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  1. I don't think he is...
  2. Posters would be spread all around Courland... Hello there citizens! We currently have a shop building for rent, for any merchants out there that may need a place to sell their products. We have about 7 stands for items and a storage room! If you are interested contact Alduin'an Pillar (Eddarxy ) they building is worth 100 minas every saint's week!
  3. Alduin'an Bigge approves of this statement
  4. Just remove twitter that **** sucks for the forums it fine if you use it for notifications and ****, but just get that crap out of here. and bring back the damn status updates it help more than twitter. 1+ I agree with u salty kinslayer
  5. I vote for this badass
  6. Ask a dev
  7. What are the two?
  8. (( You got so many characters, I cnat keep track of them all, who is this? The guard?
  9. Alduian'an bigge looks back at the poster with a grin (( I don't know if your trying to insult or make fun of my post/rep ratio, but Unlike you I don't make sure every post I make gets rep, I don't grind like that. Plus there is a ton more people with worst ratio.
  10. Alduin'an bigge would take out a small but sharp knife " The End is comin'" He'd smile carving an x shaped shape into the poster riping off some of the paper, then leaving without anyone noticing.
  11. . The auctioneer gives a thumps up "You said the same thing last time... keep up the shitty jokes" He'd smile
  12. A tall man would walk around, his eyes would be fixed at the poster" ...What the hell is Co.?"
  13. A small crowd would be gathered in front of an auctioneer.. "The auction will start at a 175 minas, the highest bid will win the strong reddish scales from a young wyvern. They can be used to forge armor and many other valuable thing!" The tall auctioneer would state looking around the crowd " Hey you!" He'd point his finger out pointing at you " What is your bid?" https://gyazo.com/e974abcba84b08ee7abf3f4d6f3d20c2
  14. I'm not sure if I'm the only one that this is happening to, but every time I try to log into the server it was I'm not white-listed, and it takes a long ass time to load. If anyone is experiencing this issues please post below, if you what is happening.
  15. LM approval: