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  1. High Key tho, when is the Dragur library going to be given to someone who actually works in it regularly, helps with requests, and assists people irp?

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    2. sophiaa


      what is this yelp

    3. Trinn


      Library of dragur shouldnt exist

    4. Amayonnaise


      @Youngie5500 I have a huge group of people who are actually wanting to take it and work in it and set it up. The current library, or at least the way it was set up before my hiatus, was absolutely ridiculous. The magic section was completely locked off – preventing everyone who isn’t the owner’s best friend from accessing one of the largest sources of knowledge on magic. It’s atrocious!

  2. “This place still exists?” comments a passing blonde woman
  3. Awwwh, I stopped playing for a little while here so I only just got this ping – but I hope you do well dude! You were genuinely pretty chill and a decent GM! Loved our Izkuthii shennanigans ❤️
  4. Ilkazar’s grand-daughter-in-law quietly comments that Mental Magics are also currently extinct, thus such could not be used anyhow.
  5. And then saved from hanging, dragged to Haelun’or from Ves, and become close friends with the person you robbed because they realised your character was their Mother’s personal guard, and they wanted to try and turn them away from banditry. Which eventually happened!
  6. The same woman snorts in the background, “Not like they’ll actually do anything. They claimed to have killed and banished Karyysmov, yet he still lingers freely in their city. Not even their pathetic guardforce does anything to make him leave. It’s all lies. This city is becoming a mix of Sutica and Devirad, only far worse.”
  7. “It is difficult to recreate imagery that was witnessed with one’s own eyes. Mental Magics have been lost for some time now, thus such is not possible. Claiming that you yourself have not lain eyes upon Karrysmov, have not known that he was actively teaching Cyrene, nor that the situation in the Library that YOU YOURSELF entered to calm, and saw the incinerated bird, and still claim that proof need be made is utterly ridiculous. Proof need not be brought forth when all of this is clear to the eyes, and any who wander within the cesspit city of egotistical maniacs may view with their own eyes. -A”
  8. A dark-haired medic would sigh as she read over the missive, and its response; taking ink to paper to write her own response. This is most certainly a lie of the highest degree; Karyssmov still wanders the city of Llyria, for all to see. Considering his demon remained present despite his apparent death and banishment, a demon which belongs to and follows only his word as its Archprince, it can easily be claimed that he never left, and probably was never killed, to begin with. Karyysmov hides behind red skin and horns – following another name. He has been there for over a Saint’s week. Anyone who walks into Llyria can see him. How you even thought you could deny this is absolutely hilarious. However, reports have been made that this demon ‘Zhukar’ herself did willingly spout flame to incinerate a bird whilst hoisting a Druidic Creature up by the neck in the library, for anyone present at the scene to observe. This is most certainly use of their unnatural abilities, and defies your own defence. The demon ‘Zhukar’ still acts as a guard, as do many others that wander your city. Despite not having a properly organised force, one most certainly is in place and actively demands for hoods to be removed, labelling themselves as guards in the process. Realising that ‘Traceless’ actually means leaving no mark nor detail behind about oneself and electing to create an Order that actually is ‘traceless’ does not exempt this detail. This is also a definite lie, as Cyrene is still LEARNING such arts under Karyysmov himself. To learn, one must practice, and they can only learn under their teacher – which confirms that both she is practicing, and Karyysmov is still active and within your city. As a key witness to these events, or receiver of reports, each one of these statements are quite clearly blatant and horrendous attempts at protecting your sinful city from such accusations. -A
  9. A little horned creature would scan over the poster, turning after to simply stride off towards the cited direction @Tha_Mystery_Man Need to fix the coordinates, I thought everything was negative.
  10. Said woman would spit also, scowling and rubbing her heel into the dust, “A Captain he may have been, but a poor Captain at that! Couldn’t even remain loyal to his fiance!”
  11. 3 Soulstone slots isn’t enough when 1 is your basic CT slot, prove me wrong.

    1. Apostate


      Yeah, I wish we could have that extra slot back, that you’d achieve by having a certain amount of hours played on the map.

    2. Mojo


      Unlimited Ss slots based on a hours multiplier, that plus carts +1 slot at 25 +1 slot at 50 +1 slot 100 +1 slot at 200 etc etc...

    3. Amayonnaise


      Not unlimited, that would ruin the whole point of road travel rp etc – I’m kinda glad carts are gone too. But having 3 soulstone slots, and one of those is your CT slot, that means you only have 2 slots available for cities. Most players tend to stick to one race, so their soul stones are usually bound to only renatus/ves, or ves/curon or something, others might have druids/sutica or druids/aegrothond etc, unless they bind over their CT slot which removes their access to the pillar in the centre of the map; CT. 

      But then there are players who do racial rp + magical or guild rp, which brings in the pillars of Magical Guilds / Dark Mage forts etc. Then you have the issue of having a single racial ss, and then your Llyria/Synod/Magical Guild/Naztherak/Whatever ss, and CT. It’s not enough.

      There should be 3 slots for cities/guilds etc, one for CT imo. Anything more than that would be too much.

  12. Alchemist Shears durability is a bit too low Mandragora is.. completely lacking, compared to Swamp Blossom and Dwarf’s Pumpkin, which both spawn in the same area. Mandragora is a common healing ingredient, I don’t understand why it’s so uncommon and difficult to obtain? And a list of plants! Having a list of plants would be decent as people would still have to go out and explore or check the wiki to find out the general location of plants, to harvest them. It doesn’t stop exploration – it simply helps guide us to the plants we want and know are currently implemented, and stops us from wasting hours of our days looking for plants that don’t currently exist – thus lowering the rp we do in our regular nations.
  13. But is there an active list of what plants have been implemented? I feel this would be a great little spoiler you could add to the initial post. It would prevent people from wasting their time looking for plants that haven’t been implemented yet.
  14. @FlamboyantTyrant Especially the messages from players who are actively rp’ing the creatures you wrote, designed, and implemented. I have seen a variety of Izkuthii questions go up and not all get answered by the elder Izkuthii or yourself. Not to mention you haven’t been responding to any of my Discord messages regarding the issues with the Necromancy rewrite.
  15. Are all plants released? Or only some? I’d like to find some biteit but I’m unsure if it’s been implemented.
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