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  1. Denied. Please send me a forum PM if you wish to know more regarding this decision.
  2. I also got a PM from him, I honestly don’t think someone asking randoms for signings should be getting it.
  3. Rickson

    Art raffle >:D

  4. Rickson

    Art raffle >:D

    you don’t even take paid commissions but you’ll do a raffle? 😞
  5. Rickson

    [PK] A Twisted End

    why would you scare me like that
  6. Rickson

    Iron Chargers, Engines, and Railways

    april fools jokes are supposed to be in off-topic smh
  7. Good to some original, well-defined lore posts coming to the server. +1
  8. Rickson

    [Moderation] Sky's Application

    How’s GMod?
  9. i really like your forum rank, honestly

    1. Jake!


      thanks dude.

  10. https://gyazo.com/57a9d661df44343336a369364e06ef32 Or click their profile and click the message button.
  11. Forum PMs work just as fine also, but if you respond to your own application the community staff member will get a notification.
  12. Rickson

    Change LOOC time

    I’ve had to start using emotes sometimes for LOOC, please fix
  13. Rickson

    Bug Megathread

    It’s a very minor thing, but you know how you can ping a player to “stop moving” by left-clicking them from a distance? For whatever reason, if you press right-click to open a door/fence/trapdoor and a player is standing behind it (from any distance, as long as there are no other blocks between them) it will ping them. However, if you try and ping a player by simply right-clicking, nothing happens. Example
  14. Rickson

    Bug Megathread

    -Autofill for names doesn’t work correctly. -There are no vote sites on /vote, additionally every milestone on /vote milestones is the same. -Unsure if due to how region perms work but it you are unable to open unlocked/public doors and other lockable items unless you are a region member. -Despite having +2 persona slots due to VIP, my soulstone says it only has two slots. -Not a bug but /online filling up your screen with every single name is kind of annoying. -When opening a door, trapdoor or a gate you can ping someone if they’re standing on the other side. You however cannot do this just by normally right clicking someone from a distance.
  15. Rickson

    Serrimor Lore Book Doc

    Thanks Xarkly.