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  1. You put Golems in that list, don’t you need a CA to RP one?
  2. -1 used fahrenheit instead of the superior kelvin unit
  3. My main issue with this change is that, to the community, it seems completely random and unjustified; a knee-jerk reaction to literally nothing. I’ve been playing LoTC fairly actively for around four years now and can’t recall any issues related to or about the mention or discussion of politics aside from Narthok’s ban (which wasn’t even directly related to politics anyhow) and that was confirmed to not even be the reason this rule was implemented. So clearly something happened which caused this rule to be implemented that the Admins don’t want the larger community to know about, in which case why is such a rule being applied to the entire community anyhow? This new rule literally only serves to annoy the community and give them more to tip-toe around than we already have to for what appears to be no reason at all. Either give us a proper explanation as to why this rule has been implemented or remove it all together, this is silly. I just wanted to add as well, if this is about making everyone feel included, banning political discussion is the wrong way to do it. Politics are such a core part of personality and people’s identity in general, not to mention politics being literally the majority of where LoTCs roleplay comes from. If you want to fix issues, start by addressing some major issues that harm the community and members such as a minor like me who has to face the fact that there are literal paedophiles on the server with nothing being done about them.
  4. I’ve been playing LoTC again for three days and haven’t found a single major city with more than 4 people inside. Where is everyone?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rickson


      @rukio I’m GMT but I was on until 3am my time last night and still couldn’t find anyone

    3. Lumii


      morsgrad gang

    4. rukio


      I cant speak for the other cities but I know haelunor was active for a long time, servers mostly dead after like...11 pm central tho

  5. While I agree a soft magic system would make for better RP overall it puts too much trust in those few magic RPers who already powergame a ****-ton.
  6. Welp, it’s been over two weeks since I was supposed to get a response on my lore submission and still nothing.

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    2. ShannonLeigh


      lol expect to wait more like 2-4 months

    3. TranscendentalPoet


      Man, I just want to play a wonk already..

    4. Ragnio


      Lore Reviews are halted all together until the start of the Lore Games. As such most of the lore will not be checked over until the games start and edits were done to the lore as soon as the new formats, etc. got released.


  7. Except that the link for ban length is invalid.
  8. **Description** When using /r, it no longer responds to last message recieved/sent and instead to the player you last sent a message to. **Date of occurance** 26th May, 2019 **In game specifications** Rickson, though it’s happening to everyone I’ve asked. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Send a message to a player 2. Recieve a message from another player 3. Try to respond to most recent message with /r 4. Accidentally message the player you last sent a message to with /r instead **Expected Behavior** It should respond to the last message recieved/sent. **Actual Behavior** It sends a message to the player you last sent a message to instead. **Additional Information** N/A **Error Message** N/A
  9. Lore updated as of 25/05/19. Added info about Wonk birth and gender. Added properties to Wonk blood. Explained further about Tribals and their culture. Also opened up Tribals to being CA, unlocked from ET-Only. Fixed several lore discrepancies.
  10. What? CA’s are a small minority of what people play on this server, everywhere I go it’s at least 1:15 in terms of CA races to Descendants. Besides, this is a fantasy server it’s part of the immersion to have ghosts, mages and anything magical.
  11. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Genie
  12. bye hex, was fun
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