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  1. THE CATHALON WEDDING Proclaimed 13th of Sun’s Smile, in the year of Our Lord 1756 The Commonwealth of Kaedrin will proudly be hosting the holy union of his Highness, Prince Leopold Guy Helvets, the Duke of Cathalon, and Her Ladyship, Charlotte Cecilia d’Arkent, in the coming months. To be conducted in the Church of St. Thomas at the foot of Mont Saint Catherine, prior to feasting that shall be split between the Helvetii seat in Palais de Varoche and the newly constructed village at the heart of Kaedrin. Whilst all loyal human subjects of our Commonwealth and his Imperial Majesty’s broader Empire will be welcome to join in the festivities, special invitations are also to be issued as follows: The immediate family of the Groom, pertaining to House Helvets. The immediate family of the Bride, pertaining to House d’Arkent. The Governor General of Kaedrin and his immediate family, pertaining to House Rovin. The King-Elect of Kaedrin and his immediate family, pertaining to House Helane. The Queen-Mother of Hanseni-Ruska and her immediate family, pertaining to House Barbanov-Alimar. The Duke of Adria and his immediate family, pertaining to House de Sarkozy. The Ordained clergy of the True Canon Faith, pertaining to his High Holiness and all in the service of our one true God alongside him. The ceremony shall be carried out in traditional Rhoswenii fashion; Owynist principles shall be upheld and it is expected that attendees dress appropriately, with red, white and black colours as well as decorative white roses and other Canonist paraphernalia much appreciated. Women exposing more than 1/3 of their shoulders, as well as any part of their upper legs, lower chests or back that may be deemed morally unsuitable for the occasion will be asked to leave. All Orc-kind attempting to infiltrate the ceremony will be persecuted with extreme prejudice.
  2. Leopold groans, sending a response to the ransom.
  3. As a matter of fact I do! Large scale Golem constructs have been allowed time and again, as well as large scale constructs with broader Runesmithing. On Axios there was Arcadia, a literal flying Rune city and giant (20ish blocks tall) MArt/ ET played Golems stationed outside of Urguan. I even remember Pandann having a fully automated Thanhium mine complete with Golem labourers outside of Celein/ Sanctuary when he was still an Admin. I’ve also seen walking buildings with Golem legs, Golem computers and even regular player Golems RPing up to 12ft in size and being distinguished as ‘worker Golems’ (as opposed to ‘war Golems’). Similar achievements have also been made with the use of Transfiguration and Atronachs, too numerous to name, and it’s already clearly stated in this lore that those heights of complexity can’t be achieved, as Macro Animii can only perform kinetic actions and require objective instructions as they’re unable to think and feel on their own. You ought to also note that any Macro Animii intended to require more power than four plough horses will require a MArt, something I’ve seen plenty of player Golems RP having as a default, let alone NPC Golemancy/ Runesmithing machinery... So the argument ‘this is allowed but large scale golem constructs weren’t’ doesn’t really hold up.
  4. Full Name: Reginald A. Beckett ((IGN: WeFailedGod)) Age: 31 Subject of Mastery: Engineering
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwbzxemJZIc Macro Animii (A Macro Animii purposed as a giant hammer, being put to use in a shipwright’s workshop for the faster shaping of anchor chains and the like) Background/Origin Explanation Abilities/Spells Red Oil The Gear Stomach (A craftsman toiling away at a massive Gear Stomach, before it might be paired with additional machinery) Macro Animii (A lost soldier piloting a sort of walking Macro-Animii in favour of a horse drawn carriage, stopping to ask a Halfling for directions) Red Lines Tier Progression Purpose (OOC) Citations and Credit
  6. Leopold starts administering new wigs to his fellow aristocrats for the occasion.
  7. Alwin Sintel, commanding his Symbiote in a deep meditative trance.
  8. Leopold reads the proclamation in horror, writing to Boniface in fear of the Cardinal’s safety!
  9. THE HARACCUS LODGE; The Monastery of Saint Catherine 6th of Sigismund’s End, 1752. In light of recent troubles for our blessed Clergy, namely the death of his High Holiness, Pontian III, it has come to my attention that the Haraccus lodge and surrounding vinyard which once housed our lost Pontiff in the north of my Duchy, at the northern borderlands of Kaedrin, is now on the course for abandonment and dereliction. Therefore, in light of recent concerns the I have voiced for the moral constitution of the individual in our blessed Empire, and a tragic movement from the Faith by some amongst humanity, the house of Helvets has decided to reclaim the estate within the Duchy of Cathalon following his Holiness’ tragic end, with the ambition to undo these errors. Henceforth it shall be the charge of the Duke of Cathalon to protect and maintain not only the stability of this land as a buffer between the heart of Kaedrin and Suffonia, but also to lease no less than half of the estate to the of the newly founded Monastery of St. Catherine upon the northern slopes of our mountain with the same namesake. The house of Helvets will base itself between Palais de Varoche and the Haraccus Lodge in showing of our commitment to this settlement, whilst this letter promises to that full control of the Clergical aspects of the lodge be maintained by the Cardinal of Kaedrin, and whichever ordained clergyman he charges with the monastery’s day to day management under the lease. His Highness, Leopold Guy Helvets, Prince of Kaedrin, Duke of Cathalon, Lord of Palais de Varoche and the Haraccus Lodge His Eminence, Boniface, Cardinal Villavia, Auditor of the Tribunal
  10. CATHALON WEEPS A Response To The Tragic Passage of His High Holiness, Pontian III 14th of Harren’s Folley, 1752 It is with great sorrow that I write to my fellow Kaedreni – and others in the realms of Man – having just been given the news of his High Holiness’ murder at the suspected hands of Godless brutes. Whilst the Crowlanders and our own Bishop of Ves, the zealous Boniface of Belvitz, look to make sense of this atrocity and meet out justice against these agents of Iblees, it is the duty of we the rightcheous followers of Owyn and the broader Canon to answer this call to battle. It is not ours to find our own justice on the field, lest his Majesty command it, but instead to wage a different kind of war; a war of the spirit. Too long have the words of holymen fallen on deaf ears across our Empire, in favor of modernism and its systematic dismantling of the individual and his faith... And whilst we in Cathalon trust in his Excellency, the Governor General, and his Majesty’s government, it is not the responsibility of the State to heal the souls of mankind, nor in truth the Church or any other worldly body. Faith is the charge – the duty and privilege – of the individual. One some of us see challenged each and every day. If ever our relationship with the lord God is to prosper, and we are to love him in a way deserving of his love to us, we must assess the self and our own personal guilt in our recent neglect of The Faith. This is a plea to my fellow moral people, in Kaedrin and abroad, to bask in the warmth of Owyn’s flame and return into the open arms our beloved Creator. To commit ourselves to strive for perfection under the Canon’s judgement, and to better respect and uphold the institution of Church as one close to our hearts, so that none may ever again question the sons and daughters of our Holy Empire as the true heirs to Horen’s legacy, and that we are the Lord’s instrument of righteousness upon our mortal world. My house and I offer our sincerest condolences to the upper administration of the Church, as well as the friends and family of our late Pontiff. We shall be observing the proper traditions of mourning for our Church’s murdered head, and offering our prayers to others sharing our bereavement, until such a time that his successor deems us healed. I implore you to join us in this endeavor, reader, not as Kaedreni, Haenseni, Curonians or Crownlanders, but as fellow Canonists of our Holy Orenian Empire. I also wish to conclude with a favored prayer of mine, and may God bless us all: XLIV, for the Church Saint Daniel, please pray for all the prelates of the Church in their hour of need. Grant them the strength to observe their vows, and grant all the people the grace to use those Sacraments provided by Holy Mother Church. Most of all, grant our Holy Pontiff, successor of Pontian, virtue in all his ways, and wisdom in all his acts. Amen. Prince Leopold Guy Helvets, Duke of Cathalon
  11. Leopold gets his Princely bee costume ready out of the closet.
  12. BECKETT INDUSTRIES A promise to sum of: 10£ Per exchange for the sum of each singular: Pre-adolescent descendant tooth To be delivered to the office of: Reginald A. Beckett, Managing Director of Beckett Industries Additional Notes: To be hand delivered in person to Reginald A. Beckett within the safe borders of the city of Helena, capital of Man. Cash on delivery. Notice will be given when demand for aforementioned product ceases. -R.A. Beckett
  13. THE FERRO CORPORATION De-ageing Cream We are proud to announce our second product in our Lifestyle and Healthcare series, alongside a request to patent with His Imperial Majesty’s Ministry of the Treasury. A natural ointment never before seen in the world of cosmetics! Gentlemen, miss your full head of hair? Ladies, looking to smooth over those crow’s feet? Well look no further! The Ferro Corporation presents our new De-ageing Cream. Just apply to the target area and watch those cruel signs of age fade away! At the low price of 200£ for enough de-ageing lotion to cover your face with a year’s worth of regeneration, what’s the risk? Contact our Director Nicholas Ferro or the Assistant Director Effie Ferro for more details, whilst stocks last! Ageing Cream The third item in our Lifestyle and Healthcare series, alongside a request to patent with His Imperial Majesty’s Ministry of the Treasury. A natural ointment never before seen in the world of cosmetics! Ladies, wish to look less round-faced, more defined? Perhaps that knight you’re looking to impress prefers a more mature woman? Men! Struggling to fill out that beard? Sick of feeling baby-faced, or wish to be seen as a mature man of merit? We have the solution for you! The Ferro Corporation presents our new Ageing Cream. Just apply to the target area and watch those weak signs of youth fade away! At the low price of 200£ for enough ageing lotion to cover your face with a year’s worth of generation, what’s the risk? Contact our Director Nicholas Ferro for more details, whilst stocks last!
  14. THE FERRO CORPORATION “Victoria Concordia Crescit” EST. 1752 (A mordern Macro-Workshop or ‘Factory’ kitted out with F.C. machinery, as depicted by Mrs E. Ferro) Established on the basis of groundbreaking inventions first coined by my late father, George Ferro, The Ferro Corporation strives to achieve the best in cutting edge technology for Mankind. Based in the City of Helena (pending exact address), we venture to bring Humanity and broader Descendant-kind a better tomorrow, today. We believe that ingenuity is the lifeblood of civilisation, and the catalyst for progress across all cultures, in line with our philosophy is our motto ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’, or for the non-flexio speaker: ‘Victory through harmony’. By ‘Victory’, we mean to bring never before seen developments into the workshop and the home, with he end-goal of revolutionising all industries through technology, creating new jobs across all sectors in our blessed Empire and increasing the quality of life of all men through efficiently reforming the means of production. By ‘Harmony’, however, we at the Ferro Corporation pride ourselves on our separation from other technological ventures, in that our products are entirely sourced and manufactured by local efforts, so as to support rural Redstone mining communities, as well as contracting local Metalworkers and Clockmakers for our parts. Here at the Ferro Corporation, we also are well aware of foreign arcane markets and their threat to mundane-manufacturing in the realms of Man. Ultimately, then, our mission statement also means that every Ferro Corporation invention comes with the 100% no-magic guarantee, in that all of our achievements – no matter how fantastical – are made by the organic, worldly means of alchemy and engineering, using locally sourced labour and offering vital trade-skills to our apprentices in the Empire. The Managing Director and Inventive Design Lead, Nicholas Ferro At this present time we are proud to announce our debut product, the Brass Choir, alongside a request to patent with His Imperial Majesty’s Ministry of the Treasury. Never before seen in civilised circles, the Brass Choir is the first in the Ferro Household series, bringing musical stylings to rival any operatic virtuoso into the comfort of the noble home. Built as a hybrid in cutting edge clockwork engineering and musical technology, the Brass Choir is capable of reading any properly formatted sheet music and at the simple turn of a lever can produce sounds as yet unbeheld outside of the Seven Skies! Requiring no operator once activated, and strictly adhering to the non-magical Ferro Industry standard, the Brass Choir is the ideal asset to any noble home in short supply of hired musicians. Enjoy a singer that never needs to stop for air for the low one-off payment of 3,000£ with free installation by contacting our Director Nicholas Ferro now, whilst stocks last!
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