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  1. Fizzard’Raguk, now weathered by his age, hears of the coming war during his spiritual journey across the continent. He takes a seat on a nearby rock and ponders. He turns his head in the direction of the sunset, he lifts his walking stick and places it on his lap. Perhaps it was time to return.
  2. In Character: Your Name: Vergil Goldhand Your Race: Dwarf The Guild Position you are applying for: Tradesman/Supplier Do you accept the Brathmordakin as the only true religion?: Aye Do you swear to abide by the standard code of conduct for all members of Armakak’s Coin? : Aye Out of Character: Your Minecraft Username: Astrophysical Your Discord Username: Cosmiverse#3635
  3. Fizzard’Raguk is enraged to hear of this and stomps throughout the goi. “Dat zkahin prophet thinkz he can take me job?!”
  4. GRUBGOTH’S ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE HUNT [!] A goblin chef prepared to cook. With the young Rex’s announcement of the Huntgoth competition, the newly declared Grubgoth Fizzard’Raguk takes advantage of the situation. Stoke the ovens and let meat flow! “LEND MI LATZ EARZ BRUDDAHZ!” The fresh Grubgoth yells in the square, attempting to gather all that could hear, trying to get the attention of hunters. “Spread de word bruddahz, dat mi, Fizzard’Raguk, will take de meat of animalz which wer hunted in diz Huntgoth competizion,” the red goblin announces on top of a box. “De hunterz will get ah zhare of de cooked grub, but ah will take zome fur future feastz. Ah will put fliarz around de goi to make zure diz is zpread,” Fizzard presents a flair which depicts a hunter bringing a dead deer to him. He then takes the paper, a hammer, and a nail and hangs the picture on the feast hall wall. “Zpread de word!” OOC: If a hunt is brought to Fizzard’Raguk, it will be cooked and you will receive ¾ of the cooked meat back rounding up. (Example: A stack of meat will result in 16 going to Fizzard while 48 goes to the hunter.) Make sure that you have proof when presenting the kill! (And yes, you do need in game meat to get some back, otherwise it’s RP meat.) Happy hunting!
  5. If I can get my hands on some money, I’ll be sure to contact you!
  6. Inb4 the staff twists this too...
  7. Astrophysical


    Fizzard’Raguk listens intently to the ramblings of the priest echo through the great halls of the goi from his shrine room in his blarg. As the doomsayer finished, Fizzard looks to the shrine of three gears intently, hoping for some sign of this rambling to be false. He waits for a bit, but to no avail. Fizzard looked out the fenced window to the sky. He needed to know more.
  8. TO THE FALLEN ⚙-⚙-⚙ [!] The monuments to Kharak’Raguk and Leydluk’Raguk The rising of the young Raguk Skalpboila’Raguk to the title of Rexdom is a momentous occasion for the Uruks, a time of celebration, feasts, and remembrance. The young rex stands under the grand arch of the city entrance looking around, observing the surrounding square. He had a feeling in his stomach, it has lingered since last night when he had a dream of Targoth Leyluk watching over the new Krugmar goi. He calls upon all those in the goi to the arch and begins to speak. "Me's feel dis bi mighty empty, yub? Like somtin' is missin it. Hrmmmm. . . Yub, mi gruks! Mi have peep'd it in a dream, bruddahs. Targoth Leydluk'Raguk agh da ancestrals peepin' ova us in da spirit realm; we will provide them with eyes in da mortal plain. Bruddas! We will erekt a bub'hosh statue to they who have laid the foundations for our people. Gather da stones, loft da lumber; we's got work to do." Cheers roar throughout the halls of Krugmar as uruks, goblins, and ologs alike began to gather the stones and lumber for the statues. Fizzard’Raguk was in charge of the construction of the erecting monuments. He took most care in the building of his ancestor, Kharak and his great ally, Leydluk. The statue is erected outside the city of Krugmar, for all travelers to see. Fizzard worked day and night, rain and shine to finish the statues. On the dawn of the final day, the morning sun rose between the two statues, illuminating the statues’ edges in a golden glow. The sight, Fizzard believed, was a sign from the spirits of their appeasement. He looks to the sky, smiling, hoping that his fallen friend knows he is still here. “Leydluk, rezt well buddah... Wait fer me, fur me time will kome.”
  9. Wub de zkah am ah readin – Fizzard’Raguk
  10. Fizzard’Raguk will remember this day for the rest of his life. He has seen great Rexes and Targoths rise and fall with many triumphs and dangers both now and in the past. Fizzard remembers the Bootless War, the most glorious war Fizzard fought in and the Rex Klomp, the greatest klomp Fizzard has seen. Perhaps those days of honor will return once more. Fizzard prays to the spirits that Skalpboila, the young Rex, brings the orcs into a new golden age.
  11. Jburg part 2, Krughattan Boogaloo
  12. Fizzard’Raguk gets word of the slave’s hunt and rubs his chin in thought. Fizzard could use this slave’s skill on a later date.
  13. Well... That’s direct. And as @MinaGobbler said, we popped no one and most people had a good time except a select few who decided to throw insults oocly and argue. People were free to hide and avoid the RP entirely and they would be fine.
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