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  1. - RULES - (to be eligible) 1. Comment must have no text (Title or description), only 1 video per comment. 2. Video must be MAX 10 seconds long. 3. Video must follow rules of the forums, no gore and no doxing etc. 4. MOST UPVOTED COMMENT WINS. (Public decides) 5. Comment must have been posted anytime up until and including 15th of march. 6. Multiple submissions allowed (Within moderation) PRIZE Diamond VIP account for LOTC Unwritten Title of 'LOTC Meme Master' 12 minas
  2. Im not letting anyone near my chars animated bust ! (.) (.)
  3. Tiocfaidh ár lá but not anytime soon, 10 in a row, up eh queen, dunamis in petrus, get the beers in and stop the pope licking kids 


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  4. is the OG Show urself thread still around, if so pls link thanks. :) 

    Show Yourself Thread 1

    1. Llir


      No it got deleted when someone hacked a mod account to grief our forums in like 2015

    2. Dragonayr


      ahhh ok cheers man

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  6. Just listed hundreds of RP items on AH for 1 mina, go grab em cheap, all kinds of random **** haven't bothered to look probably a hidden gem or two in the bunch. Dunamis in Petrus.

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    grown ass man returning to mineman rp in 2021 smdh

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImMEjLik1n8 Loki’s Casino Originally founded in Atlas by the infamous gambler Loki, the esteemed casino is now making a comeback through the successors of Loki. Many of the same techniques of running the operations have stayed in line with the traditions of Loki, including the old gambling machines. Each casino is equipped with a total of two gambling machines along with a small tavern. Players can buy tokens with minas that allow them to play the machines. Come stop by at the nearest location near you! The odds are in your favor to win with Loki’s Machines! The Tavern In every Loki Casino there is a tavern with some of the finest drinks. If gambling is not your thing, come by and have a drink with your friends. We are also looking for tavern keepers to run the taverns in our casinos as well as suppliers for drinks. (pm me on discord if interested Tusk#1632) Loki’s Casino aspires to create a cozy and safe environment to enjoy with a glass of the finest with some friends or a space to relax and unwind in after a long day. Round the clock music and performances will be held within the Casino, ask a staff member to play music if you are visiting. VIP In every casino there is a VIP lounge, where VIPs can sit back and enjoy the casino. VIPs are given discounts on food, drinks and any other services that the casino provides. To become a VIP you must buy one of the VIP tokens for 50 minas. Sold in various shops and stalls around the cities hosting the casinos, Additionally sold by staff members and salespeople from the cities. VIP’s will have access to shops selling casino chips at a discounted rate to boost your odds of winning, and will be given exclusive access to casino events with free food, drinks and chips and prizes. The purchase or accumulation of a Loki’s Casino VIP Pass will grant the bearer a lifetime VIP status at the given casino. Simple 3 lane slot machine The simple 3 lane slot machine is one of Loki’s most successful machines as it pays out more often than any other. The aim is to light up all three lights, it accepts one token and will payout a prize valued at 10x the amount staked depending on the machine. To purchase tokens, go to the shop in the casino and buy yourself tokens so you can play the machines. Locations of Casinos. Haense- Coming Soon [Beside the bank] Urguan- Coming Soon Gamble responsibly.
  9. Any good human style builders want to help out with a very smalll build project for sheckles, PM me on discord Tusk 1632 :) 

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7FFLYXEOqA OUR PREAMBLE The Valiant Alliance of Peacekeeping Enthusiasts lights the path from war to peace, we are the keepers of strength and restraint, we strengthen the lines of the down-trodden, we go where cowards will not go, we do not allow war to shape the life of the innocent, we meet fire with fury, pride with steel! OUR REASONING The Valiant Alliance of Peacekeeping Enthusiasts are no strangers to violence. In order to keep the safety of the world, power is necessary. It is necessary in the hands of good people, good people who understand that violence tempers the evil of extreme war. Why is power necessary? The weapons of war are there, as are willing hands to wield them. It is unavoidable that war-profiteers, zealots and bastards will take up arms to terrify and slay. The weapons of war will be wielded in our hands to comfort and bring salvation. Who are the good people? Those who are willing to give their lives for the safety of the world. Who will not allow the tides of war to burn their fields and demolish their homes. The courageous who hone their skills as militant peacekeepers, to answer the call before their homelands run red. Those who have mourned and need a path to turn to, the Valiant Alliance will receive you. And we will weather the harray of war as one. The lives of the innocent can be protected, discipline can be brought to war. The Valiant Alliance of Peacekeeping Enthusiasts promotes a strict code of wartime ethics that protects the lives of civilians, workers, faithful, and the youth. We refuse to start fights, we fight only to end them. Those who are willing to fall together are the only ones who can stand together. OUR STATEMENT OF WAR-CRIMES The Valiant Alliance of Peacekeeping Enthusiasts believes unwarranted violence is the base of all war-crimes, and thus; Civilians, workers, the faithful, and children are not to be harmed in war, their property undestroyed and their lives unthreatened, No slaves of war are to be taken, And the land should be left undestroyed, lest people starve and be driven from their homes. OUR OATHS The Valiant Alliance of Peacekeeping Enthusiasts calls all nations, and all people to join their treatise against war-crimes, and to join to help temper the destruction of war. Oath for Individuals: “I will commit no war-crimes, leaving unharmed the innocent of the world. I will come to the defense of the down-trodden, even at the threat against my life. I will aid the Valiant Alliance of Peacekeeping Enthusiasts when they call on me. I pledge this on my name, __.” Oath for Nations: “The Nation of __ vows to order no war-crimes, and will commit aid to the Valiant Alliance of Peacekeeping Enthusiasts. The Nation of __ will begin no wars, only coming to the aid of those seeking the downfall of warmongers. This is pledged on the honor of our homeland, in defense of our civilians, workers, our faithful, our youth, Nation of __.”
  11. I really really miss roleplaying ?

  12. forgive me father for I have sinned 


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