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  1. Fizzard’Raguk puts his index finger on his lips as he passes through the city after paying tribute with a less rude guardsman and notices the board’s post. ”Whi deez tweegiez alwayz bannin thingz dat are hohz?” Fizzard’Raguk shakes his head, “Mi findz dah ztonemen veri hohz and fun tu blah tu indeed.” Fizzard then takes out a ‘Thill Mint out of the box he payed for and eats the cookie slowly.
  2. My problem with the lore games, as mentioned, is the blocking of MA and magic artifacts. I questioned to myself on why magic would be blocked for 10 weeks in it’s somewhat entirety. I understand that magic is being rewritten and might cause some discrepancies between the old and new systems, but potential role play is being blocked and people could personally learn the new system. My suggestion is to remove the magic block or at least remove it on an earlier date. There should be no reason for magic users before the rewrite to not read the new system once it is released, so why should we block those who should do the same thing with a rewrite around the corner? It does not make sense.
  3. Fizzard proceeds to laugh as the Vintasian diet was rained upon by multitudes of multiracial toes.
  4. Fizzard’Raguk picks up the poster “Mi swearz mi peepz deeze before,” he says as he scratches his head.
  5. I thought elves were more populated than humans tbh.
  6. Fizzard’Raguk yells in bloody rage, but in his heart he knows that he has to slay his now former friends. “Mi apologiez... Ajuzhuu... Axzor...”
  7. “WAAAAAAAAGH! TU DAH BUB’HOHZ FEWTURE O’ DAH URUKZ” Fizzard yells in his high pitched goblin voice as he raises his fists to the sky.
  8. Main problem here is the lack of measure of the ban system. I agree with the philosophy, but my biggest fear here is bias. A mod could raise the severity of a rule break which could be the difference from a week ban to a month ban. As @ninjaclimb1 said, we need examples for each severity to prevent this in the future.
  9. Mcname: Astrophysical Talent: Traditional pencil art
  10. OOC Information MC IGN: Astrophysical Discord: Cosmiverse#3635 Timezone: EST RP Information Persona Name: Titus Scribenti Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 43 Desired Role: Researcher Specification: Chemistry
  11. Astrophysical


    This story begins in Helena. Son of a heartlander writer, Titus was born to a mother who died during Titus’ childbirth. Despite being an only child, his father was a hermit who barely talked to his own son except at dinner. Titus only knew that his father had come across a writing block that he desperately attempted to escape, often believing that his mind was cursed. Seeing his father suffer so, Titus felt a pang of guilt as their income was failing. He saw himself as nothing but a burden to his struggling father. When Titus was sixteen, he found a note which proclaimed his father leaving the city. His father wished to see outside the walls of Helena to try to cure his block, and he would return when he found inspiration. So Titus waited. Days, months, and years pass before he believed his father was probably dead. During those long years, he continued his fathers practice. Often referring to the last sentence of his father’s note: Despite one banner holder’s tragedy, one will pick up the standard if he falls in battle. Titus picked up his father’s banner, now he must march onward.
  12. When you dream of becoming a tradesman, but you turn out to be a taxman for house Vyranov. But still, a grand thumbs up!
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