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  1. That's some good art, those eyes are a bit creepy
  2. Couldn't agree more!
  3. (Have to mention it, those are some good skins) Reserved
  4. (9PM EST on a monday? So late for Europeans)
  5. Pretty damn good!
  6. "More suplies and arms, that is wonderful to hear!" Basil says upon hearing the news
  7. drewds
  8. notifying people sounds like a good idea, let's do eet!
  9. wow, so much has been hidden in plain sight!
  10. 900 mina, i'd do it if i could
  11. Pretty dank stuff. I'd commision if I had the cash myself
  12. Steward Basil says a prayer and lights a candle in honor of his liege lord, Caius.
  13. caius vult
  14. (It'd be cool if it was based a lot more on history rather than games. No matter! It sounds cool.)