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  1. Alright boys n girls x

  2. LFF Dragonayr#1632 hmu with grp discord’s and I’ll join 

  3. How are we all? 

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      Great despite of the server lag and you?

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      Good brother, no pvp on lotc anymore then? 

  4. Empire are a bunch of Whispering eyes 😉

  5. ***New vid coming out soon***

    Imperials get fired from the sperm bank for drinking on the job (not click bait)

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      where have the reivers been 

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      break b/c busy & uninterested

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  6. @EmpireMetagamers 


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      big fan, big sub

  7. Year VB for downing a player who returned to pvp. 

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      who gave u the vb

    3. Dragonayr



      Edited by Dragonayr
    4. ferdaboys69


      yea hes kinda slow dont mind fireheart

  8. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Dragonayr Blacklist Reason: Targeting How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: The blacklist has taught me to not target any groups as it can have a negative effect on the community. The blacklist has influenced my behaviour and I have changed my attitude towards the group. Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe?: Yes Why should you be un-blacklisted? Throughout my blacklist I have refrained from entering any offensive conflicts, I have become friends with the group I was originally seen to be targeting, I have no ooc hatred or spite towards any player on lotc and look forward to joining and working with the server to create a more diverse and balanced rp experience. The vb was justified and I have learnt from it.
  9. “I will join any group, nation, man for the agreed payment each fight” – Brendan Bocker
  10. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Dragonayr Blacklist Reason: For attacking the empire too many times How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: I would say yes for the appeal but truthfully it hasn’t, I’m not gonna just bs for the easy appeal, it was not my quality of rp that was the problem and reason for me to be blacklisted, I had many good, well rp’d fights within the city, losing every single one I might add but the rp was of high quality from my part. Although the appeal has taught me to not go so rough on a single group as it can have negative consequences. Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe?: Yes Why should you be un-blacklisted? Since the new map has been released It is a more balanced and diverse server and will not have to focus the (at the time) only group on the server. There will be conflicts with many nations and diversity thus no accusations of targeting will be made. I feel I have dealt with the vb well, I have avoided all trouble, and participated in far fewer fights, infact the group I was “targeting” I fought aside the most throughout my vb. I created an anti villain group, dedicated to purging the server (lands) of the type of player I once was.
  11. Terms of a mercenary agreement and contract. The client, upon submitting the agreed payment to Brendan Bocker with adequate timing will acquire the services of Brendan in any conflict. The agreed payment will purchase Brendan’s services for a single fight. To purchase the services of Brendan Bocker for wars consisting of multiple battles, will thus require multiple issues of the agreed payment below. No negotiations will be made in regards to the payment to ensure equality among all potential clients. ((Discord access and voice perms must be given in all fights)) Brendan Bocker will fight for any man, organisation or nation. His services are of a first come, first served basis and once the agreed payment is made by a client, all incoming offers from any opposing party, even if considerably higher, will be dismissed without consideration. All, non consumable, inventory gained for the duration of the fight will be returned to the client once the fight has been completed. Once payment has been issued, if the fight in question has been cancelled it will NOT result in any refund being made. ((Mercenary services can be provided any day following the 18th of March.)) Brendan ensures loyalty and quality in the service he provides, thus the requirements from any client regarding certain senarios are as follows. Any Defense of a building, fort or city- A key for all doors and gates in the area being defended must be given to Brendan to ensure no factor will influence his ability to apprehend the attackers. An open field scirmish- Extra good quality food must be provided to cover the event of an extended fight covering a lot of ground. (Extra 16 steak/pork) A boat or horse may be given to Brendan if accessible to the client and if it is obviously required for the situation at hand. Any warclaim- Must be notified with reasonable notice and may require additional payment or terms to be discussed with the client prior to the event. The payment required each fight for Brendan Bocker’s services are as follows. Full plate armour, sword and shield. A bow with a large quiver of arrows (2.5 stacks) A selection of high quality food. (64 bread/baked potatos and 16 steak/pork) ———- (See above for terms on requirements for horse, boat double steak/pork) Contact can be made via, i game roleplay or discord. Dragonayr#1632
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