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  1. hey you. you ever written a plant? can I crush it into paint? if yes, tell me what it is, I want to make LoTC pigments [TM]

    1. tadabug2000


      Off the top of my head, alabaster leaf and Bane mele tembi are plants that can be used as dyes - the first makes white dye, the second doesn't specify the type of dye, but that it can be used to dye or for tattoos both


    2. Astrophysical


      Look up colorstone :3

  2. What’re your thoughts on Elves? And how are you feeling? I hope you get well soon!
  3. why yes I'll take one of your finest elves

  4. also I can't verify my discord with /freja because of the new tag format please send help

  5. okay gamers how can I make a cool lil wizard elf

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    2. excited


      didn't expect to see you here suzzie god damn

    3. Suzzie


      i like to keep people on their toes and make grand appearances

    4. excited


      sounds g lemme know if u'd like any help getting settled

  6. Free dark elf sketch up for grabs. First come first serve? cYwOIdA.jpg

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    2. Suzzie


      Because I'll never use it. I was trying to draw my character and it morphed into something else entirely. So I thought someone else might want it.

    3. Adelemphii


      If you don't want it, why not just scrap it?

    4. Tibertastic
  7. @The Rabbi is terrible tech support.

  8. how does one change their little title thing? i don't wanna be old fart ;c

    1. Nolan_


      you have to post 500 posts till you can change it or it use to be a FM could change it for you, don't know if they can still do that

    2. Suzzie


      oh yikes. 476 posts to go, better get drawing :')

  9. do you like art? I like art. http://i.imgur.com/c1a9Xhe.png

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    2. Suzzie


      @Flugalplease. please stop. no more debating servers on my profile. i specifically have been trying to avoid this 'oh aren't you from there' topic because i hate stirring things up.

    3. Kvasir


      i love you suzzie


      bb marri mi

    4. Suzzie


      ok hunibun

  10. Hiya, nerd. c:

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    2. Kvasir


      you all play minecraft be quiet

    3. Suzzie
    4. Kvasir


      i don't know how i replied to this one but the statement is still true

  11. I'm the self declared queen of flower crowns now. 

  12. Some of the things I see here truly scare me at times.

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