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  1. Mmmonkee is too busy making sure war criminals are not found guilty in court so they banned him
  2. Wait, characters are doing things out of ooc motivation???? It's almost as if a lot of people roleplay in an attempt to grow their character in a certain way based on the player's motivations, maybe I'm wrong tho. I do get that trying to take over the world is a bit over the top, especially when admins have to make sure the overall story fits their narrative so that they can keep the numbers up, gg lotc, sorry twi and monkee
  3. Weird way to make an AMA but sure I'll shoot 1. What is your favorite memory on the server? 2. Favorite player that you've interacted with? 3. Favorite color and song currently?
  4. While I don't think you disproved my point, you did make me understand your point better. If I'm correct I believe your point is that in some cases of conflict where there is a pretty clear winner, through pvp, it is possible that the 'clear winner' loses, and you believe that to be dumb. If so, I agree. I think this thread is getting a little off-topic because of us though so I will not comment again, but if you or anyone reading wishes to continue or add on then feel free to message me wherever you can find me, unless it's on instagram or something, that would be weird.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think all rp is decided by ooc skill (unless someone's emotes are incredibly vague).
  6. Do you think there should be a king of all the elves? Do you like shrimp? Can you teach me French? Want to help me coup Ryan?
  7. Tournament Sign-up Please respond to this thread with the following information MC Username: MyNameIsMason RP Name: Laine
  8. 1. What is my name? 2. Can you fix the server? (If so, will you?) 3. Have you had Chipotle? If so, what do you get? And did/do you like it?
  9. Laine reads the letter over from the noticeboard, his eyes widening as skims over each line before stating to no one specifically "Woah, now that's a plot twist that I did not expect." he points to the letter as his puckered lips turn into a smirk before turning and continuing on with his day.
  10. Yo, when are they gonna make lotc 2?

  11. You're adding your dog to the server? Pretty based
  12. Laine runs a rushed hand through his hair as his eyes flicker between his notes and the letter. His eyes widen before he slams a hand on the table in the empty tavern. "This method doesn't even make sense! I must be looking at this all wrong!" he exhales heavily as he shakes his head before going back to scribble down thoughts in his notes.
  13. [!] Flyers would be hung up around Fenn with the following information. Karin'ayla, fellow citizens of Fenn! My name is Laine and I am a loyal tax-paying citizen of Fenn! (I live in Snowcrest Lane #14 if you wish to send me fan mail) And today, I am announcing my candidacy of Saneyir of the Bloodless! I hope that you all support me in my endeavor and Stay in My Laine!
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