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  1. Event Planners, MC Names: Slothtastic85, FamousSloth Event Type: Long term event line, no enforced PKs. Your Timezone: EST Affected Groups: Gallics, Druids, Fae Event Location: Across Atlas, starting in Sleetfells and then continuously going around the world’s forests until all forests have been cleansed. Summation: Nature is beautiful, providing, self-preserving, but it is also wild, untamed, destructive, and unforgiving. An unknown disease is spreading across the land, changing nature itself. The grass became purple, or dead. Tree leaves became dead, the very life sucked out of them. Only a single tree, standing out from the rest was spared this. The center of the blight on the land, the place it called home. Giant thorn branches emerged from the ground, the animals in the tainted forests changed as well. (The now corrupted Sleetfells) They became corrupted, with bone and boils jutting from their skin. Teeth growing sharper, horns becoming longer. The wildlife was no longer safe to hunt, water no longer safe to drink. Not even Nature’s guardians were spared the corruption. Fae, of all kinds from Cervitaurs to Satyrs became terribly deformed. No longer did they resemble men and mer, their bodies and minds changed. They grew fur on their upper bodies, where Cervitaurs grew horns and antlers with deadly points, Satyr’s horns became only sharper and larger. The Fae’s teeth became narrow points for ripping and tearing. They grew claws and less resembled those of which were first made. It was nonetheless a painful transformation, but to them it was worth the price. (A corrupted Fae) The corrupted Fae only had one goal. Destroy the Descendants, let blood flow from the rivers. No longer would nature provide the Descendants. Now it would destroy them. The Fae became more and more feral, arming themselves with crude and deadly weapons with jagged edges. Building from the remnants of destroyed villages and buildings, chariots and war machines. (A warchariot being pulled by two corrupted Boar) Giant wooden balls with spikes set aflame and sent towards their foes. The taint, in both land, animal, and Fae, has a weakness. Druids could heal the blight, provided they have enough time to before they are cut down by the Corrupt beings whose home is in the forest. They’d also have to heal the center tree in order to truly remove the blight in each forest. ‘A few examples of transformation emotes (3-5 emotes): (Fae name here) began to hold their head slightly. A mild headache, it seems. (Fae name here) ’s headache seemed to worsen, before they collapsed doubling over in pain. Excess fur began to grow from all over, even their upper body’. (Fae name here)’s teeth began to thin, but became sharper like a shark’s. Where the gaps were of the now thin teeth, there grew more. All the while they groaned and screeched in pain. (Fae name here)’s eyes turned yellow, their nails becoming claws. Horns (grew sharper ((if a Satyr* (grew from their head, becoming sharp and distinct ((if Cervitaur* (Fae name here)’s screams of pain came to a close. After a few minutes they stood, now changed with a mind fixed on one thing. Concept Images/Screenshots They are in the summation above. What help do you require from the ET Actors or Builders? I’d need ET builders create some of the corrupted forests, and for Actors to play some of the Corrupted Fae. Despite some of them being Fae players themselves. -- Note: Sloth can't format forum posts atm, so he asked me to post this for him. All credit goes to him for this
  2. Minecraft IGN: BasicallySoph Forum Username: BasicallySoph Skype Username: theblowfis Link to examples of past work: https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u9rKj/clover [Satyr] https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u9cZ9/zoastria [Wood Elf] https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u9bDn/elera [Wood Elf] https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u8Pv0/safia-luven [Human] https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u96rH/accessories [Wood Elf] https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u8D1Y/vianne [Dryad]
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