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  1. FROM THE ASHES OF FIRE, COMES THE TREE OF LIFE The End of the Age of Fire Source Hearken unto this message, orcs, allies, shamans, and spiritualists of old and new, and I hope it finds you well. I must speak of an urgent matter which has weighed upon my mind when the fires of wagh reared its head once again, seeking the destruction of Ubuntu. I bring unto you a tale, a warning, as well as a reaffirment. Some of you may remember the old Rex Skatchnak of Izig, the one who heralded the Age of Fire and Blood as well as the Firelands Initiative many years ago in the lands of Almaris. It was a time of great destruction, pillars of smoke towered from the horizon as thousands of trees and plants were torched around the city, leaving chalky earth and withered trees which would shatter into ash when touched. The spirits of the forest were furious, angry, crying for help to the shamans through vision and dream, yet these were snuffed out by the growing power of the spirits of fire as well as the wishes of rebirth by the orcish people. Soon enough, the fires of zealotry began to fade, and now are nothing but smoldering embers as the orcs traveled to new lands. Although the Age of Blood and Fire brought great destruction to our lands, it was on our terms and desires. However, that time has long passed and the orcs have looked to new desires. Now in our modern day, Vikela has come to repeat the past, but not on our terms. They bring destruction to our lands and forests, out of selfish desire that does not benefit our people. So therefore I warn: DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE DEMANDS OF THE UBUNTU. THEY ARE NOT US. And therefore, on the ashes of the Age of Fire and Blood: I REAFFIRM THE AGE OF LURAK. AN AGE OF GROWTH OF NOT ONLY THE FORESTS, BUT OF THE ORCISH PEOPLE. Thus my, and the spirits, words have been said, Zabub of Clan Lur, Shaman of the Anglers
  2. Ak-Rullaz, the best golem chef in Aevos, approves of the baking of bread. He would advise adding sawdust and wood chunks next time!
  3. Aw shit here we go again, and in a freeze as well.
  4. Me in an event where the ET wants everyone to use #s.
  5. Skin Name - Claymore Bid - $25 USD Discord - cosmiverse
  6. As a co-writer of animism, I am not biased at all. I will admit that animism has its flaws. For the main issue, we wanted a ritual heavy magic for shamanism that unfortunately forces players to get multiple animists in one place. This however became the biggest hurt for the magic as the amount of player animists needed to gather in one place is almost impossible. On the other side, I have heard plenty and plenty enough that animism has no combat capacity and its useless as a magic. To be frank Im tired of hearing it. This only compiles the main issue of the lack of players despite its easy to learn process (even if the lore is somewhat difficult to read). If Elementalism could come back without all the powergaming capabilities we wanted to avoid with animism, that would be great. However as it stands people seem to want old elementalism as I have seen, which is not possible in this current state of the server.
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