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  1. Willy6001

    Aeldrin's Application Team Application

    +1. Although ginger, this man has good Christian family values.
  2. Willy6001

    Magical Licensing

    it is requested that you meet with Sulien Annungilben for an interview.
  3. Willy6001

    Alchemy teaching.

    Sulien shows up behind Aymer, holding her own icicle ready to throw. ((please pk))
  4. Willy6001

    The Legion of Ord

    MC Name: Omega_Mineman RP Name: Anmara Frostbeard Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): CST Discord: Willy6001#4162 What are your reasons for joining the legion?: To serve the Kingdom and defeat its enemies.
  5. Willy6001

    Malevolence: Into the Firelands II con, Xionfall

    Sulien, who had definitely been at the battle the entire time and did definitely not join in halfway, looked back over to Aelthir as he spoke. "Yes. Fortunate that we showed up indeed. I suppose it is a good thing that we have such a highly trained military that will surely be able to drive these evil beings from Hesin'fin, if it comes to that."
  6. Willy6001

    The Ways of Old

    Anmara followed Azkel as he gathered the various dwarves, mostly bothering him about math instead of focusing on the new Kingdom ahead.
  7. Willy6001

    Through the Cold

    Sulien would be pleased that Aelthir was alive and well.
  8. Willy6001

    Magical Licensing

    It is requested that you meet with Sulien Annungilben for an interview.
  9. Willy6001

    [Accepted] Treatycole's Event Team Actor application

    Not too bad. +1
  10. Willy6001

    Snow Dwarves Lore

    5.7ft isn't a dwarf.
  11. Willy6001

    The Stolt Standard - Vol 6

    "What a wonderful, completely accurate work of artistic beauty." Sulien said to herself after buying her own copy of the paper "I certainly hope they continue to publish more so that they can spread the truth."
  12. Willy6001

    [Denied] VengefulLucifer's Application Team Application

    -1, no thanks.
  13. Willy6001

    The Stolt Standard - Vol 5

    Sulien would spend nearly an hour working on the cipher, frowning as she finally read the message.
  14. Willy6001

    Where do you spend most of your time roleplaying?

    Yes, obviously because one screenshot of one time without context is how you gauge the activity of an entire playerbase.
  15. Willy6001

    [Accepted] EtherealPvP's Application Team Application

    Definite +1, good friendly person with a good sense of humor and a great work ethic.