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  1. A sunlit elfess would sigh upon finding such a letter, shaking her head as she penned a response, "Aspectism has been lost, for quite a time. Remnants of its practices remain, mostly in the form of Mani worshipping through the Wild Faith instead, but I am loyal to the sole religion I was raised on - just as you are devoutly loyal to your Mani, and your Creed. Our ancestors would be weeping, if they saw us attacking and slandering one another with such false accusations. All of the information provided in these new writings by both Lady Illynora and myself, Avyndriel, is information we have gathered solely from historical documents. We have not changed, attempted to not erase, and instead regathered hundreds of documents into single articles to better centralise and revive the lost faith that we two elder Mali are so fond and loyal to. This includes the Creed Pact. By no means are your Creeds required to follow such rules. We will simply, personally, deem them invalid Creeds, as the Creed Pact written by the Prophet of your own Creed dictated alongside Awaiti so long ago. We acknowledge that eras come and go, and so do the traditions - hence the adjustment to the rule on only elves being allowed to hold a valid oath. However, such rules can easily be amended for the modern era. A summit need only be called, for a peaceful discussion. The accusations regarding my attempt to 'control' are incredibly hurtful, and wildly inaccurate. Aspectism and the Druidic Order are not co-dependent, and my work as a historian in these articles has nothing to do with the Order. Restoring the religion that I love, and seeking to spread it as it once was, is not an attempt at control. The tenets I wished to restore for the Druidic Order have always existed, and the version that I brought forth at the last Druidic Moot were actually discussed and written by a collection of Archdruii and elder Druii from various circles. I was merely the one who spoke at the Moot. It was not some sole attempt to claim authority by installing rules I, myself, would be subject to the same as any other Druid. Lady Illynora and myself will continue our work as historians and devout Aspectists. The purpose of our work is to revive our lost faith as it was. Of course, we are always open to discussion and adjustment for the modern age, and by no means are we the primary authority on a religion that was once so widely spread and upheld by our peoples. We are simply two elder Mali who lived through the prime era of this faith, and wish to restore its worship. I was once close friends with the Buzzard, though it seems he seeks to only plaster my name with false accusations and slander since his reattunement. I do not know what has brought forth this change, and at no point has he ever attempted to seek me out and speak with me regarding his concerns, to gain an understanding of my perspective and actions. I once sought him out, seeking knowledge upon his unattunement from himself directly before I formed a final judgement. It is upsetting that he has consistently refused to grant me the same opportunity. In conclusion, these Articles are simply restorations of a lost religion, drawing solely upon historical documents. We will always be open to discussion and revision, and even others seeking to contribute to such work, but seeking to tear our work down through the use of slander and disparaging our reputations is an incredibly poor way to seek progress."
  2. Aspectism is the worship of and devotion to the Aspects and the Balance of the natural realm. While the Mani exist within Aspectism as servants of the Aspects, it does not involve the reverence of the Mani, as such customs are upheld by the Wild Faith. However, Aspectism and the Wild Faith may be followed simultaneously, for both serve the purpose of worshipping deific figures of the Eternal Forest, and the natural realm that they created and protect in unity. History of Aspectism The Aspects Cerridwen The Green Lady | Mother of the Harvest | Aspect of Fertility & Growth Domain Cerridwen is the lady of light and life itself, often depicted as a gentle woman with a lengthy hair woven of leaves and ivy. She is revered for the creation of the natural realm, and her unending duties in drawing forth new life and nurturing it until its eventual demise in the cycle. Prayers Cerridwen’s blessings are sought during rituals and prayers for expecting mothers and their newborns, unions of marriage and eternal partnership, and for blessings upon crops and cattle. New Beginning A Spring ritual, spoken with the offering of a braid of one’s hair, seeking a new beginning. Common “O’ compassionate mother, I offer you a piece of my essence, So that you may imbue me with your sacred breath, And reform my soul anew, Free of the burdens on my shoulders.” Elven “O’ Haelun’Lle, Kae’leh tal’hiylun nae illere, Iyal il’nae’leh aheral iheiuhii kae illereh, Kaeleh’ehya hiylun fiyem bilokera tilrunen’onn myumin y’kae’leh.” A Mother’s Gift A ritual for a newborn, spoken with the offering of a baby’s lock of hair, seeking the blessing of good health. Common “O gentle mother, And benevolent lady of life, Grant this my joyous bequest; Send out your grace on (he/she) Fill them with life unending, And start them on the path of goodness That they may spread life and happiness To all that lay their eyes upon them” Elven “O Leyuan Haelun, Lari’Taynaan ehya, Kae iyl adonten illera; Nae’leh ahernan y’(lae/hae) myumiera (lae/hae) il’taynaan ordiveth ahera, y’Elnarnsaenlle’ehya annilera Iyal (lae/hae) taynan orwyn’ehya oerneh maeluere Iyl’ehya y’heya suliera y’(lae/hae) oerneh illere.” The Essence of Healing A ritual for healers, spoken after drinking sacred attunement springwater, seeking the Mother’s grace and mercy upon a patient in their care. Common “O’ earth Mother, benevolent to the weak and weary, Who spreads the gifts of life and good health over the emerald wilds. You who gifted me my own life, and their life, Pray for my soul and bless my hands with your healing light. O' compassionate Mother, look down upon me, I ask that you help your dutiful servant, so they may continue to serve you and spread your goodness across the land. Elven “O’ Haelun’Taynan, orlle ay’adiln divcerun’ehya, lae heya elillern’tayna lentera hiyluan’ehya y’ameantaynei. nae heya kae’leh taynan illerale, kae’leh wynan’anuh il’sulwaleh, nae’leh ehya orahernan illera. O’ Haelun’lle, y’kae anoh’suliera, kae ay’nae’leh tilrunhaleral mediera adontere, iyul kae orern nae tilruereh, nae’leh ehya lle’saere karin’ento.” Cernunnos The Horned Lord | Father of Huntsmen | Aspect of the Primal Hunt Domain Cernunnos is the lord of the hunt and primal world, often depicted as a fearsome, hooded man with horns and the skull of a stag. He is revered for instilling the necessity of the balance through the death and recycling of living matter. His duties are often witnessed in the primal instincts of predators as they stalk and hunt their prey, and the nourishment of dying fauna and flora upon the surrounding environment. Prayers Cernunnos’ blessings are sought during rituals and prayers for huntsmen and warriors, before hunts and combat, and in mourning for lost lives. Heart of the Hunt A ritual thanking Cernunnos for a successful hunt, spoken with an offering prepared from the remains of the hunted prey. Common “O’ father of the hunt, Blessed be to this bounty, whose hide will clothe our young, Whose flesh will fill our stomachs. As we take from your realm, we give back So our souls may be one with the great balance” Elven “O’ Maln’Orran, Aheral ito iyl fihn, tuvehn kaen’leh Maliian evareh, Taliiynan’ehya kaean’leh hilyunan fihereh karin’ento. Kaean nae’leh tuvan, kaean illerae’yem kaeanleh’ehya hiylunan ito tal’Meracahe orern lenterih karin’ento.” Prayers to both Aspects Though Cerridwen and Cernunnos claim dominion over separate parts of the balance, their work often overlaps in a cohesive display of service and protection. Thus, some rituals are dedicated to both Aspects, to call upon their might and blessings in recognition of their union. Essence of War A ritual for warriors preparing for battle, spoken after consuming a vial of boar’s blood, deemed the essence of Cernunnos. Common “O’ Lord of Death, strengthen my arm In our time of need, I beg you to come to your people’s aid. Fill my heart with the honor of those past as I face this newest trial As we remember you in all our earthly troubles. Benevolent mother, wipe fear from my heart Never abandoning your children, always tender, Preserve me that I may see my children and yours live, I place my trust in you to hold my life from the end.” Elven “O’ Laurir’Orkina, kae’leh wy’anuh ceruereh Ito kaean’leh enet’adiln, kae nae’leh lye medinera adontere. Nae kae’leh taliyna lentere il’Sirame bilokereh, ay’kinal karin’ento Wyl kaean nae peritherae, ito kaean’leh lluman. Haelun’Lle, lluman kae’leh hiylun myumiera’onn Partuva nae’leh y’Malii suliera, partuva llean. Kae’leh hiylun evara, iyal kae’leh nae’leh Malii’ehya yallran oerneh suliere, karinto. Kae ay’nae halere, kae’leh hiylun taynan’ehya tennae kae’leh eth myumiera. Prayer of Fortitude A ritual for those seeking strength of mind and soul, spoken with the offering of one’s braid of hair or drop of blood. Common “Let nothing shake my soul, Let nothing strike fear in my heart, For when the world falls apart, I remember this: The Aspects never fade. Your faith in them gives you the world Whoever has the light of the lord and lady lacks nothing; The Mother and Father alone bring great treasures” Elven “Oerne kae’leh ethereh, Oerne kae’leh hiylun’ito khel myumiereh Ay’heya tuvan ullrere, kae iyl perithere: Eletaliynan orchulne ullrer. Nae’eh ay’eletaliynan mayilere nae tuvan illere. Heya elsul’elemaln elehaelun’ehya ay’divtuvan oradilne; Elehaelun Elemaln’ehya sioln maorakal myumiereyae.” Last Rites A ritual the dying or recently deceased, spoken over their form to bring peace and guidance to the departing Spirit. Common O' Mother, look upon me now. See here that your gift of life has ended, That his/her heart is still and his/her Spirit weary. May you bring him/her to peace and slumber eternal. O' Father, look upon me now. See here that your gift of the hunt has ended, That his/her voice is silent and his/her blood grows cold. May you bring him/her to honour and strength undying. You have held this Spirit until the end, And he/she now passes into the Balance. Flesh to soil, blood to water, bone to dust. Blessed be. Elven O' Haelun, y'kae oerneh suliera. ito suliera, iyul nae'leh illern'taynan ethere, Iyul divhiuw ito lae'leh/hae'leh taliiynan, divcerun'ehya ito hae'leh/lae'leh hiylun. Oerneh nae ito hileia lae/hae myumiera, ciwn'ehya uell. O' Maln, y'kae oerneh suliera. ito suliera iyul nae'leh illern'orran ethere, Iyul leyun ito lae'leh/hae'leh iheiuhii, lae'leh/hae'leh ehya taliiynan feta lentera. Oerneh nae ito Sirame lae/hae myumiera, cerun'ehya uell. nae iyl'hiylun, tenna eth, myumierala karinte, lae'ehya/hae'ehya Meracahe narna. taliyna ito nor, taliiyna ito vallei, tur ito malomii. Ahernal ito. Whispers of the Third Though her name was crudely blasted across the realm of Almaris, upon the rise of the Mori, The Third remains a topic of private, quietened discussion. Such is the way to truly honour this figure, and thus any writings on her may only be found in the darkest corners of elven libraries, tucked away for the truly devoted to find. The Three Tenets After the schisms of the children of Malin, Irrin Sirame emerged to guide the faithful of Malin’s kin into the forests to adapt pure, natural lifestyles as the Aspects had originally intended. These elves and their Seeds would eventually bow to the guidance of the druidic dragaar Taynei’hiylu, a creature in direct service to the Aspects themselves, who became their prophet and dictated the three tenets of Aspectism. I. Prayer and Offering “Always worship the mother and father. Hold them dear to your heart. Have their names upon your lips when you experience fortune, and pray to them when you face suffering. Leave offerings, material or symbolic, before their sacred fire.” The first tenet of Aspectism is that of worship to the Aspects themselves. Such worship not only honours the deities that created the natural realm, but also honours the memory of Malin himself, who held the Aspects in close reverence. Offerings are thus granted at Aspectist shrines; altars nestled beneath statues or depictions of the Lord and Lady with a burning brazier for sacrifice. Offerings are placed either within bowls of water or flames whilst prayers are spoken, seeking boons and blessings from the Mother and Father in times of need, or to show thankfulness with achievements. II. Bodily Purity “There exist powers pulled into this world from other plains. Taint not your body with these arcane corruptions, for the veil between the void and the Aspect’s realm is fragile. Taint not your body with the afflictions of the undead or the cursed, for their very nature defies the balance of the wild.” During her address to the Aspectist Seeds, Taynei’hiylu delivered warnings against the arts of the Void, the Dark, and the Corrupt. She spoke of the disastrous effects it could have upon the world the Aspects had cultivated; that the veil between the mortal plane and the void, if permanently broken, could swallow up the world entirely. Taynei’hiylu decreed that to be a true Aspectist is to abstain from the Void, the Dark, and the Corrupt. To do what is necessary to stop its spread upon the natural realm, and purge its taint and blight from the living. Bodily Purity is thus - to keep your soul and form pure of otherworldly taint, though some Aspectist Creeds take this ideal of purity even further. III. Upholding the Balance “Be you gentle like the Mother, or fierce like the Father, always remember that as an Aspectist, your duty is to the wild. Warriors, take up arms against that which threatens it. Healers, nurture it so it may run its natural course. Everyone must submit themselves to live with the ebb and flow of the cycle of life.” To uphold the Balance is to live in reverence and respect of the natural world and its delicate ecosystems, though this service can be as simple or as grand as the Aspectist wishes. A more intense follower could actively hunt magicians of dark arts and the void, whilst others might simply take care in not over hunting or overfarming. Aspectists must thus be consistently aware of how their actions may outwardly affect the world around them, both presently and for the coming future. They must respect the natural fauna and flora, and be accepting of death as it approaches, as is the natural course of life. The Balance The Balance of Nature The balance of nature is most often described as a scale in which everything must be equally distributed at all times. When prey flourish, predators cull. When weeds grow, grass withers. When the light of the sun fades, the light of the moon emerges. To describe this balance as a two-way scale, in regards to Cerridwen and Cernunnos being of life and death respectively, is an incorrect portrayal. In truth, such a balance is so consistently interwoven with the world around it that aiding or adjusting even one aspect could have unknown results on the surrounding realm. It would be more apt to compare the balance to a web, with each individual part adding to and affecting a variety of factors around it. Thus, seeking to uphold and maintain the balance is not as simple as keeping everything as it is. The balance is everflowing, everchanging; pulsing akin to the tide. To uphold the balance is to be malleable and evolving, and to reflect this in one’s duties and understanding of the natural realm. Something that may have worked a decade ago may not have the same results in the modern day. The Tayna “Tayna. The soul of life. It is the living energy that contains all.” The Tayna is the living energy that encompasses all natural, living entities. It exists within flora and fauna, connected and interwoven, and capable of being manipulated by the Aspects themselves. We see their work within the passage of this energy from a dying elk to the surrounding flora, nourishing and enriching the soil with new life and nutrients. The Tayna, within Awaiti Sirame’s writings “The Scroll of the Tayna”, is said to be capable of being harmed just the same as any descendant—but also of healing, and growing. We see this occur in the cities that are constructed, which wound the earth through the extraction of minerals and resources, and the growth of flora as it overtakes those cities after they have been abandoned, creating new habitats and homes for a variety of fauna. Druids themselves, those attuned to the natural realm, are capable of glimpsing the Tayna through the art of Greensight. Such a gift grants them a vision of this pulsing, natural energy that flourishes where nature is abundant, and withdraws where natural, living matter cannot be found. Taynei’hiylu Taynei’hiylu, the Transcendent Druid and Dragaar of the Aspects, was the first to dictate the three tenets of Aspectism itself during the first Omentahu (gathering of the Seeds). When the Elven people split, and Irrin Sirame led the ‘ame into the firsts to resume the worship of the Aspects as Malin had originally intended, Taynei’hiylu walked among them in the form of a descendent. She sought to unify the various Seeds under one code of faith, bringing forth the three tenets that continue to serve to this day as the pillars of the Aspectist faith. She herself came into the service of the Aspects when she was rescued by them during a battle against Azdromoth himself, claimed by the earth and born anew as the Transcendant Druid. Currently, she slumbers within the Eternal Forest under the protection of the Aspects themselves, alongside the Demi-Aspect Owl and a handful of other elder druii. [OOC] If you have any questions or concerns, please shoot me a message via Discord - .amayonnaise. Relevant Sub-Forums Specific / Direct Links - Authors Amayonnaise ToffToffee Proofreading & Advice Vailoen Drusus Junoix Sidmmvv
  3. An ancient, sunlit elfess would stare at the missive in absolute horror, "What the **** were they thinking? They are either incredibly ignorant, or extremely racist. I will certainly not be frequenting these lands.."
  4. One of the Vale's Vigilants - their guiding elders - would perk a brow upon reading this missive, "I understand this is coming from those we have brought forth to aid in our defences against the Harrowers, but I do not understand how they are making these large statements without addressing the rest of us? I do not recall anyone seeking a moot among us elders, nor among the Vale as a whole?" The sunlit elfess would scratch her head, hoping these lack of communications wouldn't have dire consequences on the rest of her community unaffiliated with such events. She turned then to her luminous companion, offering the missive across @Candle
  5. Eventually, such news would find its way to a lone, travelling elfess with peculiar, pale eyes. The elfess would find privacy after hearing the whispers; her gaze shifting to blank orbs as she merely stood in some dark alleyway processing what she had heard. She recalled the warmth and acceptance she had been shown, in her era as a changeling. Her chaotic antics that had brought joy and laughter to the Guild upon Arcas - the chair that she had morphed herself into, to scare the Divadri Apprentice's child. She recalled all she had learnt from him. Her alchemical prowess, the discovery of the nature of her soul, and how such had aided her in stabilising her own mind. She owed much to the man, who had only ever shown her kindness, and even in his own esteemed brilliance had never once shamed or shunned her limited knowledge in comparison. She would mourn her oldest, dearest friend. No longer comforted by the thought that one day, they would cross paths once again. Loneliness would tighten its grasp upon her heart.
  6. The Sun would peer upon the letter scribed, idly nodding along until the mention of a forgotten circle. Her brow would knit, pursing her lips, "It is a shame the twin of my totem is involved with a circle built upon foul histories. I will mourn what could have been, lest they prove themselves lacking of the nature of a Draoi."
  7. My gaming chair comes with a seatbelt
  8. A small update on this thread- I have completed 16 characters thus far, but unfortunately have fallen into an art burnout for the time being. I am unsure when I will be ready to resume this work, and have not collected mina from those still waiting for their sketches, but will reach out in the future if I find myself ready to pick them up once more! I am so very sorry for this, I definitely overestimated what I could handle according to my IRL schedule / art motivations, and that is my fault and mistake. In the future I will cap myself much lower - this is definitely a lesson learnt. I have already placed my proper Commissions on hiatus, and am currently only completing occasional sketches of my own characters etc. to try and work through the burnout and get back in the swing of things, though I cannot determine when I will be ready. Again, I am very very sorry for this holdup! I will be in touch with you all directly when I am ready once again (if you are still interested, of course!) @AnimeWolf0080 @Aimy_lol @ichigomaster98 @glassyskies
  9. Thank you for clarifying the physical composition! I agree with your points about FTB + Transc being passed w that specific redline. I think the only difference I would point out is that with Transc, your character is still a mortal with their own mind etc. who has additional effects, whereas with Treelords your character's soul and entire existence has been altered. With that in mind, I could again see asexual companionships existing, but understand the argument against FTB (They're plants). But again, if your redlines are cutting away the potential for problematic FTB, I don't see why it should be anyone's concern or business. They shouldn't hear about it or see it anyhow.
  10. Can we see an addition of soulbind mechanics to the current combat rules? The accepted practice is that anything soulbound cannot be taken from inventories etc. (imagine thieving / banditry rp situations), but there is no actual mention of this rule in the rules themselves. I believe the only place that soulbind mechanics are mentioned at all are in MArt guidelines. Would also like to know how this translates to RP - if something cannot be taken because it is soulbound, but it is currently being used in an RP situation, why are characters unable to remove it from their person?
  11. I'm not a big lore-reader unless its implemented, so forgive me if I've missed anything that explains what I'm about to point out- On the topic of Treelord Physiology, and FTB concerns by extension: What exactly are treelord husks made out of? What I have quoted above doesn't really state whether their bodies are flesh, bone, and muscle with sap for blood, or if their bodies are just moving trees with the appearance / texture of flesh and muscle? In addition, how exactly does a tree spit out a skeleton + flesh husk, in the first place? Is it simply treelord magic? I think it would be nice to have some explanation on how a plant is capable of doing that. In regards to the FTB concerns - I don't really understand why FTB should be a concern, if the players aren't doing wacky ass shit.. But again, you can't really keep an eye on those things or trust a community to be normal either. I could understand FTB being redlined in regards to the Treelord being obsessed with nature and being.. quite literally a plant - in the case of their husks being made of tree rather than skeleton/flesh. Plants don't fornicate. Why would they have sexual desires or interests? I could understand some form of asexual companionship, but not sexual interests. I would like to trust people not to be weirdos with their FTB, but the entire lotc community has proven time and time again that they can't be trusted, unfortunately. Might be for the better, with this one.
  12. A pale, honey-eyed elfess would scoff at the missive, tossing it aside as a balled up scrap of waste soon after, "Gawh. How gaudy this is, for such an apparently official proclamation. I cannot take this missive seriously, with the ridiculous curls and swirls galore. It does ne suit the aesthetic of 'Overlord'."
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