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  2. 3rd Helena Dragoons By: Lieutenant Carsten Helson The 3rd Brigade Helena Dragoons is a cavalry brigade apart of the Imperial State Army. The 3rd is separated from the 1st Brigade of the Helena Regulars as it specialises in mounted cavalry and scouting roles. It is predominantly located in the Crownlands, the surrounding area to the capital of the Empire, Helena. Dragoons are essentially mounted infantry, thus can perform on horseback and off horseback. Below includes the information required to be read to become a successful cavalryman. The information is expected to be read by all the members of the 3rd Brigade. Section I: Traditions and Courtesies The 3rd Brigade prides itself on its appearance and military tradition, it often surpassing in appearance, display and formality compared to their counterparts in the first. It is paramount that soldiers of the 3rd display themselves in the best of fashion and hold high noble esteems. They’re to be shining examples of humanity’s greatest. Uniform: The uniform of a soldier of the 3rd is an achievement to be worn. It symbolises the triumph and progression of humanity and should be worn with respect and grace at all times. There are few alterations that are deemed acceptable, most notably being awarded to the Farrier where a black plume is worn on the helmet instead. The Uniform to the left, is an example of such a uniform worn by a soldier of the 3rd. It is clean and well kept, along with his steed. Cavalry Training School: The passage of gaining a horse within the 3rd is a proud tradition that dates back to Imperial Knights of old. Horses are earnt through extensive training programmes where the Private learns the extent of cavalry warfare, grooming and cavalry dressage/drill. Tests are conducted on each of these requirements. Place in Orenian Society: The Brigade of the 3rd are regarded as one of the most prestigious in the Imperial State Army. The soldiers of the cavalry, especially the officers are drawn exclusively from the Orenian aristocracy, yet times are changing so a majority of officers are still drawn from the upper classes and gently of Orenian society with few from common folk. On occasion, the cavalry is accused of elitism. Parade: Parade within the 3rd is sacred. The strive to look elegant and powerful in front of the Emperor and the Imperial Princes/Princesses is of utmost importance. Due to this approach, dressage and drill is taught early on in a soldier’s career in the 3rd. They are extensively taught formations and drills to ensure they provide the greatest parades within humanity. Parades are essentially for the preservation of cavalry culture and tradition. In most parades, the role of a drum horse is implemented to enable the ease of trotting in formation. The Drum Horse: The role of a Drum horse within the 3rd is a proud tradition. Drum horses carry two large solid silver kettle Drums, plus a fully outfitted rider. The Cavalry Drum Horse is one of the most popular and recognisable members of the brigade. Drum Horses are usually piebald or skewbald in colour it is not uncommon to see them in solid colours as well.Drum Horses must be strong enough to carry the weight of the large kettledrums and the drummer, often in excess of 300 pounds. They must also remain calm and sensible in crowded environments during ceremonies. It takes a very special horse to fill such a prominent role in the Crownland Dragoon Guards. Section II: Specialist Billets Each Cavalryman of the 3rd Brigade will go under the Cavalry Training School. From there they will be designated into two main billets, Line or Light Cavalry. There is also optional billets to fulfil alongside the two main billets. Line Cavalry: The predominant billet within the 3rd is line cavalry. These are soldiers that have gone through the Cavalry Training School to be given a horse. Line Cavalry, mounted infantry or medium cavalry differ to light cavalry. Line Cavalry horses are heavier and typically the cavalrymen as well. Line Cavalry are used to charge enemy positions but also screen the flanks of the main army. Line Cavalry use straight long sabres. Light Cavalry (Vanguard): The Light Cavalry of the 3rd commonly known as the Vanguard or scouts. Becoming light cavalry is a hard role to acquire and requires extensive training to excel at such position. The role of the light cavalry is to perform reconnaissance missions, screening of flanks, skirmishing and or fighting as forager. Light Cavalry used short curved sabres. Musician: Musicians are ceremonial roles within the 3rd Brigade. They’re the individuals that ride the drum horses of the Brigade and play musical instruments used in parades. They play a vital role within the brigade by maintaining the beat of the march when the 3rd goes onto parade. Stablehand: These individuals work under the Master of the Horse in maintaining the stables for the 3rd Brigade and the rest of the brigade. They are event stable hands within the Helena stable or work in the stud farms in the crownlands. Farrier: Farriers combine veterinary knowledge with blacksmiths' skills. They are responsible for hoof trimming and fitting horseshoes to horses. They also deal with the humane dispatch of wounded and sick horses, accomplished with the large spike on the end of their axes. Then they use the sharp blade of the axe to chop off the deceased animal's hoof, which is marked with its regimental number. This assists in keeping track of animals killed in action. Farriers are few of the Imperial State Army billets that use axes in warfare. Farrier’s are distinguished by their black plumes, instead of white. Master of the Sabre: A role that can be held by any member of the 3rd Brigade. The Master of the Sabre is the role given for the best fighter within the 3rd. They have excelled at combat and have been chosen especially by the Captain of the Brigade. It is a predominantly ceremonial role. Upon elevation to said role they are gifted a fine ornate sabre only used during ceremonies. Lieutenant Billets: Master of the Horse - This is a specialist role which is mainly ceremonial but contains vital roles that are of importance within the 3rd. These include all matters connected to the horses, stables, coachouses, studs, mews and kennels. They have overbearing control of these areas and can see fit to assign enlisted personnel to manage them under his/her command. Master of the Vanguard - The control of the Vanguard is a crucial role within the 3rd that all officers aim to serve at some point during their career. The Lieutenant is in charge of the Vanguard, assigning missions to the scouts and overall planning of the Vanguard advancements in warfare. They also deal with the fresh Privates from the Combat Academy, turning them into effective dismounted scouts for the Vanguard and Brigade. Master of the School - The Lieutenant that holds this role, oversees the Cavalry Training School that enables Privates/Ensigns to gain their own horse. He/she provides classes for the training and has the final sway in whether the private completes his trials. Section III: The Cavalry Training School As stated the Cavalry Training School (CTS) trains individual in the steps required for fresh Privates from the Combat Academy Brigade to earn the right to own and ride a horse within the 3rd. From gaining their horsemanship Privates/Ensigns are able to billet themselves as the mounted cavalry or become a mounted scout instead of a footslogger. Dragoon Cavalry Warfare - The art of warfare on a horse is learnt by a private fresh to the Horse Training School. As Dragoon Guards they’re expected to excel at mounted combat against other cavalry and infantry. During their training, privates are taught how to properly balance themselves on the horse and manage it in combat. This entails the safe riding of the horse, care for the horse if distressed, and how to effectively engage in melee combat upon a horse. On top of this, the privates are taught cavalry warfare tactics through a series of classes. Lastly, privates are taught the effectiveness of dismounted from their horses and fighting as infantry. Grooming - Grooming entails the overall care and maintenance of your horse. This is taught to ensure privates maintain a close and personal connection to their steed. They are taught how to properly clean, care and aid their steed learning basic farrier skills, horse anatomy and veterinary skills. Those who wish to specialise more into the role can become a Farrier. Most of this section is taught in classes and with a few practical sessions. Dressage - Parades are an important event within the 3rd. It allows the Brigade to show off their skills to the Empire. Privates are taught during their time in the CTS how to perform dressage. At the end of their time in the school, a pass-out parade is conducted where the private should not fail it.
  3. Carsten claps, “Good read.”
  4. Carsten wheels about in his wheelchair in the Bastille, “Bloody’ scum. Crippled me for six months. Bullocks that they condemn the terrorist’s actions,” he grumbles to himself, slamming in fist down on the table within the Bastille’s hall.
  5. MC Username: greener161 Discord: Greener#5669 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan on this character Why Do You Wish To Come?: Odin Ireheart came to his dominance during the years of Athera. I had many good memories of the map whilst playing Odin and I feel it be a suitable time for Odin to pass into Khaz'A'Dentrumm whilst returning to a former land. What Skills Can You Bring?: At his height Odin Ireheart was a remembrance and knows Dwarvish, he could be of assistance in understanding Dwarven language of the past within Athera. He has years of experience in the Dwarven Legion so his military prowess could be useful for the Dwarves.
  6. I’m looking for some premium farmer roleplay experience. Hit me up. 

  7. Darith an old Teuton from Aegis who stood alongside Gaius rolls his his grave once more after another reformation.
  8. See you around nerds good luck all, Greener out. 

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  10. Who remembers the mori aka drow

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  11. Bring back 3.0 mining system! The node based mine thingy

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  13. What is thy name? Piers of Lorraine What is thy soulname (MC name)? Greener161 What is thy race? Human What is thy age? 37 Art thou Undead? Yes If so, what form doth thou take? Graven If not, art thou willing to die to become one with the Redshrouds? Already dead What is thy mastered profession of craftsmanship? Woodworker What is thy mastered martial profession? None more of a scholar/priest before Art thou godless? I saw the darkness after death there is no GOD
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