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  1. Veri toxic glob agh communiti, would nub join! 0/10!!! (For legal reasons this is tongue and cheek) I have noticed a lot of shamans nowadays focus on darker themes (blood cults, wannabe dark shamans, etc). Not to say all of the shamans are like this, but a lot of these kind of shamans are present within the Iron Uzg. Any hope for the moral side of shamanism nowadays?
  2. DOOMPOSTING TIME! I would say cope and seethe, but OOC motivation is a major problem on this server. There will probably never be a fair war irply (if there even was one) ever again. We cannot rely on the average player to abide by the rules when they know full well that they can be abused to their benefit via staff bias or whatever. But on topic, this problem is not out of the ordinary and I doubt anything will change now or in coming wars. Best we can do is be the bigger person and follow the rules, even if the other side is breaking them.
  3. The Barradin Plea Once upon an era long past, in the youth of the world anvil, the Aengul Wyrvrun embodied righteousness and purity. The treasured draconic child of Yemekar, our blessed creator, was corrupted by the dark whispers of Khorvad, the firstborn, the betrayer. The celestial’s heart was corrupted with avarice, and his mind with hate. What was left was but a shell of the child of Yemekar, Odnarch. The monstrosity set his sight upon the Kingdom of Urguan, ravaging the lands with his numerous hordes of icebound beings. His mighty wings beat with the fury of winter itself and the weapons of ferrum and steel used against him were futile. The elder runelords of yore then forged runic weapons and armor, empowered by Ogradhad himself. The greatest of these weapons was Kal’Varak, a prison to separate mind and soul from flesh. This weapon was entrusted to Barradin and his two friends. After the bloody battle, Odnarch was defeated, however Barradin’s two friends met their fate and passed into Khaz’a’Dentrumm. Hailed as a hero, Barradin returned with his hammer, fueled with a fragment of the old Aengul’s power, and hid Kal'Varak, so those who seek Odnarch’s release never do. Eras have passed since that fateful day, and now the infernal minions of Azdromoth now scorch our lands and crumble our walls. In addition, those descendants thralled by Azdromoth, known as the Azdrazi, have breached our walls, living among the chosen race. Clan Doomforge, once the slayers of wyrms and drakes and the slaughterers of the corrupted spawn of Odnarch himself, have fallen into the grasps of their ancient enemy. Although not all of the descendants of the sons of the paragon Urur Ireheart have heeded the words of Azdromoth, there is no denying that the clan has become corrupted. Therefore I put forth the notion that those Doomforged Clan must not be treated with disgust, but with compassion. Odnarch was once Wyrvrun, a being of purity and righteousness. The Doomforged, as mentioned, were once the slayers of the corrupted. One must remember that they are kin as well. This does not excuse the corrupted Doomforged for their fall, however, their clan in its entirety should not be cast out. Penned by Galnus ((TLDR;)) ((Works Mentioned))
  4. Draaghluk, a shaman bound to Kezt, lets out a hearty sigh as he walks through the jungles of the west, noticing a notice in the wind. "Dizappointing that that Levazport fell to the handz of zuch, another way Krugmar haz fallen into degeneracy. Alaz, it iz nub longer my problem."
  5. Draaghlûk, a shaman bound to Kezt, reads over the missive slowly before smirking behind his masked helmet. He folds it, creasing it neatly, “The horde iz too weak to faze the elvez. If they try to rezizt, which they likely will, they will be… obliterated. To face them izn’t bravery, or honorable, it is zuizide.” Draaghlûk sighs, disappointed as he wanders offwards, “But they will nub lizten, nub. Too blind, already has refused to believe the warningz ob Freygoth in favor for their pride.” ”Foolz.”
  6. Mood Music Mau Kezt’ob A Warrior of Kezt Fizzard’Raguk’s weary eyes settled onto the blurred surroundings. He moved to rub them with his crimson forearm before he scanned the area slowly. The goblin stood within a square constructed of marble and ferrum which is decorated with doric pillars which line the flanks of the adjacent halls every few ten feet. When he looked down each of the halls, visibility was cut by a gentle fog. The floor which he stood on was clean, unnaturally so. There were no cracks or dirt present on the marble tiles. Looking to the center of the square, Fizzard noticed a tree with bark made of ferrum with leaves of aurum which reflected the sunlight which shone down into the area. At the base of the tree sat an armored figure, one knee to his chest with the other crossed beneath. His pale white armor was like a mirror, looking at it was almost blinding from the sun’s reflection, silver. In one gauntlet the figure held a large warhammer’s shaft which the head rested upon the earth. The figure looked at Fizzard’Raguk, but his expression was obscured by his plate helmet. The figure in silver spoke, his voice firm and commanding. “Uzgfarghatal, bathagh’mirz izish? Golm’lat bugud’lab.” “Realm Jumper, who pesters me? Offer your name.” The goblin responded calmly, his voice also firm, but respectful. “Kezt’hai, bugud’izub, Fizzard Raguk’ob. Nargzab’izg gadhl’at sha lat.” “Great Kezt, my name, Fizzard of Raguk. I need to pact with you.” The armored figure, now identified as Kezt, softly laughed. His laughter echoed through the marble halls. He took a moment to lift himself from the base of the tree, using the warhammer as a crutch. He began to orbit the goblin, the sound of armor clanking as he did. Kezt stopped for a second, seemingly contemplating, and observing Fizzard, before he vocalized, “Amat?” “Why?” “Nargzab’izg inûrl’at drau’at thak’ishi agon’ob ” “I need to learn to shine in the face of twilight.” Kezt nodded slowly, his helm clanked upon the breastplate. He stood now in front of Fizzard, his presence towered over the crimson goblin. He extended his silvered gauntlet forward to the crimson goblin, an offer to shake, without any further questions, as if he knew the deeper reasoning. Fizzard’Raguk took Kezt’s armored hand, shaking it firmly to seal the pact. “Gaakh kramp’lat.” “May it be that you do.” From here on, Fizzard is to be known as Draaghlûk, a Mau Kezt-ob, for he is bound now, even in death, to Kezt.
  7. A Shaman, Fizzard'Raguk reads the missive and chuckles softly. "Zo naive," The Raguk notes as he moves onward with his day.
  8. A Raguk Shaman, Fizzard'Raguk, looks over the pact and nods, "Veri powerful..."
  9. Shamanism community is a lot stronger than people think in my opinion. Main thing that people take issue of is that most shamans set out on their own rather than forming communities. I personally find magic communities short-lived most of the time, other magics included. My main gripe is, as Panashea said, and the reason most shamans quit the magic as I have seen, that Shamanism is VERY misunderstood by ST, causing most of the magic to be not that that powerful as it used to be. For example, Farseers are extremely limited when it comes to spells. Although I am one who despises power grabbing via magic, I do find the magic very weak other than spirit walking, which is to this day my favorite part of Shamanism. When it comes to elementalism, I really doubt that it will ever come back as it used to be due to it's freeform style which encouraged powergaming. Unless heavy reforms are set in place with drawbacks, it's not coming back (as many wish it could). To even begin fixing shamanism we need to realize that the community is not the problem it's the education of those who do not understand or are afraid of the magic.
  10. Pharos, a voidal construct of flame, finds it strange that Oren is taxing magic, as well as beings such as himself. “A rather strange notion of safety, it seems more like a scam.”
  11. “Do lat all remember if we were raiding today?” Fizzard’Raguk holds the missive in hand to a group of orcs “Me neitha.”
  12. I personally find the family thing very gatekeepy. Especially with the line: Is there a specific reason why this feat is locked behind familial lines oocly? The lore of this piece isn't a reason.
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