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  1. i’ve got a pretty good one for this lore games
  2. Afaik this isn’t a bug on LoTC’s side. Minecraft doesn’t send any packets whilst you're writing a book and so if you don’t click “Done” after writing you’ll lose everything.
  3. Nope. If you have small questions like this it’s probably better to ask them in the Discord as well instead of making a forum post. https://discord.gg/5ZHJvV
  4. Yeah, you’re right actually my bad. I seem to remember there being two admins missing but I realise it was just Kowa and Tythus and Tythus isn’t really involved in LoTC at all anymore.
  5. Please get a better time for Community meetings, I know 4am GMT was the only time that all the admins were “”””avaliable”””” (even though plenty of Admins who decided not to attend were online) but that time for a meeting was pretty bad no matter where you are. Establish a permanent time for the meetings to be had on a bi-monthly basis.
  6. Because the lore for Rh’thorians already exists and has since last map, Dardonas is just giving a culture behind it and allowing them to be played. They are essentially no different than humans aside from the fact that they appear to age faster, it’s simply something visual, that has been done before, and doesn’t need a full CA just for that one visual aspect. With the stuff about the curse, it’s probably fine because I seriously doubt we’ll ever go to Rh’thor and so having that tidbit about them doesn’t make any difference to these charaters other than their backstory.
  7. Not for charters but I’d agree making this change for nations. Also means that activity can be measured between charters exclusively instead of having to compete with nations.
  8. I support this strongly, however, the development team no matter how incredible they are, need plenty of time to update all the plugins over to a version that works with a new Minecraft version. On-top of this there we’re at a time where the development team is lacking in members and I recall one of the developers saying that 80-90% of the groundwork for 1.14 was already done by the old development team (Tofuus, Sproadic... etc) before they left. That’s quite a while to get maybe 20% of the work done. If the development had already started work on 1.15 the day 1.14 was put on the server, it would be months and months until we see an 1.15 update hit the sever. I don’t think we’d even have any more players... For now at least, the server should really be reverted back to 1.13 whilst the devs now use up the time they have working on updating to 1.15 instead of fixing 1.14. I also think the Admins/Development team should really consider opening a public test server for major updates every so often, i.e before 1.15 is put onto the server it’s put onto ptr.lotc.co and players can log onto it as they like and just do whatever, the devs can use it as a way to stress test the updated server under a large load. I really think this would end the issues we have now and always have of buggy, unstable and sometimes unplayable launches of new updates on the server.
  9. You put Golems in that list, don’t you need a CA to RP one?
  10. -1 used fahrenheit instead of the superior kelvin unit
  11. My main issue with this change is that, to the community, it seems completely random and unjustified; a knee-jerk reaction to literally nothing. I’ve been playing LoTC fairly actively for around four years now and can’t recall any issues related to or about the mention or discussion of politics aside from Narthok’s ban (which wasn’t even directly related to politics anyhow) and that was confirmed to not even be the reason this rule was implemented. So clearly something happened which caused this rule to be implemented that the Admins don’t want the larger community to know about, in which case why is such a rule being applied to the entire community anyhow? This new rule literally only serves to annoy the community and give them more to tip-toe around than we already have to for what appears to be no reason at all. Either give us a proper explanation as to why this rule has been implemented or remove it all together, this is silly. I just wanted to add as well, if this is about making everyone feel included, banning political discussion is the wrong way to do it. Politics are such a core part of personality and people’s identity in general, not to mention politics being literally the majority of where LoTCs roleplay comes from. If you want to fix issues, start by addressing some major issues that harm the community and members such as a minor like me who has to face the fact that there are literal paedophiles on the server with nothing being done about them.
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