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  1. Except that the link for ban length is invalid.
  2. **Description** When using /r, it no longer responds to last message recieved/sent and instead to the player you last sent a message to. **Date of occurance** 26th May, 2019 **In game specifications** Rickson, though it’s happening to everyone I’ve asked. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Send a message to a player 2. Recieve a message from another player 3. Try to respond to most recent message with /r 4. Accidentally message the player you last sent a message to with /r instead **Expected Behavior** It should respond to the last message recieved/sent. **Actual Behavior** It sends a message to the player you last sent a message to instead. **Additional Information** N/A **Error Message** N/A
  3. bye hex, was fun
  4. I don’t think even the admins know where Seventh has gone at this point.
  5. **MC Names of all involved** Rickson, Archipelego **Description** When the server is under a certain amount of load that disabled mob AI, horses stop moving. I found that if you sprint, jump and hit them then quickly hop on they’ll go low gravity and even get stuck mid-air if you dismount. https://gyazo.com/51c103ac4442308188e566c4590f37d0 https://i.imgur.com/j9sEl1q.png?1 https://i.imgur.com/bQAFMp6.png **Date of occurance** 07/05/2019 **In game specifications** IGN Rickson, persona Gorlag. This happens to everyone on the server with a horse however. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Find a mob with Horse AI. (Horse, Mule.) 2. Make sure Horse isn’t wearing a saddle, I’ve no clue what happens if you put one on it. 3. Sprint jump and then hit the horse, quickly mount it. 4. Watch as you sail off into the distance. 5. (OPTIONAL) While in mid-air, you can dismount the Horse and it will stay there. **Expected Behavior** Horse would just be pushed back a little and would react to gravity as expected. **Actual Behavior** Horse has moon gravity and goes about ten blocks, freezing in mid-air without a rider.
  6. I agree, LT doesn’t. But then again it depends on the magic, voidal magic for example should be widely accessible since it’s designed to fill that classic wizard/mage niche.
  7. Doesn’t work in multiplayer sadly.
  8. What ever happened to having a “frequently” updated map?

    Hasn’t been updated at all since it was put back in place.


    1. shoahinsnowyfields


      no map this server has ever had has ever been updated. it’s been the exact same for almost 8 years now. the dynmap or whatever gets brought back, regular updates are promised, updates never happen once. we had a dynmap that was actually, you know, dynamic once and it updated itself but that was for literally a month or so 

    2. Zidoax


      Yeah id have to agree, it should be updated at least once a month imo

  9. Description When going through the auction house, there can sometimes be too many items on one page so you can click a button to go to the next page, if you then try to go back a page the previous page doesn’t show up, instead showing zero items. https://i.gyazo.com/482d33654d63aba7e7dbcdd6d30dfd7a.mp4 Sometimes, however, instead of showing a blank page a message can come up in chat saying “Cannot big” and will kick you from the AH. Date of occurrence 19th of April, 2:40 PM BST. Bug has been happening for a few days before this date as far as I know, however. In game specifications MC Name: Rickson Persona: Velras I have not tried to replicate this bug with multiple personas. Steps to Reproduce 1. Stand infront of an auction house 2. Type /ah or right-click it. 3. Go to a category that has so many listings that there are multiple pages. 4. Click ‘Next page’ 5. Click ‘Previous page’ Expected Behavior You should be able to see the previous page. Actual Behavior You are given a blank page of no listings or kicked from the auction house.
  10. Rickson

    Art raffle >:D

    you don’t even take paid commissions but you’ll do a raffle? 😞
  11. why would you scare me like that
  12. i really like your forum rank, honestly

    1. Jake!


      thanks dude.

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