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  1. The loss of rescue raids

    If a group of people storm into a city and then when they're gone the King is missing you're gonna put two and two together not "oops looks like the kings run off again!"
  2. If anyone is interested in making a Hou-Zi app and wants some help, feel free to ask me!

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      You guys still exist? Where do you live?

    2. Rickson


      We live in the Jade Peaks towards the north-east of the map though we're trying to clean it up a bit right now.


    3. NotEvilAtAll


      That’s nice. I might consider making a Hou-Zi then, 

  3. [Trial]Alex’s GM Application

    Can't say I knew him when he was GM but I've so far had no bad experiences with him, +1
  4. First Cyrilsburg Election

    A Hou-Zi hands in his vote, signed with "李尊"
  5. Anyone able to make me a Hou-Zi skin? can pay w/ minas or real money

  6. MC Name: Rickson Character's Name: Li Zun Character's Age: 24 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Hou-Zi, Laobai-Zhu subrace. Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: Metzli. Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Religion In Hou-Zi culture there are two religions which stem from very different paths, however, in the modern Hou-Zi age, they can easily be seen as one due to how similar they are. These two religions are 'Shenjiao' which involves the worship of the Immortal Hou-Zi created by Metzli whom ruled over the Hou-Zi for a thousand years and was, in fact, the first Hou-Zi to come into existence. The other religion is 'Hua-Jiao', which is mostly followed by the lower caste of old Hou-Zi society, that stems from the ideals of 'four truths' that define nature itself and achieving a state of enlightenment. Hou-Zi History Hou-Zi history mostly spans over the course of a thousand year period, slowing down at the last five-hundred. The Hou-Zi is a product of Metzli's process of creating the 'perfect being', in which Metzli took a single monkey from the jungles of Azul in Axios and granted it a higher level of intelligence and modified his body to better resemble the descendants, this Hou-Zi became Hou-Shen and the leader of the Hou-Zi. Over the course of fifty years, the Hou-Zi civilization had come into creation along with their capital Jing-Taiyun. Metzli then came to Hou-Shen and told him that he must conquer the rest of Axios from the Kingdom of Malin which had had little contact with the Hou-Zi so far. There were a total of two wars between the Elves and Hou-Zi and an extra war between the Hou-Zi, to summarise briefly; The First Great War: The Hou-Zi kingdom push their forces throughout Axios and conquer the island of Asul, the southern half of Ceru and a large Western chunk of Tahn. However, after a 100 year period of peace, the Kingdom of Malin fought were able to fight back after killing Hou-Shen during the Hou-Zi's assault on Malinor City and pushed the Hou-Zi back to their original jungle lands within Asul. The Second Great War: Metzli rebirthed Hou-Shen with a pure white fur and slowly the Hou-Zi prepared for battle once more after having been previously defeated. However, the Kingdom of Malin has since split into the Wood Elves, High Elves, and Dark Elves and had developed all in their own ways and were three separate nations with now unique and incredible strengths. The stomped the Hou-Zi rather early in their conquest, only having just reconquered Asul and thus were pushed back once more to Jing-Taiyun. The Jade War, Destruction of the Hou-Zi: With the Hou-Zi empire now a shadow of its former self and confined to the small jungle lands of Asul, resources became sparse and a rarity. For a culture which is based on wealth and snobby nature, this started to become an issue and the riches sought out by the highest of Hou-Zi families were harder to come by. So they resorted to stealing from other families, breaking what was left of the nation into many wars between themselves. Hou-Shen, fed up and seemingly unable to resolve the now constant conflict decided to leave the Hou-Zi and got up from his seat of power and left into the vast jungle of Asul, never to be seen again. And with this, the Hou-Zi empire had truly died, leaving the remaining Hou-Zi's and Hou-Zi families to break apart and wander the world of Axios alone. Appearance and Culture Li Zun is a Laobai-Zhi and would have been in the lower caste of Hou-Zi society, additionally, he is a devout follower of the Hua-Jiao religion and it is reflected in his semi-nomadic lifestyle and generally calm and laid back attitudes. As for appearance, Li Zun is fairly average, standing at a height of 5ft 6in. with brown fur covered with a few markings and yellow-orange eyes. He would be wearing fairly standard Hou-Zi garb of shorts and a few small pieces of jewlery. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Are you aware that if this creature's lore is undergoing an activity trial and that trial fails, you will no longer be able to play this creature and will be forced to either revert the character back to its normal form (if it was a transformative type) or stop playing the character entirely (if it is an entirely new creature)?: Yes. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Absolutely. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: I have not applied for a Hou-Zi before.
  7. ImCookiie's Application Team Application !

    +1111 Cookiie's an incredibly friendly and well-versed person with lore, worldly, racial and magic alike. Massive +1 from me, couldn't recommend anyone better. Plus they're a fellow cat lover
  8. "Long forgotten, though never truly lost."

    Ryul remained sickly and bedridden as the events around him transpired, unaware even of his own mother's disappearance, waiting to see her once more.
  9. It's ALIVE!

    my life felt incomplete without the forums
  10. LoTC's donations and money.

    Sounds like the best solution to me.
  11. LoTC's donations and money.

    Yeah, that would for sure be a problem but I'm guessing that the admin team wouldn't take too kindly to refunds. However, I personally think the amount of time you would most likely get from a transfer system would outweigh that issue, but only for the $100+ ranks as they seem to get around a year or more for what I would guess the prices would be if this system were put in place.
  12. Now, I'm not too certain on the state of LoTC with money and how it spends it, or if it's getting enough etc. However, I know for a fact that as a business model, LoTC is flawed with how it deals with taking money in the form of donations. Over the seven years that this server has been around, (from what I know) donations have always been the same. You have many VIP packages which all provide the player with different appealing perks, which is fantastic and works. But the issue is that it's always been a one-time payment of fairly large amounts. If we look at other games/servers that give you perks through donations, more often than not they're on a subscription basis as not only does it bring in more money but it usually makes it feel like less of a big commitment for the user; as donating $100 or more at once can feel like too much for some people. I suggest that a system is created where we have either one or several VIP packages all with different perks, much like we have now, but we simply move them onto a monthly payment system. This could mean smaller donation ranks like coal and iron could become worthless and removed. I suggest that if VIP packages for subscriptions were to be made, it should work by condensing the ranks into just three separate packages. E.G: Package name 1 - Receives all the current perks of the Coal, Iron and Gold rank when subscribed. Package name 2 - Receives all the current perks of Diamond and Bedrock ranks. Package name 3 - Receives all the current perks of Ender and Aether ranks. Now, for prices, I am entirely unsure what they may be and I don't have much of an opinion on the matter aside from making it not outrageous. But, there should also be a transfer system of ranks as just making all the ranks we've bought obsolete would be a complete scam so I suggest the prices of each rank should be translated into subscription time of the rank of the player's choosing, E.G I may have Aether and ask for 3 years worth of subscription time for 'Package name 3' or something like that. And just to make things easy, here's a little image of the current rank prices based on the current crown packages if they were paid through the Bronze crown package of 1100 coins (In grey) and the Aengul package of 12100 (In white). I think the translation should be based on the Bronze crown packages IMO. In conclusion, I think changing up the donation system in this way would be incredibly beneficial to the server as it would provide a more stable flow of cash to keep the server running and running well whilst also making it a bit easier for people to donate in the short term. And those who have donated money already would have plenty of time to keep their subscription before they would even have to think about starting it up. Anyway, thanks for reading, leave comments below or something.
  13. Show Your Pet Thread

    Fluff ball
  14. image.png.bbffaafa699c8c61da90ea6661d04e5b.png

    I am very old

    1. Chorale_


      How did you get to that screen?

      How did you get to that screen?

    2. Rickson


      /persona created
      You can also do /persona time to see how many hours you've played for on the current map.