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  1. The flames inside the Temple of Saint Lucien were all unlit in mourning of the High Pontiff Jude II. Bishop Guy kneeled at the center of the apse, with a dim candlelight in frontof him. He prayed for His Holiness, Jude II and the rest of the Cardinals. Hoping His Holy Light would guide them well in the coming days.
  2. A courier would find Stefan Varoche and offer him a letter sealed in wax. If he should accept and break it open it would read, rather breifly: "Salutations! The Abbot and Bishop are patiently awaiting your arrival to Luciensburg. The fastest way to the city is by taking the road from Eastfleet south and merely following the signs. May His Holy Light guide you safely to us." (DM myself at Balthy#6909 or the abbot at GangstaGibbs#6958)
  3. PEACE AND BLESSINGS THE ABBEY OF THE FLAMING COVENANT Located in the Diocese of Sanctia, Luciensburg Hark ye, sinners! Repent for thy sins - the path to the Skies is narrow and easy to stray off. If life in the hereafter with our LORD is eternal, then so is damnation for those who deny GOD and HIS GRACE from their lives. The Monastery of the Flaming Covenant is modeled after Saint Humbert’s REGULA SANCTUS UMBERTIUS TITANUS [aka Rule of Saint Humbert] and the Abbey-Seminary of Saint Robert under Abbot Odus Cardinal Saint-Robert and while there is a speci
  4. Guy de Soissons placed his seal of approval, quite literally on the thesis. Now the ordination of a man of God could take place.
  5. Bishop Guy said a prayer over his bed before bed, one for all Humankind. Acolyte Elim Temmeck de Langford-Sadre had produced a well constructed thesis, which he eagerly had accepted and stamped with his own seal - Soon there an ordination would take place. An ordination all would be welcome to observe, to learn more His followers.
  6. Hear me out... vortex resource pack?
  7. "And the bat bites back!" grinned Guy de Soissons upon learning of the bickering of the Houses
  8. The Bishop of Ves read the newspaper, in his bed, a flickering candlestick illuminating the text "A wonderful paper!" He declared, flicking a hand at it. "One problem! It is the Cathedral of Exalted Owyn, not Saint Catherine - Named by the former Bishop Erasmus and later consecrated by me!" he said to the servant preparing his vestments for the 'morrow
  9. (I’m very ashamed to say this, but this event was not held today. I will however be hosting it tomorrow at the same time.)
  10. SECOND OPEN FORUM OF OWYNSBURG Issued and confirmed by the TRR Bishop of Ves, Guy de Soissons FSSCT PSR, Mayor of Owynsburg, 1st of Tobias’ Bounty, 1787 ☩ Several years ago, I was elected Mayor of this city by virtue of the people’s mandate. I must confess there is not much for me to boast about, as there hasn’t been much for me to administer. I have made attempts at revitalizing our beloved city in the ways with which I am learned and most familiar; through faith. At first, my method did not prove fruitful, and I, therefore, came to the conclusion a change in
  11. PROPERTY EXPANSION ACT, 1787 Issued and confirmed by the TRR Bishop of Ves, Guy de Soissons FSSCT PSR, Mayor of Owynsburg, Mr. Bernard D. Hoffman, Undersecretary of Sewage and Waste Disposal of the Office of Public Services of Owynsburg, 9th of Horen’s Calling, 1787 In recent years the citizens of Owynsburg have expanded their property without asking or informing the municipal authorities. This has allowed the citizenry to claim more property than they currently pay for. Property that legally belongs to another individual or the to city government. No more shall th
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