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  1. The King Of The Moon

    Shades of Arun'Asna [Rewrite]

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    Common Registration (Duel Only) (RP&MC) Name: Iago Tepes (Mordu) Age: 27 Race: Human
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    Chasing Ashes

    Iago signs the lorraine.
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    [Magic Feat] Trumm’Lordak

    “uh oh, a guard! Time to disguise...”
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    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide [2nd Submission]

    #1: Remove clotting.
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    The King Of The Moon

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    The Order of the Scarlet Fist

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    A Red Sun Rises

    Horns are blown at the crack of dawn, monks clad in crimson hurrying through the streets cry: “To the keep! To the keep! An attempt was made on his majesty’s life! To the keep!” Soon thereafter a mix of equally horrified and amused faces gather beneath the Gladewynn keep, staring aloft. Atop the wall stands Remedium, accompanied by two other masked representatives of the Order of the Scarlet Fist. Kairn, lord of Gladewynn, can be seen by some spectators to the side, observant. As the sun begins to rise behind him Remedium lifts a pike, topped by some strange reddish orb. Once hoisted aloft he announces: ”Citizens of Gladewynn. Brothers and sisters. A red sun rises! The Crimson Dawn comes closer! Too long have rogue mages brought tyranny to our ilk. Too long has the race of elves suffered from the sickness of magic. No more!” He twists the pike, revealing the a face! Some members of the crowd gasp, others cheer at the controversy. The severed head of the red headed wood elf Caesar – still wearing its glasses – sways like a proud scrotum from the wall as Remedium arches the pike forth for the assembly to behold. ”This mage was apprehended by one of our own in the keep, having made an attempt on his beloved majesty’s life! The Order of the Scarlet Fist was able to defeat this craven individual and save the crown. Let this be a warning to all that bring chaos energies to this realm! All that invite foreign power for their own advantage, all that would mimic the creator and all that would try to destabilise those that dare dream of a world built not atop the crutch of magic!” To the side Kairn can be seen nodding along in presumed confirmation of this claim, though he does not step up to speak. Remedium continues: ”Decent people of Gladewynn and the wider world, see this as a cause to rally behind! The Order of the Scarlet Fist needs you! Help us usher in the Crimson Dawn; let the sun some day rise of a natural world! A better world! We will bring an age of peace, justice and security to the realm of elves, men and all others bold enough to walk our righteous path!” At that he plants the pike into the wall, locking the head in place. “I invite all who would oppose the descendant cause or his majesty’s rule to come forth and join our trophy collection! The spires of Gladewynn will be your final rest, the rivers of the Wonkawood will run red with your blood.” Finally the figure descends back into the shadows of the keep without another word, his two accomplices begin raining down pamphlets and fliers to the crowd before following their Grandmaster off. (( Pamphlets: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/178009-the-order-of-the-scarlet-fist/ ))
  9. The King Of The Moon

    The Order of the Scarlet Fist

  10. The King Of The Moon

    The Order of the Scarlet Fist

    Accepted. Seek me out in Gladewynn.
  11. The King Of The Moon

    The Order of the Scarlet Fist

    Pamphlets litter the realm, advertising a bizarre group. The Order of the Scarlet Fist The Order of the Scarlet Fist is an organisation of warrior monks that mean to uphold the descendant cause in all walks of life. They are keepers of Order in these trying times through the means of flesh and steel; the very things mages see as beneath them, the Order means to upend the scales of power and liberate all born amidst the chaos of magic, the tyranny of the divines or the rage of the unhallowed. Their symbol - a red circle – embodies ‘the Crimson Dawn’, the birth of a new world following the eve of magic and marking the start of the age of mortals. The Descendant Cause Children of Horen, Malin, Krug and Urguan. Descendant sons and daughters of this world, we are plagued. In years past our forefathers faced the scourge that was not only the dark|¹|, Iblees and his minions from below that has always been but newer enemies of the natural order... But today’s threats come from above. The void, the stars and the hellscape ever testing the borders of the delicate world we inhabit. Hide contents The void’s existence is an inescapable fact of life, but there are those that invite it in. Wizards have long polluted our world, celebrated by the ignorant and whimsical as ‘wisemen’ and ‘prophets’. Arrogantly we ignored the Aspectists and Canonists of yore that warned of what they would bring as raw chaos was invited into our world. The age of magic reached its peak in the continent of Axios, when mages ran rampant throwing spells and crafting hand-cannons of astral power. In this realm they invited Horrors to walk amongst us, they marvelled at the cosmic monsters from beyond the stars and worshipped them as gods. Now they lurk in the far corners of the world - Sutica, Fi’Halen and the other degenerate states – gathering strength, praising a more prominent void-dweller named ‘The Yellow King’ whose rule would mean void upon the living realm. I foresee holes in the sky, tendrils parting the clouds as they reach down to a scorched earth and a world of chaos if the Mages are not brought to heel. The stars pierce our night sky and their inhabitants would claim to look down upon us. Nay, it is we that look down on them. These beacons: worlds ruled by Aenguls and Daemons that would measure themselves as equal to if not above the Creator. Their cultists – degenerate clerics, mutant ascended and tyrannical paladins – bring foreign energy into our world, radicalised by their false gods. Their alleged targets have been the undead until present, yet such creatures have only distracted them from their true purpose. I ask: when did you last gaze upon a being of undeath? A Necromancer? A Mystic? The unliving – Iblees’ blemish on the balance of things – are fading from this world; when the scourge’s twilight finally ends the ‘holy’ will soon shift their gaze. What authority has Xan to interpret ‘order’ above a nation’s law? What authority has Tahariae to interpret ‘purity’ over a legitimised priest? I foresee the free peoples of our world under conquest, the acolytes of the self-proclaimed divine marching on our natural rights, rattling their aurum chains if the deific cultists are not converted or slain. The hellscape is one that many speculate was brought into this world by mages both ‘holy’ and voidal. Those that delved too deep into their cosmic magics - thinning the walls of creation – left a crack in the space safeguarding our realm from otherworldly conquest and opened a doorway for the monstrous. Demons as they’re known to most, they call themselves a plethora of names: Zarkiel, Zar’akal, et cetera. Their heralds are warlocks, wielders of grimoires written in tongues of fire and throwers of corrosive flame that scorches the soul. There are demons amongst us, monsters of all shapes and sizes and their numbers grow by the day and with each new demon comes a shift closer and closer to the hellscape where their full force prepares for war on the descendants. I foresee the collision of this world with the countless others bathed in hellfire and a siege upon every continent if the warlocks are not be converted or slain. It is the descendant cause to rival these forces where able. To achieve the ‘Crimson Dawn’; order in this world by expelling all things foreign to it. Upon the crimson dawn the sun shall rise over a world free of mothers whose sons were burnt alive by pyromancers, free of souls damned to walk in undeath, free of demons from the hellscape and horrors from the great beyond. The first light of the crimson dawn will shine on a world of peace and prosperity, and with it the age of magic will be but a distant nightmare for those that dare to dream in the age of mortals. This is not the cause of Xion, which would forsake morality in favour of conquest, nor is it the cause of Canonism that has grown too intertwined with politics to raise successful holy knights, nor even Aspecticism whose followers have time and time again proven themselves incompetent to handle the threats to nature. Though separate from the aforementioned, the descendant cause does not oppose them either. It is acts that disturb the fragility of our world that our cause scorns; magic|² is anathema and must fall. The Dark pertains to all magics and creatures not native to the natural world. In this context all things fae, unliving or demonic are ‘dark’. As are the magics of the Shades, Frost Witches and others. Magic in the context of the descendant cause is all power foreign to our realm. The voidal, spiritual, aengu-daemon or soul fueled practices are the prime examples of magic in this context. The mundane energies are not magic as explained below. The Mundane Energies The mundane energies are canonised by the Order as permissible weapons against the anathema. In short, such energies that are merely the capitalisation of dormant substances and power in – and originating from - our world, in line with the laws of physics we rely upon. They are ‘supernatural’ in the same sense one might regard aurum – a natural metal – as such. They are as follows (though the list may be expanded): Hide contents Kani - the manipulation of resonant force present in this world through mastery of the martial arts and mind over matter. Labelled ‘monks’ to many, the oscillit (users of Kani) make up an elite fighting force without need for magic or weaponry. Relying on the body and metaphysics with no otherworldly force, kani is accepted by the Order. Natural Philosophy - the understanding and manipulation of our world’s natural resources to an efficient standard. An Alchemist is expected to have some understanding of botany and the mundane energy found within plants, but also minerals and other material, for the production of various tools, potions and machines. Relying on the land’s bounty and science with no otherworldly force, Alchemy is accepted by the Order. Ichorianism – the efficient use of the blood of men, ichorianism was once falsely known as ‘blood magic’ by its corrupted users and ignorant onlookers. The mistake is simple to make, granted the extraordinary effects of the art, though should be interpreted correctly. When the world was forged the first men were born of the creator’s own blood in his image; with the curses lain upon the Four Brothers came a withering of this blood, though the creator’s energy is still potent to an extent as ‘Genus’ in descendants. It is the natural control between descendants of this blood without the need for mana that proves its legitimacy as non-magical; the various runes and rites written by ichorians are echoes of the Creator himself and allow for his influence to linger in the natural world when used responsibly, though such power – not meant for all men – ought not to be used by all or without heavy regulation lest the Creator is mimicked outright. It is also worth noting that unlike all workers of ‘magic’ ichorians suffer no taint upon the body or mind, the wise furthermore are enlightened to the laws of the universe by such practices. Relying on the body and metaphysics with no otherworldly force, ichorianism is accepted by the Order. Remedium‘The Ferrum Fist’: founder and present grandmaster of the Order. Members are split into the two paths in relation to their specialisation, symbolic of the right and left fists: The Way of Flesh: Symbolic of their bodily mastery and the core fighting force of the order. Monks of the way of flesh are usually irchorians, knights or oscillits uniformly versed in melee combat. Their role within the order is that of the well trained mage hunter, wielding mundane power against those that would threaten the descendant cause or the present dojo’s surrounding state. The Way of Ferrum: Symbolic of the new world to be forged without the crutch of magic and the taint of the realms beyond. Monks of the way of iron take the role of craftsmen, philosophers, negotiators, and alchemists. Their cause is study, spreading the cause and creation through mundane process, theorising and practising the advancement of the descendants without the perversion of magic. Knowledge seekers and spreaders, be it forging automaton warriors or equipping their peers with potions. It is expected of all members regardless of path to serve the descendant cause in exchange for tutelage and brotherhood, as well as share their own wisdom with the order and initiates upon mastery. The present dojo is located upon the peak of Gladewynn, there initiates will be tested by the Grandmaster to prove their worth. All will be expected to fill out an application as listed below and, if successful, wear the appropriate attire at all times: (Training Robes) (Leather Uniform) (Plated Uniform) Application Form Name: Race: Age: Past Combat Experience: Noteworthy Skills: Magic Status/ History: ((Discord: )) ((Private applications can be made on Discord to Mordu#6495. If you forum PM me I likely won’t see it.))
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    Boruto's Lore Moderator Application

    he’s got a brain