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    History, literature especially sci-fi - not necessarily space stuff. There's some other stuff I like, so send me a friend request on Skype if you want to talk!

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  1. Forum Maintenance

    So Ddos saturday will possibly be coming to a halt?
  2. The Violabuntur Terra

    i'd bang it
  3. Horses and their uses

    So, last time I knew horses were used for easier transportation (most of the time) but, in my experience the horse is slower than the regular person. I asked around why my horse was going at a snail's pace, I was told that horses were nerfed, that's fair enough, but I think that they literally have no use anymore. I fail to understand as to why horses were nerfed so much! Can anyone tell me why and perhaps tell me if this can be fixed in the future?
  4. [Actor] Salier

    Current Username: Salier Discord: Balthy#6909 Timezone(s) you mainly play: GMT and a sum of the earlier EST hours What group/nation do you consider to be your main? Marna, is where someone would find me the most Have you held a staff position before? Yes Do you currently hold a staff position? No Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? No Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? I was once banned for X-raying, this was back in 2016 in April. I haven’t been banned since What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? Back when I myself was an ET, I usually did Quest events for people. I do consider myself adaptable when it comes to events. If someone would request something specific, I would more or less indulge them, with my own twists here and there, of course. More simply put, I enjoy making any type of events. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them. Originality - I believe that events should be something that the actor has written himself. None of that recycled mumbo jumbo. While I think an event can be used twice, I don’t think it should be done over a period of weeks. Interaction - The most dullest thing a player knows of during an event is to just sit and do absolutely nothing during an event. I always like to incorporate everyone, no man/woman left behind! And if I do become an actor, I do hope to keep everyone busy with the event Player Freedom - I think it’s important to let the participants have a certain degree of freedom, to explain further, if a player wishes to do something I would never have anticipated I won’t curb the player, rather I want to accommodate them. I know my three factors are brief, but I’m content that I’ve made my point Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why? PapaVesemir. Seeing as he does events that I cater to Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: A commander of a battalion has expressed his interests in finding capable men and women, through a bounty found in the North. The bounty asks a party to go to a decrepit battlefield and burn the bodies of the deceased. If any looters are found, they are to be slain and hands are to be separated, so they may never steal again. Torches are required. At the bottom, the bounty mentions in large writing that the party will be paid two-hundred mina on completion, and twenty more for each pair of hands. A local lord in the North is to hold a grand feast, for this lord has just married his daughter to a rich and powerful lord, this will surely benefit him. Now however, the land has suddenly been struck by undeath. The Lord’s levy is no match against this plight. He has thus ordered bounties to be placed around Axios. The Lord asks for at least five men. The Lord suspects a necromancer to be at hand. The bounty mentions that torches will be supplied, to burn the necrotic bodies. If both the necrotic and foul necromancer are dealt with, he will pay the party six-hundred mina to be shared. If the necromancer is not killed the party will only be paid three-hundred and fifty mina. The party will be allowed to keep any loot discovered. An archaeologist has pinned bounties up all around Axios. It reads; There has been a grand discovery, an ancient dungeon has been exposed, but it reeks with many ancient creatures. I Archibald Mitty, require many capable hands. You must protect me whilst I document the many documents, that were found before these creatures were awoken. I am afraid that this dungeon might collapse if I do not document it immediately. Once free from the threat, everyone will be properly compensated. Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member? I have time to spend and I’d like to see some more events for the nation I play in. What strengths would you bring to the team? I think that I am a good organizer, I have experience in organizing people together, on other games. I’m an active member of the community, I visit the server every day and read forum posts constantly, for real. I keep my promises and I never ignore someone, who is asking for attention. I consider myself dependable and honest. Lastly I am learning the lore of LoTC day-by-day What are your weaknesses? I have a job, so I will not be able to get on at certain hours. To add some more, I easily get annoyed by people who have no idea what they’re doing. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? During my last tenure as an ET actor, I spent roughly half a year as an actor. I could definitely see myself giving another six months
  5. Blago's GM App

    strong man, give him job +1
  6. Vailor map download?

    yo i wouldn't mind having the file sent over as well. the nostalgia would be strong
  7. [Wiki Contest] The Cartographer's Challenge

    what's the contest format even?
  8. The Hanseti-Ruska Masquerade Ball

    Godwyn Crast, Mayor of Senntisten smiles "If I'm sober, I'll see if I can dig up my mask and attend!"
  9. The Alchemists' Guild Wants You!

    Name: Godwyn MC Name: Salier Requested Position: Apprentice
  10. [Wiki Contest] The Cartographer's Challenge

    Might give this a try

    Godwyn shrugs as he simply disappears back into the walls
  12. Minature Atlas Cloud Temple

    It's great!

    "Keyword is 'may' as such, it is an option. A slave is one's property, you may do what you wish with your property, can you not? If the order so desires it can opt out of slavery, again it is simply an option" Says Godwyn Crast
  14. Southron

    somehow it reminds me of the adunians. it must be that snow elf and highlander part. but i find it odd how they literally cannot thrive in an environment which isn't wet or cold, for example i live in a damp environment, but i can certainly stay in places that are warm, for example. all in all, i like it anyways
  15. Norlandic Council of Propaganda and Ash Memes

    last i saw curon, they raided marna property