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  1. The Undoing of Redclyf 21st of Snow’s Maiden, 130 SA “With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.” Today, we celebrate an extraordinary victory achieved by the united forces of the Loyal, Good, Brave, Triumphant, and Qualified peoples of Failor. Setting aside our differences in religion, race, and creed, we have come together under a just cause to confront the menace that threatened our peaceful land—the notorious Redclyf bandits. Through unwavering determination and unparalleled bravery, our coalition warriors launched five triumphant raids on their formidable fortress, dealing a decisive blow to their criminal activities. In the early hours of the morning, the collective might of our courageous warriors descended upon the heart of the Redclyf stronghold. After a brief chase, the indomitable spirit of our united forces prevailed, leading to the capture of a ruthless Redclyf brigand, chancellor Adaranth. Bound by the chains of justice, Adaranth faced the consequences of his malevolent actions against our people. With justice served, our coalition warriors devised a powerful symbol to forever remember the crimes committed by the Redclyf bandits. Adaranth was compelled to sign a letter of confession onto a large wooden cross, symbolizing the weight of his transgressions. This symbolic cross, laden with truth and justice, shall be carried from settlement to settlement throughout Failor, serving as a testament to our triumph over evil and a warning to those who dare threaten our way of life. The significance of this victory extends far beyond the capture of a single criminal mastermind. It is a testament to the power of unity, the strength of diversity, and the unbreakable bond that unites us as the peoples of Failor. In the face of adversity, we have proven that when we stand together, we are unstoppable. We extend our deepest gratitude to the brave warriors who fearlessly fought on the front lines, risking their lives to ensure our collective safety. Their unwavering commitment to justice and their unwavering dedication to our shared cause are unparalleled. Their heroism shall forever be etched in the annals of Failor's history. Today, we stand tall as a united community, forever changed by our joint struggle and shared triumph. As we continue to rebuild and strengthen our land, let us remember the power of unity and the unstoppable force we become when we set aside our differences in pursuit of a just cause. Together, we shall prevail! To any Redclyf bandits who remain within these lands, you have been granted an opportunity for mercy and justice. We extend this gracious offer to these individuals, urging them to surrender themselves and face the consequences of their crimes. This is a chance for repentance and redemption, as we seek only to instill fairness and order within the realm. Those who choose to surrender will be granted a merciful hearing where their crimes shall be weighed and a just punishment determined. However, let it be known that those who refuse this benevolent offer shall continue to face dire consequences. The forces of Failor, unwavering in their duty, shall take necessary measures to ensure that the bandits are held accountable for their actions. They shall be pursued relentlessly and, if apprehended, they will be dealt with accordingly.
  2. "AURË ENTULUVA!" The Knight of Minas Amath gives a shout, already donning his war gear over his Hawaiian shirt and tightening his flip-flops.
  3. Ser Alwyn returns with some of the guards from their scouting of the bandit fort and announces loudly to the other Adunians of Minas Amath. "The halflings that stopped by spoke th' truth! Anyone want t' run off some bandits?!"
  4. "Aure entuluva!" The elder knight shouts, setting the city alight.
  5. Ser Alwyn tosses a copy of the missive into the flames of the witch-burning pyre, a deep frown crossing his face. "That lad ought t' be down a hand."
  6. Ser Alwyn appreciates the opportunity to try his hand at masonry.
  7. House Glennmaer [Music] “Ex glande quercus” From the acorn the oak History Neither large nor prosperous, House Glennmaer was founded by its original Patriarch, Alwyn Glennmaer, during the First Age while the descendents occupied the lands of Axios. Alongside Houses Flynt, Thorne, and, most notably, House Briar, Alwyn was sworn to the Kingdom of Santegia and occupied Castle Brynmor alongside the aforementioned houses. Claiming no great deeds or feats of prestige as others did, the family was one of quiet, loyal service until the ultimate dissolution of the union of the four houses. Alwyn, passing prior to the breakage of the pact, would be survived by his sons who took to the road as mercenaries and swords for hire. It would not be until the Second Age and another four generations of the family that Alwyn’s Great-Great-Grandson, named Alwyn II after his forebear, that House Glennmaer would again join the majority of descendents in the lands of Almaris. Some years prior, Alwyn II would spend his time traveling the lands as his father before him had done, offering his services as a mercenary to those he deemed had honorable intent. During this time he would find a wife and sire two sons of his own who went on to travel the lands as he had after his wife passed from pneumonia. Grief stricken for a time, Alwyn II took to the road once more until a woodland herbalist introduced him to the ways of herbal remedies whereupon he steeled himself and vowed to again seek out honorable duties to occupy his waning years. Hitching a ride north with a passing knight, Alwyn II would be introduced to Ser Rolvald as he was preparing to ride off a cliff in grief over the loss of his wife. Talking him out of such actions through reasoning and an offering of herbal remedies, Ser Rolvald was so appreciative that he made a hedge knight of Alwyn on the spot, styling him the Green Knight in reference to the herbal remedies which had saved his life. Together, they traveled further north to the Barony of Acre on the word of another passing knight that Ser Uther Pendraic had issued a call for arms and bannermen to help deal with the horrors in the woods. It was there that they entered into his service and that of the Harvest Confederacy, the successor state to the Kingdom of Oren. With the eventual fall of Acre at the poor leadership of the ruling family, Alwyn would follow Ser Uther to Minitz where they would seek shelter for some time. Eventually, the band would prepare for an incursion into the Barrowlands of Almaris where they would found the independent settlement of Barrowton. Joined by many more members of his family, Alwyn and the rest of the Glennmaers would swear fealty to Lord Uther and the March of the Barrowlands. Traditions Heraldry The original heraldry of House Glennmaer depicts a stone tower surrounded by trees on a field of gray and dark green. Though the house wasn’t founded with such a coat of arms, it took one on sometime prior to the split of the families and chose to honor their first home with a depiction which would be maintained forever on their coat of arms. In the Second Era, the house would see a shift culturally and racially through marriage and children. Alwyn II, son of the adunianborn Nylah McMahon, would be the first Adunian-blooded Glennmaer and the house officially took on an adjusted coat of arms in reflection of their newfound home alongside their fellow Adunians in the March of the Barrowlands. In their new sigil, a rooted stone tower dominates the center of a grass field backdropped by a bronzed sky, maintaining a reference to their first home of Castle Brynmor. The tower remains aflame, broadcasting the Glennmaer’s dedication to the Owynist faith and their oathbound battle with the unholy, the undead, and the heretic. Top corners bear the sigils of mighty battle axes, in reference to the house’s ancestral weapon, Trugaredd, and in honor of their Highlander heritage. Martial Tradition While most of the original families of Castle Brynmor wielded a variety of swords or bludgeoning implements, House Glennmaer preferred the clean cleave of the axe. Often seen with large, double-sided battleaxes, it is not uncommon to see them with several similar weapons of a smaller, easier to use size in addition to their typical weapons. Trugaredd - Mercy of House Glennmaer It is an ongoing tradition that the standing Patriarch of House Glennmaer wields Trugaredd, or Mercy, the ancestral battleaxe of the family. Initially commissioned by Gaern Briar from the Arch-Runelord, Zahrer Irongrinder, the weapon has been passed down through the generations. The handle of the 5 ft long double-bladed battleaxe is wrapped tightly in leather at various strategic handholds, and carvings of tree branches wrap about the length of it. One side of the head is made of a carbon steel alloy and the other of slayer steel. Where the metal is joined at the haft, the forestry carvings transition to intricate engravings of inset aurum and dwarven runes. On translation, one side says Zarhere, the dwarven word for Mercy, and the other a dwarven translation of Glennmaer. Description Features The men of House Glennmaer are often tall, broad shouldered individuals standing upwards of six and half feet tall. Their profession as warriors and knights ensures their visage is further bolstered by a bulky, musculure form. The younger members of the family tend to bear thick, brown hair with eyes to match. Temperament While temperament of course varies from person to person, those of Glennmaer blood are more often than not known to be patient and enduring. Where one might jump to bloodshed given insult or slight, it is often better in a Glennmaer’s eyes to remain constant, preferring to weather an unbeatable storm than to struggle against it. That’s not to say, however, that they would simply sit and wait for some inevitable end as, to be enduring, one must ensure that the family lives on and its honor is preserved. Lineage [Family Tree]
  8. Taxation of the March Office of the Castellan Castellan of Barrowton The Castellan is responsible for organizing the collection and appropriation of monetary taxes from the general populace as well as the distribution of property and keys. Steward of Barrowton The Stewards are responsible for the sale of stalls, homes, and other properties to individuals seeking to purchase them in the absence of the Castellan. Currency of the March While most merchant trade continues to be done in the universal Mina, all official business in Barrowton is down through Shillings. Through closely monitored stocks and conversion rates, the Barrowton Shilling may be exchanged for Mina and vice versa at the Barrowton Tax Office. Current Conversion Rate 5 Mina - 1 Shilling 10 Mina - 2 Shillings 20 Mina - 4 Shillings Taxes of the March Taxes shall be collected in Shillings deposited into the appropriate boxes in the Barrowton Tax Office. This shall occur every week ((Wednesdays by 5pm EST)). Failure to Pay Failure to pay taxes will earn citizens a strike. Strikes will be tallied in both the tax ledger and on the tax box for the property. Three strikes will result in the owner being evicted. Strikes will be removed upon payment. Citizens MAY pay multiple weeks at once if they are making up strikes. Expansions Homes, stalls, and other properties may be expanded with the approval of the Castellan but shall require additional principal payments for the expansion itself and potentially raise the necessary weekly taxes. Planned Absences A notice may be given to the Castellan or one of the Stewards for the purpose of extended travel. This does not allow for the “missing” of taxes for the duration of absence. It is instead a postponement of the necessary amount meaning that the amount due upon the week of return shall be the cumulative total of the standard amount to account for the weeks of absence. Property of the March Inn Rooms 2 Shilling principal payment 2 Shilling weekly tax Townhouses 4 Shilling principal payment 5 Shilling weekly tax Farmhouses 4 Shilling principal payment 4 Shilling weekly tax Shop Stalls 3 Shilling principal payment 3 Shilling weekly tax Shop Carts 2 Shilling principal payment 1 Shilling weekly tax Application of Wealth - What are the taxes used for? With the approval of his Lordship, Ser Uther Pendraic, the Office of the Castellan provides the following basic list for public awareness, the contents of which shall list the general usages of the March’s tax income. Defense As the primary defensive force for the March, the bannerman of the March require sums of money both for the acquisition of new equipment as well as for payment to active service bannerman. Though our people seek to avoid war at all costs, the very nature of its coming is unpredictable, and there exists a need for a permanent treasury to service the call for emergency war funds should such a call ever arise. Privatized Guild Payments/Government Subsidization While the His Lordship is confident in the hastily growing privatized market of the March, it is beneficial for there to exist a governmental ability to offer payment for services rendered by private guilds or individuals for the March. Land Acquisition Fund The acquisition and maintenance of land both aboveground and below it is a costly venture, draining the coffers of the individuals and government attempting to hold it. To this end, a large sum of the taxation income may be appropriated to facilitate easy expansion for the March. The Vaults Any funds not used by the aforementioned necessities shall be collected within the vaults of the March. This account exists for the purpose of being able to draw from it in the instance that a necessity requires additional funding greater than that of the week’s taxation income or in the event that the fluctuations of the economy require the drawing of these savings to facilitate the ongoing operation of the government. Signed, Uther of House Pendraic, Chieftain of the Harren'hil, Lord of the Barrow Marches, Templar of Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm
  9. Ser Alwyn sits atop the crypt beside the camp, overlooking the preparations at hand. The dull scrape of stone on metal sounds from his perch as he sharpens his battleaxe, preparing for the trials ahead. "GOD willin', we'll purge these lands of th' beasts an' darkness within."
  10. Ser Uther hoists his axe into the air, shouting alongside the other fighters from Acre. "DEUS VULT!"
  11. An old man approves of his kin's message regarding canoe making while sipping mai tai's on a beach somewhere.
  12. Thanks for keeping us safe, Safety Admin Noobman!
  13. Thank you Safety Admin Noobman! Very cool!
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