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  1. That’s really cool.
  2. Nah, I find that MC RP to this scale is quite rare. Though competition would be good, it is VERY unlikely that there will be a server to be able to compete with this server in terms of player count. Though I sometimes find that this server does lack any huge rp altering plugins which could revitalise the slowly stagnating population.
  3. Artellor after examining each of Pelilasdirs’s accusations comes to a conclusion. “Elrion betraying the Silver State... What sort of sick joke is that?”
  4. HOuSe NuMBer: 31-A MY NaME: Artellor Fae’or Do yOu liVe alone? Yes.
  5. :OOC: MC Name: TheBetterSumms MC name of those living with you: No one to my knowledge.  :RP: Head of household: Artellor Fae’or. Family/individuals staying: Just me Number of Children: 0 I’m completely fine with sharing a house with another if it’s required.
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