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  1. Lothar, the Prince of Comoară, hums the old highlander tune to himself whilst cleaning yet another brush in his favourite shiny cup. To this day that paint-stained goblet’s historic significance remains lost on him.
  2. You write this implying that anyone is forced to become a vampire in the first place. People are required to give OOC consent to becoming a corcitoră, and in turn sign themselves up to the consequences of such. This is written quite clearly in corcitoră lore and it is an explicit redline that a corcitoră cannot be cursed until the player has been given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the lore. They are even equipped with an RP explanation of what will happen if they refuse OOC consent, meaning a narrative needn't be disrupted by this character choice not to take to the curse. Being cursed to thirst for mortal blood shouldn't be something your character can just 'try out until they get bored', and the very notion of them having any form of cure to begin with is already inherently hugboxy and consequence-free. Let alone three which at worst stop them from practising one magic or feat of their choice. A cured corcitoră is left with up to 16 different feats (15.75 if you were purged by alchemy; I refuse to accept the notion that the ability to inject yourself is anything close to '70%' of alchemy), 20 different magics (19 if they were purged by paladinism or shamanism) - not even counting magic subtypes - and 16 different CAs to choose from as an alternative avenue of lore for their character to pursue. Assuming that they aren't - like most players on the server - simply content with playing a mundane, non-magical character in the first place. @Slorbintime and again I have seen you complain that it's too hard to get magic/ca/feat on this server due to 'cliques and circlejerks'... Now after I've written a feat making a much desired character archetype accessible to the majority of players, from which I can yield absolutely zero benefit bar seeing the community enjoy something I myself don't play, you're trying to invent 'noob bait' as a concept? Is it perhaps possible that at this point it's not really about what's best for the community, and you just like complaining?
  3. I think it's a bit of an overstatement to claim that the main draw of Striga was their ability to die. Let alone that the idea of vampires being the sole beings able to kill one another (like, you know, Witcher... Vampire the Masquerade...) being something exclusive to them as a CA. (Voidal) Archons were the only ones who could kill other Archons. Wraiths were the only ones who could kill other Wraiths. Keepers were the only ones who could kill other Keepers. The main difference here is that rather than gatekeeping violence behind a ritual or spell only one or two people at the top of a group can monopolise (which is the coffin system in current siliti lore), this amendment gives all siliti the ability to defend themselves from inept or corrupt leadership using valid RP as opposed to being subject to the whims of an OOC overlord, and in turn holding more siliti accountable for their actions adding consequence to a currently consequence free CA.
  4. You can find them way easier here under the 'Story' section: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/staff/
  5. As I responded to you in discord: Coffins serve as a monopoly on violence which in my opinion will inevitably come to fill the same niche as clotting did in necromancy. All it takes is for those with the ability to make coffins to threaten players logging in and stuffing them in a box to exert OOC control, whilst themselves retaining immunity from harm. The addition of cannibalism adds a lot more risk and accountability to court leadership that we’ve really been lacking thus far. I also feel like in a world lore sense the idea of vampires being so completely and totally unkillable is kind of fucky, and evokes a lot of unanswerable questions in the current lore. Whilst in actual roleplay terms coffins currently can and will serve as a crutch in favour of actual punishment and narrative conclusions for siliti who realistically should die. All a PK clause like this means is your roleplay actions will have consequences. If you piss someone off you get ate. If someone eats you they get cursed forever to stink of cannibalism, and will themselves likely get shunned or themselves ate. Covens are encouraged to stick together to stay safe from crazy rogue cannibal vampires and if needed overwhelm them, whilst coven leaders are encouraged to lead well for fear of being overthrown. These are all roleplay dynamics that can and will be fuelled by IC conflict. As for claims of 'OOC scheming' in previous renditions, whilst I disagreed with the Australian Animal at the time that the strigapocalypse was happening, and I do believe his own personal desires for Strigae to become an event race were closely aligned with his character's shame arch, the instance you're referring to was carried out entirely through well expressed character motivations and clashes, working entirely on IC manipulation. Further, I still attest it was hands down some of the best (if most stressful) dark arts roleplay I have ever experienced on this server. This is speaking from experience as someone directly on the receiving end of this sort of manhunt, and I don't doubt most of the others who were actually involved in that RP would say the same. Furthermore, the trope of 'only a vampire can kill a vampire' is far from unique to the now defunct Strigae lore.
  6. NOTE TO REVIEWERS: Whilst many of the individual segments of this thread may overlap and reference one another, it is crucial to understand that they have been written to address a myriad of unrelated issues and lacking areas in the original siliti piece. This is for all intents and purposes a player submitted compilation of changes intended to go through the proper review and voting channels rather than the lore surgery project. That is to say - with the exception of wording in clarifications/ amendments/ additions that references other areas - each spoiler in this piece ought to be seen as an individual lore submission, compiled onto a single master thread for the sake of simplicity rather than polluting the lore sub with nine or ten individual one to five paragraph pieces. In that regard please be mindful of reviewing this as a single 'piece' when voting for or against a single section of this lore, as the overwhelming majority of these segments can be omitted without changing the necessity (and likely re-submission) of others. For example an 'N' vote or 'Y' based solely on qualms with the Minor Metamorphosis portion of this lore need not also warrant denial of Death Mechanics, Passive Sensing, Shuffling, Rite of Revival and so on. The purpose of this PSA is to prevent future revisions and unnecessary clutter on later mags, pertaining to overlooked clarifications, amendments and additions from this piece. Death Mechanics (Clarification): Passive Sensing (Addition): Shuffling (Addition): Rite of Revival (Clarification): Minor Metamorphosis (Amendment): Cannibalism (Addition): Rite of Rest (Rewrite): Feeding (Amendment): Hexalogue (Rewrite): EDIT: Due to a significant amount of backlash from select members of the silit community, a compromise has been made on the nature of the Cannibalism ability. The resurrection process for siliti who have suffered this 'PK clause' can now be found under the 'Rite of Revival (Clarification).
  7. This has always been made clear in the original lore. It just needed some more detail, which is why the section you’re referencing is a clarification and not an amendment. This is already pretty explicitly the case so I see no need to reiterate it other than run the risk of confusing the newer players that corcitoră lore is intended to be accessible for.
  8. No. They are more concretely cemented into the lesser marrows of vampirism, whilst siliti lore (since amended in the blood magic rewrite) is explicitly written to have superior marrows capable of overwriting any state of being bar undeath (to the extreme of Zar'kiel). Even with that in mind the transition from corcitoră to silit primarily functions as an upgrade and further mutation of what's already there (from a diluted and corrupt bloodline to a pure one), rather than wiping and reapplying.
  9. This piece serves to update and edit the already accepted and implemented Corcitoră Feat for the purpose of doing away with unnecessary drawbacks in the form of a rewrite for the Longevity trait, whilst addressing questions and concerns in the form of a clarification to the Curing trait and an amendment to the Cursing trait. Further, a marriage piece has also been proposed for unique interactions between the Corcitoră Feat and Shamanism and Afflicted respectively, serving to enable culturally appropriate exchanges with spiritual practices along with the opportunity for a new and more aggressive take on the mutant archetype. Both for the purpose of understanding the purpose of these changes and understanding the effect they will have on day to day roleplay both for corcitori and their victims, I would strongly recommend reviewers familiarise themselves with the currently approved piece before making a verdict on these changes. Longevity (Rewrite/ Amendment) Curing (Clarifications) Cursing (Amendment) Compatibility (Clarification + Marriage Pieces) Any magic not listed below is to be considered incompatible with the corcitoră curse unless clarified otherwise by the ST. Kloning is the only CA that is compatible with the corcitoră curse. Miscellaneous Shamanism Affliction
  10. The sour Prince of Comoară frowns at his wayward child's choice of name. "First she steals our magic and now she's plagiarising Hazmeză poetry! When will it end?!"
  11. Hidden deep within the thickets of Comară, Prince Lothar happily counts his coins after selling the rights to such recipe at auction to the very same people of Du Loc, who now distributed it freely and diminished its value. ”I can’t believe Lord Brae would waste his assets like this. The Lectors are sending him to the poorhouse.”
  12. The First Technology Showcase of Uzină; THE NISPIAN EXHIBITION In celebration of His Highness' return and subsequent Royal Tour of Savoy, the Aurum Province is proud to announce the First Nispian Exhibition. A showcase of the latest great works from the artisans of Our County and its underrealm, all people of Savoy and Her Vassals are invited to bear witness to this historic event. The unveiling of a new mode of transportation across the dunes, the prototyped 'Sand-Ships'. A revolutionary invention meant to someday relieve the burdens of both horse and camel in desert exploration. Three such models exist, and a select few of Savoy's elite along with three lucky raffle winners will be offered the chance to travel on a long distance test voyage after the first displays. Further, alchemists and tinkers of Our Principality encouraged to use this as an opportunity to network with other masters in their trade, with drinks moving below to the mechanised cavern of Uzină after the exhibition. Signed, The Right Honourable Lucien Ashford de Bar, The Count of Niseep ((EVENT WILL BE TAKING PLACE TODAY AT 7PM EST))
  13. A Comoaran fact-checker screams in horror as he watches Sylvia conduct the heinous act. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! JUST COPYING THE RECIPE DOESN'T EQUAL OWNERSHIP! THIS IS THEFT! I PAID 4,000,000 MINAE TO GET MY NAME ON THAT HOU-ZI WITH GLASSES!"
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