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  1. DNN #5

    The old dwarf smiles as he looks over the news pamphlet. " 'bout toime weh got a propeh dwed newspapeh again. "
  2. The Creation of the D.N.F

    "Noice t' beh included even though weh're nae in th' Global Assembleh." The old dwarf says.
  3. Runesmithing 2: Electric Boogaloo

    This is the "quick" update to have hard written lore on some of the vague details. As of today I'm getting together all the runesmiths into a single discord so we can figure out what's what and get a proper guide hammered out in the near future that will give definitive emote examples to work off of when doing all this because it was intentionally left vague in the past and we gotta pretty much start from scratch. At the moment the generally accepted requirements are several emotes for the different runes and 1-2 charges for the brathmordakin runes. But again, these aren't set in stone anywhere, so step 2 beyond the updates here is writing out all that stuff.
  4. Runesmithing 2: Electric Boogaloo

    This is untrue. The runestone itself is entirely reliant on your agreement to use it so you are more than welcome to drop it whenever you like. No magic is a strictly racial magic. Period. Whether an elf has it or not is irrelevant.
  5. Runesmithing 2: Electric Boogaloo

    1. Guide comes after this to explain usage and tier diminishing. 2. Your truth rune comment is somewhat vague. If you could clarify a bit I could give you a straight answer.
  6. Preface Not as much new stuff as it is some basic explanations that we didn't really have before such as information with the altar, binding ritual, power, carving orders, and some clarifications elsewhere. Background Runesmithing is one of the ancient dwarven arts long lost to the passage of time, its original purpose and means of creation remain a mystery to this day. The art was regarded as one of the ancient dwarves most sacred things, and as such was coveted by many. Though many would indeed seek to either steal or re-create the art, none would succeed where the dwarves triumphed. Runesmithing is a powerful, and very dangerous, art. Many apprentices, and a fair few masters, of the art have been lost to foolishness when it comes to handling runes. While runes appear to have an undiscovered limit to the power they can produce, attempting to tap into this immense power could result in catastrophic results. Forging a Rune Using a Rune The Runes List
  7. Impurity Amongst You

    Zahrer reads the short missive in his study. Shaking his head, he tosses it into the fire. "Dungrimm guide w'oeveh genocoides t'ese Khadrin'omar w'o seem t' jus' keep askin fer it."
  8. The Legend of Creation

    -==(Yemkaaz oz Khrum)==- The Legend of Creation In the beginning, before space or time was brought into being, the great creator, Yemekar was all there was. With infinite compassion, he created one who might occupy the great expanse with him and so Khorvad came into being. Once his companion had come into being, Yemekar turned his gaze on the great expanse and gestured with a hand to the vast emptiness and all at once there was light and time. From out of the nothingness, the celestial bodies came into being and were inhabited by all manner of nature and creatures. When he was finished he raised his hands and Khaz’a’Dentrumm came into being to serve as the dwelling of the gods and a place where they might view Yemekar’s creations. For a time there was peace and tranquility as Yemekar continued to create vast worlds and realms filled with marvelous creatures and stunning scenery. Yet it was not to last. As Khorvad looked down on the creations of Yemekar he grew jealous and before long his jealousy turned to anger. With spiteful wrath he turned his power on Yemekar’s creations, corrupting what he could, and destroying what he could not, so as to take away Yemekar’s splendor and steal away the power of creation in doing so. The mighty creator felt the betrayal deeply but would not bring himself to destroy his companion for such would only bring Khorvad the victory he so desired. With raised hands, Yemekar spoke words of sadness to his companion as six figures of immeasurable light stepped from the edges of the hall. Unable to bring himself to the task of destruction, Yemekar ordered the great beings to banish Khorvad from his halls, damning him to existence outside the splendor of Khaz’a’Dentrumm. With this action he creates Ver’Durr, a hellish realm to serve as a prison for those corrupted by Khorvad’s betrayal. Once Khorvad had been banished, he turned his gaze deep into the halls of Khaz’a’Dentrumm and spoke words of creation once more. From out of nothing, a vast throne hall rose and seven mighty thrones graced its head. With a glance to the third throne, the one to the immediate right of his, he spoke and one of the figures of light ascended. “Let you be Dungrimm, Lord of Justice and Guardian of The Dead.” And so the figure of light took shape and became Brathmordakin. He looked to the fifth throne, the one to the immediate left of his, and spoke again. At his words another figure ascended. “Let you be Anbella, Heart Mother and Lady of Peace.” And so the figure of light took shape and became Brathmordakin. His gaze turned back to the second throne, the one to the right of Dungrimm’s, and spoke as the third figure ascended. “Let you be Belka, Lady of Passion and Love.” And so the figure of light took shape and became Brathmordakin. He looked to the sixth chair, the one to the left of Anbella’s, and spoke again. The figure ascended. “Let you be Ogradhad, Lore Master and Guardian of All Knowledge.” And so the figure of light took shape and became Brathmordakin. Looking to the first chair, the one to the right of Belka’s, he pronounced yet another title as the figure ascended. “Let you be Armakak, Lord of Wealth and Merchant Father.” And so the figure of light took shape and became Brathmordakin. Finally he turned to the seventh chair, the one to the left of Ogradhad’s, and declared the last of the titles as the final figure ascended. “And let you be Grimdugan, Lord of Avarice and Master of Greed.” And so the figure of light took shape and became Brathmordakin. He spoke again and the hall was filled with a mighty host of Aenguls and Daemons, tasking each with duties in balancing various other realms of his creation to stabilize the expanse once more. Yet these beings were not as great in strength or fortitude as the Brathmordakin, a fact which Khorvad in his banishment would quickly attempt to exploit. The daemon, Iblees, was torn from the splendor of Yemekar and corrupted to his core. At the command of Khorvad, Iblees and other entities of Khorvad’s corruption were unleashed on the realms below. The Brathmordakin looked down on the realms and wept for the great creations of their father burned and fell under the onslaught of Khorvad’s betrayal. They pleaded for Yemekar to intervene in the defense of his other creations and the mighty creator answered their cries. First, he made the Elves to defend the realm below. Yet he looked on them and frowned as they lived long but were too frail for the mighty tasked they were designed for. Second, he made the Orcs to fight beside the Elves. He looked on them and saw that they lived longer and were strong creatures, but they were filled with bloodlust and could not think for themselves in the heat of battle. Third, he made the Humans to fight beside the Elves and Orcs. Yet he looked on them and saw that again it was not enough for, even though they were not as fragile, they were short lived beings. Finally, he fashioned the Dwarves in his own image and saw that they were good. Long of life and mighty of fortitude, he tasked them in leading the defense of the realm against the corruption of Khorvad’s betrayal. As the period of creation came to an end, the mighty creator ascended to his throne so that he might look down on the realms and view what he had created. The descendants, as they would come to be known, spread out across the lands of the realm Yemekar had placed them in and constructed mighty cities and fortresses and, for a time, they prospered. Yet, just as it was in the beginning of creation, the period of peace was not to last.
  9. [Denied]Irongroot's GM App (The Sequel)

  10. I'm glad you can take random assumptions based on nothing, my dude. Wyvrun was removed from the Brathmordakin, the DWARVEN RELIGION, by one of the High Prophets without personal intervention by any means from me and has absolutely nothing to do with you. Had you wanted to change that maybe you should have played a dwarf rather than the ruler of the snelves on different characters since Anthos. Beyond that, my character's interaction with the aengul through various eventlines has nothing to do with this lore being acceptable or not. What makes it unacceptable is the blatant changes, as you put it, simply to justify your own magic in the future as well as the various other expansions that myself, and several others, find completely unnecessary. If you want a religion around Wyvrun, fine. Make a religion. But you do not need to have canon lore just to suit your needs. If you want to try for a magic then go for it, just don't try recycling an aengul who's been MIA for that purpose.
  11. Everyone is more than welcome to give their input on any and all lore suggestions.
  12. If you want to make a magic, write lore for that magic. Don't try bending an old aengul who has run his course through entire eventlines already to try to eventually benefit your special snowflake subrace with its own deity magic. (Pun entirely intended.)
  13. My point is that wyvrun doesn't need to be "modernized" as you put it to be worshiped as buff mentions. As an example. Read through the previous remarks and it'll make more sense. My suggestion is to NOT CHANGE ANYTHING, thereby preserving what has developed since we first vassalized you. The suggested changes, in my thought, don't need to be made to do what you want done as I explained in my comparison with the Brathmordakin.