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  1. Vergil Goldhand takes a sip of Dwarven Eggnog and grins as he reads the best news source in the Under-realm.
  2. To add on to what Jokerlow, perhaps Livviez, have already mentioned, Bandits that give quality RP emotes should get quality RP emotes back. It is just not fair to the Bandit and bad roleplay practice when the robbed gets toxic about having pixels taken from them. Godspeed Mik.
  3. This is truly the darkest timeline
  4. Priest Vergil Goldhand lets out a loud and annoyed sigh as he receives the mandate. "Oi wanna know w'o even RAN de place, dey did a 'orrible job o' keepin it." The disgruntled dwarf huffs in frustration as he puts on a mask across his face. "Well, nae use now, but de man w'o did cuase dis accidentally or purposefully betta 'ide pretty well." He muffles behind the mask as he starts hearing the grumbling of dwed outside the clergy halls.
  5. Astrophysical

    DNN #22

    Vergil Goldhand has been offended twice both as a Priest and a Goldhand
  6. ((People making more games, this is gonna be good.))
  7. Tiu Tiu Tigir Dwarven Dice Game of Greed [!] An old Dwarven game which relies around getting a score of “Tiu Tiu Tigir” or 1000 points. Requirements and Setup 2 players required minimum to play. Six six-sided fair dice are required to play. Each player rolls six dice, the highest roll goes first and turns are taken clockwise. The game is ready to play! Rules and the Game The player rolls six dice to start, attempting to roll a score of 50 or more to “get into” the game. If the player scores lower, they get no points and the next player attempts. Once a player rolls 50, they are considered “invested” and may move to step 3 on the current and subsequent turns. Once an invested player rolls, including their investment roll, they may roll all or some of the dice again in an attempt to get a higher score with the risk of losing all the points on the current roll if the re-rolled score is lower than the initial roll. This continues for each player until a player gets 1000 or more points. Scoring Chart 2, 3, 4, 6 = 0 points 1 = 10 points 5 = 5 points 3 of a kind= 10 x the number on the dice (10 points for three 1’s, 50 points for three 5's, 20 for three 2's, etc) 4 of a kind = 100 points Three pairs (This is only achievable on the first roll) = 150 points A straight with all six dice (This is only achievable on the first roll) = 200 points. 5 of a kind = 200 points. 6 of a kind = 300 points. Variations Classic Mode: The first player who gets 1000 wins automatically. Catch Up Mode: The first player who gets 1000 allows each player to take one more turn to attempt to get a higher total score.
  8. ((Welcome to World of Warcraft death rolling but with extra steps. I love it.))
  9. Blanc Luvel, an high elf of the Wandering Flames Adventuring Guild, a newer, smaller group which arrived alongside the other factions, takes a deep breath. He lets in the fresh sea breeze of the new land flow into his nostrils. He exhales as he scans the other encampments with intent. "Nothing left for me back on the mainland," Blanc thinks to himself with a small chuckle. "Ti, I'm thankful for the shot I was given. I hope this is where I shall make my fortune!" The Mali'aheral grins, daydreaming of what is to come.
  10. I too, love mine with my craft
  11. While doing his daily prayers to Anbella, Vergil Goldhand spots the notice and raises an eyebrow in curosity. Not exactly sure what this "Kronul" is, he sends a copy to the High Prophet's desk. "Norli's gonna get a laugh out o' dis one." The priest remarks.
  12. Vergil Goldhand does a silent cheer for himself.
  13. Tell the judge this is against server rules and call my pocket mod.
  14. All these flavors but you didn’t choose dwarven...
  15. Vergil Goldhand takes interest and begins to write a tale which can make any dwed soil themselves.
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