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  1. An old Temesch -- hidden somewhere in the mountains of Aevos -- sighed. "House of the Petra is not Temesch." Roderick Temesch added to the man at his side. He then went into the mountains once more; only seen every once in a while.
  2. Vaelyx walked on the sidewalk of destiny. He had planned. He had thought. He had witnessed this day for years after his father had mysteriously vanished. It was time. Indeed. Finally time. ”I have work to do.” He said. Vaelyx walked on the sidewalk of destiny.
  3. EPISTOLA AD PONTIFICEM MAXIMUM: OPEN LETTER TO HIS HOLINESS; ON WAR. ANNO DOMINI 1961 imperiale // 514 septentrionalis // 106 mons civitatem // 94 meridionalis @Sander To the esteemed Pontifex of the Canon, In profound deference, I humbly lower my head before you, as one bows in reverence before the divine. The haunting specters of unwanted bloodshed, chaos, and ruin have cast a pall over our sermons, family gatherings, and nations alike. For years, the echoes of senseless violence have reverberated, and it seems the ghosts of such tumult persist unabated. Sleepless nights persist, and the cries of spilled blood seem to ascend relentlessly to the Skies of God. When did the sanctity of peace depart from the thoughts of our Church? When did we become ensnared in the machinations of national interests? Why, in the name of all that is sacred, do we continue to deem this ongoing bloodshed as somehow justifiable? The Scroll of Gospel, in its 7th book, line 53, imparts a timeless wisdom: 'You will know him, for with peace he gathers the sons of Horen, where the sword has divided them.' Yet, tragically, the sword continues to sow division among realms that were once united. Humanity, once standing as a singular entity, now finds itself torn asunder by the atrocity of ceaseless bloodshed. Is this war truly justified? While the brutal usurpers who denied his late Majesty of Aaun the right to rule deserved punishment, and the religiously devious elements in the streets of Veletz faced retribution, the question persists: Does the path to peace lie in the eradication of those who seek reconciliation? Is this the virtuous course we are bound to follow? Allow me to remind His Holiness of the core tenets that define our existence as an institution within this realm, encapsulated in the Codex Iurius Canonici Danielus Pontifex (2nd edition): • In Book II, Title I, Chapter 4; §7, we are reminded of the duty of a cleric to foster peace and justice in accordance with the laws of the Church. • In Book VI, Title III, Chapter 4: §5, the High Pontiff is urged to seek political unity among humanity for the promotion of virtue, utilizing all diplomatic means. • In the same book and title, Chapter 5: §10 emphasizes that war should be a last resort when no peaceable option exists for the promotion of virtue, and §12 underscores the desirability of resolving conflicts with as few casualties as possible. We, as the brokers of unity and peace, stand as the embodiment of these sacred principles—not as proponents of war. Thus, I earnestly implore His Holiness: Let us bring an end to this conflict now. Let us not sanctify further bloodshed. The burdens of suffering and sorrow borne by our people are weighty enough. DEI GRATIA; HIC STO, His Excellency Abbot-Bishop Leofric Jrent OSJJ, Bishop of Gelimar & Abbot of Saints Jude and Judith.
  4. @christman The Lord Saul d’Maltose nodded in satisfaction, his fat hand raising a tankard of wine towards his brethren the Duke. “Life shall be lived on the eve where olde Joseph is hitched!”
  5. “And so it has been done, with the stroke of a singular pen; fate sealed.” The Basridi nodded twice then as the document left the hand of his own, a conflicted yet satisfied smile cast to his now betrothed. He knew his duty, and now he was duty-bound.
  6. Following are all nations currently implemented on the server:
    - The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska

    - The Kingdom of Norland

    - The Kingdom of Balian

    - The Kingdom of Numendil

    - The Kingdom of Aaun

    - The Commonwealth of the Petra

    - The League of Veletz

    - The Grand Principality of Aeltarys

    - The Principality of Stassion.

    - The Viceroyalty of Hyspia


    - The Principality of Celia'nor

    - The Crown of Amathine

    - The Silver Empire of Healun'or

    - The State of Nor-Velyth


    - The Grand Kingdom of Urguan

    - The Union of Gortrek


    - The Rexdom of the Iron Horde


    - The Halfling Realm of Dunfarthing

    - The Serene State of Lurin

    - The Unified Domian of Vortice


    AWAITING IMPLEMENTION (has enough signatures on the forums):

    - The Principality of Vlachia

    - The State of Ravenswood

    - The (2nd) Cove of Nevaehlen


    Nations implemented: 20

    Nations awaiting: 3

    Nations total: 23



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    2. seannie


      the orenian rebirth cycle has been broken by le evil haenser agenda and we can no longer maintain the nation ecosystem 

    3. greygre


      LOTC is truly a microcosm of the cyclical nature of history

    4. Nooblius


      Feel like they should mandate realms to grow from the ground up and not just manifest into existence. I think biggest change needed is to people's player habits- as I think the tendency to RP being a noble in several families across several nations (or maybe worse, multiple nobles within the same nation) leads to this sense of spreading out really far. As far as I can tell, the human and multi-race realms are the most severe offenders.


      Not to mention that some of these places have multiple RP hubs within them. Amount of large-scale RP hubs is even bigger.

  7. Somewhere else - eternally distant, yet ever close - a youth sat still; his eyes fixated on books beneath. “There is intention in starting, and there is meaning in ending.” He seemed to recite from the books as his eyes ignited with candle-lit flames. Just like the Lady of Dieuxmont, this child was alone in his mission; alone in his family. He was the last of the Savoyard Basrid: He, Nicodemus…
  8. Hi @Aesopian Could a group of players, perhaps through lair application or other measures implemented, create their own nomadic campsite and have that saved through this plugin? So they may - at will - move the entirety of the accepted ""lair"" build around? What would be the feasibility of this?
  9. THE ORDER OF SAINTS JUDE AND JUDITH: ORDO SANCTORUM IUDAE ET IUDITH. ANNO DOMINI 1954 imperiale // 507 septentrionalis // 99 mons civitatem // 87 meridionalis Our Holy Father; Saint Jude O Sovereign of the heavens, I submit with utmost humility my freedom, comprehension, and volition unto thee. Acknowledging that all that resides within my possession is but a celestial bestowal from Your immeasurable benevolence, I earnestly entreat You to lavish upon me Your love and grace. In this surrender, I covet nothing more, for within Your embrace, I uncover both fulfillment and purpose. Our Holy Mother; Saint Judith i. HISTORIAE NOSTRAE; ORDINEM. In the auspicious era of circa 1715, Saint Humbert of Bar, in his divine wisdom, laid the sacred foundations of the Order of Saint Jude. This monastic haven, nestled in the Haeseni region of Leuven, became the dwelling of devout monks who, in fervent adherence to the venerable Rule of Saint Jude pursued a life steeped in devotion and sagacity. Under the blessed guidance of Saint Humbert, the order flourished, fostering the values of struggle, erudition, and the quest for enlightenment. In their humble abode, these monks dutifully abided by the teachings and precepts of Saint Humbert, binding themselves with solemn vows of chastity, obedience, prayer, and humility. Their sacred mission was to uphold the virtuous name and teachings of their patron, the esteemed Holy Father Jude of Petrus. His sanctity inspired a legion of scholars, authors, and philosophical minds, perpetuating the legacy of divine wisdom. In the nascent days of the Brotherhood of Saint Jude, asceticism prevailed, and the monks secluded themselves. Saint Humbert, in his benevolence, later amended this practice after their migration from the Apostolic Palace of Haense to the Abbey of Saint Kristoff. With newfound temporal abundance, the monks zealously dedicated themselves to disseminating the words and doctrines of Saint Jude, rescuing many lost manuscripts and theses from the abyss of oblivion. In the month of Tobias’ Bounty, 1737, the Order of Saint Jude passed into the stewardship of the former Imperial Princess, Adela Pieta, graciously granted by High Pontiff John I in the wake of Saint Humbert's passing. Before her ascension, Adela had gathered a modest assembly of nuns, forming the Judite sisterhood to spread the virtuous teachings. Tragically, a little more than a month into her tenure, the Reverend Mother Adela witnessed the desolation of Reza, enduring infernal flames and demonic onslaught. Despite her valiant efforts to shelter the people within the Order, the malevolent beasts breached its sanctum, claiming the lives of all within, including the Judite Sisters. With no successor chosen, the Order faced inevitable demise. In our present time, the resplendent teachings of Saint Jude have been reignited under the devout guidance of Reverend Mother Anna of Alstion. Having faithfully served as a sisterhood of Judite nuns for many years, the order has now graciously opened its gates to monks seeking the path of divine enlightenment. Sequestered from the clamorous metropolis of Whitespire, the Order of Saints Jude and Judith, bearing its name to avoid any confusion with the Poor-Fellow Soldiers of Saint Jude, bestows its presence upon the easternmost reaches of the city, and though the order remains modest in stature, one may chance upon the sacred spectacle of these devoted brothers and sisters tending to gardens or kneeling in devout prayer before the altar, harmonizing with the timeless rituals of their Judite predecessors. ii. HIERARCHIA ORDINIS. THE ABBOT OF SAINTS JUDE AND JUDITH, vested with solemn authority, assumes the sacred role as the leader of the Order and the abbey beneath its venerable spires. Entrusted with paternal responsibilities, he faithfully tends to the preservation of monastic life. In this esteemed position, the Abbot fulfills the sacred duty of upholding the rules and maintaining divine order within the sanctified walls. Additionally, he stands as a beacon of wisdom and solace, offering guidance to the brethren and sisters who seek the comforting embrace of his counsel. THE PRIOR OF SAINT JUDE and THE PRIORESS OF SAINT JUDITH stand as the dual pillars of leadership beneath the abbey's hallowed roof, each dedicated to the care of either the brothers or the sisters within the sacred order. In harmonious unity, they serve as the right and left hands of the Abbot, entrusted with the noble responsibility of addressing the day-to-day affairs of the order. With steadfast devotion, the Prior attends to the concerns of the brothers, guiding them along the path of righteousness. Simultaneously, the Prioress extends her nurturing care to the sisters, ensuring their spiritual well-being and harmonious existence within the sanctified community. Together, this dynamic duo shares the burden of leadership, embodying the living essence of the sacred order and upholding its divine principles with unwavering commitment. THE BROTHERS OF SAINT JUDE and THE SISTERS OF SAINT JUDITH constitute the heart and soul of the order, laboring in devout homage to the two revered saints with equal reverence. In harmonious unity, they shoulder the noble responsibilities that define the essence of the order. With hands toiled in labor and hearts devoted to virtue, these dedicated brothers and sisters tend to the sacred gardens, cultivating both the earth and the spirit. Their benevolence extends beyond the abbey's walls as they, with compassion as their guide, provide sustenance to the impoverished. In the quiet corridors of the order, they wield quills to inscribe the echoes of history, preserving the sacred journey of the order through the annals of time. Together, the Brothers of Saint Jude and the Sisters of Saint Judith embody the living essence of the order. Their actions, steeped in piety and selflessness, resonate with the teachings of the saints they venerate, enriching the spiritual tapestry that binds them as one. THE NOVICES OF SAINTS JUDE AND JUDITH are aspiring souls, yearning to embark upon the sacred journey of monastic life. These hopeful candidates, newly arrived brethren, stand at the threshold of their spiritual pilgrimage, eager to join the esteemed ranks of the sacred order in devout service to the Lord God and His divine teachings. With hearts ablaze with fervor, they seek initiation into the hallowed path, aspiring to walk in the footsteps of the saints and dedicating themselves to a life of profound devotion and sacred service. iii. VESTIMENTA MONASTICA. Donned in simplistic and often hooded clothes, the brothers and sisters are most often seen in white and black. (Nun by @hauntel | Monk by @christman ) iv. CONIUNGENS ORDINIS. To pledge allegiance to the esteemed Order of Saints Jude and Judith, one must willingly embrace the following conditions: i. Brethren are called to make their dwelling within the Abbey itself or other designated locations associated therewith. ii. Brethren must profess and adhere to the Canonist faith, having undergone the sacrament of baptism in the revered name of the Lord. iii. Brethren, in their commitment, remain dutifully bound by the will and laws of the Church unless deemed otherwise by ecclesiastical authority. iv. Brethren must wholeheartedly embrace and live in accordance with the Rule of Saint Jude. To initiate the journey as a novice, aspirants should dispatch a letter to the Right Reverend Abbot (@MCVDK), providing: i. Full name. ii. Age. iii. Race. iv. Birthplace. v. Current residence. Those with inquiries regarding religious wardship are encouraged to direct their questions to the Abbot, who stands ready to provide guidance on matters of spiritual stewardship. Quod petentes sacrum iter inveniant solacium et propositum intra venerabilem Ordinem. DEI GRATIA; HIC STO, The Right Reverend Abbot Leofric Jrent OSJJ, Abbot of Saints Jude and Judith; Vicar of Buron; Head-custodian of the Flame; & Royal Confessor of Aaun.
  10. EPISTOLA AD SORORES SANCTAE IUDAE: LETTER TO THE SISTERS OF SAINT JUDE. ANNO DOMINI 1954 imperiale // 507 septentrionalis // 99 mons civitatem // 87 meridionalis To the esteemed Judite Sisters, Greetings and blessings be upon you. I am Leofric Jrent, known as Father Leofric, and I come before you with both humility and reverence. In the wake of the lamented passing of the Right Reverend Mother Anna, I have been entrusted with the sacred honor of continuing her legacy under the banner of Saintly Jude. While my name may not be familiar to you, the teachings I received from the Right Reverend Mother were a private communion between us. Nonetheless, I have admired your ancient way of life from a distance, honoring the sacred duties entrusted to the revered Saintly Jude. In these evolving times, sanctioned by the abbatial blessing of Bishop Frantzisko, there is a sincere desire to extend the reach and influence of Saint Jude's teachings. Acknowledging the need for change, especially given my own gender, I have overseen a restructuring of the abbey and your order. Henceforth, it shall be known as the ORDER OF SAINTS JUDE AND JUDITH, with my role defined as the abbot. It is with great respect that I extend this missive to you, seeking to connect with the former brethren under the care of the late Right Reverend Mother. In the days to come, I invite the good sisters to reach out, as I am in the process of appointing a Prioress for Saint Judith. This individual will serve as the head of the nuns within our newly restructured order. May blessings and grace surround each one of you as we embark on this journey together. DEI GRATIA; HIC STO, The Right Reverend Abbot Leofric Jrent OSJJ, Abbot of Saints Jude and Judith; Vicar of Buron; Head-custodian of the Flame; & Royal Confessor of Aaun. | @hauntel | @ydegirl | @Kart20 | @clonky |
  11. THE VESTMENTS OF BURON: VESTIMENTA BURONIS. ANNO DOMINI 1954 imperiale // 507 septentrionalis // 99 mons civitatem // 87 meridionalis i. HISTORIAE NOSTRAE; VESTIMENTA. In the tapestry of our sacred journey, vestments emerge as the quintessential thread that intertwines with the very essence of who we are. More than mere garments, they embody our commitment, serving as both uniform and emblem of our chosen vocation within the sacred walls of our church. These priestly robes not only distinguish us individually but also act as a visual language, articulating the unique identity of each diocese scattered across the vast continent. In their intricate folds, one can discern the distinctiveness of our selfhood and the rich cultural tapestry that envelops our spiritual practice. Throughout the storied existence of our diocese in Buron, our clergy has donned a diverse array of vestments, mirroring the varied cultural influences that have shaped the very soul of our community. However, it is at this moment that we stand at the threshold of a new era, marked by the unveiling of an official standard. This standard, a beacon to guide our sartorial choices, signifies a collective commitment as we labor in the vineyards of the Lord within the blessed diocese of Buron. (All skins made by @christman) ii. VESTIMENTA BURONIS. ii.i EPISCOPUS BURON | BISHOP OF BURON Donned in a black cassock lined with crimson edges; a crimson ferraiolo and cincture; crimson txapela worn on the head; and a white collarino at the neck. ii.ii VICARIVS BURONIS | VICAR OF BURON Donned in a black cassock; a crimson cincture; black txapela worn on the head; and a white collarino at the neck. ii.iii SACERDOS BURON | PRIEST OF BURON Donned in a black cassock; a black cincture; black txapela worn on the head; and a white collarino at the neck. ii.iv PROMESAREN ZIGILUA | THE SEAL OF PROMISE Oft donned by members of the Buronian diocese; the Seal of Promise or the Promesaren Zigilua, an old Mercatorii tradition carried into the roots of Buron by the Bishop Frantzisko. DEI GRATIA; HIC STO, The Right Reverend Abbot Leofric Jrent OSJJ, Abbot of Saints Jude and Judith; Vicar of Buron; Head-custodian of the Flame; & Royal Confessor of Aaun. ASKATASUNA JAINKOAREN BITARTEZ, The Most Reverend Bishop Frantzisko Ekain OSJJ, Bishop of Buron & Court Chaplain of Aaun and Hyspia.
  12. Who do I pay to teach me PvP?

    1. drfate786


      You can pay me 5000 Minas and I may or may not get you in touch with the boogeyman. 

  13. EPISTOLA SUMMUM PONTIFICEM: ON THE JURISDICTION AND SOVEREIGNTY OF LAW CURATUS IN COGITATIONE by FATHER LEOFRIC JRENT ANNO DOMINI 1952 imperiale // 505 septentrionalis // 97 mons civitatem // 85 meridionalis I bid thee a fine eve beneath the ever-lightened sight of God, your Majesty-Spiritual, and come to you for the wisdom of which I know you hold. I find an area of the Church enormously under-considered and have recently held an array of thoughts on this subject; what is our Churchly jurisdiction and sovereignty above the laws of the terrestrial nations of our continent? We are the men of God’s service; and through our service to God, we are elevated to an echelon held above the norm in societal conventions. It is for this reason we are referred to as fathers by nearly all of humanity. Surely then, our status of servicemen of the Lord, therein sees legal advantages. Does our status as a Church then see our rules elevated above the terrestrial? If you, the Vicar of God, indeed is that, the Vicar, is your word then not the word of God, or at the very least a concept thereof? Does that then allow your word and the word of your Church to supersede the books of law? Do we, or rather should we, enforce further religious expectations through our own codex? Where does our role as a moral institution based on the word of God, and thereby the laws of God, exceed the jurisdiction and sovereignty of nations? And lastly, does his Holiness feel as though our own codex of law is wide enough for our God-crafted mission? @Sander
  14. Father Leofric sat alone in the dark. Alone in thought and concept. He was hunched over documents as his back was lit by a flame in the corner. He looked through a collection of books - the Scrolls, mayhaps - and then his pen wrote. We are untouched by the Divine, so that we might find our path in unison with the plans of God. He did not know of Father Silas, nor of his thoughts, but somewhere in the back of his mind he knew: the fathers were not entirely alone in thought.
  15. I am so tired. There stood a man ‘pon the hill in the distance. Frail and weak. I am.. so.. tired. There stood a man ‘pon the hill in the distance. He reached his hand to the skies. Where did I fail?.. What did I do.. Who did I become. I am so tire- ssh, my child, you are safe here.. in the moonlight. Children rushed past the youth of Demitriyus. One of them hit his shoulder in the rush as the smaller black haired boy briefly stumbled forth. He looked ahead but the children had rushed into the distance. He was alone once more. You’re new. Or so the youth thought.. He turned around as a youthful woman, roughly the same as him, stood there with her hands folded behind her back. She blinked as she waited for the boy yet he remained lost for words. He stared at her for a while. He was smitten. Instantly. Hello? Hi.. You are.. new. She spoke slower this time as if he was a foreigner with a lack of knowledge of her words. Yes.. Who are you then? Oh. Demitriyus Aubert. Pleasure to meet you! I am Princess Vasilia. Princess? Da. Come. She walked away then. No more words. He remained in his place. Uncertainty struck his mind. She looked back towards him. She smiled. He followed. Vasi! I am headed with the rest on the expedition. We’ll fight monsters and explore. You are what?.. Fightin’ monsters and explore..? It’ll be part of my Knighthood trials.. Isn’t the expedition for four years? Yes.. So you’ll leave me here alone for four years?.. I.. Yeh.. I need this Knighthood, Vasi. It would mean.. maybe we, yeh. Just.. Please come back, da? I will always come back. Always.. FALL THE **** BACK BOY. Blood everywhere. Smoke everywhere. Death everywhere. FALL. THE ****. BACK. WE CANNOT JUST LEAVE THEM! THERE HAS TO BE A WAY. Massive trolls loomed above the youth and the older soldier. They both stared at the creatures of stone-skin. Demitriyus with his boomsteel armament in his hand. The trolls covered the earth with a thick near poisonous smoke as the two soldiers were trapped on one side and the rest on the other. I HAVE AN IDEA. MOVE AWAY. Demitriyus stared at his blade briefly before it was carved across the stone of the troll above them. In an instance the smoke which had filled the air ignited from the flame produced by his blade as the trolls worried and confused stumbled within their own creation. RUN. NOW! Everyone had assembled in the throne room. Demitriyus knelt on the floor as his eyes met the silk beneath. Above them stood King Heinrik II. He raised a sword above Demitriyus head. It fell to his shoulder then. He announced. Ser Demitriyus ‘the Preserver’ - rise. It will never happen, Demitriyus. I will make it happen! You will get yourself killed! So I shall either live unsatisfied with a woman to sire children, that I would not even want, or I can die in the hands of the King as I fight to marry the person that I want to marry. Would both not be death? Maybe, Vasi, maybe there is a chance. I would not be able to bear it, Demi. I.. I forbid you. You are more now, Demitriyus. You are no man who walks the earth in ignorance. You are enlightened by God and you shall live for the mission. He had left the world behind to become another entirely. He joined a cult of sorts. Wrecked from the sadness and cruelty of reality. He had turned his back on society. He had become more beast than man. He had become a killer. He had become a predator. What was next? When was next? He would live eternally.. or so was the intention. And yet when fate caught up with the man. He had killed thousands and perhaps now was punished for his deeds. He was uncertain but life seemed to fade. He fell into the abyss. There stood a man, perhaps now more monster, in the endless abyss. Before him stood a woman with her hand - her hair raven black and her skin pale as snow. She smiled as the man reached forth. Vasi.. I am so tire- ssh, my love, you are safe here. Ser Demitriyus ‘the Preserver’ of Haense, Child of the Wretch.
  16. Do you believe that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
  17. What do you all do when you hit absolute boredom and you feel like there is nothing to do with your mineman tips? Whats the secret?

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    2. Apotolofo


      I play raft LOL

      Or I find a good book to read. 

      Or I listen to a bunch of niche music. 

      Or I take a nap.

      Or I paint something. :D

    3. subatomic


      Play destiny 2 and devote thousands of hours into getting better gear (while also devoting thousands of more hours into LOTC)

    4. Zolla_


      do something else other than lotc, i havent actually played lotc for more than 8 hours the past 3-4 months

  18. "Night never had the last word. The dawn is always invincible." Reach for the Dawn eternal. Reject the Dusk of yore. Serve that which lies beyond. Serve the light which beckons. Seek the sun past the mountain. Or be rotten in the darkness of shade. Find me, traveler, and be enlightened. THE DAWNBRINGER of NAEDWYLM
  19. A C A N D L E L E F T A L I G H T [x] Silence moved across the hills and halls of the Petran dusk. There was a lack of thoughts, a lack of care. No one the wiser but those few informed. Life is cruel, yet death even more. And amongst the hills, in that small estate of Mies, there was the only sign; A candle left alight. [x] PAPERS OF INHERITANCE @Cubicita i. Be it so, upon mine death, all that I own, estate and the rest, shall fall simply to my son and heir, Lord Anthony Temesch, born to my wife, Lady Lorena Temesch, and myself, eternally to be kept as the sole inheritance of that which is mine by Right and by Law. ii. In the event of his own declination, inheritance shall proceed in the following order; a. To my sister, Lady Alice Temesch. b. To my brother, Lord Lionel Temesch. c. And last to the state. SIGNED BY THE HAND OF His Lordship, the Viscount of Mies, Knight-Commander of the Circle of the Star & Oratuer of the Petran Commonwealth; GODFREY MARCELLUS TEMESCH. PAPERS OF RESIGNATION @tilly i. By the untimely event of my death, I hereby declare my full resignation to the government of the Commonwealth, as the Oratuer of the Petra, so that they may continue to further the ideals of the work which I have done throughout my life, and may further the vivid dreams of a democratically ruled republic. SIGNED BY THE HAND OF His Lordship, the Viscount of Mies, Knight-Commander of the Circle of the Star & Oratuer of the Petran Commonwealth; GODFREY MARCELLUS TEMESCH.
  20. THEREIN LIES THE DARKNESS. DARKNESS OF THE HEART. Hidden beneath stone. Snuffed by the light. Revered by immorality, and eternal fright. Am I risen, or hidden in the darkness? Do I walk through the light, or am I haunted by the shadows? Beckoned by destiny, the path is carved. Is the path correct? Is the path right? The known kills the unknown. The undying kills the dying. Death and darkness. Darkness and death. Does it ever stop? Should it stop? What of the shadows. Hidden shadows. Is a shadow the darkness in the light, or the light through the darkness? What are the shadows? What do they mean? What do they hide? Where do they hide? Are you the shadow?... ARE YOU THE SHADOW, HE WHICH CONSUMES? [!] FIRE BURNED. FOR LIGHT HAD EMERGED. YET DEEP THEREIN, IN THE CAVERN OF YORE. THERE LAY THE DARKNESS.. THE SHADOWS EVERMORE [!]
  21. “She shall do fine work.” commented the Viscount of Mies with a nod, a pat on the back given to his sister as they passed each other; his endorsement made official.
  22. MCVDK

    5 year AMA

    Do memories exist even if you forget them?
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