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  1. Father Lendus calmly nodded as he quietly read over the parchment of the Order, a slight smile appearing within the corner of his lip as he placed the parchment upon the table next to him. “May GOD be with these faithful men in their quest to better his realm.”
  2. MC NAME: MCVDK Name: Irirangi Race: Mali’ame Seed/Clan: Steorr (not very known within Irrinor, most do not reside there) Profession/Craft: N/A List any family or dependents who will be staying with you: N/A
  3. MCVDK

    To the Drui of Arcas

    To the Drui of Arcas, I have been seeking to reach a Drui for awhile now, yet have not been able to truly come in contact with one. My name is Irirangi, one of the many wood elves walking upon our earth and I have for awhile been seeking to serve the Aspects and the Nature surrounding us. I ask any Drui willing to teach a wood elf, with many years to walk left, to send me a bird as soon as possible. - Irirangi. (I’ve had trouble finding someone to teach my character, so I figured it’d be good to make a post about it – please send me a PM here on the forum, or a DM on discord {MCVDK#9258)
  4. Silas Rutledge sat within his room as he tightly hugged his pillow in sorrow “No. . Not true.” Silas shook his head in disbelief as he cried for four days straight, ruined from the loss of his mother.
  5. NAME: Izyas NOBILITY (Y/N): No if not, GENTRY (Y/N): No RACE: Haeseni PAST EXPERIENCE : IC: “Ea have little to no experience iv fighting, but Ea wish to serve Jovei, Koengi ag Kongzem Edaeleo ag Kusoraev.” OOC: I’ve been in a few different militaries IC and proudly served Curon for a little.
  6. holy **** those cookies in ur cover photo look good

    1. MCVDK


      They’re freshly baked chocolate cookies, sí. Best kind of cookie there is.

  7. Father Johannes calmly nodded to himself as he read over this fine document of the Church.
  8. MAINTAINING A HOLY MIND AMONGST THE PEOPLE Written by Father Johannes, 8th of Tobias' Bounty,1720 Within modern times, it appears that the people of the realm have taken on a more egocentric and materialistic view of living their lives. The people of the realm have a higher focus upon what they gain in form of coin, armour and other commodities from their actions. It is therefore important for the Church to widely spread the teachings of GOD in order to counteract this new view upon ways of life, for it is not what a man gain from his actions which shall rule the decisions of that man, it is GOD whom shall always be the backbone of every thought resting within the minds of man. In order to maintain a holy mind amongst the people of the realm, it is important that the Holy Church of the Canon is largely present within all corners of the realm, for if the Holy Church of the Canon is not present within all corners of our realm the faith towards GOD will fade in that corner - creating heretic ideas planted within the minds of those men and thus creating heretical ways. The Holy Church of the Canon can prevent heretical ways like these by spreading their faith loyally in all corners of our realm, for it is the Holy Church of the Canon which brings people together as one, for it is the Holy Church of the Canon which is the backbone of all creations done by our realm - for GOD shall always be the thought of man and hence always have influence upon our world. This influence comes into express when looking upon the Empire of Man and all Kingdoms resting underneath such Empire, for it is the idea and worship of GOD that brings those men together as one - it is the worship upon his teachings which have brought people to understand that only under GOD can we serve our realm. However, with that idea and worship of GOD fading into a materialistic and egocentered world, the Empire and all Kingdoms resting underneath such will fade as they will no longer have a GOD which brings them together. The men of the Holy Church of the Canon must therefore always continue to widely spread the knowledge and teaching of GOD, for without the reaching done by the Holy Church of the Canon, for without the maintain of a holy mind amongst people, will the Empire crumble and the world fall into ashes while GOD watches his loyal servants fade and disappear into themselves. For GOD shall always bring the people of the realm together, without him would the world purely rest on the ignorance and idiotic mind of man. IN NOMINE PATRIS, et Horenus, et Exaltus Honorem. Amen
  9. The newly ordained Father Johannes would calmly nod as he read over the post paper, smiling as he would speak “May GOD bless those faithful to the Church.” before laying the paper down once more, returning to perform the duties which the paper spoke of.
  10. If anyone makes Hou-Zi skins - shoot me a DM.

  11. Merry Applefoot welcomes Daisy to halfling heaven.
  12. “Gloreh ter t’e halflings!” The former citizen of the halfling town, Merry Applefoot, would shout from his place in halfling heaven.
  13. Kinda looking for a new group/playerbase to join. So if you think you got something interesting (relating culture and such). Hit me up.

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    2. sophiaa


      Wood Elves and Gladewynn. Plenty of culture already there and coming soon. I’m happy to have a conversation with you about it anytime! sophia#6666

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      I miss Merry Applefoot. May he rest in Knox’s heaven.

    4. EarthMonkey


      May Grorsmashia rest behind Dungrimm’s gate.


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