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  1. EPISTOLA SUMMUM PONTIFICEM: ON THE JURISDICTION AND SOVEREIGNTY OF LAW CURATUS IN COGITATIONE by FATHER LEOFRIC JRENT ANNO DOMINI 1952 imperiale // 505 septentrionalis // 97 mons civitatem // 85 meridionalis I bid thee a fine eve beneath the ever-lightened sight of God, your Majesty-Spiritual, and come to you for the wisdom of which I know you hold. I find an area of the Church enormously under-considered and have recently held an array of thoughts on this subject; what is our Churchly jurisdiction and sovereignty above the laws of the terrestrial nations of our continent? We are the men of God’s service; and through our service to God, we are elevated to an echelon held above the norm in societal conventions. It is for this reason we are referred to as fathers by nearly all of humanity. Surely then, our status of servicemen of the Lord, therein sees legal advantages. Does our status as a Church then see our rules elevated above the terrestrial? If you, the Vicar of God, indeed is that, the Vicar, is your word then not the word of God, or at the very least a concept thereof? Does that then allow your word and the word of your Church to supersede the books of law? Do we, or rather should we, enforce further religious expectations through our own codex? Where does our role as a moral institution based on the word of God, and thereby the laws of God, exceed the jurisdiction and sovereignty of nations? And lastly, does his Holiness feel as though our own codex of law is wide enough for our God-crafted mission? @Sander
  2. Father Leofric sat alone in the dark. Alone in thought and concept. He was hunched over documents as his back was lit by a flame in the corner. He looked through a collection of books - the Scrolls, mayhaps - and then his pen wrote. We are untouched by the Divine, so that we might find our path in unison with the plans of God. He did not know of Father Silas, nor of his thoughts, but somewhere in the back of his mind he knew: the fathers were not entirely alone in thought.
  3. I am so tired. There stood a man ‘pon the hill in the distance. Frail and weak. I am.. so.. tired. There stood a man ‘pon the hill in the distance. He reached his hand to the skies. Where did I fail?.. What did I do.. Who did I become. I am so tire- ssh, my child, you are safe here.. in the moonlight. Children rushed past the youth of Demitriyus. One of them hit his shoulder in the rush as the smaller black haired boy briefly stumbled forth. He looked ahead but the children had rushed into the distance. He was alone once more. You’re new. Or so the youth thought.. He turned around as a youthful woman, roughly the same as him, stood there with her hands folded behind her back. She blinked as she waited for the boy yet he remained lost for words. He stared at her for a while. He was smitten. Instantly. Hello? Hi.. You are.. new. She spoke slower this time as if he was a foreigner with a lack of knowledge of her words. Yes.. Who are you then? Oh. Demitriyus Aubert. Pleasure to meet you! I am Princess Vasilia. Princess? Da. Come. She walked away then. No more words. He remained in his place. Uncertainty struck his mind. She looked back towards him. She smiled. He followed. Vasi! I am headed with the rest on the expedition. We’ll fight monsters and explore. You are what?.. Fightin’ monsters and explore..? It’ll be part of my Knighthood trials.. Isn’t the expedition for four years? Yes.. So you’ll leave me here alone for four years?.. I.. Yeh.. I need this Knighthood, Vasi. It would mean.. maybe we, yeh. Just.. Please come back, da? I will always come back. Always.. FALL THE **** BACK BOY. Blood everywhere. Smoke everywhere. Death everywhere. FALL. THE ****. BACK. WE CANNOT JUST LEAVE THEM! THERE HAS TO BE A WAY. Massive trolls loomed above the youth and the older soldier. They both stared at the creatures of stone-skin. Demitriyus with his boomsteel armament in his hand. The trolls covered the earth with a thick near poisonous smoke as the two soldiers were trapped on one side and the rest on the other. I HAVE AN IDEA. MOVE AWAY. Demitriyus stared at his blade briefly before it was carved across the stone of the troll above them. In an instance the smoke which had filled the air ignited from the flame produced by his blade as the trolls worried and confused stumbled within their own creation. RUN. NOW! Everyone had assembled in the throne room. Demitriyus knelt on the floor as his eyes met the silk beneath. Above them stood King Heinrik II. He raised a sword above Demitriyus head. It fell to his shoulder then. He announced. Ser Demitriyus ‘the Preserver’ - rise. It will never happen, Demitriyus. I will make it happen! You will get yourself killed! So I shall either live unsatisfied with a woman to sire children, that I would not even want, or I can die in the hands of the King as I fight to marry the person that I want to marry. Would both not be death? Maybe, Vasi, maybe there is a chance. I would not be able to bear it, Demi. I.. I forbid you. You are more now, Demitriyus. You are no man who walks the earth in ignorance. You are enlightened by God and you shall live for the mission. He had left the world behind to become another entirely. He joined a cult of sorts. Wrecked from the sadness and cruelty of reality. He had turned his back on society. He had become more beast than man. He had become a killer. He had become a predator. What was next? When was next? He would live eternally.. or so was the intention. And yet when fate caught up with the man. He had killed thousands and perhaps now was punished for his deeds. He was uncertain but life seemed to fade. He fell into the abyss. There stood a man, perhaps now more monster, in the endless abyss. Before him stood a woman with her hand - her hair raven black and her skin pale as snow. She smiled as the man reached forth. Vasi.. I am so tire- ssh, my love, you are safe here. Ser Demitriyus ‘the Preserver’ of Haense, Child of the Wretch.
  4. Do you believe that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
  5. What do you all do when you hit absolute boredom and you feel like there is nothing to do with your mineman tips? Whats the secret?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Apotolofo


      I play raft LOL

      Or I find a good book to read. 

      Or I listen to a bunch of niche music. 

      Or I take a nap.

      Or I paint something. :D

    3. subatomic


      Play destiny 2 and devote thousands of hours into getting better gear (while also devoting thousands of more hours into LOTC)

    4. Zolla_


      do something else other than lotc, i havent actually played lotc for more than 8 hours the past 3-4 months

  6. "Night never had the last word. The dawn is always invincible." Reach for the Dawn eternal. Reject the Dusk of yore. Serve that which lies beyond. Serve the light which beckons. Seek the sun past the mountain. Or be rotten in the darkness of shade. Find me, traveler, and be enlightened. THE DAWNBRINGER of NAEDWYLM
  7. A C A N D L E L E F T A L I G H T [x] Silence moved across the hills and halls of the Petran dusk. There was a lack of thoughts, a lack of care. No one the wiser but those few informed. Life is cruel, yet death even more. And amongst the hills, in that small estate of Mies, there was the only sign; A candle left alight. [x] PAPERS OF INHERITANCE @Cubicita i. Be it so, upon mine death, all that I own, estate and the rest, shall fall simply to my son and heir, Lord Anthony Temesch, born to my wife, Lady Lorena Temesch, and myself, eternally to be kept as the sole inheritance of that which is mine by Right and by Law. ii. In the event of his own declination, inheritance shall proceed in the following order; a. To my sister, Lady Alice Temesch. b. To my brother, Lord Lionel Temesch. c. And last to the state. SIGNED BY THE HAND OF His Lordship, the Viscount of Mies, Knight-Commander of the Circle of the Star & Oratuer of the Petran Commonwealth; GODFREY MARCELLUS TEMESCH. PAPERS OF RESIGNATION @tilly i. By the untimely event of my death, I hereby declare my full resignation to the government of the Commonwealth, as the Oratuer of the Petra, so that they may continue to further the ideals of the work which I have done throughout my life, and may further the vivid dreams of a democratically ruled republic. SIGNED BY THE HAND OF His Lordship, the Viscount of Mies, Knight-Commander of the Circle of the Star & Oratuer of the Petran Commonwealth; GODFREY MARCELLUS TEMESCH.
  8. THEREIN LIES THE DARKNESS. DARKNESS OF THE HEART. Hidden beneath stone. Snuffed by the light. Revered by immorality, and eternal fright. Am I risen, or hidden in the darkness? Do I walk through the light, or am I haunted by the shadows? Beckoned by destiny, the path is carved. Is the path correct? Is the path right? The known kills the unknown. The undying kills the dying. Death and darkness. Darkness and death. Does it ever stop? Should it stop? What of the shadows. Hidden shadows. Is a shadow the darkness in the light, or the light through the darkness? What are the shadows? What do they mean? What do they hide? Where do they hide? Are you the shadow?... ARE YOU THE SHADOW, HE WHICH CONSUMES? [!] FIRE BURNED. FOR LIGHT HAD EMERGED. YET DEEP THEREIN, IN THE CAVERN OF YORE. THERE LAY THE DARKNESS.. THE SHADOWS EVERMORE [!]
  9. “She shall do fine work.” commented the Viscount of Mies with a nod, a pat on the back given to his sister as they passed each other; his endorsement made official.
  10. MCVDK

    5 year AMA

    Do memories exist even if you forget them?
  11. Do you ever think the events of LotC is just one massive fever-dream we collectively experience?
  12. What do you believe to be the most useful skill you’ve learned through LotC that you actively use in your life?
  13. — The 1st AMENDMENT to the COMMONWEALTH CONSTITUTION or the RESMORE REFORMS: the RIGHT to FREE ASSEMBLY — “By virtue, we are formed. By law, we are created. By legislation, we are elevated.” Ser Charles J. ‘the Codex” Temesch, 1st Procurator of the Commonwealth. It is the privilege of every citizen of our revered Commonwealth to influence the governance of our vast lands and laws. This right is enshrined in our Constitution and shall remain so! However, our systems have long languished until these transformative times arrived, ushering in a new era of opportunity. Henceforth, we shall enact profound reforms, and in so doing rekindle the spirit of dedicated service among our people. I. ON THE FUNCTIONS OF THE ORATORY i. The esteemed Bureau du Orateur, commonly known as the Oratory, shall be under the leadership of the Orateur, also recognized as the Grand Speaker, entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the legislative and judicial aspects of the esteemed Commonwealth. ii. Following the Orateur, a Deputy shall hold the second-in-command position within the Oratory. iii. Moreover, the Oratory shall be home to the esteemed Chief Penman, whose duties encompass transcribing the sessions of the Round Table, as well as assisting in the creation of state documents and letters patent. iv. Subsequently, the Oratory shall house the Chief Barrister, who shall preside over the courts of the Petra and provide support in the efficient functioning of the judicial systems. II. ON THE MEMBERS OF THE ROUND TABLE i. The Round Table shall be presided over by the Orateur, also known as the Grand Speaker, and diligently supervised by the Bureau du Orateur in its entirety. ii. Henceforth, the esteemed Members of the Round Table shall be divided into two distinguished segments. iii. One segment shall consist of the esteemed Knights of the Commonwealth, selected from the distinguished Sovereign Order of the Petrine Laurel, perpetually granted a position upon the Round Table. a. The Knights of the Round Table, commonly known as Knights-in-Session, shall be addressed with the esteemed title of His or Her Knightly Honour Sir or Dame, followed by their respective name. iv. An additional segment shall comprise the Electors of the Commonwealth, individuals of great eminence who shall be elected through the nationwide electoral process, as meticulously delineated in section IV, titled "ON THE PROCESS OF ELECTION." a. The Electors of the Round Table shall be addressed with the esteemed title of His or Her Honour Elector, followed by their respective name. III. ON THE ELIGIBILITY OF KNIGHTS i. The eligibility of Knights shall be ascertained by the Chivaliyont, also known as the Grand Knight. ii. Knights deemed eligible for the Round Table shall be recognized and addressed as Knights-in-Session. iii. Knights deemed ineligible for the Round Table shall be recognized and addressed as Knights-in-Honour. iv. The eligibility of Knights are determined based on the following criteria. a. The Knight has actively served within the esteemed Commonwealth of Petra within the past eight years. b. The Knight is recognized as being in good standing with the laws of the Commonwealth. c. The Knight is deemed mentally capable of executing actions with a sound mind. IV. ON THE PROCESS OF ELECTION i. The election of the Commonwealth, which determines the esteemed Electors of the Round Table, shall be overseen by the Oratory. a. These elections shall occur every eight years. ii. The Oratory shall release a public registration for the election, providing members of the public with a 48-hour window to register. iii. Members of the public must satisfy the following criteria: a. The member of the public must be a citizen of the Commonwealth. b. The member of the public must be at least eighteen years of age. c. The member of the public must be in good standing with the laws of the Commonwealth. d. The member of the public must be mentally capable of executing actions with a sound mind. iv. Subsequently, the Oratory shall conduct public debates among the registered members. v. Upon the conclusion of the necessary debates, the Oratory shall proceed with the election itself, enabling members of the public to vote for the registered candidates. vi. Voting members of the public must fulfill the following criteria: a. The member of the public must be a citizen of the Commonwealth. b. The member of the public must be at least eighteen years of age. c. The member of the public must be in good standing with the laws of the Commonwealth. vii. The voting process shall span a period of 48 hours. ix. After the completion of the election, the Oratory shall publicly announce the winners, thus unveiling the new Electors of the Round Table. V. ON THE PROCESS OF SESSIONS i. The scheduling of sessions of the Round Table shall be orchestrated by the Orateur or their appointed Deputy. ii. The Table of Contents for each session shall be determined no less than 24 hours prior to its commencement, allowing Members of the Round Table sufficient time to prepare themselves. iii. The Oratory shall facilitate civil and reasoned debate among the Members of the Round Table before bringing the matter to a vote. iv. The esteemed Chief Penman, or one of their proficient Penmen, shall subsequently release the transcript of the session to the public. v. Members who are unable to physically attend the session shall be granted a period of 48 hours to remotely cast their votes on the topics discussed. vi. Following the tallying of votes by the Oratory, the matter shall then be presented to the Monarch for their assent or dissent. vii. Henceforth, the Billboy shall publicly declare in the square of the Capital whether the subject has been passed or not. a. The announcement of the denial of a subject shall be made, even if it occurs within the confines of the Round Table itself. As chiefly penned by The Viscount of Mies (@MCVDK) & Kirsa von Theonus (@Zaerie) By issue and command of RENILDE THE FIRST BY THE GRACE OF GOD ARCHDUCHESS OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF THE PETRA
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