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Found 10 results

  1. Dreadknights Version 3.0 Changelog Introduction Eons past, servants of steel were in servitude the first generation of blood mages. Foreboding and chaotic were the Dread Beings, their power was supreme, however in due time, when the old generation vanished so too did the old Dread Knights. Time pass and tides change, for a new generation sought creations of protection. Two pandered on the idea of the old Dread Knights, and sought to create a new breed of protectors. Description Machinations of metal cloth, these constructs are suits of armor which can reach up to seven feet. Their steel is typically denser than anything a soldier can wear, which provides them superior protection against most physical attacks. If one was to try and remove their helmet, or lift their visor, they would find nothing underneath, simply a hollow suit of armor… though, with enough examination one might find a plethora of runes, and these runes are what binds them to this world, to destroy the runes are to destroy the Dread Knight, requiring a new ritual to make a new one. With their dense metallic forms, and the runes that bind them, these ungodly machinations have both boons and curses. A Dread Knight’s strength surpasses a human being somewhere between an Olog and a Golem, their dense hides are resistant to weapons (although blunt force appears to be the most effective), and they need not eat or sleep or worry about their mortal life and all causes which can shorten it, and their bodies can cause them to be more resistant to certain magicks. On the downside, their dense forms cause them to be as slow as a Golem or even a Pale knight, their emotions are very limited (this will be covered in Behavior), require repairs when damaged, cannot use magic, they require the fuel of genus to stay bound to the world, are very susceptible to Holy Magic, Alteration, Fi Magic, and Metal Elementalism. Creation Created through ritual, in which vast preparations must be made to bind a soul to prisons of plate and chain. Runes of blood set upon the suit of metal empowered by a sacrifice in a ritual of creation. A rune of metal and flesh, to imprison the descendant into the suit of armour, a rune of binding to bind the subjects very being to the blood mage, the blood mage becoming its “Dread Lord”. The Ritual comes at a cost, a deficit of blood requiring to be paid to create the Dread Knight, one descendants must be sacrificed to create the runes that create and bind the Dread Knight to the Blood Mage, a Suit of Armour must be crafted around the subject before the ritual begins. By the end of the ritual the soul of the sacrifice becomes encased in the metal, powered only by blood and its former vessel of flesh, withering away inside of the suit until it is gone, yet the Dread Knight remains. Once bound in its new prison the descendant is now a Dread Knight and nothing more, there are no similarities to its former form and there is no way to revert the ritual. The Ritual itself comes at a cost for the Blood Mage, their soul is marked making them vulnerable to the Holy Fire of the Ascended so long as their creation still functions. Behaviour The ritual is truly scarring on the psyche of the subject it is inflicted on, scarring base emotions yet amplifying traits the individual had prior to the ritual. This can cause a Dread Knight to be manically twisted after the ritual, be it in anger or melancholy. Despite all this the Dread Knight is unwavering in loyalty to its Creator, its Dread Lord, due to the Rune of Binding placed upon them during its creation. A Dread Knight cannot disobey, harm or kill its master. However some of the traits amplified in the ritual can make it more difficult for a Master to command its Servant in the heat of Combat. An Aggressive Dread Knight can be more straining on its Master to command, going berserk in the midst of combat becoming careless of its Masters safety and own energy levels. The Dread Knight itself requires to drain individuals of energy through their blood to remain operational and functional to its optimal capacity, though the Dread Knight can also go into a state of hibernation, going inactive completely if it requires to save its energy. Strengths Strong: Strength is in between that of an Olog and a Golem, it is extremely tough and difficult to damage and kill. Resilient to most magics: Being forms of dense metal, some magicks would be considered ineffective. (Think smart, what magic would you use to slam a dense suit of armor?) Does not tire: The Dread Knight no longer requires the rest of the descendant. Does not eat: Their immortal form does not require the sustenance of food. Resilient to most Physical attacks: It’s a suit of armor one will have to adopt new tactics other than swinging a sword at it. Weaknesses Slow: Its heavy armour and durability causes the Dread Knight to be slow in its movements. Cannot use magic: Its ability to connect to the void or allow a deity to become its patron has been severed. Goes dormant with no Dreadlord No free will: Being bound to the will of their ‘Dread Lord’, a Dreadknight lacks free-thinking towards their own causes. Limited emotion: The ritual ever scarring marrs the mind of the knight, only allowing them six possible outcomes for emotion. Unable to remember most memories before transformation Very Susceptible to Ascended, Cleric, Paladin Alteration, and Fi magic. Needs to have a source of repairs Needs to be fueled by genus amounts equivalent of two people. The creator of the Dread Knight is now marked for as long as the Dread Knight lives, being affected by Ascended magic. Requires fresh blood to refresh its energy every two irl weeks to function, without it, it will shut down and run out of energy. Amendments: Amendment One: Blood mages will only require one sacrifice to make a Dread Knight. Amendment two: Dread Knights will require less fuel than previous, losing the tediousness of having to slaughter three more people to keep their dear armored companion to live on as well as make DKs less combat based. A third of a life will be fine to fuel the DK, and should a blood mage choose to fuel the Dread in a continuous stream or the Dread Knight takes more lives than required in a short period of time via a rune of draining, the knight will go into a form of overdrive: granting them enhanced strength (Now at the strength of a golem) and faster (Still slower than a troll). Should a DK be using the rune of draining, they will be given a short burst of power, lasting three emotes per kill. Amendment three: The Dread Knight’s emotions are expanded, however likely to be twisted and warped in some shape and form. This removes the complaints of a Dreadknight being dull, and gives them much more avenues than “GRR GRR MURDER MURDER GRR” and allows a deeper, more sorrowful being. Credits: TauFirewarrior, Writer KnghtArtorias, Writer Blundermore, Original Concept (Original Dreadknight Lore)
  2. Gabulrag, the Devourer "Those he did not consume, he shaped into abominations for his own sadistic gratification." It is said that one's life can be shaped entirely by the Spirits, if they so desire to set their sights upon your fleeting mortality. Nay, that we are helpless puppets in the face of those great and terrible entities that would seek to materialise their destructive potential in the world of men. Indeed, this is no more evident that in the case of Ixli, the Immortal Spirit of Forbidden Knowledge. For when his unwavering focus sets upon you, there is little escape from the insanity that will inevitably destroy your mind and body. Before the Ish'Urkal discovered the Tome of Ixli, it was read by another, who had been picked after careful observation. An unremarkable Orc with little known heritage to call upon; a runt of the litter, for all intents and purposes. Gabulrag had suffered at the hands of his peers for many decades within his Orcish settlement, for he had not the courage or strength to walk alongside his peers. Instead, he would stumble behind them for years in pursuits of recognition. With particular fervour he would attain the respect he had hungered for, and yet his insatiable appetite would never allow him peace of mind, for he had been scarred at such a young age to desire respect and domination. Ixli saw in him a conduit; a suitable vessel through which to interact with the world, one that would sacrifice all in the pursuit of power and recognition. And so was the Tome of Ixli presented to him, and so did he read its many pages with fascination and newfound hope. It was not long before he had adopted the Dark Arts of the Ish'Urkal, and he began to consume the many helpless Spirits that fell to his fiendish plots. Indeed, his pursuits were remarkable. Before long he had eaten many Spirits, destroyed many settlements, and crippled the world around him in an insatiable need for fear. Yet the price of his deal with Ixli would soon come to bear a great burden upon him. Yes, the Spirits of Mental Instability sought him, and clung to him with such strength that his mind would be weighted down by crippling insanity. In a great irony, he had consumed so much that he had lost himself, and soon his body was torn asunder as he was unable to remain tethered to the mortal realm. "A festering, putrid creature of unimaginable size. His gaping maw expresses but one emotion as rivers of drool cascade around you: Hunger. And he does not relent, nor does he communicate. He only stares, long enough to shrivel your heart in fearful anticipation." And so did Gabulrag, the Devourer materialise within Stargush'Stroh, no longer a semblance of his former self. His soul had been manipulated and corrupted to such unrecognizable lengths that he appeared an abomination before his Ancient Peers; those early Dark Shamans who had escaped to the realm of the Ancestral Spirits. Yet for all that Ixli had ripped from his mind, he had allowed him the one emotion that Gabulrag had been unable to satisfy for the entirety of his life. Indeed, he looked around at his new home and salivated, for the prospect of dominion inspired him once more. He crashed toward his peers in a horrifying display, for in him he recognised his latent abilities. Somehow, he was capable of consuming Spirits even in Stargush'Stroh. It seemed Ixli had taught him an unspeakable act; Perhaps to rid the Ancestral Realm of his failed earlier iteration, or perhaps for his own terrible amusement? Whatever the case may be, the realm of the Lingerers had been absorbed of occupants. In their wake sat only Gabulrag, now a Spirit of enormous size and potential. He awaits any Ish'Urkal who would find themselves sent to his territory, so that he may absorb them and their Spiritual energies. For his plans will require as much energy as he may retain. Yet the Devourer recognised that his power would yield no result without those to witness it; a lesson he had learned in his mortal life. And so, those that Gabulrag did not consume, he instead thrust together in a display of enormous power, morphing them into crippled, unholy figures that were helpless but to work under his forced ruling. They wander his realm in writhing agony, awaiting the final results of Gabulrag's latest scheme: Returning to the feasting grounds of Mortal Men. OOC: Essentially, this was a half-baked idea I had before I decided to stop logging in to the server. As we know, the Spirit Realm is an ever-changing society where Spirits fight with one another for ruling and power. This was something I was keen to finish and expose because it seems like a fitting end to the lives of all Ish'Urkal who follow the dark path; an ironic tale of karma. Gabulrag is depicted as the Antagonist of Stargush'Stroh who, in his arrival consumed all of the deceased Dark Shamans that had made their way into the realm. In his endeavours, he has cleared the realm of these entities and has instead absorbed them, leading to an enormous growth in his size and power. A terrible, gluttonous creature that awaits the helpless Ish'Urkal that will inevitably be sent to his domain. The latter segment is a proposal for how the character may be expanded upon and perhaps used as more of an antagonist to the Ish'Urkal and indeed, the rest of the server.
  3. "Your Kub will provide great wealth for the Uzg, for he shall be born beneath Durnorksru." When the sun rests beneath the sands of the Uzg, a blanket of darkness, bejeweled with innumerable stars envelops the land. To the untrained eye it would appear as a series of scattered lights, but to the Ilzhonal, those that study the Ilzpaak (Constellations), there is much to be said about the formations found within the celestial sky. It is often said by students of this Zodiac that the constellations were created by the Immortal Spirits, and those born under specific Ilzpaak are attuned with the energy of the spirit that created it. Ilzhonal Ilzhonal, the great Star Watchers, those that dedicate a vast majority of their time to studying the grand constellations that adorn the night sky. They believe that the time of birth for a kub is extremely important, and the energy of the Spirit beneath which they are born will have a great influence on their personalities and life path. They often exclude themselves from Laz'Dur so that they may study in peace, and for a pregnant Orc to consult one of these masters is something of a pilgrimage. It is considered a great importance to know your kub's spirit alignment. Pregnancy: When a Fe-Uruk is nearing the time to give birth (or just as she has given birth) she will venture to the Ilzhonal to receive a blessing and details of what her offspring will be like. The Ilzhonal live in dainty, cramped tents scattered within a far region of the Uzg. Their homes are typically rife with smells of incense and herbs, and are adorned in all directions by fetishes and paintings. Their shelves are often chock to the brim with old, dusty tomes and great vials of red and yellow sands. Parents will take a great note on the teachings of the Ilzhonal, for they will use his warnings to prevent their offspring from becoming victim to the unhealthy aspects of their alignments. The Importance of Sand: When a kub is born, the time of their birth is just as important as the constellations above them. There are two periods in which an Uruk can be born, and each period will have a varying effect upon the spiritual energy they receive from the Ilzpaak they are born beneath; they are categorized by the presence of the larger bodies in the sky. When the Sun is up, Uruk are born of the yellow sand. When they are born of the Moon, they are of the red sand. When the Ilzhonal determines this, they cover the kub in the sand specific to them, partaking in a great ritiual of blessing. Yellow Sand: Those born during the Yellow sand are alert individuals, those with a keen awareness for their environment and the factors within it. However, they focus so intensely on the outside world that they often forget to take note of themselves and how they are feeling. For this reason, they are more prone to emotional stimuli, and can be easily influenced into anger, or happiness in many situations. Uruk of the yellow sand are more inclined to action, and have a greater energy toward all things physical, such as fighting, building and dancing. Those assigned to the path of the Yellow sand are often destined for greatness in factors of war and building. They make up among the greatest fighters and builders the Uzg has seen, and are also more noted for their dynamic personalities. Red Sand: The Uruk born of the Red sand are more relaxed in their approach to life, having a more reticent view of the world. They only speak on matters of importance when they have a great passion for it. They are more inward focusing than outward, and can often fall into lapses of self-pity or greed. However, their perspective of introversion allows them to be less precarious than their counterparts, and they can become keen learners and intellectuals with the right guidance. Those assigned to the path of the Red sand are typically more inclined to become great teachers and sources of Wisdom for those of the Uzg. They are especially good at inventing new technologies and ways of living. Both: If an Uruk is born when the Sun rises, they are adorned in a mixture of both sands, but will be more inclined toward the traits of the Yellow Sand. Likewise, when the sun sets, those born are more inclined to the Red sand. It is said that it is optimum to be born with a meshing of the two sands, and that those born within these periods will lead lives of greatness. The Rising Sun Uruks are said to be great leaders, with many having the opportunity to claim Rexdom. Those of Sunset are destined for great paths of Shamanism and heightened connections to the Spirits. Ilzpaak and their assigned Spirits: As every month comes around, so too does a constellation assigned to that period. Those born within these times will be greatly influenced by the Spirits that created the Ilzpaak, and combined with their Sand Path, will follow the destiny written for them amidst the stars. Snow's Maiden - Daumanlob Spirit: Urin - The Immortal Spirit of Weather, Seasons and Climate. This constellation appears as the claw of a Raven. An Uruk born beneath Urin is subject to great inner turmoil. At any moment, they can change from great happiness to destructive rage. As those born within Daumanlob age, they will learn to hone their inner energy to draw on their heightened emotional states when they are needed the most. For this reason, they can go on to become great performers, warriors and inventors. Yellow: Those of Urin, with the path of the Yellow sand will become extremely precarious individuals. Their lives will consist of great struggle as they attempt to balance themselves in all things. They are also prone to extremes in all things, whether it be gambling or competition. Those of Yellow are more inclined to become great warriors and story tellers, relying on their ability to over-exaggerate everything. Red: Those of Urin, with the path of the Red sand will have less of a struggle with their inner machinations, but will still be liable to an inner conflict. They will have a great many idea for projects, but will struggle to settle upon a final design. They are essentially perfectionists, who will very rarely find satisfaction in their endeavors. Krug's Welcome - Krugbroshan Spirit: Akezo - The Immortal Spirit of Health, Vitality and Healing. This constellation appears as a wing. Uruk born beneath Akezo are very energetic individuals, with a great ability to heal internally from great emotional trauma. They are not easily angered by outside influence, and they are quite capable of flowing through life without much inner-turmoil, but can also lose sight of what is important. Uruk born within Krugbroshan are well known for their ressilience, and can become wise and great teachers of life. They also make exceptional healers and potion brewers. Yellow: Those of Akezo, with the path of the Yellow sand will have a profound influence on the future of the Uzg, for it is within them to provide kubs of great strength. It is highly recommended for those of Yellow to pursue lives of hunting and War, for they have a great capability to withstand the harshness and solitude that comes with it. However, they can also become too familiar with being alone, and can segregate themselves from the rest of the Uzg as they recline into a life of self-sufficiency. Red: Those of Akezo, with the path of the Red sand will also provide healthy kubs. Additionally, those of this path are more prone to extending their healing capabilities into others. It is for this reason that they pursue professions of healing. This desire to help others extends into all aspects of life, and they can be rather naive in assisting people. Those of the Red sand assume an inner-good in all creatures, and put themselves at great risk. First Seed - Ashblûg Spirit: Ublulhar - The Immortal Spirit of Hope and New Beginnings. This constellation appears in the shape of a seed. When you are born in alignment with Ublulhar, you will have an unquenchable desire to accumulate new skills. Many of the Uruk born within Ashblûg are destined to become a Jacks of all trades, but master of none. They will spend some times involved within a certain pursuit, and will them drop it for something else. For this reason, they are bad leaders and parents. However, they will continue to have a great birth of knowledge, which will at many points in their live become useful to them. Yellow: Those of Ublulhar, with the path of the Yellow sand are less dedicated to the many interests in their lives. They will go on to have a great number of mates and hobbies, and this can lead to them being viewed rather negatively by other Uruk. Despite this, they are quick to take on news tasks and with their heightened energy, can finish them before they run the risk of losing interest. They can become very influencing in the Uzg, typically among the more productive members of society. Red: Those of Ublulhar, with the path of the Red sand are inclined to hold onto their interests for greater lengths of time. They have a propensity, given the right environment, to become masters of the fields they are interested in. However, they can become so obsessed with their interests that they can often grow without families or friends, and if they are not careful, may live in relative solitude. Grand Harvest - Durnorksru Spirit: Arwa - The Immortal Spirit of Fertility, Harvesting and Farming. This constellation appears as a womb. Interestingly, Uruk born within Durnorksru are more often born twins than the other Uruk of the War Uzg, and at the very least will have extremely large families. They place a great importance on child rearing and working as a team, and can find their place within many crowds and professions. However, Uruk of Arwa can lose sight of their own inner power as they rely too heavily on group efforts. These Uruk are also inclined to over-eating, and can become particularly gluttonous. Yellow: Those of Arwa, with the path of the Yellow sand are keen farmers, working the fields with little to no complaint as they provide for their family, the Uzg. They are happy to work in any way that can better the society in which they live, and they can also become great parents, rearing many offspring. Due to their reliance on a team effort, they can struggle in their personal lives to follow pursuits that require their own abilities. As great a parents as many can become, they can also fall into the trap of not having the self-confidence to pursue mates. Red: Those of Arwa, with the path of the Red sand are in great risk of becoming obese. Due to their relative introversion, they tend to become gluttonous as they focus intently on food. Many of those born uner Durnorksru pursue carreers of food preparing, whether to provide for others or to sate their own hunger is a factor of much debate. Sun's smile - Aanzrii Spirit: Paxahru - The Immortal Spirit of Arrogance and Stupidity. This constellation appears as a grin. It is often said that arrogance and stupidity are usually twinned together, and the Uruk born under Paxahru are perfect examples of this. They typically over-estimate their abilities, and this blind confidence can often lead to many tribulations within their life. However, this arrogance allows them to bully other Uruk into helping them achieve their goals. Yellow: Those of Paxahru, with the path of the Yellow sand are very outwardly confident, waltzing across the Uzg with a keen awareness of how great they are. They expect others to perceive this as well, and will often spark fights when they are met with resistance. Those of the Yellow path often succumb to irreparable damage as they strive to single-handedly slay beasts or jump great distances. Red: Those of Paxahru, with the path of the Red sand are far more cranial than their counterparts, often sparking discussions among other Uruk to mock them. They believe that their views are unequivocally true and this almost invariably leads to them being beaten into submission. Nevertheless, the debates that they spark can have an ability to provoke life-changing thought as the Uruk of the War Uzg discuss their lives. Amber cold - Agongraz Spirit: Ghorza - The Immortal Spirit of Spirit, Travel, Movement and Fortune both Bad and Good. This constellation appears as a walking cane. When you are born in alignment with the Spirit of Travel, you are helpless to resist the wanderlust that guides your life. The Uruk born in Agongraz are no happier than when they are exploring the world. Whether it be with peaceful or villainous means, those of Ghorza are rarely seen within the sands of the Uzg. They are so encapsulated with movement that they are rarely comfortable in themselves. They are consistently faced with tribulation, and their levels of luck seem to vary in great extremes. Yellow: Those of Ghorza, with the path of the Yellow sand take a great interest in exploring the world, and will often do this through the opportunities that raiding and War provide. For this reason, when they are of age, they are usually the first to sign up for the Krug-hai and raiding parties. Due to this, they do not often live to an old age, and will often be slain in their travels as in their keenness, they under prepare for the world outside of the Uzg. Red: Those of Ghorza, with the path of the Red sand are interested in map charting and sea faring, and will often take to great vessels in search of new land. It is usually the dream of those of the Red path to be famed for their great adventures and charms that they can return to the Uzg. They are usually more cautious than their counterparts, and will take the time to prepare. Some can take longer than others, and this can come at a great cost as they feel as though they have not explored as much as they would have wished. Deep cold - Bûrzgraz Spirit: Ixli - The Immortal Spirit of Truth and Judgement and Forbidden Knowledge. This constellation appears as an eye. Perhaps the most controversial of all Ilzpaak, those born in alignment with Ixli are viewed with great suspicion. They are generally good hearted individuals, but can be misguided by their own thirsts for knowledge. It is said that an Uruk born under Ixli will sacrifice his own mental well-being in the pursuit of understanding. These Uruk are typically judgemental of others, and this can be their greatest downfall. Yellow: Those of Ixli, with the path of the Yellow sand seek to understand their environment in more physical ways. They will often take on apprenticeships in building and exploration in order to gain the vast knowledge they strive to gather. Those of the Yellow path are said to be less sane than their counterparts, often appearing out of place among their brothers. Red: Those of Ixli, with the path of the Red sand are great conjurers of conspiracy, and search far and wide for the hidden knowledge they believe is lost to them for a sinister purpose. They will often sacrifice their inner-peace to discover what they can about their suspicons, and are very mistrusting of those they come into contact with. They are known to sacrifice their honour in some instances, as they become so wracked in exposing the "truth", whatever that may be for them.
  4. In the darkest, dampest, most dangerous alleys in Vailor there are posters heralding the call of Aym On the poster it contains information about a cult and a god. ""For I have seen Aym I am powerful." - Ambriel Aym is apparently a power god who challenges all false gods with his might and power. He believes that the only way to be recognized by his to love violence and have a passion for glory and killing. He thinks that the only time somebody can truely be alive is when they are killing, dying, or dead. He is said to love anybody who has ever thought of joining his cause. He thinks that all are worthy and all have the capacity to join him. He does not look down on any that can hurt another thing. They believe that when someone has died they go to be part of Ayms army in his paradise. They also believe that the person who speaks for Aym should be listened to without question. But they also stress that Aym and the prophet he has chosen are both fair and just. When the current prophet dies, he or she would have written down the name of their successor. But if this person seems unfit there can be a vote of vote of the members of the League. Currently Ambriel is the leader of the league and the prophet of Aym. The sword of Aym which is weilded by the prophet, has runic symbols on it. The symbols on the sword include some prayers and a language that Ambriel has written based on what she has claimed Aym has told her. " At the bottom of the page it contains information about how to join Ayms League. At the bottom of the page it contains information on how to join the League along with an application: "If you would like to join you should contact the leader Ambriel ((Vergilius_)) if you would like to meet her in person just send a bird. But send in an application first." (( Beware edge lays ahead my friends!)) ((The ranks of Aym: Deity: Aym Prophet of Aym: Ambriel Keeper of Aym: Irrin'athri Grand Guard of Aym: Syth Knight of Aym: "Billy", Hirnaeranin Forge of Aym: "The Hammer." Bride of Aym: "Eclipse" Ancestor of Aym: Faenor Zealot of Aym: Gabriella. Friend of Aym: 'Helio')) (( just something that should be noted is that Aym is technically not a real god just a belief.)) Send the information under the bridge in the caliphate. We have people waiting.
  5. Character Name Drauch Basic Information Nicknames: Knight, Monster, The Relentless, Dorian. Age: About 80. Gender: Previously male, now N/A. Race: Darkstalker. Status: Active and deadly. Description Height: 5 foot 9 inches. Weight: 12 kg. Body Type: Just a skeleton. Eyes: Just eye sockets. Hair: No hair. Skin: None at all - Pale, old bone. Markings/Tattoos: A faint scratch goes down his left eye socket. Health: (Un)dead. Personality: A very bleak outlook on everything - after not being allowed to simply rest in peace, on top of what he had believed in during life being completely disproved, he holds a hatred and anger for nearly everything now, as well as a certain jealousy for their gift of life. Inventory: A large, worn and rusty Necrotic bastard sword - it reeks of necrotic taint, nearly being as tall as Drauch himself. Further Details: Will either be wearing his tattered and old Amyas uniform or be wearing a less memorable garment to help blend in. Always has some form of protection over his head. Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Evil. Deity: Xion. Religion: Xionism. Alliance/Nation/Home: Undead forces/No nation/Wherever he can find. Job/Class: Slave. Title(s): None. Profession(s): Undead killing machine. Special Skill(s): Necromancy drain: Able to drain a living thing’s life force if he maintains contact with them for a few (RP) minutes. Inhuman strength and resilience: Drauch’s strength rivals that of an Orc, as well as not being able to feel pain. Flaw(s): Can’t eat or drink, physically feel anything or reproduce. Weaponry Fighting Style: Reckless and relentless - Drauch chases his prey down without stop, keen to steal their sweet life force. Trained Weapon: A plethora of blades and ranged equipment. Favored Weapon: An arbalest/Longbow or Bastard sword. Archery: Fairly good. Biography Parents: Deceased. Siblings: N/A. Children: Daniel - Missing/Presumed dead. Extended Family: Rose Hunter - Niece. Pet(s): None. Artwork ^ Credits to Shilloh ^ ^Credits to Zer0^
  6. Character Name Demagol Doomforged Basic Information Nicknames: Cuddlebug, Demmie, Demi, Demigod, Dema, and many others Age: 495 Gender: Male Race: Doomforged Status: Alive Description Height: 5'4, 5'5 in armor Weight: 190 pounds Body Type: Demagol keeps up a well-exercised physique, but looking much the same as your average stout dwarf, perhaps less stocky. Eyes: Glowing, Bloodred Hair: Black Skin: Extremely Dark grey Markings/Tattoos: Burn scars that center around the right side of his chest, continue on till his golem arm (Burn ran the length of his arm before it the stone appendage). The burn goes up his neck and ends around his right eye. Health: Great Personality: Depends largely on where he is and who he's with at a time. When he is with other Doomforged (And some other dwarves) he can be loud, rude, humorous, but mostly happy. When in formal company, he is calm, polite, and kind. However, like all other Doomforged, he can go from calm to raging in a heartbeat. It's oftentimes noticeable that he tries to keep his natural anger in check. Inventory: Justice (Longsword, reinforced with Asgolian Steel), Wroth (Flanged mace, reinforced with Asgolian Steel), various traveling supplies such as food and water, and varying types of armor. When he's wearing robes or simple clothing he will always have some type of light armor underneath (Usually chainmail with light plating over important parts of the body). Other times, he wears the traditional heavy Asgolian Steel plating of the Doomforged (Heavy armor that emits an orange-red glow in some places). Further Details: His right arm is not of flesh, it is a stone, runic golem appendage. He bears some of the striking, youthful features of the Mali'ker on the left side of his face, where fire has not ravaged it. Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Deity: Dormmar Religion: Brathmordakin Alliance/Nation/Home: Urguan Job/Class: Blacksmith, Warrior Title(s): Senator, Clan Elder Profession(s): Smithing, Mining, Cooking Special Skill(s): Flaw(s): Stubborn, Quick to anger (In some cases) Relations: Children: Many. Father/Mother: Iban Doomforged(Kahzo), Caeriline(Unplayed) Grandparents: Urir Ireheart, Faeyin Cousins: Many.
  7. Introduction The knights of the forests...The shadows of the night. We stick to our oath... bow's first... sword second. We fight in the forests and use our skills with a bow to our advantage. We are a group of men free for ourselves... that guard the land. We make sure that Valles is safe from crime... We are essentially a guard force... but we're also a separate guild. We listen to only one... and no other. We fight the enemies of our lands till our last breath and we will never surrender. The Beginning of the Rangers The rangers had a grave beginning. Nym Vala the leader of the first rangers. sat watching the burial of Emperor Siegmund, he felt alone... being Elvish, he watched his close friend, Ericus Sarino, A young boy he himself had trained the arts of the bow and stealth. His young apprentice stood guard, watching over the burial. After the rights were said and everything was done... a small group of 3 stayed... Nym slowly approached his head down. He looked up at Jonathan Othaman and spoke with his calm voice, after some negotiating he had formed the rangers of Valles. The peace was soon disturbed by an attack by the goths. Nym using his archery skills. Soon dispatched both of the attackers with kill shots. After sometime, the group were gave a small encampment and made this in the base in Valles. Ranger Ranks: Ranger Apprentice: An apprentice ranger whom will get a mentor, he or she will become a shadow when the mentor deems them for them to become a full scale ranger (or a shadow) these rangers will not yet get a full longbow, They however will receive a recurve bow, a bow which is much easier for them to learn with. Ranger: This is a full Ranger, this person will receive a longbow and will be taught to use it, after this the person shall receive missions and will also fight for the cause. The shadows will be allowed to roam around freely as they wish, but however may-be called for battle or for scouting. Elite Ranger: This person has show their worth and has developed a huge amount of skill and loyalty for their time for Valles and the rangers themselves, these people will get a Apprentice and will be expected to train them to the highest of standards that they can. They will also in battle get a small amount of rangers to command, this will consist of three, and they will expected to shoot to high standards. Shadow Ranger: This is the best of the best in the ranger corps, these people have shown true loyalty and have true skill with a bow. He or she has also show true skill in commanding. This person will get a group of 6 and will have a say over them. This person will also get 2 apprentices that he or she must try to train them to the highest of standards. They also are leading rangers in stealth and may give the other rangers advice if they need it. Nocturnal: These rangers are the second in command, and command over most of the over rangers, They have a unit of 8 and are allowed to hand pick who are in this group, it requires a lot of loyalty and time to join this section, they may accept applicants and choose who joins the guild. He or she will get 2 apprentices and they will grow to become ranger, they are also allowed to accompany the leader to any meetings with any other guilds or nations. There is only 2 nocturnals usually and are allowed to choose when someone becomes a ranger or not. Umbra: The leading Ranger, he or she has full control of the guild is allowed most of the decisions, he can give out jobs to any of the ranks and is allowed to choose the ranks of any of the corp's. He has the ultimate decision over all. If the Umbra dies. Then the guild shall cast a vote of whom they wish to be the leader of the corp. They are also required to be at a ceremony to become the shadow rank Housing: A member of the corps will get there very own room to share with another ranger of the corp, they will get a bunk and also a chest for personal items and use. Uniform: A member of the rangers may wear anything that is grey, green or dark red, and gives the illusion of the forest, they may have to wear certain uniforms sometimes but they may wear what they wish for comfort. Though the uniform has to be light, simply to not restrict movement at all. Recruitment Application ________________________________________________________________________________ OOC Information Mc-Name: Skype(State yes or no): Have you had any ban reports or ban's on the server? In Character Information Name: Race: Age: Skilled with: Why you wish to join: How did you hear about us: Are you prepared to die for our cause: You see a man in a forest, attempting to grab a man, What do you do? Previous combat experiences: If you are given an apprentice, do you deem yourself worthy to protect them? Will you listen to your superiors without hesitation? Do you accept loyalty to the Ranger corp? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Umbra (Leader): Nym Vala (joke13)
  8. The Nightwalkers - - The Nightwalkers have always been around.. secretly. Discreetly. They were rebel scumbags and heavy drinkers who called themselves 'reformers' or 'do-gooders'. As years progressed, they worsened until finally, they were beginning to grow corrupt and fail as a creed, That's when their leader, 'Hammock', died, A young man, no older than twenty-three had joined the creed. In a decision that surprised everyone, including the man, Hammock chose him as leader. It was the best decision he had ever made. With the man's un-paralleled leadership, the clan grew anew. It prospered into an elite organization. That was ten years ago. The clan of the Nightwalkers is an ultra-secretive organization that serves only to provide a refuge for the lost and to act as a friend for the highest bidder. They are mercenary assassins and thieves that will kill, steal, and 'extract' information, for anyone that offers a good price. They can be hired by peasants, nobles, or even kingdoms to serve as bodyguards or killers. These purposes are called contracts. Joining the Nightwalkers is no easy feat. You must push your body beyond it's limits and surpass in mental capability. You must also dedicate yourself to the fullest extent of the soul and be able to call your fellow walkers, brothers and sisters. If you can manage the attempt, you are welcome to enter, after taking an oath. --- Ranks (Rest of Contract pay will be deposited in the clan bank): The Reaper (50% of Contract Price): He or she is the leader of the clan, with the ability to command all clan members. There can be up to three Reapers, but at most there are two. The Clan Leader is in charge of distributing contracts, based on their difficulty, to the lower ranks. They have the final say in all decisions, and usually lead the clan in to war if necessary. The current Reaper is 'Slade' Parkins. The Crow (25% of contract Price): These are individuals of the highest respect, next to the reaper in the clan. They are an elite bunch who have proved themselves in battle and in contracts and have dedicated themselves from the very beginning and have had years of experience. Crows tackle the hardest of missions, and accompany Reapers in missions. They are able to promote rookies to Nightwalkers and usually oversee their training. They can also command Rookies and Walkers. The Walker (10% of contract Price): A walker is a clan member who has finished rookie training and has succesfully completed a contract. They are a well-trained bunch who make up the majority of the clan. They oversee rookie training, and complete medium-leveled contracts, The Rookie (5% of Contract Price): Rookies are newbies that have only recently entered the clan and are in the process of being trained and completing a contract, accompanying a Walker to aid them, if necessary. --- Clan Rules: 1) You shall obey Clan orders, for all should be moral 2) You may not harm another member of the clam in any way, unless approved by a reaper 3) You may not leave the clan without the permission of all the reapers 4) You may not betray the clan or join an enemy organization --- Joining the Nightwalkers (App) ((This will RPly send a bird to a Reaper)) - OOC: MC Name: - RP: Name: Race: Age: "I ____(name)____ pledge myself to the creed of the Nightwalkers and swear to uphold clan values and would die defending our cause. I agree that I cannot leave the clan without being hunted until death." - Contracts: To send a Contract, post on this topic or send a bird to 'Slade' Parkins ((Keith_DX7)), with a price and a clan-worthy job.
  9. Smaw


    In battle, men cannot rely on strength and wit alone; they must have supernatural guidance if they are to succeed. A scruffy man sits within a ramshackle tavern, speaking to the inquisitive minds that watch him. You decide to venture closer, curious as to what he is saying. Indeed, the crew of the Lady Luck were a tumultuous band of pirates that reveled in the act of looting and fighting. These men were strong, brave and somewhat intelligent, but their success was not driven by these aspects; their fates were influenced by something far greater. You see, in a world such as ours there are seldom stories told that do not involve great magicks, terrible beasts and hooded miscreants. This will certainly be no exception to the rule. Many of you have not taken to the harsh seas, and so I do not expect you to have ever come across these men. They encompassed everything you would expect of a pirate, but their macabre ideologies were something most unusual. As the sun was tucked beneath the blanket of the sea, these men would take to their rooms and adorn themselves in robes of blacks and reds. They would emerge in the open space of their ship, a pleading man's cries barely piercing the air over the chanting of the crew. With the spillage of blood, all would fall to a deathy silence as the men watched their latest victim return to the darkness. Yes, these men held dear to the idea that everything once emerged from the darkness, and they believed that Death existed to return what had been taken from the void. Death is the only certainty in life, and these men thus considered it to be a real force, an absolute truth; and therefore absolute power. In order to prove their servitude to the absolute and it's cause, they would allow "Death" to act through them. Their reign lasted for half a decade before they were disbanded by some terrible event. On a night of sacrifice, an overwhelming tide crashed against the Lady Luck, forcing her into a cliffside. Amidst the crimson waters and wreckage, a handful of men flailed about as they tried to find a means of escaping the water. Few managed to escape on the debris of the Lady Luck, but those that did ventured off into directions that would cause the remaining crew to disperse. I know these men are still out there somewhere, searching for their brothers... OOC: My intention with this guild is to create RP involving the men of the Lady Luck finding their brethren. Once this has been achieved, I should like for them to once again partake in the acts of service detailed above. This will most likely require new characters, though I am willing to talk to anyone that should like to have an existing character be a member of the crew. These men are to be clandestine in their endeavours, and are by no means lacking in common sense; therefore, I do not expect to see any glaringly obvious skins. Let's keep the clothing normal. OOC Application: IGN: ICN: Age: Race: Personality: Ambitions: What happened to your character after the crash? Do you have a lot of RP experience? I will require an image of the skin you intend to use. If you are accepted, I shall PM you and ask for your Skype details so that we may create a group.
  10. Bloodsworn Recruiting *posters are hung up near the wilds dock and all around Abresi* The Bloodsworn are a group of some of the most elite fighters in all of Anthos. We work for contract or to accomplish goals that would involve the preservation and furthering of the cause of the fortress-town of Sakinaga in the wilds. Joining this guild will let you in on our rigorous training schedule that will allow you to unlock your true potential in combat. All Bloodsworn will be accommodated and fed within the confines of the town Sakinaga. Minor details about jobs are to be consulted with the leaders of the Bloodsworn. There is a ranking system within the guild that is represented within the main office of Sakinaga. The guild consists of three kinds of warrior. Three ‘paths’ if you may. These paths consist of the Sickle, the Dagger, and the Shield. The Path of the Sickle: This path has no tiers, unlike the others. Warriors of the Path of The Sickle help win battles at home, tilling the lands, keeping the books, building homes. If you are skilled at building, farming, or bookkeeping, this path is for you. The Path of the Dagger: This path has three tiers: Tier I: Pathfinder – The very beginner members of the guild. Not yet trained for the stealth combat this path consists of, the Pathfinders work as scouts or spies until they have been fully trained. Tier II: Rogue – A Rogue is a member recognized to be significantly more adept than the average Pathfinder. Not a full-fledged Shadow yet, a Rogue must serve under their higher-up until they prove their worth. Tier III: Shadow – The shadow is a true master of stealthy combat. A man capable of leaving an army in ruins with merely a knife and his skills, the Shadow only looks up to the guild leaders. The Path of the Shield: This path has five tiers. Tier I: Footman – The footman is a low-level officer of Sakinaga. His job is to protect the town at all costs, while honing his skills as a warrior. Tier II: Sergeant – The Sergeant is a distinguished guard, while having yet no authority, a Sergeant is better-armed than his lower rank counterparts. Tier III: Ronin – The Ronin is a low-level captain of the guard. They have command over Footmen if they so choose. Tier IV: Captain – The Captain has command over Footmen and Sergeants. He is authorized to give punishments to criminals in situations where no Sakinagan Officials are present. A select few can be promoted to this level; others are promoted to Samurai instead. Tier V: Samurai – The Samurai is an elite member. A samurai may be promoted from Ronin or Captain. They are considered Sakinaga nobility, and work for none but the Leaders. ! BELOW ARE THE LEADERS OF THE BLOODSWORN AND THEIR NAMES ! Main leader: Tanrïz “"The Shadow" Tovalin (arfavero1) Main leader: Stephanie Kusarai (arfavero1) Secondary Leader: None Secondary leader: None Secondary leader: Okami Ken (link22399) *below are application forms* MC Name: RP Name: Race: Age: Gender: Skills: Why you should be accepted into the ranks of the Bloodsworn: We look forward to seeing many people join our ranks
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