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  1. Eleaina Wick would squint, knowing that the only current Wicks are played by Security, HurferDurfer, Amayonnaise, and Deer__
  2. Eleaina squints, “We know a lotta folk love, but I don’t know no blood mages. Bit concerned that this person knows blood mages apparently, said so himself”
  3. “Ashamed that they turned from the requests of aid before, but only accepting them now because they’ve seen the Empire crumble during one battle. There’s no honour in joining a war only when one side appears to be winning, the honour comes in being there from the start – having no doubt from the very beginning.” A red-headed elfess shook her head at the missive, as while she looked upon the ‘Fenn with a newfound admiration, she could not shake the sour taste in her mouth from the kin who betrayed her now rising to fight alongside her.
  4. A passing-by brunette would squint, considering in the battles she’d heard of, the Empire had fled back behind their walls with a mere fraction of their initially small forces anyhow whilst the true Emperor’s army reigned victorious,,
  5. Astrid would squint upon reading this, turning to the small gathering beside her, “I am still new to this human government, but I’m not mistaken in that the Mayoral position was dissolved no? Paul was voted out legally, the Mayor position dissolved legally, and Alfred was voted in as Prince not once but twice, legally. I fail to see how someone who wasn’t even a Patrician when he abandoned Ves, and who apparently has a claim to a long-since dissolved position can have a stronger claim than the Prince who has been voted in twice with, to my memory, not a single ‘nay’.” She shakes her head, her thoughts upon the stupidity and desperation of humans becoming quite conflicted due to the glorious and loving nature of the true Prince against this pretender.
  6. Eleaina Wick, wife of the Supreme and Glorious Grand Wick King would bob her head in agreement, “I have no doubt in your capabilities, provided the Skygods don’t remove it first due to being an absolute atrocity and eyesore. I know my own highly doubts this passes the building rules.”
  7. Eleaina Wick signs hurriedly, in full support of her beautiful, god-like husband. Shortly after, she returns to tending to his wounds, binding an assorted salve of blissfoil and mandragora over his wounds to aid in his recovery. A good wife’s work is never finished.
  8. Astrid Avern would merely snort at the paper, gliding across the room to show it to her very much alive beloved, Nedric Arkazniv; “They’re now making up false deaths? They’re only adding to the list of crimes their false Empire has committed, how pathetic.” [[ Side note, I’d like to know who actually captured Nedric and called him out? I’m fairly certain 1v99 has not interacted with or met Nedric before, so I don’t know how he knew what Nedric looked like. :think: ]]
  9. Astrid Avern immediately retreats to her desk in the Underclerk’s quarters, tugging out a number of silks and cloths to begin designing the Mage’s Robes and Hats for use! What a glorious task she has taken up!
  10. Eleaina Wick, wife to the glorious Ser Bottle Wick, would squint at a phantom daughter being mentioned in the crimes against Bottle, “Dearest Husband of mine, do you have some sick daughter I don’t know of? We only have Amélie, and she’s definitely not sick..”
  11. Eleaina Wick, upon reading through the post, noted the pardons withdrawn from Darius Ault and the Rights of Man. It was with this that she then drew forth a letter, detailing very simply to the new Emperor. She sent it off hurriedly, before turning back to tend once more to her maimed husband. A Redheaded Clerk celebrates happily with her betrothed and friends in the Ves tavern, drinking until the night grew dark, and long after.
  12. Amayonnaise


    A red-headed elfess, lounging happily in her new abode with her betrothed, would barely react upon hearing the news. Instead, a light huff escaped her nose, turning the next page of her book and continuing on with her day. A mother of three, in the midst of preparing lunch for her gremlins when she heard the news, merely harked with laughter. She shook her head, turning to proudly exclaim in return to her partner; “See, he turned tail and ran the moment he was outnumbered. If only Haense didn’t abandon Adria initially, such fiery chaos wouldn’t have occurred.”
  13. The red-headed elfess, dressed in her usual colours and garb, the true tone of her hair on full display, would wander through the city of Ves. She smiled happily, knowing that despite the alteration of her first name she’d always introduced herself as an Avern and was easily identifiable.
  14. A High Priestess glances to the entire Nation of Aegrothond, filled with Druids, united with the ‘Fenn and allied with the Ithelanen in retaliation to the Empire’s claim over Alderyn, all involved in a potentially brewing war. She then flicks through the history books neatly stored within her nearest library, noting the various wars and conflicts conducted by the previous Druidic Kings, Queens, and High Princesses and Princes alike. She decides not to point out the hypocrisy.
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