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  1. Better still chat on Discord...
  2. Hi, I'm one. I had ordered four, colored, headshots during your sale in September for $20. Last I heard from you was in February when you sent me uncolored preview images of two out of the four. I just want a refund.
  3. I did answer, it just isn't the answer you want. What would you add then that doesn't ruin the neutral and easy to learn style of the bryophites? Instead of just saying negative things that don't actually help the writers why not suggest things you think could improve it? Be constructive and encouraging. Besides you don't seem to have realized the significance of having a body made of flora. Imagine a creature who with a touch could numb you, give you a rash, cause a burning sensation, etc. Look at the flora list and then imagine a living being with constant access to some of these no matter the location. To me that seems rather powerful and opens quite a few ideas up for interactions with others. We're a fantasy server, a lot of applicants come here and expect to see all sorts of magical or unique things. What many don't expect is the sheer amount of writing and work that goes into our lore. My main character for example is a creature with many redlines, rules, and restrictions that I have to keep in mind whenever I RP on her. I enjoy it but I know that such lore would completely overwhelm a newer player. As BritBritt pointed out as well the bryophite lore is different from a 'normal' character but without becoming too complex. It gives players that are newer an experience of filling out their creature application, learning the redlines and rules for the lore, but isn't tons of pages to toss on their heads suddenly like other creatures do. Nor does becoming a bryophite depend upon finding someone else to change or teach you. While I was writing this Clayphish also responded and I agree with her points too. To those of us that have been here a long time a creature being neutral and easy to learn might not seem like a big deal, it might even seem like a detriment, but to a newer player it is a great first step to involving themselves more with our lore. Bryophites need to stay.
  4. Just because it isn't something massively drastic doesn't mean these don't offer interesting opportunities. I do see unique RP coming from bryophites, both from previous RP with some and potential in this rewrite. Not to mention the sheer number of people who worked on this clearly value the RP such creatures provide. People like myself that are now interested in playing one clearly think they provide something of worth and/or value. Imagine an evil bryophite managing to get something poisonous growing upon them or even something mild like poison ivy. Poison ivy bryo offering free hugs whether malicious or just unlucky would be hilarious now that I think of it. They have a chance for alchemical herbs to grow on their bodies. More potent alchemical herbs. More potent alchemical herbs that you can then have fresh access to without having to be in that biome. That alone makes them an alchemist and/or medic's best friend. A bryophite with the right herbs, or someone that has a deal with such a bryo, could produce far superior products than any other. If said herbs were ones that otherwise are difficult to gather for whatever reason that just sweetens the deal. Heck there could even be RP of people treating a bryo as some sorta exotic garden or taking one as a slave just for the flora growing on it. At least this bryophite submission is a lot more interesting than dryads. I love dryads, I've had two of them, but they're literally just a wood elf woman that cares an insane amount about a single tree and who's appearance slightly changes to match the tree. Somehow dryads weren't shelved or placed into the needing fixes list...
  5. Hoping these pass as I'd love to play one. I do have a few questions though. If someone sleeps in a bryophite's moss nest/bed would it change them? Does adaptability change the primary plant? Or just surround it with plants from that biome? Can a bryophite choose what plants grow on it? Such as planting seeds upon themselves?
  6. My issue with holy healing mainly is that it is seen as this perfect fix-all when it shouldn't be. Not to mention how it utterly kills non-holy medical RP unless the patient refuses a holy healer or can't see one.
  7. I too agree with AGiantPie, there was no reason to stop the Monks from healing people that want the option. It wasn't forced on anyone and was just an easy way to get RPly healed if you didn't agree with certain RP mutilating your character. Having to find a healer is a poor, and annoying, replacement. Certain holy groups are inactive or they'd rather RP in their house with one another than RP with others. I've had cases of letters requesting help outright ignored by individuals. Not to mention the Monks didn't try to harm you if you were different. Not to mention how would this even be enforced? We gonna start reporting and banning people over what physical state their character is in? It's bad enough that people who don't want to PK in a situation are already shamed and targeted until they do PK (the ridiculous calling someone 'undead' just because they were revived by the monks). This server has an annoying amount of people who happily mutilate and/or kill without a second thought. Without realizing how strenuous such things can be on the mind. My dad joined the army during Vietnam. He came back traumatized to the point where he refused to tell anyone what he saw. He did what he had to and it still haunted him to his last days but people RP murdering one another, even murdering innocents such as unarmed civilians or children, as no big deal. An amendment like this also doesn't account for the amount of people that will attack the character of someone they OOCly don't like for no real IC reason.
  8. Can I get two? If either of these need to be boosted up to the Complicated Animation then let me know and I'll gladly pay more. I've been eyeing the sprites other people have with envy for a while now lol MC ▫ Aelsioln ≎ Sprite ▫ Animated Sprite ≎ Character ▫ Cheza Stirling ≎ Character ▫ Ancient Izkuthii (but Dark & High Elf hybrid appearance) ≎ Reference ▫ https://imgur.com/a/N2Lbkac ≎  For Cheza her ears don't point upwards, rather they curve and point back. Her hair is about waist length and she keeps it very thick with natural waves. MC ▫ Aelsioln ≎ Sprite ▫ Animated Sprite ≎ Character ▫ Nemain ≎ Character ▫ Kha'Pantera ≎ Reference ▫ https://imgur.com/a/Al2CjKq ≎ Basically Nemain has slightly larger ears than normal for a Kha and wears her own version of the Naelurir outfit. Small, sleeveless top with the shawl/vest thing, sash serving as a belt, and pants. Keeps her claws out most of the time on both hands and feet. That last image in the album, the non-Kha one, is for her hairdo. She has that style except hers is only to her shoulders and I know that doesn't really come across very well on the skin.
  9. I've mentioned this a lot before but I'll mention it again here. Steadily over time I've seen holy healing be buffed and the few negative components simply erased from roleplay. Bring this stuff back. Make holy healing painful for the patient again. It's simply natural that healing is uncomfortable. Heck in real life stuff like popping a joint back into place hurts, wounds that are healing itch, you get sore and ache, etc. Yet often I see people being holy healed just talking through the process or not even reacting. Make holy healing imperfect. Leave scars behind, nerve damage, stop with this perfect result crap! Make holy healing require mundane healing, both knowledge and involvement. You shouldn't be able to heal a wound that you do not know information about or on a body part that you don't understand the functions of. Broken bones should have to physically be set again. Burn wounds should acknowledge that the burned flesh is dead and thus can't be revived. Use blissfoil for the pain, tippens for the bleeding, etc. Limit the size of things that can be "regrown" by a holy healer and instead focus on reattachments or transplants. Yes, holy healers should be more effective/quicker than non-holy healers... But not to the point we have now where there is no point in non-holy healers being around.
  10. Typically when people complain about immortality they don't mean the whole being revived thing. They mean how Ascended stop aging and live forever. Which honestly I don't mind them having that. On the one hand yeah it is odd that a T1 Ascended becomes immortal while Clerics and Paladins don't despite also being 'holy' groups. However, considering their work as soul caretaker things I suppose it does make sense for them to cease aging so that they can continue their work throughout time... Even though new Ascended could just be trained. Perhaps add a set number of Ascended there can be to further give reasoning for Aeriel to be granting out immortality? Nothing drastically small of course. Or make it so that only a higher tier Ascended gets it?
  11. My issue with Ascended is I don't see a reason for them being what they are/have been. From what I've always read and heard they existed to fight Iblees and his minions. Yet despite Iblees being gone the Ascended are still around and push for their magic to be a strong combative magic. Personally I think Ascended (if they don't get shelved) should heavily tone down the fighting spells. When I hear "Caretaker of Souls" I don't think of someone crusading or going out and killing things. I picture healing, I picture guidance, calming, and aiding. Maybe some defensive shields or barriers of a sort. Be like the Aengul, be caretakers.
  12. Kha aren't connected to CA's at all. If someone wants to make a Kha they go through same process as someone wanting to make an elf, or an orc, or a halfling, etc.
  13. You missed one. I still don't understand what the disconnection of two Clerics of Tahariae has to do with followers of Yeu Rthulu. Completely separate magics with utterly different ways of doing things. Gotta support the author of the magic here. This goes directly against the spirit of Enaction which already has mentions within the lore of how people end up unable to use the magic. If people aren't following those correctly then a Magic Report is the way to go, not forcing something harmful like disconnection. And yes, a forced disconnection is harmful. Even for a magic like this. I don't see Yeu Rthulu allowing such to be done to her followers even if they've strayed from the path for now.
  14. I want this. We already can unofficially do this kinda, I had it confirmed for me at the start of Vailor that a character could reincarnate so long as it isn't used for meta, but official lore to point to would be great.
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