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  1. [!] A familiar young mali' slowly walked along the cloud temple, carrying his often seen lily flower. Dipping his head towards John before a small grin he'd glance towards the auctioneer "1200 minas f-for the box of g-goodies" (( jk, lets not do that all over again.)) Untill his gaze caught by one of the plushies "Actually s-scratch tha' idea 1200 for t-the turkey plushie"
  2. Bug Report ~ **MC Name(s) Involved & In game Specifications:** lil1nano (persona: Aiden 'T~Winterleaf) **Description:** Unability to use the emerald block within the '/bme' menu to soulstone (to which I frequently had used) after purchasing and using a greater soulstone. Another Issue is also that greater soulstone does not vanish when being dropped like a regular soulstone nor does it appear when doing '/ss claim' (meaning it can be dropped & stolen) **Steps to Reproduce:** 1) Purchase a greater soulstone from the shop of wonders within CT (& notice how it does not vanish when you drop the soulstone) 2) Bind the new greater soulstone slot to CT SS Pillar (to which can only be done by holding the greater soulstone) 3) Shift-Right Click and select CT, to which Soulstone over to it 4) Type /bme within your chatbox and notice how the emerald block within the /bme menu is now missing **Expected Behaviour:** That the emerald block to which one can use within the /bme menu to soulstone would appear when opening such menu, and that the greater soulstone would vanish when pressing 'Q' not drop onto the ground along with that it would appear like a regular soulstone when doing /ss claim. (Thoughts on changes to be soulbind or another compromise as this isn’t the best option to purchase and that I wouldn’t be recommended to people either) **Actual Behaviour:** Using /bme now dosen't show the emerald block within the menu after using a greater soulstone, and that a greater soulstone can be dropped accidentaly due to it not vanishing instead. **Additional Information:** 1) dkink14's perspective (hasn't purchased a greater soulstone) 2) lil1nano's perspective (my perspective after using purchasing greater soulstone) 3) A normal soulstone being dropped (and vanishes) https://i.gyazo.com/ea90bbb42443f3749118d0170cd143d1.mp4 4) A greater soulstone being dropped (and dosent vanish) https://i.gyazo.com/3311ef7505b64720f4bffd87c94f3896.mp4 **Error Messages:** I had tried to report this bug within the server although doing /treq or /devreq shows with 'An error occured' everytime I re-type the message.
  3. Due to this having taken a while to have been responded. Im unable to currently proceed due to me being on holiday for a few days. However If I might redirect you to the chieftess of the camp (IGN : YourLocalNath) whom can do the procedure at the moment.
  4. I have already collected minas for Camp Inemho certainly enough for quite some time now. I simply await the kind soul that takes up this travel charter.
  5. ~ Camp Inemho, Travel Charter Land Charter (Cart) or Sea Charter (Boat): Land Charter (Cart) Island (Tahn - Ceru - Asul): Ceru Point A: Camp Inemho (X) -661, (Y) 54, (Z) -169 Point B: Outside of Sutica, next to their fast travel (X) 34, (Y) 49, (Z) -22 Permissions: https://prnt.sc/fof60t https://prnt.sc/fof64j https://prnt.sc/fof91z
  6. [!] The one young would come across the poster carrying his everyday sales of a variety of flowers. "Hrmm.." he'd glance to his flowers before back at the poster "I-im sure i-if saved up e-enough.." He'd leave a note bidding to the auction "Five T-thousand Minas..." ~ Aiden T. C. Taveira Sagehand.
  7. Ahh... I see.. ~This will be fun. I'll raise to nine-hundred twenty minas (920 minas) to outbid you then.
  8. Hmm... Since I don't see many others bidding yet. I'll raise it to eight-hundred fifty minas (850 minas) for the two fisher tomes
  9. [!] Would come to know that we both had the same goal "I see... If you speak the truth, I had wished the same" he'd sigh looking at them on how they got into this mess.
  10. [!] Dryan 'Scarfen would walk past the auction noticing a familiar face. Realizing he'd make his way through the crowd effortlessly raising the bid 'Three Hundred Fifty Minas (350 minas)' he'd say. Sighing heavily "What on earth have you gotten yourself's into now..."
  11. OOC Name : nanoninja23 RP Name : Dryan 'Scarfen' Skype : (( If I'm not mistaken you still have mine from last you were teaching. If not PM )) Musically Inclined : RP'ly Guitar/Flute __ ~ __ (( ^ . ^ ))
  12. Application Username : nanoninja23 Skype : (( To be PM'd )) Professions : Since i do not really go by any "Profession" I will just list my current skills to this point. Veteran Woodworker, Adept Chef, Adept Lumberjack Adept Fisher, Adept Farmer, Adequate Enchanter, Adequate Breeder, Fair Alchemist, Apprentice Miner, Apprentice Stonemason, Apprentice Leather worker, etc..
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