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  1. Known him from way back, played on multiple Rp servers with him, would be perfect for the job +1
  2. Teamspeak and discord are a requirement.
  3. Gaff?
  4. What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: Tartanspartan98 What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: Dragonayr Do you agree to follow the rules on your new account?: Yes Do you understand you cannot have both of these accounts interacting with one another? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: yes Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: yes How long have you been on LotC?: 3 years How many accounts do you currently have whitelisted (including main) 1
  5. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Cart Island: (Tahn- Oren/Dwarves/Elves, Ceru - Sutica, Asul - Haria) Asul Point A: (Name of city, settlement, capitall, etc.) Exact co-ordinates of Point A: XYZ 1140 / 47 / 1254 Point B: (Name of city, settlement, capitall, etc.) Exact co-ordinates of Point B: XYZ 1617 / 74 / 1327
  6. Only similarities i can find is that we are both merc groups? And our group existed before Dunamis returned Our horses are tougher than the average, as they have been brought up on the mountains of Urguan
  7. -=- The Riders of the Mark -=- “We are the storm, hear the thunder of our hooves. As days darken and clouds gather we stand ready We are the horse’s blood, we are the unroutable Our steads are swift as lightning, we are the storm and we ride for victory!” Stopping dead in your tracks you look up to the figure who has approached you, his stead armoured with the strongest of studs, blue and black banners wave behind him. He looks down at you, his eyes cut you down and you feel the air suddenly get colder. He hands you a note and whispers “ride for the mark if you think you’re strong enough.” He gallops off before you can even mutter a response. Purpose The Riders of the Mark originate from the mountains of Urguan, an unlikely place for the horse lords to live. The cold of the mountains has toughened the steads so that they are stronger than normal horses. The riders are a mercenary group serving only the highest bidder. Their goal is to create a community of not only elite warriors for battles and wars, but also to create a bustling village with plenty of activity. History The Deep Cold, 1606 Aldor and Aeoblod pulled themselves to the top of the mountain, exhausted and malnourished they collapsed into the snow, today was the day, today was the day they gave up. The bitterness of the Dwarven mountains stung them likes angry bees, their faces frozen to the one bitter expression they had had throughout their journey. Aldor stood up and looked around at the crater at the top of the mountain, his eyes widening. “This..- This is perfect…” He finally uttered. They dove into the last of their rations and used what little energy they had left to gather enough wood to build a makeshift hovel for the night. In the morning Aeoblod continued to set up an outpost whilst Aldor travelled back down the mountain to the Kal’Omith to barter supplies for their town. Construction began quickly and the two were able to establish enough food and shelter to sustain them permanently. Aeoblod looked to Aldor “This will be our mark on the world, this will be our home.” Battle of Blódskogr, 1608 Grand King Bastion Ireheart had given Aldor one condition for settling in his lands. He wanted the mark’s troops for the upcoming war against the Kingdom of Norland. Eager to prove himself preparations were made and the once empty looking hilltop exploded into a fortified town. With Fort Mark finished military equipment was the next priority. Maybe it was pity or maybe she genuinely believed in this place the two were blessed with the help of the ascended ‘Mariane’a Abernathy’. The Legendary Blacksmith was a god send to the group who forged the armour and weapons for the riders. Day in and day out she put her blood, tears and sweat into her forge. Each armour bearing her unique runic symbol on the chestpiece. As the sun dipped under the horizon a dwarven messenger arrived at the gates of the mark, it was time to rally. The battle was short and sweet, Aeoblod led the charge into Norland’s defensives. Taking the flank he ordered the men to climb the trees to take out the archers whilst the dwarven forces steamrolled the broken enemy. Returning victorious songs were sung all night in the “Frozen Hill Tavern” this was only the beginning. Horses The bond between a rider and their steed is of utmost importance to members of the mark. The horse is their companion for life, accompanying them across all terrain through day and night. When a defender of the mark had shown skill, passion and loyalty to the group it would be decided amongst the Knights and Marshal if they should be promoted to “Rider”. During the ceremony a horse will be presented to the candidate and two must accept each other. If the steed doesn’t accept it’s potential master it means the defender isn’t ready to become a rider. However if it does the defender must complete a trial to show they are worthy. Trial of the Rider During your promotion to rider a knight or the marshal will accompany you on your trial. The trial consists of a journey to empower both you and your horse with the water from the “Fountain of Viribus”. The fountain is empowered with the ancient spells of the druids which will fortify the bond between you and your horse and your combat prowess. Ranks Military ranking system Upon joining the riders you will be a ‘Defender Of The Mark’, this is the section of training before the trial that you will be a foot soldier. When you are ready you will do the trial and become a rider. When a rider proves themselves as a worthy leader, they will be promoted once again to the rank ‘Knight Of The Mark’. Knights will be given divisions and they will navigate within wars as their own groups. The ‘Marshall Of The Mark’ direct the separate divisions in a war, organizing flanks and tactics. The Town Not everyone is cut out to be a rider of even a defender. For the more passive soul the village offers another side of life. Once you settle into the town you’ll become a “Citizen”, helping out with minor tasks and rping in and around The Mark. If you wish to pursue a profession then you can become a “head” of that profession where you’ll have your own unique building with all the tools you need to train. Higher ranks are available like ”senechal” where you would handle administrative tasks in the town and help settle new citizens. The “Steward” is in charge of managing the entire town and overseeing new building, and all professions. Marshal Of The Mark The marshall of the mark is the overall leader of the Military who will organise the separate divisions in a war claim. He will discuss business deals with other factions and run the Knight Of The Mark A knight of the mark is an officer of the army, they will be granted a larger room in the keep and a barracks to train their troops and store their armour and weapons, a knight of the mark will lead a division in a war claim. And will attend meetings about upcoming wars. Rider Of The Mark A rider of the mark is a defender that has proven themselves, they will be given a room in the keep in The Mark and will be given upgraded armour and a horse for every war claim and you will be a part of the cavalry division, ran by a knight. Defender Of The Mark A defender of the mark is a foot soldier, the rank will grant you a house in our town, and supply you with armour at every war claim and and you will be a part of a division ran by a knight. Millitary Marshal Of The Mark Aldor (Dragonayr) Knight Of The Mark Aeoblod (AndrewMcfly) Rider Of The Mark Zebra Jakraes Tornado241 Defender Of The Mark Yennifer_levine Zane Jondead Nolan_ Jamei JakeFSF Dork117 Porterus Vander Town Steward Of The Mark Aeoblod (AndrewMcfly) Senechal Of The Mark Heads Of Professions AndrewMcfly - Farming Jamei - (Blacksmithing) Aldor (Dragonayr) - (Breeding) Pqcify - (fishing) Citizens Of The Mark Reznc Application Minecraft Name: Age: OOC Information: Do you have discord and teamspeak?: Character Name: Race: Profession: Is this character your primary character?: Past PvP/Military Experience:
  8. Aldor raises a glass
  9. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Dragonayr : Tartanspartan98 Ban Reason: (State the reason listed when you try to log on) “Killing 5+ horses for their armour & Saddles is not permitted” https://gyazo.com/582a80d1ae2e3510144c1a8124bd0cc4 Individuals Involved: (Include anyone who was a witness, or directly involved in the situation) GM - Arockstar28 Event Details: (Explain what happened and why you did what you did) As many people will know, my persona “Aldor” is a breeder, i own a town in the dwarves that i have paid for by selling horses to many players and groups on the server. When i was starting out this “horse buisness” i found that my horses had bugged out (another story) a very helpful GM then answered my modreq and helped me by confirming that i had horses (Good ones), watching me kill them in my plot and replacing them with default, spawned in horses. The dwarves then heard about my problem, and decided to help me by giving me 2 good horses to start breeding with. Note, i then had no reason to keep the old (rubbish horses), as time progressed and i bred all the good horses, and the bad ones separately i then would sell my good horses to players wanting them, and if i would call my good pets to me, and find that it didn't have a saddle or armour on it, and the customer was wanting these with his horse, i would then call one of my crap horses to me as i knew they had saddles or armour on them and kill them for it. An unknown citizen of courland then posted a modreq stating that his horse had gone missing and Arockstar28 then looked at the logs, saw that i had killed horses in the area multiple times in one week, and assumed that i was the one responsible for this horse going missing. Why should you be unbanned?: (Why should we unban you?) Not only would i argue that the entire situation was poorly handled, with me only being informed of the accusations a week after the player posted the modreq about the missing horse. I was asked to tell my side of the story, as i was doing so the GM involved repeatedly called me “A liar”, when he had NO evidence to back up that statement. The GM involved also Banned my account for 2 weeks originally when he accused me of killing 8 horses and obtaining armour from each, then as a GM leader checked the logs he noticed that the number of horses originally stated had in fact halved, and the number of armour sets acquired had also decreased. I then had my ban increased to 3 weeks, understandably as i had been banned before. My ban was then also increased a third time as i then entered the server on a wandering soul account to take screenshots of the Urguan army preparing for the war, which was then later resolved as it was made clear to the GM that it was not in fact against the rules and the ban was brought back down to its original time of 3 weeks. After the GM trying multiple times to increase my ban i began to think he was targeting me. I then asked the GM for his evidence against me and he provided me with this imgur page showing all the evidence he had gathered on my “horse killing spree” note. the doc is titled “The most awesome images on the internet”. He provided me with this https://imgur.com/a/LCd25#0rFS8zW I then decided to sit down and proof read the screenshots. at first glance the screenshots look pretty daunting, with many many horses appearing on the file, although at closer inspection you will see that the GM has posted the same horses multiple times, with the screenshots showing “Dragonayr - entity kill - horse” 14 times, i then recorded the ID’s of the horses and noticed that it was 5 horses, repeated multiple times. Horse ID’s Ending 4125 5089 2888 3239 6128 And the “8 sets of horse armour” Then turned into 1 set as shown Number collected - ID - Item 3 - 334 - Leather 2 - 329 - saddle 2 - 420 - Lead 1 - 418 - Gold Horse Armour 1 - 290 - Wooden Hoe (training stick) https://imgur.com/a/LCd25#0rFS8zW As shown above, there was only 1 horse armour set collected, meaning that the original accusation by the GM of farming horses for armour (4/5) didn't have armour. Then 2 saddles (3/5) Horses had no saddles. and as shown by the ID’s provided in the screenshot by the GM, 2 leads were picked up, an item that can only be used on your own horses. And 1 training stick, again, an item that can only be used on your own horses. I would argue that the GM banned me before proof reading the evidence HE provided. And that the evidence provided would indicate more towards the horses belonging to me, as a result i would argue that the evidence is insufficient reasoning for a ban. Additional Screenshots/Videos: (Link, if applicable) Logs - https://imgur.com/a/LCd25#0rFS8zW Ban - https://gyazo.com/582a80d1ae2e3510144c1a8124bd0cc4
  10. Remember the days when enemies put up a fight #DrakenburgCastle 



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  11. Played with this guy for years, dont know anyone better suited for the job!