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  1. wait do we know each other? O.O

  2. New form submission from Story Team Application Minecraft Name: LothricDiscord ID: crackhead#9915Timezone: GMTWhat skills can you apply in your role as a Story Team member?: I mostly want to focus on building, if anything, but I’ve done my fair share of screenwriting recently and know how to finish a lengthy story from A to B, so hopefully that be put to use. I’d consider myself a creative thinker and an open minded person, always ready to try out something new whether it works out or not in the end. How can we as the Story Team contribute toward the server's story?: By writing a good event-line that’ll take us off this piece of **** map. I don’t have any qualms with how the team is being ran atm though. Seems like it’s finally going well after a long and hefty reign of stagnancy and boring, bland events. Link insightful feedback that speaks personally to you.: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/100077-through-the-eyes-of-a-virgin/Attach any relevant media or links you want to share. (Portfolio): I ain’t built a lot of **** as of late but looking 2 get back in da groove and have some fun with the new blocks. https://imgur.com/a/qvasL
  3. hahahahahahahahaha

  4. i’ve moved onto heroin because of the server downtime
  5. this lag really immerses me

  6. You had best bring your powder.

  7. you my chic-fil-a...

  8. meet me behind the arena at midnight est sharp, bring ur flintlock, lets settle this once and for all....

    1. Battle Unit

      Battle Unit

      leave him alone u ******* inbred barbarian

    2. Esterlen


      You had best prepare your powder.

  9. what an absolute mess this is

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