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  1. The mood was tense in the capital of Kal’Varoth as the city began to fill with people. From as far above ground as the Hefrumm to as far below as Varoth’Akvel, the Dwedmar throng filtered through the gates and out of their homes as they made their way in mass to the throneroom. Standing on the dais below the Obsidian throne, Kazrin Starbreaker of the High Court and Zahrer Irongrinder the Lord Chancellor awaited the gathering. When the masses had sufficiently packed themselves into the hall, Zahrer began to speak. “Honored Kin, We gather tonight under the watchful eye of the Brathmordakin to announce the conclusion of the election period for the seat of Under-King. The race was long and difficult to call on many accounts but in conversing with Kazrin Starbreaker of the High Court we have come to a decision. In one of the closest canditorial races I for one have ever seen, and winning about 1800 to 1700, the winner and our Under-King Elect is… Atandt Irongrinder! May his reign be blessed by the Brathmordakin and upheld by all Dwedmar! Narval oz Urguan! Narvak oz da Brathmordakin!”
  2. The polls are closed. Tallying will now begin.
  3. Across the Underrealm of Urguan, large posters are pasted on the walls and notice boards of every settlement and roadside. They bear bright, bold text that catches your attention and draws you in to read its contents... ”Citizens of the Underrealm of Urguan, With the resignation of Fimlin Grandaxe from the seat of Under-King it falls to us, the Dwarves of Urguan, to elect our new ruler. By the nominations of the Rikkin Council, two candidates of promising renown and steadfast deeds have been chosen to participate in the election. The Nominations Clan Irongut: Gimil Grandaxe Clan Irongrinder: Atandt Irongrinder Clan Starbreaker: Abstain Clan Grandaxe: Gimli Grandaxe Clan Ireheart: Abstain Clan Silvervein: Atandt Irongrinder Hefrumm Clans: Abstain Over the course of the next 3 stone days, the ballot boxes will be open and accepting of your votes whereupon the polls will be closed and the votes tallied.” FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW TO VOTE ((Be advised that all votes shown on this thread are rply private and may not be viewed by anyone but the voting officials.)) MC Name: RP Name: Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Candidate:
  4. Citizens of the Underrealm of Urguan, For those of you who may not be aware, my name is Zahrer and I have had the honor of serving as both the Rikkin for Clan Irongrinder for several stone weeks and have, as of this past stone week, been named as the Lord Chancellor of the Rikkin Council. I understand this may be news to a great many of you and it is for that exact purpose that I now write this public letter. Over the course of the past several stone days I have considered the implications of the somewhat private meetings of the Rikkin’s Council. Though only a select few may get the chance to sit it on a meeting of our council, it is the right of all the people of the Underrealm to be apprised of the goings on of their government. With this in mind it is my hope to begin the stone weekly publication of these letters to you, the people, so that our decisions as a council may be known to our kin and that the true voice of the majority may be represented in our halls. Decisions of the Council Penned on this day, the 15th of Sun’s Smile, 1717, by the Lord Chancellor. The Reestablishment of the Tax System It is well know that the tax collection system, and economic plan as a whole, of our previous Grand Merchant was a needed one for the funding of the Underrealm’s functionality, but it’s poor implementation as a result of overmanagement caused its eventual collapse into confusion and eventual disbandment. It remains the need of our Underrealm, however, to maintain an income to its government so that it may continue to serve us in a manner that promotes a better quality of life and the continued provision of work to its citizenry. Voting on the proposal made by myself, the system was passed unanimously by the Rikkins and shall be fully explained and implemented upon the selection of officials to run this new division of government. Amendments to the Articles Removal of the King’s Cabinet It is the opinion of the council that the King’s Cabinet, while a potentially useful tool for the king, has only ever been an advisory council with no power outside their guilds. Though the amendment does not get rid of the guilds or the councilors, it is the view of the council that they should have no place in the Articles. The vote for this amendment was unanimously in favor of their removal. Clarification on the King’s Courtiers It has long been the view of the council that the government exists as an operational system of checks and balances. In order to maintain this system, a clarification was desired in regards to the courtiers of the Under King. More specifically, the amendment proposed is that “The duties and powers of a Courtier may not be those of the Rikkin Council nor shall they have power above or equal to the Rikkin Council.” This amendment was passed unanimously in favor of accepting the additional clarification. Renaming of the Rikkin Council While it is a minor change, the previous iteration of the Articles named the council as the “Clan Council” with the title of the sitting members being “Clan Lord”. Though this was never used in practice, it was the desire of the council to go about the legal process of officially changing the name to the “Rikkin Council” and the title to “Rikkin”. The council voted unanimously in favor of this amendment. Amendments to Section 6 This amendment sought the changing of the name of “Section 6: The Rights of Citizens, Clans, and Guilds” to “Section 6: The Rights and Duties of Citizens, Clans, and Guilds”. This amendment also included the addition of the “Duty to worship the Brathmordakin”. As the true faith of our people, it is the council’s view that it is every dwed’s duty to serve and worship our creator, Yemekar, and the Brathmordakin. Both of these points passed unanimously. Removal of Government-Attached Guilds It is the view of the council that the government should, at no point, extend their power to the control of those who keep our history so that it remains impartial and true. Furthermore, it is the view of the council that the government should not extend their power to the control of the faith and the Kirkja Dverga in order to preserve the same degree of reservation from the chance of future corruption. To this end, it is the goal of this amendment to remove the section on government-attached guilds entirely as only these two guilds were listed in such a fashion. This amendment was passed unanimously by the council. Should it be your desire, as a citizen of the Underrealm, to see changes made to our government or speak on the changes we have already made, I implore you to seek out your clan Rikkin or myself to make your views know. Charged as we are by Yemekar,
  5. The old dwed shakes his head as Fili submits his grudge to be added to the Book of Grudges. “Where normalleh all grudges are added, th’ fact tha’ t’is is a grudge made oveh th’ roightful completion o’ anotheh grudge makes t’is an odd t’ing. As th’ current ‘oldeh o’ th’ book ah’m nae guin t’ add t’is until such a toime as th’ ‘igh Court ‘as completed i’s duteh o’ overseein th’ fulfillment o’ grudges an’ determinin legitimaceh.”
  6. History of The Dwarven Kingdoms - Aegis - - Asulon - - Isles of Elysium & Kalos - - Anthos - - The Fringe & Thales - - Athera - - Vailor - - Axios - - Atlas - - Arcas -
  7. An old dwarf thinks to himself “Yes we are” and shoots finger guns at Baldin.
  8. An old dwed comments to those around him in the library who are also examining the tome. “As an accomplished ‘istorian an’ someun w’o’s per’aps done more research on th’ ancient dwed t’an aneh otheh... What th’ fawk... Su much o’ t’is is jus’ wrong...”
  9. The steady pounding of boots echoed rhythmically through the halls of the Under-Realm of Urguan. From every hold and fortress beneath the ground, hundreds of dwarves began to congregate in the capital city. In the old legion hall, long lines of dwarven warriors in shining armor stood in clean formations as the commanders Utak Ireheart and Atandt Irongrinder spoke loudly to the assembled kin, moving them into formation. Zahrer Irongrinder, Commander of the Campaign, spoke loudly from the pedestal before them “We gather again today as our ancient ancestors once did beneath the orange and gray” he says as he points up to the banners of Urguan draped around the room. “In the name of the Brathmordakin, we march to defeat the heretics and race traitors in the north.” Shouts of agreement and praise for the Brathmordakin sound from the throng. “Narvak oz Urguan! Narvak oz da Brathmordakin! ARUUUU!” The old war cry was taken up immediately by the dwarves, filling the mountain with praise for the gods and warcries as the High Preceptor, Fili Grandaxe gave the blessing. With that, the mountain filled with the sound of bagpipes and drums as the throng departed from the mountain, heading north. After days of marching, the Mighty Throng of The Dwedmar came within sight of the mountain, half destroyed already from the poor construction of the false-dwed who had tried to live there. At the motion of their commanders, the throng ascended the southern slopes of the mountain, easily penetrating the poor defences of the city. Within minutes, the armored throng held the entire capital square without spotting a single defender. After several moments, a rain of arrows fell from above… Balrog “Race-Traitor” Ironkiln II and his mercenaries were hiding in a massive chandelier!! The call went up for battle and the throng scattered into their respective battlebuddy pairings, occupying portions of the city as intense arrow fire started. The Siege of Kal’Khorvad had begun. As the siege of attrition raged beneath the peaks of Kal’Khorvad, the Urguani forces holding at the bottom of a stairway, a lone dwarf housecarl held the bridge point to the rat nest that was the Kal’Khorvad forces. A uruk, most likely bored of the cowardly actions of his allies, began his descent down the narrow cat-walk. His eyes set upon the dwarf housecarl. Gandrik the name of this dwarf readied his axe, prepared to meet the charging uruk. As the uruk lept from the cat-walk, a fierce melee duel ensued as the two belligerents fought! It was then that Gandrik used the pommel of his long axe into the uruk's chest causing him to lose his footing, it was then he hooked his axe around, shouting "I will tear you to pieces!", before sending the uruk flying off the walkway, plummeting down to the Urguan forces who resonated a cheer of victory! A detachment of the defenders departed from their chandelier, rushing to avenge their fallen comrade. A volley of arrows from the right side sent them off the edge, clutching the shafts that had buried themselves in their chests. After this the arrow fire began to fall away, the twang of bows falling silent as the fighting slowled to a crawl. Unbothered, save for a stray arrow here or there, the main portion of the throng gathered in the city square as the musicians of the throng readied themselves before them. As the siege slowed to a battle of attrition, the gathered attackers began team building activities to pass the time. Thus the throng broke into the world renowned Cha Cha Slide. Alas! For this was the activity that would cause the mighty Jorvin Starbreaker to twist his ankle, taking him out of the fight. Even as the medics carried him away, the hundreds of assembled dwarves shifted from side to side, jumped up and down, and stomped their feet in mighty celebration of the coming victory. Such activities would continue for some time before the stark raving mad defenders climbed into canoes and simply pushed themselves off the edge of the chandelier. And so the siege came to an end and with it the Cha Cha Slide Crusade… Narvak oz da Brathmordakin! Narvak oz Urguan! ((Credit to Gandalf and Sneakybandit for their wonderful art.))
  10. An old dwarf would swear he’s seen this episode before.
  11. First they lobotomized my sheep. Now my cows don’t know how to walk and my fields forgot how to grow. Biggest sad.

    1. gandalfo


      big sad indeed

    2. SpodoKaiba


      that is a sad gamer moment if i’ve ever heard one

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      Gave me a laugh, reading that out loud.

  12. “Noice.” Says an old dwarf.
  13. Why my sheep still lobotomized? 

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