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  1. <o/
  2. this all leads back to oren
  3. mad cos bad
  4. Name: Grimloth Irongut (Username): pmsl Put an X next to your chosen candidate Grilthram Grandaxe Oyvind Goldhand X Gror Ireheart
  5. dont know why someone would ever want to be gm but +1
  6. 200 minas.
  7. Minecraft Name (s): pmsl and FlayAlt Blacklist Reason: It was one of my unban conditions. How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: Before I was banned for an extensive amount of time, I had never really had any serious complaints about my villain RP as a flay and so on. There was not anything to improve since it was never lacking! Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe? I do not believe in the unlikely event that I receive another villain blacklist that it should be more severe, as I said before I never provided shitty villain RP experiences in the first place. This was just a unban condition. Why should you be un-blacklisted? It was stated that I would receive a one month villain blacklist with my unban. One month has passed and that is why I should be un-blacklisted!
  8. The Great Coalition Preamble Dark times are upon the realm of Axios. The common enemy of all, Mordring, marches on the land of the living, as seen with the fall of Bastion in the West, as well as that of Vsevograd in the North. These events should have united the realm, yet they have not. Opportunists rise up day after day, seeking to benefit from the advance of Mordring, attempting to gain from the destabilization that has come with the havoc his foul presence brings. When great evil rises, there are those who will cower, who will look only after themselves. Yet, there are also those who will fight, those who refuse to fade into the darkness as the forces of evil chip away at the courage of the living, those who will look after the good of the realm. With this agreement, the members of this Great Coalition seek to defend one another from both foreign threats and threats that come from within. With the signing of this document, the signatories of their respective nations agree to the following terms: The establishment of peace between all nations agreed hereunder, in the interest of preserving our nations against the rising threat of Mordring and those that would benefit from his evil. The combined military efforts of all signatories in the campaign against Mordring, his servants, and the sum total of all evil entities, the true enemies of the realm. The combined military efforts of all signatories in the mutually-beneficial destruction of any and all rebel insurgencies arising within the states of any fellow signatories, as these groups were not part of the original decision-making process on this Great Coalition, and would seek to harm those that actively contributed to its creation. Free passage for the troops of all fellow signatories through the respective lands of their peers, including the use of docks by respective nations’ naval units. To encourage a deeper alliance between all nations involved in this Coalition, free trade between all states signed here below will come into effect. A diplomatic council on the best manner in which to deal with these threats of international urgency will be held in the Cloud Temple, where all signatories will be offered the chance to speak their minds freely on the subject of how they can collectively ensure the livelihoods of their individual nations through cooperation. Signed, Rex Gurak of Clan Yar, Rex of the War Nation of Krugmar HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Joseph Alexander Staunton, King of Courland, Hanseti, Ruska, Duke of Eastbourne, Courland, Eruthos, the Heartlands, Frederica, Cascadia, Count of Aleksandria, Riga, Westmark, Beauclair, Sundholt, Wett and Eastmark, Lord of Mt. St. Tobias, the Rightful Protector of the Heartlanders and the Highlanders Oyvind Frostbeard, Lord Regent of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, signing on behalf of HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Bastion Ireheart, Grand King of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Protector of the Dwarves and Lord of Kal’Omith HIS MAJESTY, Aelthir of the House Tundrak, the second of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and of the Mali’fenn, Lord Commander of the Ivae’fenn, Commandant of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Leon, blessed by the Seven, and chosen by Wyrvun Eridan Taloha, Chieftain of the Warhawkes, the Tahorran'Thill, and the First Blood of Eraynion, Protector, of the Tahorran, Eridan Taloha of the Great Leyu'Celia, Father of Bokolos, Head of the Warhawke Council
  9. *franz gasps*First bringing an eight year old child to a meeting with intent to use him as a martyr, now kidnapping innocent women who have no part in the war? sad!
  10. Franz scratches the back of his neck, having literally no idea who this guy is
  11. The Akovian Opinion 4th of Sun’s smile, 1611 “Courlanda Delanda Est” has become the new battle cry of House Ruthern. House Ruthern the great House who refused to pay 7,000 minas whose honor would not allow it. Where was this honor when the House Ruthern stabbed their King, Marius Barbanov in the back as they saw the war turn out of their favor? Where was this honor when they slaughtered the entirety of the Roswell family? Where was this honor when drew their weapons in the throne room of the King Joseph Alexander Staunton, a man who they swore their loyalty to? This House Ruthern is not honorable, they are nothing more than the mere rat. They will do anything for their own survival. They will do anything to fill their stomachs for another day. This House Ruthern holds no moral standard, their conscience remains silent as they commit heinous crimes with no remorse. These men are not noble, they are not trustworthy. They deserve nothing more than to be six feet under the ground. As their plans to expand their power fail, they attempt to lie. House Ruthern refuses to accept the adequate punishment presented to them. The lies spit from the mouths of the elders of the House seem as if the Lord Joren has penned them himself. These elders of Ruthern hold no intelligence, no loyalty. The only thing has kept them alive for this long is their rat like nature. It pains me to condemn this young Lord Joren Ruthern, who has been groomed and manipulated by his uncles. It pains me this young Lord must lose his future, as his uncles poison his young mind. House Ruthern was once a honorable house, back when the Rutherns ruled over the island nation of Valence in Anthos, however these days are long past. House Ruthern speak as if they won their rebellion, a lie far from the truth. House Ruthern will be crushed, yet I pray that they see the foolish of their actions. I pray that no more blood shall be spilt in the North. I pray for them to see the light. Signed, HIS GRACE, Franz-Josef Kovachev, Grand Duke of Akovia, Duke of Carnatia, Count of Kovachgrad, Karovia, Istria, Vsevograd, Baron of Vsenk, Godansk, Laval, Warden of the North
  12. seems sir_niccum is getting the shakes again
  13. Hi

    thecrackerjack bent the knee to arkantos