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  1. Kinda looking for a new group/playerbase to join. So if you think you got something interesting (relating culture and such). Hit me up.

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    2. sophiaa


      Wood Elves and Gladewynn. Plenty of culture already there and coming soon. I’m happy to have a conversation with you about it anytime! sophia#6666

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      I miss Merry Applefoot. May he rest in Knox’s heaven.

    4. EarthMonkey


      May Grorsmashia rest behind Dungrimm’s gate.


  2. Looking for someone who can make me a goblin skin – Paying mina (MCVDK#9258)

  3. Rest in piece our true Marvel Hero – Stan Lee, you shall be missed

  4. MCVDK


    Petition to Receive Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Lord Henry Sinbad of House de Azcona Age: 35 Liege Knight: Count Wilhelm Devereux Were you a Page?: No Were you a Squire?: No Reason for Knighting: Many years of loyal service to Curon and the Empire, participating in multiple wars on behalf of Curon. Potential Liege Lord: Count Wilhelm Devereux Potential Lands: Already the Castellan of the Riviän Lands.
  5. Still looking for good skinner – Paying mina. MCVDK#9258


  6. MCVDK

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    That could be an application option too.
  7. MCVDK

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Personally not a fan of Freebuilds, I believe that you should gain the land IC or have a certain amount of people to support you before being able to randomly build. Charter system would honestly work better in my opinion, have some applications for people to gain a piece of land if they have Gained the Land through IC, meaning being given a piece of a nations area. Have a certain amount of people supporting them in the build and roleplay This’d be the best way to get rid of all those ugly ass castles on Atlas
  8. Looking for human skinner, willing to pay fair amount of mina. MCVDK#9258

    1. Mapleveins


      Skinning humans is illegal. I’m calling the police

  9. MCVDK

    Why not? Literally AMA!

    If I removed all neutrons in an atomcore, what would happen and why?
  10. MCVDK

    [✓] [Server] Tornado_ Ban Appeal

    Player has served their time and provided an adequate appeal. Approved.
  11. Looking for prEmiuM noble human roleplay.

    In all seriousness, if anyone have any neat small characters that needa be played in a nice human (noble) family. Hit me up. MCVDK#9258

    1. Master Baiter

      Master Baiter

      You can play Billy the Bread Vendor jr. if you want.

    2. rukio


      try nordengrad

    3. Father-Ruric
  12. MCVDK

    LotC Talkshow: Thoughts on 7.0 live! Sunday Oct. 14th

    🤔 Could you give a little more information on which staff members you’re attempting to do your talk-show with and what we can expect of the talk-show part itself? Question for the stream itself; What is your personal opinion on the new map?
  13. Very much like that we get a little update in the situations, only thing truly concerning me is the chat plugin issue. I feel like a huge part of LotC is the chat and how we use it, a completely change of that and a loss of features in it won’t do that good, in my opinion. CoreProtect does have some loss of features compared to Hawkeye (from what I see) but I don’t think that’ll be an issue in the long end.