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  1. ELECTOR NAME: Vacslav Suzecz, Patriarch of the House of Suzec. ELECTOR HOUSE: Suzecht. VOTE CAST: Da.
  2. "Adria for Adrians," commented a youthful Suzecz Lord.
  3. UPON news of the Vice-chancellors announcement, an ambitious Raev wrote;
  4. TO HIS HOLINESS CAIVS PRIMVS, I, Vacslav of the House Suzecht, named ELECTOR of the DUMACRATIC ELECTORATE hereby send my vote in FAVOUR for the last Duke of Adria, Markus Sarkozic, to retain his rights as the rightful Adrian Duke. Signed, Vacslav of the House Suzecht, Patriarch.
  5. “As we intended things to be,” Lord Charles Temesch, 1st Procurator and one of the Founders of the Commonwealth, murmured sitting in his office in the Seven Skies.
  6. MCVDK

    please advise

    For that art they better
  7. MCVDK

    please advise

    5k minimum
  8. An old Temesch -- hidden somewhere in the mountains of Aevos -- sighed. "House of the Petra is not Temesch." Roderick Temesch added to the man at his side. He then went into the mountains once more; only seen every once in a while.
  9. Vaelyx walked on the sidewalk of destiny. He had planned. He had thought. He had witnessed this day for years after his father had mysteriously vanished. It was time. Indeed. Finally time. ”I have work to do.” He said. Vaelyx walked on the sidewalk of destiny.
  10. EPISTOLA AD PONTIFICEM MAXIMUM: OPEN LETTER TO HIS HOLINESS; ON WAR. ANNO DOMINI 1961 imperiale // 514 septentrionalis // 106 mons civitatem // 94 meridionalis @Sander To the esteemed Pontifex of the Canon, In profound deference, I humbly lower my head before you, as one bows in reverence before the divine. The haunting specters of unwanted bloodshed, chaos, and ruin have cast a pall over our sermons, family gatherings, and nations alike. For years, the echoes of senseless violence have reverberated, and it seems the ghosts of such tumult persist unabated. Sleepless nights persist, and the cries of spilled blood seem to ascend relentlessly to the Skies of God. When did the sanctity of peace depart from the thoughts of our Church? When did we become ensnared in the machinations of national interests? Why, in the name of all that is sacred, do we continue to deem this ongoing bloodshed as somehow justifiable? The Scroll of Gospel, in its 7th book, line 53, imparts a timeless wisdom: 'You will know him, for with peace he gathers the sons of Horen, where the sword has divided them.' Yet, tragically, the sword continues to sow division among realms that were once united. Humanity, once standing as a singular entity, now finds itself torn asunder by the atrocity of ceaseless bloodshed. Is this war truly justified? While the brutal usurpers who denied his late Majesty of Aaun the right to rule deserved punishment, and the religiously devious elements in the streets of Veletz faced retribution, the question persists: Does the path to peace lie in the eradication of those who seek reconciliation? Is this the virtuous course we are bound to follow? Allow me to remind His Holiness of the core tenets that define our existence as an institution within this realm, encapsulated in the Codex Iurius Canonici Danielus Pontifex (2nd edition): • In Book II, Title I, Chapter 4; §7, we are reminded of the duty of a cleric to foster peace and justice in accordance with the laws of the Church. • In Book VI, Title III, Chapter 4: §5, the High Pontiff is urged to seek political unity among humanity for the promotion of virtue, utilizing all diplomatic means. • In the same book and title, Chapter 5: §10 emphasizes that war should be a last resort when no peaceable option exists for the promotion of virtue, and §12 underscores the desirability of resolving conflicts with as few casualties as possible. We, as the brokers of unity and peace, stand as the embodiment of these sacred principles—not as proponents of war. Thus, I earnestly implore His Holiness: Let us bring an end to this conflict now. Let us not sanctify further bloodshed. The burdens of suffering and sorrow borne by our people are weighty enough. DEI GRATIA; HIC STO, His Excellency Abbot-Bishop Leofric Jrent OSJJ, Bishop of Gelimar & Abbot of Saints Jude and Judith.
  11. @christman The Lord Saul d’Maltose nodded in satisfaction, his fat hand raising a tankard of wine towards his brethren the Duke. “Life shall be lived on the eve where olde Joseph is hitched!”
  12. “And so it has been done, with the stroke of a singular pen; fate sealed.” The Basridi nodded twice then as the document left the hand of his own, a conflicted yet satisfied smile cast to his now betrothed. He knew his duty, and now he was duty-bound.
  13. Following are all nations currently implemented on the server:
    - The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska

    - The Kingdom of Norland

    - The Kingdom of Balian

    - The Kingdom of Numendil

    - The Kingdom of Aaun

    - The Commonwealth of the Petra

    - The League of Veletz

    - The Grand Principality of Aeltarys

    - The Principality of Stassion.

    - The Viceroyalty of Hyspia


    - The Principality of Celia'nor

    - The Crown of Amathine

    - The Silver Empire of Healun'or

    - The State of Nor-Velyth


    - The Grand Kingdom of Urguan

    - The Union of Gortrek


    - The Rexdom of the Iron Horde


    - The Halfling Realm of Dunfarthing

    - The Serene State of Lurin

    - The Unified Domian of Vortice


    AWAITING IMPLEMENTION (has enough signatures on the forums):

    - The Principality of Vlachia

    - The State of Ravenswood

    - The (2nd) Cove of Nevaehlen


    Nations implemented: 20

    Nations awaiting: 3

    Nations total: 23



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    2. seannie


      the orenian rebirth cycle has been broken by le evil haenser agenda and we can no longer maintain the nation ecosystem 

    3. greygre


      LOTC is truly a microcosm of the cyclical nature of history

    4. Nooblius


      Feel like they should mandate realms to grow from the ground up and not just manifest into existence. I think biggest change needed is to people's player habits- as I think the tendency to RP being a noble in several families across several nations (or maybe worse, multiple nobles within the same nation) leads to this sense of spreading out really far. As far as I can tell, the human and multi-race realms are the most severe offenders.


      Not to mention that some of these places have multiple RP hubs within them. Amount of large-scale RP hubs is even bigger.

  14. nice profile pic ture

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      thanks i spent a lot of time on it


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