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  1. A tall, relatively plain woman would sit at her desk, hands risen with her fingers tangled upwards through her golden hair; torn into a mess from the fidgeting that accompanied the woman’s endless sobbing. Sweat and tear alike drenched her face and clothes as she slumped forth over her desk. “I must truly be cursed, dearest Sister, if I am to live endlessly without you by my side.” A near identical, albeit younger and more stubborn version of Thea, would collapse to her knees at the news of her mother’s passing. The young squire was torn into silence in disbelief, and her voice would remain so in the days to come. She began to make plans for her return to her mother’s side, one last time, to bid her a final farewell.
  2. Has anyone seen a child named Minerva? She was literally born like 3 days ago and my character lost her. Please send help.
  3. -= Auction is now closed =- I’ll be going through the bids over the next hour or so, and all winners will be added on Discord
  4. 30 Minutes remaining for the Auction.
  5. -= Hey Guys! =- I’m going to Auction off some skins of mine to help support the founding of the Coalition of Arcane Knowledge! What’s the Coalition of blegh, you ask? It’s a new fancy-pancy magic school that will be open to all players to come and learn more about various types of Magics, and maybe even grab some MA’s! If you’re interested in this shameless plug, click here: https://discord.gg/y5uRa93 These skins will be posted in 2 Categories – “Modest” and “Revealing” Modest skins are more Human, Revealing are more Druidic / Elven Keep in mind, some of these skins are older and thus their shading or hat layers may not be similar to my current skinning style – but I only selected skins of decent quality! Any skins that aren’t bidded on may be added to future Auctions instead~ Small Note: _x_Hyperion_x_ is blacklisted from this Auction, and all bids placed by them will be ignored. -= Rules =- This Auction will end on Monday 27th, at 1PM EST Initial Bids must equal or exceed 1000 Mina Edited comments will not be counted as legitimate bids Payment must be delivered within a week of the Auction’s close, otherwise the bid is withdrawn and the skin withdrawn for future Auctions. Players found to be placing bids without intent of purchase, and only to drive prices up for other players, will be blacklisted from the Auction. This is a disrespectful and unfair thing to do, and it won’t be tolerated. -= Bidding Format =- Discord: Skins / Bid: -= Revealing Skins =- Angelic White Canon Red Capped Lilac Elegant Lilac Elven Skirts Ichorian Priestess Imperial Purple Purple Dancer Royal Blue -= Modest Skins =- Armoured Garb Cainhurst Garb Elegant Red Embroidered Teal Lonely Valentines Marching Garb Masquerade Red Plunging Teal Purple Floral Purple Robes Red Empress Red Wench Sea Robes Sheer Gold Wick Black Wick Blue Fancy Boi
  6. The actual effects are what has been stated. If a human sought a blessing of increased strength or speed, they would gain strength and speed equivalent to what they’d be capable of at peak performance, however for strength they’d become slower, and for speed they’d become weaker. The blessings pertain to all attributes of a person, both physical and non-physical. It could be more specific to certain body parts, or it could be something that enables them to think more rationally, focus better when studying, increased perception etc. Think of D&D attributes, I suppose. I’m not entirely sure how I can clarify that any further in the lore. The word ‘attribute’ has been used to prevent people from trying to give Descendants additional limbs / magics / abilities. It can only affect preexisting attributes of the Descendant, and only to what that Descendant would be capable of at peak performance.
  7. Made me have to double check to make sure I copied/pasted all my redlines over – The blessings referred to are in the ability “Payment for a Blessing”, and the redlines not only state possible blessings that could be used, but also the requirement for a balanced downside to each physical blessing, and the limitations placed on them (only as strong as peak performance etc.): A non-physical blessing will last for 1 IRL day. A physical blessing will last for 3 IRL hours. The Blessing granted may only be an attribute, such as clarity of the mind / increased strength / agility / eyesight etc. These attributes may only be as strong as what the Descendant would be at peak performance. Any blessing that increases a physical attribute (Such as strength / agility / eyesight) will always have a downfall. Increased strength will make the Descendant slower / Agility will make them weaker / The ability to see better in the dark will make them sensitive to sunlight etc. This is also clarified in my physiology: “Due to the Vaehir’s connection to the Daemon Llahir, it is impossible for them to learn any other magic. They are also unable to be kloned, become machine spirits, reproduce, or age.” I haven’t placed a magic slot number on them because they’re meant to be creatures incapable of anything else due to their Daemonic connection. I can implement a Magic Slot if required – but it would be all 5 slots.
  8. These creatures should still be viable without Llahir. Modifications would have to be made regarding their origins and the nature of their connection/method of turning into a creature, but due to their purpose I don’t see why they couldn’t exist without him. Edit: Llahir could also just be rewritten if the ST have issues with him. I think his symbol is a bit weird – the helix / eye thing was something that confused us for the longest time, and his personal lore, last I read, was a bit lacking in comparison to others.
  9. -= Vaehir =- Faces of Llahir -= OOC Notes =- -= Vaehir Origins =- Forgotten from the realm, and assumed lost by his fellow Aengudaemons, Llahir had returned from his stint among the Descendants with a refreshed inspiration for his work, and how to satisfy his cravings for deceit. Thus, he set to work to design a creature that could stalk the shadows in his absence, manipulating the hearts and minds of man with endless abilities. At first, Llahir found himself utterly bemused by the deeds of his Izkuthii, observing their deceitful actions and feasting on the misery and deception they caused. However, such a craving only proved difficult to satisfy. The Daemon eventually found himself retreating back to his original designs in criticism of their flaws, and methods of improvement. Thus, the Izkuthii were reformed. This occurred continuously, following a near regular pattern in which the Daemon would grow more and more ravenous; eager to grant his creations a larger potential for deception and manipulation. To gamble with not only possessions, but eventually souls as well. Alas, it would never be enough. Upon the realm of Arcas, those that had unknowingly followed the Daemon found themselves suddenly lacking in immortality, alongside the hunger they had shared with Llahir. They were left without answers, having not known that their work itself was conducted in service to a Daemon. Various decades passed in silence, though whispers began to spread of curious sightings of glowing eyes. They always came in threes, though none could say who or what they belonged to, as they would only ever peer out from the darkness. With time, the truly daring eventually stepped forth to investigate the source of such strange imagery, and always returned entirely unharmed and instead with gifts seemingly granted from the divine themselves. Whispers soon turned into rumours, of figures capable of granting wishes in return for peculiar items. These figures were told to be surprisingly welcoming to those that sought them out for their aid, considering their faces were always hidden by a solid mask lacking any form of holes for vision. Eventually, a single story spread of a large heist that had occurred within one of the human capitals. A group of bandits had somehow crept within the citadel and stolen an ancient crown belonging to one of the late Empresses. Such a feat had never been successful before, and many were confused at how such a simple group of bandits were capable of it - until a witness stated their recount of three, glowing eyes watching from beyond. It was then that the true motivation of these figures came into the light. Distrust began to spread between the wary, labelling them as deceitful kleptomaniacs that could not be trusted. However, for those with darkened hearts and dishonest intentions, the figures with three eyes only began to entice them more. If the Three-Eyes were responsible for the bandits’ successful heist, what else were they capable of? What was their price? -= Creed of Whispers =- The Creeds of the Vaehir are whispered to them upon their connection by the many voices of their multi-faced Daemon, and are impossible to forget. Should a Vaehir dance upon the borders of Creed breakage, the same voices will begin to quietly hiss and haunt them, and will continue to do so if the Creed is fully broken. This endless haunting of voices will eventually result in mild forms of paranoia. A Vaehir must never bring death to an individual, unless the individual is actively attempting to physically harm the Vaehir, unprovoked. Plotting against a Vaehir or being provoked does not grant freedom to kill. A Vaehir must never consort with a known Dark Mage or Murderer. A Vaehir must never harm or plot against their fellow Vaehir, unless the target Vaehir has broken a Creed. This includes revealing any Skin Walking, or plans and intentions. A Vaehir must never detail their capabilities or creation. This includes explaining abilities, connection and disconnection rites, and what the Vaehir are as a creature. Redlines Extensive exposure to Llahir’s voices will eventually result in the Vaehir growing more paranoid. Refusal to emote any sort of change in character to reflect this is powergaming. Llahir’s voices cannot be detected by anyone other than the Creed Breaker. A Vaehir that role plays being aware of a broken Creed, or of Llahir’s voices, without sufficient evidence of learning through roleplay, will be considered powergaming. In the second Creed, a Murderer is defined as a person who has willingly killed others outside of self-defence or as an on-duty guard enforcing laws. The third Creed may only be broken if the Vaehir being targeted has been proven to have broken a Creed with LT approval for Disconnection. -= Connection | Disconnection =- Connection Rite The connection of a Vaehir is an extremely painful process which only requires one already connected Vaehir. The ability itself must first be taught through a connection rite, before a Vaehir is capable of connecting others by themselves. The process of connection is as follows: The Vaehir lifts their hands to their head, cupping their palms together beneath the glowing eye hovering in front of their brow. This eye slowly begins to weep a silvery liquid, collecting it within their palms where it spreads out and solidifies into a solid, blank silver mask that lacks eye holes. Once fully formed, the Vaehir then extends this mask to press it against the face of the individual they are connecting. The mask will meld itself against their flesh, causing an intense, searing pain upon their face. This same pain is echoed throughout their entire body, as their soul is connected to the Daemon Llahir. As the mask fuses with the individual’s face, it will gradually colour itself with a design unique to that individual, though it will lack eye holes, and three white glowing eyes will shimmer into existence in front of their forehead, and over the back of each hand. Redlines An individual can only be connected to Llahir, and become a Vaehir, with OOC consent. RP consent is not required. Becoming a Vaehir counts as a deific connection. The Connection Rite can only be learned through the act of connection itself, by a Vaehir who already knows the rite. Connecting other Vaehir without pre-taught knowledge will be considered powergaming. The mask is fused completely to the Vaehir’s face, and cannot grow any external additions. It can only be coloured with a design of the Vaehir’s choosing. This design cannot change once chosen. The mask cannot be moved around the Vaehir’s face, but it can be hidden by any material. It also cannot be removed from the Vaehir’s face as it is soulbound to their flesh. Only Skin Walking can hide the mask from the Vaehir’s form. The three glowing eyes cannot be hidden by any material as they hover in the air in front of the Vaehir’s forehead and hands. Only Skin Walking can hide the eyes from the Vaehir’s form. Disconnection Rite The disconnection of a Vaehir is an equally painful process which only requires one already connected Vaehir. The ability itself must first be taught through a disconnection rite, before a Vaehir is capable of disconnecting others by themselves. A disconnection can only occur if a Vaehir has broken one of the Creeds of Whispers. The process of disconnection is as follows: The Vaehir lifts their hands to press their palms against the Creed Breaker’s mask. The eyes upon the back of the Vaehir’s hands begins to weep a silvery liquid that seeps forth to coat the Creed Breaker’s mask. This mask is then rapidly heated and dissolved by the liquid, causing an intense searing pain upon their face. This same pain is echoed throughout their entire body, as their soul is disconnected from the Daemon Llahir. Redlines A Vaehir can only be disconnected from Llahir with LT approval. This includes evidence of a Creed being broken, and the method in which the Vaehir conducting the disconnection found out about it. The Disconnection Rite can only be learned through the act of disconnection itself, by a Vaehir who already knows the rite. Disconnecting other Vaehir without pre-taught knowledge will be considered powergaming. A Disconnection Rite can only be conducted with proof of a broken Creed. It cannot be cast randomly to test for broken Creeds. If the Creed Breaker is currently Skin Walking, their mask will instead be drawn forth by the silver liquid, and then dissolved. -= Vaehir Physiology =- The Vaehir have a single true form in which their mask and three glowing eyes can be seen. The mask’s design will always be unique to each Vaehir, though it will never have eye holes. The three glowing eyes will always hover in the air in front of the Vaehir’s forehead, and on the back of their hands. A Vaehir is capable of changing their appearance with the ability Skin Walking, which enables them to hide their mask and remove the glowing eyes. However, the Vaehir is only capable of using their abilities, aside from Skin Walking, with their mask and eyes present. Due to the Vaehir’s connection to the Daemon Llahir, it is impossible for them to learn any other magic. They are also unable to be kloned, become machine spirits, reproduce, or age. However, as their anatomy retains its natural structure, they are still required to eat and drink to prevent starvation and dehydration. Alongside this, they are susceptible to poisons and disease. The mind of a Vaehir is also corrupted upon connection to Llahir, causing them to gradually begin to question their sense of morals. This is represented further through an increased desire to lie whenever possible, gamble on whatever odds present themselves, and to manipulate and deceive others as best they can. Alongside this, a Vaehir can occasionally develop an unhealthy attachment to a specific item or person. These attachments are of a possessive manner, in which the Vaehir can grow temperamental if the subject of their attachment is tampered with. Redlines The eye upon the Vaehir’s forehead becomes their new method of vision instead of their original eyes. If the Vaehir is Skin Walking, the eyes on their face becomes their method of vision. The development of an attachment is not a valid reason to break the second Creed. -= Vaehir Abilities =- Each Vaehir has innate abilities, though they must first learn these abilities from another Vaehir before they understand how to use them. All active abilities cannot be used unless the Vaehir is in their true form (ie. mask & three eyes). The silver liquid formed when casting a Vaehir ability is of a purely magical nature, and is unable to be drawn forth outside of abilities. Skin Walking [4 Emotes | Passive Ability] An ability in which the Vaehir are able to alter their appearance. It is assumed that each Skin they walk in is merely another of Llahir’s faces, as the Daemon himself was told to have once walked among the Descendant races to enact his own mischievous deeds. Redlines A Vaehir cannot add or take mass from their base form. This includes moving or removing organs, muscle, and bone. Fat can be redistributed to grant the Vaehir different characteristics. A Vaehir may not adjust their height as their bones remain unaffected by Skin Walking. A Vaehir may attempt to clone any other individual, however it will have very apparent imperfections that anyone could identify at a moment’s notice. A Vaehir is unable to detect the presence of another Vaehir, or use of a Skin. Payment for a Blessing [3 Emotes | Active Ability] An ability in which a Descendant may request a temporary blessing from the Vaehir in return for a personal possession deemed to be of equivalent sentimental value. The Descendant may provide their own possession, however it is up to the Vaehir to decide if the possession is valuable enough to trade for the blessing being sought. Redlines This ability can only be used 3 times per IRL day. It can only be used on a specific individual once per IRL week. A non-physical blessing will last for 1 IRL day. A physical blessing will last for 3 IRL hours. The Blessing granted may only be an attribute, such as clarity of the mind / increased strength / agility / eyesight etc. These attributes may only be as strong as what the Descendant would be at peak performance. Any blessing that increases a physical attribute (Such as strength / agility / eyesight) will always have a downfall. Increased strength will make the Descendant slower / Agility will make them weaker / The ability to see better in the dark will make them sensitive to sunlight etc. It is up to the Vaehir to decide if the possession provided is valuable enough. If it is not, a different possession may be requested/offered that matches the Vaehir’s perceived value of the blessing. If the Vaehir is killed, the blessing will fade immediately from the Descendant if the duration is not already up. This ability does not work on Vaehir or non-Descendant creatures. Charm of a Daemon [2 Emotes | Active Ability] An ability in which the Vaehir may create a 3 metre radius in which any Descendants would feel more trusting towards the Vaehir, and thus more liable to believe what they say. This ability does not force Descendants to believe the Vaehir, but will make what they say sound more reasonable and believable. Redlines This ability can only be used 2 times per IRL day. It only lasts for 2 IRL hours, until the Vaehir moves from their original position, or until the Vaehir is attacked. If the Vaehir is attacked, this ability counts as provoking a Descendant and does not grant the Vaehir freedom to kill. Anyone within a 3 block distance of the Vaehir will feel an increased level of trust towards them, and will be more liable to believe what the Vaehir says. However, this ability does not force anyone to fully like or believe the Vaehir, and refusal to clarify this will be deemed powergaming. This ability allows the Vaehir to try and persuade a Descendant to conduct specific non-combat actions as well, however they cannot be forced to comply. Forceful compliance will be deemed powergaming. This ability does not work on Vaehir or non-Descendant creatures. Daemonic Deception [3 Emotes | Active Ability] An ability in which a Vaehir may temporarily create an imperfect, incorporeal clone of a Descendant. This clone, due to its incorporeal nature, is entirely incapable of bringing physical harm to another being, or manipulating physical objects. It may only be used to represent the original target and say things in their voice. Redlines This ability can only be used once per IRL day. A specific individual can only be cloned once per IRL week. This ability will last for 2 hours, or until the clone or Vaehir are attacked. If the Vaehir is attacked, this ability counts as provoking a Descendant and does not grant the Vaehir freedom to kill. A Vaehir can only clone a Descendant if they have personally come within 3 blocks of the Descendant. Anyone within 3 blocks of the clone, who knows the original Descendant’s appearance, can easily identify the imperfections. Llahir’s Luck [3 Emotes | Active Ability] An ability in which the Vaehir may temporarily bless a Descendant with increased luck during any attempts to lockpick. This ability only works on locked doors, and holds the chance to backfire on the Descendant due to its nature of luck. When lockpicking, the Descendant must roll out of 20 for their initial lockpicking attempt, and may then roll again out of 2 for a bonus. Rolling a 1 out of 2 = The Descendant must take 2 from their original lockpick attempt. Rolling a 2 out of 2 = The Descendant must add 3 to their original lockpick attempt. All Server Rules regarding lockpicking must still be followed. These can be viewed here, and for heists here. Redlines This ability can only be used once per IRL day. It can only be used on a specific individual once per IRL week. This ability will last for 24 hours from the Vaehir’s time of casting, and only works on lockpicking doors. It will not apply to anything else, including breaking down doors. The Descendant may only use this blessing for 1 lockpick attempt per door, however they can choose when to apply the blessing. This blessing does not give them additional lockpicking attempts. This blessing may only be used by the Descendant with the presence of a Moderator. It is the Vaehir’s responsibility to make the Descendant aware of this requirement. RP’ing this blessing without a Moderator present will be classified as powergaming. The keyword ‘Llahir’ must be used in the Vaehir’s emote when casting this ability, to enable the Moderator to confirm the blessing was cast within 24 hours. If this keyword is not used, then the blessing will be invalid, and RP’ly will have not taken hold due to its unstable nature with luck. If the Vaehir is killed, the blessing will fade immediately from the Descendant if the duration is not already up. This ability does not work on Vaehir or non-Descendant creatures. Pact of the Vaehir [3 Emotes | Active Ability] An ability in which a Vaehir may form a temporary pact with a Descendant to aid in completing a mutual goal. This pact takes the form of a blank silver mask that covers the Descendant’s face, though this version has eye holes. The mask allows the Descendant to identify the pacted Vaehir through their Skin Walking ability, and allows them to use the ability Lesser Skin Walking. If either the Descendant or Vaehir are killed before their goal is achieved, Llahir’s voices will begin to hiss and haunt the survivor due to their inability to save their partner. If both survive, but the duration of the pact ends before their goal is achieved, Llahir’s voices will hiss and haunt both. This effect will only last for one IRL day. Lesser Skin Walking [3 Emotes | Descendant Ability] While pacted to a Vaehir using the ability Pact of the Vaehir, a Descendant is capable of using their temporary mask to create a single new Skin that only covers their head. The rest of their body remains exactly the same as their normal form. Redlines This ability can only be used once per IRL week. It can only be used on a specific individual once per IRL fortnight (2 weeks). This ability will last for 3 hours, until the mutual goal is achieved, or until either the Descendant or Vaehir are killed. If the Vaehir or Descendant are attacked, this ability counts as provoking a Descendant and does not grant the Vaehir freedom to kill. While the Descendant and Vaehir are pacted, the Descendant will have a soulbound silver mask in their possession (RP’ly, not MC’ly). It is Soulbound to the Descendant and can still be removed from their face, but cannot be taken more than 2 blocks away from them before it vanishes and returns to the Descendant’s pocket or hand. The Descendant is only permitted the use of a single new appearance from their mask, however this appearance only covers their head. The rest of their body will remain exactly the same. In order to use their new appearance, the silver mask must be on their face. The Descendant Player must be linked to this lore to fully read and understand the mechanics, emote process, and redlines of the ability Lesser Skin Walking. It is the Vaehir’s responsibility to ensure this is done. When emoting the presence of the silver mask, the Descendant is required to specify the existing eye holes and lack of details. This is crucial to prevent confusion between the Vaehir mask and Descendant mask. The Descendant is required to remain within 10 blocks of the Vaehir they are pacted to when using the ability Lesser Skin Walking, otherwise their appearance will fade to reveal the silver mask beneath. All Redlines for the Vaehir ability Skin Walking also apply to the Descendant ability Lesser Skin Walking. This ability does not work on Vaehir or non-Descendant creatures. -= Purpose =- The Vaehir are a replacement creature to the Izkuthii; daemonic tricksters that existed to serve Llahir through his desires for thieving, tricking, and any activity surrounding luck. The Vaehir are designed for the purpose of providing development to other player’s storylines and characters outside of ST-driven events. The Vaehir fill the role of a creature that provides development and interesting RP without the consequence of death, which would result in the loss of memories and lack of progress for the victim. As a result, all of the Vaehir’s abilities are designed to affect other people, as opposed to granting the Vaehir themselves advantages and boons. This creature also acts as the embodiment of the phrase “making a deal with the Devil”, by granting other players the ability to seek out the Vaehir to gain personal boons and make pacts. This further adds to the development of other character’s stories by allowing them to spend time researching and looking for the Vaehir, which should be a somewhat simple task for the truly willing. Majority of the abilities of the Vaehir revolve around the premise of properly planned out activities in which the Vaehir’s support could be greatly beneficial. This also further adds to their capability in developing other stories through interactions by getting involved in properly developed plans, akin to a mercenary being hired for an upcoming battle. The Vaehir themselves hold the purpose of feeding Llahir’s hunger for manipulation and deception, a hunger they share themselves that is unable to be sated by minor thieving or trickery. Instead, they will almost always seek to be involved in larger plans, or to conduct their manipulation and deception on a larger scale; affecting entire groups at once. -= Relevant Information =- Lore Authors Amayonnaise - Design & Lore Slic3man - Editor / Feedback Kalehart - Editor / Feedback
  10. In regards to the art, it was an entirely free piece of Art I created for Bones’ rewrite, and I personally suggested its use to GoldEatingCommie when he approached me for advice on his lore. The suggestion was made due to how difficult it can be to find decent images of horned, masked individuals with 3 eyes also. It was entirely my fault to not first contact Fae and Bones before granted the use of my art, and I acknowledge that and apologise. It was an honest mistake.
  11. Is the creative wizard tag no longer a prize?
  12. -= Clan Valasaene =- Woven by the Threads of Fate; The Might of the Destined Path, and the Wisdom of its Journey Founded in the year of 1767 by Evasandriel and Aurelion, Clan Valasaene currently serves the Children of Malin from within the village of Siramenor. They act as educators and advisors for the Mali to provide training in weaponry, military strategies, artisanry of all forms, and to also deliver wisdom and guidance on more civil matters when needed. The Clan is unique in its dual leadership, as each leader represents one side of the Clan’s Militaristic and Artistic approach. These dual leaders focus on the Clan’s ideology of Threads of Fate woven between all living entities, through the guidance and education presented to their fellow Mali within Siramenor and the other elven settlements. -= The Oath of the Valasaene =- The Valasaene Clan was founded in the year of 1767 by Evasandriel and Aurelion, the youngest children of the original Valasaene bloodline. These siblings gathered within the Forges of Siramenor to kneel before the Sun and Cosmos, swearing an oath of loyalty and faith in Malin’s Children; an unbreakable promise to serve, educate, and advise on all matters when required. “As our Fated Paths have destined for us, we kneel before the Sun and Cosmos to swear an unbreakable Oath of allegiance, loyalty, and faith. It is through the watchful celestials of the Cosmos that we may rise to aid in guiding and educating Malin’s Children in their own destined paths, using the knowledge and experience gained throughout our own. It is in the warmth and light of the Sun that we gain our Might and Wisdom, forming the name Valasaene with which we will henceforth serve the kin of Malin, and the Seeds in which they belong.” Throughout the swearing of this Oath, Evasandriel of the Sun and Aurelion of the Cosmos presented their hands and drew forth their lifeforce, in which rested their Threads of Fate, combining the blood with metal to form two separate pieces of a flamberge; the Hilt of Evasandriel’s Wisdom, and the Blade of Aurelion’s Might. These two pieces were to be held by the Father and Mother of the Clan, capable of being conjoined to represent the full unity of each side of the household. -= Threads of Fate =- The Threads of Fate are told to first bind around a living entity at its very first point of contact with the natural world. These Threads outlined each potential decision and path the entity could follow, such as the shape in which a tree chose to grow, the waterhole an animal chose to drink from, or the walk of life a Mali chose to follow. Everything was predetermined, though some entities had a broader variety of choices, but their inevitable fate would always revolve around a key factor. This could never be altered. The method of reaching this inevitable fate was through building one’s self up along their journey; to gain skills and experience, and develop into a Mali capable of many different tasks. Due to the nature of the Threads, and the mystery surrounding what exactly the Mali’s true path was, it was deemed essential to gain as much wisdom and knowledge as possible to reach one’s full potential, as only in doing so would they fulfill their fate. However, the idea of reaching one’s full potential and fulfilling their fate was not deemed simply a grim meeting of one’s demise. Instead, it was told that each Mali of the Threads of Fate was a herald of their inevitable fate. In fulfilling their destiny, their soul would ascend to embody that in which their fate represented; such as a Mali of the Sun embodying the Sun’s loving warmth and brilliant rays to shine forevermore upon their descendants. In this, the Mali’s death was never a grim and unfortunate affair, but rather a celebration of the path they walked, the skills they gained, and the knowledge they uncovered throughout. To reach one’s full potential was to truly ascend beyond the veil of the living. Unfortunately, not everything within the realm of the living could be deemed natural. The Threads of Fate were undeniably strong when bound to those devoted to the natural world, though they were easily severed in the face of true darkness. To gain an affliction of the soul or body was to be corrupted; severing the Threads that were bound to an entity’s soul from birth. Being a sacred webbing of destinies, the ability to reweave the Threads of an entity who sought out the darkness on their own, and accepted it without force, was deemed non-existent as only the act of birth could bind them to a soul. Those that had a more mild affliction forced upon them, one that didn’t permanently alter the body or soul, still retained the ability to restore their Threads - though the method was not for the faint of heart. Those of the dark that had their Threads severed, thus not only were they disconnected from the world around them, but others within the world were disconnected from those of the dark. This meant that they posed a threat in ending one’s fate before their destined time, as the Threads could not depict a death at the hands of an entity the Threads were no longer tied to. This caused those of the dark to be one of the largest threats to the natural world, and instilled a fierce determination from the Valasaene to protect the world from such beings. -= Inkings of Fate =- The Inkings of Fate are the markings all Valasaene bear across two limbs. These markings follow in the ideology of the Threads of Fate, as each Valasaene undergoes an intense ritual upon reaching the age of adulthood to scry deep within their soul and glimpse upon the Threads that are bound upon it. Within this ritual, the Valasaene may undergo an emotionally and mentally challenging experience, as the visions evoked could induce hysteria and paranoia. Such possible reactions are the reason that the Valasaene Clan Mother or Father are the only two capable of leading such a ritual. They are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the Valasaene during the experience, and throughout any required recovery. A Valasaene may take some time to collect their thoughts and recite their experience, however they may only explain it to the Mother of Artisanry, as it is she who must piece each glimpse together into a complete sleeve of inkings. The Valasaene may receive their inkings across any two limbs of their choosing, and the act of applying these Inkings of Fate is deemed the start of their destined path. The Valasaene is expected to adhere to their inkings when it comes to any important decisions, as the imagery upon their flesh is akin to a story spoken in riddles that requires unravelling, and only through gaining knowledge and wisdom are the Valasaene capable of solving such a riddle, and fulfilling their fate. -= Revered Bloodline Ancestors =- The Valasaene were originally a bloodline of mixed ‘Ame and ‘Aheral heritage, existing for centuries past, though with no known direct descendant of Malin. The bloodline has almost always consisted of Mali of mixed blood, resulting in taller, bulkier frames, though with incredibly pale, sensitive skin and wild hair that ranged from strawberry blondes to intense, fiery reds. This bloodline belonged entirely to the wilds, though they held no true acknowledgement of the Aspects or Mani. Instead, they upheld a belief in the land itself, and followed their own Threads of Fate without getting involved in the more religious worshipping of the wilds. However, upon reaching the age of adulthood, each Valasaene was urged to forge their own path through life, including the development of religious beliefs if that was where their path was deemed to take them. In being wanderers and Mali of the wilds, it was common for the Valasaene to lack the ability to read or write, resulting in a more complex system of reciting their histories and traditions through voice and bodily expression, alongside colourful depictions. As a result, majority of their ancestors are revered through art and song, often associating their name with the fate they ascended to embody. Some of the more known Valasaene ancestors are: -= Iverasia of the Depths =- A fierce Valasaene with darker skin than majority of her kin, though her inkings are said to have revolved around glistening beaches and treacherous seas, with few rings signifying her connections to others across her fingers. She is revered for her endless spirit and courageousness, and for shepherding unimaginable amounts of Mali across the seas to aid in guiding their own paths through life, alongside educating them on the methods of sailing and travel. The depictions of this Valasaene are generally more grim in nature, featuring a woman bound by the flora that crept along the seabed, encapsulating her in an unforgiving, watery grave. -= Arenian of the Precipice =- A calmer Valasaene with added height, though his hair held a more rusty hue in comparison to the usual red. His inkings are said to have revolved around deeper, more personal involvements with other Mali; his fingers inked with the endless rings that signified his connections to others also working their way up his forearm. He is revered for his unwavering loyalty and wisdom in guiding not only his kin, but numerous other Mali away from any impending darkness. The depictions of this Valasaene are generally warmer in nature, featuring a fatherly figure hovering before the precipice of a cliff, extending his arms to various figures before him to prevent their falling. -= Evahnis of the Threads =- One of the eldest Valasaene to be recalled, Evahnis’ appearance is lost to time, as he is deemed one of the original foretellers of the Threads of Fate. His inkings are said to have lacked any noticeable cohesion, instead appearing more akin to pieces from different puzzles being jammed together. It is said that these Inkings of Fate instead mimicked the designs of future generations to come, predicting their own fates as he is revered for his devoutness to the Threads, and the education of numerous generations of Valasaene in all forms of military, artisanry, and in the ideology of Fate itself. The depictions of this Valasaene are generally more mystical in nature, featuring a figure draped in robes of blue and green that mask any identifiable features. He is often surrounded by unnamed Valasaene, dressed in matching hues. -= Rites and Traditions =- -= The Glimpse of Threads =- Upon reaching the age of adulthood per the Valasaene’s race, or after completing their trials and being of age, the Valasaene is seated with the Clan Mother or Father and undertakes a final disquisition to ensure their knowledge on the Threads of Fate is absolute. Following this, the Clan Elder draws forth a vial of liquid infused with the juices of the shadeleaf plant, though in a moderate amount as to not incur permanent effects. The Valasaene is instructed to then lay upon a soft bed adorned with the Inkings of Fate worn by Evahnis Valasaene, in hopes that he may guide their path. The Valasaene then consumes the solution, inducing a dream-like hallucinatory state in which they traverse into the depths of their soul to glimpse upon the various threads that are bound to it. The Valasaene will be unable to properly decipher these glimpses, and what they represent, though it will be enough to lay out their path in a series of inkings for them to unravel throughout their life. The Valasaene must then explain their visions to the Mother of Artisanry, describing all that they witnessed and experienced. It is the Mother’s duty to then illustrate a series of markings that represent what the Valasaene glimpsed, and then to ink the designs upon their flesh using the Ink Comb and Mallet of Evasandriel. -= Beltane of Malin’s Welcome =- As the Valasaene belong to the wilds, they uphold a profound trust and loyalty to the land and its creatures, resulting in the celebration of the arriving seasons of fertility and the harvest. These celebrations are known as the ‘Beltane’, and bring forth hopes of a fruitful Spring and Summer in regards to not only the birth of new children, but also bountiful crops and newborn cattle. The courting ritual of the Beltane encourages the men and women of Valasaene to seek out suitable partners and bring them forth to participate in a grand, lively festival that spans from the first rays of dawn far into the darkness of night. This festival begins with a grand feast, in which the Valasaene introduce their partners and prepare for the day ahead. A picking of blossoms follows this meal, allowing the couples to venture through the wilds to share laughter and joy throughout the day. The evening brings forth a second, albeit smaller meal, followed by the flying of kites with designs of rings and circles off of a tall cliff in honour of Arenian Valasaene and his devout connections to his kin, in hopes that he may guide the Valasaene’s unions from his eternal place of rest. -= Ceremony of Handfasting =- The Ceremony of Handfasting is a marriage union unique to the Valasaene, as it follows in the ideology of the Threads of Fate. It requires the Clan Mother or Father to stand forth as the ceremony’s celebrant, guiding the uniting pair to link their hands before them. A series of ribbons matching the colours of the Valasaene’s inkings are then drawn forth to be tied around their hands, signifying the joining of their paths, and the Threads of Fate that have brought them together. The couple then recite their vows to one another, before removing their hands from the tied ribbons, ensuring they remain knotted. Only upon the breakage of a union can these ribbons be untied, as even the death of a partner fails to void the Threads that linked the couple together in life. However, a Valasaene is free to remarry if their path brings forth a new individual following the death of their original partner. -= Unravelling of the Threads =- The Unravelling of the Threads is a death rite unique to the Valasaene, as it follows in the ideology of the Threads of Fate. It requires both the Clan Mother and Father to stand forth before the deceased Valasaene, looping a ribbon the same colour of their Inkings of Fate, and embroidered with the same markings, around their neck to drape down their torso. This thread signifies the fulfillment of their fate and celebrates the path they travelled in order to reach it. All clan members and companions of the deceased Valasaene are then invited forth to pay their respects, whether it be through parting words or the gifting of an item. Following this, the Clan Mother or Father steps forth to recite the Inkings of Fate the Valasaene bore, praising the fulfillment of their fate, and ask for the Valasaene to forever guide the Clan from the veil beyond. Throughout this, the Valasaene is lowered into the ground and buried within an ornate casket. -= Valasaene Household =- The Clan features a dual leadership, though this is not one of marriage. Instead, there is a Patriarch and Matriarch of the Clan; a Father of Military and a Mother of Artisanry. These leaders are deemed the most experienced and wise of the Clan, and are entrusted to guide their kin in strength and unity, to ensure they are capable of providing suitable guidance and education to their fellow elven brethren. The Father of Military is responsible for ensuring all Valasaene are adequate in their swordsmanship, and for providing education to those that lack prowess in various weaponry. Alongside this, he must ensure the Valasaene are capable of strategic military planning, and of educating others in self-defence and tactics. The Mother of Artisanry is responsible for ensuring all Valasaene are capable of expressing themselves through their artistic talents, and for providing education to those that lack prowess in various forms of craftsmanship. Alongside this, she must ensure the Valasaene are knowledgeable in all methods of artisanry, and thus capable of educating others in perfecting their talents. The household of the Clan is fairly simple, as it consists of only the Initiates, the Valasaene, and the Father and Mother themselves. -= Initiates are potential Valasaenes that have to undertake a series of trials, and succeed, in order to be welcomed into the Clan properly. They lack any say or vote in any Clan affairs, and may not be invited to meetings and private gatherings unless such concerns them explicitly. -= Valasaene are the fully-fledged members of the Clan, and are regarded as suitable advisors and educators that have passed each of their trials, and proven their merit. They possess the dual inkings that mark their fate, designed and inked by the Mother of Artisanry herself. -= The Father of Military and Mother of Artisanry are the dual leaders of the Clan. They are the only Valasaene permitted to handle the trials of initiates and Ceremony of Handfasting, and are personally responsible for ensuring the Valasaene are perfectly educated and viable advisors for the children of Malin. They also personally oversee any breaches of the tenets, and handle the stripping of inkings in the case of banishment. -= Clan Trials =- The Trials of Valasaene are in place to properly assess each Initiate’s capabilities in each criteria required. It is entirely possible to fail these trials, as they are not mere tasks to be completed. This is due to the Valasaene being perceived as educators and guides to seek wisdom and advice from - thus they must prove themselves capable of acting as such. If an initiate were to fail at any of these trials, they would be turned away for four years to permit them a chance to develop their knowledge and skillset, before attempting once more. Trial of Military The Trial of Military assesses the Initiate’s level of combat knowledge and ability, taking into consideration their use of their surroundings alongside the equipped weaponry. This trial takes part in three sections; hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, and archery. Trial of Artisanry The Trial of Artisanry assesses the Initiate’s level of craftsmanship and creativity, taking into consideration their time spent working on each project, alongside the thought process and inflections gained throughout. This trial takes part in two sections; expression of the self, and of Malin’s Children. Trial of Wisdom The Trial of Wisdom assesses the Initiate’s level of intellect and thought. This trial is the simplest of all three, though it is deemed the most difficult to complete. For this trial, the Initiate must answer two riddles, though they are given only three attempts to answer each successfully. Trial of Fate The Trial of Fate challenges the Initiate to take everything learnt through each trial and apply them to a real situation. This Trial proves the Initiate’s ability to act as a true guide and advisor to Malin’s Children, by acting as a Valasaene would to bring about a noticeable, positive change to another Mali’s life, or a community as a whole. -= Clan Tenets =- I. The Father and Mother of the Valasaene are deemed the most experienced and wise of the Clan, and as such their instructions are to be adhered to at all times. i. The Father and Mother may never request for another Mali to be harmed or put at risk without proof of a crime being conducted, or to make a request that may put the Valasaene in potential harm. ii. The Father and Mother may never make a request that could break the laws of a Nation. iii. If the Father and Mother were to make a request that breaks any of the Tenets, their right to lead the Clan of Valasaene may be challenged. II. The positions of Father and Mother of the Valasaene may only be gained through an election, following the absence, abdication, breakage of a Tenet, or death of a current Father or Mother. i. The Election process begins with nominations made for a fellow Valasaene to be raised to either position, though they may not nominate themselves, and a valid reason must be made. ii. Upon the completion of the nominations, all members of the Clan must then take an open vote, with the nominee with the highest votes in total gaining the position. In the case of a draw, the leader of Siramenor makes the final decision. iii. In the case of a Father or Mother’s absence, they must be entirely missing for at least four elven weeks, without a valid reason for their absence, for their position to be challenged. iv. In the case of breakage of a Tenet, the breakage must be proved before the rest of the Clan, and the Father or Mother receiving their punishments prior to the election. III. As Guides of the Children of Malin, the name Valasaene may only be granted to full Mali, or members of other races that have proven themselves as honourable Mali in the eyes of the Valasaene Father and Mother. i. Alongside this, Valasaene are not permitted to conduct any form of interbreeding, or to pursue any form of romantic connection with a member outside of their own race. Such is deemed a disgrace with the Guilty to be banished from the Clan of Valasaene, and their inkings burnt. There is no forgiveness for this crime. IV. The Valasaene Clan are perceived as Educators and Guides that have earnt their Inkings, and as such the name ‘Valasaene’ may not be inherited from marriage or birth. i. A Valasaene may marry into another Clan, Seed, or family, however they will still retain the name ‘Valasaene’ in front of their marital name, along with their duties and inkings. ii. Members of the Mali’ame Seeds are permitted to join the Valasaene and hold the name of both the Clan and Seed, provided the tenets of the Seed do not conflict with those of the Valasaene, and they receive permission from the Seed Chieftains alongside the Valasaene Clan Mother and Father. V. Those with the name Valasaene are to consider one another kin, and may not conduct any activities that could interfere with another Valasaene’s Fated Path, Lawful Duties, or Relationship and Marriage. i. The Valasaene may ignore this Tenet in the case of another Mali or Valasaene being harmed or put at risk without proof of a crime being conducted, provided it is not interfering with the guardforce of a Nation allied to the Mali. VI. The Valasaene Clan is unaligned with any religion or culture outside of its beliefs of Fate, however all members are encouraged to follow their own paths. i. The path of darkness, in regards to any art or creature deemed dark, is completely excluded from this Tenet as the faith of Fates speaks of the brightness and potential in one’s soul, and not the corruption that arises from the dark arts and creatures. ii. Should any Valasaene be proven to have previously or presently been corrupted by darkness in any form, or affiliated with anyone who is, they are to be banished from the Clan of Valasaene, and their inkings burnt. There is no forgiveness for this crime. VII. The Valasaene Clan is to serve all Children of Malin, and thus has no place in conflict or wars between Mali, nor taking positions of authority in Nation politics or governments. They are to remain neutral in all conflicts between Mali. i. Housekeeping positions such as Stewardry or Coordinator of Events are permitted, provided the Valasaene avoids matters regarding politics, wars, or conflicts. ii. Valasaene are permitted to join in wars or conflict of any nature, provided the opposing party isn’t comprised of Mali belonging to another elven settlement. In the case of conflicts regarding mercenaries, or Descendants unaffiliated with any Nation, Valasaene are free to intervene. iii. In the case of war breaking out between Mali and a Descendant race other than Mali, any Children of Malin who choose to support the other race are exempt from the Valasaene’s neutrality. iv. Valasaene are permitted to take the life of a Mali’thill, though only in situations in which the Mali‘Thill is actively causing harm of a physical or magical nature to another Mali. v. If a Valasaene murders, plans, or partakes in the murder of another Mali, outside of a situation listed above, they are to be banished from the Clan of Valasaene, and their inkings burnt. There is no forgiveness for this crime. -= Valasaene Relics =- Evasandriel’s Ink comb + Mallet An Inking Comb and Mallet set that was hand crafted by the original Mother of Artisanry, Evasandriel Valasaene. A large sun is engraved upon the head of the Mallet, and the Comb features a Harpy Eagle with its wings spread wide; markings identical to the Inkings of Fate the original Mother bore herself. Aurelion’s Scimitar A Scimitar that was forged by the original Father of Military, Aurelion Valasaene. A depiction of the cosmos is engraved upon the blade of the Scimitar, and the hilt features a broad constellation; markings identical to the Inkings of Fate the original Father bore himself. Valasaene Flamberge An incredibly long, Ceremonial Flamberge forged with the ability to separate its blade and hilt. The hilt was carved with delicate curls and engravings of tribal suns and stars raining down from mountains, symbolising it as the Hilt of Evasandriel’s Wisdom. The blade was forged with a rippled shape akin to the ocean’s waves, with a patternry of lunar symbols engraved along the centre. A constellation was pressed into the base, symbolising it as the Blade of Aurelion’s Might. These two halves of the Valasaene Flamberge could be connected and displayed within the household to symbolise the unity of the Siblings who forged it, and thus the eternal oath sworn between Valasaene and Mali. Artist: Morgan Rogers Author: Amayonnaise Editors: Fish, Slic3man, Deer
  13. Tourney of the Almenodrim & Opening of the Week-Long Bazaar Almenodrim Tourney 6th of Grand Harvest, 1767 | 09/05/20 3PM EST In celebration of the newly founded Honour Guard of Aegrothond, all citizens of Aegrothond, Siramenor, and their allied Nations are invited to partake in the Almenodrim Tourney on: The 6th of the Grand Harvest, 1767. There will be two trials of combat undertaken during the Tourney, the Trial of Survival, and the Trial of the Arrow; - The Trial of Survival is open to all challengers, and consists of two competitors battling it out on a platform within Aegrothond’s waters, trying to knock one another off and into the sea. The last man standing wins. - The Trial of the Arrow is open to only the Honour Guard, and consists of a competitor rushing to hit multiple archery targets as fast as they can. The quickest time completed wins. Prizes The top three combatants in the Trial of Survival will each receive a prize: - First place will receive a hand-drawn caricature of themselves, a ceremonial weapon commemorating their achievement, and 1500 mina. - Second place will receive a ceremonial weapon commemorating their achievement, and 750 mina - Third place will receive a ceremonial weapon commemorating their achievement, and 500 mina The top combatant in the Trial of Archery will receive a hand-drawn caricature of themselves, and a ceremonial weapon commemorating their achievement. Entry To participate in the Trial of Survival, please send a letter with the following information filled out (Post a comment on this thread): Trial of Survival Entry Name: Nation: Combat Experience: Beginner / Adept / Warrior Week - Long Bazaar! Grand Harvest, 1767 - 1768 | 09/05/20 - 17/05/20 Aegrothond will also be opening their first ever week-long Bazaar! All citizens of Aegrothond, Siramenor, and their allied Nations are invited to book a stall for their personal goods to be sold in a large marketplace outside Aegrothond! The Bazaar will officially open after the Almenodrim Tourney Items of all varieties are welcome to be sold, however there is a one-time fee for booking a stall ((Please note that each display stand has multiple slots to sell items)): - Large Stall [10 Display Stands] = 500 mina - Medium Stall [6 Display Stands] = 250 mina - Small Stall [4 Display Stands] = 100 mina To book a Stall for the Week-Long Bazaar, please send a letter with the following information filled out (Post a comment on this thread): Bazaar Stall Booking Name: Nation: Stall Size: Genre of Items to be sold: (Smithing / Art / Food etc.) (( Please Contact me on Discord with any Questions or Concerns: Amayo#2901 ))
  14. Nearby, a woman of the wilds is tortured into playing dress-up by the Sylvaeri Princess
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