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  1. Amayonnaise

    The Reza Job Board, 1707

    Eleaina approves.
  2. Eleaina Amélie Lièvremont stood on the sidelines, quietly ‘ooh’ing’ along with the rest of the crowd beside her beloved – nudging him gently at the declaration of castration.
  3. Amayonnaise

    The Imperial Union of Dragon and Bear

    Eleaina Amélie Lièvremont would adjust the collar of her beloved, pausing momentarily to brush a thumb over one of the scars decorating his cheek. She smiled brightly at him, setting her hands against the curve of her waist, “You look absolutely dashing, my dear, but I can’t help but wonder what sort of gown little Ana may be wearing for this.. Ah! I have to finish my own!” She’d turn away from the Wick, pacing across the room to set herself at her desk, weaving a needle and thread through a rich blue silk.
  4. Eleaina Lièvremont signs next to Bottle’s name
  5. Amayonnaise


    Eleaina Lièvremont reclined in her seat, her new canine companion resting at her side as she skimmed over the missive. Her brow creased – anger flooding her features as she listened the various reactions from the crowd outside her window, “To praise a man who admitted to indulging in incest, out of wedlock? I can’t imagine what her Imperial Majesty must be going through right now.. The torment I suffered from whispers of adultery was difficult enough, and I wasn’t even married to the man” She’d scrunch the papers up, tossing them aside before moving to don her armour and march forth to locate her young, Princely student.
  6. Amayonnaise


  7. Amayonnaise

    Patron Lore - Kalii’mari, Mani Patron of the Aspects

    Sinking the gifts was meant to be a method of sending them to Kalii’mari, as he is presumed to be a Squid of grand proportions, and thus in his corporeal from he’d only be able to reside in the depths of the ocean. That’s the main reason behind sinking the gifts – The idea of him being a Mani of companionship/friendship was built up from my base idea of what I wanted him to be. As I explained earlier – calling him ‘Kalii’mari’ began in the Wild Faith Priesthood chat, between myself and some other players who came up with the idea. I took it a step further to properly adapt the base idea into a full, legitimate Mani. So starting from being a ridiculously named Mani, he turned into a Mani who adores laughter and amusement – hence taking amusement in his own name. From there I added on the ideals of friendship etc. But that doesn’t entirely explain how the ancient Welf Seeds came to start practicing such traditions. I wrote this entire submission myself – but I did seek aid in what exactly I should write regarding the origin story. I wasn’t sure if I had to write how Mani were created, or a small legend etc – and I was instructed that a legend would work fine. I wouldn’t be opposed to anyone adding onto this lore (If it gets accepted) to include a history about how such practices came to be! It would be fun to see what ideas others have 😄
  8. Amayonnaise

    Patron Lore - Kalii’mari, Mani Patron of the Aspects

    My leading inspiration for picking the Squid out of all creatures was actually the fact that Squid are pretty much useless in minecraft – aside from their ink sacs (which is what makes them my favourite mob). I have been planning to implement a Squid Mani for months now, when my old Druid Aria was talking to Artimec about how to do it. After my hiatus, one of the first things I did was partake in Gladewynn’s build comp and that’s where I built the shrine for the Squid Mani, and that’s also when I started plotting out the Mani with other people who had written bits of lore for them. When I started writing up this Mani, I wanted to make it a bit of fun (hence Kalii’mari – Calamari) but managed to twist it into a somewhat legitimate Mani, and not just a stupid creation. When I made him more about laughter/joy/connections, I thought it worked out pretty well in comparison to the other Mani we have currently. Especially since I’ve heard of others who were writing lore for other Mani, and it sounded like they were just pulling from the existing Mani – which is when I realised that if I was going to write up Kalii’mari, he’d need to be completely different to what we already have.
  9. Amayonnaise

    No King But Malin

    Lyaria Ithelanen stands silently at Layla’s side as always, her expression dull and still – giving no hint to her thoughts. As she reads through the missive for perhaps the hundredth time, a habit she’d developed from reading through the drafts of each missive released, she turned to the Princess and offered a single nod. “It is all we can do to correct the mistakes our kin made in the past. Our people have always been right – we need to continue to listen to them. Perhaps then all of us may rejoice in festivities and celebration, regardless of the city we hail from”
  10. Kalii’mari Mani Squid Prince of Laughter, Festivities, and Companionship The joyful Prince of Squid is well renowned for his amusement and liveliness, a Mani often held in less regard compared to the others - yet a wondrous creature all the same. His flexibility in form reflects upon his flexibility in persona, a delightful and entertaining Mani capable of exuding a more regal posture when required. His gifts lay in his desire to bring joy and laughter to others - often being held in high regard when his subjects decide to plan some form of entertaining event. When one seeks blessings of fortunate events and new friendships, they may turn to Kalii’mari and pray to him. Origin / Backstory: Upon the shores of the ancients, laughter could often be heard echoing through the caverns and across the waves lining the shallow beaches. It was once well-known that those who basked in the sun and twirled through the shimmering waters were to be good friends to all, and some of the most fortunate. For it was they who worshipped the Prince of Squid - he who was quite opposite to the others that stalked the depths. Taking up month-long festivities at a time in which they would celebrate their companionship's and happiness, the Wood Elven Seeds who worshipped this Mani would often create handmade gifts for one another and to sink to Kalii’mari in hopes for good fortune and new friendships. Patron Purpose: As most of the well-known Mani represent the necessities for survival, hunting, and protection, Kalii’mari serves as a reminder to gaze upon the world with a warmer perspective. Quite different to the other, more serious and regal Mani, the Prince of Squid watches over those of his faith with a friendlier demeanour, more hopeful for their good fortune and new companionship's. Abilities: As explained in the ‘Demi-Gods of the Wilds Clarifications’ post [Linked in the ‘References’ spoiler below], Kalii’mari is able to be summoned in both an Ethereal form, and a Corporeal form. However, some points regarding these abilities & summoning will be clarified in the case of Kalii’mari: Ethereal Form In regards to summoning other squid of any size, it would be unheard of for Kalii’mari to use these squid in any form of combat or ill intent - aside from in the case of self-defence. In regards to inducing visions & illusions, it would be unheard of for Kalii’mari to invoke fear, wrath, or any other form of mental/emotional harm or distress onto a person In regards to Ethereal Form Summoning, only large bodies of water may be used to summon the Mani, such as a deep lake connected to the ocean, or the ocean itself. Rivers and ponds cannot be used, nor freshwater lakes Summoning Prayer Example “Joyful Kalii’mari, Prince of Squid. Whose laughter and happiness echoes through the depths, We give to you our devotion. We show to you our respect for your kind. Oh Kalii’mari, honourable friend to all, grace us with good fortune.” Offering Examples Coral, Seashells, Seaweed, Woven Bracelets, Ribbons Corporeal Form In regards to encounters, it would be unheard of for Kalii’mari to provide any form of dangerous/harmful encounter. In regards to Druidic Transcendence encounters, it would be unheard of for Kalii’mari to bring any danger/harm to the Druid in question - instead seeking to provide safe passage back to the Mortal Realm Blessings / Boons In regards to The Call of Nature, it would be unheard of for a squid of any size to fight alongside the party, as Kalii’mari’s kin are not known to be harmful unless in self-defence Current Location Despite being the Mani Prince of laughter and companionship's, Kalii’mari remains true to the reclusive nature of the Mani as a whole. Preferring to instead watch over and observe his followers from afar, the Mani will only step forth to interact when he deems guidance is truly necessary to bring someone back onto a more balanced path. As all Mani are, the Squid Prince resides within the Eternal Forest until he is drawn forth for any worthy reason. Lore Purpose As previously stated, in comparison to the other currently existing Mani, Kalii’mari serves as almost an opposite to the more serious Mani residing over protection, survival, hunting, and so forth. Instead, he serves as a provider for more flavorful roleplay - bringing the chance for more entertaining events to occur revolving around festivities / dances, etc. He also provides a flip side to prayers and worship - providing people with the ability to conduct roleplay prior to an event for good fortune with the planning and conducting of an event, along with providing the chance for character development through reconciling with any foes during the ritual of worship. Overall, his purpose remains mostly cultural, but grants the community a friendlier and more entertaining Mani to interact with. References
  11. Amayonnaise

    Eleaina's Lovely Layers [RP Skin Shop]

    [!] Posters flutter around all of Arcas Come one, come all, to... Eleaina’s Lovely Layers! Located within the City of Helena, Eleaina’s Lovely Layers is a new Tailoring Service newly opened to aid the peoples of Arcas in any and all tailoring desires! Eleaina invites any and all to deliver their ideas and requests for her to personally craft, by hand, a new outfit to stun the crowd in! However, please keep in mind that; - Outfits will cost a sum of minae, which will vary depending on the complexity of the outfit desired, ((Basic – 500, Moderate – 750, Intricate – 1000)) - Eleaina is capable of forging armour, however her abilities are limited with metals and steel – compared to leather, ((I’m not the best at making armour skins, unless its leather)) - Eleaina reserves ownership over all creations, however each outfit will only be made once, ((My skins – thus I can publish on PMC, but only you are allowed to use them on LOTC)) - Eleaina reserves the right to decline any requests, without reason to explain, ((I reserve the right to decline commissions)) The three levels of complexity depend on the amount of material required for each outfit. For the purpose of explaining these levels, Cultural attire for Humans + Elves have been designed as examples; Please keep in mind: - Even if an outfit has 2 layers, if you are asking for patterns / jewellery, it will classify as ‘Moderate’ - Boots and Arm Guards do not classify as a ‘half set of armour’ - Basic has a total of two (2) layers – shirt and pants. This includes Shoes / Belt / Chest Wrappings. This does not include jewellery, patterns, and hair pieces. - Moderate has a total of two-three (2-3) layers, and embroidery/patterns. This does include jewellery, sashes, and hair pieces. - Intricate has a total of four+ (4+) layers, and embroidery/patterns. This also includes half & full sets of armour. More Examples of Eleaina’s Designs:
  12. Amayonnaise

    The First Alderynic Assembly

    Leah Ithelanen awaits the assembly intensely.
  13. Amayonnaise

    Flight of the Raven

    Leah Ithelanen stands a few paces behind Layla, silent and solemn as she presses her Stewardry documents to her chest. She dips her chin once – approving the Princess’ declaration, knowing fully well that more changes are upon the rise to further distance the new city from the method of its formation, and those that formed it. “A new Council rises, and with it – all that is sought is understanding and peace.” Ky’leia Torena beams brightly at the Princess as her declaration is made, gasping in awe at the wild ‘Ame at Layla’s side. Her attention quickly splits, searching the crowds for any of her Seed – noting her brother nearby. Her broad smile only grows still, hoping that more of her kin will return yet.
  14. Amayonnaise


    Ky’leia Torena remained knelt by his side for a long time – silent mostly, though her bright, warm smile never seemed to falter. The ‘Ame seemed finally able to quell her curiousity, asking nothing – but refusing to hesitate when it came to tending to his wounds. ”Rest now. Your time has not yet come.”