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  1. The Celia'nor Pond warbles disapprovingly at the lack of Xionistic propaganda.
  2. Corcitori do not have darkvision. That is correct. Corcitori can however see other camoflauged corcitori, as well as siliti who can see camoflaged corcitori using their darkvision ability. Sorry the wording wasn't so clear. Corcitori and siliti have always had signates. If you're a corcitoră who is not a current blood mage, however, then it has no use to you other than providing it to someone else who is one or a silit.
  3. I would like for them to be fasttracked to whatever makes sense with when their app was accepted, as if this progression had always been in place. That said I'd urge the ST to offer Corcitori who wish to be cured amnesty for a short period around implementation (since this lore will render the curse permanent at T3 and there are many corcitori who have likely had it long enough for that to be the case), which has been the norm with changes like this in the past. Chiefly because the lore they signed up for is now crucially different with regards to its permanence. The issue isn't exclusively that the feat is punishing. The real problem lies in how it pushes people over the edge. If someone isn't enjoying their roleplay then they still have three months to change their mind and get cured. I think it's safe to assume if someone chooses to go through the motions of drinking people's blood on a regular basis for all of 90 days, however, then having leaving them with an eject button after they've been given the best toys for doing so feels somewhat cheap. Corcitori shouldn't be treating the feat like a void magic to pick up and drop as they please. It is still a fundamentally character defining experience and to endure such a length only to have a paladin, shaman or alchemist waft the problem away when they get bored - in favour of the option specified in this lore as taking on a far more significant change of character like a CA - feels silly.
  4. FOREWORD All boons and banes listed are inherent to charactfers with the Silit Creature Application or Corcitoră Feat Application respectively. They are not 'taught spells' nor optional burdens. The following addition would be added under Physical Description of silit lore after the Appearance, Feeding, and Blood Loss sections. The corcitura addition would be added to corcitura lore under Explanation after the Feeding section. The vast majority of this piece revolves around the quirks of pre-existing features in siliti and corcitori lore, which are essential to an understanding of what this addition means to change. Both are linked in the 'citations' section below. I would urge any unfamiliar with the aforementioned to read such before continuing on with this submission, as this piece offers only a very surface level explanation of how relevant abilities, physical traits and weaknesses already function in both pieces. SILITI Age As genus is life, raw and potent, so too does it mature. Marrows are the grandest expression of this power and in their intangible roiling they grow with the time, distinguishing vampires between the likes of fledglings and formidable elders. As a silit feeds they rejuvenate and strengthen their ethereal bodies, their maturity lending to strengths developing. They are measured in weeks since the posting of the CA. All boons and banes will be retained in perpetuity from the tier they were acquired onwards. For instance, all boons and banes gained at Tier 2 will still apply to siliti of Tier 5. CORCITURI Age In the likeness of their higher race, corcituri solidify in power over time and gain traits through maturity albeit paling to their kin. They are measured in weeks since the posting of the FA. All boons and banes will be retained in perpetuity from the tier they were acquired onwards. For instance, all boons and banes gained at Tier 2 will still apply to corcitori of Tier 3. Purpose On Siliti The primary underlying reason for this addition is to alter the way in which vampires conceptually perceive themselves, and in turn are perceived. In the case of siliti this is sought not through devastating power and ability but through the far softer - and, in my opinion more interesting to RP - touch that is mental, performative and emotional expressions of monstrosity, otherworldliness, vanity and above all else inhumanity which I personally feel is criminally unexplored by many with this CA. When most people think 'vampires' they consider - through our modern understanding - creatures that are malicious, cunning, spiteful, and above all else evil. They can and should also come across as strong and fearsome, yes, and I believe the noncombative additions in this piece equip silit players with the means of conveying that, though ultimately combat roleplay is something which occurs so rarely and rarer still is it carried out in good faith between all parties. I am of the opinion siliti are - for the mostpart - on par with descendant characters in terms of actual lethality. Which is fine. Inconsequential, even. The root aim of this piece isn't to alter siliti's power, therefore, but their portrayal. Whilst there can and absolutely should be distinctions between the personalities of different siliti, there are underlying aspects which - whilst I do feel we attempted to make clear in the initial 'Mental State' section of the lore - should be universal yet rarely become visible in RP. A silit is vampire; not a human, elf, dwarf or orc which just so happens to have a CA. The identity of a silit should be understood by the player behind the character (and expressed as often as possible) as that of the wicked creature that character has evolved into, not an immortal variant of the race that character once was. That is to say, siliti are - for all intents and purposes - monsters. Creatures which require ordinary people to suffer to sustain their unnatural existence can never truly be good. They may have personal beliefs of what their morality defines as good and evil, as all characters do, but these can never realistically align with the basic emotional nor physical needs of day-to-day people. Siliti drink people's blood. Siliti outlive people. Siliti hurt people and prey on people and fundamentally are not themselves people. They are creatures of mystique, malice and whimsy. They are not heroic. To humans, whilst they may certainly act the part to infiltrate society, they are no more friendly than is necessary for the advancement of their schemes. Just as a farmer is no more friendly than necessary to the pig he intends to slaughter. They are not nurturing. They are not romantic. They are cold blooded, calculated parasites. It is for all these reasons and more that this addition means to place much harsher social restrictions on silit characters. It is also for these same reasons that more intense, folklore-rooted weaknesses have been brought to light (no pun intended) to urge silit characters into the inevitable frictions all should feel amongst descendant societies unwilling to tolerate their kind. The silit CA was added back in 2020. In a few months it'll have been three years since it was accepted, and in that time so far thirty-four siliti have been (and many continue to be) played. We hope this number will only continue to grow, and we are very pleased with that figure when compared with other dark arts groups. Though numbers alone aren't everything. We hope this piece is well received and not simply misread as a list of new spells to powercreep our CA, but rather as a box of tools (mostly to the encumbrance of characters which are expressed more as 'people' than 'vampires') which will encourage these players and those to come to act in a way more aligned with the vision of siliti lore. One which we hope will be for the betterment of the server as a whole with an antagonistic player-driven force urged ahead by more than exceptional circumstance and good faith alone. On Corcitori The most punishing feat on the server by far, corcitori in many ways suffer the inverse problem of siliti. That being many approach a feat intended to be an accessible gateway towards all the sought after themes and aesthetics that come along with playing a vampire, though (at least I intended) without the same level of strife and commitment required of siliti. Given time to rise and fall in the same activity cycles most accessible LoTC apps, a sadly consistent pattern has emerged wherein many players (often new to dark arts RP) find the experience far too punishing to justify without much tangible reward that could not be achieved through far less resistant paths. Therefore the trend seems to have for a long time been for many players to acquire the Feat, mess around for a few weeks then get bored and seek out a cure. A behaviour whilst I don't personally agree with I can't necessarily fault many for pursuing, especially when considering the in-character reality of their grim situation. The intent here therefore was to give corcitori an incentive to stick it out and weather the storm for the longhaul, with changes to the feeding system making the feat as a whole far less punishing to the average player as well as the addition of a unique ability serving as both an aesthetic and functional enhancement to those who intend to commit their character fully to the feat and its associated lifestyle whilst still keeping in the spirit of what limited potential a 'feat' in LoTC ought to offer (as opposed to a magic or creature application). Citations Siliti Corcitură Credits Mordu Zarsies
  5. @Eddywilson2do /seen mordu for me rq

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      my lord high high pontiff mordu *kneels

      the church is at ur command

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      14 days.. We miss you..

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  6. "The Cloudbreaker is Azdromoth! Azdromoth belongs to Iblees! Hail the Black God!" A deluded zealot actively misinforms.
  7. "Blessed be the Black God!" cries an eternal zealot.
  8. I would like for the following redline to be added to the current Rite of Restraints (enthrallment) lore: -A silit cannot FTB nor romantically engage with any individual presently enthralled beyond Stage 1, regardless of if they are enthralled by themselves or any other silit. This was an oversight on our part when siliti lore was originally written. As it stands in the current lore, the redlines (spoilered below) safeguard against enthrallment being used for unsavoury interactions that might bring the likes of Terms of Service into question, though do not account for what in my view appears to be a loophole in the lore which - 'tasteful' or not - can be used in a bad faith fashion that I do not believe any healthy roleplay can arise from. That is to say, as it stands in current lore the redlines at present do not fully insure against oddities that may spawn from a silit having another silit enthrall a love interest on their behalf. Even if as written that individual couldn't directly coax a thrall into FTBing, when dealing with someone who is mentally enslaved by the peer of a potential love interest obviously the lines become blurred when bigger questions like in character consent are brought up. This is not something I think we can accept in our community. I should add that at first glance this redline may evoke the question 'how is a silit meant to know someone is a thrall and steer clear?' To which I should reaffirm that siliti are already capable of passively sensing thralls belonging both to themselves and other siliti with the current lore (spoilered below).
  9. Smoggers was actually originally an animiii crafting addition. The two were under a single FA for some time. The problem is, Animii Crafters people at the time (myself included, sure) were antsy about spreading it en masse whereas Smoggers was intentionally designed for widespread use. The two were split because ultimately Smoggers are far simpler than Animii Crafting. Making a car with legs - whilst in real terms clunky and unnecessary complex - can and should be far easier than creating a sentient humanoid using only clock parts and a protein shake. My hope in splitting them apart was to democratise Smoggers as many players were annoyed that the concept of 'tinkering' was gatekept by Animii Crafters when realistically it shouldn't have been. Personally, I don't think we lose anything by keeping them under two separate apps. Nor do I think we could gain anything from merging them. Though ultimately I'm indifferent. The only issue I can fathom coming from such is the creation of two TAs instead of one... But with the current TA system I don't see that as as much of a problem as it would've been in the past. They're both feats of further alchemy and therefore don't consume magic slots. They're just different ends of the 'tinkering' paradigm, and with apps being a realistically OOC tracking mechanic I don't see how them being apart or together would ever really impact anyone's roleplay. The main reason Smoggers is underused currently is it has no real tangible benefit to most players beyond relatively offscreen mechanics like modreqing for a building to be moved (and sometimes still having to pay mina for a 'paste' as I encountered) and emoting your MC horse as being something far cooler. Neither of which I really intended to be its be-all-end-all, and I hope those rewriting it take my suggestions for how that might be improved onboard. This lack of use was made infinitely worse when for some godforsaken reason ST management decided to make the Red Oil recipe painfully expensive when it in reality does very very very little for day to day RP and nothing for CRP. A decision I at the time argued about when I discovered the change had already been made but to no avail. This was compounded with the fact that around this same time ST released guidelines for steam powered contraptions (see: everything the dwarves make) which required no such applications, OOC or understandings of alchemy, ST approval or above all else prerequisite RP yet as it currently stands any player can realistically replicate most of Smoggers' aesthetic in a build justified as 'steam engine' with current techlock verdicts effectively making the FA redundant. Whilst I'm glad to see Animii Crafting is now being spread much further than in those days and the post-loregames climate has seen its core concepts expressed in more objective, RP friendly words instead of going mostly off of good faith with a vague theme as the old lore did, I can't really see how merging it again with Smoggers will make Smoggers themselves used more. Yes, it will be encompassed by more people's apps since nowadays having an app in something almost always equals knowing every possible application for that thing once the countdown to Tier 5 ends, but I still don't think we'll see more Smoggers out in the world as a consequence of that. Further, Animii Crafting is something that is still coveted by many players and adding that baggage to Smoggers will surely only curb the enfranchisement intended by the original separation. As it stands I feel once players find a Smoggers teacher they have to jump through far less hoops than an Animii Crafter might request whilst dangling that FA over their head. I will admit though my perspective is coloured far more by the way things were circa 2019 as opposed to how they might be now. Further, there are characters (like mine) which only have Smoggers and not Animii Crafting. There's also likely others who have the inverse. I don't know how at all this integration would be handled in terms of tracking and grandfathering, but ultimately that's a bridge that could be crossed with enough thought should we come to it.
  10. "Shouldn't it be Balianian?" asks the Magistrate of Adria. "Like Orenian or... I don't know. Not Balianese."
  11. Wfe-MHdY8It7fKPRAPHSaIgVPsi44-_kP_kVqxIttywZXtI2eKj9HbHAwDF-0CMUk3S5A2Ti4Cv9A8AU-UaADVlY4meIpg3fg19jDBd5zoDlmeLxODO9zY0IASw1YVXe9o66APxPTOPrBkX6zVLQwwZggStZbCLIKgda7YUW0hVUtstlcV5aWDIDWfjmGg
    I had strings but now I'm free
    There are no strings on me

  12. gKIWIwclGH36c1PmGZSlAQ3EHb4ul-38Qojiqnt2x1g0YZELTGsopMX9ykLHSROpjUZF9HR_boUPFbxHK349a9tP-gHfE61W1sznIVXuLRPGU-ZPd8iEPjYYYw73NJpUf90VHRrZBv46u17dogpql_hlklqw5YMmo93cBN6gYPpA3kP-K1f71JPNROz1yg
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