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  1. Looking down towards her beloved child, Queen Annika could not help but shed a tear. Sigismund, alongside his sister, had made the late queen a mother, being her first children, although not by her own body. Since the moment she held the boy, she knew he would do great things and thus he exceeded the queens expectations and more. Come the day of her departure from the land, Annika knew of only one thing, and that would be the success of her son. He would be loved, respected, and even more so a fighter just as his father and grandfather had been. Dignified in his own right, Sigismunds actions never lessened his mothers adoration. “Welcome home my son.” Annika cooed as she embraced the king as he entered the skies. “Time to take your respite with your family.” And as she took a step back, behind her would be his siblings awaiting his attendance, ready to cause even more mischief just like they did in their youth @sarahbarah @erictafoya @shay @Louis @Rudi.
  2. BORN AS BARROW'S [Art by: Yaroslav Gerzhedovich] The shaking of the trees and the snapping of branches filled the void of a typically silent night. Crack of thunder mimicked the crashing of heavy waves, roaring and rumbling with a might that seemed foreign to the land. Fauna of the woodlands huddled in their burrows, riding out the monstrous storm. Those which had not sought shelter early enough would have met their maker, simply being tossed to and fro by the gusts of wind as collateral damage. The cries of a screaming woman, muffled by that of the storm, who would find herself in a fit of peril. Death by storm or death by birth seemed to be her only option as she stumbled around her room. Panting like a dog, enveloped in pain and misery, her fate seemed inevitable now. Littering the roads, branches and leaves would make travel nearly impossible for those who even dared to take on the beast. Chunks of earth would be uplifted from their depths, sending rocks and minerals flying through the air. No one could best the monster, for it was of God's own making. For hours the pain pulsed through the lonesome woman, no help to be seen, nor expected as she suffered in the hell that seemed to be of her own making. Whispers of foreign prayers fell from her lips with each gasp of air and each push of her body. There was nothing that could be done, for only she alone could save herself. In the distance, the rain which followed behind the wind and thunder would bless the land with its bountiful nourishment. Falling upon the Earth, the shower would give respite to the country, lessening the forceful aggression its partners had brought. It was the eye which gave such, for the beast was not finished making his mark upon the land. Alas, as the sounds of thunder lessening in the distance, did the pain come to its conclusion. The storm had claimed many lives this eve, though the two which rested in the bassinet within the room were pardoned. Only as the eye crept over the land, did animals peek out from their earthly homes, inspecting what had happened to their ecosystems. Though aside from the children of nature, few of Horen's own decided to venture out, taking the opportunity of the calm to find better shelter or to seek out those who needed it. The rhythm of hurried footsteps would echo upon cobblestone as a hooded stranger would reach the door of the lone woman. To the strangers surprise, upon opening the door, the woman was not to be found. In her place was a blood stained bed, along with spilled water and bloodied rags. The woman was nowhere to be seen. Stumbling along in trail of the eye did a cloaked figure find their way to a looming stone castle. Foliage had trashed the slick incline to Drustra Castle, causing the figures lithe frame to slow as it navigated its way upwards. With the rain beating down and the wind beginning to pick up once more, the stranger has succeeded in making it to the castle gates. To the surprise of some, the stranger had no intention of seeking shelter, nor did they linger at the entrance. It wasn’t until the figure descended back onto the dark roads, did their intentions become clear. Left at the castle gates, covered in blankets, were two crying children, freshly born and having not yet finished their first day of life. It did not take long for the sounds of the infant's cries to summon a servant, their fragile bodies being brought quickly into the warmth of the keep. Born in a storm and against all odds, the Barrow’s were home at last. The haemorrhaging had come quickly for the woman. The blood seemed to never ease and with no medical supplies nor herbs to assist her, she quickly grew weaker by the minute. Hobbling along the path from which she came, her vision grew darker and her consciousness grew spotty. Stumbling over a fallen branch, the woman's body met the earth, no energy left within her to break her fall. It was then that a single ray of sunlight broke through the sky, signalling the ending of the storm. Laying there, as the light kissed her pale skin, Sorina’s movements ceased. Not a smile, nor grimace presented itself upon her countenance. The Luceafaru would not see the morning, nor her children ever again. She lay on the stone road, her body growing as pale as the snow surrounding her and cold as the Haeseni air. And as she ascended into the skies, no fairy nor family would meet her. Once more, she was alone.
  3. A STATEMENT FROM WOLDZMIR The Sigil of House Luceafăru [Art by Unbaed] Since the passing of the late Baron and Baroness of Richtenburg, the morale of the House of Luceafaru has lessened dramatically. The love of family which no longer surrounds the current Baroness and heir to the Barony has proven to make leading a house difficult, especially a house of two. Seeing as this life is not sustainable in the slightest, I, Sorina Lorelei Luceafaru, hereby make the following announcements: ✥ The Barony of Richtenburg will be given back to the Crown. ✥ The Castle of Woldzmir will no longer remain in the hands of the House of Luceafaru. ✥ The lands surrounding the Castle of Woldzmir will be returned back to the Crown. ✥ All members of the House of Luceafaru are stripped of nobility, and therefore, have no claim to any titles. Signed, Miss Sorina Lorelei Luceafaru
  4. SUMMONS TO THE ROYAL DUMA: JOHANN LUDOVAR Issued by The Royal Inquisitor Baroness Sorina Luceafaru 425 ES “The Office of the Justiciar shall serve as state attorneys for the Aulic Government, responsible for criminal investigation and prosecution, public defense and civil representation of the Aulic Government.” -Aulic Edict, 341 E.S. With a vast amount of abnormalities regarding crime and situations within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, it is imperative that the Crown remain transparent with the accomplishments of the Office of the Justiciar. Through his work, Johann Ludovar has worked to solve many crimes and sought to bring justice to the Kingdom. As Royal Inquisitor of His Majesties Royal Dume, I hereby summon His Excellency, Lord Johann Ludovar to the Duma to report his successes as an Aulic Councilor and to explain the work he has done. From the Blood Rain, to vampire attacks, our Kingdom has experienced many oddities at hand and the people would like to have updates as to how these are being processed under the Office of the Justiciar. Signed, Her Ladyship, Sorina Lorelei Luceafaru, Baroness of Richtenburg, Royal Inquisitor of the Duma
  5. A STATEMENT FROM RICHTENBURG Regarding Culture and the Waldenian Diet The Sigil of House Luceafăru [Art by @UnBaed] In recent years it has become apparent that the cultural standing of the House of Luceafăru has grown beyond its Waldenian roots and adopted a more unique culture. With the late Baroness Moliana being from Woldskyevan culture and the late Baron Elimar from Waldenian culture, the current house has been brought to a fork in the road to decide the cultural fate of the barony. The late Baron and Baroness were known for their free spirits and in turn, have paved the way for the house by adopting a new identity and array of traditions unique to themselves. Therefore, from this day forth, the House of Luceafăru will hereby primarily identify with their Woldskyevan culture while still treasuring their Waldenian roots. This being said, the Barony of Richtenburg will depart from the Waldenian Diet and renounce its title as electorate. May GOD bless those we have lost and those who are still to come. Signed, HER LADYSHIP, Sorina Lorelei Luceafăru, Baroness of Richtenburg HIS LORDSHIP, Emilian Sigmar Luceafăru
  6. SUMMONS TO THE ROYAL DUMA: SER REINHARDT BARCLAY Issued by The Royal Inquisitor Baroness Sorina Luceafaru 424 ES The KNIGHT PARAMOUNT (New Marian: KOSSAROWAIN), or officially known as the Kight Paramount and Knight Commander of the Crown, is the commanding member who holds the authority over the Kingdom’s knightly orders, second only to the Sovereign of Haense, and leads the realm as one of the Heads of Defense and first aide to the sovereign at his/her behest. Historically, the Knight Paramount is entrusted in the safeguard of the Sovereign and the Sovereign's immediate family. The most likely candidate for designation has typically been from Haense’s Marian Retinue which houses the most renowned Knights and Dames across the known realm. In most cases, those born of nobility have held the seat although there have been cases where members of the gentry have also held the seat. - "A study into the Knight Paramounts of Haense" by Sir Viktor Kortrevich The Knight’s Table of Haense has always been intended to be a coveted and exclusive Order with a strong presence within the Kingdom. However, it has been brought to my attention that as of late, this has not been the case. It seems that the presence of the knights have been lacking and the Marian Retinue has been carrying the weight of the Order. Aside from the lack of presence of the knighthood, there has been an issue raised by regarding nepotism and the amount of family members the Knight Paramount has accepted as squires, surpassing numbers more than those of other houses being accepted. How is the order so lackluster in the reign of a king who has passed more edicts and history on knights as well as showing an interest in them? To many, it seems that His Majesty has put more effort into the order than the Knight Paramount has. Because of this, as Royal Inquisitor of His Majesty’s Royal Duma, I hereby summon Ser Reinhardt Barclay, Knight Paramount of Haenseti-Ruska, to the Duma to answer for these transgressions. Signed, Her Ladyship, Sorina Lorelei Luceafaru, Baroness of Richtenburg, Royal Inquisitor of the Duma
  7. Sat upon a bench atop lush and grassy hill, the fiery-haired Queen Annika would look down across the land, though the mirage before her was just that, an illusion. It had been years since she has arrived into the Seven Skies, greeted by her youngest son, Marus. Soon she was met by her daughter, Petra. Then her husband, Heinrik. Annika had never anticipated for her children to join her so soon, though seeing the twins finally make their way into the Skies, the only feeling she could sense was that of tranquility.
  8. SUMMONS TO THE ROYAL DUMA: DRACOMIR RORIKOV Issued by The Royal Inquisitor, Baroness Sorina Luceafaru 423 ES “The Office of the Seneschal shall serve as interior administrators of the lands, services and infrastructure within the lands directly administered by the Crown within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska.” -Aulic Edict, 341 ES Since the year of our lord 341 ES, the duties and expectations of the High Seneschal have been clearly laid out and upon his acceptance of the position, His Excellency, Mister Rorikov, was given the task of living up to these expectations and duties. In recent years, there has been a clear issue brought to my attention and this issue would be that of the eviction signs littering our blessed nation’s capital. Typically, one would attribute these signs to a diligent worker staying on top of his duties. Sadly, this has not been the case. Eviction signs have been horribly misplaced, even going as far as to jeopardise our honour in a treaty with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. A tax free stall holding dwarven wares to be evicted, and recently as well. Aside from this, eviction signs which have remained throughout the Kingdom seem to be outdated, some even going as far back as four years ago. As Royal Inquisitor, I wish to summon Mister Rorikov to His Majesty's Royal Duma to accept his mistakes and to answer for them. Someone in a position such as an Aulic Councilor must uphold his duties and hold a standard for someone in such a position should display. Signed, Her Ladyship, Sorina Lorelei Luceafaru, Baroness of Richtenburg, Royal Inquisitor of the Duma
  9. Sorina Luceafaru would be frolicking in the Krusev woods….
  10. Within the confines of her apartment in the Nikirala Prikaz, Sorina Lorelei Luceafaru would be handed the missive by a servant delivering warm milk. “It has barely been a year since my parents passing.” She’s sigh, the mourning woman looking down at the dark haired child sleeping soundly in his bassinet. “Can I have some time to mourn before they attempt to take mothers and fathers legacy from me?”
  11. A STATEMENT FROM WOLDZMIR The funeral of Lady Moliana and Lord Elimar Luceafăru The Sigil of House Luceafăru [Art by @UnBaed] It comes with great sadness that the House of Luceafăru must announce the passing of the Baron and Baroness of Richtenburg, Lord Elimar Luceafăru and Lady Moliana Luceafăru, leaving behind their twin children, Lady Sorina and Lord Viorel Luceafăru. For those close to the family, there will be a mourning vigil at the Woldzmir Castle for the next two months where flowers or tokens may be left at the front gates in honor of the late baron and baroness. On the 6th of Joma and Umund, a funeral service will be held within the Basilica of Saint Heinrik in the capital city of Karosgrad. The service will be open to the public and those who wish to say a few words about the deceased are welcome to do so. Please respect the privacy of the family at this time.
  12. From a dark room in the Castle of Litchstadt, a Haeseni Ambassador would let out a sigh of relief as the news of peace reached her. “Abou’ time fer peace.” Margot would mutter to herself and the bird which had brought her the parchment. ————————————————— Upon beginning her journey, word of peace within the realm would find its way to the wandering Luceafaru who was currently residing in the dwarven capital of Kal’Drakaan. “And so my travels begin with peace and merriment.” Sorina would mutter to herself as she admired the enchanted sword that was the reason for her lone travels.
  13. Discord: mady#1494 Skin/s: Comm 1 Bid: 30 USD
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