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  1. Dis be some good studf
  2. Welcome, welcome to city 17 - you have chosen or have- oh sorry I was in the mood to do something like that.
  3. Why would I pay someone to read or give feedback to something I wrote? Why not post it on the forums and ask for it? Why not send it to a friend in private? (Skype, discord, etc) What is the meaning of life? ;)
  4. (Pretty damn good read!)
  5. Name: Name's Fritlev.. Fritlev of Goswin, 'at is. Age: I'm around eighteen winters by now. Race: Human, of course! Past Military Experience: Did some fencing in my much younger days, but that's about it. Place of Residence: I wander 'round, never stay too long at one place, but I hope that's about to change Other Experience Worth Noting: Now that's a different story. I've done my share of mining and woodcutting. OOC MC Name: Salier Skype ID: captain_falcon_2 Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes.
  6. Hail! We have viewed and read your application. And we have decided to accept you as a tutor. You will be given a well-to-do house free of charge, however the next months will require you to pay a sum of 25 minas. If you would like the offer speak to the Jarl, his son or one of his Thanes.
  7. Thank you, Kibol. We have recieved your letter and have decided to accept your application. Housing will be provided for you, should you wish to reside in Mjol. However should you not wish to, we would like for you to check up on the keep weekly to recieve orders and such. To be housed speak to the Jarl, his son or one of his Thanes.
  8. I lack the confidence to let everyone know that I am a bad roleplayer.
  9. Ive got lots of them left
  10. I would definitely apply if I knew the overall lore much better. Maybe I should read up.
  11. As much as I love memes I'd rather not see a category for it.
  12. (Wow.. That's deep man)
  13. Myro begins to show interest, asking his fellow comrades about this crimson cult.