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  1. Vynethra squints at the summons, “Only one witness? Must’ve been a boring Party.”
  2. I understand Korvic is working his ass off to get us to 1.15, but can we please get some sort of stability in 1.14, considering we have 0 clue as to when we’re even going to get 1.15?

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    2. Jenny_Bobbs


      Waiting on a third party atm. Please hold.

    3. Amayonnaise


      I wasn’t aware 1.14 itself was unstable, thats crappy.. I’m glad Korvic was given the access he needed though, hurrah!

    4. Harrison


      1.14 worst minecraft version in a long time all u can do is wait for a later version or for korvic to do what mojang couldnt

  3. How did art that’s not even themed win? Do the themes just not matter anymore?
  4. Hi, yeah. Can the server stop breaking and kicking everyone every ******* 5 minutes?

  5. What even happened to the bounties? I remember in Vailor we had bounty boards up in every nation, and large creatures that any one could organise with an ET to attempt to face off with, such as the large octopus thing in the Calaphate’s sewers. Bring that **** back, I’d love it. Also, these aren’t items given out at the end of the event as pick-ups. These were 3 crystals that were relevant to the event and were used by the Druids/Paladins to kill grief, afaik. All 3 had to be used together, and the Druids had 2 of them – according to Luci. And in regards to the “insinuation” that Druids have been spoonfed events, September Prince was literally a large corrupt Tree thing, that screams Druid. Farglade was some enchanted elven realm with a DRUID DRAGON within, and a number of Druidic / Elven artifacts. Also screams Druid. Vaeyl Eventline seemed to be mostly tailored towards Druids/Dominion, considering everyone I knew of who was engaged with that event was from the Dominion, or a Druid. Though, that event line wasn’t Elven/Druidic in nature, neither was the Voidal tears. ^^^^
  6. As an Australian, I personally despise when polls are held and I see numerous votes for 1-3pm EST as those times = 4-7am for me. It’s very frustrating, and if I’ve been able to attend an event held at 6-8pm EST one day, and then the next part of the event is much earlier, I can no longer attend the second half of the event and I miss out. If you’re gonna do events over multiple days, make them start at the same ******* time each day. It’s annoying as ****. As for the Macguffins, stop. Druids got all 3 crystals for this voidal event line ****, afaik, and it just made them look like an exclusive, elitist group in which no one else could join and help out or have fun. I can personally attest to this because I asked the druids and some of Aegrothond NUMEROUS TIMES to bird me irp or poke me on discord when **** was happening so I could join in. Everyone said “Yeah, sure”, and then I wasn’t involved at all. Next time I even bothered to try anything with the voidal eventline, only Druids had possession of these 3 crystal things that were the “only way” to defeat the horrors, and when you give items like that to a single person/group, they become very elitist and don’t want to give it up because it makes them more important and special to the eventline. Stop making select people more important than others in events. It ruins **** for everyone. Corrupting people in events is fine, it’s great. But, I think you should be extremely clear with the effects so we don’t have mass numbers of people going off acting like special snowflakes due to corruption that affects their mood / ptsd / whatever else. I’m not pointing out anyone with this, but whenever the topic of a character having PTSD is brought up, almost everyone cringes because it’s considered extremely edgy.. Because it’s never rp’d properly. Too many people want to have scars and defects and issues with their characters to make them edgy and unique. So, if you’re handing out corruptions, clarify the effects and what might cause a spiral or fit. Stop letting people be snowflakes with their corruptions. I disagree with this. The Voidal Eventline was primarily fought against by the Druids (because they hate the void and everything to do with it), and Llyrians (because that city was full of edgy mages who just wanted to act superior). Don’t get me wrong with the Llyrian ****, as a mage player I understand the want to use up spells and fling **** during events because you hardly ever get to use your magic elsewhere, and that’s perfectly fine. But there was a large majority of Llyrians, not everyone, who just acted like edgy idiots with a superiority complex and it got old fast. Anyhow, the past 3ish world events I can think of were all tailored towards Druids. Far-Glade, which couldn’t be found unless someone who knew where it was showed you it, was automatically made exclusive considering it was a Druidic Realm with a Druid Dragon and only Druids knew how to find it. September Prince. This one was better since almost anyone could join in the large fights etc, and that was great. However, there were numerous smaller events surrounding the September Prince that were only conducted by the Druids + Dominion. And adding on to the issue with making some players more important than others: I played Queen Renn’s daughter. My character was captured during a September Prince minor event because I was part of the Dominion, and the September cultists rooted me with vines during the retreat. Didn’t want to be captured, so don’t hiss at me with comments of hypocrisy. Anyhow, Aesopian tricked Queen Renn into trying to save my character, and captured her and the leader of the Dominion Army as well. He then held a series of small negotiations with both of them, being “important figures”, and completely disregarded the fact that my character had also been captured. He blatantly ignored me and couldn’t be bothered rp’ing with me, because my character wasn’t as important. That **** is not okay. And onto the Voidal Eventline – this was also better than both of those due to public announcements about when events were being held, and how blatantly public the locations of each rift were, meaning anyone could stumble upon them and start asking questions. Fantastic. However, this event was made exclusive by the Druids and Llyrian Mages, and it became near impossible to get involved in helping share information, find out information, or conduct any of the behind-the-scenes large scale plans groups were holding. I personally gave up on trying to do anything with this eventline after a variety of people promised IRP to send word to my character about meetings being held regarding the rifts, and then completely ignored me. All in all, I don’t like large scale world events and they need to stop. Save the world events for the end of world ****, don’t run them through the entire map duration because a good 60% of the server is going to simply ignore them (All of the Northern Nations currently), they hold no impact on the world outside of the events, and they’re constantly made into a pile of exclusive elitist events. Not fun. Edit: Not trying to **** on the Druid playerbase with this. But having events specifically tailored to a single community constantly, leaving out any other nation or community, is boring and annoying. Stop giving **** to the Druids. Ves had a brief number of events over a few weeks regarding a skaven rat infestation in their lower district. That **** was fun af. Anyone could walk into the city and help out, and the event was held very well with 3-4 ET aiding in responding against attacks to ensure no one got ignored or skipped on accidentally. Plus, skaven rats beats corrupt tree giants, hidden realms with nature dragons, and voidal rifts any day of the week imo. Vermintide ftw.
  7. Format: RP Name::Vynethra MC Username: Amayonnaise Discord: amayo#2901 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate (Paladins) Why Do You Wish To Come?: Was personally invited by the Paladins (Who Planned and asked for this event themselves) To aid in the fight. What Skills Can You Bring?: Character is an izkuthii (difficult to kill) and possesses a variety of combat magics including arcanism alongside her creature spells. Character also has in-depth knowledge of flora to aid as a medic, along with signed medical items. Character also boasts a decent amount of knowledge on a variety of topics that may aid in the journey.
  8. So when is LotC gonna start issuing refunds for removing everything we paid for?
    Buddylist is gone, replaced by friendlist – I’m unsure if they’ve transferred the slots on that across, but that’s one thing
    Then there’s my 1 soulbind I’m supposed to have across all personas. Only 1 on my account. Okay.
    Shops? Yeah, shops that are made completely redundant by the auction house. Fairly certain anyone can make shops now, too.
    Soulstone pillars? Those were a VIP perk. Now they’re sold at CT for anyone to purchase.
    Rename tokens? Sure, anyone can get those from the daily voting scheme.

    The only perks I have left that I actually paid for exclusive access to are my 1 skin I can save, my insta-persona-swap, and my 2 NPCs.

    I want a refund, Tythus.

    Edit: Or, in the least, a public statement addressing the current perks and what/why they’ve been changed, whether it’s due to EULA or a change in plugins etc, and what is going to be done to compensate for us spending money on perks that have since been removed or altered negatively. I didn’t spend over $100 AUD just so you could take my money and remove everything I paid for. That’s not how this **** is gonna go down.

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    2. _Hexe_


      actually donating more than gold vip is something i’ve never been able to wrap my head around, i donated the $50 way back because i enjoyed the server at the time and wanted the slot & whatever else it gives


      also don’t forget that eula had a lot of the perks removed i think? might be wrong but it’s definitely true that new perks should’ve been released by now.

    3. Unwillingly


      see just apply for staff and u get auto gold VIP for free 😎

    4. howard


      remember when mojang blacklisted our server because we were giving out vip perks that they didn’t like, and a bunch of people couldn’t get on for weeks


      that’s something the devs are trying to avoid happening again


  9. But most curses can generally be purged by one Holy Magic or another. Paladins, or the last rewrite they had, have a purging ability to remove the likes of event curses + shade parasites etc. If a person is cursed in this way, then it should classify as something removable by the Paladins. That’s where issues start to come in. You have a magical curse that can’t be removed by Paladins and will get these new people classified as ‘dark’ or ‘undead’ or whatever else due to this aging curse. I don’t think this has been fully thought through, tbh.
  10. I’m confused. If this is just a culture, why are you adding a full curse that is only relevant to the members of this culture? That sounds like a full race to me, in the way you’ve described it – And how are you releasing a full curse that affects a character with this piece being only a ‘culture’ and not an addition to the races or curses of lotc through LT approval? I’m genuinely confused, not trying to yell at you.
  11. Eyo, my entry is for the Artwork category! Features my Wine-Mum Izkuthii & @Deer__’s Azdrazi (In Azdromoth pajamas!) Good luck everyone else!
  12. Some voidal magics already have feats etc involved with them – such as Celestials (I haven’t read the lore on Celestials, but I believe it’s a feat of Conjuration? I may be wrong, sorry). When you refer to ‘endgames’ such as wraiths / Zar’Akal / Itharel / Keepers etc, those are all end goals of a single magic. Voidal magics aren’t a single magic, it’s numerous – having an ‘end goal’ form similar to Archons for Voidal Magics would just be introducing a feat that’s almost immediately going to be swept up by the members of the voidal community who are obsessed with voidal magics and have them define everything to do with their character. Those people will then simply hold onto the feat and only pass it on to like-minded, voidal-obsessed peoples.. Aka, it’ll be circle-jerked to high hell, on a far worse scale than any other creature/magic due to the size of the community. We don’t need final forms that let people disregard the original red lines for magics, or allow people to insta-cast their magics because they’re ‘made of the void’ or whatever else. Big fat no in my opinion!
  13. All of the resources on magic have never been completely sealed off until this map, unless I just didn’t venture into Dragur enough previously. From what I recall, all voidal/druid magics were available for everyone to peruse. I can fully understand locking away dark magics + creature resources, but the current Dragur Library has information on dark creatures fully available for anyone to read, and voidal magics locked away?
  14. I literally have not spoken to you since last map, before I pk’d my main character. The only places I’ve even mentioned Ankan were in the Haelun’or Discord, and the Paladin Discord, both of which he was in, as we were both arguing with one another at the time. As for this, being actually related to the thread topic, I agree with your point. When I mentioned progressing others’ characters with the acid rp, I should’ve clarified that it most definitely would progress the characters standing around observing the process also. The issue comes when someone engages in hours-long rp only to end up dead and lose all memories of it. As someone who has had to deal with this with events, it can be extremely frustrating and agitating to watch hours of rp just end up redundant for you, personally. Honestly, I don’t think acid even needs lore. There are venomous and poisonous creatures in LotC, and I’m fairly certain there have been event creatures that have spit acid in the past. Acid isn’t that uncommon and considering it’s already been used for years on end, I don’t think it really needs lore. My main point, which seems to have gotten lost among the dozens of people crying at me for saying the High Elven Community enjoys dunking people in acid, is that if you are going to release lore for Acid, you should maybe try to branch out and add some cool new things to it. Mix it with more alchemy to create interesting poisons etc, or even some sort of acidic cloud similar to a smoke bomb? Or also, as I mentioned, the corrosive molotov idea my friend came up with. Such would make your acid much more interesting in rp, and more available to other forms of rp – like general combat rp instead of just high elven executions and torture.
  15. Oh my god, what the ****? I did not slander you once, I haven’t said anything about you in quite some time. I’ve stated to a few people that I do not like you, but I am very much allowed to have my own opinion of people. All I stated was that this acid lore lacks any real purpose other than allowing the Haelun’or community to insta-kill whoever they like, to their own satisfaction. The fact that you immediately assumed I was even talking about you, which I did not – as I referenced the entire high elf community – is incredibly egotistical and ridiculous. I have been part of the Haelun’or community numerous times throughout Vailor to Arcas, serving on the Council itself three times – twice as Tilruir’Leyun, or whatever the Architect title was. I have played mostly high elves throughout my entire time on LotC, and this map is the first time I’ve ever even seen your username. I have a history with the community that spans back to Vailor, and due to that history I have spent very little time in the city this map. Secondly, whatever rp I conduct between other people is absolutely none of your business. I was barely in Haelun’or as it is, as both my and Slic3man’s characters were apart of the Ves Government during the entire time we were in Haelun’or, and spent 99% of our time in Ves as a result. You sitting behind your monitor and blatantly attacking me despite me making a SINGLE crude comment about the playerbase, not even targetting anyone with it is incredibly immature. I would also like to point out the fact that I literally gave constructive criticism on how they could add to the lore and make this ‘acid’ have many more uses to do with torturing etc, or even corrosive molotov ‘bombs’ that add to general combat rp and provide ways of progressing one’s character without killing them and making all memories of rp leading up to the situation null. You are absolutely out of line.
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