–Œ๐–œ๐–†๐–“ Lucius Galbraith - Once regent of Rivia following death of Charles Antonius, forced to flee from the Heartlands where he settled in Balian and forged a new future for his familial line of Galbraith. @sergisala Notable Relic(s): Fat George - The ancestral sword given to the Viscount of Rivia, the name hesting upon the illusion of Sir Georgeโ€™s obesity, but a sword which the family is proud to have. House History: The first head of the House of Galbraith was Edward Galbraith, a man marred with controversy. As a result of growing discontent of Galbert publicly and in the Cabinet after two impeachment inquiries, in the year 1781, Edward's wife wrote a letter to him on behalf of herself and the rest of the family, disassociating them from him, through excommunicating him from the family. Resulting in the murder of Edward After this period of instability the headship of the family fell to Sir George Galbraith, of whom worked diligently and furthered the House in terms of his career however it is argued by many that due to his lack of notice of the familial side he was unable to bear a suitable heir. As a result of this Sir Robert Galbraith became head of the family, a different man from the previous two, he was not focused upon the bureaucracy of the Imperial Government and instead poured his focus into the Imperial State Army. Through this outlet he reconnected with the familiesโ€™ origins and pressed on to ensure peerage for both himself and his house resulting in the title of the Baron of Rivia and later Viscount. Originally a small fortification the Viscounty later grew to an immense size yielding the Galbraiths a levy of 2500 men in war during the time of the Brotherโ€™s War. This growth was largely a combination of the work of both Viscount Philip Galbraith and Duke Charles Antonius Galbraith. The latter, a claimant of the Duchy of Cathalon during the Harvest Revolution. The power of the Viscounty began to wane during the Acre Rebellion after the death of Duke Charles Antonius who was felled during a confrontation with the Baron of Acre in the fortress of Kaer Coch. Soon after Lucius of Rivia assumed leadership within the Viscounty. Before long however Lucius, fled to the South to Balian seeing the eventual downfall of the Kingdom of Oren and sought a new life for the family taking his familial line to Balian. Eventually Lucius after swearing fealty to the Grand Duke at the time was given the title Baron of Castelorena. After a period of illness this title was passed to Luciusโ€™ son, Carles Galbraith.
  12. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE A manuscript of the translation process of the 2nd Lothar Stone Munx Gregoriana - Kyrie IX (Cum Jubilo) TRANSLATION OF THE 2ND TABLET: THE WHEEL Unveiled to the people of Balian 8 years past, the second of the Lothar stones were discovered. The tablet depicted an open-handed woman of regal stature followed by a wall of text only to be believed was Old Bathalite, a script similar to non-Dragaari Flexio. Teodosio Cardinal Tyria took it upon himself to translate the text for the people of Balian, being the most fluent in modern Flexio due to his position within the Mother Church. In the first year of study Teodosio sat down within the Basilica la Sorella by himself accompanied with a wealth of Flexio journals, dictionaries and other learning aids he once used as an acolyte years past. He struggled at first trying to get a grip of the differences in the Flexio, but remained resilient and persisted forward. Unfortunately it was not meant to be but a valiant effort by the Cardinal saw him come close and allowed for there to be a foundation of words he successfully translated, hoping to ease the process the next time round. The second year of study wasnโ€™t too fruitful either for the Cardinal. No progress was made at all , it felt like he actually regressed and the previous yearโ€™s work was pointless. Instead, the Cardinal took to the nearest wine bottle. Onto the third year of study, the Cardinal gathered the help of Ledicort Vuiller. An important figure within the city but most importantly the man had learnt some Flexio within his youth. Would two minds be better than one in this task? Unfortunately for the pair the next three years were filled with strife and failure! However, some key points were translated. The Old Bathalite culture referenced a symbol of a wheel, a chariot driven by two wheels, faith and state. Reference to the Pact of Asoith was also translated and the migration of the Balian people to a new home to which they forged themselves a prospering Empire was all successfully translated. Three years of failing took its toll on the pair. They were starting to get somewhere, key words and points being translated but the majority of it still didnโ€™t make sense. In their frustration, the tablet was accidentally chipped. Finally at the start of this very year 1912, the tablet was finally translated. Perhaps the Cardinalโ€™s prayers were answered at long last. Everything started coming together and the grammatical differences between Old-Bathalite and Flexio were becoming clear. Success at last, the pair celebrated in their accomplishment being able to fully grasp what details the tablet held, the founding myth of the Bathalite civilization. At last the tablet had been translated and ready to be revealed to the public. HIS EMINENCE, Agent-General of the Clergy, Cardinal Teodosio Tyria
  13. Full Name of Man - Aleksi Komnenos Date of Birth of Man - 1868 Name of Woman - Adelia Darkwood Date of Birth of Woman - 1876 Location of Ceremony - Basilica la Sorella Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1911 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Teodosio Cardinal Tyria Full Name of Man - Kasimir Sarkozic Date of Birth of Man - 1889 Name of Woman - Nicoletta Varoche Date of Birth of Woman - 1891 Location of Ceremony - Basilica la Sorella Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1911 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Teodosio Cardinal Tyria
  14. Cardinal Teodosio continues to run his school within the abbey educating those on Canonism and flexio as he has done for several years within Balian.
  15. Longbows and Field Archery - Castelorena An introduction to longbows and a game of field archery Image of old Rivian longbowman during a conflict Dear people of Balian, The Baron of Castelorena has seen fit to train those who are of able strength and young age the art of using a longbow. The longbow is a formidable art of war when used to its strengths. However, not everyone can master a longbow especially those of higher draw weights of over 100lbs, even reaching an impressive 180 lbs. A training session in the basics of longbow archery and information regarding the Galbraith Yew Longbow will be taught. To become a master however, will take you years of training to develop your skill and correct physique for such a bow. At the end of the training session a game of Field Archery will be held within the wooded area of Castelorena where you will have a limited set amount of time to navigate through the woods and fire at three different targets at different ranges. The further away you can hit the target from, the more points you gain. Hope to see you all 24th Horenโ€™s Calling 1910.
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