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  1. Josh3738

    Returning to Stone

    The old dwed would hear of the news of Thoak’s passing as he and his compatriots make their way slowly from the valley. A saddened look crosses his features. “T’ough weh were pitted ‘gainst un anotheh in th’ end, ah will always remembeh ye as ye were befure. Rest easeh now.”
  2. Josh3738

    Grudges Settled

    The old dwarf settled down in his chair at the table of dwed who had gathered. From within the depths of his beard he produced the fabled Book of Grudges and set it out before him. Sitting still for several moments he addresses the assembled with a few simple words. “Lads. Ulrah ‘as fallen. Our enemeh is dead. I’s oveh.” With that he would open the book to one of the last pages with anything on them and takes a knife from his belt. Cutting his palm he smears his blood across the grudge, marking it out.
  3. You actually pm’d me on discord AFTER you told everyone in Kaz’Ulrah discord to message me. You were doing nothing wrong and weren’t in charge of anything happening so I had no reason to confront you on the issue, only the ET involved.
  4. Josh3738

    The First King of Agnarum's Speech.

    The old dwed hears the news from one of the Az’Arkammar. ”Guud luck lad. Ah pray t’is is th’ firs’ step in reunification.” He glances up from the note to the soldier once more with a knowing smile as he gives the order to make travel plans.
  5. Was gonna +2 cuz he’s a genuinely good noodle, but he stole my lines so he only gets a +1.
  6. Josh3738

    Dwinic Language Revival

    You linked it, it's "Dwarven Language". And everyone I knew who hated it was because it was an attempt to force a language that never existed into historical lore so they could be unique on top of trying to come up with an entirely new religion based around it that was essentially heretical to the standing religion irp.
  7. Josh3738

    Dwinic Language Revival

    Dwinic was Ziko's stuff he tried to implement that everyone hated cuz he was trying to change darkjames' old stuff. Was used for all of about 2 months at the beginning of this map.
  8. Josh3738

    []== Clan Irongrinder ==[]

    The old dwed smiles broadly as his son enters the city. "I's been a long toime lad. Welcome back."
  9. Josh3738

    []== Clan Irongrinder ==[]

    -=[] Clan Irongrinder []=- -=(History)=- Clan Irongrinder was originally a common clan back in Asulon, though they were not around. Due to some debates and quarrels they broke apart and went their separate ways. Now the few remaining descendants reunite upon the ship to Anthos. Comparing their past information and annals of the clan they have come up with this ruff summarization of the clan. Upon their arrival to this new land, the three Irongrinders, Zahrer, Tog, and Kairn, built up the clan wealth to the point of owning one of the largest clan halls in Kal'Azgoth. At this point Kairn went missing but was replaced by another of their kin, Dizzy Iringrinder. Two clans, the Irongrinders and the Thunderfists, unite by the marriage of Zahrer Irongrinder and Riddeth THunderfist. Through this union the clan takes up the new name of Thunderblades and with the other dwarves move to Kal'Ithrun. Following the death of Grand King Thorin Grandaxe, Dizzy is elected king and Zahrer made a Lord of Urguan. Shortly after the remaining Thunderfists are lost. Some went on pilgrimages, some lay sick in bed, and still others were lost in death. Having no kin with whom they had bonded, the Irongrinders take up their old name in remembrance of their history. The Irongrinders move into their new clan home in Kal'Ithrun. With the destruction of Anthos, the Irongrinders take up residence in their new hall in Kal'Arkon, the Dwedmer capital in the Fringe. Using a special balista built by Zahrer Irongrinder, the Golden lance(Guild) fire the Golden Lance (Weapon/Relic) that kills Setherian. To escape the drought of the Fringe, the Dwedmar of clan Irongrinder travel through the portal to the land of Thales where they are a major force in the construction of both Kal'Klad and the naval flagship, the Ancestor's Truth (Keznol Anoros). Using the Ancestor's Truth, the dwarves flee the eternal winter of Thales... The Clan members, along with the other clans of Urguan, reach the land of Athera, setting up within the new capital of Kal'Agnar. After years of peace, growing fears within the Dwed capital come to a head when a series of murders, disappearances and kidnappings hits the Dwarven government. Several officials are killed or taken including the Lord Protector, Zahrer Irongrinder. Having escaped from his captors, Zahrer returns to his kin in time to save the Grand King, Fimlin Grandaxe, from being assassinated. Zahrer then, bearing ancient relics from a forgotten age, assists in the retaking of the Dwarven capital and begins to recollect the missing Irongrinder kin in the new city of Kal'Karaad. After a close election and a quick coronation, Zahrer is crowned the Grand King of Urguan. He is the second of Clan Irongrinder to hold the title. After making many reformations to the laws of the Grand Kingdom, Zahrer is forced to resign by the newly reformed Lord's Council for refusing to banish the entirety of Clan Grandaxe. After many years in hiding with the relics of Urguan, including the Crown and Armor of Urguan, Zahrer returns to give the relics to the new Grand Kings. Following the fall of Athera to the great worm, the remnant of Clan Irongrinder returns to the kingdom in force and begins to build up their numbers in the new city of Kal'Akash in the Isles of Vailor. Following the grant of land by the Jarls of Avar and the Grand King, the Castle of Jarnstrand (Iron Beach) is constructed for the purpose of reforming the clan in a holding and eventually reforming Dungrimm's Folk. The Castle of Jarnstrand falls to the Empire of Oren and her allies in 1541 after some traitors pull traps on our own men. With the completion of the construction of the new capital of Kal'Isthul, the Clan moves into their new clan hall. With the introduction of the new Jarldom system, the Clan is awarded a jarldom on the western coast of the kingdom. Construction of the main keep begins in 1562. The Clan moves with the rest of the Dwedmar to the new realm of Axios. With this move, the clan begins to increase in number, bringing in many new beardlings. With the rise of The Citadel of Arcadia, the Irongrinders relish in the newfound studies to be had in the realms of Runesmithing, Golemancy, and the rest of the Arcane. Zahrer steps down as clan father, leaving in his place his brother Tog. Tog claims the new title of clan lord. (Dwarven legion marches, many if not all Irongrinders joined the legion at one point) When the Grand Kingdom falls, the Irongrinders seclude themselves in The Citadel until such a time as it would be safe to wander once more. Eventually they end up leaving with the rest of the refugees to Atlas. Following formation of Az'adar, the Irongrinders make their new home in the realm of Atlas. Many move on to prosper greatly in their new lands. -=(Culture)=- The dwarves of Clan Irongrinder are usually skilled in engineering and redstone usage. With their knowledge, many have become largely important in the construction of various inventions, fortresses, and cities throughout the Grand Kingdom. Their works have benefited the Dwedmer in defense and peacetime in most Dwedmer buildings since Anthos. Some of their inventions and creations were key constructions in Kal'Azgoth, Kal'Ithrun, Storms Crossing, Indagolaf, Thoringrad, Kjellingrad, Kal'Arkon, Fort Onar, and The Mouth of Dungrimm. The Irongrinders were in fact the founders of the Industrial revolution of the Grand Kingdom in the Fringe and beyond. Their accomplishments include everything from the construction of the assembly line to the invention of the flint machine. In recent years the Irongrinders have found themselves acquiring the ancient knowledge of runesmithing, being able to create runes that wield immense power. -=(Clan Sigil)=- -=(Patron Gods)=- Ogradhad & Armakak -=(Clan Holdings)=- The East Castle of Kal'Az'adar The Holmadar District of Holm -=(Description)=- The Dwedmer of Clan Irongrinder are tough and intelligent dwarves. Many progressing quickly up the ladders of their respective fields. They are skilled in mining, tinkering, and combat of course. One of their main skills, however, resides in engineering and redstone. They have brownish-red hair, unusually tall for a dwarf, and a small few have the ability to perform Runesmithing. Their lineage has sparked much debate but, as far as can be seen from the ancestry of the clan, the Irongrinders are descended from both mountain dwarves and cave dwarves. -=(Clan Members)=- Clan Lord: Tog Irongrinder ((CptShoelace)) Elders: Zahrer Irongrinder ((Josh3738)) Dizzy Irongrinder ((Dizzy771) Frerir Irongrinder ((Ioannis)) Clansmen: Thofen Irongrinder ((McBurnsy)) Sprint Irongrinder ((RammerJammer73)) Tempus Irongrinder ((Hakuza)) Verizon Irongrinder ((Luka_Shashva)) Mafraedon Irongrinder ((SeaDaedra)) Atandt Irongrinder ((GandalfDahWhite)) Dargrim Irongrinder ((Jordanxlord)) Verginigothar Irongrinder ((Fitermon)) Duren Irongrinder ((MCPancakes)) -=(Rules of the clan)=- *Note: The following is a list of rules that will earn punishment if not followed. ~Follow server rules (this goes without saying) ~No kin slaying ~No theft from fellow clan members ~No cheating at anything ~Obey the clan lord and elders -=(APPLICATION)=- ((If a relation is needed pm me)) MC Name: Character Name: Character Age: Character Profession: Short Bio: Skin you intend to use: Skype:
  10. Zahrer signs. "Weh've grudges t' fulfill."
  11. Good Evening Fellow LotCers. Allow me to just bullet point some things so I can go to sleep, I got me some classes tomorrow! Rolls have always been a thing. Overlord had to roll. I had to roll. Everyone had to roll. The rolls are predefined in the ritual proceedings listed in further lore writing posts in the LT forum and have been there for several months now I believe. This merely serves to fully describe the process of the ritual and the rolls needed as it has only been poorly described in the past. These rolls were met by all currently accepted runesmiths and in many instances rituals were repeated after students died upon failing the rolls. Nobody dug in to the altar. As your kids are more than aware, there is a back door you may only open from the inside AFTER you go through the maze. Logs will prove that I alone have been working on the maze and that whenever someone was put through the ritual I ALONE went through the maze and opened the back door for them. o7
  12. Here comes trust buster Dizzy. Back again to ban people indiscriminately for crimes against skyrim lotc and her people. +1
  13. Josh3738

    [Denied][W] McBurnsy's Game Moderator Application

    Burnsy's a good lad. He never did nothin to nobody. +1