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    History, literature especially sci-fi - not necessarily space stuff. There's some other stuff I like, so send me a friend request on Skype if you want to talk!

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  1. Godwyn Crast, famous victor of the Senntisten Mayoral elections and representative of the people, simply shrugged "The one drop act was not there to authorize slavery, it was there to protect Humanity from it." he shook his head "His Majesty, Frederick Pius enacted certain laws which permitted both slavery and the selling of drugs!" Content the Crast took his leave.
  2. is this a message for everyone to know that courland is coming back?
  3. is that a kingdom come deliverance picture?
  4. "Oof! Don't think I'd be up for another Mayor-ship" mutters Godyn, former mayor of Senntisten
  5. Balthasar


    somehow it reminds me of the adunians. it must be that snow elf and highlander part. but i find it odd how they literally cannot thrive in an environment which isn't wet or cold, for example i live in a damp environment, but i can certainly stay in places that are warm, for example. all in all, i like it anyways
  6. Sudden existence, isn't that all of the server lore?
  7. if you want to, go ahead and give it a try. Feel free to add me on discord; Balthy#6909
  8. Hey there, I'm looking for someone who is able to make a skin similar to this; https://gyazo.com/3d2a191b64c87e6d24802342baa0f1e0 While I don't need the hair, the armour itself is what I would like to have created. While I do not have the Mina to pay whoever should take up the task, I have the ability to pay you in cash via paypal Send me a private message if you're interested.
  9. Another has been brought before fire and offered the ring of blood, and has accepted.
  10. Under cultures most likely. Here's a link; https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/590-cultures/
  11. As I recall there is a place called the faroe islands. Coincidence?
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