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  1. As the flaming wizard imagery flipped off the Ruthern Duchess, it would shortly be responded to with an uppercut punch to the jaw. "Ea ******* hate wizards!"
  2. A Raevir woman would lazily lay atop her bed, leisurely sifting through the daily papers which found their way to her doorstep. "What would they say if they knew we lived together already?" She questioned to a fair haired man tying hit boots before the closet. @Scourge
  3. The Ruthern Duchess would let out a snort. "What a bunch of soft p*******."
  4. Issued 11th of Vyzmey ag Hyff 532 E.S. With the influx of noble levy recruitment over these past years, it is imperative that the peers of our realm ensure that their actions are in line with the law of our Kingdom. As clearly stated within the Hauraul Caezk Chapter III.I, Section V.: V. “The privilege to employ a guard of retainers, of which are in service to the Crown firstly.” Such being the written law, the Brotherhood of Saint Karl will undergo a levy census in the coming year to meet with each peerage and retain a list of levy men and women who serve as personal guard to each respective family member. Said list will then be filtered through the Brotherhood's roster and those levy men who have yet to take the oath shall be given a strict time frame to complete their initiation. Any questions may be directed to the Lord Marshal, Ser Caspian Colborn, or Sergeant Tatiyana vas Ruthern. All peers are encouraged to begin compiling a list of their retainers to be presented to the Brotherhoods representative. Signed, His Excellency, Ser Caspian Colborn Lord Marshal of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and Last of the Crow Knights of Hanseti-Ruska. Her Grace, Tatiyana vas Ruthern, Duchess of Vidaus, Countess of Metterden, Viscountess of Greyspine, Baroness of Rostig, Lady of Morteskvan, Lady of Barrows, Protector of the South.
  5. MC Name: Madyyy Discord: Mady123 Image: Description of Image: Portrait of two peeps Dimensions: 2x2
  6. As she prepared for the evenings Herzenvrest within New Valdev, THE DUCHESS OF VIDAUS stood firmly beside her beloved friend. "Dedicated and poised. . .Reza will create a thriving and bountiful house." @UnBaed
  7. The Haeseni HAUCHMETVAS is a symbolic celebration of a young woman's entrance into adulthood, stepping away from her years of childhood and officially making her mark within society. It is with joyous anticipation that the young lady, DUCHESS TATIYANA VAS RUTHERN has chosen to follow in the traditions of her ancestors of yore and host such a celebration for all Haeseni to attend. Familiar traditions of the Hauchmetvas will be observed by all in attendance, a ‘WREATH CEREMONY’ and ‘FIRST DANCE’, will be held amidst the merriment and the celebratory ‘BURNING OF AGE’ will be used to conclude the evening. Like many past celebrations, a theme has been selected, that being ‘LEDIZ AG BOGATYR’, calling upon the fabled story of Song of the Black and the ancient Raevir families. Guests of the Hauchmetvas are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the story and present themselves as any notable character from the tales. Come as brave a Lady Vlasta or the ruthless mercenary, Dragan Skullsplitter. Follow in the footsteps of the warrior Lady Mylah Nzechovich, or the Bogatyr Ratibor Skysent in all his skilled glory. Ladies of the evening may even find themselves dancing with a distinguished Karovic Prince, though whether it be Barbov or Kosav is up for them to interpret themselves. Throughout the duration of the celebration, decorative masks will be worn by guests in attendance and by the end of the evening will be removed, shedding away the character worn to reveal the Ledi or Bogatyr beneath the trickster disguise. Within the fabled celebrations, food and drink will be served as guests will be given an array of options of traditional Ruskan cuisine and drink. Music and dancing will be ongoing throughout the evening and for those who choose to wander throughout the imposing CASTLE MORTESKVAN, games will be held with individual prizes for those participating. The Ducal family of Ruthern invites all Haeseni and the Kingdom's allies within the walls of Morteskvan. Traditional rules of courtship regulations and courtly etiquette will be strictly imposed upon during the evening to ensure the merriment of the Hauchmetvas remains a joyous occasion. His Royal Majesty, KING IVAN VIII of HAENSE, and his royal pedigree @indiana105 His Grace, DUKE GAREN BARUCH of VALWYCK, and his noble pedigree @ferdaboy The Most Honorable, MARGRAVE HENRIK-OTTO LUDOVAR of KVASZ, and his noble pedigree @HogoBojo The Right Honorable, COUNT MIKHAIL COLBORN of MALKOVYA, and his noble pedigree @Kaladin Stormblessed The Honorable, VISCOUNT HENRIK AMADOR of ZVEZLUND, and his noble pedigree @critter The Honorable, VISCOUNTESS OFELIYA WEISS of NOVKURSAIN, and her noble pedigree @tadabug2000 Her Ladyship, BARONESS IRENA KORTREVICH of KORAVIA, and her noble pedigree @crazedpudding Her Ladyship, BARONESS ROSALIND VALKONEN of SZARGRAD, and her noble pedigree @CyyanTea His Lordship, BARON FYODOR KOVACHEV of KOVGRAD, and his noble pedigree @Radzig Her Ladyship, BARONESS GALINA GODUNOV of VERSKAYA, and her noble pedigree @esotericas His Lordship, Lorcan O’Rourke @Scourge Her Ladyship, Rezalisa Kovachev @UnBaed Lords, Karl & Seigmund Weiss @caschaos @SethWolf Her Ladyship, Emma Amador @sarahbarah Ser Caspian Colborn @Sandman_Plays His Lordship, Davyd Colborn @JuliusAakerlund Lord and Lady, Petyr & Maira Baruch @louislxix @Trinn Her Ladyship, Juliya Barclay @annabanana1014 Mister, Asif Thorson @TheBreak
  8. ISSUED 10TH OF GRONNA AG DROBA OF 527 E.S. Penned The Black Company Scribes Founded by Rhys var Ruthern I, Count of Metterden over two centuries ago, the Black Company has stood the test of time being one of the longest-lasting and well-known vassal levy’s within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Since its founding of yore, the company has expanded past its simple levy duties and branched out into trade and entrepreneurship, the creation of Black Company Trading as a mercantile shop and now The Hammerhead, relaying continent-wide information to the Haeseni people. Within the last year, the Kingdom of Haense has been subject to a string of attacks from the spawn of Iblees, Frost Witches! These craven women appear in a normal, pale form of a female, although within they are a heinous creature - abominations of the world. Their ability to manipulate ice and snow has increasingly threatened the Northern Kingdom. One of Haense’s own, Firress Amari Morozov-Tabbris was attacked within the refugee camp of Morteskvan though she was healed with care. Should anyone come across these villains of ice, the protection of fire and aurum will keep you safe and give you an advantage in a fight. Should anyone find suspect a Haeseni citizen of being one of these abominable creatures, be sure to report your concern and evidence to the Lord Marshal Rickard of Vidaus or Cardinal Villorik, Patriarch of Jorenus so an investigation may be conducted. An artist's rendition of the Karoswood of Haense. Without warning and on a random afternoon, the White Comet was called to assist Pontiff Caius I during the capture and arrest of the formerly named Haus Weiss within the city capital of Numendil, an international criminal with apparent darkspawn links. Through cunning and alchemic means, Haus was disconnected from his brewing magic and lead to the Holy See in handcuffs where the clergy voiced their opinions on how to handle the man. For now, the location and status of Haus is unknown, though all may rest assured that he is in the capable hands of the White Comet. Any further updates will be disclosed at a later date. Wzuvar ag Byvca ❅ Jula ag Piov ❅ Vzmey ag Hyff ❅ Grona ag Droba ❅ Tov ag Yermey ϟ Msitza ag Dargund ❅ Joma ag Umund ❅ [!] A sketch of a crow perched upon a branch. With Mistress Ingrid The Wopperklaw may be a curious sign, though it is recommended within this moon cycle, those associated with this sign remain cautious of the unknown. Shadows linger in the dark and the Wopperklaw may be even more susceptible to tricks of the light. Albeit difficult for this sign, it is imperative that loyalty to those close are maintained. Marital troubles may be more common. Practice breathing and meditation indoors and away from the prying eyes of nature. Unlike its starsign ally, those falling under the Crow will find themselves in luck! The Crow's acuteness to wisdom is even more important. The sage advice of the Crow will be more specific and impactful this coming year. Be attracted to shiny objects and welcome days of rest while your luck is still in favor. Beware the color green as it may distract you from what is important and your purposes for the moon cycle. Lord Karl Weiss of Novkursain & Lord Davyd Colborn of Malkovya [!] An investigative artist's rendition of the Great Pipeweed Plume of 527 E.S. Just mere hours after a bill proposed by the Lord Marshal Rickard of Vidaus on the banishment of drugs passed through His Majesty's Royal Duma, the Grand Prince of Kusoraev himself was caught with a bundle of suspicious pipeweed affiliated drugs and intoxicants. As punishment for his dealings, Queen Nataliya herself ordered Prince Marius to apologize publicly to the people of New Valdev and cast away his drugs into a flaming pyre. . .what happened next might shock you! As the drugs were burned, all those who found themselves within Aleksandrplatz overwhelmed with a high so potent, several claimed to be seeing flying cows. One such citizen was the young Lord Davyd Colborn. We asked several questions of young Davyd about the event and what exactly the young Lord experienced: The first question of our investigation into this potent plume was to ask what Davyd remembered of the incident, his response being, “I do remember. The world was spinning, and for a moment, I could have sworn I was a dragon riding through the sky…” “Until it happened, I had never once considered it a possibility. . .I shall never approach a pyre again. STAY AWAY FROM PYRES! I saw a young Ludovar burn his entire hand, thinking the flames were a woolen carpet. HIS WHOLE HAND!" Here at The Hammerhead we have heard many sides to the story, many of those including what people saw during their high-flying experience, namely floating cows and floating daemons, though Lord Colborn had a unique experience of his own. “I can barely describe it; one moment, everything was normal, and then the next, everything was made out of wool, changing from whites to blues, pinks, and the various colors of the rainbow. Everything was so soft. . .what are the sheep made out of? A voice called in my head and told me they are made from cows. COWS! It made no sense and all the sense at the same time!" When questioned on the recent bill passed by the Duma in regards to the banning of drugs, Lord Colborn gave his approval, though a follow up question exhibited an interesting reaction: “Are you with the BSK? You know that if you’re with the BSK, you must tell me, right? I don’t do drugs, and everyone knows I don’t do drugs; ask Svetlana! She can VOUCH for me! I do not permit you to search me unlawfully if you’re from the BSK. That means you can’t search my body. That’s what the law says!” While we await the assent of the Crown on the ban of narcotic drugs, we appeal to the Haeseni people to remember the core values of our faith and our nation's morals. Should you come in contact with anyone in the business of selling these drugs or in possession of them, we urge you all to report to your nearest Brotherhood Officer. ✔ Barrowmount Mining Permits Calling all those who seek entrance to the mines of the Barrowmount! The abundant presence of daemonsteel (OOC: Netherite) found within the caves of Artzov has welcomed in a prosperous fortune for those who have gained entrance to the mine. Should any wayward wanderer or ambitious entrepreneur seek passage into the mine found within the Duchy of Vidaus, they needn’t do more than seek out the Duchess of Vidaus for a permit. Contact: Tatiyana vas Ruthern, Duchess of Vidaus. Following the Coronation of our newly crowned King Ivan VIII and Queen Nataliya, there was very little rest our monarchs took to reinstate a new government along with a string of reforms. Electing a new Palatine (Ivo Radovanic), Lord Marshal (Rickard var Ruthern), Lord Speaker (Heinrik Amador) and Lord Treasurer (Mikhail Colborn) it is without doubt that the Crown is riding with the momentum of their Coronation. After some urgency petitioned within his Majesty’s Royal Duma, the Edict of Cleansing (524 ES) has washed away the mechanical plague which once held the town of Waltonburg within its Owynist claws. Named Lord Protector by the Covenant of Man, King Ivan has continued on his quest to stand firm and rid the realm of evils. Furthermore, we await even more news to come from the newly constructed palace and look forward to this new reign. Krusae Zwy Kongzem! NEUVE CO. Located just at the entrance of New Valdev, Neuve Co. is a quant stall offering a limited amount of wares which include hand crafted jewelry items as well as gilded weapons which stand out amongst the crowd. After perusing the stalls offered good, we at The Hammerhead happily endorse this business as this edition's Crown Street Spotlight. With a large range of items, the possibilities are many. Perhaps you are a wayward knight in search of a ceremonial blade but your far off maiden desires a jewel. Well you are in luck! Pick up a Sapphire Halo ring and a Standard Denodado Glaive and fight your way back to her. Nueve Co., Stall IV. Following an arrest of the prolific drug dealer by the name of Magnolia the Magic, newly initiated Brotherhood troops returning from an oath hunt found themselves face to face with a big - also known as a Sprite! Capturing the interest of the Brotherhood, soldiers began to investigate and interact with the creature, its wings buzzing the creature out of the air before it was promptly grabbed and captured by one young Marus Weiss! Upon the capture of the bug whose name turned out to be Bug, the knowledge that even touching a sprite will cause infertility! It was just after the news of this curse that Marus Weiss flew the sprite away - who was then kidnapped by an unknown woman and taken into the depths of Little Midden. Results of the investigation of the sprite’s whereabouts and young Marus’s curse remain pending. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Our home. Our way of life; but this doesn’t come free. All over Aevos, darkspawn and evil-doers are spreading their power over the continent. Our kingdom could be next, unless you make the most important decision of your life. JOIN THE BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL. Prove to yourself that you have the strength and courage of a true northman. Make friends and represent the best of what Hanseti-Ruska has to offer. Become part of something larger than yourself. Become a hero. Become a legend. Become a brother. FEATURING NEW UNIFORMS! Sponsored by Ser Rickard of Valdev Endorsed by the Brotherhood of Saint Karl
  9. Issued 12th of Joma ag Umund 526 E.S. Just as the moon turns in phases, so too do the generations of children as they make their transition into adulthood. It has been sixteen years since the birth of the newly-risen Duchess of Vidaus, Tatiyana Josefina vas Ruthern. As such, the Ruthern tradition of the Rostig Tourney shall be invoked in celebration of Her Grace’s name day celebration. Hosted by the Duchess herself, a grand competition will be undertaken and held within the grounds of Castle Morteskvan. To open the festivities, a joust shall be the crowning event of the day, with knights and nobility of the realm encouraged to test their skill upon the tourney grounds with the hopes of impressing all those in attendance. As per the traditions of Vidaus, the name-day celebrant shall participate alongside all entrants, to prove herself worthy of the Barony of Rostig, the title held by the firstborn heir to the House of Ruthern. This competition shall be followed by a series of one-on-one melee bouts, so that men and women alike might show off their prowess in close-quarter combat. All citizens of the Dual Monarchy of Hanseti-Ruska are welcomed to join and participate, as well as the Kingdom’s allies. Honorary invitations will be sent out privately. Her Grace, Tatiyana vas Ruthern, Duchess of Vidaus, Countess of Metterden, Viscountess of Greyspine, Baroness of Rostig, Lady of Morteskvan, Lady of Barrows, Matriarch of All-Ruthern and Protector of the South. His Excellency, Ser Rickard of Vidaus, Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska, Lord Regent of Vidaus, Knight of the Order of the Crow, Champion of Vidaus.
  10. Mady

    Maira's Curse

    Sat within a humid greenhouse, the Duchess of Vidaus would clutch a rose blossom within her palm, a grimace set upon her pale countenance as the screams and cries of the young Maira Baruch rang through her memory. Only a single utterance would be offered upon reading the Ducal missive: "A thousand pyres."
  11. Established 450 E.S. Founded and coined as the official business venture of House Ruthern by the sibling duo Aleksandr var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his younger sister, Adelajda vas Ruthern, the first known location of Black Company Trading appeared within the Haeseni capital of Karosgrad. While Duke Aleksandr assisted with the financial funding of the bustling shop, it was the Lady Adelajda who ran the day to day business. Together, the siblings grew in age and their own monetary value as they crafted a business which successfully lives up to its founding family’s heritage. VALDEV HEADQUARTERS Nestled within the market district of New Valdev, the headquarters location of Black Company Trading is located at Krawnstriet V with the famed Ruthern crest perched atop the shop's signage. Many select items may be found within the shop, including Corpse Hill Honey products and brews from Bonebreakers Brewery. Patrons are encouraged to keep an eye out for any Black Company guardsmen who may be of assistance should aid be required. Black Company Trading, Krawnstriet V, New Valdev. Black Company Trading, Monterosa I, Portoregne. PORTOREGNE BRANCH Located just off the main square of Portoregne, this Black Company Trading branch is catered to the southern kingdom and its patrons. Seriously Svetlana’s Atelier boasts a grand selection of fine silks and textiles for custom made clothing or jewelry luxury items. Corpse Hill Honey is brought to the Balianese capital as well as the weekly wares offered for both Black Company Trading locations as all should be entitled to a good sale! Should any patron be in search of a custom item or specially requested brew, they are encouraged to send a letter north to the Ducal residence of Vidaus or find a nearby Black Company guardsman for assistance. CORPSE HILL HONEY Beginning atop a graveyard hillside apiary within the Duchy of Vidaus, Corpse Hill Honey products have been a House Ruthern staple, later being offered within Black Company Trading. Products made from the honeycomb of well cared for bees are offered at all Black Company Trading locations, ranging from yearly honey reserves to honey based pastries. BONEBREAKERS BREWERY Branded after a storied Ruthern of yore, the strength of spirits brewed and reserved within the Duchy of Vidaus are difficult to match. A wide array of drinks are crafted by the Monks of Castle Morteskvan, their best made items including honey mead and the traditional Haeseni Carrion Black. THE APOTHECARY OF BLESSED DMITRY Hand crafted and collected alchemical brews will line the shelves of Black Company Trading locations, typically made within the snow capped Ducal lands themselves. The Apothecary, named after the Ruthern’s own Blessed Dmitry, serves an abundance of medicinal and alchemical herbs and potions that may be bought as well as specially requested by any wayward patron. BLACK COMPANY PUBLISHING Since its founding, Black Company Trading has furthered its business mission to provide an array of products for its customers. Having been an avid seller of books encompassing all genres, the company has henceforth extended its branches to create Black Company Publishing, a branch of the main trading company which sells books as well as publishes The Hammerhead, a local Haeseni newspaper covering multiple topics for the news readers of the realm. MARIC’S MEATS Founded in the later years during the reign of Maric, Duke of Vidaus, Maric’s Meats served traditional Raevir cuisine to the Haeseni capital city of Karosgrad. Focused on providing hearty and high quality meats, Black Company Tradings has worked tirelessly to uphold the traditional standard set by the late Duke. For those seeking out high quality game and traditional Raevir meals, find the Maric’s Meats section within your nearest Black Company Trading location. As referenced by its label, each week the members of the shop will divvy up amongst themselves a random assortment of items to be put on sale at a discounted price. These items can range from luxury goods to simple stacks of pastries or ores. Displayed upon the ground floor of each location, patrons are welcomed and encouraged to check in weekly for a new assortment of wares and even try their hand at negotiating should a store owner be present - though a fair warning in advance, those blood of Ruther drive a hard bargain should you test your luck. SERIOUSLY SVETLANA’S ATELIER Amongst the rustic shop, a section most known for its custom designs and luxury items is available to patrons who inquire first hand. Seriously Svetlana’s Atelier is a service offered to customers where they may meet with Svetlana’s vas Ruthern and order custom made materials which can range from ceremonial tabards to embroidered courtly gowns for any regal lady hoping to stand out amongst the crowd. Anyone in search of such services may contact Lady Svetlana vas Ruthern for further commission information. DUCHESS DECOR & DESIGN For the Haeseni citizens in need of interior decorations or exterior gardening and landscape designs, Duchess Decor & Design is a newly added service within Black Company Trading. Anyone who may find themselves seeking out a designer for their humble - or not so humble abode, may contact Tatiyana vas Ruthern for a design consultation and a thorough run through of pricing, negotiations and offered services within the boundaries of the commission. As Black Company Trading is owned and operated through the Ducal House of Ruthern within the Kingdom of Haense, any member of the family may be contacted for services offered or sought out. Those most active within the company are listed below: Her Grace, Tatiyana vas Ruthern, Duchess of Vidaus. @Mady Her Ladyship, Svetlana vas Ruthern. @libertyybelle His Grace, Bishop Rhys of Andrikev. @ReveredOwl His Excellency, Rickard of Vidaus, Lord Marshall of Haense. @GMRO
  12. ISSUED BY HOUSE RUTHERN 14th of Gronna ag Droba 525 E.S. It is with great sadness that the Ducal House of Ruthern announces the passing of its esteemed and noble patriarch, Ser Viktor var Ruthern. Having lived a dedicated life to King and Country, the late Duke accomplished tenfold what many others within the realm could ever dream of and with heavy hearts, the Ruthern family mourns this great loss. Throughout this trying time, the family of Duke Viktor asks for privacy and prayers. Viktor III, Duke of Vidaus 489 E.S. - 525 E.S. The late Duke’s heir, Tatiyana vas Ruthern, now ascends to the titles Duchess of Vidaus, Countess of Metterden, Viscountess of Greyspine, Baroness of Rostig, Lady of Morteskvan, Matriarch of All-Ruthern and Protector of the South. As the eldest child of his eldest child, Lady Mikhaila vas Ruthern, her inheritance is undisputed, the first female matriarch of House Ruthern in almost two centuries. Still in her minority, the council of His Grace must now declare a regency, until such time the Duchess of Vidaus reaches the age of majority. To fill this role, Duke Viktor has selected Ser Rickard Ruthern, the young girl’s father, who shall guide and shepherd the new matriarch in her duties till that awaited maturity arrives. He is named Lord-Regent by this decree, until the Duchess reaches her 18th year. Below are marked private writings discovered in the study of the late Duke. It was his will that such letters be published to those to whom they are addressed, and perhaps bizarrely, that a certain set of clothing articles be gifted to the new King Ivan VIII, alongside the words, “A King must dress as well as he wishes to be respected.”
  13. Letter to the Royal Duma: ON NARCOTICS KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the REPRESENTATIVE OF VIDAUS On this 14th day of Wzuvar ag Byvca of 524 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG ALDYLEVAR Whilst our Duma does await the official announcement of a government and the official appointment of the Lord Speaker, it is the belief of those loyal denizens of Vidaus that the government must continue to operate. In previous iterations the Duma did create bills and often found themselves rubber-stamped into approval or denial with little debate. In an effort to help renew life to the Duma, the house of Ruthern does instead propose legislation in a public appeal with law being created by the government thereafter. For hundreds of years, the Haeseni society has been degraded by the use of narcotics of all sorts. The youth has been spoiled with fields going unharvested whilst they instead choose to smoke or make merry rather than work a decent day in the fields. Grown within other nations to make our own lazy and subservient, the time has come to see the matter addressed and appropriately fixed. We propose debate upon the prohibition of use and cultivation of narcotics within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska as to implement a standard within our society of which the use of these derogatory substances are held in account for their unholy influence. May the Lords of Haense righteously enact their rights as peers of these lands to settle this growing concern and usher forth a more thriving and prosperous abundance amidst the citizenry. IV JOVEO MAAN Signed, Ser Rickard of Vidaus, Representative of Vidaus, Knight of the Order of the Crow, Champion of Vidaus Her Ladyship, Tatiyana vas Ruthern Ward to the Office of the Lord Speaker
  14. ISSUED BY HOUSE RUTHERN 11th of Msitza ag Dargund 523 E.S. With the harrowing news of the change in the Comet Lesanov’s trajectory towards the Haeseni capital of Valdev spelling utmost ruin, House Ruthern will open the gates of Castle Morteskvan to any and all Haeseni citizens in need of refuge and respite. Those displaced by the destruction of the incoming comet shall be provided with shelter and sustenance within the Ducal lands of Vidaus where they will be permitted to stay through the duration of the comet’s strike and the following period of reconstruction for the Royal Capital. In the coming months, those seeking refuge will be welcomed into the safety of the Duchy’s walls to settle in and find comfort within our bastion. The grounds of the Duchy will be open to all and those wishing to pray for the safety and security of the Kingdom are free to seek prayer within the Church of Blessed Dmitri where alms and comfort will be provided.
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