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  1. Lirro

    Dunshire's Fifth Election Signup - Sheriff & Deputy

    Name: Lirro Dockingrock Race: Halfling What are ye running for?: Sheriff and deputy Why should we vote for you?: A aunorable halfling What do you promise to do if you are elected?: Nothing Anything else to add?: Nope
  2. Lirro

    Ideas for t'eh next festival!

    Name: Lirro Idea: No more festivals Who is going to be doing this?: No one Do you think that this will be enjoyable for the next festival?: No
  3. Lirro

    Warning At The Entrance Of Dunshire

    Kuck Fnox
  4. Lirro

    I'm back on LOTC

    Oh no
  5. Name: Lirro Dockingrock Race(Ye must be a halfling to run for Sheriff or Deputy): 100% Halfling What do ye run as? (You cannot run for both Sheriff and Deputy!): Sheriff and deputy What will you do if you are elected?: Something What will you expect of the other halflings if you are elected?: Nothing Anything else to add?: Vote for an aunorable halfling
  6. Lirro

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    I voted yes so that should be enough
  7. Lirro

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    Its not conceding defeat if you survive
  8. Lirro

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    Running is a form of roleplay and is a natural response to death It doesnt matter You have to run because they always want to kill or enslave you and thats not fun If anyone shouts "oi" at you just run, its not worth it
  9. Lirro

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    Next time just run. I've escaped death countless times. Like that one time where the druids tried to sacrifice me to their dark lord Minerva for their black magic voodoo bs. They dont call me "the runner" for no reason
  10. Put it away we're trying to eat
  11. Lirro

    20k x 20k Map for Server

    Awesome looking map Much better than any we've had If the Gms didnt hand out land to everyone that wants some it could work.
  12. Lirro

    [✗] Add interest to money in bank

    Also >3 posts by this ID **** off back to Goldman sacs
  13. Lirro

    [✗] Add interest to money in bank

    Usurious bastard do you work for the banks irl. You will make the economy worse. There should be a demurrage on the currency instead. Abolish usury now
  14. Lirro

    [Your View] Freebuild

    Already starting to not be able to find rp. Make it so freebuild is less desirable. Such as not being able to lock doors/chests or making them unlockable with a picklock, lock is on a timer. More stronger mobs, PVP default, uncapped raiding etc. At the moment there's really no difference to living in a regioned area then freebuild. Players should be pushed into regioned nations. Really disappointed that I'm already finding dead nation capitals. Some of them are massive, such as Marna, which I really like btw, but I can see them being totally deserted in a months time at this rate, Santegia and a lot of them as well. About time the admin and gm team stand up to the player base and force consolidation. Starting off with 13 nations with cities is utterly ridiculous and with freebuild on top of that, come on.