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  1. i like
  2. Can't wait to see some of these promises take effect.
  3. agreed
  4. This is good. I'd just like to see it for the other renamed items as well.
  5. "Long live the Empire!" Pontius states upon reading the parchment
  6. "No" says an old soldier of Oren
  7. yup
  8. Neat.
  9. this is pretty accurate, i'd say. gj
  10. "Can a King even rule as regent in foreign lands?" asks Pontius to his fellows
  11. Pontius, a recruit of the Imperial Garrison of Oren, discovers an invitation from this illustrious Society hanging on a wall somewhere in the poor-district of Lorath. He rips the parchment off the wall and crumbles it together and throws it into the dirt, as a final measure he'd spit on it "Oren's all the Freedom you need" he'd say to any onlookers and carry on with his patrol, eyes peering to the right and left now and then. (really good tho, if i had the characters for the society, i'd def join)
  12. taking lotc into real life. one day you'll be a good staff member.
  13. I don't see how a temporary map would make sense in roleplay. Would we just flee from Axios and then to this island, but oh look something is wrong with this one, we're off again.
  14. Yup, Sounds silly