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  1. Love that you’re interested in doing something for the race/culture, but I want to let you know that Thuadian language is pretty much dead. Nothing exists of the language, but you may know a couple of words, which has essentially been passed down from word of mouth. Also it’s spelled Adunian, not Aduinan, I imagine that’s just a typo though. Keep it up, excited to see what you’ve to bring to the server’s story 🙂
  2. NAME: Guy de Soissons AGE: Twenty eight. ADDRESS: Helvets Ave. 7 ELECTION SLOGAN: “Restoring Faith”
  3. Acolyte’s Thesis On God’s Love Written by Guy de Soissons 1st of Tobias’ Bounty 1779 Love is what binds God and the virtuous together. It is what connects man and woman, but the Lord's relationship with us is a complicated relationship. It goes deeper than the bond between mother and child. God’s love is eternal and unconditional because we are God’s favoured creations and we fulfil his plan. In the beginning, God was whole and singular, there was only him. Yet He, in His infinite wisdom, created the Seven Skies, the World and the Void. Next, he breathed life into his servants, the Aenguls and Daemons. His servants formed their own parts and creatures of the World, yet none fulfilled his plans. The Lord was compelled to create the first Man and Woman, which he formed from the earth. They were virtuous, yet had no language. The two conceived the four brothers - which is not the subject of our thesis, I am afraid. Latterly the first man ascended to the Sixth Sky, for he held God with great fear and marvel and did as he was bidden, while the first woman loved her sons more than God, she would amend this as God displayed the imperfections of her Sons before her. All are imperfect before God, yet God loves Man. When Artifai appeared before Harren with God’s proposal, Harren rejected it, believing material wealth to be superior to the spiritual. Yet God showed his love and allowed it. The Aengul appeared again and Harren denied. Again God displayed his infinite patience and love, allowing it. The third time Harren obeyed and fasted in the Grotto of Gamesh, yet he did not grow spiritually, there he conspired to overthrow Godwin and Joren. On the third day of his fast, Harren disobeyed God and joined his heathen people in a festival eating and drinking to stupor, breaking his oath to God. This time the Aengul did not reappear before Harren. Yet God’s love for his children persisted, even for the Harrenites. For even when He sent Ex. Owyn into Harren’s court, he allowed him choice. When Ex. Owyn slew his own uncle, God reprimanded Ex. Owyn and forgave him in his infinite Love when he cried out for forgiveness. Later in life Ex. Owyn ventured north to slaying the unrepentant in a search for his godfather Joren Son of Horen would never be found. Stricken with grief Ex. Owyn went into Edel and for seven days he rebuked the wicked until he collapsed. Ex. Owyn had completed his penance, which was the death of the unrepentant. As the millennium passed, less and less worshipped God. Did God then strike out in wroth? No, He persisted in his Love, watching and sending miracles. Even in this time of un-virtuousness, God did gather His faithful in the Seven Skies. When the World fell to the Deniers will, God in his mercy and love sent a miracle. An Aengul who uncovered the gates to a new land. In this new land, God promised that the virtuous would be free from Iblees' shackles. God treats all virtuous paths equally. Yet Humanity is described as His chosen people. This is so, for the Sons of the First Man and Woman had forsaken God praising the material world over virtue, except for Ex. Horen. He took one wife in holy union; St. Julia, Mother of Mankind. Ex. Horen stayed true to God, obeying Him and His virtues. This does not mean that God has forsaken the other races, for he is full of love. How can the other races learn about God when they do not obey Him or his virtues? It is for Humanity to spread His word and will to those who have forsaken Him. Repentance is possible because of the Lord’s unconditional love for us. He seeks to build a relationship with every descendant, one of love and light that provides the soul with a map of ascension upon the perishing of the mortal form. It is because of His love for us that he allows the Denier, who is a part of His creation, to exist. Iblees and the forces of darkness exist on the opposite spectrum to prepare us for the End Times. In the end. One must obey God and follow his virtues to ascend into the Seven Skies. Your path in life does not matter as long as you praise the Lord, for material wealth is nothing compared to the spiritual. God’s love is eternal.
  4. Guy de Soissons applauded the Sergeant of Arms for his diligent work. But felt that there should have been a short account of the houses, detailing their members and important events. Teach the youth the past!
  5. As a pro-Human. I must admit the dark elf looks pretty good. I would like to see more heads in the future, for sure
  6. Heinrich Nessel frowned. He had not been allowed to participate in the battle, by orders of the Kommandant. He had been put to work in the quartermastery. He would however do his best to see that the Heussites were all clad in the best armor and weaponry. In case a Betzler event should occur once again!
  7. “Another day, another Elf” Heinrich murmured while spectating the hanging, after a good day in the field.
  8. Heinrich nodded to the brief speech in complete support. Returning to the cosy storage room to make count of the necessities.
  9. Full name: Heinrich von Metzinger-Nessel Age: 24 Experience: Mercenary Ethnicity: Waldenian [OOC] Username: Vylkmir [OOC] Discord: Balthy#6909
  10. Personally, I think that is 100% doable. It’s not something I’ve heard of before, but it should be possible.
  11. Gawain looks at the roll in awe. One day he hopes to have his house end up on the same roll
  12. Gawain appluads the Premier for his work. Yet finds it funny that he claims the commons legislative branch to be chaotic, ‘exclusive’ and a disappointment. When he himself acted as the self-imposed Speaker of the House, meaning he was empowered to prevent any of this from happening.
  13. Marius Ludovar clapped with glee at the news
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