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  1. Dreamforging ((Guild Wars 2)) Background/Origin It seemed like a fairy tale. The grass was emerald and neatly cut, the flowing trees sported indigo leaves which formed in balls on the branches, the air smelled like sweet vanilla and honeysuckles. Looking upwards upon the rolling hills, two satin chairs sporting scarlet velvet and a tree stump rested on the peak. Upon one of the luxurious chairs sat an azure robed man who was looking down upon me. “Take a seat, don’t be shy,” a voice would whisper in my mind. I obliged and sat across from the robed man, hi
  2. A valid point, the post has been edited accordingly along with the addition of an application process.
  3. While working in the forges of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Gu Tie simply reads over the missive - an eyebrow arched under his swine mask. He huffs lightly as he throws the missive into the roaring flames of the forge. "If my intuition serves me well, the militia isn't going to abide by the terms," the armored Li-Ren states as he picks up his hammer and begins to beat the metal, the ringing of the material echoing through the workplace, "M-xi, they will not."
  4. Colorstone Colorstone (Raw form) Colorstone is an ivory-colored, brittle rock which can be located in most caves around Almaris. It is often mistaken as alum due to its appearance and similar formation. It is light in weight, weighing much less than its weight in regular stone. Due to its high brittleness, Colorstone can easily be crushed by hand with adequate force into a fine dust. Applications (Raw Form) Colorstone alone is not useful in its raw form and often doesn’t serve any other purpose than being a catalyst for creating colored metals when introdu
  5. Melnur Treebeard fantasizes about Mao being torn apart by an Olog
  6. [!] A letter upon parchment would be delivered to the new Grand King of Urguan, Norli Starbreaker and the notice board of the Under Realm. A Humble Blessing to the Grand King from a Friend To Grand King Norli Starbreaker, my lifelong mentor and friend. I congratulate you on your rise to the Obsidian Throne. I therefore send out an open letter, along with it, my humble blessings as Priest of Da Kirja Dverga. I pray to each of the Brathmordakin, beseeching them that they allow your reign will be prosperous and honorable: Yemekar, may you watch and guide
  7. Vergil Goldhand mutters to himself after reading the missive with a confused expression across his face. "Malin's wish o' fillin de forests is returnin oi suppose. Belka is gonna 'ave a 'ay day wit' dis one." The priest chuckles to himself.
  8. IGN: Astrophysical RP NAME: Vergil Goldhand CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  9. Vergil Goldhand takes a sip of Dwarven Eggnog and grins as he reads the best news source in the Under-realm.
  10. To add on to what Jokerlow, perhaps Livviez, have already mentioned, Bandits that give quality RP emotes should get quality RP emotes back. It is just not fair to the Bandit and bad roleplay practice when the robbed gets toxic about having pixels taken from them. Godspeed Mik.
  11. This is truly the darkest timeline
  12. Priest Vergil Goldhand lets out a loud and annoyed sigh as he receives the mandate. "Oi wanna know w'o even RAN de place, dey did a 'orrible job o' keepin it." The disgruntled dwarf huffs in frustration as he puts on a mask across his face. "Well, nae use now, but de man w'o did cuase dis accidentally or purposefully betta 'ide pretty well." He muffles behind the mask as he starts hearing the grumbling of dwed outside the clergy halls.
  13. Astrophysical

    DNN #22

    Vergil Goldhand has been offended twice both as a Priest and a Goldhand
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