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  1. Eyo, my entry is for the Artwork category! Features my Wine-Mum Izkuthii & @Deer__’s Azdrazi (In Azdromoth pajamas!) Good luck everyone else!
  2. Some voidal magics already have feats etc involved with them – such as Celestials (I haven’t read the lore on Celestials, but I believe it’s a feat of Conjuration? I may be wrong, sorry). When you refer to ‘endgames’ such as wraiths / Zar’Akal / Itharel / Keepers etc, those are all end goals of a single magic. Voidal magics aren’t a single magic, it’s numerous – having an ‘end goal’ form similar to Archons for Voidal Magics would just be introducing a feat that’s almost immediately going to be swept up by the members of the voidal community who are obsessed with voidal magics and have them define everything to do with their character. Those people will then simply hold onto the feat and only pass it on to like-minded, voidal-obsessed peoples.. Aka, it’ll be circle-jerked to high hell, on a far worse scale than any other creature/magic due to the size of the community. We don’t need final forms that let people disregard the original red lines for magics, or allow people to insta-cast their magics because they’re ‘made of the void’ or whatever else. Big fat no in my opinion!
  3. All of the resources on magic have never been completely sealed off until this map, unless I just didn’t venture into Dragur enough previously. From what I recall, all voidal/druid magics were available for everyone to peruse. I can fully understand locking away dark magics + creature resources, but the current Dragur Library has information on dark creatures fully available for anyone to read, and voidal magics locked away?
  4. I literally have not spoken to you since last map, before I pk’d my main character. The only places I’ve even mentioned Ankan were in the Haelun’or Discord, and the Paladin Discord, both of which he was in, as we were both arguing with one another at the time. As for this, being actually related to the thread topic, I agree with your point. When I mentioned progressing others’ characters with the acid rp, I should’ve clarified that it most definitely would progress the characters standing around observing the process also. The issue comes when someone engages in hours-long rp only to end up dead and lose all memories of it. As someone who has had to deal with this with events, it can be extremely frustrating and agitating to watch hours of rp just end up redundant for you, personally. Honestly, I don’t think acid even needs lore. There are venomous and poisonous creatures in LotC, and I’m fairly certain there have been event creatures that have spit acid in the past. Acid isn’t that uncommon and considering it’s already been used for years on end, I don’t think it really needs lore. My main point, which seems to have gotten lost among the dozens of people crying at me for saying the High Elven Community enjoys dunking people in acid, is that if you are going to release lore for Acid, you should maybe try to branch out and add some cool new things to it. Mix it with more alchemy to create interesting poisons etc, or even some sort of acidic cloud similar to a smoke bomb? Or also, as I mentioned, the corrosive molotov idea my friend came up with. Such would make your acid much more interesting in rp, and more available to other forms of rp – like general combat rp instead of just high elven executions and torture.
  5. Oh my god, what the ****? I did not slander you once, I haven’t said anything about you in quite some time. I’ve stated to a few people that I do not like you, but I am very much allowed to have my own opinion of people. All I stated was that this acid lore lacks any real purpose other than allowing the Haelun’or community to insta-kill whoever they like, to their own satisfaction. The fact that you immediately assumed I was even talking about you, which I did not – as I referenced the entire high elf community – is incredibly egotistical and ridiculous. I have been part of the Haelun’or community numerous times throughout Vailor to Arcas, serving on the Council itself three times – twice as Tilruir’Leyun, or whatever the Architect title was. I have played mostly high elves throughout my entire time on LotC, and this map is the first time I’ve ever even seen your username. I have a history with the community that spans back to Vailor, and due to that history I have spent very little time in the city this map. Secondly, whatever rp I conduct between other people is absolutely none of your business. I was barely in Haelun’or as it is, as both my and Slic3man’s characters were apart of the Ves Government during the entire time we were in Haelun’or, and spent 99% of our time in Ves as a result. You sitting behind your monitor and blatantly attacking me despite me making a SINGLE crude comment about the playerbase, not even targetting anyone with it is incredibly immature. I would also like to point out the fact that I literally gave constructive criticism on how they could add to the lore and make this ‘acid’ have many more uses to do with torturing etc, or even corrosive molotov ‘bombs’ that add to general combat rp and provide ways of progressing one’s character without killing them and making all memories of rp leading up to the situation null. You are absolutely out of line.
  6. The only thing acid provides rp-wise is a chance for the Haelun’or community to sit in Discord and cackle amongst themselves over killing other players. It provides no character development for other players, considering all it’s been used for in the past is dunking people the High Elf community doesn’t like into pits to instantly kill them. If you’re going to introduce something like this, make it have more use than just killing characters off. You stated it could be used to torture, what about different consistencies of the acid mixed with other brews to make a variety of other potions etc to be used in torturing or further alchemy – such as another form of Alchemists’ fire based around the acid? Making lore for something that’s only going to be used to insta-kill characters, without adding any additional features, is kind of lame. Rp is about extending the story and providing enjoyable rp that can help other people develop their characters’ perspectives and progression. Even if that ‘enjoyable rp’ is torturing someone half to death, their character still gains a new perspective of their torturers and new features to add to their mc skin – burns etc. Note: A friend mentioned to me that making something like a corrosive bomb would even be pretty neat, and I agree. It provides more to combat-rp situations and adds more to this lore than just “We want acid pits to dunk people in and insta-kill them”
  7. @Zarsies It never had staff assistance afaik. All of the books etc this map were put on the shelves and done up by Alex612. I don’t think Luka even did anything with the library for the entire time he had it, including being CT and Admin. When he backed down or got kicked or whatever, Dragur was given to Alex properly. Imo, if there’s going to be a CT protected Library, stop ******* sealing books away. There’s no reason for magic to be sealed away in a restricted section, players can access the exact same knowledge in other nations’ libraries anyways. You’re not preventing anything, and it’s a pain in the ass. The last decent Dragur Library I can recall was Vailor, pretty sure. The massive one with shelves everywhere and books on every block. That Dragur was fantastic, nothing was sealed away, everything was out in the open, and if I am remembering correctly, it wasn’t under CT protection.
  8. Okay, so how recent is ‘recent history’ @Telanir? HurferDurfer got slapped with a 2 month content restriction for being spammy, but apparently you stopped counting points after 25, which went up to October 30th. Is recent in the past two months or three, or what? I think this needs some more clarification such as a specific time frame. Also, while ‘recent history’ being last 2-3 months is understandable, why are you counting previous comments that were made prior to this rule being implemented? If something was posted before a rule was implemented, why are those posts being counted? If it’s because those posts ‘broke forum rules’ etc etc, why are they only now being counted, when previously those posts weren’t deleted or didn’t warrant a warning point? Essentially, to clarify my rambling, if someone gets in trouble for one post and you then go through their history to determine how much of a troublemaker they are, I don’t think it’s really fair to give them points for comments that didn’t get them in trouble, or didn’t warrant a warning, previously.
  9. So, wtf happened to soulbinds? I paid over $70 to get from gold to diamond – AUD to USD conversion – and now I only have 1 soulbind on my account? It used to be 1 soulbind per persona slot. Why the **** do I now need tickets? Hello?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ReveredOwl


      Wait its 1 per account now?

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      I remember I had acquired gold vip in order to get the instant persona swap for nexus, more personas and the player shop, but all of that is not a VIP exclusive thing any longer, I’d never ask for vip if i knew that it’d be coming and im not receiving what had been paid for. Now honestly, the best cost-efficiency VIP is coal vip because of the writing effects, or maybe the Iron VIP so you can get a free rename and item edit, and you can just spend money on an alt to be able to use 4 personas.


      vip nowadays is only worth it up to gold in my opinion, past that its a waste of money

    4. ReveredOwl


      Hear hear, opinions? @Telanir

  10. Just a heads up, if you take 6 pieces of paper and put it along 2 rows of your craftng table, it makes a book. No need to buy all that leather. I wish I knew this sooner..

  11. Do eternity shears exist? If not, why not?

    1. Keefy
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Eternity Sword when?

    3. BardMainHere


      big wool controls sale of shears

  12. Coral is 50 mina, coral blocks 100 mina at CT.. The frick?? Ain’t nobody spending that much mina on some colourful blocks, you only get 180 mina a day from consecutive voting lmfao

  13. High Key tho, when is the Dragur library going to be given to someone who actually works in it regularly, helps with requests, and assists people irp?

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    2. sophiaa


      what is this yelp

    3. Trinn


      Library of dragur shouldnt exist

    4. Amayonnaise


      @Youngie5500 I have a huge group of people who are actually wanting to take it and work in it and set it up. The current library, or at least the way it was set up before my hiatus, was absolutely ridiculous. The magic section was completely locked off – preventing everyone who isn’t the owner’s best friend from accessing one of the largest sources of knowledge on magic. It’s atrocious!

  14. “This place still exists?” comments a passing blonde woman
  15. Awwwh, I stopped playing for a little while here so I only just got this ping – but I hope you do well dude! You were genuinely pretty chill and a decent GM! Loved our Izkuthii shennanigans ❤️
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