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  1. Halp. Am bor3d. (Josh's 2nd Gm App)

    -1 I hear this guy likes picking on little girls (chuckaboo)
  2. rip john dunsworth

    the **** hawks are flyin low today boys RIP jim lahey
  3. zoey ama

  4. ggteixeira's GM Application

  5. IGN: Charlemagne RP Name: Vogburz Gorkil Race: Orc
  6. 1626 - Tournament of the Black Wolf

    [Minecraft Name]: Charlemagne [Race]: Highlander [Duel/Joust]: Duel
  7. [Denied] [Actor] DPMAGICIAN

    big up!
  8. shh youre going to wake him up
  9. He.

  10. Map Design

    oh boy
  11. Minecraft Name (s): Charlemagne Blacklist Reason: Condition of being unbanned How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: not sure Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe? Yea Why should you be un-blacklisted?' I was told I could appeal it on the 11th.
  12. What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: Kniaz What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: Charlemagne Do you agree to follow the rules on your new account?:Yes Do you understand you cannot have both of these accounts interacting with one another? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: Yes Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: Yes How long have you been on LotC?: Since April 4th 2013 How many accounts do you currently have whitelisted (including main)?: 1