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  1. Alas, Bayde failed to hear the private yappings of cave-dwellers so many miles away. Perhaps they would be better off attempting to communicate with him directly, be it by open or personal letter, or perhaps even by seeking him out as his missive suggested!
  2. A Call to the Maehr In search of Voices to correct our silenced symphonies. Not since the days of Magara'lin has our Song been unified. Even then there was discord, as the Night Father's fall drove those early drow to madness, and the first divisions were sown between those who followed Mother Moon, those who rebelled at Azul's side, and those that were snatched and mutated by the Aspect Nemiisae. Since then, innumerable divisions have been sown across the Aegisian Drow Diaspora as different sates have risen and fallen, leaving countless quarrelling creeds in their wake. Yet the Gloom roots itself in known history, not myth. The Yyrul Koth makes maehr through common dignity, not zealotry. Through it, and our tongue, it is my hope that the estranged may rediscover a lost sister and brotherhood. That we may someday see eye to eye with our once forsaken kin, without abandoning our prior creeds that remain compatible with its universal truths. So it is that, in the wake of the last scattering of the Maehr, I offer to any who seek it a home. To the shunned I offer sanctuary. To the lost I offer purpose. There is a place in Darad Kezyah for any among our diaspora that seek one. Though do not mistake this missive as a demand for unwanted unity. I shall help those that need it, though expect nothing from those content with their metropolitan condition. Along with what has been offered I've a single ask. That which I hope may begin to rebuild ancestral bridges long burnt. I wish to know you. For centuries we have scattered, collected, crumbled and scattered again. With such turbulence, many histories have begun and ended across our patchwork tapestry, each attempting to distance itself from the last. There are a hundred songs now left unsung, that I would re-awaken in our racial memory. Those that would bury such truths prove the fragility of their own; any 'maehr' that would silence others to deny our varied, objective racial legacy is, by my measure, no maehr at all. So it is that I make this plea. Do know that I am only able to list the great Houses and Clans of the Maehr with which I am familiar, and mean no offence to those unmentioned. Rather, I invite any who feel their name is missing from these summons to seek me out and correct my ignorance! Mindful of such limitations, I do invite any surviving dark elves from the following tribes and pedigrees (ordered Common-alphabetically) - with the promise of safe conduct with which to raise their Voice - to come to Darad Kezyah and share with me their stories and songs, their tragedies and triumphs, their hopes and dreams: Ashwood Ba'ikana Delevoye Des'nox Ipos Isilioleth Loa'chil R'ikarth Taloha Val'taelu Xivilas In the event you belong to this non-exhaustive list and wish to humour this young maehr, or are not mentioned and seek a Voice for yourself in the song of the ashen folk, you may find me in the aforementioned Darad Kezyah, as detailed on the map below. I look forward to meeting you. Helun-Velulaeya hon laht, Malyre Bayde Thyone-Maiheiuh ((Feel free to pm Vhorazu to arrange a suitable time if necessary))
  3. Old: Caecic writing requires 1 emote to focus on coordinating with the witness and then 1 emote per 10 words or 1-3 emotes per block covered when drawing (depending on intricacy). New: Caecic writing requires 1 emote to focus on coordinating with the witness and then 1 emote to write or draw their message in full, however if the Seer is in a crowded environment or is otherwise spectated by a non-seer then they are encumbered by a need for subtlety, requiring additional emotes per 10 words or 1-3 emotes per block covered when drawing (depending on intricacy). Reasoning: With current lore as written, writing any sort of extensive message in caecic requires an abundance of self RP that doesn’t offer much room for creative writing, just bureaucratic spam emotes. This was brought to my attention after sharing one 4~ paragraph message which one seer pointed out - This is what that would look like with the lore as written. As caecic messages are not ST signed, and given that Seer is a magic prone to subtlety to the extent it is actively punished for making public displays of its spells that might raise suspicion, this song and dance of emotes would have never otherwise have seen the light of day. It is a very lacklustre performance without any audience present or future, besides a possible omni search should a seer be under investigation... In which case, surely 2 emotes by yourself are enough? No good comes from doing 31 emotes of devil finger by yourself.
  4. "The Maehr Voice is rising." A noble drow declared with a sagely dip of his feathered grey head. "Marn-Kera zulebas lug. Helun-Velulaeya hon lug." he murmured, as his stained fingers wove away at the metaphoric tapestry of his people.
  5. I don't see any problem with characters having a philosophy. Beliefs and motivations beyond cartoonish villainy make for a much richer roleplay environment. If your character is doing bad things just because you OOCly want to be mean, then your character quickly becomes a weird self insert for you to dunk on people you don't like. The main problem in my mind is when these philosophies have excessive complexity with no basic core logic. Word salad and mental gymnastics that don't really say anything at all and are just confusing for the sake of it. I recall (without naming names) writing alchemy and my character coming up with very basic ideas about "mundane world = good, magic = bad" ...And then bore silent witness to what I saw as esoteric gibberish following in its wake. Some people here have cited Gash Incorporated as a prime example of very basic villainy, and without meaning to stroke myself off I'd say this came to be in part (though the original dead men group predated this and me) informed by the reality that yes they have access to an excessive religious text (the Black Books), though at its core it's a nonsensical Ibleesian history book chronicling silly conspiracy theories about Horen's wife being a frost witch and Iblees turning into a hot dark elven woman. At its core the philosophy is incredibly plain and built off of the prior already established logic of inferi: "Might is Right." Which, whilst partly inspired by real world Egoism, can very easily be understood by your average guy as "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough" or "you can do what you want so long as you're stronger than everyone else that would try and make you do what they want", and after several IRL years of roleplaying other creeds like Xionism, the Hexalogue, Shadow Circle Druidism etc (all ideologies which can be watered down to simple logic though require a bit more mental gymnastics to 'justify') I really do think I'm enjoying this the most for its simplicity. Worldbuilding and giving your character a logic rooted in our setting is cool, and I think we all have a responsibility to our shared universe to at least be ICly grounded in it, but extensive "roleplay homework" should at the end of the day be completely optional. It takes one sentence to explain "Iblees is based, what're you gonna do about it?" Most of the people in Evil Inc haven't even read the Black Books, nor do they need to. And I think that's beautiful.
  6. Very good point! Thank you for highlighting this. I recall from conversations with @Zarsies, Vaasek would logically have unwitting infernal servants (presumably chalking their sight up to Iblees/ Ixris/ the Pentacle), as there are absolutely witnesses in the Hells and there is very little rhyme nor reason why an inferis from their end couldn't practice the magic. I know at one point there was an argument around inferi 're-growing eyes', though given the mutilated nature of all inferi I don't see why they couldn't simply be created blind or be permanently scarred with malflame. Maybe something to clarify in an accompanying amendment, as you suggested. I've added a note in the submission and will try to think through this seer piece ASAP.
  7. I agree they do need a rewrite. Demons generally are in a bad state, though rewrites have already been attempted and denied, and whilst that's certainly a worthy pursuit, for now saying 'they need a rewrite instead' doesn't really help anyone. The purpose of this amendment is to fix the lore for people to work with what we have. Hopefully something better will come along eventually, but with no clear date in mind for that (I'm sure someone will read this and be tempted to reply "uhm actually I'm working on a rewrite" but that doesn't guarantee that it'll be finished, let alone accepted, in a timely manner), this is a much needed immediate fix. The thought process behind the slots was: Malda already have access to most of malflame manipulation. Naztherak in its basest form takes up two magic slots, and Malda should have access to roughly half of that inherently with the same physical drawbacks of naztherak; voidal weakness and, going off of this logic, one magic slot. So they are left with four. Kozun have access to a decent amount of spells, though nowhere near as many as Malda. However they make up for this with they lack voidal magic weakness. Whilst there are inherent boons to be taken into account; there is a difference between 'peak human physicality' and just not being voidal weak, after all... I can still appreciate compared to your average descendant they're still in most ways worse off. I've increased their slots up to three, though their magic access is staying restricted in what types of magic they can wield, which are intended to have very little bearing on combat encounters Rakaal are on par with the strongest possible non-CA descendants, at 'peak orcish physicality'. Whilst, yes, an orc could claim they are 'also at their peak', the implication here is that no non-CA character could ever be physically stronger than a Rakaal. Whilst negligible compared to the other subtypes, they do also have limited malflame access. Upon reflection however they are, despite the name 'brutes', not stupid. Nor is there any lore reason for them being completely inept at magic, though for the sake of in-game balance they should still remain restricted. I've added that they have 2 slots, and can learn bardmancy or blood magic; still the most magically limited, with the magics available to them serving a predominantly ritual/ noncombative role befitting their capabilities. Thank you for this feedback!
  8. Old: [✓] [Magic Lore + Playable CAs] Naztherak - Dark - The Lord Of The Craft, Under "[T1-T5] Naz’kuthun - [Non-Combative] [Creation Ritual]": New: [✓] [CA Creature + Non-Playable Creature Lore] [Naztherak] The Infernal Compendium - Magical - The Lord Of The Craft, To be added to the redlines of the respective archetypes under "Zar'ei"/ "Zezimar": Reasoning: Though already established canon in both the Naztherak MA lore and the Moz Strimoza and the Inferi World Lore, and despite the fact there are already played inferi which practice magics, there is at this time no currently accepted clarification on the magical capabilities of the zar'ei player CAs. This amendment is intended to clarify such and disambiguate an area of the lore that is currently enforced head-canon. EDIT: As per feedback, seer compatibility will hinge on the acceptance of an accompanying seer amendment to follow shortly; without it mentions of seer should probably be omitted from this amendment please.
  9. A Call to Marshal Maehr It is with great pleasure that we, the Royal House of Thyone, do beseech once more the drow diaspora with a promise of respectable resettlement. In the wake of Nor'asath's destruction and the expulsion of our people at the hands of the witch Jenny, and our once-homeland's further desecration in the wake of Gashadokuro's war on the Koyo-Kuni state, we the ancient line of Thyone - like those first brave Maehr to settle Elson Zidar upon Aegis - have persevered, erecting for ourselves a new home in the opposing corner of Aevos. In the North-Easterly reaches of the continent, in the valley north of Celia'nor, ðαᵲαð ӄɛչψαɦ now stands proud. A Keep of neo-nor'asathi architecture fit for our House, and any bold enough to stand with us. With the gathering of our line, as well as any scattered maehr fit to work amongst our servantry, so too has the need arisen to protect what we have began to build. This is an opportunity for the displaced dark elven warriors of the world. UHV'THYONE XULELZH; THE SWORDS OF THYONE Mother Moon's children always have and always shall be haunted by the strife of the wider world, and despite our pedigree the Family is no different. Along our servile peers we too require bannermen. Candidates must meet the following criteria: Experienced in either mundane or magical combat. Both preferable. Full or half blooded drow, preferably of the dark elven variety. Adherent to the Maehr creeds of ӄ¤ȶɦɛʅ, or open to pursuing such via the lessons of Dignified Gloom. Fluent speaker of Vel'luah, or open to learning such. Clanless or otherwise willing to serve the Royal House of Thyone over any prior maehr Clan or House. Each Sword of Thyone shall be tasked with the following ad hoc responsibilities: To keep the peace in and maintain the defences of Fort Keziah. To execute the will of Lord Ulln Thyone and his pedigree. To ensure the miscellaneous protection of the Family, their staff and their assets. To rally to the defence of Fort Keziah and its allies in times of war. In exchange, the worthy candidate shall be afforded: Bed and board within Fort Keziah, a lasting protection against the horrors of the wider world. Complimentary arms and armour, as well as food and - upon completion of their first year of service - a horse stabled in Fort Keziah. A competitive annual salary, based on the applicant's experience and adjusted with later responsibilities as well as bonuses for high risk quests. Access to the Thyone Library and the boons of the Family's various scholarly pursuits, as well as potential elevation to the status of aeth Thyone, to be adopted into the Family; the wider Thyone Clan. Expressions of interest should submit a form to Fort Keziah poste-haste, as there is a limited capacity to our retinue. ((IGN: )) ((Discord: )) NAME: AGE: MARSHAL AND/OR MAGICAL EXPERIENCE: RACIAL MAKEUP: Full Blooded Dark Elf/ Half Blooded Dark Elf/ Mixed Drow Including Dark Elven and Mori'quessir Ancestry DO YOU KEEP THE GLOOM: Yes/ No but am willing to learn DO YOU SPEAK VEL'LUAH: Yes/ No but am willing to learn ADDITIONAL COMMENTS IF APPLICABLE:
  10. ☽ Kothel ☾ The Gloom (Artem Demura) Velulaei, peace be upon her, Sane again beneath the Moon. Hekel Ylu’umzh - The Three Woes; The Origins of the Drow αչ The Passions of Axios From the Dark they came, Naab Kerel sha a’ska’at, Like the first Eight the same: Hru aezel xyn zaamel: Clay given life, Sorv a’aher tayna, Through passion and strife. Duran myhel zy thul. And from Malin and Larihei Zy naab Malyn zy Laryhey Came Zanunder and Velulaei A’ska’at Zanunder zy Velulaei And as their mother before, Zy hru uhv’sha helun guuzt, They left Malinor Sha a’zank Malynor For they were the Wise, Rentu sha a’yx Maehrel Apathy they despised, Numohuez sha a’adry To idle ‘mongst trees My kuhona lugar amovazh Beneath the Aspects three. Mahg Tekaomelzh hek. These wise few Axzh Maehr dyne Settled Ceru A’ageok Ceru And drank in red mists, Zy a’laruet khroz horuzh, Embracing His gifts. Yekno uhv’Urada laebezh. Their hands became Dark, and later their skin Uhv’sha nakzh a’toomah Ker, zy mabas uhv’sha verb In their home in the deep: Magara’lin Bo uhv’sha nora bo megel, Magaralyn. Behind the Moon lay the Dark Star. The god who hid, for He had been betrayed before. He was Lord of Ambition, Passion and Change. It was only at sea that He could be seen, for the ocean was the domain of his beloved Moon; Her tide, Her embrace. Her tempest, His sanctuary. He offered His secrets to those first elfish sailors, the gifts of the Dark, and with blackened hands their Ambition was realised, their Passions met, and Change they did. The Dark spread from their spells and bathed their forms, painted by the dusk in His image. He was their Night Father - Marn-Keranel - and far from Aegis they became the Drow - Keren - or ‘Dark Elves’, though to call them truly ‘Elves’ was a misnomer, for in their Father’s embrace they escaped the apathy of Oaks, and knew not yet the whimsy of the Arcane. They sought above all else knowledge, and its spiritual application. To carve their own destinies beyond Aegis' restraints; a new race, that in Ceru’s caves became ever distant from Malinsfolk and Larihei’s diaspora to follow. In the hollowed heart of the isle that became their capital, Magara’lin, an amethyst geode was presented to Velulaei by the Night Father. A ‘Dark Star’ for her own, The Eye of Velulaei was blessed to share the night sky’s potential with those worthy to wield it. This amulet was passed to her son, Azul, as Crown Prince of Magara’lin. Though this scholastic paradise was not to last. To create a race of his own invoked the other gods’ ire against Marn-Keranel. The Aspects became jealous, for they wished to make druids of all elves. Xan became wroth, for their Passion eclipsed his Order. Tahariae lamented that they were Changed beyond his Purity and above all else Aeriel seethed that their souls were no longer hers, their Ambition earning them rest upon the Dark Star (called Star’gush Stroh by some) in death, rather than her own torturous realm. These Loathsome Six descended on Marn-Kerel, and banished Him to the centre of the world. Without their Father, Velulaei - the leader of the Drow - along with her brother Zanunder, her spouse Uradras and their son Azul began to lose not only their gifts, but their minds. They drank too deep of His red mists, and were sent into a stupor of madness. They became Mory - Deranged - and civil war erupted in Magara’lin as His gifts were twisted and devolved by the aenguls who had betrayed Him. His Ambition became Wrath, His Passion became Terror and His Change became Ruin. Brother turned on brother, and the Drow were for a time condemned. ռψȶ The Lament of the Drow The First Mother wept Aez Helunel a’vallu For her wisdom was lost Rentu uhv’velul mayh a’tom a’tynahn Madness plagued her mind Moryum keenu uhv’velul taeleh The Dark gnawed her heart Kerel a’garn uhv’velul tahel Such was the fate Dunr a’tom amulel Of her brother, Zanunder Aeth uhv’velul urezd, Zanunder Afraid of his kin, safe in the Dark Kyorl aeth uhv’urada szir, ohk bo Kerel War raged above and he hid below Ygne a’kehel su’uz, zy ura yhrl maga Wailing away in the bowels of the world Valunule bo barael akaeleel So Velulaeiya wept like a beast in the night Dunr Velulaeiya a’valun hru aylko bo kerael The Moon kissed her tears Velulaeyael a’baga uhv’velul vallumzh Pale Light gave her peace Xabyth Ythur a’aher velul thet’uzhel kix Her children were healed and their wisdom restored Velul onnyzh a’yx a’ake zy uhv’sha mayh a’akyn The Maehr were renewed, tranquil with the Moon Maehrel a’yx vaex, zimaru lu Velulaeyael Saved by its Light, made whole once more A’hyle me uhv’zeb Ythur, a’aehg vol azt vou All rejoiced in the night, spare Zanunder Ulyth vyn bo kerael, axan Zanunder Grey skinned like the rest, but lost in the deep Durn verbhk hru nahgel, aza a’tynahn bo megeel He felt not the Moon’s kiss; his mind remained stained Ura a’uvad syex uhv’Velulaeyael baga; uhv’urada taeleh atish a’hexe On deeper he went, into Nemiisae’s web Megeyr ura a’ukh, b’al uhv’Nemysae nemy-volry She took his blood for her own and then took his life Vel a’nork uhv’urada enro zy mebe a’nork uhv’urada tayna And a new race was born in that spider’s cave Zy uhno lyhn a’vaen bo ux uhd’nemys magara They were the Deranged, burned by the Light Sha a’yx Moryel, a’ygnere me Ythurel True children of Dark; they knew not the Moon Zkor onnyzh aeth Ker; sha a’yento syex Velulaeyael The Maehr they loathed, taking many as slaves Maehrel sha a’adry, norkule voon ben rothezh Woe to the Mori’quessir, who cannot be saved Ylu’um my Mory’kuessyr, mirz ern syex tom a’hyle The Dark had overwhelmed the first Drow, as they were left directionless in the Night Father’s wake. So it was that Velulaei wept beneath the Moon, the Pale Lady who had once loved their maker. She heard Velulaei’s cries and added Her gifts to His own. For whilst the Moon had loved Her chaotic spouse, Her way was not His. It was her charge to bring the storm, but also the calm. Her domains were Tranquility, Maternity and Grace. With these gifts, the Drow beneath the Velulaei were renewed and became the Maehr - the Wise - that would honour their lost Father and cherish their stoic Mother. Thereafter Uradras was saved, given stoicism and clarity through Velulaei’s newfound teachings, that soon spread across the Maehr upon Ceru’s surface. Tenacious yet tempered, ruthless yet merciful, the Maehr enlightened what drow they could in the reconquest of Magara’lin, though not all could be saved. Zanunder, Velulaei’s brother, had become beset by Terror. He burrowed deeper into the bowels of the world, fleeing his people’s strife alone before he fell into the web he had fled all those years ago. The Aspect Nemiisae bound Zanunder, and took all that he was to hatch a race of her own; for with eight jealous eyes that spider had witnessed the Night Father’s blessings and the first Drow’s rejection of she and her sibling-Aspects. She understood the potential in wroth, though lacked the might to challenge Mother Moon’s new tranquillity. So it was that in the lowest caverns above the Nether and beneath Asulon she enslaved the descendants of the brother-drow; the Mori’quessir, which would haunt the Maehr ever more in the deep. Azul, the son of Velulaei and Uradras, openly rejected the Moon’s gifts. He saw them as weakness and compliance, the same apathy which they had left behind in Aegis amongst Malinsfolk. Unchecked malice guided his Black Hand to subterfuge, and, lacking the necessary grace to guide the Azulites in war, resorted to cowardice. He promised Velulaei an armistice and took a maehr wife for himself, named Keziah. Upon the highest peak in the isles of Axios Velulaei and Azul met alone. They debated the merits of Ambition and Tranquility. Azul forsook the Father as having abandoned them, and he cursed the Mother as a usurper. A union of opposites the Deranged mind could not fathom, and in that moonlit temple he poisoned his own mother; an honourless murder to silence questions he had no answers to, and ideas grander than his own short sight. ɦɛӄ The Dirge of Magara'lin Poison ate at our First Mother’s veins, Azul a’vyh bo uhv’lye uhv’Aezhel Helun enyrzh, Though she wept not for herself, but for the Deranged. Reeky vel a’vallu syex velsha, aza vel Moryel. Azul seethed as Velulaei forgave, Azul a’keyrn ben Velulaeya maluan, Her kinslaying son, and her brother enslaved. Velul szyr-korthule urev, zy velul urezd a’shylrothe And Mother Moon lamented the fate of Her priest Zy Helun-Velulaeya a’keyrn amulet aeth Velul velura Her people fractured, Her beloved a beast. Velul lynn a’ogha, Velul ulmalu o aylyk. The boy’s right had been lost, once meant to rule uhv’Urveoul letta a’tom lanu, azt a’autto vexalt For he lacked the might, that unworthy Azul Rentu ura a’vaeb beelel, ux numlukan Azul Pale Light wept from on high, Xabyth Ythur a’vallu naab kol woad, Bleak tears from the sky Ezekyal vallumzh naab vekylel She smote the heir lost to sin, Vel xoren malvenel lanu my morve, And lost Magara’lin. Zy lanu Magara’lin. Velulaei’s spirit was saved, uhv’Velulaeya osyen a’tom a’hyle, Ne’er to be caged, Xyelor my e’roth, But joined with the lunar whole, Aza vazula lu velel vol, The Mother Moon; The Maehr Soul. Helun-Velulaeyel; Maehrel Osyen. The Moon destroyed Azul for the sin of kinslaying, and took Velulaei’s soul into her once-cold heart. On that fateful day the two became one - the Goddess of the Moon and Tides, Tranquillity, Maternity and Grace, along with the once-daughter of Malin and Mother of the Maehr - to keep vigil forevermore over a people condemned. A dignified gloom, a mourning patron to guide the Maehr back toward stability and civilization in the Night Father’s wake: Helun-Velulaeya, otherwise known as Mother Moon, the Pale Lady, Yyr, Luara or simply Velulaeya. The Eye of Velulaei was lost, to be reclaimed centuries later upon Axios by the regal maehr of the Aegisian diaspora. It took many names and passed through many princely hands, understood by some to be called ‘Luara’s Whispers’. It is said that this artefact is key to reuniting the maehr once more, and ushering in the Night Father’s return. The world weary Maehr sang the dirges of Magara’lin, sailing back in Uradras’ final days to the lands of Aegis from whence they had before come as elves. There, despite Helun-Velulaeya’s efforts, their memories became clouded and warped by the Loathsome Six. The aenguls and spirits attempted to erase the collective, making their songs discordant as the Malinorians deluded the later generations of maehr into ‘dark elvendom’, shackling them in their city upon Aegis. In their travels back from Axios, many maehr came to settle isles in the great seas and cultivate new cultures and faiths, as well as in some cases curating the old truths to become the great clans of the world. This discord was propagated by the Loathsome Six, fearing a reunified maehr may usher in the Marn-Keranel’s return. Though Keziah, Azul’s widow amongst the Aegisians, never forgot. For she and hers - a silent royalty - would keep the Gloom in their hearts for centuries. They carried the Truth beyond the city of Malinsfolk on Aegis, settling the first Free City of Drow that would await the Night Father’s return. Yyrul Koth - Dignified Gloom; The Creeds of the Maehr The antonym of Derangement is Dignity. Though from the Dark we come and the Gloom cannot be forgotten. The six gifts borne of the late Night Father and the Pale Mother define the echoes of Velulaei and Uradras. The masculine vigour to be harnessed and the feminine austerity to be followed. This hexalogue of pursuits makes up the Yyrul Koth; that which makes maehr of mere drow. Xythal - Ambition Like those first sailors to follow the Dark Star across the sea, true maehr are bound by ambition. To learn, to grow, to become stronger and wiser, never to succumb to the apathy which haunts the broader elven races. This is what defines our people. Myhel - Passion As the Night Father before them, true maehr are passionate and expressive. To be expressive is to be free, unshackled by the conventions of other races. To be ashamed of one’s condition is to be as Zanunder. Bask beneath the Moonlight for ye are Maehr. We do not emulate the other races as zkabra. We do not bend to those that would change us. Xebat - Change From Magara’lin to Malinor, Elson Zidar to Ker’nor, the Warhawkes to Rennalia, Vir’aker to Asimu’ulei and Nor’asath, change has always been essential to the survival of the Maehr. To adapt is to survive, to stagnate is to crumble. As under the Night Father and Mother Moon, to turn the great Wheel of history and learn from its wake is to evolve, and be Maehr. Xeemarum - Tranquility Tenacity without temperance and ruthlessness without mercy is the way of the Deranged. Without the Night Father to lead them, the Maehr must embrace the stoicism of Mother Moon. Civility, diplomacy, fraternity and justice shall pave the new road to the Dark Star. Xulyza - Maternity To be scattered is to be extinct. To forsake one’s kin is to be as Azul. True Maehr venerate the great Clans and Houses, the Ancestors before them and the Goddess' maternal wisdom. Obey the Mother, honour the Father and prosper as one. To turn on kin is to be as Azul; do not let the blood of the Maehr run dry nor the tongue of Vel’luah fall silent. Mohyu - Grace Brutality is natural, though barbarity an invention. True maehr are made distinct by their grace; elegance, etiquette, ceremony, music and the arts. To be graceless is to be as the mori’quessir. Remember the ancestors for their triumphs, not their sins, and highlight the unseen beauty of the Gloom. The Moon and the Tides can be bleak and beautiful, the Maehr are both in turn.
  11. "Helun... Yto steta ax nor my laht." A regal drow knelt before the portrait of a bygone Primarch. To paint and delusion he explained: "LYE YX A'KAZAT!"
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