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  1. keep it ryothing!

    1. ScreamingDingo


      keep on ryothing!!!

    2. Hero_


      u mirin? 

  2. it is lore bloat. there are like 900000000 different magics and they can barely keep track of it as it is. people dont know what you can and cannot do with magics that have existed for years and its a constant source of grief and honestly just makes rp more boring. why add even more complexity ontop of an already steaming pile of magical ****? at what point does it stop? will you just keep bloatmaxxing magics until every user who's had it for a few months is demi-god status and every single subtype of magic is some sort of combat magic that is trying to outdo other types in terms of combat usefulness? this just seems like another example of the magical lore arms race mages seem to be doing in order to become THE lord of the craft. all im saying is that i dont think we need yet another addition to the magical conglomerate of assfuckery which envelops every single aspect of lotc as already is. stop doing magic.
  3. oh sick more magical bullshit thats really what we need
  4. i can only respect a man with a neck as wide as mine

  5. Names are added to the wall of the dead. "In memory of the Hexicanum Marked, Vicelin de Reden and Viktor of Svengard, who lost their lives in the line of duty. May they rest in peace."
  6. how the **** do i change my name

  7. shitposting music



  8. never trust a thot



    1. Postpunk


      thank you mc hyde

    2. volcel
    3. Hero_


      Welcome to the thot patrol...

  9. A name is added to the wall of the dead. "In memory of Gansem Thersist, who lost his life in the line of duty. May he rest in peace."

    1. Ford




      t5 pyromancy if im being quite honest with you my fam 

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