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  1. Carsten wheels about in his wheelchair in the Bastille, “Bloody’ scum. Crippled me for six months. Bullocks that they condemn the terrorist’s actions,” he grumbles to himself, slamming in fist down on the table within the Bastille’s hall.
  2. MC Username: greener161 Discord: Greener#5669 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan on this character Why Do You Wish To Come?: Odin Ireheart came to his dominance during the years of Athera. I had many good memories of the map whilst playing Odin and I feel it be a suitable time for Odin to pass into Khaz'A'Dentrumm whilst returning to a former land. What Skills Can You Bring?: At his height Odin Ireheart was a remembrance and knows Dwarvish, he could be of assistance in understanding Dwarven language of the past within Athera. He has years of experience in the Dwarven Legion so his military prowess could be useful for the Dwarves.
  3. I’m looking for some premium farmer roleplay experience. Hit me up. 

  4. Darith an old Teuton from Aegis who stood alongside Gaius rolls his his grave once more after another reformation.
  5. See you around nerds good luck all, Greener out. 

  6. Yup I remember quite a bit EDIT: Don't think people realise this has been a thing for 3 years just a new post
  7. Who remembers the mori aka drow

    1. KBR


      There is still one alive though he doesn't play anymore

    2. TeaLulu


      i wish i didn't

  8. Bring back 3.0 mining system! The node based mine thingy

    1. Seliyne


      I wouldn't mind both, but not either exclusively. Dungeons with ore nodes and monsters would be fun.

  9. I need an FM pls! Msg me

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Greener


      Hidden since theres a new clan thread

    3. Ang


      Done. Have a nice day.

    4. Greener
  10. What is thy name? Piers of Lorraine What is thy soulname (MC name)? Greener161 What is thy race? Human What is thy age? 37 Art thou Undead? Yes If so, what form doth thou take? Graven If not, art thou willing to die to become one with the Redshrouds? Already dead What is thy mastered profession of craftsmanship? Woodworker What is thy mastered martial profession? None more of a scholar/priest before Art thou godless? I saw the darkness after death there is no GOD
  11. Eh what spooks need a Graven?

    1. Harrison


      not the drakaar forces join them and perish

    2. Greener
  12. I say hello to the land of Aegis once more :)

    1. Ang


      In ashes and dust

    2. Greener


      I know :( 

  13. Heres the issue why your getting confused bunch of homebrew ****
  14. Going to drop this here 


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