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  1. "Interesting!" Says Siegmeyer
  2. (i'm going to convert now)
  3. That's a long time spent repairing stuff.. what's your level in smithing?
  4. Horen Horens
  5. (This is deep man)
  6. I'll have to agree on this one
  7. suppose it'd be best to find whoever owns it and ask him/her. forums seem good anyhow
  8. "Hear, hear!" Says Siegmeyer in agreement to revelation
  9. i have an arming sword
  10. sry every staff member is my favorite. pls give rep
  11. hl2rp was my life, man
  12. Minecraft Name: Salier Discord: Balthy#6909 Time-zone: GMT/BST Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: No, I do not hold a staff position at the moment. I’ve never held a staff position on any Minecraft server. I have however held staff positions on other games, such as Garry’s Mod. Usually in Garry’s Mod roleplay, admins would enforce the rules and such, they would also hold events, usually by asking for permission from a super admin. Where do you grab inspiration from: I have played a lot of good and bad games and read many books. This is where I take most of my inspiration from.In hopes of not making this a wall of text, I’ll finish by saying that I take most of my inspiration from the famous games out there with a lot of ‘flesh’, take for example; WoW, the Dragon Age series, the Witcher, Dark Souls, the elder scrolls series, Warhammer series (both fantasy and 40k) I believe I have a lot of lovecraftian ideas roaming inside my head. Of course, I take inspiration from the lord of the rings. I will stop here and move on, I think where I grab inspiration from is pretty clear. What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: I currently have two characters: Siegmeyer Obergaard and Siegfried von Horn. I have another slot free. I would be willing to sacrifice Siegfried, as he is the least developed character. What race, or group, do your events best cater to: I have always been one to prefer the Human races in games. I’m not sure why, but I’d say it’s because I’m human. Adding another reason, I would have to say it’s something that I understand and can relate to. With the right preparations, I would be open to other races or groups What do you believe are the key factors for a successful event: Events should be enjoyable, innovative and autonomous. I think events should be fun and enjoyable, perhaps it shouldn’t always have the best outcome for the player(s), but it should be an experience to write home about. For example having a general idea of how the event should go, is a good start - I think, at least. Events should be original and not recycled over and over, at least when doing an event with the same people. Finally, the players should have a degree of freedom to choose during an event. They lead while the actor guides-ish. What strengths would you bring to the team: I think that I am a good organizer, I have experience in organizing people together, on other games. I’m an active member of the community, I visit the server every day and read forum posts constantly, for real. I keep my promises and I never ignore someone, who is asking for attention. I consider myself dependable and honest. Lastly I am learning the lore of LoTC day-by-day Why do you want to be part of the team: I would like to bring the players more events, specifically events for smaller groups of people, perhaps bringing several strangers together and bonding new unbreakable friendships in roleplay. Most importantly I want to do more for LoTC. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: An event for a small party. A commander of the Ruthern rebellion has expressed his interests in finding capable men and women, through a bounty found in the North. The bounty asks a party to go to a decrepit battlefield and burn the bodies of the deceased. If any looters are found, they are to be slain and hands are to be separated, so they may never steal again. Torches are required. At the bottom, the bounty mentions in large writing that the party will be paid two-hundred mina on completion, and twenty more for each pair of hands. An event for a medium party. A local lord in the North is to hold a grand feast, for this lord has just married his daughter to a rich and powerful lord, this will surely benefit him. Now however, the land has suddenly been struck by undeath. The Lord’s levy is no match against this plight. He has thus ordered bounties to be placed around Axios. The Lord asks for at least five men. The Lord suspects a necromancer to be at hand. The bounty mentions that torches will be supplied, to burn the necrotic bodies. If both the necrotic and foul necromancer are dealt with, he will pay the party six-hundred mina to be shared. If the necromancer is not killed the party will only be paid three-hundred and fifty mina. The party will be allowed to keep any loot discovered. An event for a large party. An archaeologist has pinned bounties up all around Axios. It reads; There has been a grand discovery, an ancient dungeon has been exposed, but it reeks with many ancient creatures. I Archibald Mitty, require many capable hands. You must protect me whilst I document the many documents, that were found before these creatures were awoken. I am afraid that this dungeon might collapse if I do not document it immediately. Once free from the threat, everyone will be properly compensated. I have no idea if these events are too vague, I felt like writing them like this, I’m not sure why. Oh well! How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: Uncertain. As long as I can, I suppose. Tell me a joke: Did you hear about the Italian Chef that died? He pasta away. (This was done on the phone. Hope everything is in order)
  13. s'pose i'm going to apply then