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  1. "Who's this guy a squire to anyways?" Mutters Owein to himself
  2. An lotc mod for the crusader kings 2 would be pretty cool instead.
  3. Heyo, very nice work. It'd be awesome if you could do this handsome lad for me: https://namemc.com/skin/13d24530e77e4d11
  4. Why would I spend money on this, rather than just open the minecraft launcher and change my skin?
  5. I'm all up for this. Hit me up if you decide on me :)
  6. "Very nice!" Comments Uthyr, as he passes by the Imperial Society headquarters
  7. "A fine addition for the young to read!" says Uthyr, to a drinking buddy at the Adelburg tavern, upon skimming through the paper "I'll be sure to read through this fully once given time" he'd add
  8. Siegmeyer goes about collecting some of his Manticore guildmates for the contract. @Joltastic @Jentos
  9. Join the army - meet new people, and then kill them!
  10. "Silly way to die" remarks Siegmeyer of Cepa
  11. (is this an event with mobs?)
  12. A certain soldiers wonders how silly knights are to argue over the forums about their lords
  13. "Duty to what?" Says a sergeant of the Johannian Brigade