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  1. Bhudand jumps up, spitting out his morning bourbon in shock and surprise. ”Tha’ bastard! Ah knew ‘e ‘ad sometin wrong wit’ ‘im!”
  2. Josh3738

    DNN #16

    “If th’ glove don’ fit ye must acquit.” Says an aged dwarf in a time traveling Winnebago.
  3. A DPC rumbles through a desert somewhere playing the cha cha slide. It almost sounds like it’s getting closer...
  4. Josh3738

    DNN #14

    Bhudand nods firmly as his secretary reads the news to him. “Very guud. Glad weh’ve got some propeh news back in t’is town.” An old dwarf continues to party his way through the beaches of [REDACTED] and is in fact heavily armed and dangerous.
  5. Meanwhile on a beach in [REDACTED], Zahrer catches wind of the nonsense from the mountain dwarf clan father of a cave dwarf clan and briefly wonders when his children are going to use the postcard he sent them. He shakes his head, as it’s not his problem, before going back to his drink and listening to Jimmy Buffet.
  6. Runesmithing The First Runesmith Runesmithing Basics Using a Rune The Runes The Rune Forge
  7. OOC Grudge will be removed shortly as it’s based on events your character wouldn’t know about as, even though it may have been 30 minutes between death and the bits you referenced, it’s still the events leading up to the death and counts as metagaming if roleplayed.
  8. ”Fuckin ****’ead.” An old dwarf says as he reads of the announcement.
  9. Citizens of the Underrealm of Urguan, It has been an unfortunately long time since I have been able to write to you announcing the activities of our Rikkin Council. Several stone weeks of somewhat disorganized council meetings and stonewalls in discussion have been a thorn in the side of progress, but now I am pleased to be able to make known the discussions and conclusions of our Council once more. Decisions of the Council Penned on this day, the 6th of Sun’s Smile, 1721, by the Lord Chancellor Addition of Clan Frostbeard Following several meetings over the course of four stone weeks, the Rikkin Council finally came to the decision, with 6 in favor and 1 abstention, to accept the Frostbeard application to join the Rikkin Council. Their continued support to the Underrealm following their unbanishment and welcome back into the ranks of their kin has been noticed by the Council and we happily welcome them. Their seat became official with the conclusion of this stone week’s council meeting. Acknowledgement of Outdated Treaties Following the conclusion of the world war that has plagued the aboveground, it has come to the attention of the council that several of our treaties are outdated or simply void following the fall of the foreign nations we held them with. By order of the Under King, the Lord Chancellor will be dispatched to reevaluate and rework these treaties with the foreign powers they are with in order to bring them back up to working order. Should it be your desire, as a citizen of the Underrealm, to see changes made to our government or speak on the changes we have already made, I implore you to seek out your clan Rikkin or myself to make your views known. Charged as we are by Yemekar,
  10. The mood was tense in the capital of Kal’Varoth as the city began to fill with people. From as far above ground as the Hefrumm to as far below as Varoth’Akvel, the Dwedmar throng filtered through the gates and out of their homes as they made their way in mass to the throneroom. Standing on the dais below the Obsidian throne, Kazrin Starbreaker of the High Court and Zahrer Irongrinder the Lord Chancellor awaited the gathering. When the masses had sufficiently packed themselves into the hall, Zahrer began to speak. “Honored Kin, We gather tonight under the watchful eye of the Brathmordakin to announce the conclusion of the election period for the seat of Under-King. The race was long and difficult to call on many accounts but in conversing with Kazrin Starbreaker of the High Court we have come to a decision. In one of the closest canditorial races I for one have ever seen, and winning about 1800 to 1700, the winner and our Under-King Elect is… Atandt Irongrinder! May his reign be blessed by the Brathmordakin and upheld by all Dwedmar! Narval oz Urguan! Narvak oz da Brathmordakin!”
  11. The polls are closed. Tallying will now begin.
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