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  1. Vienne was haunted. Parts of the city already in rubble, silence clung to the abandoned capital only interrupted by the occasional scampering of vagabonds looting what homes and stores hadn't already been ransacked. Turmoil and decay had claimed this once thriving bastion of men. Blood stained her streets, her throne lay empty. And what aspects of her stone lay untouched were crushed between the weight of onlookers' expectations: what might've been? What will be? An unearned nostalgia lurked around every corner of the young ruin. Incongruent to this atmosphere - yet ultimately, unremarkable - was a poem. A self indulgent scrawling etched above citizen doors that'd begun to rust: Ode to Oblivion This world is ablaze with time. Hellfire yearns for us deep below And here madmen in white shriek Of Seven Skies the colour snow And above: stars and angels, Demons, and Horrors past the Veil. Neither up nor down I am destined, No more shall I laugh nor wail. Past the Moon and Creation Further still beyond space and time The Black God awaits me, in his infinite nest Where I shall be his, and he mine. Weep not for me. This door shuts And locks away the universe I knew, A dreamless slumber comes not just For this lone magpie, but you. The author was nowhere to be found... Though whoever he was, he must've come to terms with the Black God in the void which awaited him.
  2. The Herald of Embers knelt by the fireside with his students, turning over a shard of obsidian between the scorched fingers of his mechanical hand as he wafted it over the flames. Abdiel of Yatl - the priest of Xion in question - regaled his mystic peers with the final lines of the fifth chapter: the Foundations of Xionism. "It is said in ancient legends that the one king of Man shall rise up and proclaim themselves the Provident." the name was spoken with reverence, for it was the name given to his faceless messiah, that lurked just outside of the time he had thus far lived. "And that they shall meet with the Creator himself, when the last battle has been won, upon the line where dark and light meet. There they shall agree to the terms in which universal equilibrium is based upon..." And then he preached on as to why such had not yet come to pass, as well as what was required for their saviour's anointment: "Only when the factions are erased, and all of remnant Man rally under one ruler, may he cry - “I AM PROVIDENCE” - and the deific invaders will henceforth be banished from his kingdom of dark - the mortal realms. Then, and then only, shall we truly be free." Little did he know a new candidate had arisen to the east of his humble camp. A champion that bid for the Provident Mantle. Who knew what destiny lay before this Queen of Serheim? Who knew where the Herald's own path would lead, and if the pair's paths would come to intersect, where it would lead the Priest and this new Monarch.
  3. I'm glad you set this up for your events, and am personally a proponent of ST trying to adopt something similar for large scale events to streamline occasional 100 man CRPs. But in terms of player-versus-player combat LotD&D sadly doesn't work. By and large because our world and lore isn't written around stats and modifiers, or really numbers in any sense. I commend your effort, though.
  4. Only within the apparatus of events. We as a community aren't really equipped to handle such large clashes in RP, mostly due to realistic time constraints. What I find strange though is that these skirmishes of upward of 70 people never used to be allowed without the proper planning. Before every war on LoTC became a world war, we'd often see entire warclaims between orc clans and competing human vassals with 25 players or less on either side. These were actually quite manageable - even with Nexus - due to the simple fact that staff and players were able to plan for them, and the numbers weren't grossly inflated with banned alts and people with no IC stake in the conflict hopping in because they're bored. I personally think we need to go back to the old system of actual large scale battles not requiring 100v100 to constitute a warclaim, so that if PvP is necessary it can be facilitated in its proper environment without being nearly as disruptive as last night. I also think if small scale battles were normalised again we'd actually have room to coordinate more efficient CRP as is done from time to time in places like World of Warcraft and Runescape RP circles.
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