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  1. I miss all you weirdos ^-^

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jetrofander


      Okay maybe /some/ of you weirdos, the rest I just miss you



    3. Karimir
    4. Jetrofander
  2. Apparently I'm an Old Hat now.

    Bow down chillin's to my



    1. Nekkore


      I am the senate

    2. Jetrofander


      Okay Senate.. ma Old Hatness does not exceed your status, I shall take my leave


      By the way, oh great Senate, I love your profile picture ?

  3. Jetrofander

    Elven Songs

    These are so good! :'D
  4. How has everyone been?! :D

    1. Jetrofander


      That sucks! Hope it gets better!



    Sadness :'| :'<

    1. TWolffe


      Ummm ok then xD, Yeah I'm sorry that I haven't been on for a while, My friggin MC account pretty much just gave up on me, and Mojand kept being D-bags and saying " Oh We're Not gonna help you!" So yeah...

    2. Jetrofander


      That's okay, it's the same for me. Minecraft basically Undownloaded itself and went "Nope! Now way I'm going to work now that your laptop is UPDATED naw too much wooooork." -.- 

      Also this video is because I'm obsessed with Hamilton :p 

    3. Jetrofander


      Well how you been?

  6. Hey, I'm not sure if I'll be coming back to lotc 

    So to all my friends that I have on there, hope I'll see you guys maybe later when I can get back on 

    Its the same reasons I've mentioned before why I can't, wifi, bad laptop, can't open minecraft.

    Miss you all :) Hopefully see you later.

  7. BLAHBLOOOOBLEEEH :megustacreepy:


    (sorry, I haven't been online so I needed to annoy someone I knew :p)

  8. Won't actually be returning to LOTC for a while.... Laptop won't turn on and the computer here is too slow to even download minecraft itself so hope I can RP with you all when it gets sorted out :') I MISS LOTC SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

    <3 D': XD

    1. Jetrofander


      I miss all my friends on there, hope I'll see you all again when it does get fixed :)

  9. Hopefully I'll be back on soon! Just getting new software for laptop and then I'll be back on to annoy you all >:3

    //jk I'm looking forward to prong again :)

    1. Nekkore


      Don't annoy me please. Thanks. <3

    2. Jetrofander


      Mkay I won't :p


  10. I'm not going t be blind in game for a while, my laptop keeps crashing and shutting down when I open minecraft. 

    So when this is fixed I'll see you all back in LOTC! :D

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    2. Jetrofander
    3. Jetrofander


      It's a older laptop so it has a couple viruses that I can't figure out or fix at the moment, and it needs updating 

    4. Jetrofander


      And wow I just re-read my post and I spell TERRIBLYYYY

  11. Lights out isn't as scary as they say... Just watched it and it ended at 1 am and now my cousin and I want to watch another :P