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  1. (( To take a quote from the new Netflix Witcher series “Truth doesn’t create history”. It is a believed part of the Silvervein history and they’ve yet to have anyone prove to them that it is wrong. Therefore it shall stay in their history.
  2. (If you want to see this before the horror of LotC Forum formating, please refer to following google document; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OxM_fHkNQzFNgkuKXvjvQox3cH32lVuqD2BIyN3Wn5o/edit?usp=sharing) The Silvervein Clan “Hear the Call of Dungrimms Hall” The Silvervein Clan Crest, 1754 Table of Contents I History II Traditions III Clothing IV General Appearance V General Personality Traits VI Notable Silvervein VII Relics VIII Clan Holds IX Clan Members X Recruitment I HISTORY II TRADITIONS Silvervein Trails First Silvervein Trial is to forge a mighty weapon, this is to resemble the workers part of the clan. Clan father, or clan elder will inspect the weapon, and decide if the beardling has passed. The second Trial is to write a short thesis about the Dwarven religion: The Brathmordakin. This is to resemble the scholarly part of the clan, as well as teach the beardlings about the Brathmordakin. A clan father of Clan Elder will inspect the thesis and decide if the beardling has passed. The Third trial is to duel a warrior of the clan (rules decided not by the beardling). This is to resemble the warrior part of the clan. A Clan Father or Clan Elder will watch the duel and decide if the beardling has passed. Finally, after completing all trials the beardling is to take a blood oath over the Fire Oath in front of the clan. The Silver Oath For as my veins are of silver, I shall aid those of silver, Honor my clan, my father, and my elders. I shall swear loyalty to the clan of Silver, and my kin of blood And protect that blood from harm to come. For I am a Silvervein of Silver Blood The Worship of Dungrimm Like most of the Dwarven clans, the Silverveins follow The Brathmordakin, with the Patron God being Dungrimm. The reasoning behind that is that the Silverveins believe in the greatness of war, and the glory of the afterlife. With Dungrimm being the god of both war, and guardian of the dead, he was chosen to be the Patron God. Axes and their meaning The axe is the main weapon of the Silverveins. The beardlings and simple clan members use a simple one-handed axe, and a shield, which they craft by themselves (alongside with help, if needed) And the Elders, Thanes, and Clan Father get to use a specially crafted two-handed axe, which is also crafted by themselves. The axe means a lot to the Silverveins and is important almost as their beard. If a clan member happens to lose his axe, he is dishonored as much as a shaved dwarf. The only way to regain your honor is through the Frostborn trial. After completing the trial, they need to either reclaim it or simply craft a new one. Incase a two-handed axe was lost (An Elder, Thane, or Clan Father axe) the owner of the axe must reclaim the axe within a year (Irl Week), otherwise they will be forced to step down, (incase of Thane or Father), and they can't be chosen again for another 20 years. However if they are a Clan Elder, they will not lose that title. After every major battle (aka warclaim) a Silvervein carves a notch on the handle of his axe, indicating that he had attended the battle. The more notches a Silvervein has, the more respected he becomes. Another weapon Silverveins commonly use is small throwable axes-being their major ranged weapon. They are commonly referred to simply as Throwing Axes. Awooga Awooga, dating back all the years to the original Confederation of Hammers, the Awooga battlecry is believed to be first shouted by Dwarger Silvervein during one of the Frostbeards raids on Karak-A-Azgaryum. III CLOTHING Silvervein are often seen wearing various versions of their armor, due to their heavy connection with battle and war. It is common for Silvervein to wear other types of clothing and their generally don’t have a fixed type of clothing within the clan - it is, however, expected to wear the clothing of your cast at Clan Meetings. IV GENERAL APPEARANCE The Silverveins have jet black hair, some may even have a darker shade of orange hair, but that's rather rare. They tend to have blue eyes due to their Frostbeard bloodlink. The Silvervein are mountain dwarves making them stocky and hardy because of this they are also taller than their cave dwelling counterpart. It's also not uncommon to see Silvervein with silver grey hair and grey eyes which, however, are a bit rarer. V GENERAL PERSONALITY Honor, family, and prudence, these are the three character traits that define a Silvervein. Despite being a young clan the members of the silverveins have shown time and time again their ability not to fall two times over the same rock. From their inner struggles with their brother clan the Stonemaces, the silverveins learned prudence, and the ability to purge emotions when they are not necessary, as they have seen that the eagerness of the now almost extinct Stonemaces have caused the clan much harm. When it comes to family Silvervein loving, this same loving nature extends to their neighbours and friends. Despite this loving nature the Silverveins just like almost all dwarven clans do not hesitate to protect those they hold their even if it means giving up their life. Honor means something different for each dwarven clan, to the Silverveins it means to be selfless when it comes to your people, to keep your word, and to obey the will of the Brathmordakin. VI NOTABLE SILVERVEIN Edel Silvervein Edel Silvervein has done much more to the Silvervein clan then any other Silvervein, Dwarf, or any other living being. Edel had founded, and liberated the clan from Throri “Dishonorable” Stonemace, he signed the Blue-Silver Concordat, he formed the Confederation Of Hammers, the true home of the Silvervein Clan, he revived the clan twice, and these are only few of his achievements. Thalrim Silvervein Thalrim Silvervein, beside from being chosen to be the Clan father, he had decided to stay loyal to his roots even during the darkest ages of the Silverveins he stayed loyal to his clan. Instead of joining the Frostbeards, he and few others decided to be Mugbeards, when Gimli changed the clan’s name to Emberbanes, Thalrim stayed loyal to the Silverveins. Besides staying loyal to his routs, when Edel revived the clan in the realm of Atlas, Thalrim helped him. Zokhamil Silvervein Zokhamli Silvervein has done many things to the clan, he was chosen to be the clan father, changed the trials, and had made the clan bigger then ever before and he has calmed the winds with many former enemies of the clan, such as the Frostbeards. Dwarger Silvervein Dwarger Silvervein is arguably the Silvervein to have done more to the clan then any other Silvervein but Edel. He was chosen to be clan father twice, has continued expanding the clan even after Zokhamli left, signed the Silver-Wood Alliance, brought the Silverveins back to their true home, to the Confederation. Years later Dwarger completely changed the Silverveins aswell and years after all his kin vanished, Dwarger still remained loyal to the clan. VII RELICS The Great Book of Silverveins The Great Book of Silverveins, first written by Edel Silvervein, and passed on between the clan members. The books records all of the clans traditions, bloodlines, history, members, and more. VIII CLAN HOLDS Jornheim The first home of the Silvervein clan. A city founded by the Frostbeards, and first capital of Kaz’Ulrah. Kal’Tarak The second capital of Kaz’Ulrah, founded by Verthaik II. Karak-A-Azgaryum A city founded by Edel Silvervein, And Grilthram Hammerforge. The capital of the Confederation of Hammers. Kal’Thry A city founded by Dwarger Silvervein and built my Zurghamli. Kal’Azgaryum A city founded by the Kingdom of Agnarum, and its first capital. Named after the Original Azgryum. Kal’Varoth A city founded by the Kingdom of Agnarum, its first capital on Arcas, and later, ruled by the Under-Realm of Urguan. IX CLAN MEMBERS Current Clan Father Jadron Silver (MCVDK, MCVDK#9258) Current Members Jadron Silvervein {MCVDK} Dwarger Silvervein [LionEY_} Howler Silvervein {ImWolfie} Ella Silvervein {KingRift} X RECRUITING Recruitment is a fairly simple process, if you wish to play a direct descendant of a Silvervein then it is highly suggested to contact MCVDK (MCVDK#9258) or LionEY_ (LionEY#7020) in order to be put in contact with the right people. If you simply want to be apart of the Clan with a dwarf that has found this clan interesting then please fill out the following. Recruitment Format Mc Name: RP Name: Discord:
  3. To Silvervein of Silver Blood, It seems as if our clan have died through a long period of uncertainty within our ideals and our mind. This uncertainty shall be removed and the Silver Blood shall flow through the dwarven realms once more, and it is for this reason that I, Jadron Silvervein, today call upon my kin within the vast world of Arcas. Our clan shall not see it’s fall before it’s time, and as long as our blood flow through the bodies of dwed that time has yet to come. I ask for you, Silvervein of Silver Blood, to return to your home with you kin in your hand as we restore the might and mind of the Silver Clan. For we, the Silver Blooded, shall not disappear from the face of the earth before Dungrimm call for us. HEAR THE CALL OF DUNGRIMMS HALL! And return to the realm of where you belong. ~ Clan Father Jadron Silvervein
  5. SURNAME: Ascia FIRST NAME: Lucas ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Anpalais 1 DATE OF BIRTH: 10th of Horen’s Calling, 1735 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Helena?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): MCVDK
  6. Any reconmmendations on a nation/group to join? I haven’t been here for a few months so some suggestions would be appriciated.

  7. Father Lendus calmly nodded as he quietly read over the parchment of the Order, a slight smile appearing within the corner of his lip as he placed the parchment upon the table next to him. “May GOD be with these faithful men in their quest to better his realm.”
  8. Silas Rutledge sat within his room as he tightly hugged his pillow in sorrow “No. . Not true.” Silas shook his head in disbelief as he cried for four days straight, ruined from the loss of his mother.
  9. NAME: Izyas NOBILITY (Y/N): No if not, GENTRY (Y/N): No RACE: Haeseni PAST EXPERIENCE : IC: “Ea have little to no experience iv fighting, but Ea wish to serve Jovei, Koengi ag Kongzem Edaeleo ag Kusoraev.” OOC: I’ve been in a few different militaries IC and proudly served Curon for a little.
  10. holy **** those cookies in ur cover photo look good

    1. MCVDK


      They’re freshly baked chocolate cookies, sí. Best kind of cookie there is.

  11. Father Johannes calmly nodded to himself as he read over this fine document of the Church.
  12. MAINTAINING A HOLY MIND AMONGST THE PEOPLE Written by Father Johannes, 8th of Tobias' Bounty,1720 Within modern times, it appears that the people of the realm have taken on a more egocentric and materialistic view of living their lives. The people of the realm have a higher focus upon what they gain in form of coin, armour and other commodities from their actions. It is therefore important for the Church to widely spread the teachings of GOD in order to counteract this new view upon ways of life, for it is not what a man gain from his actions which shall rule the decisions of that man, it is GOD whom shall always be the backbone of every thought resting within the minds of man. In order to maintain a holy mind amongst the people of the realm, it is important that the Holy Church of the Canon is largely present within all corners of the realm, for if the Holy Church of the Canon is not present within all corners of our realm the faith towards GOD will fade in that corner - creating heretic ideas planted within the minds of those men and thus creating heretical ways. The Holy Church of the Canon can prevent heretical ways like these by spreading their faith loyally in all corners of our realm, for it is the Holy Church of the Canon which brings people together as one, for it is the Holy Church of the Canon which is the backbone of all creations done by our realm - for GOD shall always be the thought of man and hence always have influence upon our world. This influence comes into express when looking upon the Empire of Man and all Kingdoms resting underneath such Empire, for it is the idea and worship of GOD that brings those men together as one - it is the worship upon his teachings which have brought people to understand that only under GOD can we serve our realm. However, with that idea and worship of GOD fading into a materialistic and egocentered world, the Empire and all Kingdoms resting underneath such will fade as they will no longer have a GOD which brings them together. The men of the Holy Church of the Canon must therefore always continue to widely spread the knowledge and teaching of GOD, for without the reaching done by the Holy Church of the Canon, for without the maintain of a holy mind amongst people, will the Empire crumble and the world fall into ashes while GOD watches his loyal servants fade and disappear into themselves. For GOD shall always bring the people of the realm together, without him would the world purely rest on the ignorance and idiotic mind of man. IN NOMINE PATRIS, et Horenus, et Exaltus Honorem. Amen
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