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  1. THE REFORMATION OF THE DUCHY OF SAVOY Est. (Again) 1814 After a brief hiatus from the day to day troubles of politics since the fall of Johannesberg, his Grace, Leopold Adrian Ashford de Bar, has decided resurface out of retirement as the Count of Cleves. Henceforth, the Duke has opted to press his claim to his ancestral mantle as the Duke of both Savoy and Drusco. When asked about this decision, which may be interpreted as an unnecessary rehashing of a long dead civilisation that modern humans have mythologised past reason due to Vailorian nostalgia, His Grace explained that up
  2. A dead man upon a distant shore cast beyond the mountains and the sea, a world away from their once shared home, would weep at the news. Though he grieved not for the Cardinal's soul, but his own. "I hope that he in death has built the paradise that I sought in life. Give not. Yield not." And though it pained him, the haunted figure signed the Lorraine for the last time.
  3. Darius Sare, the Lord Admiral of Freeport, prepares his drinking hat.
  4. Lothar I ,'The Pretender', Prince of Rubern 1759 - 1812 'So windy for a cave.' Those were the last words in Lothar's mind, as he hurtled down into the frozen abyss, past the walls of his castle with his heart cut in half. He had no care for the sting of his accomplice's knife in his back, nor the false Principality that would die with him, nor the ancient noble line of Counts, Margraves, Princes and Grand Princes that would end forever once he hit the ground. He did not dwell on his youth, as a prodigy in the Alchemic Arts, on his grand inventions nor his ambition for the futur
  5. Letters are sent to each resident and captain of Freeport, petitioning them to pursue public office in this time of crisis! YOUR HARBOUR NEEDS YOU! Good people, the harbour calls! Besieged by a great flock of gulls, the seas have cursed us with a thunder of squawks and faecal hail that knows no end! It is in this time of affairs most bizarre that I, your humble Lord Admiral, do call for an election. Come forth, those that wish to represent the people, protectors of our temporal cove and upholders of our just spirit! The Sea Senate offers two vacant seats to the
  6. Finally someone figured out the lyrics to Rap God
  7. Lothar Vladislav Alimar, the Prince of Rubern, shrugged indifferently upon hearing the news. "That's elves for you."
  8. As news reaches the frozen peaks of Rubern, Prince Lothar pens a song in memory of the fallen Orenian hero.
  9. I’m bringing home a baby bumblebeeeeee 🐝

    1. manicfairy


      Girl but why are you such a baddie?

  10. Prince Lothar Alimar begins arrangements to illegally supply the young men of Haense with cannons, gunpower and Alchemist's Fire from across the border.
  11. Prince Lothar has the castle's Organ cleaned in preparation for some obnoxious musical stylings.
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