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  1. aahh jeez sorry that these are taking so long, in the current situation im in, it physically HURTS me when I digitally draw, so the unfinished commissions might take a bit D':
  2. COMMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! I will open them back up a bit after I finish! Sorry everyone <3
  3. oh **** forgot to add the form! Its now at the bottom of the thread with the slots, so please fill it out if you want a commission! sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. So I decided to open commissions here because I’m broke as **** and love to draw! - FORM - Forum Name: In-Game Username: Type of Commission: Character: Link To Skin/Other Art [Of Character]: Race: Expression/Emotion: - SLOTS - 1: @Harrison 2: @SugarBlind 3: @Luv 4: @senor_tortuga 5: @Jentos
  5. The LoTC Tailor's Guild

    Minecraft IGN: BasicallySoph Forum Username: BasicallySoph Skype Username: theblowfis Link to examples of past work: https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u9rKj/clover [Satyr] https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u9cZ9/zoastria [Wood Elf] https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u9bDn/elera [Wood Elf] https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u8Pv0/safia-luven [Human] https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u96rH/accessories [Wood Elf] https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u8D1Y/vianne [Dryad]
  6. MC Name: BasicallySoph Character's Name: Alyia Estaf Character's Age: 43 yrs Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Clover Satyr Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: The mysterious ways of the elder druii ( some calling it “magic”), Cernunnos’ fire, and Cerrdidwyn’s breath, brought to the world a very interesting creature, not like any other. The satyr. Satyrs have similarities to many other races, but what sets them apart, are their goat and ram-like lower bodies and horns. Below their waist is thick fur, and they have hooves instead of feet. They have goat like ears and their horn shape depend on their bloodline. The Thorn bloodline has long, curved ram horns. The Clover bloodline has moose horns, the Ivy has goat, and the Oak - horns that are curled over several times. Male satyrs are tall and muscular, and females are a bit smaller, and have beautifully built bodies. Satyrs are strong and agile creatures, who can jump about as high as the Kha. Satyrs tend to be musicians or poets. Satyrs will “starve” if they have not made or listen to music for a while. Satyrs usually live in groups, and love to party, drink, eat, and being lethargic. They live in forests, and if they are in a city for even a short time, they will become empty due to the lack of the music of the forest. The languages the satyrs speak are usually broken dialect and common tongue. If two satyrs fall in love and decide to get married, they will have to get married through a duid or satyr elder. If a satyr and a person from another race decide to have intercourse, neither can get pregnant. But if a satyr gets pregnant, it will last for 2 years ( or two irl weeks ). Usually, a druid or elder satyr will have to supervise and aid the birth. A satyr’s lifespan is about as long as an elf’s ( 800 yrs at max. ). However, the longest recorded life of a satyr is 789 years. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Of course. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  7. What’s your Minecraft account name?: BasicallySoph ( you can call me Soph though :DD ) What timezone are you in?: EST How old are you?: 13 yrs 7 months Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? (You won’t be denied for being under 13): yUP Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yee What’s the rule you agree with the most?: “Leaving Roleplay by Logging Off or going AFK due to other, out of game commitments, is permitted so long as you notify other parties involved (Exceptions can be made if the leave is urgent). You are expected to resume the RP at your next available opportunity if requested by the involved parties.” ( Because I’ve had to leave urgently many times, or my internet going out haha ) Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): Nope! They all make sense How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: My friends SneakyTurtles_ and XxRealLinkxX Link(s) to past Whitelist Applications (If applicable): Someone else made an app ( for char ) very similarly to this, to be the daughter of Raelin (SneakyTurtles_) . This person was denied and unable to play as this character, so I am replacing her as this person. For confirmation of this, you can contact SneakyTurtles_ Have you logged into the server yet?: Yep!! Definitions Feel free to Google the answers or browse our forums, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not those of another website or person! Plagiarizing will result in the automatic denial of your application! What is roleplaying?: A way to express actions/emotions through a character usually in a game, through a forum, or through pm’s on skype or discord What is metagaming?: Using information that you learned out-of-character in rp/character. Ex) Your friend tells you that your in-game house is being robbed/attacked, and you run there to stop the burglar. What is power-emoting (powergaming)?: Forcing an emote/action onto another character without giving them time/space to react. Ex) [ You’re in a fight ] *Punches Bob and knocks him down in one blow* In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. Character’s name: Elera Character’s sex: Female Character’s race: Wood elf! Character’s age: 19 Biography (Please make it a decent two paragraphs long. Remember to add three references to the server lore): Raenil lived in a town a long time ago called Leyulin. Wars were very heavy around that time, constant fighting and constant people invading the town to butcher one another. The Elven town and the Orcs were constantly in battle, which made the town very unsafe. Raenil was one of the guards for the town that fought back against the Orc invaders, fighting pretty much every day besides when she had to travel with the royalty of Leyulin to make treaties with a dark elven town so they could help them fight. She wanted to fight for the town because she'd grown up there. Someone who came along and fought with her was Mikhail, who she ended up falling in love with and fighting beside during the war/constant fighting. They ended up sleeping together, and a week or so later he was killed. He never even got told that she was pregnant. So, being pregnant in a warzone, Raenil ended up leaving the Elven military, and moving off to some remote village where she her best friend lived, and gave birth and such there. She stayed there with Elera for about 5 years before deciding to go back to her home town and continue to fight against the Orcs, which the Elves ended up winning. After this, a lot of stuff happened with her, and she was commissioned by a traveler who was royal and important to their cause to go with him and protect him while he did top secret military deals etc. During this time she was actively trying to find a safe place to settle down so she could go back to her best friend and get her daughter back and bring her. Now she's settled in an Elven town and can bring her daughter home, but in the end she did what she had to, to keep her daughter alive. As a child, Elera was taught about the Aspects. Her mother told her “aunt” and “uncle” ( her mother’s best friend and her husband ) to teach her about them. Her aunt and uncle were from a “dead” town; Cerulin. In her spare time, Elera would run around her yard swinging a sword around like a complete idiot, but to her, it was fun. She would pretend that she was the knight and princess at the same time, but mostly the knight. She had heard of her mother who was a guard that fought in the war, and she wanted to be just like her. When Elera was around 14, she started to resent her mother for never seeing her or coming to visit, or even writing. She wished that even a short letter would be sent to her telling her that they’d meet again soon, but, that never happened. Between practicing sword fighting with a few of her friends, she was taught about the history of the wood elves and the first true nation; Malinor. As Elera grew, she became stronger and trained every day, sometimes for almost the whole day. A few years after her 16th birthday, she received a letter from her mother. She immediately started reading it. Raelin said that in a few years, she would go get Elera. When she was 19, she sat in her house reading, and heard a large commotion. Her mother was here. Personality Traits: Strong, hot-headed, quiet, keeps to herself, when she gets angry she most likely keeps to herself, but after a while she blows up, spunky Ambitions: She wants to become a guard or knight Strengths/Talents: Some talents that she has are swordfighting and climbing trees. She also is good at keeping to herself and calming herself down ( most of the time ). She loves to solve problems and being challenged. Weaknesses/Inabilities: She isn't great at archery. She also has trouble with communicating with others, and doesn't like to open up to people. She can sometimes come off as cold and heartless, but she's not; she just isn't someone that likes to talk much. Appearance: She has long, red hair with two small “space buns” on the top of her head. Her skin is dark and she usually wears armor except at her house or around town. Skin: https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u9bDn/elera https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u9bD4/elera