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  1. A pale-eyed elfess chokes on her tea during her reading of the most recent issue. Her Great-Granddaughter seen flirting with numerous men? And her Grandson, nearly killed during a ritual? Her son would certainly hear of this.
  2. Looking for a 265+ Male Helf/Snelf to claim an unknown, lost daughter! DM if you'd like more details ^-^

    I've been playing her since late Atlas, she is a big voidal mage lady, and has spent time as a demon-creature (is mortal now). She is currently ~235

    She is currently trying to figure out her racial heritage, and is searching for a potential lost father.

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      not interested just very happi of the snelf/helf made my day.

  3. My biggest issue with leaving it to RP and players, is watching how many smaller settlements show up, and how long they take to disappear. Those settlements can refrain from causing issues with other places, and then slowly wittle away and die on their own, but their build will remain and nothing will be done because the staff aren't aware that their activity is null. The solution, in my opinion, lies in the middle of cooperating between RP, and staff managing the removal of builds from dead tiles. big hype
  4. I think a new mechanic could be added that utilises our /cardex perms, and the activity monitoring on the server. Keep the Nation Activity monitoring of course, but maybe when someone sets their "Nation" using /cardex, that will contribute to another activity statistic for that tile? What I mean is, you could have - Activity Stats for the tile itself - Activity Stats for characters with that tile as their "Nation", or home This way, people are encouraged to explore as they wish, but aren't punished for doing so. They can live on a specific Tile and conduct their slice of life / family RP / community RP as they wish, but also aren't causing problems by visiting other locations. You're also able to then compare the Tile Activity to the Character Activity, and get a better understanding of whether they just don't have enough players, or if they have more than enough players, but those specific characters conduct RP in other locations.
  5. The young elfess rested within the manor she had been so graciously granted a room. It had been days, reading through the various books upon the shelves. When was her kin to return? She had much to discuss with him - new opportunities and realisations. When two more days passed, she finally decided to descend upon the city in search. The whispers. The rumours. The wet eyes and hushed, dour ambience. Alas, she felt very little. The wasted potential of a friendship she had very little time to develop. A man who welcomed her back among her kin despite all of her sins and grievances. She would mourn his loss, though her mourning was for the loss of a kinship with little time to form.
  6. Amathea is the city, Elvenesse is the Nation. It's the same place, with the same title! I'm not too sure about the Malinor treaty. I imagine its still in place, but two of the Nation Leads got banned, and the third recently passed the crown. The bans kind of shut down Malinor's attempts to "subjugate" the Vale and other locations.
  7. Oh are you talking about modern-day malinor? That was my original comment, god damn it: I'm too lazy to retype. There's your full answer!
  8. @ValannorHas a super cute angel lady you might like
  9. Ignore my comment, I am a dumb dumb who didn't read your post properly.
  10. I only helped with the Genesis and Doxa! All original ideas are yours - I simply helped make the words look pretty. I look forward to seeing the implementation of this culture and hope it gains much interest and love <3
  11. This Mani lore is mostly oriented towards the Elven/Aspectist communities. If humans were to make their own variation, I imagine a Wed Nobleman could conduct whatever the human equivalent of this ritual is with a mistress, and then you'd still have your Bastard avenue of RP! Players would absolutely still be welcome to create NPC wives/husbands as well - this method is purely just for those who wish to add some concrete, religious lore behind their child's creation. It wouldn't prevent others from claiming other methods of conception :) And I agree! I wasn't sure if it was required to go through Lore Mags or not - an ST member suggested I do so just because I added in the Redlines for clarification. At the end of my Purpose, I added a note saying I was happy for it to be moved to the Wild Faith subforum if the ST felt it wasn't required to go through the lore submissions! Forgot to respond to this - My personal intention for this fell under the blood/flesh sacrifice upon the flame. I felt it made sense for the Mani/whomever to create the child through each parent's sacrificed blood/flesh, which would provide the shared genetics upon the child. This would also carry across their heritage/curses, and the infertility of any CA's or aged Elves would make their sacrifice ineligible. I simply didn't add this because I wasn't sure how much explanation was necessary.
  12. That is completely valid - I emphasised in the Purpose that the sole intent isn't to provide the Mani with godlike, child-creating powers, but rather to simple provide an alternative option. I did consider fleshing out how exactly the Mani create these children, but to go into that much depth felt a bit excessive, and I wanted to keep the post short. And you're entirely right, FTB isn't essential for the creation of children. However, I'm not entirely sure if we have any concrete posts that specifically state the guidelines on child-creation and the limits of our claims on how the child came to be. We can most definitely simply state our characters had a child, without any of the accompanying RP, but then what about same-sex couples who cannot physically reproduce? This lore enables people an alternative route to take without even having to mention "doing the deed", and permits same-sex couples to have genetic children of their own, but also provides a fun, religious take on the entire concept where we can do a fun ritual and promote some of the old spooky-wooky tribal prayers that are a little less common nowadays.
  13. I wasn't aware! I'm not entirely sure what krekavae is to be honest, but it's good to know there are other options out there! I forgot about this old boi, oopsie.. But Bolomormaa is the Matron of Motherhood and Mothers, and was highly suggested to me as the Mani to use! Of course, anyone can swap the Mani out to use whomever they'd like instead! Thank you so much! And I'm so glad we share the same perspective - it's a fantasy mineman server.. anything should be possible! This lore is exclusively for Aspectism and the Wild Faith. On the current big FTB post, @Battle Unit provided the idea of stork RP, which then made me realise we don't really have alternative child-creation methods in lore. So I decided to take his idea and run with it - providing a religious method through the Wild Faith in which Aspectists could bring forth children without having to resort to FTB, or due to same-sex relationships. HOWEVER, there is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from making their own variations of non-ftb child creation for their own cultures and religions! I look forward to seeing new methods pop up for each race and their system of faith!
  14. I originally wanted to make a Stork Mani specifically for this purpose... But we don't need to bloat the Mani even further, and I didn't have the energy to pump out that much lore.
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