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  1. PEACE AND BLESSINGS REBUILDING THE ABBEY 23rd of Godfrey’s Triumph, 2A44 The Abbey of St. Catherine It has been nearly a decade since I was given my Knightly Quest, to slay a troll which roamed the Orenian countryside, for some reason it had roamed too close to the Abbey of Saint Catherine. The Order of Exalted Owyn was summoned immediately to slay this creature, they did so successfully. This was not the end of the trolls, as one more was tracked back east to the farms. Tracking it was no issue, there was blood, carcasses and huge footprints leading to its lair. Three squires were given their trials. Venture out to slay the troll and return as Knights. Being one of the squires, I know this fight was brutal, it broke us all physically and we bear the scars of our quest to this very day. We returned to the Abbey and were treated by the nuns and returned to our duties after healing completely. As soldiers and knights, we often forget the aftermath of our missions. Entire buildings have been completely destroyed, families separated, livestock and tools in shambles. We do not think of this, we just continue on our merry way thinking all is well. It is not well, for even to this day the Abbey of Saint Catherine is still scarred, it still bears the aftermath. In two Saint’s Days I will be returning to the Abbey and rebuilding what was broken. Materials, tools and food will be provided for the Faithful that wish to volunteer a day’s worth of labour. Signed, Holy Ser Albanus Cuptor
  2. The Ministry of Dulocian-Truth produces new media against the popular idea that this event was a suicide; Jacque of Hogslow didn't take his own life, a preposterous idea! He in fact died by accident. The evidence is clear, he was standing on the chair to get closer to the sealing, to tie up his government issued lantern to better illuminate his darkened house, he however made a fatal mistake, he lost his balance and fell. His head into the knot, it tightened as he fell of the chair.. and poor Citizen Jacque died. The Ministry of Dulocian-Truth urges ALL Citizens to use the bowline knot, in stead of the hang knot! All GOOD citizens will be issued a manual of knots to prevent further accidents. SIGNED, MINISTER A. LOVEGOOD
  3. WELCOME TO DU LOC With our GREAT FREE CITY having been formed from the ashes of old Luciensburg. The good LORD MAYOR has ordered the Ministry of Dulocian-Truth to produce a piece for all LOYAL citizens to enjoy, a reminder of the LAWS OF DU LOC! Remember the Ministry of Dulocian-Truth knows best, but the LORD MAYOR knows better! NO SPOOKS NO WIGS NO RATS NO TAXES https://streamable.com/l9ifc2 SIGNED, MINISTER A. LOVEGOOD
  4. PEACE AND BLESSINGS ON HUMAN UNITY 11th of the Grand Harvest, 2A35 A rendition of the Order of Exalted Owyn’s new fortress in Dobrov. It was Horen who was raised into the seventh sky and made a covenant with God. Horen’s kind, also known as Humanity is by divine right instructed to spread the word of the Canon to the other descendant races, because they have found other idols of worship, this is true even today. It was because of Horen’s steadfast faith that this is so. This is why and how Humankind is believed to be the chosen race. It wasn’t until Exalted Godfrey Horen, that Human unification became a major Human ideal. He united Seventis, Salvus, Hanseti and Renatus, offering all Human states a choice, vassalize under him peacefully or be conquered. While Exalted Godfrey was most assuredly a man who lived by the sword, he is also a man of great virtue - restoring the Church in Oren. While rulers have had unification in mind. Their justifications, good and bad, virtuous and not. We will be moving on to other more common and understandable reasons for unification, and considerably less secular. One prime example is the Westerlands, formed by the Company of the Westerlands, headed by Leopold Horen, who had been relieved of their vows to the Orenian Empire. They formed their home in the boreal forests in west Tahn. Rather than bicker with other states, the now Kingdom of the Westerlands sought to destroy the undead scourge which had manifested in the frozen wastes. They had allied themselves with the Humans of Lorraine and Haria. But they also received much help from non-Humans, such as the High Elves and Dwarves. Considering it was an Owynist nation, this was a good thing. The Westerlands remained neutral in secular affairs. King Leopold wished to join the fight against Courland, but it was unanimous, the rest of the state did not wish to join, it had other more important matters to tend to - So he resigned and took men and went on a crusade, never to be seen again. Caius, his son, took the reins and dedicated his energy to fighting back the undead, the fight went well. He was a benevolent and youthful king, one good to his people. It seemed the Westerlands would win this war against the dead, but with a wounded and ill king, things began to turn against them. Men had died, the military was unorganized and factions began forming within the Aulic Council. When the West needed help none came until it was much too late. Bastion fell and Caius disappeared. The dead had won the siege of Bastion. Whatever civilian population remained fled or was cut down to be raised as undead minions. The region would be re-settled by a small Adunian population, with the same goal as the Westerlands much later. Moving onto a recent example the city state of Luciensburg was invaded by the Ratiki or Ratmen, as they’re more commonly known by. We would again see Humans from various ethnicities and backgrounds band together to fight back against the Ratling invaders. In the end all the fighting was for naught, as the city exploded from some void ritual. The refugees have moved into a Camp until a new living can be found for them. In essence it is the Church’s mission to spread the faith and help the virtuous with the end goal of accomplishing what Horen’s Covenant with God. And it is the Supreme Order’s mission to defend the church, its adherents and enforce the Canon Law. Human unity can take on many forms, but in the end I believe that a Canonist prince of true virtue may rule well until God takes them into the Seven Heavens. It is the duty of the common man to live life virtuously, obey God and their master. Signed, Albanus Cuptor
  5. Albanus Cuptor prepared himself mentally and physically for the challenge he would face in the coming month. He trained with his many weapons and ensured that they would not fail him in the fight against the trolls.
  6. Name: Normund Discord: Balthy#6909 Do you accept the Son of Man into your heart? [this implies agreeing to a strict PK clause!]: I accept the Son of Man into my heart!
  7. Do you have the guts to tell us what you did on tumblr? I know I do
  8. OOC ((MC Name: Vylkmir)) ((Discord: Balthy#6909 )) ((Timezone: BST/GMT )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? My name is Amandil Findegil'Sehn Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I am keenly interested in learning more about the Void. It is important for us to expand our knowledge of the mundane and the 'unnatural'. The void is the stepping stone to such learning. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? I've nothing but of the mundane to add - Irrelevant to the guild. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? I would like to be admitted to the Ordo Astrologicus When should you be contacted for an interview? Whenever is convenient for the guildmasters
  9. Balthasar


    What makes an Adunian an Adunian is not just that they are of any old half-elf and half-human stock. They are able to trace their heritage back to Harren's Humans and the specific Elves (I'm mobile and cant be bothered to find the right name) they interbred with.
  10. The flames inside the Temple of Saint Lucien were all unlit in mourning of the High Pontiff Jude II. Bishop Guy kneeled at the center of the apse, with a dim candlelight in frontof him. He prayed for His Holiness, Jude II and the rest of the Cardinals. Hoping His Holy Light would guide them well in the coming days.
  11. A courier would find Stefan Varoche and offer him a letter sealed in wax. If he should accept and break it open it would read, rather breifly: "Salutations! The Abbot and Bishop are patiently awaiting your arrival to Luciensburg. The fastest way to the city is by taking the road from Eastfleet south and merely following the signs. May His Holy Light guide you safely to us." (DM myself at Balthy#6909 or the abbot at GangstaGibbs#6958)
  12. PEACE AND BLESSINGS THE ABBEY OF THE FLAMING COVENANT Located in the Diocese of Sanctia, Luciensburg Hark ye, sinners! Repent for thy sins - the path to the Skies is narrow and easy to stray off. If life in the hereafter with our LORD is eternal, then so is damnation for those who deny GOD and HIS GRACE from their lives. The Monastery of the Flaming Covenant is modeled after Saint Humbert’s REGULA SANCTUS UMBERTIUS TITANUS [aka Rule of Saint Humbert] and the Abbey-Seminary of Saint Robert under Abbot Odus Cardinal Saint-Robert and while there is a specific emphasis on Owynist Rite, the monastery allows acolytes the freedom to pursue their monastic life in one of The Four Schools of Ecclesiastical Thought: [Sybillism, Flamenism, Epulonism and Augarism]. Self defense is also promoted in the monastery through the use of blunt weapons [maces, staves, etc.] to avoid the wanton loss of death but also protect the faithful and defenseless. We are always seeking those who would wish to take on the monastic life full-time and join our Holy Mother Church becoming a monk or nun opens up a world of scholarly learning and physical work to better oneself spiritually and mentally. We are also training priests under the clerical teachings of Flamenism. Potential priests will join the monks as an acolyte, who will then teach the acolyte. They must obey the same rules and procedures as they do while under their wing. The Monastery prides itself on having a large and ever-growing library of religious and historical texts. In addition to this, it operates a clinic named the Hospice of the Shining Sacrament, which is located within the monastery area. Both of these institutions are organised and led by the members of the monastery and the greater Church. Those with remarkable skill and piety are however permitted to hold specialized roles, in the Hospice for example. RULES ☦Any form of narcotics are prohibited on the Abbey grounds. Except for medicinal and alchemical uses. ☦Heretical texts and speech are forbidden on the Abbey grounds. ☦No violence to the faithful may be done on the Abbey grounds. Except for combat training ☦Sexual acts and pornography are strictly forbidden on the Abbey grounds. MONASTIC LIFESTYLE The Abbey shall live by the Rule of Saint Humbert to see to his vision of how monastics should live. “Monastic life can be separated into two functions, the first of which are dubbed the Virosites those who have established themselves in permanent communities among brothers in a monastery after the famed monk Bl. Fabian Viroi. The second of which are the Vytenites who wander from community to community preaching, performing acts of faith, or aiding those in need which are named after wandering priest Bl. Vytenis of Visiga. The distinction of monk and friar can also be used between the Virosites and the Vytenites. To the Virosites, do not grow sloth for the work of God is endless. Do not bar entry to the needy and the willing. Repay the gifts which are bestowed unto you with faith and works. With this I charge you To the Vytenites, do not grow wild on your travels and stay true to God’s will. Do not neglect your brothers and return to them often. Spread the Canon, to believers and not for this is your gift unto others. With this I charge you.” Acolytes and others apart of the priesthood must refrain from personal honorific titles [i.e knighthood] or monetary rewards unless said monetary rewards are donations for the Church. One should expect to take a vow chastity, obedience and poverty upon ordainment and acolytes are expected to practice this lifestyle. HIERARCHY Postulants - those who wish to enter the monastic life temporarily and swear an oath to follow the rules of the monastery while staying. They may leave whenever they wish. Usually postulants are those performing penance or in a trial-period prior to becoming fully fledged acolytes, to see if one is committed and if it's truly what the postulant wishes to do for life. Acolytes - All of those who join the Church full time begin as acolytes learning the word of GOD. They take proper oaths and any serious breach of the rules of the Monastery will lead to expulsion from the monastic community. Otherwise, acolytes may be reprimanded and punished for breaking rules of lesser degree. Monks - called Brothers are those who have taken formal and permanent vows tying themselves to God as his servants in the world. They are bound to their monastic vows for life and live together among other brothers within a monastery. They must do what their superior instructs them without question as long as the superior is just and represents the will of God. Nuns - called Sisters are the female equivalent of monks. Nuns live in separate quarters from their male counterparts and are prohibited from engaging in any intimate relations with the monks of the monastery to prevent dynastic religious families in the monastery. Nuns may preach, conduct sermons and are held to the same responsibilities to the Abbot such as their monk counterparts. Abbot - The head of a formal community of monastics within the Abbey and referred to as father. They are given supreme authority over their monastery and thus are given supreme responsibility over it as well. They are required to maintain, feed, and provision the monastery as well as scheduling tasks for the monks which reside under their authority. They may delegate responsibilities to individual brothers as they see fit. The Abbot is elected by the monastic members and affirmed by the Bishop of Sanctia APPLICATION Name: Race: Gender: Intent on joining (Temporary/Full time): If temporary, how long do you intend to stay?: If full time, do you agree to taking on all aspects of the monastic life? Do you agree to follow the rules of the Monastery? Failure to do so will result in immediate eviction. You will receive medical training, combat experience, theological lessons and good work ethic. Be willing to help operate Church-owned businesses, study Canonist doctrine and defend the faithful from savage brigands and abnormal monstrosities.
  13. Guy de Soissons placed his seal of approval, quite literally on the thesis. Now the ordination of a man of God could take place.
  14. Bishop Guy said a prayer over his bed before bed, one for all Humankind. Acolyte Elim Temmeck de Langford-Sadre had produced a well constructed thesis, which he eagerly had accepted and stamped with his own seal - Soon there an ordination would take place. An ordination all would be welcome to observe, to learn more His followers.
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