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  1. Chef891

    My Big Fat Fenn Wedding Feast [Event]

    Ailduin thinks to himself, "Haldoph is even more dilusional the the late Sigirath...." His thoughts trail off as Alevaera walks into the manor.
  2. Chef891

    A Sylricean Feast

    A Sylricean Feast “Bilok, taelu, evar.” (To make, to learn, to protect.) 16th of Sun’s Smile 1711 The Sylric Bloodline would like to invite all citizens of the Princedom of Fenn to join in the celebration of several members of the bloodline completing their Bilok’ihnsil trials. The Bilok’ihnsil trials is a ceremony where each and every Sylric must go out into the world on their own and forge for themselves their own weapon, whether it be a Long Sword, Great Axe, or War Hammer. It could even be a dagger or a bow if they so choose. However they must complete this task on their own with only the help of research and knowledge they gain by their own merit. Once they feel their weapon is to perfection in their eyes, they must present it to the Patriarch of the Sylric bloodline for testing and approval. Once done a feast is held in their honor and they are presented with the Sylric Insignia to be branded on their weapons and sewn on their cloak. These are the symbols that separate full members of the Sylric bloodline from all the rest. It also gives them access to the entirety of the Sylric Manor. The following members have successfully completed their Bilok’ihnsil trials: Airebys Sylric, Minapili Sylric, Alevaera Sylric, Rythel Sylric, and Velatha Sylric. This feast is to honor them for completing their trials and to recognize them as full fledged members of the Sylric Bloodline. Their weapons will be on display showing their knowledge and understanding of the forge and of the earth in which they choose to use. The feast will be held in three elven days from now. Signed, Ailduin Sylric, Patriarch of the Sylric Bloodline, Founder of the Bilok’thuln OOC: The feast will happen on Wednesday 4-17-2019 at 6 pm est.
  3. Upon reading the missive of the so-called High Princedom of Malinor, Ailduin leans back in his chair and says, “Poor High Elves, How low you have fallen to relate yourself’s with the Imperial scum, how low can you go to declare yourselves pure but to be the puppets of said Imperial scum.” The snow elf exclaims before taking his leave to return to work within the mines
  4. Chef891

    A Bilok'ihnsil Feast

    A Bilok’ihnsil Feast The celebration feast of Minapili Sylric and Alevaera Sylric for completing their Bilok’ihnsil will take place in one elven week. There will be traditional foods of the Sylric Bloodline as well as music and dancing. All Sylric’s should be in attendance to congratulate both of their cousins on completion of this task. I, Ailduin Sylric, would formally like to invite every patriarch of each Snow Elven Bloodline to join in the celebration. Also would like to extend this invite to the entire Royal Family. (( the Feast will be held on the 9th of April at 5:00 pm est
  5. The First Annual Sylricean Feast Sylricean Coat of Arms 14th of the Grand Harvest, 1707 Within the walls of the Sylric Manor, scents of aromatic delicacies could be smelled throughout the manor as Ailduin prepared some Sylricean traditional dishes from his childhood to share at the first annual feast of the Sylric Bloodline. He prepared Karka- spiced roasted ham hocks, as well as Bulviniai blynai- tradition potato pancakes with bacon and cottage cheese, and finally Kibinai- savory pastries stuffed with mutton, carrots, potatoes, and onions. As the aromatics filled the Manor, many of the Sylrics gathered in the foyer of the manor eagerly awaiting dinner to be served. However before Ailduin could set dinner down, he ran up to his chambers to retrieve his notes on what the dinner was truly called for. As he came back down, and presented dinner, he locked eyes with every member of the bloodline who was able to attend this special dinner. “Attention” He proclaimed. “Dinner is served.” He stated as he motioned all his family to join him at the table. For the next few hours everyone sunk their mouths into the extreme flavor combinations awing in moaning at the intense flavors present in each bite. After all the plates were cleared, Ailduin cleared his throat and began saying, “Now the real reason I have gathered you all to feast with me is not just to meet and greet new and old members of our prestigious bloodline. No, We have gathered here to enact the beginning of the Bilok’ihnsil.” He stopped as he let his words sink in to his family. “The Bilok’ihnsil have been a long outstanding ceremony of the Sylric bloodline since the beginning of the Snow elves. The completion of this ceremony marks you as true Sylrics of the Sylric Bloodline. To perform the Bilok’ihnsil, all must venture out on their own and gather materials and precious ores to forge their own weapon of choice, whether it be a War Hammer, a Great Axe, a Long Sword or Short Sword, to even a dagger or bow. However, each member must perform such task by themselves. No help will be given to you as you forge your weapon. You may use whatever means necessary to forge your weapon, even if that means researching certain minerals or how to build a forge.” He pauses as he looks at each family member locking eye with them before continuing. “When you feel comfortable with your own weapon, which includes naming it, then you must return and present it to me. If it passes my standards then a great hunt will pursue to test said weapon, followed by a feast welcoming you as a true Sylric for the first time.” He pauses as to catch his breath. “During the feast you will be presented with the Sylricean Insignia, which you may then sew upon your cloak and brandished on your weapon. The insignia represents the passing of your Bilok’ihnsil.” Ailduin lets out a sigh as he finishes up his speech. He looks upon his family as he can see their wheels start to turn in their head on what they plan to forge and with what materials they plan to use. “Do any of you have any questions?” He asks patiently as he examines each and every face within the room. Some pipe up asking about certain details regarding their impending Bilok’ihnsil, which Ailduin answers calmly making sure each mali’fenn knows what must be done. He notices that there are no more questions to be asked, so thus he proclaimed, “Now that we have finished talking about the Bilok’ihnsil, I hereby conclude this meeting.” He said with a smile shimmering across his face. He rose from his seat giving each and everyone a slight nod of his head. He turned on his heels and headed for his office allowing all his family members to discuss their impending Bilok’ihnsil without his presence.
  6. Chef891

    The Sylric Bloodline

    The Sylric Bloodline “Bilok, taelu, evar.” (To make, to learn, to protect.) Sylricean Coat of Arms History: Attributes, Personality & Culture Sylrics are known to be hardworking, determined and very focused at everything they do, whether that is being a soldier of the Ivae’fenn or taking up a role among the ranks of the Bilok’thuln. Thus, many would consider them more serious than other bloodlines, unlike the notably carefree Tathvirs. However when asked a question, Sylrics tend not to think too long or hard about an answer to it and tend to blurt out what comes to mind and leaving it at that, unlike the Annungilbens. They are known for being rather straightforward and to the point. Despite their often brash behaviors, Sylrics tend to be kind and respectful towards their kin. The Griffin, their sigil, perfectly reflects a Sylric’s state of mind: loyal, noble and determined. Professions & Specialities: Because of their industrious capabilities, the Sylrics are often seen lugging large quantities of raw materials to-and-fro around Tahu’lareh--the fruits of their labour. Thanks to this reputation, Sylrics often find themselves seated among the Grand Council filling the position of Head of the Bilok'thuln, also known as the Grand Exchequer. It is not uncommon to see a Sylric mining or working in general, providing the Princedom with all that is needed to thrive. Alongside this reputation of being hard workers, the Sylrics have a reputation for being good craftsmen and craftswomen, creative and otherwise progressive thinkers, and scholarly patrons; their expertise spanning a wide variety of professions. Physical Traits & Caracteristics: With all of their hard work, Sylrics tend to be muscular, with a strong, bulky, but well-built build to them. Known also for their great beauty, They tend to be the tallest among the Snow Elves and have grey to blue eyes. There have been rare occurences of emerald eyes as well as amethyst eyes. They typically have white to silver hair, but there have been some with blonde hair. Style of Combat: Because of their mighty physiques, they are often on the front lines during times of war. Their weapons of choice includes longswords, greataxes or a warhammer and a shield, though other types of weapons are also used. To stare down a Sylric upon the battlefield is no comforting feat, as their strong posture, large size, and choice of weaponry makes for an intimidating sight. Sylrics tend to wear heavier armor so that they can last longer on the front lines, much like most soldiers of the Ivae’fenn. When a siege is taking place, Sylrics are generally manning the siege engines, specializing in their craft and operation. Family Tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=ILKTR&c=9ul46u525g&f=935319104124893412 Ceremonies: Wryvun’ahern, the newborn ceremony. When a new Sylric is brought into the world a special Ceremony is held called, Wryvun’ahern, translating to Wryvun’s blessing. This ceremony celebrates the life that Wryvun will bless upon the child, whether it be a life dedicated to soldiering or to working hard. A feast is held accompanied by festive music and dancing. Bilok’ihnsil, the coming of age ceremony. When each and every Sylric reach the age of 30, a coming of age ceremony known as, Bilok’ihnsil, is held to prove that they can be truly called a Sylric. This ceremony is much different then Wryvun’ahern. Each child must venture outside of the walls of the Princedom and forge themselves their own personal weapon. They must gather all the materials themselves and by themselves alone. No help shall be offered to them. They must build their own forge and use what they gather to create a beautiful piece of weaponry, whether it be a greataxe, a warhammer, to even the smallest dagger. When they finish and feel that it is worthy of the Sylric name, they are to return to the Princedom and present it first to their father and then to the head of the Sylrics himself. Once their weapon is approved by both their father and the patriarch then a hunt is held to test the durability of the weapon. A feast is then followed provided by the spoils of the hunt. As the feast ends the patriarch approaches the child, presenting him the Sylric Insignia, to be branded on to their weapon as well as stitched onto their cloak. This is to mark that they are now a true Sylric. Politics: Throughout the Snow Elven years and all the conflicts they faced, the Sylrics have tended to be on the front lines of all major battles. Their thoughts on other Elves are complicated, as centuries of battle waged against them has hardened the opinions of some Sylrics against their Mali’mira cousins. A Sylric will marry out from other elven subraces but they try to stick more toward the Snow Elven culture. Be this as it may, they are generally a more accommodating people Notable Members: Ailduin Sylric - Founder of the Bilok’thuln, Patriarch of the Sylric Bloodline Velatha Sylric - Sister to Ailduin, Vanguard and Medic to the Ivae’fenn Rythel Sylric - Elder member to the Sylric household, skilled artisan, weaponsmith and member of the Bilok’thuln Airebys Sylric - Founder of the Fennic Institute of Higher Learning, Deputy Exchequer of the Bilok’thuln, esteemed scholar and Guardian to the Ivae’fenn Minapili Sylric - Cousin of Airebys Sylric, member of the Bilok’thuln and Guardian to the Ivae’fenn Alevaera Sylric - Little sister of Airebys, member of the Bilok’thuln Heirlooms: Gostatha - Great Sword of Ailthidon Lercuvanten - War Axe of Thandir I Hadhafang - War Hammer of Agis Daedheloth - Battle Axe of Amaranthea Other Facts: ((Anyone who wishes to join the Sylric Bloodline, contact Chef891, via the forums, in-game, or discord [Chef891#2923] ))
  7. Chef891

    Bilok'thuln Competition

    To all Uheir’sair’thuln of the Bilok’thuln: Throughout the past few months I have noticed that you all have worked extremely hard, and it pains me to not be able to give payment to all who deserve it for all the hard work you have done. So thus I have decided that we shall hold a competition that we will hold once per elven month. To make it fair for all, this competition will be centered around each role within the Bilok’thuln. Since we are a guild focused around gathering resources, the competition will be the same. The Uheir’sair’thuln who gathers the most of a certain resource will receive a nice sum of minas and also a custom weapon or tool. This weapon or tool will be forged by none other than the Grand Chancellor. Now regarding the way this competition will work. Every month this competition will be held, I will post the resource that will be counted towards the competition. It will be at random so that it will be fair for all. Each role will have a resource to gather. However if you win in one role, you can’t win in another, until the next competition to make it fair for everyone. On the second Saturday of the month I will place a parchment within the Quota drop off location with each roles resource. By the following Wednesday all items collected should be placed in your assigned competition chests, which will be located below the quota drop off. Myself and the Deputy Exchequer will decide the winner(s) and post the results on the next day, Thursday. I just would like to extend my gratitude toward each and everyone of you as well as wish you luck in these competitions. Signed, Ailduin Sylric, Grand Exchequer of the Bilok’thuln, Patriarch of the Sylric Bloodline. Signed, Crown Prince Aelthos Tundrak, Grand Chancellor of Fenn. ((The first competition will begin on March 23rd, 2019
  8. Chef891

    [PK] An End

    Ailduin could be seen pacing his manor, loss for words of the recent departure of a great Snow Elf, even though his recent years were more of the insanity years. Later in the day, he would be sitting in his office writing out a scroll with his families condolences for the Tundrak Bloodline.
  9. I have been an active member of this server for almost 4 years. I have agreed with mutilpe changes and disagreed with many as well. However I have enjoyed that this server represented more races than other servers would. I know that there has been 2 posts related to this but both were closed before i could put my input, since i work a full time job. 

    Now to this idiotic decision that was made without consulting both the playerbase and lore team. Well done staff you have offically **** up. you think that just because Snow Elves orignally were from the High Elven area and now have their own culture and different appearences that they are just culture race? Are you ******* nuts. If you want to remove an effective subrace that has not only brought new players to LOTC but also reinvigorated others that have been here so be it. But if thats the case remove all the Sub-races then. Snow Elves have been a completely seperate identity for 5 plus years and to be honest it is more popular than other elven subraces. 

    That is my opinion, but like the other posts have said. If you want Dark Elfs declaring themselves snow elfs by their bio on the race card thats fucked up but what do i know. Im just a player of the server for more than 3 years



    Adding on to this as well. Since when do Devs decide what to do without consulting the public about it? Isnt the community supposed to be happy with every change they do/ be understanding of it????? I mean seriously. LOTC is supposed to be about community and after axing all the subraces for no apparent reason as to do some more changes and not even consulting the community about it and just doing it... When the hell did all that get discussed  with the community. Like seriously when????

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      Please read the last comment please 😄


  10. Chef891

    The Stolt Standard - Vol 7

    Ailduin heads into his office before sitting down with a warm cup of tea. He proceeds to open the paper up and starts to read. Halfway through, members of the Sylric bloodline could hear all sorts of laughter and then all of a sudden a voice saying, “Son of a *****”. Ailduin just took a sip of tea and after laughing so hard it came back out through his nose all over the rest of the paper.
  11. I can understand why many people would view certain groups as pvp based, but i llike to point this out, most groups would love to do rp fighting/combat but there are an overabundance of times that players powergame while rp-fighting which leads to a lot of confilicts being resolved via pvp. I wont call anyone out for it, but i know that many players power game the crap out of rp fights making it nearly impossible for a conflict to be resolved via rp. Just throwing that out there.
  12. Chef891

    Your View: Lockpicking

    I think its a good system to implement but the abuse of it has grown old with people using it to basically grief builds/ cities by using it on windows. its like an everyday thing to go through the city to find broken windows for no reason at all even after they were fixed the day before.
  13. Chef891

    Raid Rules Update

    This doesnt particuarlily refer to my expierence but along the lines of the poor to subpar villiany rp getting reported would you also be able to cut down the powergames using the same logic? We all know that powergaming is not allowed on the server but we all have seen someone do it from time to time. for example dodgeing every attack, i dont care how fast you think you are there is no way you can continuously dodge every attack, its not physically possible.
  14. Chef891

    Storm Clouds Gather

    Word reaches the Princedom of Fenn of the looming doom forbode by the shadow. Ailduin seeks out the Grand Prince for his final word before descending down into the Bilok'thuln to recover all the blacksmiths goods to arm the Ivae'fenn for battle
  15. I may get some flak for this but i kinda miss some of the aspects around nexus or i should say the profession system particularly. Crafting times i do not miss but i miss gathering things like thanium or periodit or those rare metals like that and the loot chests and getting the alchemy things as well. I miss having acess to getting quartz without having to buy it at ct. 

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      I miss the custom items :steamsad:

      Bring back lances and warhammers 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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      I've never played the earlier version, but I agree it would be more fun.