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  1. Lothar Vladislav Alimar sings a little song to himself...
  2. “Holy **** that one came true!?” Klaus blinks on hearing the news that his prediction came true, questioning whether or not he might actually have the power of foresight afterall.
  3. True Sight here is kinda just Vivification but without nearly the same level of downsides or clarification. In the feat it’s written to be something much more character defining and detrimental, but in this it kind of just comes across as a throwaway ‘spell’. I’d much rather you keep with what is currently written in Vivification lore – ‘reading of the grimoire of phantoms by a Mystic who - having peered into the ebrietaes by the will of Mthyul Tlan itself - will have the Elysian Wastes unveiled to them.’ – and have Mystics continue to be cursed with full on Vivification (utilising the same app, and in turn the same guidance, explanation and redlines in that piece) than have it squeezed into the Mysticism MA. Otherwise thank God for Mysticism’s return, it’s long overdue.
  4. (( MC name: Mordu)) Name: Mordu Ith’ael Vote for Sohaer: ( XX ) Nelgauth Maehr'tehral ( ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Abstain
  5. I’m all for cannons my guy but you could at least try to link this to pre established LoTC lore instead of straight up using IRL science. We have more than enough accepted resources to build off of whilst preserving the concept.
  6. This has all been written to add to or lay foundations for future Naztherak and Inferis lore with consistency in mind, the latter I am helping work on myself.
  7. The Transmutation Pentacle, drawn in witchtallow and marked with the names of the five zor’rokul in Ilzakarn, as well as the five elemental signs and‘creation’ in the Material Alphabet. ⛧ Zevirit Gagaht - Infernal Alchemy ⛧ Infernal alchemy is the occult practice of manipulating matter by taboo amalgamations of the material plane’s resources and those of Moz Strimoza. Often associated with witchcraft and demonology, the practice involves an odd fusion of processes between the worldly alchemical and ritual conjurings of malflame. Processes Much of infernal alchemy is achieved through the application of the forgotten arts of blood magic and naztherak, in the beckoning of malflame from the hellscape that is Moz Strimoza. Both infernal alchemical processes are achieved by the use of either ¼ of a descendant’s blood or witchtallow in drawing the Transmutation Pentacle: Its outer points bearing the titles of the zar’rokul Pentacle in Ilzakarn (the chaotic tongue of the inferis), naming Velkuzat the Goat, Drazhana the Bat, Kiiztria the Snake, Kholidav the Crow and Zathairn the Black Cat. Between the two pentagons at the star’s centre, then, are listed the five elements using the material alphabet (the ancient runes of the veil), invoking Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Aether before finally adding the mark of Creation in the star’s centre. Transmutation Pentacles can be used for the following processes: Rakir Hultar - Rakir Bleeding Ankh Rokodra - Rokodra Forging Reagents Rakir Rokodra Brimstone Eye of Newt Tongue of Wonk Tail of Kha Fist of Hou Recipes Witchtallow Siegsmund’s Candles Beguiling Brew Sprog’s Elixir Fogey’s Elixir Wonksrot Redlines Purpose
  8. Why have any lore that can’t be metagamed, by that logic? Information should be obtained IC. People should have their own cultural distinctions and in-character beliefs about what a magic/ creature is called and how they think it works that is distinct from their OOC knowledge obtained from the forums.
  9. Origin The Nine Archons, commanding a legion of dreadknights under Setherien’s banner prior to their conversion. The Undying Sahir The story of the first silit begins with the twilight years of the first strigae court. Hazm Alhazred, Gedym aep Helgraen’s delegate in the Alnorid Sultanate was a powerful wizard and scryer, famed amongst his contemporaries as court mage to the Emirs and even the Sultan himself. As the years passed and more were turned, it became increasingly apparent to the Unseen that with each passing generation of striga their influence waned more and more. More elders were deployed and more still turned their backs in pursuit of their own ambitions. Hazm, whilst he may have been one of the first, was no exception. The Unseen cult reached its peak in the sands of Alnorid some time around the fifth century though to Hazm it had felt like many more. The taste of blood had run sour. His great talents in the cosmic arcane had been lost in his exchange for eternity, his influence amongst the Farfolk nobility squandered and his position reduced to that of an outcast, a monster forced to roam the deserts of eastern Abu’Khourn in wait of another wisened generation’s passing. His experiments, which he once had tackled with such ambition and cruelty, had now all either been concluded or simply bored him. The immortal’s servants had all outgrown him once he’d figured out how to grant them his own blessings and now sought only to impress the Unseen. It’d been at least three cycles of awakening since Hazm himself had last cared to meet with the next Unseen arising from their fifty-year slumber, a task he’d since deferred to other distant elders who undertook such with religious vigour. After centuries of absence to the moots of strigae, he had hoped himself dead and forgotten in the eyes of his estranged brethren. He had sought immortality and fulfillment and found only the former. What good, he’d oft ponder in his great dusty halls and libraries, is an eternal life of yearning? It was then that Hazm eventually decided to search for a way of furthering his condition, hoping to restore the great magical prowess he’d once known. It was a long line of black sacraments and secluded studies that then led him to try and understand the Unseen’s power and its relation to mortals, with hopes to subvert it and remake himself anew: a wizard of flesh who had cheated death. Such things led him far from Aeldin into the company of the dragon Setherien and his band of sorcerers. As prestigious as he had once been perhaps it was they who could unlock the secrets of volatile energy found in the blood of man. The Stone Serpent In the years following his arrival, Hazm had become a figure of interest to the drake Malghourn. Setherien’s former general had rounded up Hazm and his nine followers after their and the harbingers’ defeat. Each of the cabal was an archon of ancient blood magic who the enlightened drake sought to experiment upon. Desperate to prevent his own grizzly fate as corrupt stone and fearful of following in his old master’s footsteps and falling mad, Malghourn had become fascinated with the what exactly the Unseen had done to create Hazm, both for the potential it had to spare himself and to bolster his own ranks. After the drakaar’s death upon the Golden Lance Hazm had been seduced by Malghourn’s promises of restoring his magic, and the blood mage cabal had too been seduced by Malghourn’s promise to gift them each with immortality, unending power and riches, and a realm of their own for privacy, seclusion, and dominion. In the year 1461 Malghourn made good on his promises to the nine archons though Hazm’s fate had been far more grizzly. The Red Nexus, some had dubbed it, was an ancient lexicon of blood magic. It’d come into his possession following Setherien’s death, though even Malghourn wasn’t sure if it was his or made by an even earlier dragaar. With its extensive insights on blood magic and with the bohra his late master had captured for conversion Malghourn conceived a grand ritual where the boarfolk would serve as a font of power. The final remnants of their flawed race were exsanguinated to fuel the great feat, their blood poured into a field where the Red Nexus and great many runes laid. Hazm, without his magic, could only sit atop the great crimson stone and watch the drake and his occult company practice their ancient craft. It was when the last sacrifice’s blood had been let that he felt it. Searing pain filled the ancient elf, his body being torn apart first. Immortal, he was less concerned given his previous deaths and reformations until he noticed the sensation hadn’t stopped. The striga’s incorporeal spirit screamed and cried as it was split into ten upon the Red Nexus. The lexicon beneath him fractured and broke into ten, one still considerably large gem with nine shards floating off of it. Each swallowed the pieces of his soul whilst flurries of scarlet mist travelled between his followers and a shard of their own alongside Malghourn and the largest remaining piece. The last thought to pass through Hazm Alhazred’s mind was those of betrayal, as he had been made into nought more than a blueprint. The Nine Archons By the time they awoke from the ritual the nine archons felt changed. Each came to experience some discomfort in the jewelry they had once worn, having to remove it. The cavern floor stung them and when going to peel themselves from it they soon became aware of an ease in movement, weightlessly hovering in place where they had each once stood. They could see clearly despite the dark blizzard shielding away the sun and soon noticed that the pieces of the nexus they had broken off for themselves were gone, bar the largest which Malghourn loomed over. His draconic body, once withered and in parts calcified, had been reborn anew. They could see walls of muscle quaking beneath his scales, now a heavy crimson, and the dragon’s fangs had grown significantly. Something about the serpent to the nine seemed menacing. The smell of fear hung in the air that they shared with him until finally they were addressed. “Traitors.” Malghourn spoke, rumbling a blizzard of rock-salt out of the surrounding cliffs around them with his sheer volume. “Your dear friend… torn apart by his own company’s avarice.” The archons exchanged glances, guiltily. They were struck with the realisation that they had been approached and bargained with individually by Malghourn. Each had been given the same promise in secret and each had taken it; all of them had been as willing to betray their master and, with the exception of Numir and Carical, each other more than likely. It became increasingly evident that this was intentional. “You are immortal as promised. You still have your powers as promised. What I demand is your recognition. Your souls are bound to the blood shards which I have carefully scattered. Fear not, my children, for your bonds to the shards are as ethereal as the libraries they contain; if destroyed they shall reform inevitably by my hand if not by my unwitting apprentices. Know this: I can undo what we have done. The lovers shall be sovereign and for me build a world of troops and cattle. This trio,” he indicated with pointed claws, “shall bear tasks of their own to empower my forces, and the strays - the weakest among you - you must earn my favour.” Details And thus began the nine bloodlines of the first siliti. True to his oath, Malghourn ensured each archon was gifted a realm coupled with its own duties: [Sovereign] Numir, the King Once human, Numir was a lowborn stablemaster from one of the scattered proto-Waldenian peasant branches that would unify years later under the Kingdom of Aesterwald. Of suspiciously fair hair and skin, the young Numir was mistakenly believed to have been of high elven descent by marauding dreadknights and taken before the old order of blood with hopes of being utilised for his potent genus, in light of haelun’orian scarcity during its isolationist period. Whilst such lineage was not found, the enslaved Waldenian did show promise in deciphering the runic script and esoteric spells of the order, being taken in and recognised as a blood mage prodigy amongst Setherien’s ranks prior to falling into the stone serpent’s inner circle. It was under Malghourn’s stewardship that Numir was introduced to the farfolk magistress Carical, with whom he soon became infatuated. When tasked with finding the elusive strigae to bring before his draconic lord for means of study, Numir followed Carical’s lead to western Aeldin. Their journey led them to the Undying Sahir, Hazm, with which Numir soon developed a deep respect and fraternity as a pseudo parental figure, spending some years together both in Alnorid and on the perilous journey home. One of the more comprehensive to Malghourn’s suggested betrayal, Numir eventually caved to the idea of sacrificing Hazm in exchange for the chance to rule his own realm as king, an opportunity no magic nor dragon could have offered in his homeland. Such plagues Numir to this day as one of his greatest regrets, to the extent that his and Carical’s shared dominion was named in the sahir’s memory. Numir now maintains the courts of the Kingdom of Hazmstadt as its king, his own realm being interwoven with his spouse’s: one a farm-world of human livestock, the other a world-spanning kingdom of siliti subjects and nobles. The two keep the true ownership of each realm a secret between them lest one’s authority be questioned. It is from the Kingdom of Hazmstadt that most siliti hail and also part of the reason why the siliti tend to overwhelmingly be former humans, with occasional human livestock winning an elder’s favour and ascending to become siliti. Numir's bloodline has strong will and are expert liars; their body language cannot betray their intent and always seem to be telling the truth. [Sovereign] Carical, the Queen Once human, Carical belongs to the long line of Alhazred, distantly descended from Hazm himself and hailing from western Aeldin. She now maintains the courts of the Kingdom of Hazmstadt as its queen, her own realm being interwoven with her spouse’s: one a farm-world of human livestock, the other a world-spanning kingdom of siliti subjects and nobles. The two keep the true ownership of each realm a secret between them lest one’s authority be questioned. It is from the Kingdom of Hazmstadt that most siliti hail, and also part of the reason why the siliti tend to overwhelmingly be former humans, with occasional human livestock winning an elder’s favour and ascending to become siliti. (This Archon’s origin and motives are left undefined at present, as it is our intent to allow ST interested in using this character for future events to reach out to us and collaborate on a story befitting their purpose) Carical's bloodline has a matronly disposition and tactful minds; their charm is immense, allowing them to use the rite of restraints on siliti to stage 1. [Trio] Hallin Kord, the Quartermaster Once human, Hallin Kord now oversees Malghourn’s armies as his lieutenant. He is infamous amongst the Kingdom of Hazmstadt as Malghourn’s drafter, often coming to the realm to conscript siliti recruits for another of the dragon’s campaigns from which, near immortal as the siliti may be, very few often return. Fiercely loyal, his realm is not truly his, but in fact a base of operations for the stone serpent’s militia, scattered with countless fortresses and training camps. (This Archon’s origin and motives are left undefined at present, as it is our intent to allow ST interested in using this character for future events to reach out to us and collaborate on a story befitting their purpose) Hallin Kord's bloodline has a penchant for honor and enhanced muscle memory, allowing them to learn physical crafts and techniques twice as fast. [Stray] Cadmium, the Witch Once human, Cadmium was a sorceress who taught in the late years of Rivel after its castle had been sacked by the old dwarves of Urguan’s Hall and its flying citadel was fractured by Aeriel and Iblees’ vicious battle at the end of Aegis. Raised amongst the multicultural mage community that lingered in the ruins there, she was dear friends with two others of the splintered college, that of the dwarf Solomon and human Nirta. Their lives with their families upon the scattered floating islands of lost Rivel were harsh at times but the vast wealth of knowledge that lingered in the castles gave them the tools to prosper. Cadmium grew to be a brilliant mage by gleaning information from the troves of books scattered throughout Rivel where her fascination with the legendary Rasmot began and even learned of blood magic by tutelage of Nirta’s father. Despite increasing numbers and prospects for reuniting the shards of Rivel and rebuilding the lost college, the corruption of a man’s heart proved disastrous to their eclectic clan. In a night where Cadmium and Solomon had ventured off to plunder the great libraries they had returned in a panic where the community had been laid to waste in gorey fashion with carnage rampant between the homes. Before a great, spiraling gate of red mercury stood Nirta wailing into the night as her father dragged her into the portal, flanked by a pair of Mori’quessir, otherworldly dark elves in the eyes of Cadmium and Solomon. Panicked, they scoured the remnants of Rivel just briefly where they found everyone slaughtered to fuel the rift. Disheartened, they gathered their essentials and with confusion, terror, and bravery took to the portal in search of Nirta if not only for revenge upon her father. Spat out into a black cave, the pair were lost and slowly ventured out to find themselves lost in the realm of Asulon where they grew and learned more of the world. There they met a far superior court of blood mages who, given their talents, inducted them and treated them as their own. Cadmium gained a silver tongue and mastered summoning rituals, once unleashing a horror upon the frozen village of Skravia and in turn one of her students eventually conjured a now-famous horror, Achan-Chatla. Amongst this court she was granted one of the first marrows which allowed her unnatural life but a far cry from immortality which also granted her extremely fluid movement, her peers mockingly calling her a witch that haunted the halls. Eventually she and her childhood friend came into the service of Setherien and warred on his behalf, there meeting the sentient drake general of his, Malghourn, where they mingled with the other blood mages. Their cooperation after Setherien’s demise led to the Night of Ten Treacheries where Malghourn had swayed her with promises of the power to finally locate Nirta and her father, to rebuild her home, and to even rival Rasmot. Accepting his deal and taking part in the ritual she saw the fault in her judgement which struck her with shame for not only had she been willing to sell out her peers but even Solomon and he, her. Cadmium then took on her title as the Witch and toiled away in her realm, the smallest of the nine, a twisting castle of endless chambers, stairwells, and halls with no exterior. Repeatedly underestimated by Malghourn thanks to her silver tongue - one of the few able to deceive him - she hides her true power and keeps to her mission: her chambers contain sets of gateways into different planes where she desperately searches for the great wizard Rasmot, thinking perhaps he if anyone could assist her. Cadmium's bloodline has a keenness for theatrics, art, and expression and extreme flexibility and grace, that of dancers and contortionists and keen hand-eye coordination. [Trio] Mictlanti, the Turnkey Once a dark elf, Mictlanti was among the first of Malin’s line to set foot on Asulon, second only to Zanunder after having been ambushed by orcish slavers and chased through Nemiisae’s portals to the Verge and then upon Asulon with his Laurelin scouting party. There he fought hard to sustain a family in that accursed land, struggling against the elements and many hostile factions and beasts. His work as a craftsman was only so valuable when his small group of peers were more concerned about eating and finding shelter. Disgruntled by their situation while squatting in a ruin amongst colossal trees, Mictlanti whittled away at an interlocking wooden ring, a gift he intended to offer a wood elven woman who had his eye. Then instructed to forage by his company’s officer, Mictlanti hid his carving and reluctantly ventured deeper into the great wood. Unfortunately for him he was soon after come upon by venturing Mori’quessir who hunted in the shade of the grand canopy wherein he was soon taken below and inspected, a rare sight. The high priestesses were unsure of what to do with the elf for he was obviously no child of Nemiisae and inherently of lesser worth as a male. When his carving tools and gift were seized from his pockets however, they did find value in him. Mictlanti was enslaved as many were by the Mori’quessir and he served as a carpenter and learned the ways of gemcutting and jeweling from a poor male Mori relegated to the smithy. He quickly showed great skill for such crafts and was regarded as a master - but still a slave - within two years. Turmoil erupted in Menocress during the Terafil rebellion where Mictlanti was nearly killed for having last made a dresser for a Terafil noble were it not for a high lord of the Malachai stepping in to spare him, making light of his skill. During the conflict Mictlanti’s master was slain and soon after the same high lord bought him to be his personal craftsman. Under his wing, Mictlanti was treated with uncommon grace and taught artificery and the ways of enchantment. As the confidence in their relationship increased and the elf produced remarkable works the Malachai leader revealed himself, dismissing an illusion which revealed him to be a human. Deeply confused, the man informed him of his magical talents and saw great potential in Mictlanti, willing to invest in him by teaching him of powers greater than mere Voidal enchantment but of the raw power hidden in the blood of mortals. Intrigued and bewildered, he accepted. As the years passed Mictlanti showed an equal knack for the dark art, their union creating objects of power of great use. Years later, the Mori imposter was discovered either fled or was slain by the Mori’quessir, Mictlanti did not know. What he did know was that his position was therein compromised and when the guard came for him they were outmatched. Having plundered his master’s home for their many artifacts and objects of power, Mictlanti made a bloody escape through Menocress before eventually emerging from the waterfall entrance. He was met in the dark wood by an ominous bunch, a collection of blood mages come to aid their previous member. All they knew was that he was gone and in turn there before them stood a prodigy of his tutelage; the court inducted Mictlanti and he, a free man once more, reveled in his newfound capabilities. Amongst the court he became a specialist in invention, using creation rituals to craft the wildest of relics. His services were employed by Setherien once the court came under his dominion and he served as an architect in the Red Realm where he aided in the invention of the Black Scourge’s war machines and grand, wicked structures. With only mild appreciation for his peers amongst the court, taking to Eireamhan and Numir the most, he did not hesitate much to take Malghourn’s deal. After the ritual however he most especially lamented his decision upon realizing his true feelings for Hazm, a man of true gentile quality. As an Archon, Mictlanti became the Turnkey, Malghourn’s judicator which sparked his invention of the rite of rest and the creation of crimson coffins. He became more jaded and cruel after repeatedly being tasked to extract information from prisoners and his self hatred ate at him for his dismissive betrayal of Hazm, leading Mictlanti to spiral to become a bitter misanthrope, believing himself among the worst. Mictlanti broods within his realm of endless cells, cages, coffins, tombs, and dungeons in a labyrinth without exterior where he tends to prisoners and sealed away relics and monstrosities Malghourn wishes to torment, await execution, or be locked away and forgotten for eternity. Mictlanti's bloodline has a fine appreciation for music and are inherently composed and are comfortable being statue-like - still and silent - for as long as they wish without going mad or getting tired, an invaluable skill when imprisoned. [Stray] Solomon, the Scholar Once a dwarf, Solomon is rumoured to have invented the first dreadknights before the blood mages first surfaced in Asulon. An alchemist, philosopher and inventor, Solomon’s realm is a far-stretching taiga on which an odd blend between a factory and a college exists. There he reluctantly builds siege engines and other science-magic hybrid machines and tools for Hallin Kord’s soldiers. (This Archon’s origin and motives are left undefined at present, as it is our intent to allow ST interested in using this character for future events to reach out to us and collaborate on a story befitting their purpose) Solomon's bloodline has a keen eye and appreciation for detail, to the extent of being able to envision the texture and makeup of alchemical reagents (as well as potions if they are already masterful alchemists) without the need of an ocular apparatus. This only functions on items within one block, for the sole purpose of deciphering signs and symbols. [Stray] Illia, the Collector Once a high elf and the weakest of the archons in terms of both physical and magical prowess, Illia’s realm is both a library and museum rivaling even those of Ixli, the spirit of forbidden knowledge itself. Pacifistic and quietly unwilling to fight for Malghourn, she is often found visiting the mortal plane disguised as an old wise woman, pinching books from libraries and tricking mages out of their artifacts in order to have them gather dust in her halls, all the while operating on the pretence to be ‘curating tools for Malghourn’. She has a deep rivalry with Solomon, whose blueprints and inventions are hoarded in his own realm. Some speculate there are weapons capable of granting Malghourn power beyond godhood in her collection but are buried so far beneath an ocean of useless trinkets that the Stone Serpent hasn’t bothered to check nor could most attempt to begin a search. (This Archon’s origin and motives are left undefined at present, as it is our intent to allow ST interested in using this character for future events to reach out to us and collaborate on a story befitting their purpose) Illia’s bloodline possesses the psychic ability of ‘dowsing’ wherein they can locate mundane objects (or written words) through supernatural means within 1 block (such as finding a desired object in a cluttered drawer or desired line in a passage) instantly. They are commonly covetous and hoard things. [Trio] Krogak, the Headhunter Once an orc, Krogak is a former devout of Enrokh, a shamanic warlord whose bloodlust is said to have remained constant since even before his time amongst siliti. Even more universally hated by the other siliti than Hallin Kord, during the years following their transformation he is the only of the Archons known to have visited the mortal plane and hunt descendants in the desert, unafraid of even the Unseen present there. Maddened by his thirst and the most physically imposing of the archons, the Headhunter serves Malghourn out of bloodlust with an affinity for violence, sent to eliminate the Stone Serpent’s enemies and begrudgingly deliver some to Mictlanti’s prison alive at times. Fresh siliti and the children of the Kingdom of Hazmstadt are commonly told to check for a ‘Krogak in the closet’ before bed. (This Archon’s origin and motives are left undefined at present, as it is our intent to allow ST interested in using this character for future events to reach out to us and collaborate on a story befitting their purpose) Krogak’s bloodline has poor empathy yet find purpose easily to which they cling and possess ivory teeth as well as 2 extra pairs of retractable fangs, one on top and one on bottom. [Stray] Eireamhan, the Hermit Once a wood elf and perhaps the least known about of the archons (so much so that residents of the Kingdom of Hazmstadt often believe there to be only eight), Eireamhan’s abilities and talents are unknown. Rumour has it that Eireamhan attempted to liberate the siliti from Malghourn but was backstabbed by Mictlanti, whilst other stories suggest he only slighted the Stone Serpent and Mictlanti wasn’t involved at all. One thing that is certain is that Eireamhan’s realm has become his prison for at least three hundred years where he is trapped in a sprawling plane to wander alone in its wilderness. (This Archon’s origin and motives are left undefined at present, as it is our intent to allow ST interested in using this character for future events to reach out to us and collaborate on a story befitting their purpose) Eireamhan's bloodline is unknown as he has been exiled to his plane for centuries and no known siliti come from him. The archons mostly frequent the outer planes for safety for whilst Malghourn is their maker and requires them for errands and duties they are by no means safe from him or from one another. Red Lines -The nine Archons can only be played by ST given managerial approval. -The information in this post can only be learned through legitimate roleplay, tightly kept among silit circles. -Using the word ‘siliti’ is the draconic term for slaves, used by Malghourn and viewed as too taboo to echo by the nine Archons. In this sense using silit / siliti in roleplay is metagaming, period. Purpose The nine archons solidify the aesthetic of ritualistic blood magic and mystical vampires as an alternative fashion to the old Dragon Age super-mage we’ve seen time and again where the actual magical properties are balanced and roleplay friendly while still allowing for the more ridiculous possibilities for ST events. Focusing on a conflict with dragonkin, each other, and the communities they enter, the nine are much more public and interactive vampires as opposed to striga which can more easily enable vampire hunting style events and roleplay. In the same vein, healthy conflict can arise between the two breeds of ‘vampire’ (should it be desired) as well as between the nine as internal struggles, given their thematically appropriate split in wants and desires. As world lore, nine archons tie off the loose ends of the Asulon blood mage eventline and Anthos Black Scourge eventline by folding the 2.0 and 3.0 antagonists into the conclusion of the bohra extinction while adding a solid foundation for future event lines and old narrative conflicts. It opens the door to future tie-ins with ST projects regarding mystical, fantastical vampires, Hazmstadt (or the other eight realms and their respective characters), and the future schemes of Malghourn. Citations Pale Blood Magic Strigae Malghourn Siliti Credits: Mordu (Co-author) Zarsies (Co-author)
  10. ((The term ‘animii’ has been avoided by the plague by all animii crafters, it is more than likely metagamed terminology and it would be appreciated if you didn’t broadcast it. My advice is to use the term ‘engineering’))
  11. An young alchemist too curious for his own good listens to the great cracks as they shake the mountain and bounce across lake Milena, deciding it high time he asked his father for a lab.
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