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  1. [Denied] [Pending]Jakraes [Actor]

    This guy has missed so many WC because he was that deep and invested in rp that he refused to leave, that's dedication +1 from me ;)
  2. Is it just me or is quite an unusual amount of players getting banned for "stupid" things or things they never actually committed. Makes me wonder if the staff running our beloved server are really fit for their role :3

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    2. Aeldrin


      play stupid games win stupid prizes

    3. Hero_Prodigy


      *face turns red with anger, barely stopping himself from commenting* No comment!

    4. Dragonayr
  3. [Actor] Nolan's Et Application

    This kid's a disgusting mess and I hate him in every way possible +1
  4. minecraft account name - armyandrew age - 14 time zone - GMT Have you ever roleplayed before - Yes, I played serious role play servers on garrys mod, Clockwork RP, and other minecraft serious roleplay servers. Have you ever been on other roleplaying servers - Yes, Clockwork RP and a game of thrones minecraft RP server Have you ever applied before - No How did you hear about us - I was searching for a lord of the rings server because i wanted to see amazing builds of middle earth and feel as if I was living in it. I stumbled across this and though it looked amazing What do you think the server will be like - Serious, Strict role playing and well orginized Have you read and agreed to the rules - Yes, These rules look like they keep the game under control making it and close to middle earth as possilble What's you favourite rule - When you die, either in roleplay or in minecraft, you simply go back to the sky temple and forgot all memory of your death and the roleplay leading up to it Definitions What is roleplaying - Roleplaying is simply simulating a role of something or someone trying to play like that person / thing would. What is metagaming - For example your playing a game and someone's a drug dealer you don't know that person is a drug dealer though it says it above their head, You call the cops and get the peson arrested , they ask what your reason was and you reply with "It says it above his head" that is metagaming. What is powergaming - People who powergame are people who try to do / use something that it makes it impossible to comepte with, thus making the roleplay unfair. Powergaming is forcing actions upon another perosn. For Example you could not kill someone in real life take their money and walkaway, e.g /me slices you in half, Cleary you can't slice someone in half, If they owned a weapon they could of thrown you off guard with a block/parry and if the person was wearing good armour a sword would slice them in half. In Game Info What's your character called - Korin What Race are they and Sub Race - Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf What Sex are they - Male How Old are they - 4 Seasons ( 28 years) Give us a brief description of their life - I was born in the Empire Of Khorvad. My father Crorin raised me when my mother mysteriously disappeared and i never saw her again. I loved the mountains my dad would take me to the highest possible part and i would look over the world around me, The height was amazing I could see everything as far as i could see. At the age of 18 talk of rebellion began to begin and before I knew it my dad was trying to convince me to fight with them. I at first thought that it was wrong but then I thought of the freedom and fun i could have the feeling of knocking the heads of the guards into the distance. I began to rebel frequently and when we overruled the Empire we partied drinking all the ale we could get. After out final fight my dad was missing no where to be seen. The last I know of him was when he gave me his amulet, He told me that it was a family relic to be kept with great care and it was made with precious gems and plated with gold. I spent many happy nights in my favourite inn 'The Wilds Inn' I met many friends their some dwarfs but not many, There is where i met Orkir my best friend, I trusted him with my life and he trusted his with mine. I travelled far over the mountains in look for my parents but there was no hope. I saw many things i did not believe in giant tree's and mushrooms as tall as tree's but in my travels I now know of what is out there. My friend Orkir was the only person i knew and was of my kin. We travelled together and we slayed many goblins and dwarfs together. We were approaching a burnt farmhouse in look of supplies when a huge ambush of orcs attacked we fought most of them off but one attacked me chopping 3 of my fingers Orkir turned to save me from further damage when he died saving me. I took his body and cremated it saying my final goodbyes and continued on looking for further friends and battles and maybe a home to call my own. What are they like - Brave, Battle Hungry And caring to his friends What are their ambitions - To have a home at the top of a mountain looking off over the world. Do they have any special abilities - Korin is very good with his doubled sided axe and very good with a short bow or crossbow Weakness's - Water, Afraid of drowning. Greed for gold What they look like - He has a brown, gingery beard, Blue armour, and double sided axe on his back. A helm and golden rings in his hair. Anything else you want to say about them - Loves gold and someone to rely on to be at his side Give a screenshot of your character's skin - See Attachments for pictures of my skin