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    History, literature especially sci-fi - not necessarily space stuff. There's some other stuff I like, so send me a friend request on Discord if you want to talk!

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  1. Gawain looks at the roll in awe. One day he hopes to have his house end up on the same roll
  2. Gawain appluads the Premier for his work. Yet finds it funny that he claims the commons legislative branch to be chaotic, ‘exclusive’ and a disappointment. When he himself acted as the self-imposed Speaker of the House, meaning he was empowered to prevent any of this from happening.
  3. Marius Ludovar clapped with glee at the news
  4. While Gawain had been unable to attend his King’s coronation, due to the Ratiki menace in the old sewers of Ves. He was glad that two great events had occured today; A King crowned and the scum of the sewers had been eliminated, for now.
  5. Balthasar


    you will be missed
  6. Hey there. Welcome to LoTC. Hope you’ll have a good time, if you need a hand with anything don’t be shy 🙂
  7. I swear, I had the map download link somewhere
  8. Gawain shakes his head at the piece. Either he was becoming blind or the text was too small. With a sigh, he was forced to produce his glasses and then read the text
  9. Interesting.. What does this mean for the mina?
  10. Gawain frowned at hearing about this. If only he had a woman in his family to see married off
  11. Gawain sat in his home and read the newspaper thoroughly. He chuckled and said to his brother “That’s funny! They haven’t even written about the expansion of the Owynsburg” he then more seriously shook his head and tossed the paper aside to feast on some buttered bread
  12. Yes. But I think it should be handcanons and not say, for example muskets. These should be experiment and dangerous weapons that could blow up in the users hands.
  13. “What did these citizens do to deserve banishment from Kaedrin?” asked Gawain curiously over supper
  14. Can't say that I agree with a chat filter. I understand why, but I think there are other less severe methods to fixing the issue or you could just have nothing, and let these 'children' know that over-swearing is not appreciated in the community. I understand protecting a youngsters innocence, but I'm sure that they've already seen worse
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