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  1. Josh3738

    The Kjell Act V2

    An old dwarf would swear he’s seen this episode before.
  2. First they lobotomized my sheep. Now my cows don’t know how to walk and my fields forgot how to grow. Biggest sad.

    1. gandalfo
    2. SpodoKaiba


      that is a sad gamer moment if i’ve ever heard one

    3. PosidonX7


      Gave me a laugh, reading that out loud.

  3. “Yer retarded.” Says an old dwarf.
  4. Josh3738

    [Festival] Paragon Barradin's Day

    “Noice.” Says an old dwarf.
  5. Why my sheep still lobotomized? 

  6. Josh3738


    The old dwed smiles warmly and proceeds to instruct the Irongrinder beardlings as any proper teacher would so that his students don’t spout bullshit without evidence. “Ah remembeh back when weh ‘ad th’ Great Urguani Kickstarteh. It worked jus’ loike t’is in ordeh t’ gatheh mina fer th’ alreadeh wealtheh kingdom an’ turn it inte th’ economic poweh’ouse it would beh fer nearleh ‘alf a centureh befure weh moved again. T’is is a guud idea."
  7. Josh3738

    A Warning

    [!] Several posters are hung in generous amounts around the realm. They are hung anonymously by hooded dwarves. [!] Attention Dwarves of Arcas! Let it be known to all faithful followers of the Brathmordakin that there are heretics about! The traitor heretic, Balrog Ironkiln II, self-proclaimed “King” of Mynebor has been seen openly recruiting for his cult of Khorvad worshippers! Be warned friends! Khorvad, creator of Iblees and betrayer of Yemekar The Creator, is a terrible foe to those of us who are faithful to Yemekar and the Brathmordakin. His servants are equally as dangerous! Do not fall for their lies! Slay the heretics wherever you find them! Narvak oz Yemekar! Narvak oz da Brathmordakin!
  8. Josh3738

    Betrayed by my own kin

    The old dwed frowns upon hearing the words and shakes his head. “Not onleh ‘as Urguan made nae declaration far as ah’m aware, ‘e spouts nonsense an’ false facts t’ try swayin othehs t’ a violent cause ‘gainst unoited dwedkoind. ‘e’s a disgrace t’ th’ name Gold’and. Nae onleh cause ‘e’s literalleh th’ shitest merchant eveh, but because th’ Gold’and ancestehs would neveh call fer war an’ aggression as ‘e ‘as when guud business could still exist. Don’ give meh anehtin ‘bout peace er ‘onor when all ah’ve eveh ‘eard from th’ beardlin ‘as been th’ echoed ramblins o’ Frostbeard rebels an’ warcries from th’ stark ravin mad.” His comments would, of course, have been made to his clanmates rather than to some random dwarf miles away...
  9. Josh3738

    DNN #11

    The old dwed smiles broadly as he reads the paper. “Ah foinalleh. Some guud fawkin news.”
  10. Josh3738


    The old dwed smiles proudly as the next generation takes up the torch. He adds his shouts to the others. “NARVAK OZ DA DWEDMAR! NARVAK OZ URGUAN!”
  11. Josh3738

    A Map of Arcas

    Ah yes. All the REAL nations and nothing else. +1
  12. Josh3738

    Community Guidelines Violations

  13. Related image


    Not seeing much winter this year...

    1. Harold


      think again *****

  14. Josh3738

    January Community Newsletter