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  1. Neia walked out of the clinic once she finished washing the blood off of her hands, after unsuccessfully trying to treat Ailduin’s wounds. Once she returned to the manor, she lost composure as broke down into heavy, silent sobs. She did not know Ailduin well, but in his moments before death he was her patient, and she had failed him.
  2. Flyers would be seen hanging around Fenn and its allied nations, depicting an image of snow and ice. Upon reading closer, the following message would be seen: Adria, Haense, Curon, Vira’Ker, The Elvenesse, and of course everyone in Fenn is invited to a day of fun and festivities within the Princedom of Fenn! Come enjoy a hot drink while you watch the snow fall, along with ice skating in a Fennic-made ice rink and a snowball fight! (Snow Provided) ((OOC- 4 PM EST Friday 5.24.19))
  3. Willy6001

    Imperial Folly

    Neia Annungilben came back to Fenn and cleaned the Imperial blood off of her sword.
  4. Neia holds her case of knives, torches, and fish as she walks up to the stage.
  5. Name : Aymer and Neia Annungilben Age: Adult Talent: Acrobatics Race: Mali’Fenn
  6. Diplomat Application [OOC] Username: Afkarborist Discord: You still have it Timezone: CST Availability for RP Interview: Contact on discord [RP] Name: Neia Annungilben Gender: Female Race/subrace/culture: Fenn Place of residence: Fenn Prior relevant experience: Travels on occasion Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: Yes
  7. [OOC] Username: Afkarborist Discord: You have it Timezone: CST [RP] Name: Neia Annungilben Gender: Female Race/subrace/culture: Fenn Place of residence: Fenn Prior relevant experience: Steward Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: Yes
  8. Ivae’fenn Tournaments Starting in the year 1707 [[This sunday]], and continuing annually hereon [[Every sunday, time determined on a weekly bases]], there will be tournaments hosted within the Ivae’fenn. Any and all non-magic weapons are allowed, armor is encouraged. Maiming is highly discouraged, and may result in disqualification. These tournaments will take place in the Tahu’Lareh barracks, which are accessed through a staircase found near the square. Civilians are encouraged to come and spectate, although the tournament themselves are for Ivae’fenn only. Any roles may participate, starting at initiate. Rewards will be given out to the winner, to be determined on a weekly basis. Possible rewards include a tax exemption of Fennic housing, hours subtracted from necessary gate hours for specializations, or small monetary prizes. [[Tournaments will alternate between PvP and CRP each week. This Sunday will be PvP.]]
  9. When Sulien Annungilben came to Fenn, she was quiet, reserved, and undemanding. She did as she was told, when she was told. She joined the Ivae’fenn, looking up with admiration to Aelthir Tundrak, who led the Ivae’fenn at the time. She fought in the Coalition War, and other smaller fights for the Princedom around Axios. Over time, while she did not necessarily become less reserved, she began talking more, saying what she believed needed to be said. After nearly seventy years of working within the Ivae’fenn, she was promoted to an officer position. Around that same time, she married a man named Aymer, who took her surname to become Aymer Annungilben. Years later still, she acquired the rank of High Justiciar, becoming the level-headed enforcer of the law. For several years while the Grand Prince was away, she functioned as the only acting officer of the Ivae’fenn, now holding the rank of sentinel. As she gained power, she also seemingly gained enemies, as there were two separate attempts to murder her from the Fennic people. She escaped both relatively unscathed, albeit having temporary blindness from the second attempt, which she never fully recovered from. Sulien and Aymer had two children together, Mythantharanthoridian Annungilben and Almithara Annungilben. She loved them both very dearly, and when they were old enough to leave home, Sulien began to realize that she was genuinely lonely. After coming to the realization, she chose to put all of her time into the Ivae’fenn. She hosted initiate training and specialization trainings at regular intervals, and when she was not hosting the training, she could still often be seen in the barracks practising with her sword. Before moving to Arcas, she was promoted to Commander of the Ivae’fenn, the first new commander to be appointed in over 100 years. After moving to Arcas, stuck in a loveless marriage after one of the only people she considered to be a friend had died, Sulien became more reclusive than ever. She only spoke when it was required of her, for public events or to host training for the Ivae’fenn. She still put work into the Ivae’fenn, although not to the same degree she had in the past. Years ago, she had lived to serve the Princedom. Now, years later, all she truly had left to do was to die for it. The day Sulien died was altogether fairly unremarkable. The sun was shining, and although it was cold in the Princedom, it wasn’t unbearably so. Some members of the Ivae’fenn were resolving a conflict between another nation that had happened the last elven day, which also wasn’t unusual. Sulien sat on a bench outside the tavern, idly tapping her fingers along the hilt of her sword, before going to speak to Aesilnoth, the Sentinel of the Valkyrim within the Ivae’fenn. He told her of a violent animal on the road, which was normal, and usually easily dealt with. She went out on her own that day, as she had dealt with this sort of animals alone before. There are several reasons why that day may have been different. Maybe she was still recovering from several minor injuries she had sustained during a particularly harsh training. Maybe the bears on this side of the wall were stronger than what she was used to. Or maybe she simply had given up and did not want to fight any more. Whatever the reason, the outcome was still the same. By the time Aesilnoth had left on a patrol, sensing something wrong after she had not come back within a reasonable time, she was injured beyond repair. Her armour was irreversibly dented, and the white sash to signify her rank as commander stained red with blood. When Aesilnoth had brought her back to Fenn she was still breathing, but her time was running out. Once Illynora came from Aegrothond to heal her, she was dead. A collection of notes found on Sulien’s desk, titled “Do not read until after death” Dear Aymer: If you are reading this, I am dead. My condolences for your loss. I hope that you have considered me a good wife, and a good mother. I trust that you can take care of Mythan and Almithara, and act in the interest of all future Annungilbens to come. Although we had our differences, I am thankful to have met you, and to have married you. -Sulien Dear Aelthir Tundrak the Second: I hope that you have considered me to serve the Princedom well, and I hope that I had died in service of the Princedom. -Sulien Annungilben, previous Commander of the Ivae’Fenn Dear Aesilnoth: Despite our differences, you’re my favorite nephew. -Sulien
  10. Sulien looks up from her desk, which would have pages filled with numbers, frowning as she was told of the Fennic Institute of Higher Learning. Although she would grab an application and fill it out. [OOC] Username: AfkArborist Activity Rating (1-10): 6 Discord: You have it Timezone: CST Availability for an RP interview?: Weekends [RP] Full name: Sulien Annungilben Gender: Female Age: Old Place of residence: Fenn Race/Subrace/Culture: Fenn Prior relevant knowledge or experience? (Language, history, politics, agriculture, craft, etc): Yes Do you swear to observe and follow all Fennic laws, as well as to abide by the rules set forth by the Institute?: Yes
  11. It is requested that you meet with Sulien Annungilben for an interview
  12. It is requested that you meet with Sulien Annungilben for an interview.
  13. It is requested that you meet with Sulien Annungilben for an interview
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