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  1. Pending ~ Humans are now being interviewed in person. Meet us in the caliphate.
  2. Accepted ~ Friend of Aym ~ Kiss = Punch in gut.
  3. Welcome Knight of Aym. (( Just keep in mind that this is an RP post. So don't use words like PVPer. Ik you're new so I don't mind.))
  4. Accepted ~ Welcome Helio. You are now a Friend of Aym.
  5. Welcome Anvil! ~ Forge of Aym
  6. Ambriel opens her mouth and begins to speak her first real message: "We were called heretics. We were struck down, I was hurt and had my tongue chopped out. But the red mist has settled upon me and my tongue has sprouted back. I am calling all to believe in Aym. This may have been seen as a warning but I see this as a rebirth, a warning, a herald from the true deity! This is a calling to all who will believe in Aym! This is my test, nae, our test! The test of our faith! We shall be victorious!"
  7. The tongue would have been put in a box and given to 'Ambriel'.
  8. The prophet wins. The prophet has been let out and is still alive. She has won victory over the people who had imprisoned her. She has been spared by the red light. The power of Aym overpowers GOD! This is our first sign of Ayms wonderful power. When a prophet loses their tongue, if their cause is right. It always regrows. MAY THE RED LIGHT BLESS YOU AND OVER COME ALL FALSE GODS!
  9. "Yes we shall! Meet us in the caliphate actually. Do not worry we are a friendly folk!" (( What is your IGN?))
  10. This application is pending ~ Me and the current keeper shall discuss this in person. ~ Knight may better suit you.
  11. The promotion of Irrin'Athri Our most esteemed Grand Guard of Aym has been promoted and replaced. He is now the Keeper of Aym. He will handle our politics and the face of Aym. - Ambriel
  12. Accepted ~ Now you will not be a Grand Guard for this position is currently filled. You shall be an Ancestor of Aym. You will worship Aym and help us convert others! Welcome my friend. I see great things in your future.
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