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  1. [Denied] [Pending][ET Actor] MCPancakes' Try Try Try Again

    Good lad, tons of fun/detailed rp with him +2
  2. Mercenaries can't be trusted

    Aldor would stumble outside, take one glance at the 1 week eviction notice and laugh "a bit early lads" he would chuckle. Another point is that on many occasions i have told people from all groups that myself and andrewmcfly would be going on holiday at the same time, i will be away for the next 2 weeks and i asked kevin a few weeks ago to either make the war before, or after my holiday. Seems he chose the weekend to hinder our defence, also i may add that we do not intend to call on allies, we are a mercenary group and are neutral to all factions. we will not call apon oren (your enemy) or any other faction, although i stupidly did not add my 10-15 members to the members list of the plot as we had been focusing on other things in other areas. i feel we should be allowed to bring our group as a whole (15 max) to face the 70+ force that is the coalition.
  3. you should stop cheating smh

  4. The Riders Of The Mark

  5. The Riders Of The Mark

  6. The Riders Of The Mark

  7. The Riders Of The Mark
  8. The Riders Of The Mark

  9. The Riders Of The Mark

  10. The Riders Of The Mark

  11. [Denied] [Pending]Jakraes [Actor]

    A great RP'r, detailed and interesting every time - +1 from me
  12. The Riders Of The Mark

  13. Looking for et to host a big event this weekend for around 15+ peeps, hit me up with a pm if ur interested <3