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    History, literature especially sci-fi - not necessarily space stuff. There's some other stuff I like, so send me a friend request on Skype if you want to talk!

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  1. ama kinslayer

    haven't you had like 2000 ama's?
  2. "Who are these judges and what do they do anyways?" Asks a young lad, clearly interested

  4. Cretzer Craps, a Dice Game

    yes, please
  5. A Bare-Bones Video Guide to Editing Skins

    i was expecting a squeaky kid to talk, with a really slow computer

    "Damn" says an Orenian
  7. Human Seeks Family

    Hi there, to clarify my situation. I'm an experienced roleplayer that's looking for a Human family to join, I've recently found myself with an extra persona slot, and I'd like to use it for another persona, obviously. So! I come to the forums to ask, as I really don't know any people who are looking for male family members - Sorry, I don't genderbend. I really don't mind what nation you're aligned with, as long as I get to meet new people and probably get to learn to know more people, and just have a good time. So, if you have any questions or would like to immediately enlist me as a family member, send me a message or leave a comment. Thanks!
  8. A Condemnation of the Order of St. Lucien

    "If I have been taught the common language properly, heathen and pagan are synonyms to each other. To further educate His Majesty; one may call a faith pagan and/or heathen, it would convey the same message" says a Priest who conveniently somehow had access to the very private letter
  9. ggt has money

    uh, did you steal your parents credit card again?
  10. Lizardmen race for 6.0 maybe?

    all hail our reptilian overlords
  11. -=Santegia's Rebelion Warclaim=-

    proper ass kicking there
  12. Griff Felder Arrives

    "Who's this?" asks a Priest in Haense
  13. Why does status exist?

    pvp can get very chaotic, half the time i dont even know who's on my team. i dont recommend we remove status'
  14. One has been brought before fire and offered the ring of blood, and has accepted.