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  1. When you group new players on the server, a lot of whom are probably underage or close to it, with the actions of Players who have not been on the Server in ages, yes. It does touch a nerve. Your comments are disgusting and incredibly inappropriate.
  2. A tall, red-haired elfess with a silver clump of bangs collected her armour, longsword and glaive, packing a variety of foods and a skin of water. She departed the Vale with a beaming smile, one that soon faded into stoicism. She knew how the Magi of the Dark abused the Savannah's Mother Tree. She couldn't even begin to fathom how they might corrupt a similar tree, though one borne of sacrifice and the direct touch of the Aspects. Anya Calithil, The Lost Cleric, took watch once more.
  3. You need new source material for your insults. Old and outdated, and not relevant to the current Elven Playerbases. Stop insulting playerbases through gross accusations of implied sexual activities from a situation that happened 6-8 years ago between players that aren't even part of the server anymore. Landscars existed even outside of Freebuild, or have we forgotten the giant square, untextured or decorated "fortress" that sat on the road to the East of Oren last map? It was there for months and got numerous warnings. Now imagine the landscars that would have existed outside of the public's eye? I don't mind freebuild. I think it grants new players the opportunity to form their own communities, and players without the means of gathering mina through VIP-description items / selling skins or art / etc. the chance to create their own settlement that could easily become a Nation. My only issue with freebuild is how far the area often is from the main Settlements, especially with how needlessly big the last few maps have been. Granted, I haven't been on Moderation and haven't had to deal with removal of freebuild scars.
  4. A younger, red-headed elf, daughter to the grizzled former High Prince of Linandria and former Queen of the Dominion, did her best to comfort his woes - idly strumming upon the strings of her instrument in the corner, "Let them play Kingdoms, Maln - we reside in comfort here, with the true Aspectists" A thin, weakened elfess with darkened hair the hue of thick blood would read over the missives, tossing them aside a moment later, "Evar'tir, you seem to have learned very little during your time in the Dominion. I wonder if someone is using your name because you simply care very little for it, or if your time upon the throne has truly led you to believe this is the next Malinor. Where is Haelun'or, or the Druii? The Mother Circle would have joined, I imagine - old allies of the Dominion. But Haelun'or - they are the real challenge. You cannot claim to be Malinor if you have not even beat the racist, purity-driven beasts into submission. I wished you well, and I still do - but I hope this was not driven by your hand."
  5. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

  6. A younger, red-haired elfess sought her Father out in the Arvellon Homestead, filled with an intense wrath and fury beyond anything she had ever felt before. Upon entering with Lillyana Caerme'onn in tow, she set about unleashing her burning emotions upon her Father, ranting and raving endlessly. She simply could not fathom how Tanila had suffered prior to her eventual sacrifice - a suffering that greatly added to her desire to be the chosen victim. For one of Tahariae's devoted, she believed that such pain and anguish should never have been experienced, and then left to weaken and ail the now deceased woman. The elfess was consumed with resolve this day - her Will empowered by the sacrifice of a woman she had unfortunately not personally met. A woman she would revere for aeons, regardless. @Fireheart@Your Favorite Impure
  7. Compared to the super interruptive and annoying Bunny event we had last map, this version appears much better thought out and planned! Great job CT!! Have fun everyone!
  8. Year 51 of the Second Age; The First Seed Day 1 Aeres had swiftly departed from the snowy Fennic citadel, informing Vytrek that she would return “in a bit”. The recent corruption of the Wayshrine of Death had drawn forth a surge of determination within her. For too long she had sat idle, putting little effort into completing her Trial - for too long she had remained content; ignorant in the face of numerous attacks upon the people she lurked among. It was time the once-mercenary returned to her primary design. She draped herself in furs to protect against the bitter cold of the tundra, fitting herself with various sheets of ferrum plates upon her torso and arms. At her hip rested her usual mace, shedding her longsword for a buckler shield upon her back. A bola was coiled upon her opposing hip, and two claw-like daggers slept upon her belt, custom forged for her trial with a backwards curve and refined point. Her task was to locate a beastly creature and slay it, returning to the citadel for judgement following. Though she had travelled the tundra enough to know of its more common creatures, the tall, broad elfess knew something as simple as an Ice Bear or Wolf would not be sufficient. Not because her Trial had specific requirements, but due to her need to prove her self-worth. Having left in the later portion of the day, dusk was soon to fall as she travelled North. She continued through the autumnal treeline, pausing to examine a small pack of wolves, before diverting Eastward into a mountainous ridge. It was here she scaled a tree and used a simple rope to secure her to its branch, ensuring she wouldn’t be buried alive in any snowfall during the night. Day 2 In the early morning she rose, when the sun itself was still awakening. She took some time to prepare herself for the coming trek, combing through her bag for salted meat rations and her waterskin. When finally she was ready to begin forth, she curled around the ridge that offered her safety the night before, encountering an abandoned camp with aged corpses. The tent had been torn asunder, presumably to gain access to the victims within, though there was no sign of shredded flesh or a feed. Whatever had caused such grief upon the encampment had not done so out of hunger. Aeres shuddered in realisation that whatever had caused this could still be lurking nearby - the ridge she found solace in the night prior having offered nothing but false protections. She would ensure to properly scout the area during her next rest. She set East once more, identifying a tall Mountain in the distance that could provide a better vantage point for her journey’s progress. As she had begun the day early, when the sun still had yet to fully rise, she hoped she would have enough daylight to climb it before dark. She left the autumn trees behind her, encountering the crystalline shards that promoted the growth of Athins on occasion. In the midst of her trek, a sudden thump would cause her to dip low; hand gripping upon the stem of her mace. She remained still, eyes darting about in search for the cause of the noise, as she had been on her lonesome for the better part of two days. Movement in her left peripheral drew her focus, noting a smaller-sized screowl, a white cat-like creature with the head and wings of an owl, which had apparently found some interest in her activities. Aeres’ brow had knit, grumbling beneath her breath about the creature’s low level of intellect, though she twisted on her heel to continue forth once more. Intrigued by the foreign visitor in its environment, the small screowl seemed to follow her to some degree, often dipping out of view for hours at a time before she caught a glimpse of it once more in the distance. As the sun began its downward curve, the elfess neared the peak of the mountain she’d noted in the early morn. Though she had assumed it to be a solid peak at first, she soon realised the entire natural structure was entirely hollow, forming a deep frozen cavity in the earth. Just within the lip of the mountain was a shallow ledge protected by an extensive overhang - the perfect location for her second night of rest. Aeres circled the peak in her remaining hour, scoping out the surrounding tundra. She noted a series of high-risen valleys leading towards the south, though eventually returned to her ledge for rest. Day 3 On her third morning, she briefly struggled to climb up from the ledge she slept within, eventually throwing her bag over the lip before gaining a running start and hurtling herself upwards. There she would rest for some time, huffing as she sought to gain her composure. Despite her history, Aeres had always held an incredibly deep well of patience - but this Trial had finally begun to test her true limits. She had seen the countless Troll corpses along the Northern roads, and heard of the Pagan foreigners that assaulted the gates of the Fennic capital. It was odd how barren the tundra seemed. Why had she encountered only a single, young screowl? It wasn’t until she felt an odd, ticklish sensation on her cheek that her eyes opened again, lifting her torso with a grunt as her newfound companion bolted from her form and over a nearby cleft of snow. The elfess staggered to her feet, tossing her bag over her shoulder before lumbering after it. She had only encountered these creatures once before, when Hareven Lorenthus introduced her to his own, and wondered if perhaps it belonged to a pack of some sort. The elfess only managed to skip over the snow bed before she heard it, the low rumbling warning growl - only this was no mere warning. She barely had time to twist on her heel before the beast launched itself at her, colliding with her form and sending the pair tumbling down a minor hill; wolven teeth latching onto the fur lining her shoulders and piercing the flesh beneath. Aeres released an angered roar of pain, her right hand rising to grip onto the wolf’s head in an attempt to pry it off as they came to a sliding halt, her left stump, resting within a ferrum cylinder of her own design, repeatedly bashing down upon the canine’s skull. Eventually it released her, though its heavy paws kicked and lashed out at her large frame, eager to find another vulnerable spot of flesh. She cried out as its claws raked down the side of her features, narrowly avoiding her eye, though the blood spouting from the wound was quick to sting and blur part of her vision. Aeres’ arms flung about in an attempt to shove the mutt from her form, her gaze widened in the struggle to avoid its gnashing jaws. As the wolf whipped its head forth towards her face, her left stump rose to wedge itself horizontally within its maw. Once more, the elfess shrieked in pain as she felt its jaws slowly crunching upon her arm, only barely withheld by the gradually warping metal lining her stump. Her right hand twisted, reaching forth to press her thumb upon the beast’s skull as her fingers plunged within its left eye; blinding it. The wolf howled in agony, immediately releasing her trapped arm as she began to scuffle backwards, struggling to rise. Her breath fell forth in haggard rasps, the mutt slowly circling her; its paws occasionally rising to scratch at its face. She prepared herself, lowering her metallic arm. Eventually, it pounced - lunging forth with its jaws seeking to latch onto her form, desperate for some sort of hold, though the elfess batted her arm forth to smack into the side of the wolf’s head; knocking it off course. It released a loud whine of pain, disoriented and stumbling to rise from the snow, though she descended upon it once more to continue the beating, only halting once the creature lay limp, its skull cracked and caved in from her relentless attacks. Finally, she fell back into the snow, struggling to regain control over her breath. The adrenaline had begun to fade from her form, drawing forth newfound pain. She pried the metal from her handless arm, grimacing at the quickly rising spots of purple and blue; bruises that undoubtedly now lined the majority of her torso as well. Blood was splattered across her form, most of it from the wolf, though she felt the deep punctures upon her right shoulder that had already soaked her fur cape red. Other minor gashes and marks lined her form, though they were near obsolete in comparison to her main injuries. Aeres remained still for some time, watching the sun rise higher into the sky. She glowered at it, grumbling about the mere start of her day, before recalling the valleys within the high peaks of the mountains from the evening before. The elfess slowly pushed herself to rise, packing snow under her cape in some assumption it would relieve her pain - which it eventually did. She opted to follow the Valley’s natural inclines due South, presenting her middle finger to the screowl as it fluttered over a nearby rock, tilting its head. In the later portions of the day, she noted specks of green leaves poking through the thinning blankets of snow, scuffing her boot along the earth to better reveal the undergrowth. The further she travelled, the thinner the snow got, revealing more complete patches of grass and shrubbery. After an hour more, over one final ridge of rocky snow, Aeres found herself overlooking a shallow lake. The opposing bank was entirely void of snow, instead with tall, dense trees that reminded her of the Haenseni Capital. Had she truely travelled that far South? She shrugged her assumptions aside, electing to follow along the river that split off from the lake, forming a sort of border between the snowy tundra and icy greenland. As the sky began to shift into hues of gold and pink, Aeres found herself growing more desperate for a safe shelter to spend the night. Her feet were practically dragging through grass and snow, her eyes already beginning to lid before dark had truly arrived. But then it appeared in the distance; an abandoned tower, with small portions of rubble lining its base, though it still stood nearly as sturdy as the day it was built. As she settled within the tower’s heights, she began to sift through her bag for the scarce amount of medical supplies she’d actually brought with her - a single jar of tippens’, and a small roll of bandages. Enough to prevent her from bleeding out, at least. Though it was far too late to apply the tippens’ to her shoulder and face, she smeared the foul-smelling salve upon her wounds regardless; struggling to wrap the bandages around her shoulder and secure them in place with only one hand. As she finally hunkered down for the night, she noted a moving, brighter patch of colour and sighed in defeat. The screowl cautiously paced closer to sniff at her feet, before freezing as it lifted its head to examine her entirely. Content in its findings, the smaller critter hopped across to her bag, curling atop it for a shared night of rest. Day 4 In comparison to her previous three days of exploring, hiking, mountain-climbing and combat, Aeres opted for a more relaxed day of rest; sticking close to the tower she’d decided to call her temporary home. She woke up well into the middle of the day, having needed the longer rest to regain her energy and begin mending the various injuries across her form. She set to exploring the shores just in front of the tower, removing her boots to pace through the icy water - unwilling to bathe herself due to the salt that would undoubtedly irritate her wounds. The snow-white screowl bounded along behind her as she wandered about, pausing to chase butterflies or the odd beetle, before fluttering back to her proximity. Eventually, the elfess gave in - tugging free one of her daggers and standing within the salty water for near an hour before a fish finally found its way to her. She snapped her blade out, managing to pin its tail and snatched it out of the water in triumph. Turning to the screowl, she addressed it directly for the first time, "YOU SEE THIS? I AM A GOD, AND YOU'RE EATING FISH TONIGHT!" Sure enough, Aeres set to building a small fire - skewering the fish and setting it atop the flames to roast. Her new companion danced beside her while it cooked, eager for the bountiful meal. Only once the fish was baked throughout, split open to remove any hazardous bones, and cooled so as to not burn the screowl’s mouth as it ate, did the elfess finally feed herself. The pair returned to their tower for their final night of rest not long after. Day 5 Aeres awoke with a solemn expression, staring at the decaying roof above. She had finally begun to regret setting off on this trial, though she knew it would have to come to its conclusion soon enough. She’d technically already completed it - killing a lone wolf with technically nothing but her bare hand.. And stump, but the elfess’ need to prove herself carried her forth still; packing her bag and rising to her feet. She blinked in surprise as the screowl nestled itself upon the top of her bag, its paws resting over her shoulder to cradle its head; peering forth. Surprise turned into acceptance as she departed the tower and carried forth East. She followed the icy shore, venturing through an aged battlefield with weapons seemingly forged by giants now rusting within the earth. She skirted around large, crumbling buildings, taking a momentary break to examine a distant ship banked upon a shallow shore. The water began to darken the further she travelled, growing dense with sea grass, shrubbery, and aquatic life. A brief distance out, islands were risen from the water in small groups, teeming with wildlife and drooping trees. The Northern Swamps Aeres cast the distant shores a studious glare, uncomfortable with the seemingly unnatural abundance of life, following the shore as it curved North. The sand and grass rapidly vanished beneath a thin spread of snow once more, with crystalline spires dotting the earth further inland. The occasional snow hare darted across the base of a mountainous ridge beyond the spires, though otherwise the landscape, as she was now used to, was void of life. Aeres came to a steady halt, slowly lifting her bag over her shoulder to drop it upon the ground, ensuring the screowl had enough time to clamber across to her other shoulder. She squatted in the snow, rifling through her supplies in search of some parchment and ink. Her focus skimmed across to the screowl as it hopped off her shoulder, plodding through the snow that rose halfway up its legs. “..Don’t imagine you know Vytrek, mm? Might have to see if I can train you to deliver letters for me. Let’s hope you understand directions, for now.. WEST. GO WEST” Aeres would lift a hand to point at the mountain ridge, arcing her arm. The screowl chirped up at her, tilting its head in absolute lack of understanding, though its feathers suddenly stood up; whipping about to peer off into the distance. The elfess’ gaze rose also, examining the distant swamps in confusion, “What on Almaris has you so flustered? Listen to me, WES-” She froze. A rumbling, thunderous roar echoed through the skies from the distant swamp isles, causing her eyes to widen and heart to race. Whatever it belonged to was far larger than a wolf, and she could only hope it was land-bound. She quickly scrawled her note, withdrawing a length of ribbon to attach it to the screowl’s front left paw, lifting it within her hands as the distant creature released another echoing bellow. “Alright. Even if it’s just to save yourself, please go West. Find someone, anyone - whatever that thing is, it’s getting closer. West, alright?” Aeres pointed once more at the mountain range, before raising the screowl into the air, briefly dipping her hands to encourage it to take flight. The creature chirped at her as it began its departure, soaring off and out of the view of a darkened shadow that began to rise from the distant isles. It looped through the air momentarily, and then redirected its course directly towards her, rapidly growing in size as it grew closer and closer. Aeres began to curse under her breath. She wasn’t entirely sure what had awakened the creature - perhaps it simply arose to begin hunting, and often preyed upon the hares along the shore? Or maybe it was the dried blood caking her form, the wind carrying such a scent over to its nest. Regardless, the creature was awake, flying, and apparently quite large in size. The elfess remained still for some time, watching its approach in order to better assess what exactly she would be up against. Her hands shifted about her frame, as if deciding which weapon to wield first, though finally drew the buckler shield from her back. The flying creature appeared much like a dragon as it grew closer - green in hue, though its body was far more sleek and thin, missing the upwards-curved snout and prominent horns. It appeared to be nearly 16 feet in length - a little more than double Aeres’ height, and weighing far more than she. The Crackadonk Aeres drew forth her buckler shield as the creature ascended slightly, fitting the shield upon her stump with its specialised strap. An odd, sharp clacking noise began to sound in the air above as the elfess lifted her focus, only to raise her shield as a torrent of bright flame was expelled upon her. Whilst this creature certainly didn’t look like a real Dragon, it most certainly had the same capabilities, it would seem. She turned on her heel after the first torrent; the creature skimming past her in the sky before completing a loop. Her shield rose again as she began to sprint towards the crystalline spires further inland, flame lashing down upon her and licking at her shins and feet - heating her steel boots quite rapidly. As the creature completed its second pass and prepared its third, the elfess dove for the safety of the ice, her hand whipping about to pry the steaming boots from her legs. Upon settling her layered feet within the snow, she would sigh from the relief of the cold upon her roasted flesh, though tensed once more at the oncoming clacking. As the creature neared, it paused to rain flames over the top of the extensive ice structure, causing droplets of water to drip down around Aeres. She stumbled to her feet once its attack was concluded, huffing in an attempt to draw upon whatever courage she had left, freeing her mace and sprinting out from under the ice; battering the center of her shield to draw its ire. Rather than speed towards her aggravating sound, the beast began to climb higher in the sky before abruptly folding its wings and dropping towards her. Aeres paused in utter confusion, pondering whether the sound had straight up knocked the creature out, before its wings shifted - guiding its fall. It was planned. She turned on her heel to sprint out of the way once more, alas her right leg was caught in the creature’s snapping jaw. As it hit the ground, the elfess’ leg gripped within its maw, it began to rapidly thrash its body about to roll through the snow - dragging her with it. Aeres’ shield was lost in the midst of the struggle, tumbling on occasion to prevent her leg from being completely ripped from her torso. Her mace swung forth over and over, bashing repeatedly against the hardened scales of the creature’s scalp, though the bludgeoning did nothing to rend flesh. However, the false-dragon’s grip upon her leg loosened, eventually releasing her entirely as it grew disoriented from the combined rolling and her attacks. Now tossed to the side, Aeres dropped her mace to collect the bola firmly attached to her hip, drawing it forth and idly swinging it in preparation. Her leg sparked with immense pain with each step she took, though the elfess’ sole focus was on her success; her survival. The creature’s throat began to clack once more, its jaw slightly opened to encourage the spark of a flame. The elfess lunged forth with this, releasing the bola to send it hurtling towards the creature’s snout, curling under and around before entangling together at their weighted ends. Aeres’ arm flung out to latch onto the rope as she landed against the creature, tugging on it to pull it taut, ensuring the creature was unable to release another torrent of flame - though its throat brightened as smoke seeped forth from its nostrils, and heat expelled from the gaps between its jagged teeth. The creature grew agitated with this new limitation, suddenly digging through the snow to loft itself sideways; rolling along the shore once more to remove her grasp upon the binding rope. Tossed to the side for a second time, Aeres tugged forth one of her two daggers, the blades curved and narrowed at their point. She observed the creature as it staggered about with a winged limb rising to claw at its snout, struggling to remove the tightened ropes. Rising slowly this time, she seethed between her teeth at the burning, near intolerable pain racing through her injured leg. Her adrenaline was certainly starting to fade, her gaze briefly shifting to the nearby mountain range to search for her long-gone companion, though she found no familiar faces nor critters. Returning her focus to the false-dragon, Aeres tensed her form and lunged forth once more to close the gap; her arm swinging outwards to dig the tip of her dagger into the side of its head. The blade clattered against close-knit scale, dragging along the side of its skull before meeting the ridge of its eye and plunging into the vulnerable organ beyond. The creature hissed in pain, spitting bile and gas across the snow as it whipped its head back and forth - eager to dislodge the embedded blade. Aeres simply drew her second dagger as she stood still, struggling to focus her breathing as the exhaustion of the past week’s events gradually caught up to her. The creature continued to thrash about in front of her, though she lifted the blade and slunk forth against it, repeatedly thrusting it down atop its scalp. The blade initially struck against flattened, impenetrable scales, though she began to flick her wrist to prompt it to hook between the slabs and into soft tissue beneath. The more she worked to wedge the blade into its scalp, the slower the creature staggered about, before eventually slumping into the snow with the elfess strewn atop it. Aeres lay there for some time, initially warming herself against the heat rising from the creature’s mouth and throat, though the cold was quick to overwhelm its corpse. The sun had begun its descent not long after the conclusion of their battle, though the elfess had found herself unable to move. Her leg was undoubtedly crushed, with mild burns and moderate gashes scattered along her limbs. Perhaps the cold would take her before any wolves or bears came upon her, putting her out of her misery painlessly. She thought back to the screowl she had sent off earlier in the day, managing to release a croak of laughter at its prolonged absence. It felt as if she had been abandoned by everything as of late - first her cousin’s demise in the Ando Alur explosion, followed by his grieving widow who took to the wilds. Her friend, who turned on her with no mercy, banishing her from Elvenesse, and the monks, whom the realm sought fit to steal their gifts. She had very little expectations left, closing her eyes and awaiting her inevitable end. After what seemed like an eternity of awaiting her fate, she began to hear it; chitters, in the distance... followed by distant grumbles. The sound of someone trudging through the snow, growing closer to her. Perhaps it was the remainder of that wolf’s pack, come to tear her apart. Or a large snow bear, hunting for its evening meal with its cubs. Whatever it was, she knew she could do nothing to prevent it. As the sounds grew closer, she heard a deep voice calling out to her - though it sounded heavily distorted. She was unable to understand it until the figure grew closer, leaning over her form to examine her thoroughly, “..Aeres” She released a wispy breath, her eyelids slowly cranking open as her blurred vision struggled to make out the figure before her. The sky had already gone dark, though he wielded a torch to combat the freezing temperatures and limited vision. Darker skin, with long hair and shimmering yellow eyes. “Khel” She struggled to voice his name, sounding more akin to crackle in her throat. A weight landed upon her left arm, causing her to numbly drag her head over to peer at the familiar sight of her small companion. The screowl tilted its head, as if mocking her for ever doubting its capabilities. A huff of air flooded forth from her maw, “Better.. Late.. than never” Khel simply shook his head in dismay at her ability to find humour in the situation, stepping back to examine the moderately sized corpse she was laid upon. He briefly lifted one of its wings; his gaze flicking about in utter bewilderment, “What the hell did you get up to? Are you insane, woman?” He stepped over at this, laying his torch on the beast’s hide before gently lifting Aeres to rest her along his shoulders. She would grunt gently, though fell relatively limp upon his form, her eyelids settling once more. Khel collected his torch, whistling briefly at the screowl before twisting on his heel to set back West, beginning the trek home. Source OOC Notes

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