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    Not seeing much winter this year...

    1. Harold


      think again *****

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    January Community Newsletter

  4. Josh3738

    Winter is Coming

    The old dwed continues working on the gate, not too worried about the 8 road bandits and their naked chins.
  5. Josh3738

    Well... At Least They Tried

    The old dwarf chuckles as he jokes with the other warriors on their way back to the city. He tucks Hamnil’s beard into a fold in his coat, the beginning of his collection.
  6. all i want for christmas is a grand kingdom of urguan plz

  7. Josh3738

    sneakybandit's Event Team Builder Application

    What a fuckin nerd. +1
  8. Josh3738

    Returning to Stone

    The old dwed would hear of the news of Thoak’s passing as he and his compatriots make their way slowly from the valley. A saddened look crosses his features. “T’ough weh were pitted ‘gainst un anotheh in th’ end, ah will always remembeh ye as ye were befure. Rest easeh now.”
  9. Josh3738

    Grudges Settled

    The old dwarf settled down in his chair at the table of dwed who had gathered. From within the depths of his beard he produced the fabled Book of Grudges and set it out before him. Sitting still for several moments he addresses the assembled with a few simple words. “Lads. Ulrah ‘as fallen. Our enemeh is dead. I’s oveh.” With that he would open the book to one of the last pages with anything on them and takes a knife from his belt. Cutting his palm he smears his blood across the grudge, marking it out.
  10. You actually pm’d me on discord AFTER you told everyone in Kaz’Ulrah discord to message me. You were doing nothing wrong and weren’t in charge of anything happening so I had no reason to confront you on the issue, only the ET involved.
  11. Was gonna +2 cuz he’s a genuinely good noodle, but he stole my lines so he only gets a +1.