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  1. DER DOOMTAG By dictation of Johannes Lothar von Alstreim Penned by Scribe Konrad Lipa On the 6th of Harren’s Folly, 1952 FRIEDEN UND SEGEN, The children of the late Heinrich, Johannes and Adelheid reached the age of majority some years ago. But no celebration was ever made. War, crisis and death have marred the Union and made such festivities irresponsible. Yet now, with a short stint of peace on the horizon. Merryweather invites peers, friends and commoners to join us in Merryweather to celebrate the journey of life of both Johannes and Adelheid. The doomtag is a rite of passage for young children, a tradition brought to house Alstreim, over three generations ago by Prince Ulrich Lothar von Alstreim, while exploring the cultures of Atheran Salvus. It is a day of festivities with friends and family, which towards the night turns to one of the foretelling of one's death. The event begins in the early morning, where a sermon shall be given, about life and death. All will then move out to the feast area, where blood pie, beef and plenty of drink shall be served. The siblings will not partake in the feast, restricting themselves to water, committing themselves to the rite of dooming. When daylight fades and the night takes over, the two siblings shall be taken one by one to speak with a doomsayer in private - Exactly what happens is known only to those who go through the rite. No matter the details, one thing is certain, the two will resurface pale-faced with the knowledge of how they will die. Depiction of Archaengul Aeriel, guide of the dead HIS HIGHNESS, Johannes I von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and the Rhine, Landgrave of Alstreim, Baron of Corwinsburg, Lord of Blackwater, Palsgrave, Master of the Langkette Pass
  2. "A man taken from us much too soon!" muttered the Alstreim Prince, Johannes.
  3. The New Prince of Merryweather, Johannes Lothar von Alstreim wept a tear over his father's body. He had died much too soon. Yet it seemed his time was now and not in twenty years or more, as Johannes wished - He would continue life and Merryweather and Alstreim until his time was to come.
  4. The W I L L A N D T E S T A M E N T O F E D M U N D Forasmuch as it hath pleased Almighty God to visit Us with long sleep and, being weary of Our present incapacities, but not doubting in His grace and goodness to restore Our former strength and to live, in this mortal and transitory world, as long as it shall please Almighty God; whereunto We do with all Our heart most humbly, wholly, and clearly submit Ourself to His mercy to Judge Us, as We have always endeavoured to do good deeds to the pleasure of Him, and to grant Us eternal life in His most perfect Skies; And calling to Our remembrance the necessity to have the estate of Our Royal Crown of this Our Realm of Aaun, which is ordained by Almighty God from whom all things flow, and from which we enjoy Our continual prosperity in this mortal and transitory life, and which must be continued and preserved for the quiet preservation of the Common Weal; from which said Royal Crown We did come into by the just, lawful, and right inheritance of Our late and most dear Grandshire King James the Second of Glorious Memory; And notwithstanding the tumult of these years past which We spent not fully in governance but being governed by the Executors of Our said Grandsire of Glorious Memory; and forasmuch as We do never wish to subject Our Royal Crown to the same, and knowing also according to the lawful succession of Our Royal House and the acts of Our Constitution, only those with the name of Our Royal House may accede to the Crown attached to the same; Know ye that We of our Special Grace, Royal Right, and mere motion do by these Presents make and declare our Will and Testament concerning the Royal Crown; We, having written Our earnest desire and express commandment on touching the limitation of the succession of the Crown of this Our Realm of Aaun and Our other Realms and Dominions; do, by Our special and absolute commandment Will that by these Presents immediately after Our decease out of this life, Our uncle John Alexander shall have and enjoy the said Royal Crown and Kingdom of Aaun, and of Our other territories King, the Principality of Alstion, the Duchies of Corazon and Balemena, Our Counties of Enswerp and Whitespire, Our Title as Protector of the Realm, with all dignities, honours, prerogatives, authorities, jurisdictions, lands, possessions belonging to him and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, and all of this is done according to the Laws of Almighty God. Also We give Our said uncle all the stuff of Our household and all Our money and jewels also, saving that which is left aside for this Our Will and Testament, and also all Our munitions ordenances artillery ships and beasts. For lack of issue of Our body, the Crown will pass to Lord John Alexander and to the next issue of his body male; then to the Lady Adeline, then to the Lady Augusta, then to the Lady Mary. For lack of issue, then to Lord Heinrich and his heirs male. Neither We, nor any other mortal creature, knows the time or place when it shall please Almighty God to call him from this transitory world. Calling to our remembrance the dignity, estate, and honours that Almighty God has granted Us in this world, and reflecting of perfect mind that by God’s Grace We are never to return to the same such dignity or breath from Our mortal body from the moment of our decease until the ending of time, We do commend and bequeath Our soul to Almighty God, who has always been our protector and guide; And knowing that We cannot write this Our Will and Testament without concerning the disposition of the Royal Crown of this Our kingdom of Aaun, which is ordained by Almighty God from whom all things flow, and from which we enjoy Our continual prosperity in this mortal and transitory life; We put Our singular trust in them to do what is right for Our kingdom of Aaun, and to swear true allegiance to Our uncle John as Our Heir to this Our Royal Crown; In the name of God we exhort and strictly charge Our Lords and Counsellors to have diligence zeal love and loyalty to the dignity and estate of Our said grandson, the proper affairs of this Our kingdom of Aaun, charging them to follow every part of this Our Will and Testament, reminding them that they will answer before God when they too depart this transitory world. We commit Our soul into the hands of Almighty God and trust that He will judge the good deeds of Our transitory and undeserving life to be worthy of His heavenly Skies. To my People, I say this: go forth into the world in peace; be of good courage; hold fast that which is good; render to no one evil for evil; strengthen the faint-hearted; support the weak; help the afflicted; honour all people; love and serve Almighty God. The blessing of Almighty God be amongst you and remain with you always. In witness whereof we have signed this Will and Testament at the Hand of Horen on the twentieth of Sun’s Smile in the fifteenth year of Our Reign. ✿ EDMUND R.
  5. you're my roman empire, seannie

  6. "I just find it strange that they made all this fuss in Aaun, resisting to be tested and whatnot. Then as soon as the Church enters they bend over and let them do all the testing they want - All of this discord could've ben avoided, if they just cooperated!" retorted the newly inducted Count of Whisperwood, Johannes Lothar, scion of Prince Heinrich II @Olox_
  7. IGN: Vylkmir DISCORD: Balthy SKIN: Northern Front: Giles AMOUNT: 25 USD
  8. Little Johannes von Alstreim gazed upon the list of various knights. One illustrious day he would make it upon such a list!
  9. how are you friendo?

    1. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      good balthy how are you bro 

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      good, good. enjoying that oil money :) - how's the family?

  10. Little Johannes was so unfortunate as to be visiting Numendil at the time of the attack. Only returning home the day after the attack "I would've killed them all, AGAIN!" Spoke the boy in hushed tones...
  11. 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅗𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅗𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅮 MERRYWEATHER PIE DAY By dictation of Johannes Lothar von Alstreim Penned by Scribe Konrad Lipa On the 12th of Horen's Calling, 1942 FRIEDEN UND SEGEN, The Principality hereby invites the United Kingdom of Aaun and its friends, from noble to common man to participate in the Merryweather Pie Day. All are invited to Apfelberg to participate. As we have more than entered the summer, many fruits and vegetables have already ripened, ready to be put to use! What other way than to participate in a celebration of summer, harvest and of course pie! The day shall begin in the newly constructed fairgrounds, where farmers and merchants may peddle their wares. Some time after the event has begun, once people have arrived the pie day begins in earnest. The first event on the list is naturally; how to make a pie. Mister Berthold will call upon the pie day-goers and give everyone a crash course in pie making. These pies may be used for the other festivity on the list! The second event is the pie eating contest! Aspiring-contestants will have to purchase a pie for a mere five marks (also the entry fee that goes into the prize pool), once entered into the contest, one must compete with two others, the fastest pie-eater wins. Contestants will compete against one another until there is only one competitor left! The winner takes half of the prize money! The second competition is that of the best or most unusual pie! Competitors either have made the pies prior to the festival or make them during it, for example at the crash course. Each pie is carefully examined; first it is looked at, smelled and finally tasted by three judges. The best pie-maker in the kingdom wins a golden pie trophy and a bag of minae! The second best a silver pie and the third best a bronze trophy - A badge of honor, for who else can claim to have made the best pies ever? GOTT MIT UNS, HIS LORDSHIP, Johannes Lothar von Alstreim
  12. "With law shall the land be built! - or something like that!" Said Johannes von Alstreim, having read the quote from a book while studying
  13. Little Johannes von Alstreim made preparations to accompany his father to the inauguration of Reinmar, a once in a lifetime event.
  14. High Pontiff Pontian IV welcomed his old friend into the Seven Skies with open arms
  15. "Long live the King!" proclaimed Johannes von Alstreim
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