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  1. A journey's end

    Zahrer stands over the bed where his brother lays. Various other Irongrinders stand about the room in silence as they mourn. He grinds his teeth and furrows his brow, whether from anger or grief was unclear, before turning away and leaving the room to plan the funeral in private chambers. He would not weep in front of the others.
  2. Letter to The Lords

    Across the realms of Atlas the different leaders of the various dwarf factions, save for Kaz’Ulrah, are visited by a single falcon bearing a tightly rolled scroll. Upon breaking the wax seal and unraveling the parchment, the neat and easy to read handwriting of the Arch-Runelord boldly presents itself in the middle of the page. “Kazahar Thrumm oz Bokk, It has come to the attention of those of us within Az’adar that a variety of settlements have been founded by our kin throughout this new continent. With this in mind, we believe it is a necessary and beneficial step forward for us all to convene and discuss a growing multitude of topics with one another. To this end I formally extend an invitation to you and yours within the next stone day’s time to begin our discussions. Narvak oz Yemekar, Zahrer Irongrinder" OOC: Meeting is tomorrow (Monday the 15th) at 5 EST in Kal’Az’adar
  3. [TA][Runesmithing] Crumena

  4. Zahrer nods from his desk in Kal'Az'adar.
  5. [TA][Runesmithing] Crumena

    I'll pm you for the interview.
  6. Beardmancy

    As the last of the living 'beardmancers' I both support this and lament the lose of my ability to use my beard to throw boulders in a siege.
  7. Faction Forum Section Management Form

    The Pact of Az'adar
  8. Tahmas' MT Application

    Aye +1
  9. [Cognatism] [TA] Irongroot / Yeulf Irongut

    I'll pm you on discord to set up an interview.
  10. Faction Forum Section Management Form

    Format: In-Game Name: Josh3738 Request: Addition of a subforum under Dwarven Roleplay for our conglomeration of clans. Link to relevant forum sections:
  11. The Pact of Az'adar

    -17th of the Deep Cold 1644- From across the land of Atlas, tightly rolled scrolls made their way to all Clan Fathers of all the clans. Unrolling them laid bare a brief message calling them and their clans to a meeting of their scattered folk from across the realm. Within hours, the tired masses of dwed and various allies soon made their way to the summit of the plateau. Around a meager wooden table, the fathers sat and began their long talks about what they would do. In the end they settled on unity… . The Pact of Az’adar . As the sun sets on the ancient series of Urguani empires, so do his sons scatter across the realm to do their own bidding and business rather than uniting under the one who would conquer them. Yet it was always known that the children of the Lord of Stone could not remain apart from their kin for long and such a fact quickly became apparent. To this end, the Clan Fathers of this new coalition came together with the intention of uniting once more as members of the Pact of Az’adar. The signatories of this Pact hereby agree to unite as one coalition to better serve their clans, one another, and their great father, Urguan. The signatories will pledge, by signing this Pact, their loyalty and devotion to their kin and the eventual prosperity of this union. The leadership of this Pact shall be made up of a single council of Lords who will be the governing body in all matters governmental, political, industrial, etc. This council shall elect a High Lord to oversee specific duties as detailed by further documentation (ie. laws, regulations, etc.). A set of articles shall be written and instated alongside a code of laws by which this Pact will be governed. The signatories will come together to live in a new capital city known as Kal’Az’adar. . . The Signatories: Yavok Ireheart, Clan Father of Clan Ireheart, representing Clan Ireheart Darek Hammerfist, Clan Father of Clan Hammerfist, Captain of the U.S.S Urguan’s Friday, representing Clan Hammerfist Verrik Grandaxe, Clan Father of Clan Grandaxe, representing Clan Grandaxe Egil Brinejaw, Clan Father of Clan Brinejaw, representing Clan Brinejaw Lodbairn Emberhorn, Clan Father of Clan Emberhorn, representing Clan Emberhorn Zahrer Irongrinder, Arch-Runelord of Arcadia, representing Clan Irongrinder Witnessed: Belestram Sylvaeri, Prince of The Dominion, Sword of Aeriel, Wright of The Forge of Light, representing The Dominion Tharggus ‘Eagle Eye’ Irongut, Clan Father of Clan Irongut, High Prophet of Da Kirkja Dverga, representing Clan Irongut Atandt Irongrinder, Commisar of The Red Az’adar Worker’s Party, representing Red Az’adar Yeulf Irongut, Councilor and Runelord of Arcadia
  12. [Ascended][Ma]Lolitadoll's Application

    Denied. - Disconnection.