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  1. Camp Inemho, Travel Charter (Cart)

    Due to this having taken a while to have been responded. Im unable to currently proceed due to me being on holiday for a few days. However If I might redirect you to the chieftess of the camp (IGN : YourLocalNath) whom can do the procedure at the moment.
  2. Community Meeting

    Are there going to be any forms of compensation from getting high skill levels or minas?
  3. Camp Inemho, Travel Charter (Cart)

    I have already collected minas for Camp Inemho certainly enough for quite some time now. I simply await the kind soul that takes up this travel charter.
  4. ~ Camp Inemho, Travel Charter Land Charter (Cart) or Sea Charter (Boat): Land Charter (Cart) Island (Tahn - Ceru - Asul): Ceru Point A: Camp Inemho (X) -661, (Y) 54, (Z) -169 Point B: Outside of Sutica, next to their fast travel (X) 34, (Y) 49, (Z) -22 Permissions:
  5. [Complete][Auction]Manor (Auction Finished)

    *just woke up* raise 6,500 minas
  6. [Complete][Auction]Manor (Auction Finished)

    [!] The one young would come across the poster carrying his everyday sales of a variety of flowers. "Hrmm.." he'd glance to his flowers before back at the poster "I-im sure i-if saved up e-enough.." He'd leave a note bidding to the auction "Five T-thousand Minas..." ~ Aiden T. C. Taveira Sagehand.
  7. [Complete][TRADE] Tomes and Polar bear

    Ahh... I see.. ~This will be fun. I'll raise to nine-hundred twenty minas (920 minas) to outbid you then.
  8. [Complete][TRADE] Tomes and Polar bear

    Hmm... Since I don't see many others bidding yet. I'll raise it to eight-hundred fifty minas (850 minas) for the two fisher tomes
  9. [Complete]Auctioning Small Elf!

    [!] Would come to know that we both had the same goal "I see... If you speak the truth, I had wished the same" he'd sigh looking at them on how they got into this mess.
  10. [Complete]Auctioning Small Elf!

    [!] Dryan 'Scarfen would walk past the auction noticing a familiar face. Realizing he'd make his way through the crowd effortlessly raising the bid 'Three Hundred Fifty Minas (350 minas)' he'd say. Sighing heavily "What on earth have you gotten yourself's into now..."
  11. Jaya Jayamen's Piano Academy

    OOC Name : nanoninja23 RP Name : Dryan 'Scarfen' Skype : (( If I'm not mistaken you still have mine from last you were teaching. If not PM )) Musically Inclined : RP'ly Guitar/Flute __ ~ __ (( ^ . ^ ))
  12. In Game Name : (( nanoninja23 )) In Character Name : "Ladrif" Original race : (( N/A )) Transform Form : Construct, Golem Creator : Mordew_ // "Thatch" Briefly explain the lore behind this creature or construct : Made of wood and bark this golem stands tall of six feet. Having its purpose to serve its Impera though itself only capable to simple vocabulary. In case of the Impera passing away or leaving it shall return to its creator though in absence of its creator it shall seek a new Impera. Like how a normal being heals its wounds over time the golem has to be repaired. Hes capable to move due to runes powered by a thanium core. To follow every command on the first person it sees upon creation without hesitation. Its Creator serves as its first Impera but can be appointed a new one. Its life at the simple of tasks and commands. After creation its able to speak common tongue, but in a more slow pace as such: "I. Am. Golem." Its mind comparable to a child. Having to learn the basics like shaking hands, bowing as well with the definitions of words such as "Friend." or a "Hug". At first glance it may act more robot-ish but after some time it can learn more matter or such a certain character.
  13. ---=White Vial=---

    Application Username : nanoninja23 Skype : (( To be PM'd )) Professions : Since i do not really go by any "Profession" I will just list my current skills to this point. Veteran Woodworker, Adept Chef, Adept Lumberjack Adept Fisher, Adept Farmer, Adequate Enchanter, Adequate Breeder, Fair Alchemist, Apprentice Miner, Apprentice Stonemason, Apprentice Leather worker, etc..
  14. [Recruiting] The Coin (CRIMINAL GUILD)

    ----------=[]=---------- In Game Name : nanoninja23 Name : Keovan Scarfen Age (At the current time of this post) : 19 Chosen Role : Rogue Race : Human ( Heartlander ) (( Skype )) : Message me personally for that in game
  15. Out-Of-Character Information What’s your Minecraft Account Name : nanoninja23 How old are you? 13 Are you aware the server is PG-13 (You won’t be denied for being under 13) Yes Have you applied to this server before (Please link all past applications) Yes, This is now my fifth time for my first character 1) 2) 3) 4) Have you read and agreed to the rules? Yes What’s the rule you agree with the most : Sexual harassment under any circumstances will not be tolerated Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense(If so we can help clear it up! You will not be denied for having a question on the rules) No, i havent found a difficulty yet How did you find out about Lord of the Craft : A YouTube Channel called ParkersCommunity Definitions What is role playing : To me role playing is where a person commits to a certain character acting as them What is meta gaming : (Haven't heard the word before) Another player using information that they gained out of character What is power gaming : (Haven't heard the word before) Forcing Activity to another character giving them no means of response In-Character Information Character’s name : Keovan Noveno (Key-Oh-Van) Character’s gender : Male Character’s race : Human (HeartLander) Character’s age : 18 Biography : Keovan grew up in a village north east of Athera. Keovan never really knew his parents for when he was around 2 yearls old, strangers of the elven kin came into the bar that his father had owned. There were 3 of them one of them ordered while the rest stood behind, suddenly the two burst into action drawing their swords stabbing Keovans father. While the three were were grabbing the money and the other customers were running Keovans Mother gave Keovan to his aunt with the goggles of their family (all members of the family has one) and ran away. Keovan never really knew what happened to his mother only that she was long gone. That day keovan never trusted strangers for the loss of his family is too great of an impact.. Many Years later out in the woods of his Aunts cabin west of adria his aunt decides to teach 9 year old Keovan how to use the bow. After many weeks Keovan mastered most of the bow but somehow finds difficulty using it in tenseful situations. Later that week Keovan and his aunt were at the market buying for food. A fire struck at a local tavern , Most of the guards came to help half of them putting out the fire the rest trying to find who ever started this. Keovan quickly noticed his aunt was gone, he caught her running Keovan quickly followed. As Keovan was following he noticed a faint cry, his aunt found where the crying was coming from a little girl 9 years old same age as Keovan at that time. His aunt said "lets get out of here" Suddenly the a part of the room collapsed on his aunt "NO!" screamed Keovan. "go.. " said Keovans aunt. Keovan knew none of them can get his aunt out, Keovan told the girl in sadness "Lets.. go." she replied "but". The two hurried out of the burning tavern Keovan led the girl to their parents. The parents greeted the Keovan and the girl blushed and smiled but Keovan had no reaction just one tear from his left eye for now another one of his family is lost. Forcing him to now become an orphan .Sadly Keovan didnt want to go to another home that he may loose so he ran away into the wild. Keovan did come back to the village at some points but only for a quick few days. While Keovan was venturing through the wild he noticed a cabin, Keovan knew the forest near him pretty well but never noticed this cabin. He knocks on the door no one answers, weirdly the door was open. He quickly lashes for food since he had not been eating for a few days. Minutes later passes and the owner comes back luckily he wasnt angry, He was actually quite suprised. The old man took Keovan in and gave hime an orange scarf. Keovan asked "whats this for?". The old man replied "it will come in handly one day , youll be able to open it up as a blanket and use it for comfort out in the wild". Keovan thanked the old man that never told his name, he was trained in how to survive with bare essentials. Years have passed and Keovan said farewell to the old man and continued on with his adventure. (Hope this was better :). Personality Traits : very quite around strangers, really social around familiar faces ,eager to learn anything exciting Ambitions : To protect friends & family that may hurt them Strengths & Talents : Accurate with a bow & arrow , able to survive with few items Weaknesses & Inabilities : Easily loses the ability to trust in others Appearance (List the extra details of your characters appearance, IE; height & weight) 167 cm Tall & 49 kg his scarf and googles are precious to him if lost he will try to find it, black hair Appearance, please provide us a screenshot of your character’s skin (If you need help, see our screenshot guide here)