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  1. An elfess with peculiar eyes would sigh at the missive, still struggling to locate the aforementioned city.
  2. An aged Paladin would hear of the news, and pray that the next Pontiff permits her a license to heal in Aaun.
  3. Oathsworn of the Sun -= Creation of the Seed =- The Aurë’naerï are a Seed that follow the Old Aspectist Rites, revering the Mother and Father of the Eternal Forest as opposed to the Mani of the Wild Faith. Founded in the year 1963 FA | 167 SA by the Sun Druid Avyndriel Vaeloryïs, the Aurë’naerï primarily serve their kin through scribing tomes and historical annals, providing education on the Aspects, and serving Malin’s children as needed. Matrons of the Forest The Matrons are the two individuals whose teachings guided and inspired the first Matriarch, Avyndriel, in the creation of the Aurë’naerï. These former Druii now serve the Aspects in the Eternal Forest, with only their memory and writings remaining in the material world. The Matrons are not figures to be revered within the Seed, but instead acknowledged as cultural Elders who guided Avyndriel upon her path resulting in the creation of the Aurë’naerï. Awaiti of Emerald Renn of Wisteria -= Aurë’naerï Philosophy =- The Aurë’naerï are free to follow any philosophy they seek, or even none at all, though the Seed itself closely follows the ideals and morals of the Ways of Emerald and the Mother. Thus, most members of the Aurë’naerï follow one of these two sects. Way of Emerald Indomitable Will | Great Courage | Emotional Resilience | Foresight Way of the Mother Societal Balance | Loyalty & Duty | Universal Respect | Purity & Healing -= Aurë’naerï Principles =- Loyalty To remain faithful to Seed and kin. Resilience To rise as the Sun does, regardless of how many times it sets. Devotion To acknowledge the Aspects’ as the true Deities of the Forest, and revere them above all others. Knowledge To scribe and recite all knowledge, ensuring all that are lost are never forgotten. Patience To retain control without emotional restraint. -= Seed Tenets =- I. Aurë’naerï have sworn an oath to uphold the Aspects’ Will, protect and educate the Children of Malin, and to scribe knowledge for the libraries of Mali. i. To uphold the Aspects’ Will is to retain the balance of nature. Aurë’naerï must never forget that the Aspects’ reside above all others in the Eternal Forest. It is them who must be revered foremost, though Aurë’naerï are free to worship Mani or other Aenguls as well. ii. Conflicts between the Children of Malin are natural, as all siblings fight. Aurë’naerï are permitted to serve those they have sworn fealty to, but must never permit such conflict to come between Seed Members. iii. Recording and reciting all knowledge is paramount to ensuring the lost are never forgotten, and the past is never repeated. A Mali that lives a millenia is not expected to remember every breath. We must scribe to ensure all is never lost. II. The Aurë’naerï are devout Oathsworn, having passed trials and earnt their Ilmyumiers. As such, the name “Aurë’naerï” may not be inherited through marriage or birth. i. Any descendant may become Aurë’naerï, though they will remain oathsworn to Malin’s Children regardless. ii. A descendant belonging to another Seed may also join the Aurë’naerï, as long as the tenets are adhered to. The Aurë’naerï will encourage loyalty to both Seeds, as per their Principles. III. To associate with darkspawn, without just cause, or possess any form of corrupt Magicks is to break one’s Oath and betray the Will of the Aspects. i. Justification of one’s crime of association will be judged by the entirety of the Seed, requiring a majority vote. -= Ilmyumier & Appearance =- Ilmyumier & Markings The Aurë’naerï Ilmyumier is a very simple golden sun inked in the location of the Aurë’naerï’s choosing. The most common locations for this ilmyumier are the forehead, neck, or shoulders. It may only be granted by an Elder of the Aurë’naerï, or the Parriarch themselves, upon the completion of the Initiate Trials. Other sun-themed imagery may be added around this ilmyumier to create a larger image, such as a full sleeve upon the arm or leg. Bardmancy is also often utilised to make the ilmyumier glow akin to the sun. Clothing & Accessories The Aurë’naerï often don their own individual styles and outfits, though during formal events may choose to represent their Seed more directly. Iconography representing the Aspects and Sun are typically most prominent, in the form of fabric colours, embroidery, and headdresses. Symbolism relating to their selected Way, such as Emerald or the Mother, may also be present in a subtle form. More devout Aurë’naerï may even go as far as to paint their skin with similar designs, and weave flora and jewels through braids within their hair. -= Aurë’naerï Household =- Seed Echelons Seed Parriarch The Aurë’naerï Seed is led by the Parriarch; an Elder selected through a high majority vote by all members of the Seed. This Parriarch is responsible for approving the completion of all Initiate trials, handling conflict both within and regarding the Seed, and representing the Seed in all formal affairs. The Parriarch must never act alone, and must always seek the council of their kin. The First Seed Parriarch was Avyndriel Vaeloryïs, the original founder of the Seed. Elders Elders of the Aurë’naerï are those who have been part of the Seed for a notable length of time, have demonstrated their application of the Seeds’ Principles in all facets of life, and have upheld the tenets consistently. These Aurë’naerï are honoured with the rank of ‘Elder’, and are permitted to conduct trials for Initiates to join the Seed. Aurë’naerï All who have been granted the name of Aurë’naerï have completed their trials and sworn their oath. All Aurë’naerï are equal, bar the Parriarch themself, though even the Parriarch is not permitted to act alone without seeking council first. Architecture & Lifestyle While the Aurë’naerï Seed lacks a Patron Mani, the members themselves hold a close affinity with animals due to their Aspectist culture. Within the primary homestead itself, where the Parriarch resides, only small creatures are permitted within - and often of a more feline nature. This tradition began due to Avyndriel herself favouring her ginger cat Ser Augustus, and requiring all larger creatures to remain outside to cater towards the feline’s sensitive nature. The homestead itself is often constructed with high ceilings and open, spacious balconies. The walls are almost entirely shelved and filled with a variety of tomes, relics, and other curious items. The Aurë’naerï home is typically compared to some form of museum due to its contents, with murals built into walls depicting historical events overlooking lounges prepared for tea and entertaining. The members’ rooms are always tucked away beneath the main halls, allowing the home to be relatively open for visitors and exploration. -= Initiate Trials =- Trial of Devotion The first trial of the Aurë’naerï is a discussion to assess their intent and reasoning for seeking the Seed, and their level of knowledge on the Aspectist faith and Ways of Emerald and the Mother. The Initiate is given a book to scribe notes on the conversation held, and tasked with studying the Aspects further if their knowledge is found lacking. Trial of Knowledge The Aurë’naerï are scholars and scribes, adding to the libraries of Mali to ensure knowledge is spread, and histories are not forgotten. For this trial, the Initiate must write a sizeable tome of twenty pages or more, on a topic that has not already been covered in great detail. They must present this tome to the Elder residing over their trials, and then donate direct copies to all libraries of Malin’s kin. Trial of Loyalty The Final Trial of the Aurë’naerï is to demonstrate their loyalty to their future kin by protecting and defending them against all threats. The Initiate must embark on a short journey with an Aurë’naerï, facing some form of threat to their home and culture, be it an encroaching predator, severely scarred and blighted land, or some other great threat. The Elder residing over their trials must approve of the severity of their task. -= Aurë’naerï Rites =- Cerridwen’s Harvest Oath of Matrimony Setting of a Sun Artist: Morgan Rogers Author: Amayonnaise
  4. Why was my art used on this post without my permission? It doesn't even show an Ilmyumier on it, so it doesn't make any sense? I would have provided art of an actual ilmyumier at the time if you had asked, so I am certain I did not give permission.
  5. Hey Guys! I'm currently experiencing a lot of power outages and no internet, which is halting my progress. I can't work on sketches because my computer gets randomly shut off every hour or so without warning, and this has been ongoing for a whole day now. I'm going to try and convert my sai files to CSP so I can work on my tablet instead, but I have fallen a bit behind as a result of the outages :/
  6. Bing Bang Bong I have a full progress tracking table on the original post now!
  7. Mina Sketches!!

    I still have 3 slots left for some simple grayscale sketches I will be smashing out after the New Year - submit your request on my thread if you're keen ❤️


  8. Updates - I have not yet begun these as my christmas period at work is still ongoing, and my schedule is quite hectic!! Once the New Year has passed, I will be hopping on these immediately and adding a "Progress" section to the original post so you can keep track of where I'm at! Currently I am just finalising references and clarifications to make sure I can get going IMMEDIATELY once my work finally releases me from the hellish torment that is bartending late nights for people on holidays :(
  9. ⋅⊰ ∙ ∘༓ ∙ Sketches for Mina ∙ ༓∘ ∙ ⊱⋅ Discord | .amayonnaise. I am no longer accepting requests! - Examples - ⋅⊰ ∙ Info ∙ ⊱⋅ -Sketch Progress in Spoiler- There is a limit of 20 requests (20 players, not 20 characters!) Each character will cost 500 mina (payment due upon completion) You can request multiple characters (either in the same art or separate) - You only need to comment once! Sketches will be at most a halfbody with flat grayscale shading Progress updates will be sent through Discord. Final images will be uploaded to an Imgur Album. You will receive both the grayscale sketch + a transparent lineart sketch to colour in however you'd like! I only request that my signature remains on the art with credit given to the original sketch! Please note that I reserve the right to decline any request. Requests will only be declined if I am either uncomfortable with the request itself, or uncomfortable interacting with any individuals. If you are unsure if your request will be denied, feel free to reach out to me on Discord to discuss first!
  10. Merry Christmas from Pally / Sun Circle Gang!





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  11. MC Name: Amayonnaise RP Name: Avyndriel Vaeloryïs Persona ID: 21173 --- The current Talar'nor on the main LotC Server has not been broken down to ruins as has been done in the past on previous maps. I'm not sure why, as I've been on hiatus for a little bit due to an IRL move, and only recently returned. The images in this realm app are purely an example of what the finished product will become, as Candle wrote they are "Examples". I have to agree with @monkeypoacher, once a build is on the server and abandoned, you can't really complain that another group wishes to claim the remains. I would have thought the idea of Druids reclaiming a lost city would simply add to roleplay and not only possibly create new tensions with other cities, but also provide a whole new array of ST Events and Eventlines for the server to partake in. If the Admins would like to break the region down into ruins before a proper build is begun, I am sure our community would not mind that happening? I cannot speak for the Nevaehlen community, but I am certain a middle ground can easily be found here!
  12. CT - Stepping Down

    Hey guys! Just wanted to announce that I am stepping down from CT. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the community and working alongside my fellow team members, but my recent move across the country has placed me back in the arms of loved ones and long-time friends, and I'm much more focused on my IRL adventures (I haven't logged onto the server in a few weeks now >->).

    I am lingering for a small while in the background just to ensure the team has all of my resources + help finish some current projects, but I wish them lots of love and luck! I may return in the future!

    Please know that you're still more than welcome to approach me with any concerns or issues, and I'm still more than willing to help you be heard in any way that I can (even without my position + pex qwq).

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  13. FIGURA MODELS - Battle of the Arts!


    Just in case you missed it, we've added a new category to the September BotA! I have always been absolutely mesmerised by the figura models I stumble upon on the server, and we wanted to support your creativity and passion following your comments on the last BotA post!


    Check it out now:


  14. REQUEST COMPLETED. By this point, you should already have your Map Art. If you haven't received it or believe this to be a mistake, please contact Community Management.
  15. DENIED. Your Map Art was deemed not medieval-era friendly. If you would like more information, please contact me.
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