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  1. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    Please explain what you are actually saying here, I am trying to resolve the issue, how does it seem like I don't want to partake In this discussion, how am I not being civil? I speak no engrish
  2. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    Firstly, you cannot tell me I am full of lies as you were not even present at all of the encounters I spoke of, and I rarely speak to you, apart from the times you msg me bs IG. Secondly, the war your referring to (you leaving kaz'ulrah and being punished for it in roleplay) does not involve me, i have no say in what happens, it is a roleplay matter to be taken up with the leaders of Kaz Ulrah. Thirdly, your screenshot of my "harassment" is again in roleplay, and I refuse to drop down to your level and start screenshotting and linking all the countless OOC shitposts that the silverveins have made as I am fully aware that it is just something that happens on lotc and they are posted for all wars and battles, the issue lies with your group taking the role play to OOC. your idea may be one that comes into place, but my fort is currently well within the server rules and my intentions with it are different to what you assumed when your group griefed and claimed it, it was in fact YOU that broke the rules. Not only that it would make sense in roleplay for an attacking party to set up camps/forts nearer their enemies for a strategic advantage, so they could store supplies for the war and make the journey less challenging. When you get punished by staff due to your OOC messages towards us you decide to turn on them, attacking the FM and GM team, you have to understand what the server is and what it stands for, it's a roleplay server, people role play on it, and if my character called yours a "prick" in role play, it does not mean I am calling you a prick OOC and you do not need to retaliate/take the argument into OOC every time, I feel if you use that guideline in every RP encounter it will work in your favour and there will be no encounters escalating into OOC shitfests.
  3. -_-_- The Raid on the Untakeable City -_-_-

    Farddak would return to his home in the hills, tossing his fresh, un scratched war hammer into his armoury before heading to his kip "Cowards... Cowards... t'e pricks 'ide be'ind a gate on teh days t'ey show up tae defend t'eir shoite'ole."
  4. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    Firstly, I don't know how you can even say that there was no Rp intentions behind the construction of this fort, as within 30 minutes of building it you had griefed it and claimed it as your own. You also make it seem like we are close to your city, although the screenshot shows it being 50+ blocks from a small inactive area of Huts, in actual fact it is hundreds of blocks from your gates. Secondly, you surely understand how the server works, you are calling us out for harassing you but its all in Role-play and the staff team have seen that, it is constantly your group who come to us OOC and message us/harass us out of character. You say it was made to a poor standard and didn't even have a door inside it, although you fail to remember that the fort was a meer 20 minutes into construction when a group of dwarves showed up and gave us OOC and RP ****, which resulted in you calling PVP and then GM's abusing to revive you over and over as you lost multiple PVP encounters. Although that is another argument for another day. I also don't know how you can be so deluded to think that the fort is a PVP fort as at the point of grief, it had no gates, 1 arrows lit, no traps. It was just a simple plain fort design to be detailed and textured accordingly. Your home for example, has countless arrow slits, 4 gates, hundreds of iron doors, 2 fatal pitfall traps (Which aren't allowed) and lava traps galore. Not only that, you have a 200x200 block maze inside your mountain with countless traps and dead ends, which i would argue is a complete land scar and waste of space.
  5. *Farddak Ireheart would sit, feet perched up on the wall, observing the raid with a grin "Victoreh tae the orcs!" he would shout, ushering them back to his new fort by the silverveins.
  6. [Denied]Dragonayr's GM Application.

    I don't want this to turn into a messy argument filling the comments although I can assure you that I will not target any players. Including yourself. I understand you would not like to see me as a GM as I do believe you hack, i reported it to the current staff at the time and am waiting to hear their verdict from it, if I am accepted into the gm team I can assure you that I will not ban you for hacking based off of the previous video's gathered, and if you do not like my opinion when I answer one of your modreqs you are more than welcome to request another member of the GM team. I understand that there will be certain players that don't perticularly like me, but I believe that every staff member will run into the same issue, I won't let it affect my decisions in the slightest, if there is no blatant evidence gathered of you hacking after I am accepted (if I am accepted) then you will not be banned for hacking and there will be no issue, and if there is evidence gathered of you hacking (as it is a substantial reason, and difficult subject) I will show other staff members the evidence and get their advice on the topic before following through with anything.
  7. [Denied]Dragonayr's GM Application.

    I do not believe I will have the power to do this, if I am accepted into the gm team as a trial, although I feel that a positive, fair and hardworking staff team can have a very good impact on the servers activity and quality. I believe that there are a number of issues that could be ironed out with a little work, that will result in a positive outcome for the server as a whole, e.g. I believe that the use of 'unwritten rules' is bad as new and old players will not have a guideline to follow, and can often find themselves being banned for things that they were uninformed to being rules. I also believe that there are a few raid rules that could be ironed out, as there are common problems arising as a result of them. To sum up, I think there are a number of issues that I would be interested in trying to resolve, if I pass my application and trial, and am willing to try to work with the current staff to find a solution to these.
  8. [Denied]Dragonayr's GM Application.

    GN(s): Dragonayr, Tartanspartan98 Age: 18 Timezone: GMT Discord: Dragonayr#1632 What map did you join during?: Athera Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes Average daily playing time?: 6 hours Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: No Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I joined the server roughly four years ago and have participated in a number of varied groups, activities, and such in an effort to become more involved in the communities of LoTC and get everything I could from the server. Now, I have submitted my application because I thoroughly disagree with the claim that LoTC is in a perfected state, because it isn’t. The preservation of LoTC’s prime time has since dwindled; we were once many in number, and now, we barely surmount to two hundred players maximum. In the servers’ prime time, we pressed to a solid three hundred, cities were rampant with activity, and role-play was spread across the map. I’m not saying that I alone could be the saviour to LoTC’s future, but I thoroughly believe that I could aid in making the community a better environment for people to roleplay and have fun. I have a good understanding of the server rules and mechanics, and feel that I would be helpful and quick to respond to Modreq’s when players need assistance. Another quality I believe is needed to be a good GM, is to be firm. You must enforce the rules equally, on everyone. I believe that I will be a good GM as I am not scared to talk to anyone, I will enforce the rules onto any player, whether or not they are my friends or not. I understand that my past self on Lord of the craft, was not fit for GM and i was banned a few times for stupid mistakes. Although i hope that i have proven myself since those days, and shown that i am a more competent player and mean well for the server. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/168150-deniedgm-app-dragonayr/
  9. would make a great ET, +1
  10. The lack of warclaims this late into the map is a joke. 

  11. [✗] TJB_Minecraft's Premature Ban Appeal

    My group is a mercenary group, and we were hired to capture you character, you can't just be impossible to rp with and then say "well if u don't like it then don't rp with me" not really how the server works mate.
  12. So retarded that the best/only way to make minas on the server is voting, it's completely fucked the economy this map as most ppl have no money and the voters all have 40k each, a server that makes voting it's best way of making money doesnt deserve any votes imo.


    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. NotEvilAtAll




      Did you just call a halfling main a PvP goon?

    3. Dragonayr


      @AGiantPieYh fair enough man, but some ppl do, i understand the primary goal of the server is not to be an economy game, but imo it is still a good thing to have a stable economy, and votes just aren't doing that

    4. AGiantPie


      @Dragonayr well I mean the counterpoint to my statement is that if I don't care whether or not there is an economy then we should at least try to have one since some ppl do want an economy and to that I say "yeah that makes sense" so I'll agree with you that the voting chaos is not very good

  13. [✗] TJB_Minecraft's Premature Ban Appeal

    So i spoke to the GM involved about how i saw you, and i was in hanse looking to speak to the king about an upcoming raid, and i spotted your char in the window of the house you were in, and as there was a bounty placed on your chars head for my group to carry out i sat outside the house, waiting for like 30 mins. Eventually when i was going to bust the door down, it was kindly opened by the owner of the house to grant me entry. But the real issue is, you don't know what you did was wrong, and still are refusing to return to the RP after your unban. You are the hardest person to RP with on the server, as when we had two men restraining you, with your legs tied together, your arms and head in a locked wooden stock and a bucket on your head, you still repeatedly fought back. Refusing to realise the power game until a GM came each time to tell you off, the server doesn't need players like you on it who require constant GM supervision to be forced to comply with the rules.
  14. [✗] TJB_Minecraft's Premature Ban Appeal

    I mean this is a blatent lie, your 'bannerman' told me in msgs that he didn't fully follow, infect we took you thousands of blocks, and he travelled less than 100. Not only that but the road we went down was towards sutica, not kaz'ulrah. You broke MANY rules when we were in haense and made it extremely difficult to RP with you, then logged off and refused to come back to rp multiple times. I believe (but may be wrong, you'll have to ask the GM involved) that there are msg logs of you clearly meta gaming the situation and location without birds. Since your ban you are still refusing to take full responsibility, still trying to state that you weren't wrong in the matter, and continue to refuse to come back to RP even after your ban. I normally don't like Ban reports, and i don't like see'ing players banned on the server, although you for one, in my opinion, don't deserve to come back to LOTC. Everyone knows that a simple apology and admitting your mistakes is the way to write a ban appeal and is the way to come back onto the server, although since your ban you have shown no attempt to change or admit responsibility.
  15. I'M THE BEST PVPER ON LOTC [Music Video]

    He speaks the truth