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  1. Dewper

    hey when u gnna skirm us? 5v5? velt? arcane?

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    2. Dewper
    3. Thornz


       i mean cool go ahead and brag about an empire beating a 10 man group i guess





    4. Harrison


      whats wrong with a fun player versus player get together 🙂

  2. Cya

    Your View: Raids

    ^ plus if you want to get real, i don’t think it’s a two sided thing when it comes to raiding problems, tbh I wish that raids could be different but I think they are actually in a good place numbers wise and the 24 hour notice is a good way of adding more numbers for a larger fight. I feel like the rp side of raiders/people who get raided, have an issue with raids because in axios raids were almost always forced to be rp combat with the 4 man cap and relativly high pvp default cap which should never come back. I think a way to make raids more enjoyable for both parties and to remove less stress and toxicity should be to lower the requirment of pvp default. Since when raiding a majority of arguments arise from 3 things, defender default, the fact one party is trying to avoid pvp, or powergame/metagame. All of these are kind of thrown out the window if you make pvp default cap something like 6+ or 8+ since if you have 9 people in combat and they choose to rp it’s horrible. It’s all *swings sword* *dodges* “Hey you better roll for that.” “I don’t ROLLplay I roleplay nerd.”
  3. Cya

    [Bounty] Crimes of Royce

    *Lonan daemyr pushes through the crowd “**** off anyone who attempts to take this bounty answers to the Reivers, this one is ours!” He’d shout
  4. Cya

    On 1.13, the Wiki, and More

  5. Cya

    The September Prince has Awoken

    “What the ****?” Lonan daemyr would question eyes widened brow raised
  6. I haven't been denied by the GM team as of yet, I was recommended to apply for the ET team by a friend since I've been giving him event ideas.
  7. Username N0tt Discord @߷█▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀ ▀█▀߷#8859 Timezone Est What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Belcrest, if you had to put a name on it. Staff History NONE Ban History Yes, 2 pvp offenses and 1 duping ban. The pvp offenses all I can say is shit happens and for the duping I was a new player at the time and not very bright about what I should do with it. Blacklist History: None What do you want to join the Event Team? I think you mean why, I want to join the event team so I can go around and spark rp for the entire server. When I was with a little group called the Reivers we gave people something to fear while they traveled and people to talk to/fight etc and now they just walk the roads without a care in the world bored out of their minds. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I mean I can’t think of a reason off the top of my head, I have some good event Ideas? What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Quests and dungeons mainly probably quests being my main thing I’d like to do. What makes a good event? A good event is made by the people who rp and the fluidity of the event’s storyline to not be a set scripted path and for the event itself to be able to adapt to a newcomer or new shift in the story it’s self say for example the majn quest giver is killed by a player, that quest line an rewards ends right there no more of that quest. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: So for the first event Idea I’d go with something I once reccomended to an Et that I still haven’t seen done yet. The event idea is that there is an underground/covert/criminal type quest giver, that would have multiple caves around the map. Every week he could appear in any of the caves ready with the quest of the week each varying in difficulty. This event would be more of a longterm chain of quests eventually leading to a final climax of all your actions that you’ve done for the man, and depending on what the players do when given tasks from the man or woman will affect the way the questline ends. And example of one of these quests being the quest giver assigning the people there to do the quest with a task to go and recover some of his lost cargo which had been harbored by a gang of pirates. The second Idea I’d have for an event would be a dungeon diving event, in this event a group of brave hearted souls would find a dungeon hidden in a woods or plains somewhere they’d dive into the dungeon where there’d be puzzels, mobs and parkour, the main idea behind the event would be for the people going into the dunegon to have their intrest sparked in it by someone looking for a missing object, a good example from one of the bests games ever would be the golden claw quest from the begining of skyrim. A shop owner requesting a group of travelers to find his family heirloom and then it just so happens the group of travelers getting in over their heads. The third storyline/quest I’d have in mind would be a classic tale of the mistress with a twist. There would be a lady of the land who was taken captive by a group of mystical cultist, these cultist locking her away in a tower where she would be able to speak to the adventurers passing by, she’d call down to the adventurers begging for them to come save her from the cultists. As the adventurers would make their way through the tower and it’s cultists enhabitants they’d come upon the final room at the top of the tower where the Mistress would be. They’d open the door only to see the cultists den mother and more of the cultists themselves, yet these cultists look nothing like the others. They’d then reveal that the adventurers just slaughtered other adventurers that had been captured by the den mother’s tricks and were sacrficied to their god. Then revealing that the current group of adventurers would be captured just as the ones they killed and sacrificed, from there it’d be a split in story and would be completely dependent on the actions of the roleplayers.
  8. Look what we have here an old player washing up on the shores of lotc after posting a goodbye, well he’s trash at brawlhalla, smokes a bit to much and will most likely abuse his pex. +1.
  9. ========================================= Name of the Treaty: Langston-Torsten Alliance of 1671. ========================================= Type of Treaty: [Military Alliance] ========================================= [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: Barony of Belcrest ] [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: Barony of Nevaria ] ========================================= Date of Signing: 14th of Malin's Welcome,1671 ========================================= House Langston and House Torsten had fought side-by-side in the Atlas coalition wars before both houses respectfully rising to their own right of nobility under the Crown of Renatus-Marna and have been long-standing companions for years as well as close friends. In light of this relationship it would continue onto their time as nobles with a firm military alliance between the two houses to protect one another from any threats that may arise. This year the two houses who have been beside companions for so long sign an alliance treaty; The House Langston-Torsten Alliance treaty of 1671. This treaty signifies the everlasting friendship and loyalty that both houses reserve. SIGNED, Thomas Langston, Baron of Renatus-Marna
  10. Thomas Langston would sign the document "Ave Renatus"
  11. I mean your not wrong
  12. Yes it is, but we've never seen eye to eye and you can think of me what you want. You've never liked me even from when I joined the server, while you were a GM and I was a simple Goon. but to that I say to each their own thanks for the feedback.
  13. Nope, i’ve never had a ban for ddosing someone nor anything directly affecting a player oocly, you may be thinking of Lucahz.