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  1. A NIGHT AT THE THEATRE - KLAUS & KLARA [!] A depiction of the classic children’s tale, Klaus & Klara, being performed, c. 1803. The Queen’s Council is proud to invite all throughout the realm to a night of entertainment where the classic children's story, KLAUS & KLARA, will be reenacted by the distinguished actors and actresses of the Kongzem. All shall be held in The Royal Academy of Saint Charles, being; the play itself, and the auditions pertaining to such. Those looking to audition should contact a member of the Koenas’ council, or her Ladyship,
  2. [An Ancient Proverb on Marriage] In marriage there are three. Two to meet. One to unite. Rich in blessings, fruitful with love, lacking misfortune. We pray GOD will bless this union until the last of your days. MARRIAGE TRADITIONS IN THE HANSETI-RUSKA COURT ___________________________________________ “A healthy marriage is rewarded by GOD.” - Alfred Patriarch Jorenus The union of man and wife has always been important, especially in the eyes of the Canonist Church. Religion, being a core aspect of Haeseni life, must be high
  3. Annika Vyronov would be wringing her hands, rosary clenched in her grasp as she muttered silent prayers. What she had seen has not allowed her a blink of rest for several nights now. "Stefan saw her as a sister, Godan bless her majesty." She breathed out during her prayer before bed. "She is running through the seven skies at Godan's side, pants and all." She said, ending with a signing of the Hussariyan cross across her chest. She would quickly slip under her covers, still remaining awake for yet another sleepless night.
  4. An Astfield Soiree -=+=- Msitza and Dargund Lords and Ladies of Haense enjoying an evening of merriment c. 357 -=- With the recent celebrations taking place throughout the kongzem, the members of House Vyronov cordially invite the Lords and Ladies of Hanseti-Ruska to join in a night of merriment and enjoyment. For years now, the land has suffered from that of the trolls and hardened weather upon it. Now, with the changing of the weather, let us revel in a fruitful evening full of fine food and drink as music fills the halls of the Barony of Astfield. G
  5. Annika Vyronov would read the missive while enjoying her afternoon tea. "A pious and honorable man." She'd comment to a servant as they refilled her cup. "He has done much for the kongzem and because of the acceptance of his faults, he will come out even stronger than before." She mused, a thoughtful smile on her face. "Haense has proven to be a kongzem of action and acceptance. May Godan bless Ser Alric." The lady would set down the missive, picking up a transcription of the Scroll of Gospel, eyes beginning to skim the familiar passages.
  6. Annika Vyronov would read over the flier from her bedroom, still full of unpacked luggage. "Godan bless him.." She breathed, signing the lorraine cross over her chest. Placing the flier down, she would retreat back to her unpacking, taking great care of her belongings.
  7. Russian Imperial- 860 Winter-300 Russian Imperial- 910 Winter-160
  8. Russian Imperial- 910 Winter-160
  9. Russian Imperial- 860 Winter-160
  10. Russian Imperial- 650 Winter- 150
  11. Russian Imperial- 550 Winter- 150
  12. Russian Imperial- 550 Winter- 120
  13. Russian Imperial- 550 Winter- 100
  14. Russian Imperial- 450 Winter- 100
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