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  1. ”Narvak oz Urguan!” Shouts an old dwed, mustering with the oldest of the longbeards as they leave Varoth’Akvel for the capital.
  2. IGN: Josh3738 RP Name: Zahrer Irongrinder Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  3. Thank you Safety Admin Noobman! Very cool!
  4. ”Kavir oz da urukmar! Narvak oz Urguan!” Shouts an old runesmith.
  5. ”Beards in belts, lads. Ah need uruk souls fer meh forgin!” Shouts the old dwed into the busy halls of Varoth’Akvel.
  6. The old dwed takes a sip of his tea and nods.
  7. Ogradhad Lord of Ruhn Origin/Background The Valley of Ruhn The Realm of Creation Following Present Day Purpose (OOC) Citation Spoiler
  8. Runesmithing Runesmithing Basics Tools, Connection/Disconnection, and The Order of Ogradhad Using a Rune Activation and Emoting of Runes The Runes Tiers, Elemental Runes, and Divine Runes Runic Forgework Tools, Materials, and Methods of Forging with Runesmithing Thiik oz da Kadeek Runes of the Flesh Citations
  9. An aged dwed reads of the newly founded order and scowls. “T’ say un speaks fer th’ Brat’mordakin outsoide th’ ‘igh Preceptor is ‘ereceh o’ th’ ‘ighest ordeh. T’is should nae beh allowed t’ proceed.” He takes out a pen and paper to begin drafting a letter to the High Preceptor, asking for advice on the matter.
  10. Bhudand jumps up, spitting out his morning bourbon in shock and surprise. ”Tha’ bastard! Ah knew ‘e ‘ad sometin wrong wit’ ‘im!”
  11. Josh3738

    DNN #16

    “If th’ glove don’ fit ye must acquit.” Says an aged dwarf in a time traveling Winnebago.
  12. A DPC rumbles through a desert somewhere playing the cha cha slide. It almost sounds like it’s getting closer...
  13. Josh3738

    DNN #14

    Bhudand nods firmly as his secretary reads the news to him. “Very guud. Glad weh’ve got some propeh news back in t’is town.” An old dwarf continues to party his way through the beaches of [REDACTED] and is in fact heavily armed and dangerous.
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