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  1. nanoninja23

    Update Regarding Map Transition

    ~ rip gmt peepz. ~ ;-;
  2. nanoninja23

    Community Meeting

    Will greater soul stones see any improvements? Concerned details on it are not being permanently soul bound to the player As well as it being able to be easily lost, its quite costly More info in: Are tent kits gonna be available again in CT or possibly a certain craftable recipe? And are there any news on how nations/groups who didn’t come into the activity check, are able to get land for the next map?
  3. nanoninja23

    Community Meeting

    ~ Are there plans in which to improve circulation of minas next map? What might be the current times of someone running from one city to another in the next map? Will the next map be named starting with another ‘A’ yet again? Random thoughts on having a rule to pvp countdowns on having least 5 blocks apart from each side of players (due to someone with lower ping may attack seeing the cool down start first) Are there gonna be any improvements to the greater ss as it it not viable to ever purchase for people at the moment ~ nano.
  4. nanoninja23


  5. nanoninja23

    Vault Yard Sale Pt. 2 (RP Items)

    [!] A familiar young mali' slowly walked along the cloud temple, carrying his often seen lily flower. Dipping his head towards John before a small grin he'd glance towards the auctioneer "1200 minas f-for the box of g-goodies" (( jk, lets not do that all over again.)) Untill his gaze caught by one of the plushies "Actually s-scratch tha' idea 1200 for t-the turkey plushie"
  6. nanoninja23

    [Bug] Greater Soulstone

    Bug Report ~ **MC Name(s) Involved & In game Specifications:** lil1nano (persona: Aiden 'T~Winterleaf) **Description:** Unability to use the emerald block within the '/bme' menu to soulstone (to which I frequently had used) after purchasing and using a greater soulstone. Another Issue is also that greater soulstone does not vanish when being dropped like a regular soulstone nor does it appear when doing '/ss claim' (meaning it can be dropped & stolen) **Steps to Reproduce:** 1) Purchase a greater soulstone from the shop of wonders within CT (& notice how it does not vanish when you drop the soulstone) 2) Bind the new greater soulstone slot to CT SS Pillar (to which can only be done by holding the greater soulstone) 3) Shift-Right Click and select CT, to which Soulstone over to it 4) Type /bme within your chatbox and notice how the emerald block within the /bme menu is now missing **Expected Behaviour:** That the emerald block to which one can use within the /bme menu to soulstone would appear when opening such menu, and that the greater soulstone would vanish when pressing 'Q' not drop onto the ground along with that it would appear like a regular soulstone when doing /ss claim. (Thoughts on changes to be soulbind or another compromise as this isn’t the best option to purchase and that I wouldn’t be recommended to people either) **Actual Behaviour:** Using /bme now dosen't show the emerald block within the menu after using a greater soulstone, and that a greater soulstone can be dropped accidentaly due to it not vanishing instead. **Additional Information:** 1) dkink14's perspective (hasn't purchased a greater soulstone) 2) lil1nano's perspective (my perspective after using purchasing greater soulstone) 3) A normal soulstone being dropped (and vanishes) https://i.gyazo.com/ea90bbb42443f3749118d0170cd143d1.mp4 4) A greater soulstone being dropped (and dosent vanish) https://i.gyazo.com/3311ef7505b64720f4bffd87c94f3896.mp4 **Error Messages:** I had tried to report this bug within the server although doing /treq or /devreq shows with 'An error occured' everytime I re-type the message.
  7. nanoninja23

    A first in three years {nano's AMA}

    That shall remain undecided, I love all shoggin' matches well unless their not using the proper rules, but Mmhm. Hm, true meaning of love? think tha'll be supporting and being happy for another Whilst as for the last one. Hm a great moment I'd say the only moment I could really show off is being the youngest & richest mali' as Aiden
  8. nanoninja23

    A first in three years {nano's AMA}

    Seeing as I've known 'em for just as 'bout much as he's been on the server, I'd say so with oocly at the very least. Back when we had our guild in axios near sutica, I beleive ya were playing either a golem or a muyakelg Pretty relaxing, planning to make a short animation so im just listening to music whilst I storyboard a few key moments Favourtie kind of tree? Ooh hm, thats something I haven't had to think about 'till now but I'd say it would have to be a tie between redwood trees and cherry blossoms. As for deserts, i'd always stuff myself with cotton candy ice cream in the summer or a good cheese cake
  9. nanoninja23

    A first in three years {nano's AMA}

    Well tha's certainly a tough one I love so many types of dishes, but i'll keep it short and sweet so it dosent turn into a whole list, my favourite fruit instead would be mangos. Maybe soon(tm) *insert innocent whistling and ring here*, jk even the skygods dont know yet. for now Watcha mean, tha'd be cause I cant seem to find ya on and at the same place, but dw lil' aiden attempting to visit wont end anytime soon. As for their family tree, hm not sure if you truly wanna know how it looks cause tha'd be massive and it would contain at the least 500 peepz in that elder tree of twisting branches but tell ya what i'll make an updated verion for us to see.
  10. nanoninja23

    A first in three years {nano's AMA}

    That my good freind would be Spring as for why quite a few of my favourite series always seem to have cherry blossoms apart of them, although i've only seen a small few in real life I quite like it. Gorlath does ring quite a few bells that was quite a while ago actually, in vailor too if im not mistaken and I still remember ya old ign's
  11. nanoninja23

    A first in three years {nano's AMA}

    Anytime is best time for hugs, butcha gotta pop 'round for them ya'know. lil' aiden dosent even know where to find ya now adays Those were better days, dear samuel norwick, better days
  12. nanoninja23

    A first in three years {nano's AMA}

    Not 'till Gil or his nephew visits Aiden more often, hmph : P but mmhm In the seven skies now Hedge, this was Vailor though Keovan did make it to being 152 years old. Unlike a certain Norwick whom got an arrow to the knee, but not to worry his decendants are still living quite fine
  13. Although my profile says I joined on the 12th of August I never did get accepted 'till the 20th. Any who 3 years and never made one of these, pleased to have met quite a few of ya'll so bring on some questions. Oh, and here's a lil' sneak peak of more art coming soon (tm) 😛 Mmhm. ~ lil1nano (or old ign nanoninja23)
  14. nanoninja23

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

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  15. nanoninja23

    Camp Inemho, Travel Charter (Cart)

    Due to this having taken a while to have been responded. Im unable to currently proceed due to me being on holiday for a few days. However If I might redirect you to the chieftess of the camp (IGN : YourLocalNath) whom can do the procedure at the moment.