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  1. Astrophysical


    This is my formal farewell from LOTC. I am sad to say I will now be leaving LOTC and likely not returning. My experience on this server has grown to the point where it causes me stress and frustration in real life. Once a game becomes a cause of stress, what’s the point of playing? Thanks to all of those who actually cared for me and not make my experience an absolute pit of toxic sludge. I had to leave sooner or later due to college, so now is a good time. Goodbye, Astrophysical
  2. Dezperate Tiks, Dezperate Meazurez OX MINING REPORT F-52 LOCATION: Mine [REDACTED] PERSONNEL: Shanka’Yar Gusiam Jusmia Fuze’Ox Kretz’Ox Khlor'Ox Casualties: Fuze’Ox Khlor’Ox Kretz’Ox Yield: N/A Transcript: BEGIN TRANSCRIPT An expedition was prepared to Mine [REDACTED] led by Shanka’Yar who caught wind of a Volatite deposit in [REDACTED]. With the crew assembled, the expedition headed out. The trip to [REDACTED] was safe with no difficulties, and camp was set up. Night passed without difficulties. Next morning, while Khlor’Ox and Gusiam Jusmia were preparing to begin extraction of the Volatite, a mountain dwarf was spotted within the extraction site. The dwarf was removed from the extraction and was let go peacefully without difficulties. Preparation continued for the next couple hours until Kretz’Ox reported sightings of more dwarves over the mountain. A team was sent to investigate, but discovered a small company of dwarves approaching. The camp was sent into a panic, with Khlor’Ox and Fuze’Ox going into the mine and the rest scattering. The dwarves surrounded the mine, demanding the two goblins to come out. Yelling between the two commenced, the Goblins threatened to light the Volatite while the Dwarves threatened to blow up the mine as well. With no other choice, Fuze’Ox stuck the Volatite. The mine erupted into flames, consuming Klor’Ox and Fuze’Ox in an inferno, killing both. The mountain shook with the explosion’s might, causing rocks to fall overhead. In the aftermath, Kretz’Ox was captured and killed by the dwarven company. Gusiam Jusmia was also captured by the company in the aftermath. With the deposit gone, the dwarven force is not able to obtain the Volatite. May all remember the sacrifice of the expedition. Kor lead them to Stargush’stroh END TRANSCRIPT
  3. Fuze’Ox would already be polishing his water-mill powered auto-hammer for the jury. ”Make lat popo proud babi,” he coos as he kisses the machine, then immediately wipes the spot where he kissed.
  4. [!] A pamphlet would be found in the mailboxes around Urguan. A Priest’s Response to the Greenskin Extermination Grudge PREFACE Recently, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan has been rather hectic with the war against orcs and the bombing of the Obsidian Throne. The dwarven race is in chaos. From this chaos came the Greenskin Extermination Grudge. I, Vergil Goldhand, Priest of Da Kirkja Dverga, am in opposition of this grudge. Although my voice is small and few compared to the opposing masses, I write nonetheless. I implore every last dwed to read this and heed my words. ON THE LOGIC OF THE GRUDGE The logic behind the grudge is rather faulty and blinded by vengeance and rage. First off, as the representative of the orcs, Dominus Fiil’Yar, has claimed, the Orcs do not support the actions of Skalpboila’Raguk on the day of the bombing. This makes his action solely on his own volition, and not the will of Krugmar itself. If the bombing was known to the leadership of Krugmar, no orc would have entered the throne room to risk their lives. On the subject of lives, no dwed was killed in the attack, so why must we commit mass murder in response? Yes, the Under King, Utak Ireheart, was harmed, but there are better alternatives. The extermination of orcs is an abhorrent overreaction over the actions of a singular orc. ON RELIGION AND THE GRUDGE The Greenskin Extermination Grudge, if resolved, would be a great disturbance to Yemekar’s balance. The orcs are Yemekar’s creation, just as we are. We dwed were tasked by Yemekar himself to protect his creations, not to commit genocide on them. War is inevitable, but this grudge is not. You take out a large cog in the machine, the whole machine will fall apart. ON SETTLING GRUDGES Don’t think I don’t want to see the orcs punished for the attack, I just believe there is a simpler solution. As seen in Fiil’Yar’s response, the Rex is gone and the leadership of Krugmar is falling apart. I believe it is the best course of action to take Fiil’Yar’s offer and take her arm to settle the grudge. I am aware that a grudge is a grudge, and there’s no changing that, but the violence we create will only hit us back in the future. Signed, Vergil Goldhand, Priest of Da Kirkja Dverga
  5. Tie Ji reads the missive while working on his jade watch. He smiles a toothy grin before returning to his work.
  6. Vergil Goldhand would begin to write a response to the grudge. I, Vergil Goldhand, argues against the severity of this grudge. The state of Yemekar’s balance will be altered altered in effect of this grudge. The one orc has indeed have done us dwedmar wrong, but the orcs themselves are still Yemekar’s creation. This genocide is too severe a punishment for the actions of one singular uruk. I propose financial compensation rather than blood, for the mass killing of orcs will only breed more fighting. We dwed need to protect the balance of Yemekar’s creations, not alter it for our own blood lust and vengeance. Narvok Oz Brathmordakin, Vergil Goldhand, Priest of Da Kirkja Dverga
  7. Goodbye, it’s been quite a time the time I known you man.
  8. The only road rp is bandit rp. 90% of the time people just pass each other without words. Reminder that not all changes are good changes.
  9. Ogradhad always needed his own lore piece, and some of it is pretty good. I personally love the idea of neutrality. My main problem with the piece however is the focus around runesmithing and golemancy and how Ogradhad and the Thelumar communicate to an exclusive few. Another problem is how set in stone the piece is, the Brathmordakin should be up for interpretation, but that’s just a personal preference. For the time being, -1
  10. -1 Immortality is kinda anti-Brathmordakin as I see it. A dwarf is supposed to go to Khaz'A'Dentrumm and not avoid it entirely. Otherwise, reasons are already stated.
  11. Hold the line! Get better and kick some virus butt!
  12. Vergil Goldhand would nod at the post and sigh “T’ese kin ‘ave to understand t’at nae one can speak to de gods like dat. T’is wouldn’t be ah issue if t’ey didn’t do t’at.” Vergil shakes his head “Otherwise, ah believe a branch o’ de clergy wi’hin Heferumm would be a grand idea, but to separate from de clergy itself? Nae.”
  13. “‘eresy, I say, ‘ERESY! Nae dwed can directly speak to de gods!” Vergil bleats “Ye gone tuu far!”
  14. Lareh’Lenti slams the table at the tavern looking downwards at his drink. “Dammit! Why wasn’t I there?! My commanding officer dead because I wasn’t there!” He yelps as he slams the table again, spilling the drink on the floor. Lareh’Lenti then looks down at the mess he made and sighs sadly, a tear rolling down his face. “Why wasn’t it me...”
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