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  1. Just say no and leave. (Or order mcdonalds like I do)
  2. Incorrect, we dwarves don’t have trains since they were denied by LT some time ago. We have steamships, yes, but it is HEAVILY limited.
  3. IGN: Astrophysical RP Name: Damona Goldhand Age: 14 Activity Requirement: Clan Candidate: Levian’Tol Grandaxe
  4. Trains... TRAINS? (No... just... no.)
  5. Also attached to Mica’s letter appears to be a crude, crayon drawing of what appears to be stick figures holding hands with big smiley faces. One of the stick figures has a small beard and is taller than the smaller stick figure who has long hair. They appear to be standing next to a large house which seems in progress (although it does look like a bunch of scribbles). @Datweirdguy
  6. “Mama is on de news! Mama is on de news!” Damona cheers.
  7. Gu Tie reads the missive while experimenting in the forges of Urguan, he furrows his brows at the words scribed upon it. “This is the ‘strongest military force in Almaris?’ The ‘most noble of men?’” the Li-Ren comments to himself in a conflicted manner. “This is neither strong nor noble.”
  8. Dreamforging ((Guild Wars 2)) Background/Origin It seemed like a fairy tale. The grass was emerald and neatly cut, the flowing trees sported indigo leaves which formed in balls on the branches, the air smelled like sweet vanilla and honeysuckles. Looking upwards upon the rolling hills, two satin chairs sporting scarlet velvet and a tree stump rested on the peak. Upon one of the luxurious chairs sat an azure robed man who was looking down upon me. “Take a seat, don’t be shy,” a voice would whisper in my mind. I obliged and sat across from the robed man, hi
  9. A valid point, the post has been edited accordingly along with the addition of an application process.
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