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  1. [CA] [Ghoul] Joseph Ciacci

    MC Name: TheKingOfTheMoon Character's Name: Joseph Ciacci Character's Age: 100-and-something Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Dreadknight (Armour runes broke/ effectively PK'd, Orsul dug up the human corpse of this character to raise soon afterward) Transformed form: Ghoul Creator's MC Name: Orsul Creator's RP Name: Orsul Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Ghouls are the raised corpses of the once living descendants, their festering forms imbued with an unnatural bout of life force by the handiwork of a necromancer to give them new unlife. It should be noted that unlike higher undead (primarily the lichtype), Ghouls lack full souls; they instead wield a 'shadow soul', a remnant of what once was and are therefore susceptible to the full effects of Aengulfire, alongside other holy magics and aurum due to their necrotic being. Alongside this, Ghouls face the primary weakness of degradation: their bodies are no longer living and suffer the grip of mould and decay, leaving them withered and impaired both physically and mentally without proper sustenance. Such sustenance can be attained primarily through the support of a Necromancer, though a more independent Ghoul might instead choose to feast upon the flesh of its victims to harvest life force for itself. If left long enough unfed, a Ghoul may become feral and lose all of its mental processes, being reduced to nothing more than a mindless cannibal driven only to feed; if further unsuccessful they will outright perish. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: None Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: yes Are you aware that if this creature's lore is undergoing an activity trial and that trial fails, you will no longer be able to play this creature and will be forced to either revert the character back to its normal form (if it was a transformative type) or stop playing the character entirely (if it is an entirely new creature)?: yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  2. *Record scratch*
    *Freeze frame*
    "So you're probably wondering how I wound up in this situation..."

  3. MC name: TheKingOfTheMoon Character's name and age: Alexander Faber age : 23 Character’s Race: Highlander What magic will you be learning?: Jökulthrall Who will be teaching you?: chihiros Do you have a magic you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: N/A
  4. [✗] Dark Shamanism Rewrite - Ixli Origins, Seekers & more

    (Meme at the bottom should be at the top but Im typing this on a phone) But seriously, Not bad all joke she aside and gj with Ixli origin. Could use more detail on abilities and the extents of them as well as maybe some expansion on how the whole absorbed flesh thing works in coherence with preexiating genus and life force lore. I don't also ask why bother making it take up 5 slots? For what it seems capable of doing Id argue it's worth 3 at a stretch; that kinda just looks like a last ditch additionally weakness to strengthen your chances a at getting passed. but otherwise as a current dark shaman (Lore holder even) it's better than ish'urkal and will hopefully get more use than uluamirzgai... provided things are outlined properly now and the next wave of MT/LT don't decide to axe it a few months down the line the line.
  5. [MT] Hedge's RE-RE-Shaman MT Application

    Contrary to opinions publicised on Hedgehug's GM app, I do believe he is well suited to the role of MT both for his understanding of Shamanic (and other) lore and his keenness to discuss and advise magic Roleplay with others in the past. +1
  6. Mordew's third time lucky?

    I hate you
  7. Mordew's third time lucky?

    What is your Minecraft Account Name?: TheKingOfTheMoon How long have you played on LotC?: Somewhere nearing three years now. How many hours per day/week are you available?: On an average weekday I am available for about six hours on GMT peak times, longer on an average weekend. Have you read and do you thoroughly understand Magic Lore?: I do. What Magic Lore do you hold the most experience with?: Dark Shamanism, being the primary contributor to the most recent re-write (though with significant aid from DivineJustice and others at the time). Write about a magic-related topic that you find interesting (e.g. How mental barriers work): The Spirits and the variety of things they exist to embody. It is a much debated affair the extent of how many Spirits there are and what exactly their influence is capable of, though generally recognised by most Shamans that 'if it exists on Axios naturally, there's a Spirit affiliated to it'. Notably, the way in which Spirits draw power from and make it their very purpose to embody certain elements, emotions or affairs, though exercising said power very scarcely due both to their codes of honour and their satisfaction with the current state of things (at least in some cases). Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past: Previously on LoTC I have held positions as an Event Team Actor and a member of the Application team. Both I feel have given me decent experience with LoTC lore and the workings of the forums. Whilst I've held other positions on Minecraft Servers prior, it was both so long ago and so different to the work of an MT on LoTC that I don't think they're worth highlighting. Do you have a Discord account? (You may post it here, or choose to keep it private until you are asked for it. Note; Discord is required to communicate with the team): I do. ᵒʷ ᵐʸ ᵇᵒᶰᵉˢ#6495 Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it: N/A
  8. Thinking of making an all-Halfling death squad named the "1/3 Reich". Who wants in?

  9. [Denied]Hedgehugs Trial GM application

    If you'd like me to start listing, I can.
  10. [Denied]Hedgehugs Trial GM application

    From past experiences with you as a player, I'd have to disagree with this. One scenario where your temper has gotten the best of you and caused disarray for others (whilst there are more I can name) went as follows: Christmas day, during an event at the Sutican Druid Grove. Myself, Angmarzku, KBR (and potentially more, though my memory fails) arrived on our Wraiths, our intention - as orchestrated through RP - was to be involved with the event whilst pushing for a brief ceasefire between the clashing factions given the season, both RPly and OOCly. Your immediate response was to initiate combat with us IRP (which you were within your right to), though given our already outlined peaceful intentions and that the day was - as mentioned - Christmas none of us felt up to the task of sitting around for a few hours enacting a brawl between a legion of Druids, a Shaman and a handful of Necrotic monstrosities so we instead decided to deal with it swiftly through PVP. With the knowledge that other players nearby wouldn't support you in PVP (as outlined by them in LOOC) you then attempted to undo your 'mistake' by accusing I and the other Wraith players present of Raid Baiting. Not only was this accusation unjust, but it was also accompanied by an array of insults on both myself and the other players there in LOOC, followed by your refusal to accept the GM verdict and (if memory serves) you only decided to calm down and end your LOOC onslought when a Skype group call had to be made between you, the mentioned Wraith players and GusanoArentonio. To conclude the scenario when you hadn't gotten your way through OOC, you logged out and encouraged a multitude of others attending the event to follow suit. This isn't the sort of attitude I'd anticipate from an LoTC GM, and this isn't a one-off example of your poor OOC conduct. -1
  11. The Burden of the Wardens

    Gukdab coughs, shuffling behind the 'Freygoth' portion of his Dark Shaman lore. Seriously though, go read that! Could work very nicely in combination with this piece, which I like. +1
  12. The First Steps Of A Long March. 'The Toad' smirked beneath his barbute, such shaped to resemble an Uruk countenance. It had been a long, painful journey but now his vision was beginning to be realised. Dry blue markings would litter his segmented plates: the blood of a lesser Spirit of Scorthuz; purity, protecting him from the vile creature he had made. Harna, a Muyakelg born of flame, did drift in the sands. This - he explained to the infernal through slews of ancient Blah - was the beginning of his army. Already, the single Dark Shaman had enslaved two spirits for his own use and slain a further two to be re purposed; it is likely such efforts alongside those of his apprentice and brother Uluamirzgai would've created some turmoil amongst the Spirits. The Shamans indeed would have, in all likelihood, sensed that there was storm coming. He had began walking a road and was drawing both ever nearer to his destination, though also to the point of no return. It was only a matter of time before his forces were ready to challenge Laklul. ((Shamans would likely begin to notice something amiss amongst the Spirits, namely due to the absence of a fair few, though the specific cause wouldn't be so easily discernible beyond the vague Dark Shaman threat))
  13. [MaRT] The Placecaller's Collar

    Name of Artifact: The Placecaller's Amulet MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: TheKingOfTheMoon RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Gukdab MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): TheKingOfTheMoon RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Gukdab Effect(s) of Artifact: Allows wearers to be transported alongside a Dark Shaman to their respective totem when using the 'Placecalling' spell, provided the wearer is within 10 blocks of the Dark Shaman and their incantation is done so featuring a 'reach' to the necklace through the addition of two extra emotes per wearer atop what it'd usually take to conduct the spell on themselves. In essence, Dark Shamans capable of Placecalling due to the enslavement of a spirit of transport (teleporting themselves to previously constructed totem) may further trasnport accomplices wearing these amulets with them. Red Lines of Artifact: The wearer(s) of the Collars must be within a 10 block radius of the Dark Shaman by the time of their latter four emotes (the latter two emotes the Dark Shaman would usually have when Placecalling alone plus the additional two required in using this artefact). An additional two emotes must be added to the Dark Shaman's usual 'Placecalling' spell, then a further two emotes per person being transported with an Amulet. In order to be transported with the Dark Shaman, the wearer must have physical contact with the necklace before the emotes outlined above. During the emotes outlined above, the Amulet will assume a lightless hue and the wearer's form must begin to turn spectral in appearance, though they will be afforded no change bar aesthetic from this. For example a stab to the wearer on the emote before disappearance will still injure them as a stab usually would've; they only will seem slightly translucent during which. The wearer must RP susceptibility to Ascended magic for the following two days each time this spell/ artefact combination is used, as a Dark Shaman usually would detailed in the lore. The wearer of the Amulet can not Placecall independently or even willingly, it is effectively useless without the activation from a Dark Shaman The Dark Shaman does not require to see the amulet on the wearer, but must maintain acceptable line of sight on the wearer's form as a whole. Explanation of effect(s) (i.e. how it does what it does - slight bending of magic lore is allowed): This artefact is a product of Gukdab, a masterful Dark Shaman with the rites of Stazg-Doraz (lore for which is here). At present, he is capable of a spell titled 'Placecalling' with which he can transport himself to a previously constructed pillar through a PK ritual by activating his Naakh (a device linking him to his Isthmus Anchor: a totem to which spirits are forcibly trapped) and pulling himself to said pillar. This artefact acts as a bastardised replica of the Naakh; forged by him in the same manner - by bonding a portion of his mental force and mana to the Isthmus Anchor - an additional link to both the Isthmus Anchor and the pillar of Gukdab's previous construction (and would function for separate Dark Shamans and separate pillars within the criteria mentioned) has been created. Traditionally, a Placecaller would invoke the energies of a captured lesser of Spirit of Ghorza (transport) from their Isthmus Anchor through their Naakh in order to pull themselves towards another fount of this spirit's stolen power (namely, the trapped soul of a descendant that is passively linked to the Isthmus Anchor), causing them to vanish and re-emerge at said location. This artefact would suffice as a secondary Naakh to extend a Placecaller's reach to include its wearer in their spell, allowing them to transport others with them. Number of duplicates of this Artifact: Three. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts and ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors?: I do. Have you applied for this Artifact before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  14. [MaRT] Ilene stole from the altar! Part 1!

    <Insert comment disliking MaRT because Frost Witch>