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  1. Henry de Azcona would laugh lightly to himself "You spill blood, we're still standing with a full army. Where are your guys, Father?" Henry would raise a glass as Blackreach celebrates their victory.
  2. MCVDK

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    Henry de Azcona would lightly chuckle upon hearing the news "A truly wise decision" he'd then mention with a soft nod as he'd smile lightly as he'd head back.
  3. MCVDK

    Seeking For Players for House de Hartcold

    Yes please, Henry does not work for the Rivian army nor does he wear their uniform. Change it to that or his casual clothes.
  4. MCVDK

    Seeking For Players for House de Hartcold

    This is the uniform of Henry, please correct the incorrect skin. Thank you.
  5. MCVDK

    The Betrayal

    "I believe you did not get point of this message, you are no father of mine either.. And so you shall hang from a cross with your body filled with the traitorous blood of yours." Henry would calmly say to the messenger and then sending him back.
  6. The Betrayal 11th of Sun's Smile, 1678 Upon the year of 1678, a wedding happened within the walls of Santegia, the wedding connecting Henry de Hartcold and Helena de Savin. The wedding went smoothly as the happy couple would smile to each other, overwhelmed with joy as they finally got to connect their souls under the name of GOD and upon the leave of the Father whom wedded them, Henry would turn towards William Jameson as he'd lightly nod towards the noble man of Blackreach. It didn't take long before the group had gathered at the tavern, Henry slowly stepping forward towards the tall man of black armor as he'd lightly say "For years and years, my father have been gone for absolutely no reason and he have not once apologies for his actions and betrayal towards me. I was raised by Theresa, a woman of combat, with one single goal given to me by my father.. To become what he was, a man of war and wrath." upon this Henry would lightly sigh as he'd continue shortly afterwards "He gave me a direction to walk, a direction to follow and a direction to stay upon through my entire life. Thomas de Hartcold decided my love life, he was the lord who said whom I should marry and luckily for me I fell in love with said person. He made me a road to walk upon, yet never helped me through the traps which was placed upon this road." The tavern would fall silently as Henry would say "Lord William Jameson, I request to join your noble cause against the de Hartcold family. I request to follow your lead within the Order of Nightfall as we shall hunt down Thomas de Hartcold, putting his head upon a pike as his body rot within the mud and blood of the betrayals he has made." William would lightly nod as he'd lightly say "Henry, step forth" as Henry would take a step forward he'd continue "I knew the time would come" William would hand him a set of steel plate armor as he'd once again would speak "Henry, you are different from your father. You carry honor and passion, while all he cares about is if he is the last man standing. You deserve better and thus you will get better. The moment you stepped into that church you changed. You are no longer a de Hartcold, you are a Caesare. Free to make your own choices, free to do as you please. I am honored to help guide you through such decisions. Welcome to the Order of Nightfall recruit" He would salute to Henry. Henry raised his hand as he saluted towards William, "An honor indeed" He lowered his hand as the two men sealed the deal with a handshake.
  7. MCVDK

    Masquerade At The Uialben Estate

    Jadron Silvervein would give a light huff upon seeing these notes, shaking hus he’sd slowly as he’d say in a rather calm voice “W’at a fuckin’ terrible idea, ter invite all o’ t’ose w’om be in war n’ conflict, gives em one ‘ell o’ a c’ance ter murder t’e **** outa eac’ ot’er” upon saying this he’d turn away from the poster and head back towards Kaz’Ulrah.
  8. These flyers would be sent by bird to the following people. House de Hartcold @TJB_Minecraft Larry Hills @panda_bear Rosemarie Stafyr @Jasmine_de_Fleur Amber @HopeSky123 Demetrio de Savin @Stack Loot William Jameson @Th3_11th House de Honneurs Riviän Citizens Date: Sunday 26th of August Time: 11PM GMT+2, 5PM EDT, 4PM CDT Place: Santegia
  9. MCVDK

    Where do you RP most often?

    Personally I spend most of my time in Kaz’Ulrah, though it’s always nice to go out in the world and visit the cities here and there. Holm is a really nice place to roleplay because so many people actually roleplay there. (Riviä be nice too)
  10. MCVDK

    [AMA] Please Do.

    1) Do you love cookies? 2) Would you eat a cookie soon? 3) Are you eating a cookie right now?
  11. MCVDK

    McBurnsy's of Holm Seeking Suppliers!

    Jadron would wonder how Fimlin found out where he was so quickly.
  12. MCVDK

    McBurnsy's of Holm Seeking Suppliers!

    “Just **** ‘ome ter ya citeh, we ain’t need ya type o’ suppyin’ s’it” Jadron Silvervein would say lightly as he’d read over the flyer carefully “‘olm be grand, but ya seem like a **** ‘ead n’ a fuckin’ Grandaxe too” Jadron would then add before turning around and heading off.
  13. -=[ Minecraft Username(s) ]=- MCVDK -=[ Age ]=- 15 -=[ Time Zone ]=- GMT+2 -=[ Discord ]=- MCVDK#9258 -=[ Have you been previously banned (be it a forum or server ban) and under what circumstances did you receive this ban? ]=- No, I have not yet been banned from LotC -=[ Have you ever received warning points and what did you do to receive those points? ]=- No, I have not yet been given a warning on LotC -=[ Moderating the forums is a very time dependent staff position. How much time, on average, would you be able to dedicate to moderating? ]=- I'm often chilling out on the forums through the day, and check it here and there. Though on a general basis I would be on the forum for atleast 3 hours a day, often more. -=[ Have you ever held a staff position here on LoTC? Do you currently hold any other staff positions? If so, list them and highlight something about the team that you enjoyed/enjoy ]=- I've been a Game Moderator for a little time, though had to leave due to a vacation of mine and not being able to get on for awhile. What I really liked about the GM team was how kind and welcoming everyone was, when you asked for something you'd get an answer back fairly quickly and the GM team was in general kind and enjoyable people. -=[ Why should you be a FM? What can you bring to our team in regards to moderating and enforcing the rules on the forums? ]=- I've always liked helping out here and there, sadly I never got enough time to help out with Game Moderating, yet I believe I'd be better at moderating the forum, I've always read the rules over every once in awhile and therefore I keep most of the rules stuck within my head. I also like to believe that I give a generally happy attitude towards the members of the server and forums, and having a happy FM is never bad ? -=[ What traits do you have that make you stand out from any other applicant? ]=- A cookie loving guy who keeps happy and often enjoyable to be around, a lad who doesn't deny a challenge when he meets them. -=[ Are you familiar with ModeratorCP? ]=- Not really, I've only briefly seen it in use before. -=[ How long do you plan to stay on the team? ]=- Hopefully for a long time, though studying is going to kick in real hard at some point.